Catch Up and Commissioning

Hey there, Darling Things!

How are you? I hope so much your week is going well and that Christ is continuing to reveal Himself as your sufficiency. He is simply never more obvious to us than when we need Him desperately. I’ve needed Him desperately a few times lately and I bet you have, too. Life’s just like that.

For the last couple of months I’ve been trying to take the Tuesday following an event off. (Don’t know how much I can keep that up once I get into full fledged writing but it’s a joy and a relief for now.) On these two Tuesdays a month, I sleep in a bit longer and sip my coffee a little slower. It’s a beautiful thing.

I didn’t get dressed today until about 10:30 then my man and I headed half way across town to a cool little breakfast and lunch place called La Peep. We mostly just threaten to eat over there but never really make it. Today we followed through. They whip up about the best Belgian waffle in town: crispy edges, soft inside, sweet enough to eat without the syrup but you don’t and served with hot, melted butter in a tiny container to drizzle on the top and you do. It was so good, you could tear up about it. After nearly licking our plates, Keith dropped me off and went to run errands and I sat at home and stared at stuff in a daze. Star kept dropping her tennis ball at my feet so I finally shook off the sugar, got up off the couch and played fetch with her. She really is the best dog on earth. A Border Collie is a LOT to manage the first year but by the second year you begin to have the pet of your life. This is where you can usually find Star. Right in front of yours truly.

Don’t feel too sorry for Keith’s bird dog. She is spoiled rotten. This is how we found her a few evenings ago. No, we did not arrange the pillows under her. She did all that herself.

Where was I before I got side tracked on those ridiculous dogs?? Oh, yeah. My day off. After I threw the ball a few times for Star, I headed over to Amanda’s, picked her up, and we rode together to get Jackson and Annabeth at Mother’s Day Out. Amanda and Curtis somehow managed to have two of the greatest kids a pair of new grandparents could ever picture. They see us constantly but, every single time, act like it’s the biggest thrill since Barnum and Bailey. They do the same thing with Curtis’s parents. They’re just wonderful kids. They were delighted I’d come with Mommy today and had a hunch a treat was in order. They were right about that and we made a bee line over to Fresh Berry for frozen yogurt and toppings. Our nearly twenty month-old Annabeth is appropriately trying a little independence and wanted to have her own cup and eat out of it with her own spoon. You can imagine that all four of us had been well baptized in vanilla swirl by the time we left. Star keeps licking my right arm so my one lone wet-wipe may not have done the trick. She’s just as glad.

When we got back to Amanda’s, Jackson had a big surprise for me. It was THIS!

That boy can ride his bike like nobody’s business! I was just squealing from the sidewalk (while also trying to balance AB on Jackson’s old trike because she would not be left out). It was ten times the sweeter because I was watching my own firstborn run behind hers. It was just yesterday that I flew behind my two as they took off on wheels for the first time. And then they just kept going. This is the consolation prize:

These are exciting days for Jackson because he’s just started soccer. He’s had two team practices so far. He is so cute in his royal blue uniform with his shin guards on that I can hardly stand it. AB didn’t care for soccer practice last week (I think because they weren’t selling concessions yet) and hardly let her parents watch her brother so this week I kept her at my house while sports took full sway. Something awkward happened just before hand that has caused some mild amusement in the Moore house. Amanda very gingerly said to me, “Now, Mom, if you’d ratherΒ  come to soccer practice and help us with Annabeth there on the sidelines, you can.” She knew I was bursting at the seams to come but her speech was suspiciously tentative. After hem hawing around a spell, she picked up with this: “But I just want to let you know that Curtis and I really aren’t cheering loudly yet or anything. You know, they’re not really playing any games yet. It’s just practice and it’s really not the best place for a lot of…”

Translation? “Mom, please come if you want to but if just maybe you could refrain at first from cheering as enthusiastically as you did for me and Melissa when we played sports, well then, that would probably be good.”

Just take a moment to imagine what I was like. Don’t judge Amanda on this. Feel sorry for her.

I told Melissa about it the next day and we got so tickled we nearly spit our coffee all over our concordances.

Oh, what my girls have been through. I wasn’t the angry, negative parent in the stands but I have been known on occasion to look for something good to say when a play was bad. It was not unusual for me to yell, “You look so cute in your outfit! That uniform is just your color!”

When I was at the airport in Chicago about to board the flight home, I saw a fellow family enthusiast waiting for her plane. I felt like she wouldn’t mind if I, with admiration, clipped a quick pic, texted it to Amanda and told her not to worry about a thing. I’d limit myself to this for now.

Well, Keith wants me to get off of here and watch Duck Commander with him so duty calls. One last thing! I don’t want to wear anybody out any further about the simulcast but the ministry is getting a lot of requests for the commissioning we did in pairs at the end. My hardworking staff said it would be so much simpler if I could just post it on the blog so here it is!

My Dear Sister,

Your God has called you

To use that mouth of yours

For His great glory.

Don’t just add to the noise.

Become a real woman

Who opens her mouth with wisdom.

God wants the Law of Kindness

On your tongue

And the love of Christ

In your heart.

Never forget:

Kindness is not a weakness!

When you’re wearing down

Head to Christ and His people

And let them build you back up.

Always remember:

His yoke is KIND.

Make sure

It’s the only yoke you wear.

It’s time to go our separate ways

But we’ll all meet up again

At the glorious epiphany of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Until then,

Let the One who led you here

Lead you on with cords of kindness.

Now, get out there

And build a welcoming fire

In a cold world.

Live by the Law of Kindness!

I love you guys. I really do.


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  1. 151
    Linda Baum says:

    I absolutely love the simulcast. I’m in Pocatello, Idaho!

    Here’s something I can’t wait to share with anyone that went. You know the saying KISS- Keep it Simple Stupid? Well, I have a new one now. KIKS- Keep it Kind Sister! What do you think?

  2. 152
    Yanna says:

    Beth, picture all of us you have taught and are teaching at your feet sitting just like Star in your photo, listening to you as you “Tell me the story of Jesus, write on my heart every word.” Star is doing what I would like to do, sit at your feet.

  3. 153
    Janie says:

    Thanks Beth!
    I am constantly encouraged by Living Proof, especially through the blog. You are a blessing to me! And I ‘m glad to know I’m not the only one who *secretly enjoys* watching Duck Commanders with her man!!

  4. 154
    Joyce Watson says:

    We are like sheep who are lost in the pasture, Lord
    We see the way to go, but we sometimes we fail to follow,
    We follow and we sometimes go another direction or get distracted
    You see our brokeness,
    You hear our faint call
    And You hear us cry out
    You carry us out of deepest pit
    And hold us in Your arms
    and you bring us back into the fold
    You take care of us even in our darkest hour
    When there seems there is no hope,
    When there seems to be no way out of despair and agony
    When our hearts hurt and the battle seems like it is just beginning
    Then, You come along_Lord to stay right beside us
    You get down on the ground with us as we pray
    As we cry and You hold us close to You
    You put us back into Your arms of love once again.
    Oh, how we love you our Lord and Savior.

  5. 155
    Donna says:

    I thought our Sandy-dog was rotten… but how can you love a doggy any other way. When I’m doing my Bible Studies I sit at one end of the couch where the light is best. Sandy gets on the couch at the other end. He slowly, over the entire evening, works his way to my lap. It’s so funny, it’s like he knows I’m doing something wonderful and dosen’t want to bother me but he really want’s attention and thinks I won’t mind if he moves slowly over. I love him! πŸ™‚

  6. 156
    Amy says:

    Beth I wanted thank you so much for the event on Saturday – I was in one of the Canadian churches (Kingston, Ontario) and I can tell you I needed to hear your message in the worst way. My husband and I have been married almost 8 years and learned after 4 that we would have issues with getting pregnant – so still with no children of our own we decided to look into adoption. However not having the money right now to adopt we had to look into foster care to later develop into adoption. So we started the path with a private agency (lead by Christians) and are getting ready to welcome little ones into our home. I’m overwhelmed with the change this will bring to our very selfish lifestyle as it has been all about us for so long. But anyways I have said plenty – I just wanted you to know the words and teachings you gave on KINDNESS were huge. I feel like I started this year with you in Toronto at the live event where God reminded me (through you) that he was up to something new and to be alert and present. I have tried to be so through these past months. And now to carry the law of kindness with me. Wow just thank you so much. I pray that God would continue to bless you in your ministry as you have been such a blessing to me.

  7. 157
    pat w says:

    ah. our puppies. mine had surgery last thursday morning, the same morning our group was beginning jesus. i called up one of the women and asked her to please pray for bear and bear’s mommy(me)… I just love how real you share it on here, beth, …feel like we would be friends though we’ve not yet met in person… what you shared there at the end of today’s blog… thanks, on kindness not being a weakness in a cold world, and strange how our god works isn’t it, to speak back to me through your words the answer reply to my silent cry this week on wondering whether i should not speak at all about anything… but, i guess that’s my own stuff just pondering…. thanks for saying it okay to speak it out regardless of how it’s received sometimes, and this about his yoke being the only yoke, and his yoke one of kindness Not oppression, kindness Not silencing of my voice… much to go on this evening… well, gotta go give doggy his rice pudding…and softee golden oreo- bear bear and bear’s mommy signing off for tonite…

  8. 158
    Claudia Schneider says:

    Where’s the picture of JLC’s cute spiky hair popping over her airline seat?!!!
    Thanks for the commissioning! I love keeping all of them from all of the live events I’ve been to. Working on a Bible mark for this one…it really hit the “nail on the head.” That would be me…the nail! Love you, Beth Moore!

  9. 159

    thank you for a wonderful simulcast. I watched it with our fellowship, Crossroads Church of Denver and this was by far the best Bible teaching I have ever sat under, Thank you and I am still feeding on all my notes.

  10. 160
    Tina says:

    Beth – what a treasure you are! I had the privilege of spending the day with you in Chicago – what a joy it was! I wanted to say “thank you” for sharing your love for Jesus and His word. I can honestly say that studying under your teaching has created in me such a tender heart toward my Savior and His Word. I feel as though you are a dear friend even though we have never met. Many in our women’s group feel the same way. I pray for you and your ministry often and thank God for you. Much love to you!

    • 160.1
      Tess says:

      Tina – The gals in my bible study group and I also see Beth as a personal friend. She is so easy to relate to and the best bible teacher. Did you know you can see Beth teach every Wednesday on “Wednesdays with Beth” on Life Today?

  11. 161
    Eileen says:

    Dearest Beth,

    So happy to hear and read that you are relaxin’ just a tad! Thank you for the ‘law of kindness’ I needed it for sure. So glad our Lord lets us see such beautiful sunrises and sunsets, day in, day out, while such sad tragedies go on around us. It is like He is comforting us with His scenery to show His Love and Beauty right along with the tragedy! A family I know lost their teen age son last week and it has been so so sad. Would love lots of prayer for this family, there is never too much is there? In Christ, Eileen

  12. 162
    Claudia Villatoro says:

    Hi Beth! Im so exited and so nervous at the same time..I got asked by our ladies ministry leader to share what God has taught me through you last Saturday in Chicago! I am praying to the Lord my God that His word gets across to these ladies and that they come with an open heart and an open mind. Sometimes we just shut down completely and even though God wants us to make some room for Him, we just push Him off to the I wonder how that must hurt God’s heart! Thank you Beth for the HUGE blessing you have been to my life, today, especially, I needed the law of kindness in my tongue, yesterday and today I’ve felt so wore out, but I ran to my Savior, and I took on His Kind Yoke! The only yoke I will wear!!

  13. 163
    Sue says:

    Beth, Thank you for allowing all me to share in your life. Your life has changed my life. I want to have a revival in my heart, fire in my bones. I want to be filled like Peter and Paul after they realized who & what our Savior was all about = LOVE. I want Jesus to empty me of self and fill me up with him.
    May Jesus always stay our best friend.

  14. 164
    Erin says:

    We have a Border Collie-mix. Oh my, the lessons God has shown me through that sweet and faithful, black fur ball. My husband always says, “If only all Christians were like Scotty.” It is so true. As soon as someone pulls up into our driveway, he sits up straight and his tail goes back and forth sweeping a little section of the porch. He never meets a stranger. He loves everyone, and readily forgives.

    You are right though. The first year we had him, he drug out stuff from every corner of the barn, under the storage building, and anything carelessly left on the porch. Oh, but we love him! He is 5 now (in human years), so he doesn’t do that any more.

  15. 165
    Paula R. says:

    Love, love, love the commission!!!! Gonna print that out for my desk so I see it every day.

    Also loved the “enthusiastic fan in the stands” part of the blog…lol…I tend to get pretty animated with my excitement at sporting events, too! My poor family just looks at me like I’m crazy. πŸ™‚ But I get just as excited about JESUS and so it all balances out. πŸ™‚

  16. 166
    Kate (Bend Oregon) says:

    We started the Revelation series tonight. I just got home. I am floored. Is there something I can drop for 10 weeks? Ummmmm, how about something I have been carrying around for over 20 years regarding my daughter’s biological father? Just this past week God told me to write every memory down until I could think of nothing more, then Let It Go. He has not told me yet whether I am to send these memories to the one who hurt me the most, or to burn them, I am still in the writing process, but I can already tell this bible study is going to be life changing.

    Thank you, Beth, for today and thank you in advance for what I know is to come.

  17. 167
    Janet says:

    I’ve been meaning to check out this blog for a while and have just never done it. How I LOVE your sign off on this post! My two youngest kiddos (7 & almost 9) are learning about taming the tongue this week and wow has God been reminding me how powerful my tongue can be! Thank you for posting your thoughts on it.

    Being a pastor’s daughter, I understand that plumb-true ministers in the “limelight” such as yourself are simply vessels who have allowed God to use them, and He has decided to showcase them (you) πŸ˜‰ Let me say, while giving all the glory to God, thank you for how you have let God work in and through you.
    I have so thoroughly enjoyed your studies that I have been through! We have just begun the study “Living Beyond Yourself.” This comes at an intersting time for me as God has lain upon my heart to do some research on a difficult and close-to-home topic using the Fruit of the Spirit as a guideline for the study & writing. I am looking forward to what He will reveal over the next couple months through “Living Beyond Yourself.”

    Finally, I have to brag a bit on God and what He is doing in my 18 year old daughter, Beth’s, life. She has been in several of your studies with me and attended “So Long Insecurity” in Atlanta earlier this year (we had so much fun being down front and center! :)) The Lord has been laying studies on her heart recently and her youth minister has been giving her green lights to facilitate a group (she even assigns homework!). In the first lession of “Living Beyond Yourself” you mentioned a friend (now with the Lord) who mentored you and whom God used to help you fall in love with the Scriptures and Bible study. Though you may never think of my Beth again, it would mean a great deal to me if you and anyone else reading this would join me in prayer for just a moment and ask that God place a righteous and passionate mentor/teacher in her path. She is growing by leaps and bounds as she works through these studies and I am excited to see just what it is He means to do with her to further His kingdom.

    Well, I’ve prattled on long enough.
    Thank you, again, Beth, for being an example of humility & obedience and what God can do with any of us when we yield to His will.

    • 167.1
      Patti says:

      Hi Janet,
      I’m praying for a Titus 2 woman to come alongside your daughter, Beth, and that you and she will recognize this teacher/mentor. She may already be in your life. I loved hearing the “mother’s” heart that you have and will continue praying for you and Beth.
      Grace to you,
      Patti Hayes

    • 167.2
      Kathy B says:

      Praying for your “little Beth”.

  18. 168
    Joni says:

    Oh, my goodness! Loved the Grandma jersey! I’m still waiting on my first grandchild. You make it look like so much fun! Thank you for posting your dog pics. Now I don’t feel like that much of a fanatic over my two. Much love from your siesta in Christ. πŸ™‚

  19. 169
    Pam Bynum says:

    Our church was one of the host churches. I want to thank you for allowing the simulcast. It truly blessed all the women attending.

    The story you shared about your dream that you had about Mary Chapman and her daughter, really touched me. You hit a nerve with me. The statement about her not having the dream because she would probably stay asleep.

    You see,five years ago, I lost my mom. Eleven months after her, I lost my husband. A year after my husband, my father in law. I am battling right now. All I want to do is sleep. I have dreams about them all the time. I have two grown kids. My son just got married a month ago and my daughter is a jr at University of Tennessee. I am home alone. It’s rough. But I know My God is going to help me to heal. I also know that it will take awhile.

    Please encourage women not to stay down for a long time, but to seek help. because, if they don’t, the hole of darkness and depression just gets deeper and deeper. It becomes harder and harder to get out of.

    I have attend a couple of your studies and simulcast and watched you on the James Robinson show. The one today included your man(Keith). Thank you for allowing God to use you and for always sharing how real you are and how we all need God’s grace. Love you Sister.

    • 169.1
      Patti says:

      Hi Pam,
      I’m praying right now for God’s unfailing love to rest upon you even as you put your trust in Him.
      May I humbly suggest that in your darkest moments you speak His Word out loud over your life. If you have Scripture memorized, that’s all the better, but if not, go to the Psalms, they read like the Psalmist’s prayer journal. I’m praying for you.
      Grace and peace to you,
      Patti Hayes

  20. 170
    Sheryl says:

    Good Morning Beth. Today I woke up before the world started its activity. I went outside and sat in my rocker and as I read the Psalms and felt God’s love and presence I felt Him leading me. As I was looking toward the heavens and just letting Him engulf my thoughts and heart He placed several people on my mind to lift to Him. I’ve prayed and thanked the Lord for you many times, but I felt so urged to pray strength and joy of the Lord over you today. oh I pray that you have an extra dose of joy in the daily routine today. God has become so personal to me and He has used you in a mighty way to increase my belief in His Truth. When I don’t see or feel I still know that I know and I still trust Him. You are precious. Be blessed today.

  21. 171

    Hi Beth,
    I needed your sweet words this morning. I am waiting on the Lord currently…and boy is that sometimes a hard thing to do! I want him to answer me RIGHT NOW…make this work out RIGHT NOW!!!

    I rescued a small little shepherd this morning from a very busy street and gas station. He is a year old and very shy around women. After 1 hour at the gas station- and seriously all I could hear was what I learned several years ago from the study of Esther….”Your destiny isn’t always what makes you feel good, it’s what the Lord has for you right then!” Boy standing in the Arkansas heat for an hour wasn’t really what I wanted to do- but what the Lord had called me to do!

    I was able to rescue him, take him to my vet, get his shots, and now the waiting continues for a home. I have 5 already or I would take him for sure.

    So now, I’m waiting on the Lord, probably not with the patience He thinks or wants me to do, but I am trying. God willing we’ll find this sweet puppy a home.

    Now I’m off to find me some index cards and look me up some scripture…I’m thinking I’m going to need these soon!!!!

    Thanks so much Beth, you are such an encouragement!
    Melissa Williams
    Benton, Arkanasas

  22. 172
    Jane says:


    You should have seen me when our sons played high school football! I was the mouth of the south girlfriend! My son could hear me out on the field as they were setting up the plays – his friends who were playing said they always knew I was there cheering them on. When we did my sons video of him playing you could hear my mouth- Maybe that is why he did not get any scholarships?? Just saying. They always knew their mom was there for them – yes sir those were my babies and I was there for them 100%!! I can really relate. They probably will not ask me to come to any sports events when they have children!

  23. 173
    Jane says:

    Beth: I just had to comment on the spirited mom story. My son was a competitive swimmer. I would yell so loudly that he said he could hear me underwater – his teammates said so as well πŸ™‚ At least they knew I was there and watching!

  24. 174
    tracie says:

    Hey Beth! My church was a hoste site for the simulcast in Hamilton Ohio. . . . God was just all over it from beginning to end! So wonderful to see Him moving in our midst. . .

    Wanted to let you know that you are loved and appreciated! I thank God for your devotion to Him daily.


  25. 175
    Carma says:

    Hello Beth,

    I had to share this with you. Our church (Shepherd of the Hills, Knoxville, TN) aired the simulcast 9/18/10 and it was such a blessing to us. The next day one of the dearest, kindest Ladies on our church came up to me and showed me this note that she had just found in her Bible.

    You Deserve A Little Lift!

    β€œBe not forgetful to entertain strangers for thereby some have entertained angels unaware.” Hebrews 13:2

    Without even realizing it, we perform so many simple acts of kindness. The friendly greeting you give to a stranger on an elevator, or the words of encouragement you share with a cashier in the grocery store may mean more than you know. And good wishes have a way of coming back to the giver.

    Thank you Mom


    My mother wrote this to me and she has been gone to Heaven for 20 years!!


    PS Thank you Lord for the things my Mom taught me and for all the Kindness you have shown.

    How amazing!!!!! She has used that Bible daily and just now found this note after 20 years! So precious!


  26. 176
    Royana (aka - Isaac's Mom) says:

    Dearest Beth,

    There was a group of 10 of us from my church in Arlington, Texas that attended this simulcast at a local church that was doing the hosting (this time…we hope to do it the next). I cannot even begin to tell you how LOUDLY God spoke to us through your teaching that day. We are starting up a Women’s Ministry in our church and from the minute you said the first words we all almost fell out of our chairs because it was as if you were sent to talk just to us!! God is so good to us and we had tears of excitement and just plain AWE that He would meet with us so personally that day through you!! Of course we know He did the same for many others as well. So….thank you for your continued obedience to bring the messages and teachings God gives you for all of us. We love you dearly and pray for you often.


  27. 177
    Dana says:

    My son played little league and he would almost get embarrassed because when he got up to bat I yelled “Remember to have fun!” My kids teased me about that and still do occasionally. Would have sent him over the edge if I had said he looked so cute in his baseball uniform…he did, though. Thanks for sharing!

  28. 178

    I love the bird dog on the couch! That was my daughter’s position on the couch yesterday … she had a fever and headache from allergies. Doing well now! My head is spinning over puppetry skits/songs … my husband and I have taken that responsibility on with the kids at church this year. A whole new ball game for me! Glow in the dark puppets … should be fun!

    And I just knew that was Keith’s Stetson box!!(Melissa’s pics)

    Blessed by you!

  29. 179
    donna says:

    Mrs. Beth:

    I loved the comment about watching your firstborn run behind hers. It will get even sweeter. My mom was the firstborn, I was her firstborn, Hannah is my firstand only born. My grandmother, Nannie Jane, took great delight in seeing us altogether.


  30. 180

    Oh, just one more thing. Remember your question … what three things would we love to be able to do? One of mine was to play an instrument. Well, my girls started taking violin; I have to sit in as coach … and I just played “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” on the violin all by myself!!! Yahoo!

  31. 181
    Siesta OC says:

    We started JESUS: The One and Only last night. It was great! So on point for where I am…The time came, it didn’t flee. GOD allows a famine so that there can be a fullness. And it started me off asking questions like, “How badly do I want to know You, LORD?” and “HOW hungry am I for the WORD of the LORD,?” POWERFUL!!!!

    The hilarious part is that this study is 10 years old. I thought your hair would be drastically different (not much – although its blonder now). What I did notice is that you speak different now, with a freeness, a boldness even still. I so enjoy how you bring study to us thru JESUS and the GOD’S WORD!!!

    My lids hung low last night when I got home, but I had to start my study, I couldn’t wait! I am praying for the fire in me for the LORD to be stirred and fanned!

    For HIS GLORY!

  32. 182
    Mimeriffic Girl says:

    LOL Ms. Beth! Completley wet myself over this blog today! Thanks for a much-needed encouragement moment – if people truly knew what it was like to fully experience the joy of knowing Him, Heaven would be a whole lot fuller! I really appreciate you just “doing life in Him.” Blessings!


  33. 183
    Karen says:

    Loved reading your blog Miss Beth πŸ™‚ Looking forward to seeing you in Lowell, MA Loved your parting words on “kindness”, Blessings, safe travels to New England we are waiting for what the Lord will do . Karen from MA

  34. 184
    Tami says:

    Beth…I did not attend the Chicago session. However, I wanted to take this opportunity to share something with you and our blog community. First, some background. I commute one hour each way to work every day. On a suggestion from your study Breaking Free, you encourage those of us who are trying to “break free” to keeping our minds busy with godly things…so I listen to praise and worship or preaching/teaching material during my drive time. I am always looking for new things to listen to. Well, a couple of weeks ago, some of my colleagues were talking about the book and movie Eat, Pray, Love…so I went home and dusted off the book (which I had purchased over a year ago)to read whenever I had a few extra minutes. But I just didn’t feel that was where I should put my focus right now, so I let it sit untouched. Coincidentally (wink, wink), I was reading through some of the blogs last week and one written by one of our Siestas caught my attention. She was talking about your Jeremiah and Eat, Pray, Love session she had just listened to. So, I googled it, and it took me to your living proof website store. I was thrilled to see I could download or purchase all kinds of sessions that I could listen to on my daily communute, two hours is too much idle time every day for this very active mind. :-)I immediately downloaded the Jeremiah: Eat, Pray, Love session! I cannot begin to tell you what a blessing this teaching has been. I laughed, cried, and yes even drove with one hand on the wheel and with one had in the air thanking God for the timely words I was hearing. This was the exact “EAT, PRAY, LOVE” that God wanted to to know! Thanks so much!!

    • 184.1
      Melissa Lynn says:

      I love that Tami! How amazing God is..He knew you needed something good to fill your mind and He provided it. Love that you also have been known to be a one handed driver…me, too! People often think I’m waving to them and I get waves back with very puzzled looks. πŸ™‚
      Bless you.

    • 184.2
      ULCARDSFAN says:

      Got to hear EAT, PRAY, LOVE in person and it was WONDERFUL. Glad you found it.

  35. 185

    I am currently on day 16 of a freedom journey that I am blogging about here… If anybody wants to join me, I think you’ll enjoy the ride.
    Beth is a big part of my journey and I am so thankful for her ministry. Please join me, won’t you?

  36. 186
    Melissa Lynn says:

    Hey siestas,
    This is not on topic but my 11 yr old Emma Irene needs prayer. She has been sick since last Friday and dr. has diagnosed her w/pertussis/whooping cough. Her cough is so awful, breaks my heart when she has one of those coughing fits. We have not slept more than 2-3 hours every night since TH of last week so we are very wiped out…please lift her up to our Father…we know He is totally all over her, ministering to her…please join us in praying for healing and for the rest of us not to get it and in thanking Him for hearing our prayers. I do not post often on the blog, but did go to Houston last year and met some of you and just love you all.
    Melissa Lynn, Concord, CA

  37. 187
    Holly says:

    Wrote a summary of your simulcast for my local newspaper. It’s also posted on my blog. Thank you Beth for always speaking RIGHT. TO. ME.

  38. 188
    Deirdre says:

    I need to know – do you have my car bugged? because I swear the last thing I said to my mentor before we got out of the car to come in and watch the simulcast was “I wish someday, someone would do a study or a seminar on how to get along with my mother”
    then what do you do? you teach an entire day on how I can be kind *even to the most difficult person in my life*
    you may be interested to hear that it is working. God and I finally got me to the point where I am willing to be made willing and show some hesed to my mother.
    wonder of wonders, it works.
    We have had three interactions since the simulcast and all of them have been good. not stress free, since one involved my brother trying to kill himself and being hospitalized. But the point is that I have stopped adding fuel to the fire with my own unkindness to her. And when I stopped…things got better.

    anyway, just wanted you to know.

  39. 189
    Arlet says:

    I am so there with watching kids at soccer practice and games. I promised myself with all seriousness when our 3 sons were involved in soccer that I would NOT be like those soccer moms across the field who walked up and down constantly yelling encouragement at their kids during the game. I would NOT, I would NOT! Imagine my horror when the coach (a good friend of ours) came to me at half-time and said “Arlet, the boys need to listen to their coach, not their mother.” Somebody dig me a hole so I can crawl in. When I asked the boys about it later they admitted they could hear me but did their best to ignore me. Wow.

  40. 190
    Bettina says:

    I am feeling so stuck. I want a real answer from someone whom I feel I can trust is well versed in God’s word & I trust your response. Over the past year I really felt led to do something that I felt God was calling me to do & I just never truly submitted myself completely to Him. I am a believer & felt I had a very close walk w/ him. It’s a long story & I’m sure many women ask you questions. I just feel like I’ve been like the Isrealites who were disobedient even after they’d seen God work so many times. I feel like by not completely surrendering I’ve let Him down & missed out on a huge Blessing of getting to be a stay at home mom. Now I feel like I’m suffering the consequences. I had gone through a time of growth spiritually & just finished Blieving God too. I was on a sabattical from work for a year and truly felt God wanted me to stay at home with my kids. I’ve went back…again a long story, but I don’t feel this is where God wants me to be. I feel scared that I’m like a branch that has been cut off or a seed that’s let the worries of this life choke me out rather than just TRULY TRUSTING. I want to be in fellowship with Him & I want to honor Him with my life, but it seems I had the chance. In Hebrews it warns us not to fall away. I just feel like I KNOW He is in control, yet I didn’t submit…which is like rejecting Him & it’s eatting me up as I feel like I knew better. Even in your “Praying God’s Word” devotional, you say how it’s possible to be “broken off from part of God’s plan, b/c of unbelief”. People who know me would say I kept seeking God, but I feel I was living in unbelief, b/c I wasn’t completely surrendering & trusting the situation into his hands. PLEASE give me some advice. I don’t want to be stuck, I don’t want to feel un-usable, I don’t want to feel seperated from Him, I want to restore my fellowship & I keep wishing I could go back & just have been obedient from the beginning. But I know I can’t. It’s like I knew better, and I want a REAL answer. I don’t want someone to just tell me I’m okay, I want to know if it’s possible for me to be back to feeling fellowship with God & be used by Him? This has made me doubt my faith & question so many things, but I truly felt VERY secure before all of this. I felt I was being called to something greater…I didn’t know what though & now I fear I’ve missed whatever it was He had for me. I’m praying God will lay a clear answer on your heart to share with me.

  41. 191
    Radical Abandonment says:

    You were so ON last weekend…I know it was the Holy Spirit using you, but God really spoke to me and I am thankful that you were willing to be used! I have used the phrase, Kindness is not weakness, meanness is weakness to my third graders all week. I have told them the world can be a mean place and if we are kind, we can change the world. Hopefully someday, some of them will enter the kingdom!

  42. 192
    Catherine Nelson says:

    What is it with you taking pictures of women from behind? First Jamie Lee Curtis and now some unsuspecting grandma! πŸ™‚

  43. 193
    Rita Cosenza says:

    I built my first fire of the season today! Here in Portland it was a cold rainy day and I have spent the day working on my Esther lesson. We just got started this week and I just love it. That said, I have a question. On page 21 of the work book you said “Since ancient Persian parties commonly included both genders, the segregation here was obviously intentional.” In all the commentaries I read (21 of them), they indicate in was not common for the genders to be together at such festivals. Can you tell me where you got your information? Thanks for doing such a good job with the bible studies! I have so enjoyed them the past eight years! I feel like we are all family!

  44. 194
    Gil Pavis says:

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  45. 195
    Tamara says:

    God really spoke to me Saturday.

    God has done an excellent work in my life this year and my big prayer has been wanting to get as deep in relationship as I can with Him.

    After several weeks of not hearing God or feeling Him and questioning over and over what I had done…what sin was in my heart, had I been disobedient? God revealed to me what my sin was. I had made a very special person in my live my savior. I quickly repented.

    Now I’m in a situation of God telling me to disconnect emotionally from my friend i.e. cut off the relationship. God is my life and I refuse to let anything get in between us. This is the hardest thing I’m going to have to do this year. It really breaks my heart. I’m holding on to the fact that God knows me more than I do and that there is a purpose in all things He asks me to do. I’m hoping that this will take me to a whole new level in relationship with God.

  46. 196
    Melanie says:

    Beth, your words on kindness have spoken straight to my heart. Thank you!

  47. 197
    SuzAnne Keith says:

    I went to the simulcast event this weekend at The Creek Church in Indianapolis and I want to tell you about a women that had the law of Kindness on her feet as well as her tongue! A wonderful dear lady at my church and I were talking after Wednesday night service and then when we went to depart, she to go home and myself to join the youth group at McDonalds, my flip flop broke. She looked in her van for an extra pair of shoes for me but didn’t find them, so we each got into our own cars and departed the church parking lot. We started down the road, but at a stop sign, this women gets out of her car, walks to mine and takes her shoes off and gives them to me because she wants me to have something to wear into McDonalds! I treasure this sweet women who gave so unselfishly and loving to me and she regularly practices the law of kindness with her tongue as well! Love her!

  48. 198
    Mary Witt says:

    My first comment here, ever.

    In the background of the dog-on-the-sofa picture, I see a chair… in a corner… by a window… with a reading lamp.

    My husband and I never realized how much we loved these until someone pointed out that our home has 5 of them. Different sizes and rooms, of course, but still… πŸ˜€

  49. 199
    Pam says:

    I loved the Grandma picture, ie containing Grandma zeal to a shirt. :D!!

  50. 200
    Katrina says:

    I love your stories about Jackson! I have a little 5-year-old buddy also named Jackson. (It’s a great name isn’t it?? :)) He’s the son of one of my best friends and he also has a little sister. He’s so precious! I call him my little bff. πŸ™‚ They moved to Ohio last year (from California), and I miss them lots!! πŸ™

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