Greetings From Jury Duty

Greetings, Dear Siestas!

I’m writing you from the jury assembly room of Harris County in Downtown Houston. I am blessed indeed to have an assistant who told me a few days ago she’d be happy to come pick me up and take me. I hope it goes without saying that I would not have asked her. I am fully capable of coming to jury duty by myself but, for a sanguine, it is a whole lot more fun this way. What’s in it for Michelle? Well, for starters, I think she smelled adventure and, to us, adventure is worth inconvenience. Her job is also considerably less lively if I’m not in the office so here we are and we have already gotten tickled enough to pay for the trip. One of the best parts was that she face-booked that she was at jury duty and someone who didn’t know we worked together told her I had jury duty today, too, and we could hook up.

There are several hundred prospective jurors here and, for the first little while, we amused ourselves by playing like this was a dating service and it was our job to match people. For a long time no one said a word (which made matches particularly challenging since I could not discern their personality-types) but now people are beginning to get to know each other because we’re all so nervous that we’re bonding. The atmosphere became more relaxed once we’d all taken the oath. Hawk felt the need to take the oath with us for fear people would think she was protesting by protecting her right not to make any promises. She, like me, is a rule keeper by nature. But not nearly the rule keeper my darling Amanda is. She saw that we were tweeting from in here and tweeted back with, “Are y’all going to get kicked out for tweeting?” It made me so happy. To be fair, I’m sure she was laughing when she asked because she would have known I would have thought it sounded just like her. I let her know that, as of yet, the bailiff had not told us that tweeting was strictly prohibited in the jury assembly room in the State of Texas and to take our tweeting outside.

I did just learn on the loud speaker that we will indeed get kicked out for smoking within 25 feet of the outside door so I’m definitely going to refrain.

Things have drastically improved since my last visit here. They now have free wifi (aptly called “jurywifi”) which is obviously how I’m corresponding with you. They also have a little snack bar where an unfortunate incident took place a moment ago. I excused myself to go to the ladies’ room for the second time and, on my way in there, smelled coffee. GOOD coffee. Like Starbucks coffee. I thought I was having a sensory hallucination until I came out of the restroom and, lo and behold, there was a little table with three coffee canisters. AND YES, with Starbucks, for the love! I leapt to it like a gazelle, pumped out my coffee with a big smile on my willing face. Then I looked up and saw a cash register. I hadn’t brought my purse because I left it with Hawk. All the sudden I was dumb-fuzzled and didn’t know what to do. I’d already poured it. So I jetted off from it like I’d committed a felony and ran back to the assembly room with guilt all over my face. I think I may have also been having a hot flash. Anyway, as far as I know, my cup is still sitting there all by itself under the Starbucks House Blend thermos. Getting cold. I feel robbed of my rights. Hawk suggested she could give me money to go back and pay for it but I am too shamed.

I have never gotten chosen for a jury before. Perhaps you find that surprising. I certainly want to be a good citizen so I’m willing as long as I can still get to Richmond next weekend. Of course, I’d rather study during my work hours and go to my regular job and, goodness knows I want to be with Melissa and Colin who come on Thursday, but I’m certainly here to do my civil duty if asked. (I’m being silly with you but I really do believe in the jury system and certainly would want a good jury should I need one. Should they find out that I poured coffee I did not pay for.) I will get paid $6 today if I serve then it goes to $40 the second day forward.

So, here I am waiting to see if I get chosen. If this is like the softball team in junior high, I’m in for a long wait. Hawk just told me that today is the 90th anniversary of the 19th Amendment that gave women the right to vote. And ultimately to serve on juries. So this is a great day to wear my big hair proud in this room.

While I’m waiting, have any of you Siestas done jury duty? Anything interesting happen? Any interesting cases? You know, I originally wanted to be a lawyer so I find all of this interesting anyway. So, do tell, Siestas.

PS. Hawk just went to get me some coffee. I’m so happy that I’m going to give her the $6 I make today.

PSS. She just got back with my cup of coffee and, yes, she said my previous cup was still there. Right under the House Blend.She poured me a new one though. It just hit me that my fingerprints are still on the other one.

Here is me writing to you:

And here is me saying what’s really important on this Wednesday: The Lord on high is mighty. He is for us and not against us. And, though He is lofty, He looks upon the humble and contrite heart with favor. Thank You, Lord, for a community where we can be serious and silly and maybe all on the same day.

PSSS. They just released all Bible teachers with big blond hair! Headed back to LPM but keep those jury experiences coming!


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  1. 51
    Lauren says:

    Oh, Beth, you crack me up!!!! Iโ€™ve only had to go to jury duty once and of course I sat there to the bitter end to find out I wasnโ€™t picked!!!! BUT I did get out of work that day, so not all was lost!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. 52
    Kate says:

    The last time I had to report, we were living in New York City. My five children were 11 and under and I didn’t have a nanny or family who could help with child care. I went downtown to the courthouse and waited my turn to ask to be excused, before being ushered to a desk where sat a native Brooklynite. I told her my story and expected her response to be the usual gasp in a city where most families had 1 or 2 children. Instead she looked at me with a glint in her eye and said, “Oh my Gawd! Don’t you want the break? You could sit and read a book for three days!”
    That alone was worth the trip downtown.
    PS My son tweeted to you on my August 6 birthday and you graciously responded with bday wishes and encouragement. It made BOTH of our days. Thanks.

  3. 53
    Linda Steinacher says:

    I have not served on a jury, but have been called to jury duty several times. Glad you are there — and having fun at the same time.

    I must say that I just got finished reading “To Kill A Mockingbird” last night. I hadn’t read it since High School. Your note made me think of the book. So glad we ladies can serve and be a part of the justice system.

  4. 54
    Michelle says:

    I laughed out loud at this post! I am not too surprised that you can tweet, but taking pictures?? That surprises me! Anyway, sounds like you are both having fun. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing you in Lexington!

  5. 55
    FloridaLizzie says:

    Enjoying this post. People never can believe my story. I was called for jury duty when my son was 5 and I was homeschooling. I got my day postponed till June since I had no substitute and my son would be considered truant. When I was called into the box, I knew the defendant looked as guilty as sin. He’d been accused of injecting a police officer with a hypodermic needle containing who knows what when the police entered his home on a drug bust. I was amazed that the judge read our names, addresses, marital status, and number and ages of children before this fellow, who looked like he might come after us after he got out. But then the judge read how many traffic and parking tickets we had. I have never had any tickets, and the attorney went down the row with this information, and stopped at me. He asked if I really had never had a speeding ticket, parking ticket, anything, and I said, “No sir.” So he asked the woman in the box next to me, “Do you think SHE could understand how it feels to be accused of a crime? Don’t you think she must feel TOO self-righteous to relate to this defendant?” She agreed with his line of questions, that I would be too self-righteous to relate to a person accused of a crime. I was not asked about that, as I know I have sinned many times in my life, including while driving, and God is my righteousness. But after the alleged criminal knew my name, address, number and ages of children and so forth, I really had no desire to be picked for that jury. And I wasn’t. It was surreal.

  6. 56
    Erin says:

    I was on call for a week but only had to show up at the courthouse for one day. It was an interesting experience–no cell phones, no laptops, a video about the privileges of being on a jury straight from 1985 (this was in 2006), and soaps on TV. Fun fun! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. 57
    Sandy Corbin says:

    you are too funny for color TV or jury duty!!! I’ve been chosen for jury duty only once and it was enough to make this redhaired southern gal madder than a stirred up hornet’s nest! The whole case revolved around where a tenant in an exclusive high rise here in Houston, could park his fancy car. He, of course wanted to park not in the garage but right out front. So he was suing! Can you believe it?!! Total waste of a whole day that I could have been shopping if they would have released me early because I didn’t get picked. That was my plan. But, nooooo!!!! I had to listen to a whole day of “I’m a tenant,I can park my car wherever.”
    Of course we, the jury did not allow that. Juries have power!

  8. 58
    Kristin says:

    Howdy Beth!
    Loving that your big hair has jury duty! My unfortunate little hair will be in Richmond next weekend with you! Thank you for coming!

    My sweet hubby Donald but us both tickets because I didn’t want to attend with my one month old –Karis Elizabeth — without help. So it will be a family event for us! We’re praying for you and I can hardly wait!!

    Big love,
    Don’t forget, you’ve already been chosen!

  9. 59
    Sarah says:

    This made me laugh! Yes, I have been selected for Jury duty but never actually chosen to sit on one. I find it would be very interesting.

    I am so happy to hear that you left the coffee. That is so like me…I need another run thru SLI. Why can’t we just say, I ran to the restroom and didn’t bring my purse. I will be right back with my 2 dollars? ๐Ÿ™‚

    Peace and Blessings to all!

  10. 60

    I was selected as a jurer for a case that lasted TWO WEEKS…the worst part was that I was an alternate…I had to listen to everything but when deliberations came –I couldn’t say ANYTHING! I nearly burst open. ( I tend to have an opinion about most everything so not sharing it was hard!) Luckily, after the first day of deliberations, one of the original 12 got ill and I finally got to ‘speak my mind’ and everyone had to listen!..(that was fun)…

    As an ER nurse, I was subpoenaed seveal times but only had to testify once…it was a wrongful death case…after it was over, the lawyers asked me if I would consider being an expert witness in another case…I met with them but thought they were jerks, so I didn’t do it…I did however do some chart reviews for another lawyer…that was fun too..

    Pat from Kansas

  11. 61
    Gina says:

    So fun! I was definitely entertained this AM during…”boring” teacher meetings. Yahoo for Twitter!

  12. 62
    Dana says:

    You are hilarious! I am a Paralegal…don’t ask how instead of working in a law firm I am a secretary at First Baptist of Clarksville, TN! I always wanted to serve on a jury and have once. I wanted to serve on a murder trial or something really exciting, but the trial I served on the jury was about a man who allegedly attacked someone in a courtroom. He was found guilty. It was very interesting, and I have been in several courtrooms through the years as a Paralegal…absolutely loved it. Worked mostly for Christian attorneys and they referenced Bible verses while in court. I wish I had some Starbucks right about now!

  13. 63
    Shawn says:

    I needed what you wrote at the end, today!

  14. 64
    Pam says:

    i was chosen for jury duty once, and actually got chosen to serve as an “alternate juror”…don’t let the name fool you. it is NOT glamorous! i got to sit and listen to all the evidence against the defendant, and to his defense, along with other jurors….which by the way i felt he was as guilty as could be, but then, as an alternate juror, NO ONE ASKS YOU! ๐Ÿ™‚ after all was said in the court room, they removed me to a very small room, for over five hours! i sat there alone, with no phone, no internet, no tv, no books, no newspaper….no COFFEE, yikes! only to get called back into the court room and be told by the judge that he appreciated our service, but there was a hung jury! we were free to go. of course, after FIVE hours in a room, alone, no larger than a small bathroom, i wanted to hang a jury!! haha i felt he was guilty, guilty, guilty….but they didn’t ask me.

    after that, whenever i’ve been called for jury duty, i start praying the instant the notice comes ‘please Lord, let me NOT be called as an alternate juror!’ if i’m gonna serve, i at least want my say! ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. 65
    rene sandifer says:

    At the risk of sounding gullible, did they REALLY say “All bible teachers with big bleached blond hair are hereby released.”?!!
    …and don’t they know the difference between ‘bleached” and “colored/hi-lighted”?!!
    haha…yes, an adventure, grin.

    *truth be told, I have to work at being less gullible and not an uptight rule-follower.

    • 65.1
      Kathy B says:

      Great gravatar! Love it. Don’t you think the judge would be distracted by glorious hi-lights?

      • rene sandifer says:

        Thanks, Kath!!!My sweet hubby carrying me down a rocky slide when Icouldn’t do it in my heels …and yes, glorious hi-lights can be awfully dazzling!!

  16. 66
    Janice says:

    Yes I had the privilege of jury duty. What was funny is that I had just seen “12 Angry Men” a few weeks before! Anyway, after we heard both sides and we met to make a decision, everyone but one person was saying the young man was guilty. We discussed and deliberated. We ended up having to come back the next day! At the end of our time together the next day we all decided he was not guilty…just like the movie! I also remember at one point there was a huge and I mean HUGE roach on one of the women’s shoulder!!! It was scary.

    All craziness aside I did feel it an honor to serve my country in that way. It made me more thankful for the country God put me in.

  17. 67
    Cindy says:

    Oh Beth…thank you for this post. He is FOR us!!

    Yes. Many years ago I was selected for a jury and because of my business facilitation experience (and just plain controlling nature), I pushed to be foreperson. It was a humbling experience to say the least. The rule keeper (me) heard that we have to determine on two counts against the accused. No one else on the jury heard that and I caved. We went back in and the judge chewed us out because we didn’t follow the instructions. The defendent looked at us and I felt so bad that his case was in our hands and that I hadn’t kept arguing for the truth. I didn’t believe myself when I was the only one who heard it. We got it sorted out and I learned a BIG lesson.

    So I pray that by the grace of God alone I will serve in a much more graceful and loving and confident way the next time I’m called and do that the Lord leads me to do…not be swayed by man… Love you!!

  18. 68

    I’ve been called to jury duty several times, only to sit in the jury room until we were released for the day. Except for one time when I did make it to the courtroom. They called us by number to go sit in the jury box so the attorneys could question us to see if they wanted to accept us or not. My number didn’t get called so I got to sit in the courtroom and watch everyone else answer the questions – which was infinitely more interesting than sitting in the jury room!

    What was really funny was the guy who was questioned but couldn’t hear well. He kept asking the attorneys and the judge to repeat themselves. He said he had an ear infection and I wouldn’t want to accuse him of hamming it up just to get out of serving. So whether the infection was real or not, it worked because about the 4th or 5th time he said “huh?” to the attorneys they excused him. Of course, the guy sitting next to him had to punch him and tell him he was being excused!!

    It was hilarious!!

  19. 69
    Dsmiddy says:

    I actually led someone to Christ on jury duty because I was reading a Guidepost magazine. We neither one got “picked” on the same day. I had been praying that I wanted to not show up in heaven empty- handed and boy does God answer prayer. On the way out of the courthouse, a young man walked up to me and asked if I was the one reading the Guidepost. When I replied yes he said, “will you tell me about Jesus? I don’t know Him.” If you don’t want God to bless you with work, don’t ask for it.
    Over the next few days we were both “let go” on the same days and we went for coffee and talked about Jesus and read scripture. He gave his heart to Jesus and was baptized the next week. I don’t know what ever happened to him but I know I will see him again in heaven.

  20. 70
    Kay Martin says:

    You are just too funny!! I served on a murder trial a number of years ago and it was quite interesting. One young girl turned her back on the rest of us because she wanted a different verdict than the other 11 of us. Eventually she listened to reason. She wanted someone to “pay” even though it was self-defense. I am so glad I don’t have to “pay” for my sins – Christ already did that!!

  21. 71
    Misty says:

    Several years ago, my son was finishing his last week of 1st grade in public school. (We have homeschooled for the last 3 years and are just about to start #4.) I worked part time at the school, but I had learned some time earlier that I was being called in for jury duty. I went and made a new friend…and even learned that my husband’s aunt – who we LOVE – was also called in for duty. My new friend and Aunt Toni and I had a great couple of days as we waited to be called in for jury selection on any case. They all took their turns, my friend was placed on a jury. Aunt Toni was released and I was finally called back for selection myself. As I sat in the huge courtroom, we took turns raising our hands to answer the first few very basic questions, and I began getting very nervous. Then the female judge asked if anyone had reasons as to why they could not be seated on this particular case as it was expected to drag on due to the minute detail that would be presented. I reluctantly raised my hand and spoke directly to the judge as I explained: “I am a stay-at-home mom with a child finishing his last week at public school. My husband is our sole source of income, we have no one to ask to keep our son as our family members and friends all work outside the home.” She asked a couple of other questions and then I was released from jury duty and eventually got to return home. A few years later, I was in charge of the hospitality lounge for our vacation Bible school volunteers and I heard a very familiar, very distinct voice. I couldn’t place it at first, but I KNEW I had heard it somewhere before. Then as I turned around, I saw her – the JUDGE! She was a member of my new church and was a VBS teacher! It was a very funny moment as I told her that several years previous, I had been excused from her courtroom because I had no one to keep my child while I was there. We had a good chuckle…and I am so blessed to know that our court system includes people like her – strong Christians who are willing to give of their time to train up the little ones at VBS!

  22. 72
    Kate Hawk says:

    No jury duty experience for me to share! But I love that you were there sharing it with us :0) Even if the Bailiff was a watchin you he he!
    “The Lord is high and Mighty. He is for us and not against us.” Mama Siesta, I needed to be reminded of this today – Thank you!!!

    May your afternoon back at LPM be refreshing and have Hawk go get you a Venti Mocha Frappucino for your service at the court house?

    Love you Mama Beth!

  23. 73
    Sarah M says:

    I’ve been called twice. Picked once. (I wasn’t worried about feeling insecure if I didn’t get picked at all…I was so nervous!) They then settled that case out of court so I didn’t have to go at all. But I can’t believe you only get $6 for going the first day! We get $15 around these parts!

  24. 74
    Amber says:

    You are too funny! I, too, feel that I should do my civic duty (and keep all the rules… Is Amanda the firstborn?- I can’t remember!) but the only time I’ve ever gotten a letter for jury duty, I was working for an Orthopaedic surgeon who insisted on writing a letter to the judge to inform him of how critical I was to surgery and that I (actually he) was essentially too important to serve!

    Can you imagine?!!?!? I learned a lot working for him… While I struggle with feelings of inferiority, it seems he had the opposite struggles:)

  25. 75
    Church Lady says:

    I have never been called for jury duty. I feel as if I am jinxing myself as I type. I don’t know if my nerves could stand it.

    • 75.1
      Melissa says:

      Yes, Church Lady, you are! Ha! I rattled on all the time about how I had never been called and yeah for me and the last time I did that *the very next day* I got a summons! The letter actually scared me to death because I thought I was in trouble. All I saw was Melissa Campbell, you have been summoned to report to the court house….blah blah…signed by the sheriff!!!

      I was at first called to be part of the 16, but then I whined about having a young one at home and no extended child care options due to a project my hubby was working on. The judge did not let me off, but I was the 2nd one to go by the attorneys!


  26. 76
    Jennie says:

    I must say, this post made my afternoon. How funny. I think the funniest part is you and the coffee ordeal. Here you are potentially serving in jury duty to decide if someone is guilty or not and coffee is sitting out there with your “finger prints” on it getting cold. Now leaving starbucks coffee to get cold should be the crime.

    Anyhow, I have never been called for jury duty. However, if I am I hope they have starbucks waiting for me too!

  27. 77
    Royana (aka - Isaac's Mom) says:

    Oh my gosh!!! This is too funny. I have only been called to jury duty once. With a last name of Thomas, they had filled all of jury positions before they ever go to me. I was very sad because I live in the Dallas area and just to get to the court house is an ordeal to say the least. Traffic is terrible! So..I had hoped that I would be picked to be on some mysterious case, but, no way.

    My husband on the other hand has been called several times. He is NEVER able to perform his civic duty because he travels outside the country week in and week out. But…they keep sending the notices to him..not me, who by the way could go almost anytime. It’s just messed up.

    I hope your plans can remain intact for your speaking engagements and family visits but if they don’t…please, if and when you can, fill us in on the adventure.

    Have a wonderful day Beth,


  28. 78
    Janet says:

    Beth, Your writings are a hoot and make me happy. I know now that I can have fun and love the Lord. Thanks.

  29. 79
    Danielle says:


    As an attorney, and former public defender, I am proud to know that there are still people out there who value being called to jury duty. It is a privilege and right that so many people forget how truly precious it is. All I hear from my friends and family is how can I get out of jury duty! Thank you for your service to your Country, maybe next time you will be chosen! We need more jurors with compassion, love and insight! I was so blessed to have worked with all sorts of people in the judicial system and to have represented some of the neediest clients in the world. God truly does have a plan for us! It was amazing seeing you in Lexington. Until next time! God Bless!

  30. 80
    Monica says:

    WOW! Y’all have nice jury holding rooms in Texas! We sit in cold metal chairs in Georgia! I had jury duty this past winter in Cobb County, Georgia. It was a two week criminal trial calendar. I was wearing my T-shirt that said, “Guilty until proven innocent!” (Not really – but my husband suggested it was a sure-fire way to be dismissed immediately!) Being the mother of four I was so excited to sit quietly and read the Word of God. I was so into my reading that I didn’t notice my husband (who is an attorney) and the Solicitor General had walked into the jury room. I suppose all of the jurors looked up and stared at them expecting to get our next set of directions and then I heard my husband’s voice, “Have any of y’all seen my wife?” I was so embarrassed. Anyone who had not been looking up previously was at that moment. What do I do now – all these folks are looking at me? Well, since I had their attention, I decided to introduce the whole room to my husband and the Solicitor General and then I began soliciting votes on his behalf. I have no idea what I said but I am pretty sure I ended with, “…and an all around good guy.” His face was as red as mine! They quickly escorted me to the hall. Silver lining? At least the folks in the room had a moment of laughter! We’ll be at Houston’s First September 14th – 18th with our fitness ministry. We are planning to be at class Tuesday night! Can’t wait!

    • 80.1
      Sheila says:

      Haha, Monica. Amanda M. might be interested in borrowing your T-shirt. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Amanda M. says:

        I saw that right after I wrote my comment. hehe. Honestly, after I wrote that I’d probably get the most boring case ever, I was thinking I’d probably really WANT a boring case because I think I’d fall right apart if I had to hear about a murder or something like that. I surely want to do my civic duty, I am just so nervous about it!

  31. 81
    Kimberly says:

    I went to court this morning… for entirely different reasons. I saw all the jury perspectives sitting in a large room. They seemed borderline bored. It seemed, interstingly enough, slightly appealing. The court room I was entering into was for my younger sister… my baby sister. From a flesh perspective, it was family vs. family. I am choosing to believe that battle is much larger than what was seen this morning in court and that in the end and even in the present, God’s glory will be revealed…. not only as the fate of her young boy is determined, but as the spiritual battle for her soul rages on (even though the victory has already been won…) Dear Jesus, May your will be done! May it be done at all levels for all individuals involved!

  32. 82
    carol says:

    I was on a jury a few weeks ago. The lawyer asked if any of us knew the two people on trial and I didn’t – I was selected and proceeded with the week of trial. When it was over I could talk about it and could name names – that’s when I found out that the defendant went to my church! Whoa! Was I glad I thought he was the innocent one!

  33. 83
    maureen says:

    As a Richmonder, I can honestly say, Thank You Jesus. This could’ve messed up 9 months of anticipation!

  34. 84
    Amanda M. says:

    You know what!? RIGHT after – like I am talking ONE day after we moved into our new house right here in the Houston area (we moved 2 months ago to TX from WI), I got a jury duty summons from WI – it had been forwarded from our old address in WI. How about that? I got out of it just by the skin of my teeth! Because I am just like totally sure I would probably have gotten the most BORING case ever. I am hoping to totally keep my non-jury-dutied streak going.
    I am so glad you had so much fun with that! You are so funny!

  35. 85
    carla says:

    ok, please do not judge me harshly but I was called to jury duty once. It was my youngest child’s first day of Kindergarten. We had to pry his little fingers from the car door. I thought I was going to have a stroke, I really got upset but far be it for a good southern lady to let on. I got picked because I was a mom with little ones at home and it was a terrible child abuse case. I threw up in the bathroom. I was so upset but knew God needed me to be there. Needless to say I went home that night and hugged my children. Oh, by the way, my son was immediately ok after I drove away from the school. He still at 21 has me trained.LOL

  36. 86
    January says:

    If it were me and I poured that cup of coffee, I’d have played dumb to see if I could manage to get the cup for free. I bet you could have pulled it off. Not because you look dumb (or have blonde hair), of course, but if there’s a dude at that cash register, half the time they’ll give it to a lady for free. I’ve saved lots of money drinking some mighty fine Starbucks coffee. I think it even tastes better when it’s free. Let me warn you though, it just doesn’t seem to work the same when a lady rings you up! I guess they’re just not as generous. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  37. 87
    Chrystal says:

    HILARIOUS. I have been called to jury duty a couple of times but always had to ask to be called again the next month because of child-care issues…………and then they never did. Yippee!! Although, I would really like to fulfill my civil duty as well. I too am a hopeless rule follower. And I would have TOTALLY felt bad about the coffee. When something like that happens to me I always feel like I’m an elementary student getting called down for talking in class. I hated that!!!! Ha. Thanks for the funny post.

  38. 88
    Julie says:

    Called AND chosen, I was indeed. Extremely long days sitting still listening to ENDLESS medical testimony for one case. The plantiff wanted a settlement of thousands because he declared he suffered from carpal tunnel syndrome resulting from a minor car wreck. We the jury ended up giving him zero dollars, so ticked were we at having him waste our time like that.
    The next case, sadly, was a rape trial. I was traumatized just hearing in detail what this woman went through and having the rapist sitting not too far from my perch. My heart hurt for a while after that one. Guilty.
    So Beth, consider yourself blessed for having the adventure of being called to jury duty, but not having to endure an actual trial.
    See you in Richmond!!!

  39. 89
    Becky says:

    If you need a good Christian lawyer, feel free to contact my sweet husband. ๐Ÿ™‚ I know that doesn’t sound possible but it is!

  40. 90
    Anna Mitchell says:

    You are just too stinkin’ cute. Hawk has the best job in the world. She must just be entertained all day.

  41. 91
    Melanie says:

    This is so sad, but I live in a small town and one summer my Mom and I went to “watch” my aunt as she served on a jury that was hearing a murder case in which an unhinged woman killed her husband. (When you live in a small town in NC you take your entertainment where you can find it.) While we were there THE COURTHOUSE CAUGHT ON FIRE. The unhinged woman began to shriek like a banshee and we all fled for our lives. Turns out it was a minor fire and the jury had to come back in the next day.

  42. 92
    Jeanie says:

    Oh I have a good one for you. I was called to be a juror when we were in the process of adopting our eldest daughter. We were waiting on our homestudy. Well…I was chosen to sit on the jury for a man who had shot and killed a policeman. The trial lasted one week during which time I had to ask the judge if we could be excused early to complete my homestudy. He kindly obliged. The case was not as straightforward as you would have thought…there were MANY extenuating circumstances and ultimately the guilty man was given a Hard 40 sentence (which was overturned many years later). It was a horrible week, full of awful pictures, sobbing family members and the emotions of trying to act like a sane person during our homestudy. When it was over, I remember sitting in the jury room, laying my head on the table and sobbing uncontrollably. Not a great moment but one I will remember my whole life. That was 19 years ago and I’ve never even been called to jury duty since. They probably thought I was an emotional basket case! ๐Ÿ™‚

  43. 93
    Sara McNutt says:

    The rule-keeper in ME finds the need to clarify that the correct way to write a post-script after a previously written post-script is PPS, PPPS, etc. Which stands for post-script, post-post script, post-post post script, etc. ๐Ÿ™‚
    I hope you know that I totally say that in jest!
    I got chosen for jury duty too this summer for the first time ever and I was so excited! I haven’t gotten summoned yet, but I’m hoping they take me!

  44. 94

    I was wondering if that would end up on the blog…Grin.

  45. 95
    Forever His says:

    Beth, I was called up twice in San Diego but never did get to serve. It was such a long time ago I can’t remember why but I really wanted to. It would be so exciting! Anyway, I live in Lawton, OK now and really have never heard of jury duty here! I am sure we have it and I am a registered voter but have never been called.

    Enjoyed your post. As always I really am laughing out loud!


  46. 96
    Gail says:

    One would think that a paralegal would never get chosen on a jury. BUT, it’s NOT true. Not only did I get chosen, the attorneys had to PASS on more than 20 people in order to get to little ole me. When they passed on the 10th person, I giggled. I saw it coming. By the time they passed the guy right before me, I literally had to bow my head because I wanted to laugh out loud. Then we enter the jury room to chose a foreman/woman. One guy asked “is anyone in the legal field?” Could I just sit there? No, because I get this guilty look written across my forehead when trying to not lie but going round about the truth. I raised my hand. Within 2 seconds, I was the forewoman. After we hear all the evidence, one of the first things a person said in the room, “Give them the $$. What difference does it make? The insurance company will pay for it.” I wanted to jump across the table and slap ’em. I didn’t only because God restrained me! Ended with a hung jury after 2 days of deliberation. There’s a lot that happened between the forewoman election and the jury hanging but there’s just NOT enough space. But I could write a novel!

  47. 97
    Cara says:

    Loved this post! Too funny.

    I was called for jury duty once. I was 7 months pregnant, and as much as I wanted to to get picked, I was worried they would pick me and in the middle of a trial I would have to go to the bathroom.

    I do remember my Senior year of highschool, getting to be a part of a mock trial and being one of the jury members. It was fun. The “case” was murder. We sat there all day listening to both sides. When it was our turn to do our job – we found him guilty because we couldn’t see how you could accidently shoot someone 6 times. Once, maybe. Six times, probably not. Our thought process was all very scientific LOL!

  48. 98
    Twila Baker says:

    As I sit here drinking my afternoon cup of Dunkin Donuts coffee and reading the blog, I almost spilled the coffee all over my white pants! You are too funny. I have served one time 7 years ago on a civil case. It was a builder that didn’t finish building a rich Doctor’s home and took off with the money. Nothing too exciting but interesting anyway. We did find him guilty. I don’t usually get picked because my Husband is in local Law Enforcement and all of the Judges know him! I think I would like being on a crimminal case since I like all of those shows like criminal minds. Maybe next time.

  49. 99
    Sheila says:

    Haha. I think you could make a paper bag interesting, Beth.

    As for me, I’ve never been on a jury but have been in the jury waiting room before. (They didn’t have any Starbucks for me to steal ;), nor wifi :(.) I’ve always wanted to do my part, though. I did serve as a witness on a civil court case against a newspaper when I was I was a freshman in college from an incident that happened when I was a freshman in high school!. I learned a lot about jury selection, which goes on and on and on, and hearsay. I watched in shock as the defendant’s attorneys badgered the witnesses, often leaving them in tears or speechless. One particular attorney kept cupping his ear as if he couldn’t hear the plaintiff’s witnesses, definitely a ploy to unnerve them. On the third day, I was called to the witness box. Having had the opportunity of developing some belligerence after seeing the defendant’s attorneys’ methods, this petite, soft-spoken person made sure to answer all their questions in a raised voice. Not once did I get the hand cupping gesture! Having grasped the issue with hearsay that the other witnesses were struggling with, I even worked around that with success. So much so, that the judge told me as I was leaving the witness box, that I’d done a good job. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Anyhoo, that’s my experience with the courts. If I have my druthers, though, I think I’ll take the jurors’ box next time. ๐Ÿ™‚

  50. 100
    Dionna says:

    I love it! Absolutely love it! I love that you poured your coffee and then fled. I would have done the same thing – albeit hot chocolate since I’m not a coffee drinker!

    Okay – I have been on one jury. Got called in, first day, first hour got called into a courtroom and selected. It was a road rage case in a mall parking lot. I kid you not. And we found them guilty. That was hard because even though I believe it was the right decision, he could still have faced jail time. Sentencing was later in the month, so I really don’t know what happened to him.

    We had to pay for our own lunch! I didn’t like that. But we did get free pizza for dinner and by then had made a decision – so I was done in a day. Also, (if my memory serves me correctly) we only get paid for how many miles we drive in. I think you are getting a much better deal of $40 for a second try coming in!

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