Catch Up and Commissioning

Hey there, Darling Things!

How are you? I hope so much your week is going well and that Christ is continuing to reveal Himself as your sufficiency. He is simply never more obvious to us than when we need Him desperately. I’ve needed Him desperately a few times lately and I bet you have, too. Life’s just like that.

For the last couple of months I’ve been trying to take the Tuesday following an event off. (Don’t know how much I can keep that up once I get into full fledged writing but it’s a joy and a relief for now.) On these two Tuesdays a month, I sleep in a bit longer and sip my coffee a little slower. It’s a beautiful thing.

I didn’t get dressed today until about 10:30 then my man and I headed half way across town to a cool little breakfast and lunch place called La Peep. We mostly just threaten to eat over there but never really make it. Today we followed through. They whip up about the best Belgian waffle in town: crispy edges, soft inside, sweet enough to eat without the syrup but you don’t and served with hot, melted butter in a tiny container to drizzle on the top and you do. It was so good, you could tear up about it. After nearly licking our plates, Keith dropped me off and went to run errands and I sat at home and stared at stuff in a daze. Star kept dropping her tennis ball at my feet so I finally shook off the sugar, got up off the couch and played fetch with her. She really is the best dog on earth. A Border Collie is a LOT to manage the first year but by the second year you begin to have the pet of your life. This is where you can usually find Star. Right in front of yours truly.

Don’t feel too sorry for Keith’s bird dog. She is spoiled rotten. This is how we found her a few evenings ago. No, we did not arrange the pillows under her. She did all that herself.

Where was I before I got side tracked on those ridiculous dogs?? Oh, yeah. My day off. After I threw the ball a few times for Star, I headed over to Amanda’s, picked her up, and we rode together to get Jackson and Annabeth at Mother’s Day Out. Amanda and Curtis somehow managed to have two of the greatest kids a pair of new grandparents could ever picture. They see us constantly but, every single time, act like it’s the biggest thrill since Barnum and Bailey. They do the same thing with Curtis’s parents. They’re just wonderful kids. They were delighted I’d come with Mommy today and had a hunch a treat was in order. They were right about that and we made a bee line over to Fresh Berry for frozen yogurt and toppings. Our nearly twenty month-old Annabeth is appropriately trying a little independence and wanted to have her own cup and eat out of it with her own spoon. You can imagine that all four of us had been well baptized in vanilla swirl by the time we left. Star keeps licking my right arm so my one lone wet-wipe may not have done the trick. She’s just as glad.

When we got back to Amanda’s, Jackson had a big surprise for me. It was THIS!

That boy can ride his bike like nobody’s business! I was just squealing from the sidewalk (while also trying to balance AB on Jackson’s old trike because she would not be left out). It was ten times the sweeter because I was watching my own firstborn run behind hers. It was just yesterday that I flew behind my two as they took off on wheels for the first time. And then they just kept going. This is the consolation prize:

These are exciting days for Jackson because he’s just started soccer. He’s had two team practices so far. He is so cute in his royal blue uniform with his shin guards on that I can hardly stand it. AB didn’t care for soccer practice last week (I think because they weren’t selling concessions yet) and hardly let her parents watch her brother so this week I kept her at my house while sports took full sway. Something awkward happened just before hand that has caused some mild amusement in the Moore house. Amanda very gingerly said to me, “Now, Mom, if you’d ratherΒ  come to soccer practice and help us with Annabeth there on the sidelines, you can.” She knew I was bursting at the seams to come but her speech was suspiciously tentative. After hem hawing around a spell, she picked up with this: “But I just want to let you know that Curtis and I really aren’t cheering loudly yet or anything. You know, they’re not really playing any games yet. It’s just practice and it’s really not the best place for a lot of…”

Translation? “Mom, please come if you want to but if just maybe you could refrain at first from cheering as enthusiastically as you did for me and Melissa when we played sports, well then, that would probably be good.”

Just take a moment to imagine what I was like. Don’t judge Amanda on this. Feel sorry for her.

I told Melissa about it the next day and we got so tickled we nearly spit our coffee all over our concordances.

Oh, what my girls have been through. I wasn’t the angry, negative parent in the stands but I have been known on occasion to look for something good to say when a play was bad. It was not unusual for me to yell, “You look so cute in your outfit! That uniform is just your color!”

When I was at the airport in Chicago about to board the flight home, I saw a fellow family enthusiast waiting for her plane. I felt like she wouldn’t mind if I, with admiration, clipped a quick pic, texted it to Amanda and told her not to worry about a thing. I’d limit myself to this for now.

Well, Keith wants me to get off of here and watch Duck Commander with him so duty calls. One last thing! I don’t want to wear anybody out any further about the simulcast but the ministry is getting a lot of requests for the commissioning we did in pairs at the end. My hardworking staff said it would be so much simpler if I could just post it on the blog so here it is!

My Dear Sister,

Your God has called you

To use that mouth of yours

For His great glory.

Don’t just add to the noise.

Become a real woman

Who opens her mouth with wisdom.

God wants the Law of Kindness

On your tongue

And the love of Christ

In your heart.

Never forget:

Kindness is not a weakness!

When you’re wearing down

Head to Christ and His people

And let them build you back up.

Always remember:

His yoke is KIND.

Make sure

It’s the only yoke you wear.

It’s time to go our separate ways

But we’ll all meet up again

At the glorious epiphany of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Until then,

Let the One who led you here

Lead you on with cords of kindness.

Now, get out there

And build a welcoming fire

In a cold world.

Live by the Law of Kindness!

I love you guys. I really do.


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  1. 101
    Marci Wollen says:

    Beth! I had to write you about something so amazing that God has done through your study and I didn’t really know how else to contact you except as a Siesta! I’ve been doing the updated version of “A Woman’s Heart” this summer. I always pick one to do during the summer while our church women’s Bible study is on break. I had about 5 minutes to pick one out and that’s the one I grabbed. God KNEW what He was doing! It turns out, this year at my church, they have asked me to be a woman’s discipler and guess what we’re studying???…EXODUS! I was super excited. Then, I found out that each discipler has to do a “round table” discussion once during the year where we give the leaders ideas and an agenda for our small group that week. I wondered what week I had been assigned and looked up “Week 14” in my study. Guess what it was???….THE TABERNACLE! I burst out laughing and said, “God, you are amazing and you care about EVERY detail!” I can’t wait until week 14 when I can share all that I’ve learned through your study. I’m on week 10 and am salvaging every last morsel to make it last but I know it’s time to wrap it up. I just read through all the scriptures on week 10 day 3 about Christ being the fulfillment of every part of the Tabernacle and I could just burst into tears! God’s Word is perfect and incredible! Thank you for your diligent study. I apologize if this wasn’t the best forum to contact you about this but I felt the Spirit prompting me to pass this story along. God IS magnificent! Love, Marci

    • 101.1
      marci in amsterdam says:

      I am just starting week ten of the same study and have gotten so much out of it! (and this is second time I’ve done this study) God has also placed people in my path to share what I have been learning.
      Your fellow Siesta,

  2. 102
    Cathy says:

    UGH!!! I wish I had seen that commissioning yesterday. I’m afraid my ex-husband was wearing me down and after three years of trying to be kind I gave up the fight. Lord, please forgive me and give me the strength to wear YOUR kindness when I have none of my own left.

  3. 103
    Kathy says:

    Beth, so glad you are taking those Tuesdays- as someone eight years older and feeling protective over my “younger” siestas- that is an important practice for so many reasons.

    I have had the privilege to observe your ministry over the past 15 or so years, starting when you spoke at the Baptist church I attended at the time.

    I can’t tell you how impressed I am with what you have allowed God to do in your life and in your ministry- one of the reasons I reconnected with your ministry 10+ years ago was because of my friends in Houston. You are a marvelous example to us as a woman, wife, mother and the healing and the abundant life that is possible – you have so much to share with your intelligence, speaking talent and natural warmth and caring- I’m so glad you are taking care of your earthly temple, you have so much to share and God is using you in a “dynamite” way-

    You are correct, God does touch us personally with a word or words during your sessions- I have been blessed to be taught and encouraged by a diverse group of God’s finest servants- You are the most “FUN” messenger-

    Thank you and we love you, too. Maybe you should do a post with photos of all our precious pets. My CJ the “wonderful” is a 13 year old yellow lab- Oh, we love her. God sent her to us during a very difficult time when one of my children was suffering greatly- she has been one of those special servants of our Lord.

  4. 104
    Beth Herring says:

    oh, Beth – you should have seen me and my husband at our kids t-ball games! oh, my. you would have thought that we were watching Babe Ruth play! So thrilling to see your little grandyoungin’s growing and learning!

    The simulcast was like a precious, healing balm on my head. It was so sweet, and it ministered to a part of me that really needed some ministering! A well timed Word was spoken, received and utilized. Thank you for being the mouth of GOd and doing it with such amazing love and humility. You totally rock.

    Beth Herring

  5. 105
    Tammy says:

    Good morning Mama Beth,
    Thank you for sharing the little things with us. I so enjoy that. I totally understand the loud cheering. One of my sons is playing foottball and said Mom if you are coming you have to be cheering quietly. I don’t want to be embarrassed. Can you tell he is 14? I did go and remembered not to cheer too loud. I just practically jumped so high when he nearly made a touchdown..but no yelling. Do you know how hard that is to do? Nearly impossible for this mama! When game was over, he said you were good mom. Way to go! I just smiled. how cool is to have your son tell you way to go. The waffles sound so good….yummy I nearly could drive there if not so far and have one.

    Have a blessed day. Doing your bible study on fruit of the spirit…oh is God getting me beyond myself. Not my comfort zone but I am having the adventure of my life.

    love and hugs

  6. 106
    Lori says:

    Beth, I’m always so grateful to read the blogs from you and your daughters. What a wonderful family you have! Thank you for sharing the love of Christ. It warms my heart and revs me up for the day.

    Today I’m praying for courage and Godly wisdom… and a turbo charge from my coffee that will help me get through a mountain of work. God bless!

  7. 107

    Oh! Oh! Oh! We really ARE kindred spirits. LePeep’s is our favorite brunch place – hands down. Oh, I hope you don’t mind if I share this column that I wrote about our own trip to LePeep’s. With four boys. After a fractious week. I can howl now when I think about it. Now, three years later, I can howl…

  8. 108
    Alicia Corcoran says:

    Beth I was at that event and was blessed beyond words! My sweet, and a little loopy, mother was there with me and has been driving me nuts over the amazing song that Travis sang as a solo. She has begged and begged that I ask you on your blog what the title is. I explained that we dont notmally ask questions as much as just comment on entries that are here…..But she is persistent!!!Oh I love her dearly! Please oh please post the name of the song so that I can let her know.

    Please also know what a blessing your ministry is too me and my family! As we speak I am preparing for this weeks large group study of the Patriarchs. I am a small group leader and am blessed to have my mom, aunt, their good friend and a few other AMAZING ladies in my group. Your studies have brought me so much closer to the Lord! Dont we serve an MIGHTY God!!

    Have an awesome week!

  9. 109

    Thank you so much for sharing. I just had to laugh out loud when I saw the picture of the dog on the sofa πŸ™‚ . Dogs can be so human sometimes, you just have to laugh!
    Have a wonderful rest of your week. God Bless <3

  10. 110
    Connie from Iowa says:

    Mama Beth-

    Thank you so much for listening and obeying God. I cringe to think about how many of us would not be growing in our faith if not for your faithfulness to His calling.

    I dearly love you and just know that someday there will be a huge Starbucks party with all us Siestas hugging on your neck!

  11. 111
    Joanne says:

    I am truly blessed, like you I am crazy about my grandchildren They are God’s blessing in my “older” years. I love seeing what wonderful parents and people in general that my children have become. I pray for my grandchildren very day, for the friends they will have, the influences in their lives be the right ones and their future spouses. There is so much out there that they face, and at times we are unaware, I need to know God is watching them, covering them with His protection.
    For the ladies raising their grandchildren, I especially pray for you. The gift you give your grandchildren is truly God given kindness. God bless you

  12. 112
    Kim Safina says:

    My Sweet Sister in Christ ~ Beth,

    I am TRYING to read your blog information ~ however,

    my husband is making comments about how he needs to become a Siesta so that I will give him some “MORE” attention.

    Mind you, I have had breakfast with him, espresso’s, and read the paper and had a nice visit. πŸ™‚ I even told him we could watch Pawn Shop or American Pickers before he leaves for the job site. laughing out loud!!!!!

    He is laughing at me as I type this to you!! Scratching his head and trying to figure out why in the world all of us Siesta’s share our hearts and requests on a computer. He is OLD SCHOOL.
    No chat,no blog,no facebook, my space, or twitter for him. He likes a good book and sitting on the deck watching seagulls or deer. (with me next to him ofcourse) πŸ™‚

    on another note **

    I am so excited to see that Jackson has accomplished one of his many MAN ACHIEVEMENTS = Bike rider!!!
    WOOOOO WHHOOOOO…. woot woot !!!!

    Love that you & Keith have a family home like ours where the jungle joins our promised land.
    Nothin like our animals and us together. πŸ™‚
    I will have to add a photo on my blogspot so you can see our animal sleeping.

    Beth, you just bring “SUNSHINE” radiance to us in this safe place!
    Thank you for being such a SERVANT OF GOD!

    “Let us walk in the light of the LORD.” Isaiah 2:5

    Happy Harvest (((( HUGS )))) & blessings,

  13. 113
    Siesta OC says:

    Gelli is TOOOOO much! That is hilarious!

  14. 114
    Andrea Porter says:

    I have been church shopping, as I like to call it, every time we have moved we have to find a new place to worship. Sometimes it is hard and sometimes God just leads the way and we obediently follow. I think I may have found the one here in Pennsylvania, Hope Community Church. I love how God gives you little hints that you are in the right place at the right time. They are currently doing Siesta Mama’s Bible study on Esther. I was a group leader for this study in Montana, it was wonderful and I even created my own ‘Red Book’ for the group. Which they contributed to with their own opinions on what they thought was hard about being a Woman. I shared some,anonomously, of course, with the whole group. I really enjoyed reading other women’s opinions on that subject. Even though I already did this study, I am looking forward to doing it again, with a new group of women. God is great and so faithful.
    Staying in the WORD!!!!

  15. 115
    Rose D says:

    A spoiled dog is a good dog!

  16. 116
    Jen Van Horn says:

    Just wanted to say thank you for your blog– I’ve been a devourer (is that even a word??) of your Bible studies since college, but I love getting a glimpse into everyday life of you, Amanda & Melissa! It encourages me in so many way!
    I was telling my husband the other day– I really hope that someday Emmaline (my 2 year old) and I have a relationship like Beth seems to have with her daughters… (especially since the one I have with my own mother is so difficult).
    Thanks and be blessed!

  17. 117

    Thanks Beth! Praying that I will continue to keep the Law of Kindness on my tongue…that it will not be just a fleeting thing left over from a feel-good moment!

  18. 118
    Melanie says:

    Thank for allowing God to speak through you Beth. It was so beautiful to hear Him on Saturday. β€” Please tell Melissa that she needs to post the recipe for the chicken/fluffy biscuit dish. No fair posting a delicious looking food picture with no recipe. ( : Thank you both.

  19. 119
    Yanna says:

    Personally Beth, I think you should just go for it and be the best cheerleader e-v-e-r at the kids games. Then people will ask amongst themselves “who was that woman?” and be led to a terrific study of the Word. I’m just sayin.

  20. 120
    Jill says:

    I am going to commit to memory the message on kindness. This morning, God clearly put that very message on my heart. He reminded me of one of my aunts, who when I thought of her, my first thought was she is so kind. I think in this broken world we are living in, kindness may be more valuable to folks than any other gift we could possibly give.

  21. 121
    Janet Scarth says:

    Beth, I so enjoyed the simulcast Saturday. When you came on the screen, it was like seeing my long-lost-friend! Our study this fall has been Pricilla’s “Jonah”, so I have missed seeing you! πŸ™‚

    Thanks for the WONDERFUL lesson on Saturday. God spoke to me in more than the area of Kindess, but also being accountable to someone for daily quiet time and exercise before going to work at 7:30 am. Very humbly, I tell you, I am 3 for 3. But it is not without Satan’s trials… not feeling well one day, and unexpected overnight company and staying up WAY LATE visiting. God is so good!

    I’m getting to practice kindness in helping my man getting ready for a camping/hiking trip to New Mexico this weekend with some guys from the local Navigator college group. πŸ™‚

    Thanks again for all you study and blessings as your share with us! It was wonderful!

  22. 122
    Becky says:

    So happy for you that you had Tue. off. Nothin’ like a day off.
    I have a few comments on your post. For starters Keith’s dog…that cracked me up. Now, That dog knows how to kick back and relax.
    Waffles…woman….after reading your post, I have never wanted a waffle so bad in all my days. You made that thing sound sooooooo yummy.
    Glad you had a good day off.
    By the by, it was good seeing you this past Saturday at the simulcast.
    love ya.

  23. 123
    Rhonda L says:

    Oh Beth! I was having one of those days where parenting three kids (three and under) was really wearing on me. I’ve been grumpy all morning and feeling bad about it. I sat at the computer and decided to read your blog today instead of zoning out in front of facebook. I’m so glad I did. Your post made me smile and the commissioning is exactly what I needed to hear right now. Thanks for taking the time to share with all of us. May God continue to bless you and your family.

  24. 124
    Tina says:

    Hi Beth,

    Just catching up with your blog. I kind of crashed with being overly tired. Here I am! Everyone needs a little break. Isn’t it great when you can sleep in?

    What a proud Grandma! You are so Blessed my dear Sister! I am sure you are well aware of it!

    Those waffles sound so Delish! I was drooling as you described them!

    I’m so glad your simulcast went well. I was praying for you all!

    God Bless you! Have a Day filled with much Joy and Love of the Lord!

    In Christ’s Love & prayers
    Sis in Christ

  25. 125
    WorthyofLove says:

    Dear Beth,

    Did you buy a new pillow??? I saw the fancy fringes :). Thanks for the post. You had me laughing out loud. My boys are doing their school work behind me and want to know what is so funny!?!


  26. 126
    Stephanie says:

    Beth, On a light note, I just had to tell you that I have a Border Collie that I just love. My family adopted him from a rescue organization last September, so we are coming up on his Sept. 26 “picked him up” day. Since we don’t know his birthday, we have to have something to celebrate!! Just this past June our beloved Golden Retriever passed away suddenly, and this adopted dog has helped us so much. My husband wasn’t so sure about this guy at first (the herding instinct was getting a tad bit annoying), but they have now truly bonded. What a dog! He is amazing, so I totally understand your comments about Star. Have a blessed day!

  27. 127
    Redeemed says:

    Oh, what amazing words.

    Your grandbabies are so precious, too.

    And your dogs are blessed to be hangin’ out at your home! I’ve got two sleeping at my feet even as I type.

    Life is danged good.

  28. 128
    Cynthia Petersen says:

    Dearest Beth,

    It was a blessing to be able to hear you on Saturday and be commissioned with Proverbs 31:26. It was life changing and powerful. I was at my church in Tacoma, Washington. The Tacoma Bible College offered it for free, what a gift. During the lunch break instead of going out to eat I went into our food-bank and stood at the prayer table and prayed for those who needed prayer. My heart was so full I could hardly stand it. I found the outlet you mentioned in #7. I loved on everyone who came up for prayer or conversation. That word feels like it is a banner over my head right now and a fresh calling. Thank You Jesus! Thank you Beth~

    We are all looking forward to you coming up here next March~

    Much love and thanks,
    Cynthia Petersen

  29. 129
    Vera says:

    Thank you so very much! We have been praying about restructuring our Women’s Ministry program and the Lord gave a framework that we were pondering. And now, God gift-wrapped it and delivered the final stamp of His approval through your message at the simulcast…down to the verse!! It’s like the dream you talked about…sometimes it is just too much for the person it is meant to be for and it has to be delivered in detail by a messenger. Thank you for being the messenger πŸ™‚

    And thanks for being our culinary tourguide of the best places in Houston for places to eat. If I ever get there, I now have a list, thanks to you and Amanda πŸ™‚

  30. 130
    Lisa Ackerman says:

    Beth, I’m on my second bible study of yours. the first one was Believing God. I realy enjoyed that one it helped me grow even closer to God. Now I’m on Esther Its tough Being a woman and I’m enjoying that one also. I’m very glad that the lady’s at my church got me into your bible study’s. Its the best thing that ever happened to me. I’m very thankful that God led you to do the bible study’s. God bless you

  31. 131
    Carolyn says:

    Beth, I watch you every Wednesday on Life Today. I love ya lots!

    I want the recipe for the Chicken & Fluffy Biscuits. I clicked on the photo but the recipe never did come up. Please somehow let me know how I can get the recipe. Thanks

  32. 132

    Goodness gracious, God is good! I teach highschool girls and they’ve been obsessed with gossip lately. I wasn’t at the Simulcast but I know what you’re talking about as I’ve been to past events where you commission us in pairs. I’d never thought to do it with my girls but I’m gonna have to conclude this week’s lesson with this…or something very similar. Thanks so much!

  33. 133
    pinkmommy says:

    I so hated to miss the simulcast this past weekend. I have been accused (by my pastor) of being your stalker. I am at the very least the president of your fan club in my county (or maybe state…Arkansas). Anyway, I thought you would be blessed and proud to know what kept me from attending…I was 4-wheel riding with my husband. It was my first time to go with him in our almost 11 years! The next day, I overheard him boast to his buddy about me going…it made it totally worth missing your and Travis’ sweet voices and the dirt I was still cleaning out of my nose and ears the next day (I know, TMI!).

    Love you!

  34. 134
    Karen Davis says:

    Dear Beth,
    I really enjoyed your simulcast this past weekend. I strive to speak with wisdom and use the law of kindness.

    However, my question is this: I really believe that God called me to start a Bible study at work. (Praise God that my job allows this during lunch!!) But… sometimes I feel so uplifted by others at the study, but then there are times when I feel let down because of the poor group participation. I pray harder then for God to help me see the blessings given. Do you have any suggestions to help me either deal better with the down times or how to turn the down times around. Today I asked God again if this is really what he wants me to do, and He again said yes. Thanks! Your sister in Christ, Karen

  35. 135
    Heidi A. says:

    The soccer story cracked me up!! I am fortunate to live in the same town as my parents and my Mom was my son’s babysitter. She had the same problem as you, Beth, and finally after several games of receiving odd looks from anyone within a surroundiing mile…she gave up and quit coming to his games. It was uncontrollable for her.

    He is now in junior high and my parents take him and pick him up. He gave very specific instructions and stern ones at that….NO ONE is allowed to speak to him unless the car door is closed. It seems that he has flashbacks to soccer and does not trust his Grandparents not to embarass him within earshot of his peers.

  36. 136
    Katie Gierke says:


    I was at your Chicago show and WOW are you just as amazing in person as your are in your studies. I just wanted to let you know, that God using you to help women all over the world is amazing. I had suffered for 10 years with anxiety. I had seen every counselor and was even on medication at one point. I am 29 now with two beautiful little girls and an amazing man. When my first daughter was born i decided enough with this and started your bible study at my church called breaking free and OH MY GOSH! it changed my life. I CAN NOT even describe the things GOD has done in my life. I think everyone in the WORLD should do that study. It is completely mind blowing to me. TONIGHT we are starting John. I can not wait to hear what you are going to teach us in this new study. I just thank God for you every night. You are a true inspiration and i can not wait for next year.

  37. 137
    Angie Cortes says:

    Oh Beth dear, I wonder if you still have the commissioning from the Tampa, FL event. I attended with my sister in law and I would love to frame it. My email is [email protected]. Would love to have it. Thanks for all you do for us women and our journey with the Lord. I am also attending next weekend in Lowell, MA with my other sister in law, a friend and my mom who doesn’t speak English. I pray that the Lord does something special in all of them. He’s already blessed me with the attendance of my mom! How wonderful is He! Thanks in advance.

  38. 138
    Heather F says:

    We just started Here and Now… There and Then. Wow! I have always been intimidated by Revelations, but God has taught you how to teach about this incredible book of the Bible. I am praying for life-changing revelation for all those studying. Thanks for shining your light for Him and pray God’s continued blessing on your ministry.

  39. 139
    Jenny says:

    i am so bummmed. This is the first Simulcast that I missed and it wasn’t becuase I didn’t want to go, it’s becuase we just got stationed in Belgium and there wasn’t no Beth here! πŸ™

  40. 140
    Megan says:

    What a great commissioning- thanks so much for this challenge and call. It is fridge bound for sure.

    I just wanted to share a quick scripture spiral note. My girlfriends and I are preparing to do our first ever triathlon this weekend, in an effort to fundraise for clean water in africa with world vision. I have felt under attack this week as we near the actual event and so everytime I set out to work out I have taken my spiral with me. I zip tied it onto my bike handles, I stapped it onto my hydration belt and i laminated one verse and pinned it onto the back of my wetsuit. NO JOKE. Thanks to your encouragement, over the last year I have accumulated three different spirals : one for my family, one for my personal study, and one for the time spent training this summer. What a sense of encouragement and a source of strength to be working hard and having my scripture spiral right there…. To Him be the Glory, it has been so sweet. Thanks for introducing spirals to my life πŸ™‚

  41. 141
    Shanna says:

    I had to crack up when I read about the sideline cheerleader. It’s a family trait that has been passed on from my mother to me, much to my kids dismay. My mom was actually banned by my older brother from ever going to one of his baseball games again:) I swore I’d never embarrass my kids the way my mom did me, but as soon as my son was old enough for sports, that vow flew out the window. There I was screaming on the sidelines for my little man and whoever else was on the team while my husband stewed in embarrassment. He doesn’t share my outward enthusiasum and a pretty shy guy ao you can only imagin the scene. Once I was in charge of the BBQ at my sons little league game and another parent had to actually take the grill over because I kept burning the burgers…I was of course way to focused on how I could encourage each and every player as they came up to bat! It was hilarious…my sweet little guy just accepted his momma as she is. One day after a game, he told me “Momma it’s ok that you cheer real loud all the time and my friends said they don’t mind that you do it to them too” I’m smiling just thinking about it.

    What can I say??? I’m a cheerleader at heart:)


  42. 142

    Thankyou Beth for your sharing your wonderful words of encouragement on a dreary day in Iowa. The lady you chose to take a picture of in the Chicago airport must be wearing a replica of an Iowa Hawkeye uniform. Go Hawks!

    My girl pal friends and I traveled to St. Louis for the Living Proof event and were energized for our Lord. We’ll be traveling to Lincoln, NE next summer. Please pray that I will be able to attend as I’m having a very invasive back surgery in the Spring and will be facing a 6-9 month recovery. I already have hotel reservations and the event will give me a real goal. This will be the 5th Living Proof event we’ve traveled to in the Midwest. Thankyou for your service to the Lord.


  43. 143
    Erin says:

    Beth, I’m so happy your taking Tuesdays for you and your family. It is a good thing! My man is a utility lineman and had one full week end last, with trouble work. I had bought your teaching on Eph. 3:14-19 I can’t remember your title? Sorry but then again knowing you Beth,,, isn’t that funny to say, but knowing you I’m sure you’d rather I remember the teaching than the title! I enjoyed all three DVDs and had my own Beth Moore time. I live very rural so this is how I get to see you for now, hugs Erin having fun as a Grandma today too!

  44. 144
    Nancy Overstreet says:

    Oh the joy of being called “darling one”! It makes me think that you are writing specifically to me! And….even though I’m a “cat lady” I love, love, love it when you tell your doggy stories! And the “grandbaby stories” are THE BEST! I have two precious grandchildren myself, Landon is 3 and baby Scarlett is now 9 months old! They are my delight! Thank you for putting the commissioning statement on the blog, I am going to print it out and keep it….and give a copy to my sister (who was my commissioning partner). I’m glad you take a little bit of time to unwind after your events but something tells me God won’t let you rest too long! Thank you again…….

  45. 145
    Rachel in Arizona says:

    Your pictures of Star and Geli just crack me up.

  46. 146
    Patty F says:

    I really wanted to have a copy of the “commissioning’ we did in Tucson in March of this year, as I spoke those words over my daughter….it touched my heart so much, as she was crying tears, which I’ve rarely seen from her before. We’ve had our share of struggles in our relationship, but I pray earnestly for God to keep us oh so close to Him always. How I’ve wanted to pray those words over her again and again….but I never remembered exactly what they were. Just that God was going to do great things in her life as she made herself available to Him and seek Him with a whole heart. It would bring me great joy to have a copy of that commissioning from the Tucson event!! Is that possible???? Beth, my life is so different since you’ve been my teacher over the past decade, and I thank God for every study you’ve completed for us! They have been my tools to deeper faith and a closer walk with God. I can’t wait to meet you in heaven.

  47. 147
    Siesta Stephanie says:

    Loved the pics of the dogs.. Rambler and Lilly are our furry kids as we refer to them along with our lovely three daughters.. Ours also think they are human and deserve all the comforts we do, that would be the dogs that I am referring to.

    Siesta Stephanie


  48. 148
    Kay says:

    Hey Jan, my hubs likes the “Swamp People” also.

    Kay, Midland

  49. 149

    Just love you to pieces, thank you for sharing with us on your day off. That Belgiam waffle sure sounded good I want one now, I don’t think we have a La Peep here in Albuquerque NM. the picture of star that is to sweet my dog likes to be where ever I am at too and of course she has gto snuggle up to me at night she is 11yrs old I will surely miss her alot if anything happens to her.
    Thank you seista mama for encouring us and thanks for posting the commissioning
    Love Carol

  50. 150
    Lisa says:

    I just love you sister !!! IF you weren’t in ministry I’m sure Comedy Central would have you !!!!! lol !!!!!

    all my love

    Lisa b.

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