Tenderhearted Toward You

My Dear Siestas, I can’t take long with this post because I’m pretty swamped with work and, besides, it’s almost time to go home for the day to my man. I wish I had a unique way to convey what I feel but by the time I think of just the right words, the emotion will probably pass. I’ll just take a messy stab at it before my heart cools off.

At the moment I’m writing this note to you, we’re almost at 1000 comments on the Siesta Summer Bible Study launch. A number of the comments are replies and MANY are glorious solo sign-ins but, even accounting for all of those, we already have several thousand women – in groups or as individuals – doing Bible study together… and barely 24 hours into our journey. Chances are, many others will join us over the next week or two.

You are literally from every corner of the country and from several other parts of the world. You are students, SAHMs, singles, marrieds, and widows. Many have been through painful divorces. Some of you are doctors. Several in med school. Many are teachers. Others of you are missionaries. For those of you who have pictures with your blogger names, you are as different as night and day but as darling as every other. Truly (and I’m not sure how to explain it), I never meet a woman I don’t think is darling. I love all the ages. All the shapes and sizes. Skinny behinds. Wide behinds. Long hair. Short spiked hair. I reckon it’s just because God suited me for women’s ministry.

Anyway, I sat in my bed in my pajamas this morning and checked the blog after finishing my quiet time. We’d had 297 comments come in over night. As I checked each one and read your sincerity and fervor and saw such humility in your self-professed lackings and needs, I shook my head and said out loud to our God, “You must love them so much.” As I watched you reply to one another and invite one another to join in, as I saw you reach out to all our solo girls to make sure they felt completely plugged in, share email addresses with one another and even ask to meet up in person, I nearly started crying. Even now I am choking back the tears.

In a strange sort of way I can’t quite explain, I had a Psalm 8 moment. “Lord, who am I and who are we that You would allow us to join together this wonderfully weird way and seek You? AND FIND YOU, for crying out loud????” The Internet has brought such harm and havoc to individuals and homes but this day I sit in awe of the beauty of several thousand women with hearts knit together in Scripture from all over creation with one lofty aim: to seek Jesus Christ, the Savior of the World. Our Kinsman Redeemer. Our Life and Breath.

We are every denomination. We are all sorts of colors. We come from every possible background. And here’s the part that makes me want to lay on the floor and bawl. (Honestly, I’m about to do the ugly cry.) We have been drawn into all these circles of relationships not based on looks, talents, finances, social status or even denomination. We have been drawn by God through our attraction to one another’s hearts conveyed in simple terms and short lines in blog comments, of all things. Something that didn’t even exist 10 years ago. It first hit me when many of us met for our Siesta Scripture Memory Team Celebration in January. I heard Siestas squeal when they met each other for the first time face-to-face and saw them hug like there was no tomorrow. I watched them huddleΒ  for endless pictures and thought to myself as I savored all the differences in age and type, “Would we have been friends at all if we were out in the world where social decorum strictly dictates? Would we have given each other this chance if we’d known each other’s faces, jobs, and worlds before we knew each other’s hearts?” Maybe. But I don’t think so. I think we are an odd composite study in sociology. What would happen if people could only see each other’s hearts first? Who, then, would become friends?? Just think of all the priceless relationships we miss because we look for those who remind us of us.

It’s been different here in this strange little web town we call Siestaville. And if we’d just lean in a little toward the heart of God and close our eyes for just a moment, I think we’d feel His pleasure. No, it’s not perfect around here because we’re so imperfect. Lord have mercy, I’m so imperfect. Sometimes we misunderstand each other or hurt each other’s feelings but those times are the exceptions. Overwhelmingly, this is as sweet a congregation of women as I believe you could find on Planet Earth.

We are a snapshot of the true church. The girly half, anyway. All different kinds of people attracted strictly by spirit. One Body of believers. One perfect Savior. I do not know why on earth this terrible former pit-dweller has gotten to serve this beautiful community of women – let alone be called it’s mama! – but today I am moved beyond words.

And crying.


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  1. 51
    Kim says:

    I love you Mama Beth!

  2. 52
    Kay says:

    Wow! After reading all the posts I was amazed at how many solo’s there are. And this Siestaville is becoming quite something. I was moved as well.

    Midland Kay

    • 52.1
      Rebekah says:

      I know!! I was like…solo, solo, solo, solo, solo…I’m not sure I’d have the discipline to do this study solo! But I praise God that they’ve found community here. I know I have and I have read this blog for the past couple of months but didn’t really comment until this study got going. We are quite something and I’m so thankful that God chose to make us that way! πŸ˜€

    • 52.2
      sharon says:

      Hey Kay…. I’m a solo-girl!!!!!!! I haven’t signed up yet, because I’ve not yet got my book. But hey, Satan might use the Internet for evil…. but WOE, he can’t compare to what God does and uses it for! Wow, He’s connecting His army…. as we lock arm in arm together from all kinds of places in this world! HOW I LOVE His creative-ness!

  3. 53
    rhonda says:

    Makes me tear up at times as well:) It is a good thang!

  4. 54
    Georgia Jan says:

    Sweet Beth: I don’t think I could love you more than I do right now. An extra portion of Siestaville JOY has been with me all day today too. I LOVE seeing all the comments from all over.

    I was one of those squealers at the Scripture Memory Team celebration back in January!!! I can’t wait to meet more of the siestas in the days and years and events ahead.
    I believe God is pleased too! Isn’t it good that we love each other since we are going to spend eternity together?

    Thank you and your girls for loving us and caring about us…skinny behinds, wide behinds. You beat everything, you know that?

    Your friend,

    • 54.1
      Yolanda says:


      Honestly, I know that I know, that I’ll never forget your squeal and your expression when our eyes met….there are no words to begin to express that moment, those feelings. I’ll tell ya Sweet Thang’….they’ve carried me far when I feel battle weary. I love you!!


  5. 55
    Darla Baerg says:

    I love being part of the “girly half”!

    I want to “Lean in and feel His pleasure”. Well said Mama.

  6. 56
    Deborah says:

    How true about getting to know hearts first! Why is it so easy to judge others when we really have no idea about their circumstances?!

  7. 57
    Misty says:

    Mama Beth – oh how I love you and your heart!

    I wanted to share here really briefly how our little SSBS group came together. Last year when you came to Deeper Still in OKC, OK we got the wonderful little sampling for this Ruth study from the Lifeway table and my MIL and my friend Kristi (both in attendance at DS) and I talked about how wonderful the study looked. Meanwhile, some time back, another woman at my church had been introduced to the Ruth study through a friend and bought the book…but never started it. Somehow, Donna (this woman from my church) wound up on your blog looking at the first SSBS III post where you introduced the study for this summer and she saw my picture in a comment stating that my MIL and I were going to do the study. She is in the same Sunday School class as my MIL! She mentioned to MIL that she had seen we would be doing the study and it looked really good. My MIL told me that she mentioned having read my intentions to do teh study on your blog and I called Donna up and invited her to join our little group. She agreed. Then I called my friend Kristi, who has been searching for a Bible study, and our meeting schedule fits with her schedule!

    Mama Beth, I am so excited at how God has pieced together our little foursome! He has great plans for us to learn from each other this summer and I just cannot wait. We’ll meet Thursday (tomorrow) this week, but our other meetings will be on every other Tuesday…looking forward to getting started. In fact, I have to go now to get some homework done! πŸ™‚

  8. 58
    rene sandifer says:

    Dearest Beth,
    I cannot possibly express my utter delight in the Lord on your behalf! I was just talking to my hubby about all of the 1000+ comments before you blogged again today. He is amazed at how drawn I am to the site. We have been involved in ministry our entire married life and been exposed to many wonderful women of God. So, I gave it some thought, and with tears coming down the cheeks I told him, “you have no idea what it means to me to be amongst other women who love Jesus as much as me. I have many Christian friends, but I LONG for the sisters who live and breathe His very being all over them. To live my faith outloud passionatley and have others “GET” it!! To have women who, like me, take God at His word and say OF COURSE that’s what you do…I mean is there any other alternative?!!” I feel like I am always the odd ‘zealous’ one. After one week on this blog, I know I am not, and it brings me delight, and I just have to say it again, delight!
    In my opinion, THAT is the glue Jesus has given Seistaville…HE has drawn each and every one here and I am one thankful soul.
    As I have said several times before, I will be in St. Louis with 23 yr. old daughter in tow and dear friend who will both experience this for their first time. I will be in prayer for you as together we bring glory to THE King… all 1,000’s of us!!
    With love and deep respect,

    • 58.1
      rene sandifer says:

      p.s. on a lighter note, remember this is the daughter who told her boss she HAD to off in order to fly up for a ‘family reunion’…so here’s to see’n ‘the fam’ haha : )

    • 58.2
      Sarah says:

      Wow! You spoke right from the thoughts of my spirit! I too, am the ‘zealous’ one in my circle and at times I feel like they look at me and say . . . really!?! These are the friends who know my heart and have known me before I saw the light. I was one who had to get really scared in the dark, to know the wonderful bliss of the light!!! Thank you for your post, it makes me feel more like I belong here than ever! God bless you and know I’ll be saying “AMEN!” and “PRAISE GOD!!” right along with you!!!

    • 58.3
      Mary Anne says:

      I can identify with you completely. Thank you so much for your post. I have really struggled with feeling like I am the ‘weird one’ when it comes to the importance I place in my life with Christ. I feel like no one in my life can identify with my relationship with God, although I have many beautiful Christian girlfriends. You said it perfectly – thanks again.

      • rene sandifer says:

        Dear Mary Anne and Sarah,
        Just saw your replies…..am thrilled to know you feel the same, as I am sure MANY also do. A little encouragement goes a long way for all of us! Will think of you both and smile when I am tempted to be less than my ‘zealous’ self! And I hope you will do the same!!
        xoxo, rene : )

  9. 59
    sharon says:

    Dear Beth, I so understand the “ugly cry”… I’ve had one myself today… in my car, on my way home. And over almost the same reason. Though a much smaller group, for sure, but one as day-and-night different from each other and as beautiful as your 1,000 group of already committed girls are…. All with their heads bowed, turning pages and seeking God fervently in His Scriptures. I told Him today, “I LOVE them so much, LORD….” and then, felt He said so sweetly back to me, “Yes, you do. But I love them more!” I nearly drove myself off the road over the pure overwhelmation of it! His response made me cry harder! What a precious God we serve… that totally truly from life-to-death-to-back-again greatly LOVES His girls!!!!!!!

    I’ll tell you one thing about them before I hush… to give you a glimpse… to show their picture. These sweet things that are so determinedly seeking Him are locked behind the physical bars of a prison. This particular group has all been there for a VERY LONG time! They are some of the most precious things I know… who sang to the tops of their lungs today, “Oh Lord prepare me… to be a sanctuary… pure and holy… tried and true….” Oh my goodness! Their hearts bellowed… as mine did too!…… Can you only imagine, then, the heart of our Savior’s, as He watched His girls singing to Him?!!! No doubt, they are some of His pride and joy… because together we do some De-Light-ing out loud for our Lord!

    I’m with you on the ugly-cry….. some realities are too big for a heart to hold…. and the feeling MUST come out in a evidence of some sort… which in this case, just happens to be a liquidized proof of the feeling. I think the heart would burst from the hold of it if it didn’t. How smart, wasn’t it, that God would even think of that!

    Thank you for sharing your heart with ours… I’m a better me, because of the Jesus in You!

    • 59.1
      Sharon says:

      Okay. Your post just about slayed me. Praising God with you!

      • sharon says:

        How sweet of you, Sharon, to comment. Just thinking about it just about “slayed” me again this morning after reading your comment and thinking of the heart of those girls!

    • 59.2
      Rebekah says:

      All I can say is amen and amen. On so many levels. Those are some beautiful words Sharon and they ministered to me this morning.

      • sharon says:

        AMEN (again), Rebekah! If our hearts overflow like they do with the overwhelmation of His Wonder and how He pursues and changes and transforms people….just imagine the heart of our Saviors! His must be overflowing even more than ours ever could! Have an awesome-filled day, Rebekah! And thanks for blessing my heart today with yours!

    • 59.3
      Amanda Waller says:

      Sharon, I love this… simply love this. I have to admit, I have been praying that God will open my heart to others for fellowship and reading this, I know that fellowship I crave is so possible. It may not be with someone I would “expect” to connect with, it may be a group of women online, that I may never meet, it may be someone in my life already that I wouldn’t consider a soul sister… I just hope that when that fellowship presents itself, I will see it and embrace it. Like someone put on this blog earlier, at first, I didn’t feel significant in siesta-ville. I’ve never met Beth, I’m not elequent with words like so many others here are, and I don’t always have something “deep” to share. But I’m realizing that none of that matters, HE matters, and because of this fellowship in siesta-ville, I’m making changes in my life and I’m ready to open up to fellow sisters in Christ for true fellowship. May HE be praised.

      • sharon says:

        Oh Amanda, you said, “I have been praying that God will open my heart to others for fellowship….It may not be someone I expect…” Oh girl, I have no doubt He’ll bring you someone(s!!!)…. or simply SEND you out to them if they’re not the ones that come looking! I am learning daily, that they’re everywhere! We all need people! We all need fellowship! So many out there are lonely… and SO MANY need help! So many simply need a friend. And none of us are insignificant… even on here… though I will admit, that I feel a bit intimidated sometimes and insignificant myself. Aren’t we silly! All grown-up, but still little girls!!!!! πŸ™‚ I wish you were close. I could put you to work!!! Of course, I’d take you with me behind electrified razor-wired fences. Perhaps you’re glad that you may not be so close? HE is all that matters, and I am honored to serve Him! Blessings to ya, girlfriend! Thanks for stopping a minute and speaking!

      • tricia says:

        I love what you said about not being elequent with words that is so “me” and it makes me feel intimidated. You are so right about the fact that “He” is all that matters! Apparently we are a lot alike! I am also trying to make changes in my life!

    • 59.4
      Cindy says:

      Sharon, thank you for your words and for your ministry to the special ladies. Slain while reading and nearly having the ugly cry! Bless you!

      • sharon says:

        Awww… come on… we’ll all have an ugly cry together. It’ll do our lQQks good! πŸ™‚ P.S. My sister’s name is Cindy! πŸ™‚

    • 59.5
      His Jules says:

      Sharon I think you are in Montgomery, and I am in Tallassee a few minutes down the road, I think your post was awesome – Keep on keepin’ on sister!!

      • sharon says:

        Hello His Jules… you’re a neighbor?!! What fun! Maybe we can run into each other sometimes? Wouldn’t that be blast! To just sit awhile and bask in our Savior… and tell of the wonders of His! HUGS… from my house to yours!

      • tricia says:

        Hey HisJules and Sharon I am also from Bama just up the street a little way.

    • 59.6
      Sarah says:

      Thank you so much for sharing . . . I was beginning to think I was about to run out of tears! Our God is so good!

  10. 60
    kathy Pink Bicycle Arkansas says:

    Amen! Haven’t gotten my book yet, hoping to get in on this, so far behind and overwhelmed with home improvements. It’s sometiems hard for this single girl to do it all by herself.

    See you this weekend. Almost fogot to pack my arm band and ticket….God reminded me! Going up tomorrow! Desperately need this weekend

  11. 61
    BJ says:

    THIS is what I was talking about when I commented yesterday. Love it. LOVE IT.

    And I love YOU. πŸ™‚

  12. 62
    Cindy Faust says:

    Dearest Beth,

    I have already finished this wonderful study. It was so meaningful to me at this season of my life. After 27 years my husband has left me for another life. My oldest daughter got married and is expecting our first grandchild and my youngest is off at school. this year has been way, way hard. Like granite. When your sweet siestas get to the part where Ruth and Naomi are “weeping forward” just know how heartbreaking but necessary that first step is to take. I will be weeping forward with each of you this summer. Bless you.

    • 62.1
      Rachele says:

      Oh Cindy!!! My heart cries out for you but so glad to “feel” through your words that you seem on the path to recovery but mostly on HIS path! The last two years I have kept feeling like I am stuck on a roller coaster and no one will take my season pass back; then the Lord tenderly spoke to me and reminded me that “those who wait are renewed”. We are ready aren’t we sister????

      Abiding Still In Him,

      • cindy says:

        Dearest Rachele,
        Thank you so much for your encouragment. That is the ticket to get off the coaster dear girl. Encourage one another and the blessings will come. I am praying for you today.


    • 62.2
      Denise says:

      Wow- now that’s a word picture- like granite. ((Hugs)) to you, Cindy!

  13. 63
    Gina says:

    There is so much that I could say…instead of ink to fill the pages, I will say there is not enough space on the internet. πŸ™‚

    For those of you that leave short, to the point comments…I love them! Many make me smile throughout the day.

    Isn’t it absolutely amazing that even when Jesus walked on this earth, he saw Siestaville? “The person that trusts Me will not only do what I am doing but even greater things…” [Jn. 14:12 The Message] He saw…even then He saw what we are experiencing here. Incredible!

    “Ugly cry” – My heart bled this morning again for the men in our churches. Lord, please raise up men to teach our men.

    Beth, the Lord God is hearing your deepest heart cry.

    Melissa, anxiously waiting for Part II – be encouraged!

  14. 64
    Grateful sister says:

    Beth, I am so thankful for the creation of this community of sisters and for the idea of “summer siesta study”…I didn’t know when we met this morning that I would be slapped (it’s how I feel) tonight. Tonight an old foe is back in my daughter’s life, I thought she was finished with it, and up popped it’s ugly head…and in God’s provision I met today in our study and was prayed up, filled up to react by myself (my calmer half is traveling) in a grace-filled way. It wasn’t me. And she knows the enemy was at work, her spiritual eyes are growing keaner! I just can’t praise Him enough that He prepared me!

  15. 65
    Tammy says:

    Oh Sweet Mama Beth,
    I just love you to pieces. I love your heart. This place is so special to me. I have been feeling such a longing for a gal friend to be near me. My prayer has not been answered yet, but in a way it has here with all you dear siestas who have become such a part of me.

    I had to chuckle in your posts about loving all women. I am doing your Esther study and you said the very same thing in your words to us today. We are in in Esther 4 and boy did I feel God today. I am so excited to see what my homework has ahead for the week. But one thing I am sure is that I am in a bit of crises and yet God has been pulling at my heart on something and I have been dragging my feet. But your words today about God’s time and using crises made me see things a bit differently.

    I am not able to do the siesta bible study as God has got me going with Esther and I feel he has a reason for it and he wants me to focus there, but I am praying and reading and listening to all you siestas. Some of the comments yesterday nearly made me cry as I just wanted to hug you and sit with you over tea and be there. So I will be part of the study just not the usual way.

    I love you all siestas and Mama Beth thank you for your words today. I know you didn’t know that you were speaking to me in my Esther lesson today but my group and I just went WOW! You are so loved.

  16. 66
    Susan says:

    Dear Siesta Mama,
    I love reading your blog and I am moved to tears too. Of all the things I do each day on my computer the letters here are my favourite and most sincere words to read.
    I tried to buy the book at two different stores here, one a christian and the other in the mall and neither could sell or order it for me. I was just going to give up, but I can’t stay away. I will follow the letters instead and enjoy the words and video’s you send to us. I also wanted to say, in all my years of being a christian (nearly 50) I never learned to have a daily time with the Lord. Seems I wasn’t exposed to such a concept. I am still working at it and love the analogy that any day without talking with the Lord is a day in the ditch!

    • 66.1
      Gretchen says:

      Hi, Susan,

      You can find the book at kellyminter.com and just order it off her website. I sure hope you join in as I know you’ll be very blessed! -Gretchen

  17. 67
    Debbie says:

    I am so excited about this Bible study!! When the post was made I started to cry because it confirmed what God has been speaking to me since January. God has been using the book Ruth, starting with Piper’s book “Ruth” a Sweet and Bitter Providence along with a friend calling me early in January and saying she felt that she has a special word of encouragement and that this season of my life is like Ruth’s.

    This has been my toughest year ever!! I think I posted one other time and shared how I had to move from Denver to Houston last September. I came kicking and screaming, then I just started crying every day after that!! Houston is a VERY large city to try and find your way around (I was lost for hours on the freeway ( who knew that Beltway 8 has about 4 different names?) To top it All off, I think I have come to the realization that I am ADD as well as being pre menopausal at the same time! Yeah, that season, trying to understand my body and figure out one of the largest cities at the same time! And if that’s isn’t enough going on, my only daughter is getting married next month and we have been planning a wedding since January.

    So once again, I am delighted to begin the study and have two friends joining me as well. I believe at the end of this study, I will have an answer as to why God has sent me to Houston!! I don’t know why I feel that but I sense it in my spirit with expectancy!! This year was HUGE!! First the study of Esther (which I carry around with me like my Bible and reference constantly) the book of Hosea and the book of Ruth!! Thanks for giving me a place to share!!


    • 67.1
      Sharoni says:

      Wow Deb! Talk about coincidence…I moved here from Ft Collins Jan 2009! I know why we came, but it didn’t turn out quite as expected, although that’s not a bad thing. So…welcome to the big city!
      And…I have the same sense of expectancy for some reason in this study. We’re still looking for a church home & I’m prayin’ like crazy we find it soon!

      • Debbie says:

        Thanks Sharoni,

        To live in Colorado was “My Dream” and then to have to leave it was devastating to say the least!! I miss those “Rocky Mountains” in the summer months!! His words during this season have been comforting and compassionate even though at times I have been nothing but a brat!! God has really been revealing His love to me! I’m in The Woodlands, The Fellowship of the Woodlands and Spirit Filled Celebration is out here and I have heard great things about both!!

    • 67.2
      Karen says:

      Debbie, I understand in part your ‘year’. I followed my husband to a new job last Nov. to a small town in the southwestern edge of Saskatchewan from Alberta . Believe me it is possible to get lost on the bald prairie! I’m still getting my bearings here; struggling with emptynest, peri-menopause,getting used to the fish-bowl life of a sm. town … seeking God’s purposes for me here besides walking along-side my beloved.
      May God meet you (all of us) through His Word and this fellowship of journey-ers.

      • Debbie says:

        THEN you know what I’m talking about!! It is never easy moving to a new city especially alone. I think I would rather be lost in the largeness of a big city though than in a fish bowl!! He trusts you!! Thank you for your reply!! πŸ˜‰

  18. 68
    Pattygarv says:

    A literal taste of heaven, Beth.
    Praying for you & team in St. Louis this weekend!!

  19. 69
    Humbly At His Feet says:

    I think God has allowed His people to gather together for such a time as this! What a precious time it is and what a precious blog. I have never posted before. Have followed for a while. I truly believe He is gathering us together and every knee shall bow…thank you for being his gathering place!

    • 69.1
      Amanda Waller says:

      Welcome to posting Sweet Lady! We hope to see many many more posts from you in the future! πŸ™‚ I love your gravatar pic.. I think I’m gonna break down and get one too.

  20. 70
    Country Fried says:

    You are an amazing woman and Siestaville has been a blessing in disguise! I haven’t been on the blog in a while but I recently moved back to my home town to take care of my ailing parents and grandparents, and I would like to join the bibly study but I’m not sure how to go about it. Since I’m back in town with the family around I can’t openly study or try to learn anything that has to do with God. Although I know I’m not a christian and I’m not sure I can be, I so very much want to learn! Although I’ve never met anyone from Siestaville or Beth, I feel like I know ya’ll already! Thank you so much for being real and open!

    • 70.1
      Gretchen says:

      Hi, Country Fried,

      Welcome to Siestaville! I know I can speak for everyone by saying: We’re so glad you are here!! πŸ™‚ You said something in your comment I am curious about. You said that you’re not a christian and you’re not sure you can be – would you be willing to expand on that? I’d really love to hear your thoughts on why you think that.

      Also, if you are interested in getting the book you can get it by going to Kellyminter.com and order it right off her website.

      Blessings to you,


      • Country Fried says:

        Hey Gretchen,
        To make a long story short, because us Texas gals can be long winded, I was raised in a nonchristian religion and just other influences in my life that helped to influence me to believe that I could never be a part of this god stuff. Although I don’t practice that religion, and through my line of work I have been exposed a little to this god stuff, I have learned at my age not to ask questions. When I used to ask questions then I was usually laughed at or judged. Siestaville has given me the opportunity to read and try and learn some things without being judged! Although I’m in my 30s I feel like I have a child like curiosity about god and stuff. I don’t understand who god and Jesus are many other things but I’m curious.

    • 70.2
      Carolyn says:

      Dear Country Fried,
      Yes you can join the Bible study. Just buy the workbook “Ruth” by Kelly Minter. Do the homework every day and meet here on the blog every other Tuesday. And yes you can become a Christian. God loves you and sent his Son to die for you so you can have everlasting life with him. Praying for you and your ailing family members

    • 70.3
      Theresa says:

      Precious Country Fried,of course you can be a Christian. Love Jesus, accept Him as your Saviour, study His word and live by it. I’m praying you’ll find a way to do that in your current environment. God bless you.

    • 70.4
      Patti says:

      Hey Courtney,
      Welcome to Siestaville. You’ll find many friends here. Several times this morning I’ve caught sight of the clock on my computer screen and thought it was time to stop, but I think I continued reading this far just to read your comment. I just want you to know that I’ll be praying for you and your family. I hope your day is blessed.

    • 70.5
      Sarah says:

      Jesus loves you and He came for ALL, including you! Will be praying for you!

  21. 71
    Andrea Porter says:

    We are so blessed to have you as our fearless leader, Miss Beth and your esprit de corps having your back. A million thanks to you and the whole LPM crew.

    Andrea Porter

    • 71.1
      The Bettys says:

      BIG A!!!! When I saw your name and your picture my heart skipped TWO beats!!! 13 of us doing it here. Look for the red convertible that’s us – the Bettys. Miss you girl! Love, Leeann

  22. 72
    Kristi B. says:

    Dear Siesta Mama

    I have been sick physically for a while now. The doctors can’t figure out what is wrong. Physical illness has taken a toll on me emotionally and spiritually. Please pray that I can get out of bed literally and figuratively and complete this study. I really need it.

    I praise the Lord for sweet siestas that have been so gracious to me. The Lord has knit us together in such a unique way but make no mistake He has brought us together.

    I love your tender heart! We are so blessed to have you as our siesta mama!

    Love you so much!

    • 72.1
      Marie says:


      Oh, sister. I hear you on not feeling well.

      The Lord has been bringing me back to this verse over and over again. It is my prayer for you tonight: “And He said unto me, ‘My grace is sufficient for thee: for My strength is made perfect in weakness.'” – 2 Cor. 12:9a. I don’t know why He’s allowing you to go through this, but I know He’s right there with you.

    • 72.2
      sepik-meri katie says:

      praying for you siesta ❀

    • 72.3
      Kristi says:

      Siesta, my name is also Kristi B. and I am praying for you tonight.

    • 72.4
      Carolyn says:

      Praying for strength and healing for you sister. I know he will provide a way for you to do this Bible study. Love ya

    • 72.5

      Kristi B: I am so sorry you are not feeling well. I remember your sweet smile and hug when we attended the Minister’s Wives Conference at Two Rivers Baptist Church last year. Beth ministered to us in a very special way that weekend. Please take care of yourself, get the rest you need, and use this time as you are able to abide in Him and in His Word.

      Love you sister,

  23. 73
    Dora says:

    I love this blog! I love how all the women on here love each other. The women in my church are wonderful but we are all in such different seasons of our life i am the youngest women, 25. All of the other women have grandchildren and are traveling constantly and we are just not interested in the same things, outside of worshiping God. I couldn’t find anybody to do the study with and got upset and threw my hands up. But after reading you messeage today i am going to do it by myself and be happy about it. I don’t know anybody in siestaville but i love reading about yall and everytime i do my heart is blessed thank everybody so much.

    • 73.1
      Marie says:


      I’m not participating in the summer study, but I know how you feel about not connecting with women at church. A lot of the ladies I worship with are older (I’m also 25), and the ones that are near my age all have children (a blessing which has not been mine to partake of yet.) I love them all dearly, but it is a fight to connect sometimes.

      Would you like to chat via email? You can contact me at [email protected] if you want!

      • Tori says:

        I’m not 25, I’m 21 ;), but I don’t really have any friends my age that are Christians. I know exactly what you guys are going through because I feel alone a lot at church too.

  24. 74
    Leigh Ann says:


  25. 75
    Pam says:

    Moma Beth–
    What an inspiration you are! I had a terrible day at work today–one of the worst. I was very upset all day and even more upset as I realized how the devil orchestrated every single thing that went wrong. I thought I had prepared–praying my whole drive to work (1 1/2H) and putting my armor on to ensure I was “covered” and still…the devil “snuck” in, so to speak. What in the world am I doing wrong??? Anyway, I find now that after I return home, I can’t get to the computer quick enough. What comfort I find every day, and great comfort today especially, to log on and feel such joy and comfort from your post. How amazing life would be if we could only know one anothers hearts first. Thank you for sharing your heart today, and thank you from the bottom of my heart for being the obedient woman God called you to be. It is breathtaking to see how we all can truly come together for one purpose–seeking more of our wonderful Savior!! Thank you again, maybe I can “fit” here.

  26. 76
    Hilary says:

    We love you so much right back, Mrs. Beth.

    I had a funny thought tonight while I was changing sheets on the baby’s bed – I wondered what on earth the male half of the body of Christ does without a Mama Beth and a Siestaville and the rich studies that come from God through His girls like you and Kelly Minter… I mean, who do they have to learn from? Who do they have to mentor them spiritually? I have been listening to your studies on our inheritance during my daily commutes, and I think like you that I have NEVER heard a pastor teach on this, or a sunday school class on the subject, or material written on the subject, but as you know our inheritance is ALL OVER the scriptures. And our men don’t know about it?! Who is serving God’s men?? I am actually feeling really bad for them! While church is not something I take lightly, I will say that the depth of studies we women are involving ourselves is much much greater than what our families are getting in an hour on Sunday mornings… I don’t know… I am just burdened for our men… Which I guess makes our delving into the Word that much more important?! I wish I knew that men of Christ were getting as good of teaching and mentoring as we ladies are. It hurts me to think that they are maybe going it alone more than we think they are. Not sure I am expressing myself very well, but I am just feeling so thankful for our huge group of women drawing close to our God and to each other through this study, and feeling so bad that our men don’t have this too…

    • 76.1
      KaraLinaFan says:

      Maybe Keith, Curtis & Colin should start their own blog for Miestas??

    • 76.2
      Karina says:

      Hi Hilary

      What a wonderful heart you have! I don’t think it is a coincidence or an accident that you noticed this lack, even though I know that there are some out there ministering and mentoring men, obviously there are not enough, are there? I LOVE, LOVE and absolutely LOVE how the Lord mobilizes His body like this! Make no mistake, your prayers will be answered, and I’ll be praying that you’ll be able to see the fruit of it.

      Having said that, I’m also glad that guys aren’t like us, too. We women have our fun, but they also have their sort of fun. I’m a minority in my family (I have three boys) so I had to develop some appreciation for the other side, but suffice it to say that I don’t think what gives us a kick doesn’t do it for them? Does that make sense? I guess what I’m trying to say is that God knows exactly how to reach the guys and will raise them up and equip them, but they may not look like what we expect/like.

      Oh dear. I just re-read what I wrote in the second paragraph. I hope I’m not making this discouraging! It isn’t meant to be. I was just trying to say that we can rest in Jesus knowing God is in control and can handle the wide view of all the human complications ;o)

  27. 77
    jewelsbb says:

    I need to join in now.I was too afraid because of the painful circumstances I find myself in…too afraid to be a mess and have nothing profound to share. Thank you for your grace and the love that is found here.


    • 77.1
      sepik-meri katie says:

      girlfriend! get in! we are all a mess sometimes… but as our mama says, we NEVER in Christ can or will be a TOTAL wreck!! He is our hope and anchor… anyway, you’re loved here in siestaville so go ahead and sing out!

    • 77.2
      Sharoni says:

      Julia, we are all a bit of a mess at times and I admire the courage it took for you to share that! I am amazed at how often even a simple, “Hello, be blessed today” can be profound. Never doubt how the grace of GOD can shine thru you to someone else who just needs a little light. Your candle shines brightly and even more so thru your pain. We love you!
      Hugs today!

    • 77.3
      Roxie Crews says:

      Oh Julia, I feel your pain not even knowing what the circumstances are yet believing God to be who He is for all that you need.I know what it is to” be a mess and have nothing profound to share” so I say welcome to Siestaville-a safe place to be transparent and real!!! So, having shared that- I think what you posted was profund indeed!!!love you siesta! God bless you!!!

    • 77.4
      His Jules says:

      sweet girl, we are all a mess!!Sometimes a crying mess, sometimes a jumping up and down mess. You just jump right in here and we will love you right on, I sometimes think Jesus loves us best when we confess that we are “a mess”!

  28. 78
    April says:


    The Lord is awesome. Who knew that this wonderful thing would lead to so many ladies drawing closer to the Lord. I am really excited about this study ( it is my first one ) and I have been sharing it with my man. God Bless you so much and the work that he is doing through you…..

    I am so sad that I wont be able to see you this weekend πŸ™ I completely mixed the dates up and was thinking it was next month. Knowing you will only be 2 hours away from me just really makes me sad but I know that all the fellow Siesta’s will be tremendously blessed and the Lord will be throwing a PARTY this weekend……..LOVE YAH MAMA

  29. 79
    JoLene says:

    Miss Beth~
    Just read your latest blog of love to all of us in “Siesta-ville”…. My heart is just overwhelmed to bursting.

    One writer Kristi posted: β€œWe are one in the Spirit, we are one in the Lord.” I think this blog is a snapshot of what Heaven will be like. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to knit hearts together here.

    She couldn’t have said it any better… YOU love on us so much with how you let our amazing Lord work through you. Thank YOU for being a live vessel to be used by the Lord for His great works and miracles!

    PS: See you in September in Chicago! ;o)

  30. 80
    Margie by the Sea says:

    Dear Beth
    These numbers are indeed a concrete confirmation of the number of lives you touch.
    Multiply that by all of the women who have ever studied one of your in depth courses, attended a Living Proof Live event, read one of your books, listened to you on Wednesday’s with Beth, or had your teaching touch their lives in any way, and the impact of God’s work through your life would be hard to get your head around.
    Indeed, God is good in so many ways, but we thank Him especially for using you to bring us this knowledge and for teaching us about joy in fellowship with Him and each other.
    We love you.

    • 80.1
      Georgia Jan says:

      Hey Margie – I think of you often and enjoyed meeting you at the Scripture Memory Celebration. You were such a blessing to my heart.

      Love and Prayers,

  31. 81
    Sandra Hazen says:

    I love you Beth Moore!! God has used you to teach me soooooooo much!

    I have done your Daniel study and we are now studying Daniel in our Singles Sunday School Class (I am divorced after 30 years of marriage but that is a story for another day!!). I take my workbook from your study to class, of course, so imagine my surprise when one of the guys in the class looked at me last week and pointed at the book during a discussion and said……”I want to know what Beth says about it”.

    Do tell!

    Again, you have no idea the impact you are making on the lives of others by allowing God to use you in such a powerful and fun way. Those that don’t think God has a sense of humor have never listened to you. Yikes, did that sound bad, I meant it in a good way!

    …and you are my BFF too!

  32. 82
    Marie says:

    Amen and amen to the beautiful truth of this post! Won’t it be so cool when we all really do meet in Heaven one day?

  33. 83
    allison912 says:

    Beth- I’m so Thankful for your gifts. I’ve grown so much with you! First summer study, so excited!!! God Bless You, Siesta!

  34. 84
    Melissa says:

    You are so sweet to love us so. God is amazing how He is so creative in filling voids we don’t even know needs filling. I am a preacher’s wife and do make a concerted effort to reach out, but this blog has certainly kept me accountable, made me think, and flat out helped me stretch.
    Thank you and Melissa and Amanda for being so active on it.

  35. 85
    Kim Safina says:

    Precious Beth,

    If we “Siestas” were all in the same room together, I would raise my hand the highest if the question arose “Who among you is imperfect?” However, I would be smiling as my hand was flalling (is that a word melissa?) for all to see… Why? Because CHRIST JESUS LOVES ME AS I AM & DIED FOR ME SO THAT I COULD HAVE ETERNAL LIFE.
    I am forgiven!!!!!

    I love ALL of the Siesta’s in our Siestaville community. It grows each day with more beautiful women in our siestaworld. PRAISE GOD!!

  36. 86
    Adele says:

    Looking forward to the event in St. Louis this weekend! It couldn’t come at a better time…

  37. 87
    Kristi B. says:

    WOW!! Your words have hit home! I have never realized that in Siestaville we do get to know the heart first, and that is awesome!! If we would only not judge a book by its cover so to say, we would be so much better off! I love my siestas and you Beth!! Thanks so much for taking your time to do this!!

  38. 88
    Darla says:

    I love what you shared! Thank you for sharing. I will be checking in on the study. Just couldn’t pull it altogether before we left for a summer missions project. Please pray for 25 college students who are in Traverse City to serve, learn and share the love of God in community. They are trusting God for many things.

  39. 89

    Thank you Beth! Thank you for wanting us! I’m not always a very lovable person. And not very attractive nor very up on fashions. Sort of a backward sort. Not the person you would pick out to be your friend. But yet, here in Siestaville…I am! How amazing! How kind of our Lord to make a way so that we can, as you so aptly said, know the hearts of one another here even before we know the face or the shape or the hair color of each other. Glory!!!

    Marilyn…in Mississippi

    • 89.1
      Patti says:

      In Christ you are beautiful and as God’s Spirit changes you from strength to strength, perfecting in you the likeness and image of His Son, making you and ever increasing reflection of His glory, you will become even more beautiful. This all happens from the inside out and best of all, I don’t have to figure out how it happens, I just know that it does.
      Love to you,

    • 89.2
      KaraLinaFan says:

      This is Kara…in North Carolina!
      I just wanted to share a quick word with you, and am trusting that the Lord will lead you back to your post to read these words of mine (hopefully, inspired by Him)!

      My heart just aches to hear you describe yourself as you did “not always very lovable, not attractive, backward, not someone you’d pick to be your friend”….I grieve with you in that, because I, too, have spoken words like these over myself most of my adult life.

      However, and I pray you are able to receive this to the core of your being, YOU ARE OF SO MUCH MORE WORTH AND VALUE than you give yourself credit for.

      You are a Princess of the King of Kings. Fearfully and wonderfully made. He delights in you. He looks at you with love and is SO pleased with His creation that He rejoices over you and even sings to you your own special song. You are His beloved. Your name is inscribed on the palm of His hand, and He’s promised to never leave or desert you…..THOSE things, my Siesta Sister, are what make you attractive, lovable, and worthy to be friends with God!!

      May you be blessed beyond measure today!
      Concord, NC

    • 89.3
      Yolanda says:

      I think YOU are just perfect!!! You bless me so much!
      And I love ya like a true Sister!

    • 89.4

      Marilyn in Mississippi – I’ve not met you, but you have always been so kind and encouraging to me. I think you are a wonderful woman of God and I thank the Lord for you.


  40. 90
    LindseyM says:

    Momma B,

    I am so thankful for this blog, it is so encouraging as a college student to see women who are striving to be more like Christ. It’s an honor to be able to see everyone’s honesty of their struggles out in humility and then not put down but built up by women they don’t even personally know. It’s great.

    And I absolutely adore you, and all the sweet names you call us; it seriously always brightens my day and if it is “one of those days” it just reminds me that i’m loved not only by this community but by Christ. Always a treasure.

    Thanks momma. For EVERYTHING, EVERY moment, EVERY prayer you put in on our behalf. It’s a blessing.

  41. 91
    Kelly Jo says:

    You keep saying how much you think of us and how much you love us and I hear ya but today after reading this blog it really hit me…. that you really LOVE US. Its easy for us to love you because we see more of you, are you following me?… A few days ago my dad and I had a little fuss and I said nobody loves me and my dad said yes I do and I said well beth moore loves me more. I really believe you love me more than family, and I just love you like nobody’s business my sweet siesta mama!! 51 days till Lexington KY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait

  42. 92
    Jan Buckman says:

    Is it too late to get tickets for this week-end in St.Louis?

  43. 93
    Hope365 says:

    Dear Siestaville,

    My heart is burdened tonight because friends of mine who have had a child for 7yrs must give him back to his mom. This has been a very hard decision for them. They have loved him as their own but can no longer tolerate the chaos he has created in the home(they have 4 children of their own plus the boy’s sister). This post would take up 10 pages to fill you all in with everything. I know this is a Faithful, Grace-filled and safe community to share our hearts. Please just pray for my friends, this boy and his mom that God will have His perfect way in this situation.

    Thank you Siestas


  44. 94
    struggling says:

    Thank you so much for your words…I know God is trying to reach me through them. I’m really struggling in the whole relationship area. I’m not an easy person to love…there were a lot of childhood rejections that lead to some not so great personality traits/habits. The worst part is, very few people ever even get close enough to figure out I’m so difficult to love. My life is full of aquaintences. I had decided not to do the bible study this year and am allowing bitterness to set in b/c I was tired of having to do it alone b/c I can’t manage to secure a few friends. I think there’s many things that God is trying to tell me through your words if I would let Him in enough to process it all…

    • 94.1
      Gina says:


      I’m not real sure of what I can say to you to encourage you because I have been there (where you are now). Actually, even recently, the few friends that I had seem to have abondoned me along with my husband.

      Yes…I’m am very alone right now.

      Yes…bitterness tries to creep in because of my tragedy but… I have been bitter before… it is very hard to get rid of. I would rather have any other emotion than being bitter. It gripped my entire being…eating me from the inside-out.

      Wow, I’m still trying to find words. Words that will not seem “cheap” to you.

      Please find the courage to talk to me. I want to listen. Let me hold you up…be a crutch for you while you can’t walk by yourself.

      [email protected]

  45. 95
    anonymous says:

    I am loving and soaking up every word you say Beth. I am still trying to figure out how to be a siesta. I FBooked AJ about what to do but never heard. I am looking for some sisters to walk with through such unbelievable trials. Hoping for some help with how to be a siesta. Beth your heart is truly amazing. Thanks and God Bless

    • 95.1
      Tammy says:

      Dear anonymous,
      Welcome to siestville. YOu are one! We love each other here and we pray for each other like there is no tomorrow. You are loved by Jesus so much and nothing you are going through is bigger than HIm and there is nothing he can’t walk with you through. You are a siesta by just being here and being you.


  46. 96

    I am just about to cry I am just shaking my head and thanking Jesus for Mama I love you to pieces like I have said have never met but have seen you at a few conferences. Love the way you teach and draw us close to our SAVIOR and encourage us. I am glad to be apart of seistaville. I have met some awesome people not in person but thru email. One person who really struck my heart yesterday on the comments was Stacy she was having a few diffculties and I had a similar circumstance so I commented back to her and she emailed me and we are doing the bible study thru email, I about flipped when I recieved and email from her wanting to do the bible study together. So now we have that accountability , she is 23 yrs old and I am 53yrs so a difference in age but serving the same One True God. Thank you sweet mama for all you do Sometimes a song will come to me and it reminds me of you all the time ( IN CHRIST ALONE) the other is ( I FEEL LIKE I AM JUST ONE MISTAKE FROM YOU LEAVING ME THIS WAY ) I believe that was in the Esther Bible Study and I can picture you saying and asking God please don’t give up on me yet, Then you say God says you don’t give up, so when I hear that song I can hear your words and that song means alot to me because of what I have been thru.
    Thanks I have gone on way to long on commenting
    So I love you Sesita Mama
    Praying for you this weekend

  47. 97

    You are precious, dear Beth! I am blessed to be among you–sinful and broken though I am. I am covered by GRACE!

    Praying for you all in St. Louis–right across the bridge from my birth place! May God go before you and be your light. May He surround you and cover and fill you–each of you. May this be a weekend, where the BIBLE belt widens to cover those from my home…I want them to know Christ so badly!

    • 97.1
      Janet says:

      I’ve also been praying for the St. Louis LPL….that a spiritual renewal will start in our city and spread to all the surrounding cities and beyond. Praise be to God!
      Janet in St. Louis, Missouri

  48. 98
    shannon says:

    Beth, I have been praying for God to show me where He wanted me in His word… just desperate to be where He is and hear His precious voice! I truly believe this was an answer to that prayer! I can’t wait to see what He has for us! Thank you for being so obedient and faithful! Thank you for your AMAZING and very contagious love for our Father!

  49. 99
    Rhonda says:

    I know Beth, that I used to be very skeptical of the internet and thought it was a destroyer of life. But I have had to change my tune. This year it has been a special blessing to me. Geographically, it is pretty difficult to get plugged in to any Bible Studies. And when you drive a great distance, you never really feel a part of it totally.

    But somehow, on your blog, I do. I do not live in a strong
    Bible Belt area, so tapping in on the lpm blog – well, you feel a part of something. Women who are on the same page, women who just love the Lord!

    AND, you are so right about seeing each others hearts initially, before the physical. Someday, the good Lord willing, I hope to have an opportunity to meet some of you wonderful ladies.

  50. 100
    jackie says:

    When i came back from the SSMTC in January, i tried to explain to my ladies just what a picture of heaven i saw while there. I was so excited to go and even more excited to tell about the love of sisters-in-Christ and the common bond we have. that bond is not Mrs. Beth Moore..(though we love you dearly), that bond is Jesus Christ!
    all praise and glory to Him!

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