Greetings From Jury Duty

Greetings, Dear Siestas!

I’m writing you from the jury assembly room of Harris County in Downtown Houston. I am blessed indeed to have an assistant who told me a few days ago she’d be happy to come pick me up and take me. I hope it goes without saying that I would not have asked her. I am fully capable of coming to jury duty by myself but, for a sanguine, it is a whole lot more fun this way. What’s in it for Michelle? Well, for starters, I think she smelled adventure and, to us, adventure is worth inconvenience. Her job is also considerably less lively if I’m not in the office so here we are and we have already gotten tickled enough to pay for the trip. One of the best parts was that she face-booked that she was at jury duty and someone who didn’t know we worked together told her I had jury duty today, too, and we could hook up.

There are several hundred prospective jurors here and, for the first little while, we amused ourselves by playing like this was a dating service and it was our job to match people. For a long time no one said a word (which made matches particularly challenging since I could not discern their personality-types) but now people are beginning to get to know each other because we’re all so nervous that we’re bonding. The atmosphere became more relaxed once we’d all taken the oath. Hawk felt the need to take the oath with us for fear people would think she was protesting by protecting her right not to make any promises. She, like me, is a rule keeper by nature. But not nearly the rule keeper my darling Amanda is. She saw that we were tweeting from in here and tweeted back with, “Are y’all going to get kicked out for tweeting?” It made me so happy. To be fair, I’m sure she was laughing when she asked because she would have known I would have thought it sounded just like her. I let her know that, as of yet, the bailiff had not told us that tweeting was strictly prohibited in the jury assembly room in the State of Texas and to take our tweeting outside.

I did just learn on the loud speaker that we will indeed get kicked out for smoking within 25 feet of the outside door so I’m definitely going to refrain.

Things have drastically improved since my last visit here. They now have free wifi (aptly called “jurywifi”) which is obviously how I’m corresponding with you. They also have a little snack bar where an unfortunate incident took place a moment ago. I excused myself to go to the ladies’ room for the second time and, on my way in there, smelled coffee. GOOD coffee. Like Starbucks coffee. I thought I was having a sensory hallucination until I came out of the restroom and, lo and behold, there was a little table with three coffee canisters. AND YES, with Starbucks, for the love! I leapt to it like a gazelle, pumped out my coffee with a big smile on my willing face. Then I looked up and saw a cash register. I hadn’t brought my purse because I left it with Hawk. All the sudden I was dumb-fuzzled and didn’t know what to do. I’d already poured it. So I jetted off from it like I’d committed a felony and ran back to the assembly room with guilt all over my face. I think I may have also been having a hot flash. Anyway, as far as I know, my cup is still sitting there all by itself under the Starbucks House Blend thermos. Getting cold. I feel robbed of my rights. Hawk suggested she could give me money to go back and pay for it but I am too shamed.

I have never gotten chosen for a jury before. Perhaps you find that surprising. I certainly want to be a good citizen so I’m willing as long as I can still get to Richmond next weekend. Of course, I’d rather study during my work hours and go to my regular job and, goodness knows I want to be with Melissa and Colin who come on Thursday, but I’m certainly here to do my civil duty if asked. (I’m being silly with you but I really do believe in the jury system and certainly would want a good jury should I need one. Should they find out that I poured coffee I did not pay for.) I will get paid $6 today if I serve then it goes to $40 the second day forward.

So, here I am waiting to see if I get chosen. If this is like the softball team in junior high, I’m in for a long wait. Hawk just told me that today is the 90th anniversary of the 19th Amendment that gave women the right to vote. And ultimately to serve on juries. So this is a great day to wear my big hair proud in this room.

While I’m waiting, have any of you Siestas done jury duty? Anything interesting happen? Any interesting cases? You know, I originally wanted to be a lawyer so I find all of this interesting anyway. So, do tell, Siestas.

PS. Hawk just went to get me some coffee. I’m so happy that I’m going to give her the $6 I make today.

PSS. She just got back with my cup of coffee and, yes, she said my previous cup was still there. Right under the House Blend.She poured me a new one though. It just hit me that my fingerprints are still on the other one.

Here is me writing to you:

And here is me saying what’s really important on this Wednesday: The Lord on high is mighty. He is for us and not against us. And, though He is lofty, He looks upon the humble and contrite heart with favor. Thank You, Lord, for a community where we can be serious and silly and maybe all on the same day.

PSSS. They just released all Bible teachers with big blond hair! Headed back to LPM but keep those jury experiences coming!


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  1. 151
    Beth Todd says:

    I have jury duty next Mon and was not looking forward to it because I have so much to do. Like preparing for the start of our Women’s bible study (we’re studying your Here and Now, There and Then!) But reading your message has inspired me to go and look for some fun activities to engage in! And now at least I know that the coffee is not free! Thanks for sharing!

  2. 152
    strawberryrose says:

    I went to jury selection eight months pregnant with my second child. I explained that my first child was almost a month early and my doctor though this one would be early too. I was picked anyway. However a labor and delivery nurse and another nurse were also selected. I think the lawyers wanted to make sure there wasn’t a baby delivered in the courtroom without help. Every day I would walk in the jury room and someone would say “No baby yet?” My baby was born less than two weeks later.

    Another funny thing was in the secluded jury room. I just fixed myself a cup of coffee when I said sadly, “Oh, we’re out of coffee stirrers.” A minute later, the bailiff knocked on the door with coffee stirrers. I looked at everyone and said, “We’re not bugged, right?” Everyone laughed and said that one of the jurors told the bailiff we needed coffee stirrers. I didn’t notice because I was too busy trying to get the sugar in my coffee to dissolve.

  3. 153
    Pam says:

    Funny story….I had jury duty last spring and had to keep myself from just busting out laughing during the selection process when the attorney for the defendant was interviewing the prospective jury. He asked if anyone felt that they might have a preconceived notion on someone’s guilt before hearing the entire case. An older gentleman eagerly raised his hand and said in his s-l-o-w Southern drawl, “W-e-l-l…., as far as I can tell, if a person has made it this far they MUST be guilty!” Oh my…..the judge immediately called both attorneys to the bench and then promptly dismissed the gentleman from duty! Cracked me up!!

  4. 154
    Michelle says:

    I’ve been called twice for jury duty but got out of it each time. I lived out of state the first time I was called (the notice went to my mom’s house and she told me about it). When my mom called the court house to let them know I didn’t live there any more, the lady jokingly asked if I wanted to buy some property so I could serve).

    The second time I was called, my mom’s boss was one of the prosecutors and I was in the middle of finals at college so I didn’t have to serve.

  5. 155
    Sallie Howell says:

    I have spent the day listening to stories of people’s events for the day. You know… the “hard knocks of another Tuesday”. Anyway, I just sat down to catch up with my cyber friends and read your post. I must admit that your post was the most funny! I think that in the scheme of things most people would get irritated with having to take time out of their “busy” schedules to sit for this. You made the most of a $6 day and still got your favorite coffee to boot. Thanks for the laughter in our regular ol’ Tuesday. BTW, I’ve never been called to the courthouse. Always get the call that the case was thrown out. Maybe one day I’ll get my $6 day and enjoy it as much as you did.

  6. 156
    Andrea says:

    YOU ARE TOO FUNNY!!! Okay my first reaction was, “Oh no she can’t have jury duty! She needs to be in Richmond next week. My whole weekend is planned around the LPL event and Travis’ concert at Colonial Heights Baptist where I attend. Can you tell I’m excited you all are going to be my way 🙂

    My second thought didn’t happen until your last statement when you said that they released all Bible teachers. Well actully I have two thoughts there. One, WOOOHOOO she’ll make it to Richmond! Then the second one wasn’t so funny. They released all Bible teachers from jury duty? It really just gave me something to think about. We all need to pray for our country.

    To end on a light note, I loved the added picture of you writing us 🙂 LOVED IT!!

    • 156.1
      Kyra says:

      When Beth mentioned that all Bible teachers were dismissed the sentence also said with big blond hair. It was just a joke saying she had been dismissed. I think if it were the way you understood it, Beth would have thrown a fit right there in the jury room!

  7. 157
    Esabelle says:

    To my great disappointment I have never been called for jury
    duty. I know that most people want to get out of it but I have always wanted to serve on a jury. I take my civic duty seriously. My son, who happens to be an attorney, tells me that they probably wouldn’t put me on a jury anyway as I used to be a teacher and they usually don’t want teachers. How unfair is that?

    So, Beth, I guess I’m a little envious that you at least got called for duty. I know, I’m a little weird.

  8. 158
    inkiso says:

    I got called to serve on jury duty while our family was home on furlough from Papua New Guinea. It never occured to me…even once that I would be involved in two trials while I was preparing to come home to the States.

    The first trial involved drunk driving leading to an accident and as a jury we all agreed to a guilty verdict.

    The second trial involved drug possession and for several hours we were locked in a 11-1 decision. One lone juror believed that the defendant really didn’t know that there were drugs taped to the back of his televsion set. This always makes me think of the question Jesus asked in Matthew 15:16 (^_^)
    The sad point to this trial was the fact that this juror finally decided to vote guilty with the rest of us when the hour got late enough for his favorite T.V. drama to come on…and he wanted to get home to watch it!

    • 158.1
      sepik-meri katie says:

      where do you live in papua new guinea?!

      • inkiso says:

        Hello sepik-meri katie,

        I lived in Ukarumpa, E.H.P Are you still in PNG?

        • sepik-meri katie says:

          not at the moment! should be back in another 9 months or so 🙂

          • inkiso says:

            Apinun Wantok,
            It’s fun to “meet” another PNG meri. We worked with WBT for 15years…10 in PNG. I was a physical therapist and my husband was princial of the primary school. We loved raising our kids there… our youngsst was born at Ukarumpa. We thought we would live in PNG forever…but God had other plans and brought us to the States in ’94. We started working that year globally with Barnabas International with MK’s and familiy ministry. It’s always very special to get back to PNG. I was there a couple of years ago speaking for the Women of the Harvest retreats. We have an invitation to head back again in March and are working on the logistics now…trying to get time with NTM near Goroka…WBT and visit Vanuatu as well.

  9. 159
    Lisa Maynard says:

    Awww, man!! I have ALWAYS wanted jury duty. I’m the one who faithfully fills out my questionaire the very same day it arrives and puts it right back in the mailbox. After many times, I have only been called one time to show up to the actual courthouse and even then never made it into the jury box for questioning. Oh well, I’ll keep trying.
    Blessings ~ Lisa

    p.s. If anyone has an extra ticket to LPL in Chicago in September, we have a friend who would like to join us but the event is sold out. Contact me 🙂

  10. 160
    Wylie says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever been so tickled by a post. Ever. Totally awesome!!!

  11. 161
    Janet Peek says:

    I too had jury duty for the first time in my 51 years of life. I was a nervous wreck and to find a park,find the correct court room by myself was amazing. I just felt I needed to fast Monday and pray and believe God did not want me there. I was one of the first to be cut from the jury selection for the judge went to my church. God does take care of his own. Happily I left and went to work.

  12. 162

    You know, I am not insecure or anything about this, but I am 41 years old and have NEVER been picked for jury duty. All of my friends have, some of their children have and my husband has been picked numerous times. Maybe I am not worthy of the duty? Again, not insecure AT ALL!!

    Glad you got out of it and are ok for Richmond. I would sob if I thought those beautiful women were going to miss a word from you this weekend 🙂

  13. 163

    Thank you for reminding me that God is for me and never against me! I need that constant reminder! The first time someone tried to witness to me, I told them that I didn’t think there was a God and if there was He obviously hated me and I still fight that feeling that He hates me constantly! I’ve never been chosen for jury duty. My sister got called to go once, but it was a murder case and since the one murdered was her husband’s best friend, they obviously released her.

    • 163.1
      Carole Anne says:

      God has never and will never hate you, Shellie. Please claim this truth and rest securely in it!

      • Oh, Carole Anne, thank you so much! Please pray for me. I’m facing a lot of difficult decisions in exactly how far I want to go in serving Jesus, because my family of origin already hates me, because of my faith in Christ. I know I want to follow Him wholeheartedly, but I get so mad when I back off and start acting just like my family when I’m around them, because I don’t want to make them mad at me.

      • Oh, yeah. And by the way, no one has ever replied to one of my comments before. I was starting to wonder if anybody ever reads them, so thank you very much!

    • 163.2
      rene sandifer says:

      Shellie P.,
      So glad Carole Anne has replied, too. I feel certain that many have read all comments, including yours, and prayed. Not only that, but I am convinced that God Himself has heard your heart and is at work to draw you to Himself.

      I wanted to share a quote from Tozer: “God does not love us because we are hard or easy to love. He loves us because He is God.”.

      Now that is something we ALL cling to, dear sister!! God IS love…not just something He does. I, too, have to say this outloud and accept it by faith, and ask the Holy Spirit to soak it into my soul. This is my prayer for you, too.

      May you be a light to your family a joy to the Lord wherever He takes you. : )

  14. 164
    Jennifer Jensen says:

    What a fun day! Coffee, matchmaking, and blogging! In California,we just played Scrabble without any ‘a’ tiles…definitely an intellectual and etymological challenge and there was (sadly) no coffee on site.

    I have been on Jury Duty 2x…once in Illinois and once in California…Illinois I was on a murder trial, for a week, and we found him guilty. In California, you go for 10 days, waiting until you get selected, or entertaining yourself (see above) Ugh! That was a LONG 2 weeks.

    Anyway, unfortunately I waited until today (saving up, you know) to buy tickets for your event in Illinois – and to my chagrin found it Sold Out – Awesome for those who are attending & you, not so good for the procrastinators/slackers like myself…I will spend the day praying for a blessed event in Rosemont.

    The good news is that I found this blog, and now I have a way to be productively procrastinating the next time you are on your way to town…Thank you for all the work you do to teach God’s Word, and for making the concepts of freedom accessible to those of us who are starting our journey of faith.

  15. 165
    Sheila says:

    Brava! I am so proud of your willingness to serve as a juror. My husband is a devoted Christian judge. He has a passion for God and the American jury system. My only sadness is that they did not choose you to be on the jury. They missed out on a wonderful juror. But, we know that God is sovereign. Your mission was to be there today to observe the system and bless those around you. You served God in that. Thank you for all that you do in your ministry! We are praying for you in New Mexico and gearing up for a new fall study.

  16. 166
    Kathy B says:

    Aw man. I guess I’m just self-serving enough to be bummed to find four pages of completely darling siestas have responded in front of me. Lord forgive me.

    But boy, can I sink my teeth into this one. I’m grinning just thinking about it. I just completed grand jury duty for our county just northeast of Nashville. Since you just heard the whole speal today, Beth, you know that jury serves for three months instead of the standard one month.

    Twenty-four hours before being called to that, our Bible study group wrapped up the Patriarchs study. Beth, you had just taught the lesson on Joseph and how God calls some of us to places of public influence–as I live and breath. It was a profound moment for me. And just so I didn’t miss the fact that the Lord was up to something I was Juror #1 called to the very first seat of the grand jury.

    For those of you that, like me, have heard of a grand jury but don’t really know what that means, they hear all criminal cases for that county and decide whether or not they should proceed onto criminal court. Felt like a huge responsibility. And yes, we heard several murder cases. Whew! I could tell you about them, but then I’d have to… well, you know.

    Honestely, the most interesting case could have passed for the Hatfields and the McCoys. It was that twisted. And yes, I’m still a little afraid they’ll find out I was involved so, nope, no details 🙂

    Rats, my bunch is in the car waiting for me. We’re having Mexican. Like all good Baptists on Wed night!

    Love You. Thanks for making me smile!

  17. 167
    Rhonda in Michigan says:

    I think that Hawk has the best job! Looking forward to the simulcast on September 18!

    Blessings everybody!

  18. 168
    Amy Beth says:

    I was recently called for jury duty but got out of it without even showing up, THANK YOU LORD.

    Of course, I’m currently sitting in a grad class called “Research Methods in Education” which pretty much feels like jury duty…

    P.S. – Oh yes, I’m commenting whilst in class, but I’m actually looking at the prof and smiling as I do this so that he thinks I’m listening and not commenting on a blog.

    P.P.S. – He just told us that he is not a “pansy professor” and therefore will be grading our papers in red ink… “not blue ink, like pansy professors would grade.” I could not make this up if I tried.

    P.P.P.S. – I have these little girls I take care of (they live with their single dads) and I had to bring them with me because how else am I going to go to school at night? They are playing Candyland outside the classroom door where I’m watching them like a hawk through the window in the door. I wish you could have seen them coming into “school” with me tonight — I put snacks and games in their backpacks and they followed me in like little ducklings.

    P.P.P.P.S. – They are two, four and seven years old. I am in over my head and I hope I never get out.

    • 168.1
      Leanne Eldridge says:

      I remember my Research Methods and Evaluation for my counseling program…I feel ya girl. You will survive. If you are braving that with 3 little ones in tow you are serious about your education. Hang in there!

    • 168.2

      Amy Beth,
      You crack me up. Proud of you for being a mama duck. Love it.

  19. 169

    Hey there Seista Mama
    Your post made me laugh I am glad that we can be serious and have fun here as well I just wanted to comment I saw it on twitter and on the blog and you crack me up you are to funny. I loved your last sentence about all big blonde hair bible teachers were excused. I have never served on jury duty just wanted to let you know I love you and you are awesome tell Hawk I said hi.
    Love you all

  20. 170
    Lori says:

    Oh gracious, once again you’ve totally cracked me up. I simply adore your sense of humor and highly appreciate your superb grammar skills. It’s a lost art, really. Which makes me sad. But I digress.


    I’ve been called to serve on jury duty a couple of times…but was unable to serve because I was either fresh home from the hospital with a newborn or a newly adopted girly from China.

    Oh and now I really need a Starbucks. Thanks.

  21. 171
    Brenda Rota says:

    I too had jury duty this week! I brought my Esther study and was hoping to get several weeks done – trying to get a jump start for this Fall’s study. I managed to get a few weeks done before they dismissed us. No one wanted to go to a jury trial. No worries, though, the Word of God was open in a public facility in the liberal state of Maryland

  22. 172
    Carolyn says:

    I once was picked as a potential juror for a murder trial and when the DA questioned me, he asked if there was a Mr. —–? Since I am single, I responded with “No, no one but my daddy” and he then said that he was excusing me. I assumed that he didn’t like my answer, but later that week (then we had to stay around all week in case they needed to call another jury) – the DA came up to me an apologized for dismissing me fom the jury – he said that he thought he recognized me – that he thought he had prosecuted me before. Now I know there is a criminal running around out there who looks like me – who knew?

    • 172.1
      Deirdre says:

      oh my! That is too funny. I found out that there is somebody on some FBI watch list that has my name….I get stopped at EVERY airport check point. anytime I have to give my name they run extra checks on me. I finally got someone to tell me what was going on.

      would you believe it, there is some national security threat out there using my name! how rude!

  23. 173
    heather says:

    You are so hilarious! I love it 🙂 Never have been called for jury duty so no stories here. But absolutely loved hearing about yours. Thank you for loving Jesus so much!

  24. 174
    G says:

    Loved your post Beth

    As a mom of a young daughter who was a victim, I thank the Lord for a thoughtful jury.

    I have a whole new attitude about serving on a jury if called now as well!

  25. 175
    Leigh says:

    Wow! I have jury duty this week and am on an actual jury in a civil case. We deliberate tomorrow. Pray for wisdom in our deliberation and decision. The experience has been eye-opening and time consuming. I was all gung-ho about it but the gravity of the situation hit home today. A group of 12 has to make a decision that will dramatically impact multiple people. Oh, the pressure.

  26. 176

    Love it! Was picked once…wanted to scream…I KNOW that is what was said but can’t you see their poor faces…to sensitive!!! and spared another from a case concerning a XXX place on our small town…thank you Jesus…but would have stood strong had I been forced to….

  27. 177
    Deirdre says:

    oh dear heart, you crack me up! Yes, I have served on a jury. It was memorable more for the people I served with than the case we worked on. After a week of deliberations and finally coming to an equitable resolution, we all decided that it was just plain silly to send us home just when we were getting the hang of things. We wanted to take at least one more case, but they wouldn’t let us.

    The folks at my job think I am silly because I get all excited when I get a jury duty card. I was actually upset this last time when i got a card for jury duty that was gonna happen right during my recovery from surgery! I felt so guilty for begging off. You should have seen the letter I sent in to request a deferment. the clerk probably laughed her head off.

    and you have access to a Starbucks while on jury duty? wow. I am impressed.


  28. 178
    Kristen says:

    I’m so glad you were released because I’m coming to see you in Richmond next weekend with two of my best friends and my mom. I bought the tickets months ago when we still lived in Okinawa, but knew we were moving to Virginia this summer. I can’t wait. I have done many of your studies but have never seen you in person. And to top it off it is my birthday weekend. I’m so excited!

  29. 179
    Rosalie says:

    I had always been dismissed until 3 years ago when I was chosen for an arson and attempted murder case. The deliberation was so intense that the bailiff had to take us outside to “cool off” and since it was July in Ohio that tells you how hot it was inside the deliberation room. I’m normally a quiet person but I ended up telling the jury spokesman to shut up. Not one of my finest moments. ANd oh yes—the guy was guilty.

  30. 180
    Yanna says:

    Beth, I just copied and paste this from a reply during the Ruth study I wrote…Not too long ago I received a jury summons in the mail. I was able to go online and select the dates I did not want to serve (my birthday, every other Monday etc) then I received the dates to appear at court. To my dismay I was asked to come and be prepared to stay a week or more. I thought; I had random enough “don’t want to serve dates”, as well as an early reply I would get a small claims court for a day. No such luck. The computer trial picker outter responded I should be prepared for at least a week. Over two months later I get to the local courthouse, and am in line to sign in. A gentleman comes up in line behind me (over 300 there) and I knew him from church. I said oh you were summoned too? He replied, did you not know it is my wife’s trial. I was shocked. I told him to go tell her she will know God is in this place (we went to church together). He said they already knew I was coming. Then left. I am seated as #4 juror right behind my friend the accused. I had my Bible and kept pointing to it so she would know I was praying. I could not believe I was there. I would have thought I would be dismissed if anyone knew I was on the summons list. In my head all I heard was “Pray” “You are just here to pray”. My mind was going a mile a minute, the only people there I knew were the accused and her husband, and the circumstances. So I am asking God why me, I felt sooo like Moses. There are other people at our church more worthy and better prayers. Why me? “Just pray” so I prayed. I prayed for everyone in that room over and over and over. Then the questions started and I raised my hand every chance I got I wanted out of there! I did not want to cause a mistrial. God just kept saying “You are here to pray just pray” more ??? “you are here to pray just pray”. The judge calls a lunch break I’m thinking surely I will be dismissed. Nope. So at lunch break I avoided everyone. I prayed and prayed, couldn’t eat a bite. Finally at 3pm I was the only potential juror dismissed. I prayed from 8am-3pm most I’ve ever spent praying when I didn’t really want to! ha ha Long story shortened I returned for the next week and 1/2 in the audience along with many many church members and we prayed like never before. Of course my friend was found not guilty and I knew it all along. Later I found out the defense lawyer was given a potential juror list of names and they knew I was on it long before I ever received the jury summons in the mail, they knew why I was there. To just pray. Still amazes me. I learned a very important lesson, never question God when He keeps repeating Himself and He is so very patient. I think He said just pray from 8am-3pm that day! I am truly sorry Lord, I won’t do that again, if You are speaking/shouting I will obey. 🙂

  31. 181
    Barbara says:

    Really cool blog, have a great day, and I will be back to visit again,

  32. 182
    Yanna says:

    A footnote, Beth, my friend who was on trial was studying your series A Woman’s Heart God’s Dwelling place. She brought the workbook with her and was on week 8 before she had to stop attending the dvd study with a local church. So she completed the rest of the lessons as she was waiting for the verdict all week. It was amazing watching her study in the hallway (she wanted our support, but asked to be left alone so she could finish her Bible study). Once she finished the last page the verdict came in, later my friend said she knew there would not be a verdict until she finished the workbook portion of the study. The peace that was with my friend because she was in an in-depth study and that it was one of yours (I did not know that at the time) really made an impression on me. Since then we formed a small study group and were able to study A Woman’s Heart together and my friend was able to hear the rest of the dvd’s she missed during the trial. This was a God moment, in time. I am still in awe at His hand in all of it. While our group was studying this series, a traveling replica of the Tabernacle was in town and we were all able to go to it, my friend included. It was so moving to see a replica and be able to walk through it considering how much the study meant to all of us because of the trial.

    • 182.1
      G says:

      Yanna–this is such an awesome story of God’s hand in everything! Thanks for taking the time to share it.

  33. 183
    Billsgirl says:

    LOL! I’d have done the same thing with the coffee. I was called for jury duty a few years ago. Then the Friday before I was to report, they called and said all the cases had been resolved for Monday and I would be marked down as having fulfilled my obligation. Haven’t been called since.

  34. 184
    Robin says:

    I love the matchmaking thing!!! I would so get into that! Next time I’m people watching I’ll have to remember that one. How fun!

  35. 185
    Siesta Stephanie says:

    You are so funny… great to have humor if you have to go jury duty.

  36. 186
    mbpastorwife says:

    As an Official Court Reporter in the State of Alabama, I can tell you attorneys NEVER want professed born-again Christians serving on juries, civil or criminal. If we had Starbuck’s coffee in Alabama courthouses, I would be much more devoted to my job, at least I would stay awake.

  37. 187
    Linda Matsko says:

    I was on a jury once, years ago, the lady next to me in the jury box fell asleep DURING the trial,and began snoring.

  38. 188
    elaine says:

    I had criminal jury duty a couple years ago and was actually chosen for a jury. Criminal jury duty in New Orleans is a scary thing because we do have some pretty serious crimes in this city. The charge against the woman was solicitation to perform a crime against nature. The only witnesses to testify were going to be the two undercover police officers. She was probably late 40’s, early 50’s, sitting there, terrified and trembling.

    In this country you are innocent until proven guilty. By her plea of not guilty, we were to believe in her innocence unless the witnesses could convince us differently.

    I was so distraught for her. We had a lunch break before the actual trial started. I went in the bathroom, knelt down and prayed that if she was in fact innocent, the jury would know, and if she was guilty, that we would know that as well and not be conflicted in making the decision. It was on that bathroom floor that I realized that the only way God can be on the jury is if his children are chosen and have the Holy Spirit to guide us as we serve on the jury. Most people do not want to be chosen – so if any of the siestas find themselves in this position, remember, God can use you in this way as his voice. It changed my perspective for sure.

    When we went back to the courtroom, we were dismissed. She changed her plea. I prayed for her for a very long time. I pray that God found her in prison and the fear I saw in her eyes no longer resides there.

    Only through Christ can we be truly free and at peace.

    • 188.1
      Jill says:

      I am so naive, I had to look up crime against nature. And when I did- whoo boy!

      Elaine, your testimony is one of the kindest, most gracious things I have read. It really moved me. Your compassion for that poor, broken woman moved me deep within my spirit. Thank you.

  39. 189
    Jani says:

    Jani – Agate, CO
    Love it Beth, thanks for sharing with us! The first time I was called to come in I was 9 mos. pregnant with our daughter. I thought for sure they wouldn’t pick me in my condition, but they did. I’m afraid it was a miserable 2 weeks for me in hard chairs and bugging the bailiff for a restroom break or water. The case was boring over real estate and we had to decide how much money each person involved should receive. I think it would have been more exciting if I had been more comfortable but our daughter was 2 weeks late and big (9 lbs). What was extreme was one of the attorneys showing up on our doorstep the night before our daughters birth (I was in a bathrobe in light labor) demanding to know why I agreed to some amount for a piece of property. Needless to say my husband explained the situation and quickly dismissed him off of our doorstep. I’ve been summoned multiple times over the years and eager to serve again, but the 800 number always dismisses me from coming in the night before.

  40. 190
    Sarah says:

    I just got excused today from jury duty. They selected me and I got to sit on a DWI trial!! I even was chosen by my peers to deliver the verdict!!! I loved it.

  41. 191
    Dawn says:

    You crack me up, Siesta! Coffee cup cheers!

  42. 192
    Mandi says:

    I usually don’t comment but I had to chime in 🙂 I work at a court, and not only do we not provide free wifi (although that would be awesome!) we don’t allow any electronic devices in the courthouse. Too bad I live so far away, I bet it would be fun to work at your court!

  43. 193
    Cathy S. says:

    The only time I got picked for a jury was the time I begged them not to pick me. Our godson’s mom had died in a sudden and unexpected death and I not only wanted to be able to attend the funeral, but I knew I would not be able to properly concentrate on the trial. They chose me anyway even though I had explained the circumstances. The day of the funeral, I reported to the courthouse, but wrote a note to the judge reminding him of my earlier request and asking if there was anyway I could be excused to go to the services. A baliff delivered it to him. We filed back into the courtroom to hear that that dear judge closed the case down for the afternoon so I could go to the services. I will never forget his kindness.

  44. 194
    "Miss" Clair says:


  45. 195
    casey says:

    Wish I had focus to read all the other entries, but I’ll just briefly share mine. After finding one of two defendants not guilty, I will NEVER forget the (young female)defendant’s elderly grandmother’s reaction, as she buried her face in grandfather’s arms with the most raw, pure, broken, grateful heart I’ve ever witnessed. I was already in tears as grandfather mouthed a “thank you” to the jury box. Wanted to go and shake that young girl, tell her to move from ATL back home to her grandparents, and get away from her new “friends”. Still makes me bawl.

  46. 196
    KK says:

    I’m in the Richmond area for some job/life journey training. Your Voices of the Faithful book is all over the training place here and when I saw it today, I thought I’d get on here and see what was happening. 🙂

    Glad you escaped from jury duty! Wish I was able to come hear you tell of our great Father next weekend! Have a great trip Beth!

  47. 197
    marylee says:

    Hi there Beth,
    I was called for jury duty once and was in college and told them I would fail if I missed the very intense courses I was enrolled in so they let me out. Lucky me!
    You sound like your making it fun, which is just like you, bless your heart! I have to tell you I watched Part 3 of the Life today taping of The Healing Heart – that was so powerful! The presence of Jesus was so strong while I was watching I felt like He was sitting in the chair right next to me!
    I am not kidding! Thank you, thank you!

  48. 198
    Carole Anne says:

    You were going for lawyer, Beth? So was I. My funny story relates to that. When my absolutely wonderful Grandmother heard the career path I’d chosen, she was terribly upset because – in her world at that time – “oh my…lawyers can’t go to heaven, sweetheart.” Of course I knew better, but, bless her, she was worried sick about my eternal future. I couldn’t stand seeing her hurt like that, so I switched majors. Could’ve been Divine Intervention…

  49. 199
    Zina Rhone says:

    Beth your honest delivery of simple truth has been my saving grace and helped my maintain the last little teaspoon of sense I have left. May God continue to pour into you that you be full and it spills out on us all!

  50. 200
    Anne says:

    Criminal defense attorneys aren’t jumping up and down to have a Bible teacher on the jury? Imagine that!

    I’ve never been summoned, but my mother served on a journey a few years back. A young lady who had been in a car accident was suing the widow of the man who hit her. There was plenty of evidence to indicate that she was making her injuries out to be worse than they really were, and that she was basically trying to take the widow for all she was worth. The jury decided that if they ruled in favor of the widow, then the plaintiff would just appeal, so they ruled in favor of the dubious plaintiff and gave her a whopping $300. Not too hard for the widow to pay, and the plaintiff could never sue her again. Hilarious!

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