Heading Out to Richmond! 20 Comp Tickets!

Hey, you darling things! I am writing you (for the zillionth time) from IAH, about to jump on a flight to Richmond for our Living Proof Live this weekend! I’m going in a day early again because the flight tomorrow was too late to trust. I wish so much I didn’t have to hop on here this fast after AJ’s tremendous post yesterday but we better not wait any longer to post Siesta Scholarship giveaway tickets to this weekend’s event. Please go back and read it if you haven’t had the chance. I cannot express to you how proud I am of her and how much I support her decision to pull back for a little while. It really isn’t true that we can have it all – unless our all is Jesus. We are so overwhelmed, aren’t we, sisters? Sometimes we just have to sit back and regroup. It’s a wonderful thing to find a little extra sanity and peace in the middle of the dizzy spin of Planet Earth. God may supply it to us in all sorts of surprising and creative ways but He hears our cries and desires to lighten our heavy load.

Are any of you Siestas heading to Richmond? I am so excited to see what God wants to accomplish. Pray for me as I pray for you! May He Himself sanctify us through and through and be so pleased with our praise and our pursuit! We have 20 available tickets for anybody who wants to go but can’t afford the expense. Call Living Proof Ministries at 1-888-700-1999 and talk to either Kimberly or Susan and they will fix you up.

I really do love you dearly. I’ll catch up with you very soon! No time to edit or proofread so forgive me if this is a mess!


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  1. 101
    Cindee says:

    Back to my future and middle C…thanks for a great weekend.

  2. 102
    Natalie says:

    Everyone who was in RICHMOND TODAY!!!! please help me find this song to buy that Travis sang at the event. It is a version of ‘Just as I Am.’ I come broken to be mended, I come wounded to be healed. I come desperate to be rescued, I come empty to be filled. I come guilty to be pardoned by the blood of Christ the Lamb. And I’m welcomed with open arms, praise God, just as I …am.”

    I cant find this song on Itunes. Anyone have a suggestion?

  3. 103
    Mary Beth says:

    Thank you Beth Moore for such an amazing weekend in Richmond. I felt the holy spirit speaking to me and I cannot wait to get back to middle C!!

  4. 104
    Charlotte Barnes says:

    Thank you Beth, Travis and the entire team for an AMAZING time together in Richmond. You confirmed the word I have been getting on “new beginnings” (3’s a charm right and this was #3!). The entire message was just what I needed to hear. You all really rocked out on sat and I certainly felt the love from each of you and your love for Jesus. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you and many blessings to each of your for sharing the gifts God has blessed each of you with!!!
    Charlotte in Midlothian,VA

  5. 105
    Cheryl says:

    I am so thankful for the Richmond weekend. It was so good and intense like rich dark chocolate. I loved the octaves, the stories, the worship, the women I encountered as a solo ..sweet. I plan to recline with Him tonight as we go over the notes. I want to make sure I hear Him and receive it.
    I also want to thank you for the counselors who were just wonderful.

    I am still awe stuck at hearing 9000 women sing Shout to the Lord without accompaniment (women across all cultures and denominations) – pure high C workshop. You could tangibly feel the Holy Spirit upon us. So if you and Travis had any doubt you wee hitting the right notes – that was your living proof.

    Love you – blessings to you and your family and team

  6. 106
    Karol says:

    Thank you for a wonderful time, in Richmond, VA! It was exactly what I needed! 🙂 God’s timing as always perfect.

    Thank you again!

  7. 107
    jmaisel says:

    Enjoyed the Richmond conference tremendously. The message was perfect. I sometimes can get a bit cynical about the issues in my life and the world around us. I feel like there is no hope for change with the things I face in my marriage and the world is going to hell in a hand basket and I can’t do anything to change that. But then, I am reminded, when i am ready to receive it, that God is in control. My job is to love Him. receive what He has to say to me and to trust him for the rest. I am also gratefully reminded that we have to get back to the Gospel. If every believer would remember the Gospel and be compelled to live it as well as share it we can be part of the movement to save the world, one person at a time. Thank you for your ministry, your energy, you faith and allowing the Lord to use you as an encourager.

  8. 108
    Sharon says:

    What a great weekend!! God was definitely present in the Richmond coliseum! Wow – the Lord sure knew what He was doing when He called you to service, Beth and Travis. Thank you for hearing Him and doing what He so clearly wants to you be doing!!

  9. 109
    Rayma Powers says:

    I remember:
    To everything there is a season,
    a time for every purpose under the sun.
    A time to be born and a time to die;
    a time to plant and a time to pluck up that which is planted;
    a time to kill and a time to heal …
    a time to weep and a time to laugh;
    a time to mourn and a time to dance …
    a time to embrace and a time to refrain from embracing;
    a time to lose and a time to seek;
    a time to rend and a time to sew;
    a time to keep silent and a time to speak;
    a time to love and a time to hate;
    a time for war and a time for peace.

    ecclesiastes 3:1-8

  10. 110
    Rita says:

    Thanks for a wonderful weekend in Richmond!

  11. 111
    Gigi says:

    What a blessing…our God is so loving and faithful to us – He showed up BIG in Richmond, praise His Holy name! Thank you, Beth, for being His messenger! You made us laugh, cry and laugh again. More importantly – you centered our minds and hearts on the One Who matters most. You brought us right back where we need to be…to The Word and The Son of Man. God Bless you, Siesta Mama! (And many thanks to Travis and the fantastic P&W team for carrying us straight to the Throne Room with our voices!) <3

  12. 112
    Barbi says:

    Attended with my mother-in-law and daughter. The music and the message were powerful. It was a great experience! Getting ready to start the “Here and Now~There and Then” study with our women’s Bible study group in September. Looking forward to it!

  13. 113
    Mary Rudolph says:

    I had the priviledge of being at your event in Richmond with my two daughters, my first grandson (5 months), two of my good friends and two of my daughters friends. WOW, what a blessing. We were all touched by your words. I thank God each day that he has annointed you to bring forth his word, for you have truly blessed me through your bible studies and now through your time in Richmond (we are planning a trip to Baltimore Sept. 2011).

    I have also had the blessing of reading you book Feathers in my Nest. I laughed and cried, as your stories of your daughters reminded me so much of my two girls (26 and 19)- different as night and day, but both bring a richness to my life I can’t fully express! I have a son who is 15 as well (another wonderful blessing).

    Thanks for answering God’s call, you are a true inspiration to so many.

    PS – Tell the worship team they were fabulous – A true blessing all the way around!!

  14. 114
    ArmyReserveWife says:

    Beth, You will never know,(until we get to Heaven) what this weekend in Richmond with you and God meant to me.

    He showed me somethings that I truly needed to hear. Thank you for ministering from your heart, but thank thank for being real and not phony!!

    Please pass along to Keith my thanks for allowing you to minister to all of us, while he held down the fort at home!

    Love you always!!

    Alexandria, VA

  15. 115
    Charlene Kramer says:

    THE TRUTH makes a truth (in my case childhood abuse) a TESTIMONY!!! I thought i was healed, but God convicted me of my shame and pride in not sharing my entire testimony. I am FREE!!! I had a great weekend!!!

  16. 116
    Kelly says:

    I was there this weekend and am amazed by you and your praise team. You are a blessing and your book So Long Insecurity has changed my life! I was so moved by the prayer at the end, when I held my mothers hands and looked at her and spoke those words, I was moved to tears and so was she. I am so grateful and blessed by all of your studies and I cant wait to see what’s next. Back to Middle C….May God continue to bless you and yours.
    Peace and love to you,

  17. 117
    Mary Hensel says:

    Just saw you in Richmond and learned so much, but we always do when we come to hear you, five times in the last 6 years. We were in Charleston to hear you and had to leave as soon as we arrived because of a family tragedy. We are a womens group that has been meeting together for 6 years, this trip we invited adult daughters to join us. They enjoyed you and the closeness of our group so much they have asked to join us every week for our study. What a wonderful thing that is, to see the children you have brought up, want to learn with you, more about the God you love. It is an answered prayer, but even better. We are all so blessed to have daughters that respect our faith and see how God has worked in our lives, that they want to be a part of it.

    I wanted to share with you about my bibles, each year I read the bible in full, besides my devotions and bible study. It started when our church years ago, bought hundreds of the ‘Bible in One Year”, bibles. We all did it just as it is planned out. The next year I purchased a chronological bible and read that, then The Message, one year the Koran. NIV, etc. I feel the same way with each new version as you stated, it is like reading it new again. I have my favorite one that I use for my studies and church, but the different one each year gives me that freshness that you spoke about, and I was thrilled to hear I am not the only person that feels that way with a new copy.
    The chronological and the Koran I have kept, but the rest I take to the Homeless Shelter that I run and give to someone that needs one when I am finished. I can’t bear to see them sitting on my shelves.
    Thank you for a wonderful lesson this weekend, and for letting God use you as a teacher.
    Mary Lee

  18. 118
    Cindy says:

    Middle “C” Conference in Richmond,VA filled my Tank to FULL! When you said are you trying to be Jesus to all..I had just returned from caring for elderly parents. I want to be there for parents,young adult children along with a grandson…Jesus told me to take my finger out of the dike and let him put His Hand on them..Tremendous POWER thru your spoken word,,,Preach it

  19. 119
    Tammy says:

    Hi Beth,

    A siesta here. We loved the Richmond LPL. You were so on target! Beautiful message and wonderful worship.Don’t know how you do it all, but thank you.

  20. 120
    Valerie says:

    Went to the Richmond with a group of about 40 from my church. Ready to make a fresh start and get back to my middle C. Thank you for a wonderful wonderful time and for giving of your all. Worship was awesome! Love Travis and the team!!!

  21. 121
    natalia t says:

    Richmond was awesome!! I know you were a little worried about how heady the Friday night session was, but rest assured, after a couple of excedrin, it all sank in. Just kidding. Saturday wrapped it up perfectly.
    I came solo from Baltimore and all the women I talked to at the conference were surprised I took the journey alone. I told them I was there to get my Word. I knew there was a Word for me, and there was. Thank you.
    I was first introduced to Beth Moore in 2005 (my first bible study ever). An awesome southern Maryland church took me under its wing when my husband was deployed to Afghanistan and I was left alone with a one and a half hour commute to work and two small children. The bible studies were my breath and kept me sane every time the phone rang in the middle of the night, or didn’t ring at all. Thank you for that and thank you for Richmond. Until we meet in Baltimore next fall—.
    Keep doing what you do so well, girlfriend.

    Natalia Tyree

    We prayed my husband and all his troops (average age 21) back safely. God is good…

  22. 122
    Kelly says:

    I feel like I had a Jesus IV!!!

    This was my first LPL event and…. oh my head! I thought it was impossible that even God could see me in a crowd of 9500, but he DID and he SPOKE to ME!! Amazing…..

    Beth, thank you for teaching the importance of balance between grace and truth. I am way too far over on the truth side (“The rules are the rules, kids!”), but now I know to reach out to God for “grace upon grace” to balance me out. God is so good! Life is sweet.

    My husband is in the Navy and we are likely moving to Washington, DC next summer. I have been fighting this move for many reasons, praying for God to show us his will because he certainly knows more than the Navy and obviously had a better plan for us than DC. Last week, just a couple days before LPL Richmond, I finally gave in and realized that DC is God’s answer to our plea for his will. And so I resolved that I will go joyfully and willingly.

    And now for the first bonus blessing…. Next fall, I will get to go to LPL again in Baltimore since I will be living in DC!!! Sometimes God just totally cracks me up.

  23. 123
    Nan says:

    I am new to Beth’s blog. Where does the word “siestas” come from? Looks like it applies to “us” girls, but can’t find the connection. Help me here.

  24. 124
    Beth says:

    Dearest Mary, I wish so much that I had the opportunity to answer involved questions like this one but I honestly would never get to the task to which I’m called. I’m also a far cry from a good counselor. Mother to mother, in the shortest version possible, I have practiced much frankness and openness with my adult children as I also let them reciprocate. (We often laugh that all four of us have opinions and none choose to keep theirs private.) I would not ever want to let anything cut me completely out of my beloved child’s life. It would break my heart. My love would have to prove unconditional to them or I could lose something irretrievable. My blessing would be another matter. As to visits, I’d just have to take each opportunity as it came and seek what the Holy Spirit was telling me. This weekend at our conference we talked about the fact that “Grace and truth come through Jesus Christ.” Not one. Not the other. Always both. May God’s leadership be so obvious to you, Sister.

    • 124.1
      Mary says:

      Beth, THANK YOU for taking the time to reply to my plea for guidance concerning my son’s decision to enter into the homosexual lifestyle. I covet your prayers as we will soon be having a frank+loving “conversation” so we can move forward. My plan is to let the Holy Spirit do the talking!
      I leave you with the last lines from a poem by Ruth Graham which are quoted in Stick a Geranium in Your Hat and Be Happy! by Barbara Johnson whose own son entered and then exited the gay lifestyle:

      The prodigal had not returned
      but God was God,
      and there was work to do.

  25. 125
    Kelly Rogers says:

    I just want to let you know that I love you and your ministry. I taught your very first Bible Study here in my small West Texas town when it was first out. That was years ago, and much has changed. But, not our God. Isn’t it nice to know He is the same yesterday, today, and always? Although we have not met, I feel as though we are friends in Christ. You have encouraged me through your writing, and I want you to know I encourage you through prayer. May God bless you and keep you. Much love,

  26. 126
    CK says:

    Beth I so enjoyed this weekend in Richmond. I was so uplifted by the message both you and Travis shared.

    But I had this nagging feeling throughout.

    I, like you, serve the church in a staff position. My husband on the other hand serves the Lord in his vocation as a teacher.

    I was so thankful to see the Pastor’s wife retreat before, but my question is what about the men? What about men like my husband and Keith to support them, when their wives serve? Do you know of any study, book, retreat, etc?

    As we see more and more women serving, I feel like this is an area that we have neglected.

    I would love your thoughts and comments.

  27. 127
    Beth says:

    dearest Beth, I didn’t quite know where to post this so I went to the last post you wrote!
    Please listen to Natalie Grant’s “Back At My Heart”
    It reminded me so much of SLI and things that you have said. Practically had me in tears at work!

  28. 128
    MP says:

    Amanda – beautiful pictures!!
    Throughout our adventures with our children, one thing we have noticed as we look back at our life is how few pictures we have of the four of us. One of us is always holding the camera! How I wish we had figured out ways to get the four of us together where ever we went. It’s surprising how rare it is looking back through time.

    Just a “I wish we would have done that more” – gorgeous pictures, family and place. Thanks for sharing!!

  29. 129
    Tara McCain says:

    Hi Beth – Not sure if you remember me? This is Tara (maiden name Hebert) now McCain…I used to go to your Bible study, volunteered for you, and you helped me when I was starting the ministry “Beauty from Ashes”…I just saw this blog and thought I’d say hello! I am married now with 3 kids and living in the UK…how are you? I see you have some really cute grandkids!

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