Tenderhearted Toward You

My Dear Siestas, I can’t take long with this post because I’m pretty swamped with work and, besides, it’s almost time to go home for the day to my man. I wish I had a unique way to convey what I feel but by the time I think of just the right words, the emotion will probably pass. I’ll just take a messy stab at it before my heart cools off.

At the moment I’m writing this note to you, we’re almost at 1000 comments on the Siesta Summer Bible Study launch. A number of the comments are replies and MANY are glorious solo sign-ins but, even accounting for all of those, we already have several thousand women – in groups or as individuals – doing Bible study together… and barely 24 hours into our journey. Chances are, many others will join us over the next week or two.

You are literally from every corner of the country and from several other parts of the world. You are students, SAHMs, singles, marrieds, and widows. Many have been through painful divorces. Some of you are doctors. Several in med school. Many are teachers. Others of you are missionaries. For those of you who have pictures with your blogger names, you are as different as night and day but as darling as every other. Truly (and I’m not sure how to explain it), I never meet a woman I don’t think is darling. I love all the ages. All the shapes and sizes. Skinny behinds. Wide behinds. Long hair. Short spiked hair. I reckon it’s just because God suited me for women’s ministry.

Anyway, I sat in my bed in my pajamas this morning and checked the blog after finishing my quiet time. We’d had 297 comments come in over night. As I checked each one and read your sincerity and fervor and saw such humility in your self-professed lackings and needs, I shook my head and said out loud to our God, “You must love them so much.” As I watched you reply to one another and invite one another to join in, as I saw you reach out to all our solo girls to make sure they felt completely plugged in, share email addresses with one another and even ask to meet up in person, I nearly started crying. Even now I am choking back the tears.

In a strange sort of way I can’t quite explain, I had a Psalm 8 moment. “Lord, who am I and who are we that You would allow us to join together this wonderfully weird way and seek You? AND FIND YOU, for crying out loud????” The Internet has brought such harm and havoc to individuals and homes but this day I sit in awe of the beauty of several thousand women with hearts knit together in Scripture from all over creation with one lofty aim: to seek Jesus Christ, the Savior of the World. Our Kinsman Redeemer. Our Life and Breath.

We are every denomination. We are all sorts of colors. We come from every possible background. And here’s the part that makes me want to lay on the floor and bawl. (Honestly, I’m about to do the ugly cry.) We have been drawn into all these circles of relationships not based on looks, talents, finances, social status or even denomination. We have been drawn by God through our attraction to one another’s hearts conveyed in simple terms and short lines in blog comments, of all things. Something that didn’t even exist 10 years ago. It first hit me when many of us met for our Siesta Scripture Memory Team Celebration in January. I heard Siestas squeal when they met each other for the first time face-to-face and saw them hug like there was no tomorrow. I watched them huddleΒ  for endless pictures and thought to myself as I savored all the differences in age and type, “Would we have been friends at all if we were out in the world where social decorum strictly dictates? Would we have given each other this chance if we’d known each other’s faces, jobs, and worlds before we knew each other’s hearts?” Maybe. But I don’t think so. I think we are an odd composite study in sociology. What would happen if people could only see each other’s hearts first? Who, then, would become friends?? Just think of all the priceless relationships we miss because we look for those who remind us of us.

It’s been different here in this strange little web town we call Siestaville. And if we’d just lean in a little toward the heart of God and close our eyes for just a moment, I think we’d feel His pleasure. No, it’s not perfect around here because we’re so imperfect. Lord have mercy, I’m so imperfect. Sometimes we misunderstand each other or hurt each other’s feelings but those times are the exceptions. Overwhelmingly, this is as sweet a congregation of women as I believe you could find on Planet Earth.

We are a snapshot of the true church. The girly half, anyway. All different kinds of people attracted strictly by spirit. One Body of believers. One perfect Savior. I do not know why on earth this terrible former pit-dweller has gotten to serve this beautiful community of women – let alone be called it’s mama! – but today I am moved beyond words.

And crying.


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  1. 1
    Sister Lynn says:

    Dearest Beth,

    Thank you for your sweet words – Siestaville is indeed a blessed place. The Lord has built this house and we have not labored in vain. His is the GLORY!

    Know of our prayers as you prepare for this weekend.

    with much love from your Catholic sisters
    Sister Lynn

    • 1.1
      Beth says:

      Sister Lynn, I can’t wait to see you this weekend! Do you need any comp tickets for any other sisters? We would be so pleased to provide them! If you do, please call the LPM office Thursday and ask for Susan or Kimberly and tell them who you are and that I invited you to call. Tell them how many tickets you are requesting and we will work to make it happen. We will be doing a scholarship give away tomorrow as well but I want you to know it in advance in case some of your co-laborers also want to come. I love you.

      • Sister Lynn says:

        Dearest Beth,

        Thank you so much! What a generous offer – I am very touched. I will talk to your office tomorrow!
        So looking forward to receive the Word the Lord is preparing for us through you!
        We love you, too! Blessings,
        Sister Lynn

    • 1.2
      Cara says:

      Dear Sister Lynn,

      You are a blessing to me and to this community, your presence here shows me God’s heart and I am grateful! May the Lord bless you and keep you and make His face to shine upon you today and always!!!!!!!


  2. 2
    Alexis R says:

    Siesta Mama,
    Crying with you! It’s amazing how many of us just want to draw near to God and in turn find friends along the way!!! Thank you for your ministry to us Siestas!!!

    BTW, I am so looking forward to another round of SSMT!!

    • 2.1
      Heather says:

      Me too!!! Come on Jan ’11 it’s SSMT time!
      The break has made me thirsty for it again. God is so good.

      • Heather says:

        Oh gosh. Here’s the PAYATTENTIONAPHOBIA showing up in me. In my earlier response I had only skimmed your post. I just read it in its entirety.

        “…attracted only by spirit….didn’t know each others faces or jobs who then would be our friends…if we could only know peoples hearts first before we met them.” Wow, powerful.

        Sometimes we lose the purity in our words if we try to make them unique. That was p.u.r.e.

        Incidently, a few years ago I read a thin,non-descript paperback book called “THE HEART READER”. If anyone comes across it, read it! (It was written by Terri Blackstock but I believe she publised it anonymously and she explains why in the beginning but I can’t remember why.I think it was a labor of love for her at the time.) It’s a fictional story about a spiritual experiment…taking the time to slow down and read each other’s hearts…really listening to what’s behind the words. It sounds mystic the way I’m describing it, yuk. That’s not the way it is though.

        Have you ever just sat in silence, not silence, stillness with someone? A few minutes go by and even though nothing was said, your hearts connected?

        Or, met a stranger (for example, the girl ringing up your popcorn at the counter of the movie theater) and knew immediately she was a sister in Christ without mentioning Christianity? Love when that happens! I think this is called a spirit of discernment.

        Ok, I’m rambling, sorry folks. Not sure if this made sense. Everyone have a great evening!

        • jackie says:

          I’ve read a book by Terri Blackstock and it was called The Listener. She has published it in tandem with The Gifted in a 2 for 1 book called Miracles (available at Christian Book Distributors). i wonder if it is the same book you are talking about, just renamed?

        • Lisa Kendrick says:

          sounds like another great book to add to my list! Thanks Heather for sharing:)

        • Yanna says:

          Awe Heather, I heard your heart, and it was lovely

        • Lynn says:

          I have experienced that ‘just knowing’ that someone is a fellow believer too. It is such a unique connection we have in Christ. It crosses so many of the barriers we find out there in the world, I just love it when I find someone whose heart also loves my Jesus!

        • Heather B says:

          That book sounds very cool. I get what you mean when you describe it and can’t wait to look for it!

          Thanks for sharing!

        • Sue Schwendemann says:

          Heather, My husband who is a NERD, looked for the book ” The Heart Reader”, he suggested to go to her wed site and see if you/we could find the book that way? He looked for it doing a search, but no luck. Sorry.



  3. 3
    Cathy says:

    Mama Beth, I often pray that the Lord will give you just enough evidence of the fruit of your labors to keep you encouraged and thirsty for more. I think your post today encouraged me to keep praying that same prayer on your behalf. I think He’s answering, at least in part, through Siestaville. We love your heart too and appreciate the opportunity to see glimpses of your tenderness for Jesus and His church.

  4. 4
    Heather says:


    • 4.1
      Lichelle says:

      Oh Mamma Beth … for sure what she said … and I just wish one day he will give you a small glimpse of just how you have touched our hearts… as tender as you are for us, we are that tender for you… Everyday I thank God that he uses you for a vessel to speak so tenderly to my spirit….He used you to help bring me back from the pitts of … well you know…

      I love you and am crying with you too!! Thank you for being our mamma thank you for seeking him so diligently everyday… thank you for loving Him so … that you bringing him to us!

      • Lisa Stewart says:

        What Lichelle said!Others seem to speak my heart. I think that is the beauty of this online community of Sisters in Christ! I do so agree with the thought that hearing each others hearts first is what draws us together. I have probably let my insecurities rob me of meeting & having realtionships with some wonderful women simply because we came from different backgrounds or I thought they are to thin to want to be friends with me,surely someone that (You fill in the blank) successful,thin,whatever wouldn’t be interested in forming a friendship with me. What a lie from Satan! I am so humbled by Gods provision!Thankful that He has led me to this online Sistehood!Thank you Beth for your tender,loving heart for women. I believe God loves it when we cry together out of sheer gladness& thankfulness for each other! Thanks to all of you who share the beautiful words God lays on your hearts!

  5. 5
    debbie says:

    Right on Beth, Siesta Mama!!! I have been following this blog since inception and am not a shy person but for some reason can’t bring myself to have my own blog. I faithfully read comments and wish I could be part of it in a more tangible way but just can’t. I did go to SSMT and that was fun but I didn’t branch out like I saw others do so shame on me for that I guess but it was awesome. That’s the beauty of christian fellowship, we can come together in the name of Christ and automatically feel a bond b/c we have the same ‘daddy”.

  6. 6
    The Bettys says:

    Yesterday when Beth said, “if you are not in the scriptures you are living in the ditch” it reminded me of a game my kids play. It is called “Ditch Tag” – classic tag over and around the ditch. I am so thankful for this summer study. I believe God has tagged each one of us and said…..”You’re It!” I am so thankful to be “It” with each of you!

  7. 7
    Kathy B says:

    Well, ya went and ruined a perfectly good set of eyelashes triple-coated with mascara since sometime this morning. And I don’t mind a bit. I love that the Lord was savin’ me a seat on the pew of this “sweet congregation of women.” Thank you, Mama Beth. I think I’m not alone in how my mind sort of stutters over that, mulls over that, and finally delights in calling you that. Praise the Lord He overloaded you with some Mama wiring. He knew so many of us would need it. Not to overwhelm you, my dear. But to lift our scrawny, flabby, double, and/or wrinkly chins heavenward. How grateful I am to have a front row seat to what God is up to in this new computer age.
    Enchiladas are ready. Gotta go.
    Love you, Beth.
    Praying for you in St Louis

    • 7.1
      Amanda Waller says:

      Kathy… I like the reference to mascara… Only fellow women can appreciate the triple coating. It takes talent. πŸ˜‰ AND enchiladas??? makes me hungry to think about it.. oh look, lunch time!

      • Kathy B says:

        Thanks, Amanda. I try to pretend I’m low maintenance. But the extra effort gives me away, doesn’t it? BTW, Old El Paso and I can work wonders. I always say that if I turned on an appliance, it’s homemade.

  8. 8
    Heather says:

    Sweet Mama,
    You are seeing a reflection of what YOU started….YOU are so welcoming and YOU are the church. Drink up the love between Siestas because you (& God) created it.
    Praise You Abba!
    YOU are silly and spiritual and a real (authentic) woman after God’s heart; and there, “there is no conflict with the law”!

    • 8.1
      Robyn Q says:

      I love what you just said, there! That is beautiful! That is a phase worth coining. Blessed the socks off me this day…thanks!! πŸ™‚

      • Tammy H says:

        Thank you, Robyn Q, for a wonderful phrase- Bless my socks off – I love it! I am currently staying at a women’s shelter, my sons are staying with friends, while I work to bring us back together. We had an upheaval in our lives, but with God’s help we will work it out and appreciate our blessings even more. From my study of Esther, my first with Mama Beth, I learned so much that is helping me cope. Bless you Beth and all you other siestas…keep me in your prayers and BLESS MY SOCKS OFF!!

        • Debbie says:

          Tammy, lifing you up sweet sister. Keep your eyes to the hills because that is where your help will come from.

  9. 9
    ULCARDSFAN says:

    Amen and Amen Beth ( misty eyed too).

    My connection with my Siestas for Him Forum from the NOGS Bible study was definitely orchestrated by GOD. I pray that every Siesta on here will find this close connection with someone. It is hard to explain to the “world” how one can feel so close to someone they don’t know in the typical way but I have to agree with you Beth, on here we are loving each other completely on heart knowledge.

    Thank you Jesus. Love, Linda

  10. 10
    marylee says:

    Dear Siesta Mama,
    I was crying myself by the time I got done reading your precious words to us. Your tender heart towards us just melts my toenails. I’ve never done the Siesta Bible Study before but I have my book and can’t wait to start. I decided yesterday that I wan’t going to join in on the blog, but just observe because being I’m single and doing this solo I am just insignificant. But after your sweet words, with tears streaming down my face I can say maybe I’m not so insignificant after all. So let me start by saying one word to describe this time of my life..stormy.
    Thanks for gathering this siesta under your wing today. Ilove you Siesta Mama.

    • 10.1
      Beth says:

      You are most certainly NOT insignificant. God has such a wonderful expression of Jeremiah 29:11 for you, Child.

    • 10.2
      Crystal says:

      Marylee you are SO significant! If you’d like, you can join our group – I’m posting my responses to my blog (http://crystalstine.blogspot.com) & you’re welcome to join in, any time πŸ™‚

    • 10.3
      Yanna says:

      You are significant to me Marylee! I need a blog Siesta so I’ll watch with expectation to read your messages. I’m from Texas where are you? I’d love to send you an umbrella. I don’t use it very often here in Texas and when you feel the stormy days are pouring upon you too heavily to bear you could raise it Up and thank Him for a siesta that loves you. My email is [email protected] May you feel blessed today!

    • 10.4
      His Jules says:

      Marylee, I am so glad that you shared this, I usually end up doing things here solo and sometimes I am tempted to feel this way also. What better place to go through the storms of this life than with a family of Siesta’s to pray us through…I would love to be a prayer partner with you through your storms. ([email protected])

    • 10.5
      KaraLinaFan says:

      Oh sweet Marylee,

      I how I understand your heart, my sister. I, too, am single, and I know how difficult and lonely it feels to navigate this world when it seems so designed for couples and families.

      Many single women struggle with feeling insignificant, overlooked and unworthy. I have come to believe (and I’m giving myself a dose of my OWN medicine here), we ARE of great worth and significance because we are daughters of the King of Kings!! HE and HE ALONE define our worth–He thinks we are so worthy, He sent Jesus to die for us.

      I will be praying for you. I, too, am new to the blog posting world, though I’ve read for such a long time. Satan, however, loves nothing better than to keep us in isolation, blaming ourselves, speaking words of death over ourselves, condemning ourselves….All LIES!!

      Be encouraged, be blessed, and be strong…there are amazing sisters here who love you and will pray for you….I’m counting on that for myself, as I’ll be doing the study alone too!

      Love, Hugs, and Blessings by the Bucketload!
      Concord, NC

  11. 11

    You are a jewel. You just inspire me to move!
    I am praying many needs will be met, many hearts will find healing and that God will bless you and all who have joined this study!
    I am so thrilled to see what great and mighty things God has in store!
    Blessings From Missouri~

  12. 12
    blessed ED says:

    Miss Beth, this is why I love you! I am mot a natural emotion-showing person like you are. But I am learning how to be more of one by your example, which I believe is so important for my kids to see. Through 15 years of studies and LPLive events, you have helped me grow from being an outsider at church into an elder’s wife who spends her mornings with God and now teaches her children the blessings of quiet time and love of scripture. THANK YOU for being my Bible Mama and teaching me the things my own mother didn’t know to teach me. THANK YOU for answering your call!!

    Can’t wait to see you and many siestas in St. Lewis this weekend!! My 3 kids are early teens, so any parenting wisdom you have to offer is golden! love to you! (this is my first post and I’m a little scared to hit the submit button…but here goes….)

    • 12.1
      blessed ED says:

      oops…I mean St. Louis

    • 12.2
      Rene says:

      That was a very healing thing for me to read – teaching me the things my own mother DIDN’T KNOW to teach me. After I got saved at the age of 33 I asked my Catholic mom if she knew that Jesus died for my sins, I have been forgiven and I get to go to heaven! She said she knew that and figured that all those years in church and church classes would have taught me that. I never held it against her because like you said but I could never put the words to it – she DIDN’T KNOW to teach me. Thank you! This has been a great day of blessing for me. First, Beth posting this awesome post for us and I got an IM from my Marine son in Afghanistan – just popped up here on me at work. God is so good all the time.

  13. 13
    Michele says:

    Love you Mama!!

    I’m sure you’re glad you didn’t have to physically birth all of us! haha

  14. 14
    pluschei says:

    Oh, Beth….I know what you mean about the “ugly cry”. I just got my copy of Kelly’s book to do summer Bible study in the mail today and I was so excited! When I ordered it from the nearest Lifeway store in southern California, the guy who took the order said, “oh for the Beth Moore study” and I said, “wow, you know about that” cool. then I read the comments yesterday and felt like I’m not really going solo on this. none of us are. We’re all in this thing together. How amazing to be connected by a machine, but like you said, it’s our hearts that are knitted together. I love that. and I love this…thank you for expressing your heart to us. love, Pam in San Diego. (looking forward to seeing you in Irvine next month!)

    • 14.1
      Donna B. says:

      Hi there Pam in San Diego! I got my book in the mail today too!!! I got on to share the news, and another thought I had driving home this evening. So to all my fellow siestas, I got my book today, Praise Jesus!

      I was thinking how amazing it is to think of all the siestas who signed on for this SSBS III just b/c MamaBeth recommended it. What an influence! What a responsibility to the Lord! I can’t imagine the strength it takes to stay so humble and continue to give God all the glory, but I’m thankful that we have a SiestaMama who loves the Lord with all her might and does just that! Prayers for continued blessings and knowledge to share with the rest of us go to you Beth.

      In His Love,
      Donna Benjamin

      • Donna B. says:

        P.S. I forgot to tell you Pam, that I live on east coast, (but the west coast of Florida πŸ™‚ ). I wonder how many UPS and FedEX trucks have made those deliveries all over the country and around the globe?

    • 14.2
      ULCARDSFAN says:

      I bought my book yesterday at Lifeway and the MALE cashier said ” Are you doing Beth’s study online? “

  15. 15
    Dana says:

    I also was moved to tears reading the first few comments where sisters reached out to each other to include and welcome solo/newcomers. I thought I was being hormonal :). What a sweet sweet spirit is here in this place.

  16. 16
    Ruth says:

    Truly what a privilege it is for us to be a part of this as well! I will be participating in the summer Bible study but haven’t signed into it on the comments for that post yet. I just have to say, though, that I absolutely can’t wait for this weekend in St. Louis! A couple of us have to hurry back as soon as it’s over (or dare I say perhaps even just a little bit BEFORE it’s completely over. . . yikes, not liking that thought. . . ) to make it to both a wedding AND now a funeral visitation, too, we found out today, from within our church family Saturday afternoon and evening. Seems that being at different extremes of emotions at the same time (and just plain overwhelmed!) has been a common theme lately. . . but so looking forward to a weekend in worship and the Word as only God can provide in His perfect timing. Thanks so much for sharing with us as God leads you!

  17. 17
    Kristi says:

    “We are one in the Spirit, we are one in the Lord.” I think this blog is a snapshot of what Heaven will be like.
    Thanks for giving us the opportunity to knit hearts together here.

  18. 18
    Natalie says:

    Tearing up with you!

  19. 19
    Linda says:

    I felt that way when you first announced this Bible Study. Someone would say “I’m new to this area and don’t have anyone to do it with.”, and others would say, “I’m in that area, let’s do it together!” or how about the missionaries overseas and women were offering to mail workbooks to them. I’m tearing up again just thinking about it. I was so moved. This is a special place. A God blessed special place!

  20. 20
    Linda says:

    Oh Beth, I was going to sit this one out because I am all on my own and didn’t think I would really “qualify”. I am part of a wonderful Bible Study group at church (in fact we are doing your study on Rev. in the fall), but we don’t meet during the summer. You are so right. I need the company of other women who want to study the word.
    So I’m going to get my book tomorrow – and I’m in.
    I just can never resist your sweet self.

    • 20.1
      Beth says:

      Yahoo!!! Please also know that you don’t have to do the study to be an active part of the community.

      • Patti says:

        I am so glad to hear that I don’t have to do the study to be part of this community. If I were doing the study though, my one word to describe my season would be solitude because I am in The Great Physician’s intensive care unit and presently my Healer is taking me through Paul’s letters and healing my heart in the process. I so need your prayers and the prayers of this sisterhood, or is that siestahood? My most specific request if that I’ll recognize it immediately when the enemy tries to blur the line (which I crossed yesterday)between soliture and isolation
        Much love to all of you,
        Patti H.

        • Sandy says:

          ohhh, Patti, I am praying for you!

        • Yanna says:

          Patti, I am lifting you Up to Him as well. Father cover Patti with Your feathers, and give her refuge under Your wings. Show her that Your faithfulness will be a shield and rampart in her life. Thank You Lord for this means of going before You, what rejoicing there is in heaven as many other siestas read and join in this prayer for Patti. Bless her Lord as only You know how. In Your blessed Son, Jesus Name, Amen. Psalm 91:4 Patti

        • Sue Schwendemann says:

          Patti, My prayers are with you. May the Lord spread His mighty healing powers your way. May you not feel so alone I am here with you, as I been through the loneliness and a loooooooooooong battle with Satan pounding on my door! ( the enemy is still here , I fight him daily). May the Lord bless and keep you from Satan’s wrath. Okay have a wonderful day. My e-mail is 3dogsdogspoo@gmail: if you want to talk.

    • 20.2
      Bridgette Jencks says:

      You will LOVE the Revelation study. SO SO good!!!

  21. 21
    Bethany says:

    If I were not at work typing this I would be sobbing on the floor with you. How I long for this type of sisterhood and find it severly lacking in my own life at this point. I long to have a sister friend, someone who sees my heart and loves me for me. I long to make a life friend, someone who knows me to my depths and see’s my imperfections and loves me anyways. This is why I love this blog because it’s real and because I can come here and be me and know that my comments will be met with love. I am just in a weird place with my friendships right now. Kind of a famine, and it hurts. But I know that He is always there and that He is weaving and sowing His perfect plan for my life including a sister friend out there somewhere…..
    And I love it Mama Beth that I can come here and know that even though my relationship with my own mother is not what I wish it were that your my other mother who lives really far away, that I will probably never meet, that I leave dearly and look up to incredibly.

    • 21.1

      Sweet Bethany,

      I haven’t been posting very long (though I’ve been reading the blog since Beth was carving it on cave walls), so I’m a bit of a stranger here, but your post just moved me so much. Not to mention it got my maternal instinct (which is on turbo anyway) all in an uproar. I know you’ll find a ton of sister friends in this lovely, loving, warm and silly place. I’d love to be one of ’em, girl. And I know that God is indeed weaving something fine for you. Don’t worry about His sense of direction. He got you to Siestaville, didn’t He?

      And ladies, does anybody really believe that Beth’s got an ugly cry? I don’t look that good when I’m laughing.

    • 21.2

      Sweet Bethany — I’ve walked your way before. I’ve been in that place where friendships were few and acquaintances were many. I’ve had my heart wrecked and I’ve handed those pieces to God — He is so good and restored my heart and gave me a new desire to minister to women in this online world.

      Oh, and I prayed and prayed for ministry partner/ true friend and God sent a precious woman I met via the online world. While I was hopeful for a friend in my neighborhood or even my state, He saw fit to bring me Melinda — who lives four states away. But I’m blessed. I’m praying for you and your friendships.

    • 21.3
      Anonymous (cause I can't think of anything catchy) says:

      Ditto … I’m in the middle of that very same famine. So you’re not alone in that. May we both be comforted by that!

    • 21.4
      Dora says:

      Bethany, I was so moved by your post i am in the same season in my life that you have just described. It breaks my heart and i pray constantly that God will give me the friendship that you have described, and am so deeply ashamed of myself sometimes when i get impatient with him. I just wanted to say thank you for your honesty and i want you to know that i will be praying for you too.

    • 21.5
      Denise says:

      Bethany, I know EXACTLY what you mean- I am in the middle of that famine, too! I have friends, but everyone is so busy and so on- it’s just not like it used to be. Anyway, I want you to know that you are not alone in your famine and I think there are so many more of us out there, looking for the same kind of relationship you are!

    • 21.6
      Bethany says:

      My Sweet sister in the Lord and in name,

      I know your experience and emotion in the friendship famine. I’ve been there too sister. God WILL PROVIDE a sister-friend for you and who knows, maybe it will be another siesta on this here blog! I am here for you if you ever need a listening ear or just someone to share your feelings with πŸ™‚ Please feel free to contact me anytime. I know it might seem a little weird to have a stranger offer friendship but that seems to be the way that it has happened for me on this blog and I want you to know that there are many siestas here who are just wonderful! You will find your sister-friend. πŸ™‚

      Blessings to you!
      Bethany (california)

    • 21.7
      Ruth says:

      I just wanted to chime in with some of the others saying that I can totally relate. . . and will be praying as well!

    • 21.8
      Sharon says:

      Bethany, so many of us have been where you are. You are so wanted here. I finally got that through my head this summer, too. This is an incredible group of ladies led by an incredible servant of the Most High God…. and she encourages us in her own unique way to go on this amazing adventure with our God each day! He’s so worth it and He loves you and all of us more than we can ever imagine or even care to ask. Dive in, girl, and praise Jesus that He led you here!

    • 21.9
      Shannon says:

      Wow, reading your post was like reading something I just wrote in a journal. I write things that probably seem pointless to others just to help me feel connected and that someone cares. It’s nice to know we are not alone in these struggles.

    • 21.10
      Tammy says:

      This could so have my name at the bottom. For the last 6-9 months I have felt so alone, unable to connect with anyone that could really listen and hear my heart. No one that would be spiritually mature enough to have a God word for me and not just tickle my ears with meaningless jabber. I am desperate for time, time to share and cry and just be in the company of godly women who are connected to and following God’s voice and heart. Women who desire to know this God that we serve. Yearning to hear His voice and seek His face. I am so at work and so wanting to “ugly” cry I can’t stand it! I pray that this study and this forum is the thing God will use to bring me not only into the right relationship with Him but also a freindship with others who see my heart not my size, color, wallet or even circumstances. I am grateful God brought me to this study and pulled on my heart to type my name.
      In Christ,Tammy

    • 21.11
      KaraLinaFan says:

      Please know I share the cry of your heart. I ache as I read your words, because I have felt that longing for closer connections to sister friends, regardless of age, place in life, etc. I don’t know how it will work online, but I do know that if the Lord is leading you to someone, there is NOTHING we can do that will stop His purposes from being accomplished!! Be encouraged, be strengthened, and know you are loved!

      Blessings by the Bucketload,
      Concord, NC

    • 21.12
      Kimberly says:

      Bethany and all the other sweet ladies who replied;
      I’m in that same season of famine. Oddly enough, it makes me feel better knowing I’m not ‘alone’ in this and encouraged that it is only a season. Thank you for sharing your heart. I’ll be praying for you and our other new found friends here πŸ™‚

    • 21.13
      Tammy says:

      I understand where you are. I am there too. I have been praying about so just want you to know you are not alone in lack of sisterhood. I feel the same way.

      blessings siesta

    • 21.14
      Country Fried says:


      Oh girl! I’m with ya! When I had to make the decision to leave my job and friends and move back to my hometown to take care of my family, I have felt so alone! I understand longing for that friendship where they see your heart and don’t judge you! I don’t understand this god stuff, but just being able to be a part of community of amazing women helps so much! Hang in there girl!

  22. 22
    Patti says:

    You are so right!!! We need to get to know each other with our hearts first. I was up way after my bedtime just reading the posts here. My heart was moved time and time again by the testimonies, heart ache and trials. This is going to be such a time of blessing for all of us.
    I could hardly wait to get into my study again this morning, after my quiet time and Bible reading.
    I started really reading the word for the first time in all my many years of being a Christian. I feel like I have sooooo much to catch up on and the word has become ALIVE for me.

  23. 23
    Melody Reid says:

    Beth, I’m in seminary right now, and between that and my obligations to my precious family, I cannot commit to do the summer Bible study series with all the Siestas. That makes me sad! But know that this blog community lifts me up every time I read it, which is often. Im with you, who could’ve thought, ten years ago, that this type of community could be experienced online for crying out loud. I love that our God is so wild!

  24. 24
    TraciG says:

    Oh Beth… I’m not part of the summer study on-line, but I do want you to know that as an outcropping of our AMAZING turn out at So-Long Insecurity Live, we have almost 60 women who have committed to doing Breaking Free at our church this summer. It’s unbelievable, unless you believe in a God who draws us to Him, time after time. We laughed and laughed last night as we watched the video about the 410 shotgun and the snake… here in the plains of Eastern Montana, we know about 410 shotguns AND rattlesnakes. The whole bunch of them from 12 year old Jayna, to 83 yr old Lorraine were just howling. I looked back while we were singing “Thank You for the Cross” and I saw one lady, whom I only know because my friend brought her. She just lost her husband, and just found Bible study and the Lord this winter. She was back there just crying her little eyes right out because she feels so tender. It’s amazing. I guess I already said that. But it is. What an AMAZING God we serve and I’m so excited that so many girls want to deal with their junk… and during the summer. AMAZING!!!!

  25. 25
    Rebecca says:


    God is good! That is all!!!

    Love you like crazy,

  26. 26
    Regina says:

    Darling, darling Siesta Mama — I hear you! Isn’t it amazing what happens when God pulls us together?

    Tomorrow (Thurs) morning, I’m leaving my wonderful man for a few days so I can go to St. Louis, first for YouLEAD, then for Living Proof Live with some of the ladies from my church (and one who moved away but is coming with us anyhow). I’m trying to figure out just how God’s shaping me to serve women, maybe even working women specifically like myself. I will see you — and I sincerely hope (but somehow fear to pray) that we might meet.

  27. 27
    Jessica says:

    Go, girl.

    Do the ugly cry. This place makes my day.

  28. 28
    Lindsay says:

    Oh my goodness, glad to hear you’re holding back tears. I started reading this with Chris Tomlin’s “Our God” on in the background and as I was reading your paragraph where you’re listing out the different types of women in the group, the music was growing, the drums getting louder and I was crying! I felt like a big dork until you said you were holding back tears. Thank you for starting this. I know last night when my group met, we all felt like we could breathe a sigh of relief. Finally…a way to meet with other women and talk about our Lord. One of the greatest things in this lifetime.

  29. 29
    Debbie says:

    I am so glad God brings those of us together who need each other at just the right moment in time. We are so busy sometimes but he knows just when to introduce us and to whom. I love reading the blog and have it on my phone so I can look at it during the day at work. Thank you Beth and team for providing this inspiration to all of us. Debbie

  30. 30
    Rachel says:

    Amen! I love how the love of God can knit strangers together! Thank you for being our Siesta Mama Beth! We sure are blessed by your tender heart!

  31. 31
    Nancy says:

    Just wanted you to know that a group of us in Columbus IN are doing your Revelation study this summer. I had done the Siesta study last summer and was about to get a group to do it this summer, but a friend and her daughter felt led to do the Revelation Study. So–even though we won’t be logging on to the Siesta study, know that someone is doing the alternate Siesta study. This is the first Bible Study that one of us is doing–Pray for her- she has some wonderful insights!!! Praise God for His goodness and love for us!

  32. 32
    Barb says:

    When you lift Jesus up, He said He will draw all ‘men’ unto Him. That’s what you do Sweet Beth, Siesta Mamma! Thank you for being willing to be used!!!
    lovingly, Barb

  33. 33
    Crystal says:

    ooh and now you have me crying! What a blessing it is to be part of the amazing journey God has put you on, my siesta mama from another mother πŸ˜‰ We are richly blessed, gloriously loved on, and lavishly laughed with. THIS is fellowship!


  34. 34
    Melissa says:

    It amazes me how much love you have for this group. I am so thankful that you started Siestaville and that I had the privilege of finding you and the courage to finally post and join in a Bible study. Thank you for reminding me that single still has a place to serve and for everything else you do!

  35. 35
    Jariza says:

    You are so sweet to all of us and I so appreciate you and the way you feel about us without even having met some of us face to face. I LOVE IT! The feeling toward you is mutual Beth (Siesta Mama) =)

  36. 36
    Julie plosz says:

    When I was reading through the blog list last night, I too was blown away with the love and sincerity I saw in the entries. It encouraged my freedom to do the same. You are so right this is a a section of what the real church is like;
    simply motivated by love, so cool! I count it such a sweet blessing to be a part of siesta-ville! Thank you “Moore women”, for moderating this blog I know it takes hours to go through all of these, I am so grateful for you all

  37. 37
    Melissa says:

    I’m new to the Siesta World. I’m not doing the Bible Study online this summer, as I’m right smack dab in Believing God…which is probably one of my favorites. I do enjoy reading your blog..and am inspired daily by all the comments that follow it. God is such a big God with a big heart…I can’t wait to truly meet Him face to face! And the even cooler part- we’re all gonna be there together someday- don’t you know that’s a party just waiting to happen.

    Thanks for allowing God to work through you Beth, you are a true blessing in my life!

    • 37.1
      Rebekah says:

      Melissa, my church just finished Believing God about a month ago and it was the first Bible study I had ever done and it completely CHANGED. MY. LIFE. Oh my goodness so many truths that I pray continue to sink in. If you’re right smack dab in it, it only gets better. Each week I was thinking, ohhhh, this is better than last week and that was the best! πŸ™‚

      Get that hand in the air and let me hear that 5 statement pledge of faith! πŸ˜€ (P.S. I just did it at my desk…I’m a nerd.)

      Enjoy the study and blessings to you!

      • His Jules says:

        I did it too! I guess we are “Siesta Nerds”.

      • apurefire says:

        I agree with the other ladies – Believing God changed me life! And I had to do the 5 statements too. grin. (number 3 is my fav)

      • Melissa says:

        Yes! Gotta love that pledge…and the blue ribbon I’m wearing on my right hand. We’re in week 6 now..and LOVE it!!!! We can be nerds together!!!! 8)

    • 37.2
      obnursemomma says:

      Hi Melissa!
      I’m pretty new here too, have been reading on and off for a while.
      I just had to respond to you and say welcome! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Believing God. It was my first Beth study, and it truly changed my life.Even bought the cds and sometimes just pop one in to listen again. It is always just what I need to hear.
      Bless you as you go towards your promised land!

  38. 38


    That was absolutely beautiful:)
    Psalm 8…I am so in agreement with that!
    I could say so much right now, instead I am just going
    to be still.

    I don’t know how you even put any of that into words! πŸ™‚


  39. 39
    Kathy says:

    Beth, thank you for taking the time for your comment- it reminded me that our Lord, often drops our veils to bless us- You and (Amanda’s young knowing direction) have provided us with a blessing through this blog- I’ve never attempted another blog of any sort- You and all at LPM are loved and appreciated- what an honor to have been directed to this ministry- Senior Citizen, Kathy, Austin

  40. 40
    Cory says:

    Cory from Mills River, NC.Beth, thank you for including “solo’s”. I’ve asked some of my family to join me via online and I pray they will. You asked about the ONE word: (of course there are so many) ‘Difficult’. Health issues which are disabling so much of the time. I’m also expectant over what God shows me through this study. He’s my Rock and my Fortress. I pray He’ll make things very plain and will lift you up as you lead us as well. Blessings and Love to you!

  41. 41
    Sharon says:

    Oh,my,GOODNESS!!! Such eloquence, Beth. I was reading your post outloud to my husband (but he just didn’t get it!) It’s truly amazing – the sisterhood all centered on our dear Jesus. You said it so well.

    I have put off organizing a summer Bible Study right now because we are in the middle of possibly having to move because of tough financial times (I’m sure I’m not alone). But as I read the blog and the excitement of preparation I think what a blessing it would be to be in a company of women such as this. I might just have to get on the ball and do something – I cannot sit back and read about it all.

    Beth, thanks for being a hand maiden of the Most High!

    • 41.1
      Patti says:

      Hi Sharon,
      We’ll probably be moving this summer for the same reason so you are definitely not alone.
      I hope your day is blessed.

  42. 42
    Joyce Watson says:

    A short story_Because Insecurity is no Longer

    Here she was standing next to her bedroom window looking out at the flowers that were blooming up on the hillside. Her thoughts on the past, wondering what would life bring next.

    She had grown up feeling like she would never be worthy, never quite fit-in to life’s expectations, not be accepted or really loved for just being who she was.
    Unlike her younger sister who was smart, so very cute and popular; she was shy, not at all pretty to look at and no one noticed her. What friends she had though were her friends for life.

    She had loved her sister dearly and wished sometimes she could be just like. She had wanted her mother’s approval for so long, yet even after she passed away_there seem to be no real answers to why she could never really connect with her.

    How things had changed and this little girl was now grown up with a family of her own. She had so much be thankful for_God had been good to her. She no longer had to search for answers and fix into the mold everyone else wanted her to fit into. She had been accepted, loved and felt for the first time in her life actually free. God had shown her what it meant to live and depend on Him. She knew in her heart He would take care of her. “Thank you, Lord” she whisphered.

    Just like those flower on the hillside, she had grown to something beautiful in the inside. And she would continue to show others the kind of love she had found. Not one day would go by that she did not water at least one flower, so it could bloom as bright and beautiful as God had made her feel.

    __I know this story may seem alittle silly, but last night I was thinking the same thing how much I appreciated everyone. I have not felt the same since I read your book on insecurity. There has been this peace and for me to be able to reach out to have friendships and share is a big part of healing. It has open a new door and I am so very thankful for the Siesta Sisters sharing what is in their hearts.
    I thank God for you Beth and your staff for your compassion and love for the Lord. Thank you for letting me be apart of this wonderful group.

  43. 43
    Charlene says:

    Hearts knit together by the love and blood of Christ.

  44. 44
    Theresa says:

    I’m simply blown away! There are so many of us Siestas and we’re all so in awe of our God and are all so very grateful for you, Beth. I’ve tried to read all the posts and have gotten only as far as the sixth page of the blog. Only two days into this study I have already seen how we should seek for spiritual nourishment. Thank you Siesta Mama and may God bless you and Siestaville in a mighty way!

  45. 45
    Kris says:

    I am “tagging” along with the Bible Study. Lost my job 2 years ago. Been spending my time seeking work and seeking Jesus. Came across comments about Beth Moore’s previous Bible Study and am THRILLED I found out in time. Planned on just reading what other people said for inspiration but Beth was nice enough to post the first few chapters of the book so I was up until midnight reading. May break down and order if I continue to have this excited feeling that I get every time I start my study!
    Thank you Beth, you put a pep in my step and I am positive it was God that led me to your website… just in time!

  46. 46
    Jenna says:

    I can barley wait till tomorrow morning to do my nexts day study!! I may be weird but I love HOMEWORK! It’s what I need to stay obedient and on the straight and narrow!!! But what a fun straight and narrow it is!!!!! My hubby and I have been talking scriptures all night (in a “loving” debate about Davids many wives and if it was considered “sin”). How much fun we’ve had in the word!!! I can honestly say that I believe this study already has been a turn around for me in my walk with the Lord. I feel me drawing closer to him in a way that I won’t be able to depart from, which is what I am SEARCHING/longing for!!!!

  47. 47
    Amy Steger says:

    Mama Beth, I’ll be doing this solo in Lenoir City, Tn but can’t wait! I’ve been a follower but will now be a joiner. Love you!

  48. 48
    Amy says:

    Columbus, Ohio: 3. We are meeting between two homes. Our group is made up of family members who are in our 20s and 30s. One thing that we talked about was how we haven’t really done Bible studies since college. We are looking forward to digging into the book of Ruth. We also talked about how we don’t really have a lot of scripture memorized and that is something that we would like to start doing.

  49. 49

    Oh Beth…. my heart is so tender toward all these precious women who are here and across the internet. What an amazing journey we are all on and we are pioneers in this crazy wild place. It’s my joy to be a part of this community and I love how the Lord has called me to serve this community. Not in way you are serving, but on a much smaller scale, but it’s my honor to do so.

    May God continue to bless you and the efforts of your team.

  50. 50
    Bobbie says:

    Beth, I often think how amazing this community is! God gave you a gift of ministry–you share this gift so beautifully–and at the same time, teaching each one of us to share and love one another as God loves us. I love the way we can reply to each other so easily, this has really opened up avenues to connect that many have not dared to try.

    I have to tell you that our Scripture Memory time will be a welcomed event. I tho’t I would be able to keep it going on my own, but I haven’t done as well as I planned! My scriptures from last year have been a true blessing when I least expect it!

    Thank you for being so loving and caring for this group of women and our families, praying for us and making us laugh when we needed to (whether you knew it or not)!
    Loving you and your love for others!

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