Catch Up and Commissioning

Hey there, Darling Things!

How are you? I hope so much your week is going well and that Christ is continuing to reveal Himself as your sufficiency. He is simply never more obvious to us than when we need Him desperately. I’ve needed Him desperately a few times lately and I bet you have, too. Life’s just like that.

For the last couple of months I’ve been trying to take the Tuesday following an event off. (Don’t know how much I can keep that up once I get into full fledged writing but it’s a joy and a relief for now.) On these two Tuesdays a month, I sleep in a bit longer and sip my coffee a little slower. It’s a beautiful thing.

I didn’t get dressed today until about 10:30 then my man and I headed half way across town to a cool little breakfast and lunch place called La Peep. We mostly just threaten to eat over there but never really make it. Today we followed through. They whip up about the best Belgian waffle in town: crispy edges, soft inside, sweet enough to eat without the syrup but you don’t and served with hot, melted butter in a tiny container to drizzle on the top and you do. It was so good, you could tear up about it. After nearly licking our plates, Keith dropped me off and went to run errands and I sat at home and stared at stuff in a daze. Star kept dropping her tennis ball at my feet so I finally shook off the sugar, got up off the couch and played fetch with her. She really is the best dog on earth. A Border Collie is a LOT to manage the first year but by the second year you begin to have the pet of your life. This is where you can usually find Star. Right in front of yours truly.

Don’t feel too sorry for Keith’s bird dog. She is spoiled rotten. This is how we found her a few evenings ago. No, we did not arrange the pillows under her. She did all that herself.

Where was I before I got side tracked on those ridiculous dogs?? Oh, yeah. My day off. After I threw the ball a few times for Star, I headed over to Amanda’s, picked her up, and we rode together to get Jackson and Annabeth at Mother’s Day Out. Amanda and Curtis somehow managed to have two of the greatest kids a pair of new grandparents could ever picture. They see us constantly but, every single time, act like it’s the biggest thrill since Barnum and Bailey. They do the same thing with Curtis’s parents. They’re just wonderful kids. They were delighted I’d come with Mommy today and had a hunch a treat was in order. They were right about that and we made a bee line over to Fresh Berry for frozen yogurt and toppings. Our nearly twenty month-old Annabeth is appropriately trying a little independence and wanted to have her own cup and eat out of it with her own spoon. You can imagine that all four of us had been well baptized in vanilla swirl by the time we left. Star keeps licking my right arm so my one lone wet-wipe may not have done the trick. She’s just as glad.

When we got back to Amanda’s, Jackson had a big surprise for me. It was THIS!

That boy can ride his bike like nobody’s business! I was just squealing from the sidewalk (while also trying to balance AB on Jackson’s old trike because she would not be left out). It was ten times the sweeter because I was watching my own firstborn run behind hers. It was just yesterday that I flew behind my two as they took off on wheels for the first time. And then they just kept going. This is the consolation prize:

These are exciting days for Jackson because he’s just started soccer. He’s had two team practices so far. He is so cute in his royal blue uniform with his shin guards on that I can hardly stand it. AB didn’t care for soccer practice last week (I think because they weren’t selling concessions yet) and hardly let her parents watch her brother so this week I kept her at my house while sports took full sway. Something awkward happened just before hand that has caused some mild amusement in the Moore house. Amanda very gingerly said to me, “Now, Mom, if you’d rather  come to soccer practice and help us with Annabeth there on the sidelines, you can.” She knew I was bursting at the seams to come but her speech was suspiciously tentative. After hem hawing around a spell, she picked up with this: “But I just want to let you know that Curtis and I really aren’t cheering loudly yet or anything. You know, they’re not really playing any games yet. It’s just practice and it’s really not the best place for a lot of…”

Translation? “Mom, please come if you want to but if just maybe you could refrain at first from cheering as enthusiastically as you did for me and Melissa when we played sports, well then, that would probably be good.”

Just take a moment to imagine what I was like. Don’t judge Amanda on this. Feel sorry for her.

I told Melissa about it the next day and we got so tickled we nearly spit our coffee all over our concordances.

Oh, what my girls have been through. I wasn’t the angry, negative parent in the stands but I have been known on occasion to look for something good to say when a play was bad. It was not unusual for me to yell, “You look so cute in your outfit! That uniform is just your color!”

When I was at the airport in Chicago about to board the flight home, I saw a fellow family enthusiast waiting for her plane. I felt like she wouldn’t mind if I, with admiration, clipped a quick pic, texted it to Amanda and told her not to worry about a thing. I’d limit myself to this for now.

Well, Keith wants me to get off of here and watch Duck Commander with him so duty calls. One last thing! I don’t want to wear anybody out any further about the simulcast but the ministry is getting a lot of requests for the commissioning we did in pairs at the end. My hardworking staff said it would be so much simpler if I could just post it on the blog so here it is!

My Dear Sister,

Your God has called you

To use that mouth of yours

For His great glory.

Don’t just add to the noise.

Become a real woman

Who opens her mouth with wisdom.

God wants the Law of Kindness

On your tongue

And the love of Christ

In your heart.

Never forget:

Kindness is not a weakness!

When you’re wearing down

Head to Christ and His people

And let them build you back up.

Always remember:

His yoke is KIND.

Make sure

It’s the only yoke you wear.

It’s time to go our separate ways

But we’ll all meet up again

At the glorious epiphany of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Until then,

Let the One who led you here

Lead you on with cords of kindness.

Now, get out there

And build a welcoming fire

In a cold world.

Live by the Law of Kindness!

I love you guys. I really do.


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  1. 201
    Fran McCurry says:

    Beth, I always love your posts about your dogs, but I just got a new puppy and I really liked your comment that “by the second year you will have the pet of your life”! I am just smitten with this little mouth on 4 legs and so look forward to a lot of years of fun and companionship!


  2. 202
    Marty Hubbard says:

    While I was waiting for my husband to finish doing whatever maintenance a riding lawnmower requires, I visited your blog. I just love how encouraging you all are. I have recently joined a group in Springfield Missouri called Life Builders. What they do is go into public housing and have dinners, VBS, bible studies, & children’s classes. So basically they take church out to the people who wouldn’t otherwise be able to go. The children are amazing. I have never taught Sunday school or led any kind of bible study. Does anyone have any advice for me on how to best encourage these 1st and 2nd graders? I am trying to be very structured and let them know how important God is thru bible verses and teaching them to pray. I just know God has led me to this amazing time but I want to do the best I can. Thank you!

  3. 203

    Oh Beth, I love when you write straight from the heart. You’re such a refreshment to my heart! I teared up on the bike pics. I have no idea why, I think when we see our sisters in Christ truly as our sister we just rejoice with them, cry with them, all the things I do w/ my biological sister. The simulcast…thank You Jesus! Responding to many of our requests, Kelly Minter posted the pic of her niece on FB and it has been such a great visual for me.I want God to see me like that. Real and truly blessed. Love you!!

    • 203.1
      Tyra says:


      Thanks sooo very much for giving us the commission from the simulcast! I was one of the ones that wrote to request it. I love them so much because it does tie up the whole event clearly.
      I wish there was a way to get the commission for each event a person attends. I went to Eat, Pray, Love in Louisville and would love to have that commission too. Any chance you could put it on your blog? I will also be at the Deeper Still in Dec in Birmingham. You are a true blessing to me. God has blessed you with a wonderful ability to be so real and get His word to people. I pray for God’s blessings on you.

    • 203.2
      Tyra says:


      I am not the most techy person. I do not do FB or twitter.
      Would it be possible for you to forward the photo of Kelly Minter’s niece to my email address.

      I did a google seach for images of surprised children to try and find a picture that would remind me, but nothing can top the picture Beth showed during the simulcast.

      Thanks so much,

  4. 204
    Lisa says:

    Oh Beth, last Saturday was breath-taking. Thank you for serving God, and in doing that serving us. Had to laugh – thought of you as I worked out this week in my parents’ creaky old basement on their elliptical. I saw many mousetraps set, none filled, and prepared myself for the worst – a mouse to run across the room right in front of me. I was prepared to handle it as gracefully as you did in your garage, but thank goodness I didn’t have to… Until tonight, when I let my sweet boxer out for one last run through the yard, and turning on the back light must have confused this little old mouse half to death, because Louisa the Great went after it, I figured out what was happening right as the critter ran across my bare foot, and I absolutely DID NOT handle it as well as you handled your mouse encounter. I screamed like a girl – a GIRLIE GIRL! and several neighbors ran out to see if I had been attacked somehow. I have to think that sometimes life is like that – our test comes when we are least expecting it… Anyway, thanks again. I was one of the siestas in Chicago – love you, sister…

  5. 205
    Kerri says:

    Beth, I had the opportunity to see the simulcast in Salt LAKE last weekend, the 18th. We would love for the women of our church to hear this message. Is there a time when that will be available. Thank you for your time.



  6. 206
    Tammy says:

    I love to hear how you spend time with your grandchildren and daughters. I wish my mom was closer b/c I could see us hanging out like that too. Anyways, you mention how much y’all enjoy frozen yougurt, so I wanted to tell you there is a new self-serve frozen yogurt shop opening up just seconds from your office – at Malcolmson and Grant – it is called Orange Leaf. Just trying to help a sister out. I am convinced my spiritual gift is food; still trying to find it in the scriptures!

  7. 207
    Heidi V. says:

    Beth, I love that when you write or speak I feel like I am sitting down to chat with an old friend. You write with warmth and familiarity. Maybe it is because I’ve done quite a few your studies and read a few of your books. Then again, maybe it is the anointing God has upon you to touch the hearts of women with His love.
    Be blessed.

  8. 208
    Allison says:

    and I love you Beth, really do. I love those dogs of yours. I have two rescue dogs since 2009. Both girl dogs and are just so fun, dachshund-Elsa and Chihuahua-Noel, both about 11 years old. Been together all that time. I remember when I baby sat star, how sweet and almost human like she was and it amused me when I walked her that she would bark at everything what a princess, I thought. It was like she was telling the world as she barked at things and people, “I’m here, I’m Star”. And because I have two girl rescue dogs they bark like Star. I think it is a woman thing. Just got so much bark in us woman it has to come out or just so territorial!
    Seeking His face… those who Seek will find… a good and gracious and loving, forgiven, understanding, hopeful, caring God. love, Allison

  9. 209
    Lisa says:

    Loved the pics of your dogs! People without a dog just don’t know what they’re missing! Want to share a quote with you by Louis Sabin ~ ” No matter how little money and how few possesions you own, having a dog makes you rich.” Our dogs sure make us rich and we love them so much!
    I was at one of the 2010 Simulcast, in Dalton GA, and had the pleasure of taking my Mom and her friend, who had never heard you speak or done any of your Bible studies.Just a few minutes after you began my Mom leaned over and whispers, “My goodness when is she going to slow down?”, to which I laughed and replied,”Not until about 5:30 this afternoon!” Well,just want to tell you the day flew by and we all thoroughly enjoyed and have been truly inspired by your message! And I guess I should add convicted as well!
    Thanks for all your hard work and allowing God to use you to bring His word to people in such an understandable way!

  10. 210
    Kathy Lease says:

    God has truly blessed you! You are such an encouragement for me and I know that God has a plan for me. I struggle daily to know where God wants me. I have only been a Christian for 5 years and it has a been a roller coaster ride of devastating failure and joyful relief knowing He still loves me. In spite of “ME” I keep pressing on for His great glory. I had the privilege of attending the event is Chicago and I was so blessed. Thank you for sharing your life with us! You are a blessing!

  11. 211
    Kathy says:

    Hi Beth, Just want to say “thank you” what a blessing and encouragement you are to me. I thank God for you and the ministry He has allowed you to have. I have only been a Christian for 5 years and it has been a roller coaster ride of devastating failure and sweet release knowing that my Savior loves me “in spite of me”. I struggle to know what God has planned for me but will continue to press on. It is for His glory that he chose me. I had the privilege of attending the event in Chicago…WOW…it was amazing. May God’s peace always be with you!

  12. 212
    hospitalitygal says:

    Hello amazing LPM women. I do have a question/request concerning the Simulcast. Can you please recap the beautiful info you shared about the Proverbs 31 chapter being an acrostic and chiastic structure. It was fascinating to me at the time and the details of it did not quite make it in detail to my notes that day. The Lord keeps bringing it to my mind and I want to meditate more on the beauty of those details. Would you mind sharing this with us again??
    hugs and kisses of great gratitude,

  13. 213
    Amy Alderson says:

    Beth, I just read your book “So Long Insecurity”, thank you so much for writing such a wonderful book, Praise God!I have been a slave to my insecurities for most of my life, but now, I too am ready to say “so long insecurity, you have been a bad friend to us! I have enjoyed your work and been involved in many of your Bible Studies, you are a wonderful inspiration for us women out there! thank you and may God continue to Bless your ministry, you and your Family!

  14. 214

    Greetings Siesta Mama Beth,

    The video was great to watch, the room looked alive with women worshipping:) It must have been that way at every location, it seemed that way at our location too. I don’t think any lady left without crying at least once throughout the whole thing. If it wasn’t worship, it was that story about Mrs. Chapman and Maria, and if it wasn’t that, it was the commisioning. Thanks for posting that too!:)…Your day off seemed like a welcome rest. I’ve felt like I’ve needed Him desperately too, it’s like the enemy has absolutely come after me with the fiery darts. I want so desperately to have a mind that is constantly being renewed so that I never go back to who I once was. If I’m in God’s Word, then I’m being sanctified by the truth, thank God! I seriously need that.

    Blessings to you today,


  15. 215
    Bonnie Dancer says:

    Hi Beth! I was at the Sep 18 simulcast in Oregon. I’ve done many of your studies over the years and have been so blessed. I want to share a post-simulcast story. I did not turn in the prayer-request card on the 18th, but did jot down a few requests that I received from the friends who attended with me. That form is still on my desk today. This afternoon, my husband came home and had a few minutes to spare before he had to leave for another appointment. I seized the moment to try to get some ideas for his birthday that’s coming up in a couple of weeks. He’s a logger and hunter, so I grabbed the Cabelas Catalog and brought a couple of iced-teas, and we sat on the patio enjoying a beautiful fall afternoon. I realized that I needed a piece of paper to jot down the page numbers of the things he liked, so I ran back inside and got a piece of paper. I laid it on the table and then noticed that my husband got a really funny grin on his face. I had brought out the prayer request form! We broke into uncontrollable laughter, and when we were able to speak again, he asked if, after he filled it out, was I going to fax it to Monica? (our prayer chain coordinator. Just had to share that with you. May God continue to use you mightily! Bonnie

  16. 216
    Jan Semon says:


    Would you be able to post the verbiage you used for the altar call you used during the Chicago Simulcast? I loved the way you stated the sinner’s prayer and request to become a child of God. I would like to share it with my Bible study group.

    Jan Semon
    Northwest Chapel
    [email protected]

  17. 217
    stillanon says:

    so enjoying catching up on your blog..i love Amanda’s tact and totally can imagine your enthusiasm…… made me wonder how St. Peter will deal with your arrival!!!! just a thought that immediately came to mind… am anxiously awaiting January classtime with you…..Praise Him!

  18. 218
    Gerry Stephens says:

    Dear Beth,
    A friend challenged me yesterday to send you an e-mail telling you of how God used “His message” on kindness in my life after the 9/18/10 simulacast.
    First I would like to thank you for all the ways you have touched my life in the past. Thank you for sharing your life. Your obedience and anointing of the Holy Spirit has helped me to grow in God’s grace. I have participated in many of your Bible Studies and I have lead some as well. I also had the privilege of attending one of your live conference before our church hosted the simulcast in Sept.
    I was one of three woman on the leadership prayer team that lead up to the simulcast, and this was wonderful in itself. We meet weekly and challenged our 20+ encouragers to join us in a day of fasting and prayer. After our day of prayer and fasting we had a prayer meeting. I felt that if nothing else came to me personally from the simulcast it would be ok, as God had indeed already done a work in me and many others. It seemed at every turn when our prayer team came together we’d find that God had given us the same Scripture’s to pray or some sort of confirmation. (more depth of insight into God’s heart) For example before you shared what your topic would be on … one of our prayer team leaders had prayed that we would be woman who guarded our tongues. Then that very week you announced that you were probably going to speak on Prov. 31:26. (We were coming against some terrible tension among the leadership teams, so we knew we were in for something grand. Satan was working overtime to cause discord amoung the woman in our church prior to this event.) Several Scriptures became more precious to us as we approached the “big day”. John 4:34-38 and Isaiah 54:10 were 2 sections of Scripture that became especially tender to our hearts prior to the simulacast.
    Now for the story that I was challenged to share.
    I don’t know how to make this short but here goes.
    First alittle bit about myself.
    I am a nurse/RN and after 33 years in the most wonderful department in the hospital,I was displaced into the Emergency Department from the Obstetrical Department. I live in a rural area and have had the blessing of knowing many of my patients personally. Seeing them have children, complete their families and then seeing their children have children has been a great privilege. This year due to economics the hospital I work in closed it’s Obstetrical Department. After 37 years with this same institution I found myself in a position of needing to get at least one more year in before making a choice to travel an hour away to work at another facility with an Obstetrical Department. So on July 1st I began working in my new position, as an ER nurse. It has been the most difficult 4 1/2 months of my career, but I know God has me in this department for a reason. Daily I have thanked God for my job and asked Him to use me, despite my inadaquacies and fears. Now the story … After your simulcast I was tending to a cancer patient who was very ill. He was so frail and weak, he laid with his eyes closed and hardly had the energy to speak. My fear was that he would die that very night. I tended to his physical needs and was going out of my way to be “nice” to his wife as well. I ordered the wife a meal tray, got her extra coffee and a warm blanket to wrap up in. Just as I was ready to leave the room to tend to another patient, it was as if God Himself was in the room and I audibly heard Him say “Gerry you are being nice … kindness looks pain in the face”. It shook me to very the core, as I had looked up “nice” after the simulcast just to see for myself that the latin word really meant ignorant and I prayed that God would help me to be kind rather than nice. I have always done my “work” unto the Lord and felt I was trying to do this in ER as well. But at that moment I realized I was being “nice” as it was not as hard tending to the wife’s needs. I confessed my ignorance and got to my knees so I could be eye level with my patient I then touched his arm. He opened his eyes and I made eye contact … I looked pain directly in the face literally! I apologized to him for talking around him and not to him. I asked if he had any questions or concerns he wanted me to address. I then felt the overwhelming need to comment about how tired and weary his eyes were and I felt at one time they must have sparkled. I told him how sorry I was that he was in pain and suffering. He began to cry. The glory of God filled the room at that very moment and I believe He tenderly reached into this mans heart. I know He did mine!! My patient was discharged that night. Later I found out he stepped over into eternity 3 days later. Daily I see so much pain but I am now looking diectly into it’s face and claiming the kindness of God as my heart breaks. I have an increased boldness to be “kind” rather than “nice” and since have had the opportunity to pray with some of my patients.
    Thanking and praising God tonight (as I just got home from work)for your sensitivity, faithfulness and devotion. Because of your teaching and obedience in proclaiming God’s word, I have received spiritual refreshment during this difficult transition in my career and my patients are being blessed with the kindness God. All praise to Him alone!!! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. Praying that you love Jesus more this year than you did last year 🙂 Gerry <

    • 218.1
      Beth says:

      Oh, Gerry. What a powerful story. You are truly called of God, my dear sister, and to an immensely challenging vocation. Thank you for sharing this with me!

  19. 219
    Garland Hilz says:

    Movement is necessary

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