Tenderhearted Toward You

My Dear Siestas, I can’t take long with this post because I’m pretty swamped with work and, besides, it’s almost time to go home for the day to my man. I wish I had a unique way to convey what I feel but by the time I think of just the right words, the emotion will probably pass. I’ll just take a messy stab at it before my heart cools off.

At the moment I’m writing this note to you, we’re almost at 1000 comments on the Siesta Summer Bible Study launch. A number of the comments are replies and MANY are glorious solo sign-ins but, even accounting for all of those, we already have several thousand women – in groups or as individuals – doing Bible study together… and barely 24 hours into our journey. Chances are, many others will join us over the next week or two.

You are literally from every corner of the country and from several other parts of the world. You are students, SAHMs, singles, marrieds, and widows. Many have been through painful divorces. Some of you are doctors. Several in med school. Many are teachers. Others of you are missionaries. For those of you who have pictures with your blogger names, you are as different as night and day but as darling as every other. Truly (and I’m not sure how to explain it), I never meet a woman I don’t think is darling. I love all the ages. All the shapes and sizes. Skinny behinds. Wide behinds. Long hair. Short spiked hair. I reckon it’s just because God suited me for women’s ministry.

Anyway, I sat in my bed in my pajamas this morning and checked the blog after finishing my quiet time. We’d had 297 comments come in over night. As I checked each one and read your sincerity and fervor and saw such humility in your self-professed lackings and needs, I shook my head and said out loud to our God, “You must love them so much.” As I watched you reply to one another and invite one another to join in, as I saw you reach out to all our solo girls to make sure they felt completely plugged in, share email addresses with one another and even ask to meet up in person, I nearly started crying. Even now I am choking back the tears.

In a strange sort of way I can’t quite explain, I had a Psalm 8 moment. “Lord, who am I and who are we that You would allow us to join together this wonderfully weird way and seek You? AND FIND YOU, for crying out loud????” The Internet has brought such harm and havoc to individuals and homes but this day I sit in awe of the beauty of several thousand women with hearts knit together in Scripture from all over creation with one lofty aim: to seek Jesus Christ, the Savior of the World. Our Kinsman Redeemer. Our Life and Breath.

We are every denomination. We are all sorts of colors. We come from every possible background. And here’s the part that makes me want to lay on the floor and bawl. (Honestly, I’m about to do the ugly cry.) We have been drawn into all these circles of relationships not based on looks, talents, finances, social status or even denomination. We have been drawn by God through our attraction to one another’s hearts conveyed in simple terms and short lines in blog comments, of all things. Something that didn’t even exist 10 years ago. It first hit me when many of us met for our Siesta Scripture Memory Team Celebration in January. I heard Siestas squeal when they met each other for the first time face-to-face and saw them hug like there was no tomorrow. I watched them huddle  for endless pictures and thought to myself as I savored all the differences in age and type, “Would we have been friends at all if we were out in the world where social decorum strictly dictates? Would we have given each other this chance if we’d known each other’s faces, jobs, and worlds before we knew each other’s hearts?” Maybe. But I don’t think so. I think we are an odd composite study in sociology. What would happen if people could only see each other’s hearts first? Who, then, would become friends?? Just think of all the priceless relationships we miss because we look for those who remind us of us.

It’s been different here in this strange little web town we call Siestaville. And if we’d just lean in a little toward the heart of God and close our eyes for just a moment, I think we’d feel His pleasure. No, it’s not perfect around here because we’re so imperfect. Lord have mercy, I’m so imperfect. Sometimes we misunderstand each other or hurt each other’s feelings but those times are the exceptions. Overwhelmingly, this is as sweet a congregation of women as I believe you could find on Planet Earth.

We are a snapshot of the true church. The girly half, anyway. All different kinds of people attracted strictly by spirit. One Body of believers. One perfect Savior. I do not know why on earth this terrible former pit-dweller has gotten to serve this beautiful community of women – let alone be called it’s mama! – but today I am moved beyond words.

And crying.


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  1. 151
    Fran says:

    Oh Beth and all of the siestas,
    My heart just wants to burst right now. I have found some deep, meaningful, real live friends through this blog that would never be a part of my life if it weren’t for knowing the heart first. Thank you for giving us this place to simply “be” and to be loved.

    I’m sure there are so many things that each one of us could go on and on about, but having this place of Godly women who love and encourage in a moments notice and truly care about one another is one of the greatest joys in my heart.

    I love you Beth, LPM, and all the siestas. Taking some time to pray over you and your sweet little lives today.

    Be blessed!

  2. 152
    Crissy says:

    I feel the same way! God is so good!

  3. 153
    elawhorn says:

    This blog, the posts, the comments are such a HUGE blessing to me and so many others. So strange how just staring at a screen filled with words can uplift, glorify, encourage, strengthen, comfort, inspire, renew, and teach; sometimes all in one sitting!!

    Thank you forever for being obedient in what God has called you to do. You are the best!

    My Sunday School class is smack dab in the middle of Breaking Free and am going to bypass the summer study so that I can devote my attention to each week’s homework. I will join everyone in spirit and look forward to reading the comments to come.

    Love you so much, Beth.

  4. 154

    You are so sweet, and JUST LIKE a MOM!! I love it. I had not signed up for the Summer Bible Study because I didn’t have a group of girls to do it with. I may just join right in and do what I can on my own. You drew me in just like you always do. . well it’s the Spirit through you, I just know it.

    I was with Georgia Jan and also one of those squealers meeting people at the SSMT in January. Then we would get in our little minivan for the drive to the hotel and just share stories of siestas we had met. . God is amazing to me. I agree He has used the internet “for something good” (remember Joseph and his brothers?) Boy did God have other plans!! That’s us. Satan is just hating it all don’t ya know!

    Well, I must feed my children their breakfast. . one actually just said he was starving, so I must not go on further. Summer, whew, I am worn out. Love you all!

    • 154.1
      Georgia Jan says:

      Wendy! I miss you and Emmy and Deborah so much – the Georgia Four. Wish we could get together to do the study – it’s just too far! Deborah and I going solo and then getting together via the computer for an occasional duet. 🙂

      You were the best navigator ever in Houston. Those were some fun days – I treasure them.

      Love you much,

  5. 155
    Sandi says:

    Oh my goodness! Or as Spongebob Squarepants says, “holy shrimp!” I am sitting in Omaha, Nebraska in a cramped hotel room for my nephew playing in the Club Baseball World Series and all I can think about is Ruth! She and I have taken a journey (where we didn’t really want to go) and I am stabbing away on my iPad….and here on day one I am so excited to be with y’all. I lost my son 7 years ago and it still seems like yesterday. So I will continue plodding along because God is SOOOOOO merciful and sometimes even makes me laugh when I really need it!! I love y’all!!!!!

  6. 156
    Kristi says:

    Beth, I just love you so much! Yesterday I was in the bookstore trying to find the SSBS book, but they aren’t carrying it. As the lady was helping me, we were discussing “Beth Moore books” and she said “Oh! We sell so much of her stuff!!” I felt proud! No, I’ve never met you YET, but so feel part of this group and hope to one day get that oppurtunity for a photo-minute! (Perhaps in Philadelphia??!!) Anyway, I almost frlt like a representative!! It was cool!
    I did order Kelly’s book from Lifeway, and I am having 3 other women join me for this study. My first time with SSBS! Sooo excited!!

    Have a glorious day!!!

  7. 157
    Mary Watkins says:

    I love the place. Love first from the heart. What a safe place to be.

  8. 158
    carla says:

    Oh, Beth how the Lord must love us all for bringing us to this blog. How blessed we are indeed. It just reminds me how much we need Him in our lives, how richer we are sharing our love for Him with each other. Thanks Beth, I needed a good cry this morning. How refreshed it makes for feel how focused for the rest of our day.

  9. 159
    Rene says:

    Throwing my arms around you with a huge hug!! Go Mama Beth, you ROCK!!! God has the music playing so let’s DANCE!!

  10. 160
    Deanna says:

    I’m not doing the study this time, but your post really touched my heart. It is great to be a part of such a special group of women that reaches so many parts of the world. Thank You Father for connecting us and giving us hearts that love one another.

  11. 161
    fuzzytop says:

    Beautiful words, Beth… Siestaville is such a blessing; to Him be the glory. I am literally a puddle on the floor right now.

    Praying for St. Louis this weekend. Give Sister Lynn a hug for us all, ok?

    Much love and hugs,

    • 161.1
      Yolanda says:

      Wouldn’t it be awesome, to love on Syster Lynn in St. Louis this weekend? I am positive, that would be a HUGE BLESSING. I love and miss ya!

  12. 162
    Briget says:

    You are awesome Beth! You’ve been handpicked by God to do this work He has called you to do. Your love toward all the lives you touch is inspiring to me. I thank my God for you and your ministry. It is a blessing to my life. Please know that you, your family and your staff are in my prayers. Be blessed my sister, be blessed!

  13. 163
    texatheart says:

    Thanks Beth. We are a small reflection of you. Thanks for being our mama and for leading us. Thank you so much for the call to love Christ more than anything and to get into the WORD! I am definitely better for it.

  14. 164
    Ramona says:

    Oh Beth, I can’t even begin to find the words to thank you for everything… from studies, to simulcasts, to Scripture memory, and the blog. A few summers ago I met you via the Living Beyond Yourself Study and my life was changed forever. It was the beginning of the best ride ever. I have learned so very much and grown closer to God. I can’t think about it without crying. God has been so good to me as I celebrate my daughters’ birthdays next week. One will be 18 on Tuesday, my birthday is on Wednesday, and my firstborn will be 21 on Thursday. I still can’t believe God gave them to me just minutes after coming out of the deepest pit one could dig. I just bought the Living Beyond Yourself Study and 2 workbooks for their birthdays and making them promise that they will do it as soon as they can….and if not soon enough for me, at least a promise that they will do the study if the Lord decides to take me home. I want their lives changed as mine has been. Thank you for all you do Beth. Thank you for your passion.

  15. 165
    Yanna says:

    Well I cried with Beth, now I’m crying with the Siesta’s. Goodness tears of joy and praise feel so good. Beth I felt what you were saying. God is awesome. I am blown away everyday by how good God is and how He answers our call to know Him. I also thought this morning on my prayer walk that we (Eve) got us into this mess and with God’s strength, guidance, and His faithfulness it may just take a Siestahood to get us out of it. I am so thankful God heard my cry for His manna, food for my soul, and He lead me to enough Bible Studies to last a lifetime, this being one of them. Thank You Father.

  16. 166
    Christy says:

    Beth, it is so beautiful to see how much you love your Savior and us here in Siestaville!! God has so beautifully woven together your ministry and I pray for his continued blessings upon you. I pray that you keep falling head over hills in love with Him! Thank you for sharing with us and creating this beautiful group of women, bringing us together with a common goal & being able to share our hearts. You are so dear to me, I love Jesus with all my heart and I want Him to delight in me. In this season of my life it is difficult to spend as much time as I would like getting to know Him more, but am so thankful for Bible Study! I have four small children and there is always some clothes or dishes to do at my house. But my heart longs to know my Savior more & more everyday, the more I seek Him the more I find Him. Thanks for being a vessel to glorify God and bring Him honor by teaching us & helping us. God bless you and your family!

    Summit, MS

  17. 167
    OceanMommy says:

    I am just done after reading this!! It’s a good thing I don’t have to be anywhere this morning because it would require a make up re-do!! 🙂

    A to the MEN on this post. What a sweet fellowship we have. So thankful that God pressed this into Amanda’s heart and even more thankful that she listened and obeyed!

    Love you all!

  18. 168

    I completely understand!
    (It is what I loved most about the Scripture Memory posts. Women posting their verses and cities from all over. Never felt so close to a bunch of people I don’t know!)
    What a blessing this place is.

    Much love to all,

    michelle in VT

  19. 169
    Kim says:

    There is great beauty in the love of the LORD and all things GOD. It has the power to affect so many. Only the Almighty could do a work such as this. He will not be stopped from what He wants to accomplish!

  20. 170
    Kari says:

    Loved what you shared… in fact I copied and pasted part of it to share with a friend that is struggling coming to Bible study because of her past. Living in a small town she had many rumors that went around about her previous lifestyle and now as a believer she is so self-conscious to be around others she fears heard these rumors. SO, I shared with her the part about how our hearts are drawn to each other and it has nothing to do with our status, finances, etc. THANKS!!

  21. 171
    Angie B. says:

    My first introduction to you Beth was through “A Woman’s Heart: God’s Dwelling Place.” Since then many changes have come in my life and I have been definitely living in some valleys. By the Grace of God he is continuing to finish the work he started in me and by finding this blog site and hoping to work in solo study time in this summer series I am looking forward to the same excitement at learning more about the Word of God and even more being able to UNDERSTAND it. Bless your ministry, it has touched my life and changed the way I ultimately see and speak with God. I am planning to attend a weekend with you in Virginia in August and I can’t wait!!! I agree with your comment that if we could meet each others hearts before we pre-judged them, wouldn’t the world be a different place?

  22. 172
    cathy oconnor says:

    Have you thought about or is there a plan in place to have the Siestas gather together?
    Thank you for being so faithful and so honest and open! For years it was falsely thought that openess meant weakness until we really study and see the heart of God through David – a man after God’s own heart! Thanks for saying yes to our precious Savior and Lord!

  23. 173
    Katie says:

    This blog and community has been such a blessing. I am so thankful that God led me here to do the So Long Insecurity study , which was a huge breakthrough for me. I can almost FEEL my heart healing, though, as I read the posts and comments of these wonderful, kind women who love Jesus. After a very difficult season of believing that most people (and maybe women especially) are selfish, cold-hearted and deceptive, God is leading me back into women’s ministry. Without this community, I don’t think I could ever have considered doing that. Thank you siestaville! And thank you Melissa, Beth and Amanda for directing this place to be one of blessing and healing. So many blogs (even Christian ones) devolve into criticism, arguments and pettiness, which is why I tend to avoid them. This is the only one (besides personal friends’) that I visit regularly and it never fails to bless.

  24. 174
    Dana Nichols says:

    I was feeling a little behind and “out of the loop” because we have just moved and I’ve had little time for the internet. I’m surrounded by unpacked boxes and feeling very unsettled. Then I read this post this morning and all the comments, and I am feeling the love from Siesta Mama and each and every Siesta and rejoicing that I’m “all warm and fuzzy” now. I have “virtually” hugged every one of you this morning! I cannot thank God, or you all, enough for this community. Love to all of you!!

    P.S. I have got to get my Bible study book and get started!! I NEED it right now!!

  25. 175
    donna says:

    Mama Beth,

    You will NOT believe this. I live in NC and subscribe to OUR STATE magazine. This month has 100 foods from 100 counties in North Carolina. In my very own county, Cabarrus, do you know what is made? MOON PIE ICE CREAM.
    I thought of your blog about moon pies when I read it.
    We love you very much here in NC.


    • 175.1
      KaraLinaFan says:

      Hey Donna,
      Fellow Cabarrus Countian here…not really sure that’s the proper terminology!! SO GLAD to find a fellow Siesta from my home turf! Hope all is well for you; we should meet sometime!!

      Blessings by the BucketLoad,
      Concord, NC

  26. 176
    January says:

    Although I’ve been more of a bench warmer in this community, I will say I have still been encouraged by all of your faith! I am in a very desert-y blah kind of season right now in my faith and more than anything really long to have the passion for the Lord I once had to return. But, while I wait, I visit the site almost daily because I’m drawn to the passion and love you all have for the Lord and each other. Thanks for being an encouragement to this very dry and bitter little sister!

    Beth, ever since about 2003 when I heard you once say that when you were younger you prayed you would have a love for Jesus and His Word like that big football playing Bible teacher you had (who cried, I think you said, when talking about the word)… well, ever since then I’ve been praying for the same thing. Your passion for the Lord is contagious and if were to come away with just one thing from your ministry, I hope it is a deep and passionate love for Jesus through the Word. And maybe someday, Lordwilling… and trust me only by his grace… someone else would be encouraged to the same through me.

    Sometimes these online communities kind of wierd me out, but I think this one is the real deal. Thanks to you all. You’ve been an encouragement to me.

  27. 177
    Shelly E says:

    I am emotional just reading your post! You put it so beautifully. I often long for that exact thing…for hearts to bond rather than looks, socioeconomic status, backgrounds, etc.

    I had this exact experience in college…I almost lost out on a wonderful friendship because of my silent, internal judgments over, of all things, how she wore her hair!!!! Can you believe my shallow-ness? God slowly pushed us together over the next year and she ended up being one of my dearest friends by the time I graduated.

    I haven’t started the summer Bible study yet…I’m having a difficult time getting my group together due to schedules and life’s challenges. I may just have to do it as a “single”. I’m hoping I can find the support here in spirit even if not in person.

    Blessings to you, Beth, and all the sweet Siestas! This blog is a lifeline for me.

    Portland, OR

  28. 178
    Stacy says:





  29. 179
    Shelly says:

    I used to post a lot of comments on the old blog, and somehow got out of that habit, but just had to jump in now and tell you that I, like so many others out there, are privileged to be a part of your community. God has indeed used you in mighty ways, and you are so worthy of that call. I can only imagine a just a smear of the emotion you must feel over this community and please know that I feel a smear of that emotion too, just feeling like I know you through the blog. You are so real and you have taught me so much. I cannot think of a better role model to have.
    Thanks for allowing God to use you. Your sister in Christ,
    Shelly S., Nebraska.

  30. 180
    Linda says:

    I just love what you wrote when you said:

    “Just think of all the priceless relationships we miss because we look for those who remind us of us.”

    I hadn’t thought of that before. I love this blog too. It’s a great place to find sweet hearts devoted to the Lord.

    Will we have a Siesta Corner or Siesta Coffee Shoppe or Siestaville in heaven?! I would love to get to meet each and every one and we will, of course, be together then, so we could! I can just imagine all of us Siestas taking a big siesta with the Lord!

  31. 181
    Joan says:


    Thank you so much for the kind words. I am doing this study solo. In looking through the responses, I realize I’m not alone & there are so many of us that want Gods word and are seeking for it, but do to work & schedules many of us are isolated. Many of us have felt so alone, that it is so nice to have a way of being connected & see God work. This whole idea is reaching a group of women that desire to learn God’s word & feel loved by God. Thank you for using a different approach. Thank you for making us solo’s feel so welcomed & loved.

  32. 182
    Taria M. says:

    We are all so blessed to be a part of this amazing little community of sisters. So often I find encouragement here – I find joy in seeing my sisters interact with each other, praying for each other, and knowing that we all fit in here regardless of looks, background and status. We are a family, and it puts a smile on my face with an extra dose of humility in my heart! We are so grateful for our Siesta Mama, and each sister!!! God bless you all!

  33. 183
    Redeemed says:

    Oh Beth…..

    I’m only participating in the study by listening and reading…not that I didn’t want to join in. I love Kelly Minter! It’s just that God led me to go back and do “Breaking Free” again with my sweet cousin (who has not done that particular study) so I wanted to give it my full attention.

    I just wanted to tell you that this BF study is such a God ordained thing. I can’t explain, other than to say there is no doubt that He brought her and I together ‘for such a time as this’. He’s all over it. ALL OVER IT.

    I love all these wonderful women in the body of Christ. I love that we can use the world wide web to fellowship…and I love love love you, our Siesta Mama! (I feel weird calling you that….you’re like 20 seconds older than me…)

    Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

  34. 184
    Emilee Hall says:

    Thank you, Beth for doing this for us. It means so much that you care for us all. We are so blessed to have this community of women to talk to 🙂
    Love you so much!

  35. 185
    KanduGal says:

    Praise the Lord! So glad you’ve been blessed with a blessing for a change; you’ve been such a blessing to so many! I’m new to the blog; began viewing from time to time since about last October, a new “empty-nester” and unemployed. No matter how discouraged I have been, I’ve been “lifted up” by reading posted scripture and encouraging words from you and the siestas. In December, I purchased an index spiral and have been focusing on, meditating on, and sometimes memorizing 2 scriptures a month. In May I became very interested in the possibility of doing SSBS3, but didn’t decide for sure until teaching VBS music was behind me. I started to participate solo, but felt led to share the info with an out-of-state friend and some friends at church. And, yes, Beth, our group is one of those who haven’t posted yet; looking forward to our first meeting tonight. We very much appreciate this opportunity to join in with such a diverse sisterhood to study God’s Word.
    I know first-hand that in teaching others, God teaches you a great deal in the process. The opportunity to see much of the fruit of your labors doesn’t come nearly as often. I’m so glad God gave you just a glimpse of that yesterday! May God richly bless you and your team and strengthen and sustain you!
    (Signed in as Mellie Ann on the SSBS3 info page since there was already a Melanie, but haven’t ever gone by that; decided a twist on a favorite scripture was a better blog name – Phil. 4:13)

  36. 186
    Osoblonde says:

    Thanks be to God for the wonderful things He has done for us. Looking forward to being one of the “solo” participants of the summer study of Ruth. Press on towards the prize ladies.

  37. 187
    KaraLinaFan says:

    Oh Beth, I can’t say thank you enough for how you’ve allowed God to use you to minister to the hearts of women these past years. You’ve spoken life into me, encouraged me, challenged me, taught me, and brought me both to tears of sweet breaking and tears of rolling laughter more times than I care to count.

    I echo your sentiments about this community. I’ll admit to being one who reads everyday, but has yet to publish much. (Maybe that insecurity thing?) But I do so long for the connection and community. As a soon to be 40 year old single woman who’s never married, I need sisters in my life….more that a lot of other things I say I need. Thank you to Melissa, AJ and yourself for this opportunity.

    I pray an abundance of blessings to shower LP Ministries and each of your families. And Siestas? May our awesome Father draw each of you closer to His heart day by day.

    Concord, NC

  38. 188
    Kimberly says:

    Wow! I’m new to Siestaville, but I already love it. Beth, you have been the instrument that my Abba Father has used to draw me so close to Him. I will never find the words to express my gratitude this side of heaven’s pearly gates. Thank you for your devotion to the Lord and your obedience even though you were scared to death. What a testimony your life is for the Lord! Thank you!

    • 188.1
      Vicki says:

      My heart continues to be so full when reading post after post, comment after comment, and seeing what a beautiful group of women who are searching after God’s heart together. I might have missed the biggest blessing this summer because of my fear of being the only one doing it solo! Every “solo” comment I read, I felt so encouraged to keep pressing on. The Lord has blessings for us all in His word this summer – can’t wait to watch for all of our comments.!

  39. 189
    Mary Ann says:

    God has already touched my heart with the bible study. I am on my way to St Louis with 7 other women tomorrow and can’t wait for what God has in store there. It is wonderful to see the hearts of so many women caring for each other. Thank you for all your time and effort and tears and laughter on our behalf. God’s spirit abides in each believer, so it’s only natural that He would identify Himself as each one comes in contact. Thankfully He is getting that through to me more and more each day! Praise Him! Love ya!

  40. 190
    Melissa says:


    I just love you. And so does my mama. On April 29, she was diagnosed with breast cancer at 55 years young. She has been through 3 surgeries in the last two months and will start 6 months of chemotherapy on July 2. Many months ago we booked our hotel and got our tickets to come see you in St.Louis this weekend. I am overwhelmed by God’s timing. My mama keeps saying that this is just what she needs before she starts the fight of her life. I am so incredibly grateful for you this morning. Thank you for the way you love us and for the many weekends that you deliver a message of hope to women just like my mama at just the right time. Praise Jesus. Can’t wait to see and hear you. Praying for you, friend.


    • 190.1
      Patti says:

      Hey Melissa,
      I just want you to know that during the conference this weekend and beyond, you and your sweet Mama will be in my thoughts and prayers. Here is my email if you have more specific prayer requests. [email protected] You and I and others could agree together in prayer.
      Love to you,

  41. 191
    amybhill says:

    God is awesome – isn’t He? i get so excited to think that He has us all here at this time in history for a specific reason. who ever would have thunk up the internet?! and meeting people through blogging? let’s not waste our time here on the planet, ladies. let’s make it count! i LOVE all of you girls. isn’t it cool to think we’re all gonna meet up one day in heaven? and to the moore girls, i feel like you physically occupy a place in my heart. the Lord knows, i cry just about every time i pray for you all. love you, amy

  42. 192
    Shirleen says:

    All I can really say is “ditto” to the many and diverse expressions of love for the Lord, you, Beth and your wonderful team that makes this blog, this outreach a reality. God bless you Beth and your ministry team, God bless each woman who enters this blogworld, and may we in turn be a blessing to each person we come in contact with.

  43. 193
    Sarah says:

    My heart has been dancing to the same tune! I cried as you shared your feelings. God is going to work in such a great way this summer through this study and blog! As I read all of the groups and soloists out there my heart was so full of the love and grace of God. I marvel at how uniquely he calls and leads each of us to our Gilgal (just watched session 8 of Believing God on Monday). Thank you so much! You are such a blessing, my fellow beloved!

  44. 194
    Jill says:

    In reading this, I am reminded of Paul’s letters and his love for the community of believers. There is so much substance in his letters, but when he calls out women by name it always melts my heart. Phoebe, Chloe, Priscilla, Julia…. Paul, loved these followers of Jesus. Loved them.

    I feel like 2000 years later we are still trying to connect just like the early Christians. Only we connect a little faster,and I cannot help but wonder how many more letters Paul could have cranked out had he had a laptop??

    Following Jesus hasn’t tarnished. It is still thrilling. It still makes us cry. It still makes us reach out to the community of believers. It is beautiful.

  45. 195
    Nichole's Mom says:

    It’s been a long time since I’ve commented! I’ve still been here just been busy. I want to say we are meeting tomorrow and signing on after that! Can’t wait to be part of this study. We are finishing Esther next week, I want to thank you for that study. When you looked in the camera and said “Fight for your Marriage” it was like God was staring at me! He used you to show me His Glory! I love you Miss Beth!

  46. 196
    Val in KY says:

    Well Mama Beth you have gone and done it again…shown how important it is for women to experience community within the “girly” half of the church. I am sad to say I’m in a season where I don’t have that right now, and I am feeling lost. I knew the study was being offered, but not sure why I haven’t committed. I participated in the on-line community for the Security study and really enjoyed it. I usually host a Summer study in my home and we’re not doing it this year. So I’m feeling like I need to go buy the Ruth study this weekend and DIG IN.

    I love you guys; your ministry has been instrumental in growing my faith in Christ over the last 12 years. I was blessed to have met you at the Tampa LPL event…well it was at Landry’s, but still. I will be there when you visit my home state in August in Lexington and am already praying for God to prepare my heart to receive His Word.

    Louisville, KY

  47. 197
    Michele says:

    Beth, Thanks so much for your post today. God used it to really encourage me. Just feeling a bit down/discouraged,lately, and just seeing so many women who desire to know Him closer, even encourages me. Even if I may never meet up with any of them, this side of heaven, just knowing we are all out here, blesses my heart and encourages me to keep fighting!

  48. 198
    Kelly says:

    I love you Beth!

  49. 199
    Amanda Waller says:

    Moma Beth,

    I love you.

  50. 200
    Kim says:

    I love your heart and that’s why I follow your blog. You are so genuine and that is a quality that has been lost, for the most part, in this day and age. I love you to pieces.

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