Laugh With Me

I loved my devotional this morning. It helped that I actually got to sleep in because I have the day off. Worked all weekend. And I do mean WORKED. I love the Deeper Still events but, because they last a half day longer than a regular LPL’s and the sessions are super long, you go home pretty wiped. Hence the day off. (I don’t take Monday’s off because of staff prayer time.) So, I was really rested when I was sitting propped up in my bed having my prayer time this morning. The Scripture hit me so tenderly that I nearly cried. You know the story. It’s about God’s fulfilled promise to Abraham’s wife, Sarah. Read the portion again and intentionally look at it as a woman because that’s sort of what this post is about. Be amazed and thankful that God has a long history of also making and keeping promises to women.

Genesis 21:1-7 (GW)
1 The Lord came to help Sarah and did for her what he had promised.
2 So she became pregnant, and at the exact time God had promised, she gave birth to a son for Abraham in his old age.
3 Abraham named his newborn son Isaac.
4 When Isaac was eight days old, Abraham circumcised him as God had commanded.
5 Abraham was 100 years old when his son Isaac was born.
6 Sarah said, โ€œGod has brought me laughter, and everyone who hears about this will laugh with me.
7 Who would have predicted to Abraham that Sarah would nurse children? Yet, I have given him a son in his old age.โ€

I got stuck on that part that says, “God has brought me laughter, and everyone who hears about this will laugh with me.” I sat in a carload of women in front of the hotel in Denver Saturday night. We’d just spent all evening together at a restaurant. You might reason that we’d spent all weekend together but we just kept talking a hundred miles an hour and didn’t want to get out of the car. It’s just a woman thing. Our ages ranged well over twenty years but for that moment, we were BFF. Kelly Minter and I were in the back seat and I looked straight at her and said, “Yep. This is what I love about women. I love being a woman.”

Cheesy. I know.

But I do.

I thought it was so cool that Sarah knew that many would laugh with her. If I were a betting woman, I’d wager that she was talking about other women. I can’t see the men really slapping their leg over it, then clapping, and then throwing up their hands and shouting, “Glory!” like me and my buddies would do. I’d bet they just slapped Abe on the back and said, “Way to go, man.” Most of the time, if God’s really done something cool in my life, I like to tell my girlfriends about it because I know they’ll laugh and clap their hands, too. In fact, I intentionally tell the ones that I know will most appreciate it.

It doesn’t have to be something really huge like Sarah’s miracle either. Women can find all sorts of things to laugh with one another over. Here are a few I’ve experienced just here lately:

Melissa: While we were in Israel, we went out in the parking lot to wave good bye to the first half of our group departing for the States. The rest of us would not be going till the next morning. There was a bit of a delay and they had to sit for a few minutes before taking off so I decided to start entertaining them (outside the bus on the pavement) with cheers, a few little dance moves, and kicking my feet to the side and clicking my heels (yes, in a dress. It is a move I do very well). To my great surprise, Melissa got into it with me and up and did two cartwheels for them. (Not in a dress.) It made me so happy that I laughed and laughed. My little budding scholar! I said to her while I bent over laughing, “You have what it takes for women’s ministry, Honey!”

Amanda: Melissa and I always say that AJ is the funniest one of the three of us. She’s just not the extrovert so it’s not as obvious. Here lately she hopped in the car with me on our way somewhere and I said, “What’s that in your hand?” She said, “My Weight Watchers charm. I got it for reaching my goal. I’m going to put it on Annabeth’s charm bracelet so she knows what I had to do to get over her.” I clapped and laughed, not only over AB’s well deserved charm but over AJ’s darling college-looking post-partum figure. A met goal is worth laughing and celebrating together.

Kelly Minter: You know what a big fan I am of Kelly’s. I love her. I love watching these young women teachers come and take their places. I cannot describe my joy or my peculiar feelings of elation over it. I sat on the front row at Deeper Still next to my beloved Priscilla when Kelly took the stage to share a devotional early Saturday morning. As she took that platform, she would speak to more people (by several thousand) than she’d ever addressed before…and she killed it. (I hope you realize that’s a good thing.) Honestly, I pumped my fist in the air and yelled, “Whoo! Whoo! Whoo! Whoo!” Hawk looked around and said, “Did anybody hear her do that but me?” I couldn’t help myself.

A person I can’t name yet: A very dear loved one of mine is expecting her first baby and I am beside myself. I nearly hurt myself with joy when she told me over the phone. I’ve been obsessed with it ever since. I love God for what He’s done in her life. I will love this child next to my own blood grandchildren.

Another really close loved one: She’s the one whose 1-year chip from AA I showed you several weeks ago. God is so busy restoring the years the locusts have eaten in her life that, if He weren’t omnipotent, He’d honestly have no time for the rest of us. We have laughed and laughed over the wonders He has done in her behalf.

What about you? Is there anything wonderful God has done in your life – big or small – that this community of women could laugh with you about? Look back at those Scriptures. Has God done anything for you about which you could say, “God has brought me laughter” or “Who would have predicted…?” Give us the chance to clap our hands and laugh with you.

I’ll close this post with the devotional that accompanied those Scriptures this morning. It’s Charles Spurgeon. It about killed me in the Spirit. I loved it so much. Enjoy, Siestas. Your Mama loves you.

It was far above the power of nature, and even contrary to its laws, that the aged Sarah should be honoured with a son; and even so it is beyond all ordinary rules that I, a poor, helpless, undone sinner, should find grace to bear about in my soul the indwelling Spirit of the Lord Jesus. I, who once despaired, as well I might, for my nature was as dry, and withered, and barren, and accursed as a howling wilderness, even I have been made to bring forth fruit unto holiness. Well may my mouth be filled with joyous laughter, because of the singular, surprising grace which I have received of the Lord, for I have found Jesus, the promised seed, and He is mine for ever. This day will I lift up psalms of triumph unto the Lord who has remembered my low estate, for “my heart rejoiceth in the Lord; mine horn is exalted in the Lord; my mouth is enlarged over mine enemies, because I rejoice in Thy salvation.” I would have all those that hear of my great deliverance from hell, and my most blessed visitation from on high, laugh for joy with me.
Charles Spurgeon, Morning and Evening.

PS. Speaking of things fairly peculiar to women, I thought I might go ahead and tell you that I typed this whole thing standing up in my wrap-around terry cloth robe so my self tanner could dry. I want to be tan on my birthday.


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  1. 101
    Brenda says:

    After ten years of trying, we decided to adopt. Five weeks after meeting with a social worker, she called to tell us that we wouldn’t have to wait 18 months like we thought: twin boys were waiting for us.

    Our first reaction: laughter! We laughed and laughed and then dissolved in a puddle of tears.

    We had 24 hours to come up with names for our boys and, you guessed it, one of them is Isaac.

    Everytime I look at him, I’m tempted to laugh (even when he spills pink lemonade all over my freshly mopped floor).

  2. 102

    I love that story of Amanda’s – I read her blog- she is a funny one, and an introverted sister. Thank God for her. I’m in the middle of my Weight Watchers journey- trying to get my post-partum figure back 13 years post partum- it’s been a bit long to keep referring to it as my baby weight- anyway- I have a personal question:

    What kind of self-tanner do you use?

  3. 103
    Big Fat Mama says:

    After I had my fourth child God allowed me to have anxiety that I had never dealt with before. It weighed on my mind and I couldn’t seem to shake it.

    I prayed and asked God to set my mind at peace.

    He led me to Matthew 22:37, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, and mind.” I started focusing on loving God and allowing only Him to fulfill me and sharing the love He gave to me by loving others.

    My life changed. All anxiety was gone, and I decided to start a blog ( about how mothers can partner with Christ to become the best they can be.

    I’m full of joy and laughter now at the blogging sisters I’m meeting and sharing my experiences and love of Christ with them. I’m laughing too because I never in a million years thought I would be writing on a blog!

    Happy Birthday Beth! I’m reading your book So Long Insecurity right now and loving it!
    Big Fat Mama

  4. 104
    elise says:

    Beth, I will tell you what I am doing,
    RE READINT the Insecurity Book. There are so many things in there I couldn’t pack them all into my brain and heart. My suggestion is get a workbook out if you haven’t already and quick.

  5. 105
    Mercy says:

    Memorial weekend I was at the beach with my friends. They all drink and I was feeling pretty left out (I will be sober two years this June). I remember being so sad and asking God to bless me, because I know he rewards us. I was swimming and crying out to God, all I wanted was to see a pretty sea shell, a starfish, anything. I came up for air and five feet from me, was the biggest manatee I have ever seen. I was in the middle of the ocean and the water was already warm. They should not be there this time of year. The manatee was so graceful and she swam away from me so slowly and later came up for air again. My friend made a comment that she knew God was blessing me (she did not know I had prayed for a blessing). I felt so special and loved at that moment. I love our God.

    • 105.1

      Congratulations on your sobriety! I celebrated my two years this past May.
      What an awesome moment you had in the water!
      God is so gracious and merciful.
      Blessings to you.

  6. 106
    Alyssa says:

    Okay, I have got to know what kind of self tanner you use Beth! I’m almost translucent, help a sista’ out!

  7. 107
    Lori Boyd says:

    My youngest and only son, Drew, is a constant source of laughter for me. It took us three girls to finally get our boy, and I just can’t get enough of him. Lately he has become fascinated with balls and trying to throw them. I was afraid with him having three older sisters that he might not talk until he was, oh I don’t know, 30! But he babbles so much. I love all of our girls, but there’s just something about that bond between a mother and her son!

  8. 108
    Kelly says:

    Oh Beth, how I love you!! I am almost finished reading “So Long, Insecurity” for the first (of many) time. What a treasure!!
    I’m laughing in delight at our Loving Father who has built up my security in Him!! I was a mom who said, “I’ll never homeschool”…, I have a 12 year old daughter, 10 year old daughter and almost 3 year old daughter whom I’ve homeschooled all along. The laughter comes in here: I just accepted the position of Director of our homeschool group. About 25 families make up this group. God is funny and I HUMBLY can’t wait to see what He’s up to next!!!
    I adore you!

  9. 109
    Rebecca says:

    God has given me two children that I wasn’t supposed to have according to the doctors. Glory be only to our God! ๐Ÿ™‚ The funny part belongs to my beloved two year old daughter. She knows that Jesus is with her wherever she goes and if she needs Him at any time, all she has to do is call out His Name. Well, at church the other day she saw a picture of Jesus on the wall and told her daddy somewhat excitedly that “Jesus is stuck on the wall, Daddy! Please get Him down so He can walk with us!” Oh, my sweet Jesus lovin’ baby girl–I do love her so! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Prayers and blessings,

  10. 110
    Heather B. says:

    Oh goodness, the last 10 months have had me histarical. It all started this last October when my sister-in-law surprised me with a trip to Disneyland for our birthdays. (we turned 31 and 34 a few days apart) For a mom of 2 young girls this was a true vacation with just the two of us. Well you would have thought we were both turning 8 years old with the all the spastic excitement we displayed during those 4 days in CA. From the first moment that we upgraded our rental to a convertable to the last day in the park when we were literally running from ride to ride laughing till we couldn’t breathe and tears rolling down our flushed faces. A little backround: I am a cancer survivor of 5 years and God has been redeeming my time ever since. I really felt like this trip was the mountain top of seeing every blessing along the way. (little did I know….) The icing on the cake was when we were on the Matterhorn on the last night of our vacation and the fireworks were going off in front of us as we went shooting in and out of the mountain. What a glorious sight, one of the happiest moments of sheer joy in God’s delight in me. No two grown women had a better time in that park than we did. Two weeks later I found out that I was pregnant with our first son. I am due in 2 weeks! And still laughing…..:-)

  11. 111
    Bobbie Lancaster says:

    Beth, Wishing you the HAPPIEST BIRTHDAY you’ve ever had. You are so loved and appreciated for all you do for all of us. You are one of life’s greatest blessings to me personally.
    Much love and prayers,

  12. 112
    Marian (Asher's Grandmere) says:

    My resolve for the past several years of women’s ministry was to tell women, every chance I got, that God loves them. Recently, I had to give up my women’s ministry position and leave behind the classes I had been teaching. I didn’t know if I would have any opportunity to teach. God is so good! He has opened the door for me to teach classes at two churches and the study is the book of Hosea. I am learning so much about His love through this precious book.

  13. 113
    Yolanda says:


    I find it hysterical to see where God has brought me from; such a pit into such an amazing place. To think that I was the woman others were deisirng to throw stones at, to one today that women seek out to hear and see what God is doing in my life. Loving me, instead of casting stones. AMAZING! I so clap my hands in praise!

    Happy Birthday sweet One!

    With love,

  14. 114
    Misty says:

    Mama Beth – happy birthday! You are so dearly loved, not for just putting yourself out there and sharing so many amazing things with so many, many people; but for genuinely loving us with a love that could only be straight from God. That is the only way that I could possibly tear up each and every time I hear or read your “love you’s” – I feel it every time. Thank you and may you be even more richly blessed in the coming year than in the last!

    I have posted before on several things but you may not know me from…well, Eve, but I absolutely can relate to Sarah. You see, ten years ago I had a beautiful boy after a few years of battling infertility. There was no medical intervention, God’s timing alone is the reason that we have him. I always wanted to have 4 children – 2 girls and 2 boys…I seem to have inherited my mother’s weird odd-number-aversion thing. Well, last November I truly gave it over to God. I felt that it had been about 9 years of trying, so apparently I was meant to have only one child – I was going to treasure the moments all the more and forget about having another child. I scheduled a surgery to have my gallbladder out on January 4th and was ready to feel better. They were ready for me early that morning, but the next thing I know, the surgeon enters my room to tell me that surgery will have to be cancelled. I was pregnant.

    Mama Beth, I sit here now in my 27th week, ready to have a baby girl in very late summer. My son is beyond thrilled as he has practically begged me for a sibling since he was about 2 years old! (I eventually explained to him how it was all a matter of God’s timing and he should just “take it up with God.” :)) We have so much to do as we prepare for our baby girl, but my friends, family and my amazing church family has absolutely laughed with me over God’s timing. It still just amazes me at how He works out all the details. Glory! ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. 115
    Georgia Jan says:

    Dearest Beth…

    Back before I became Gran Jan, just 22 months ago, I was sad and broken at the pain my boy and his wife were going through as they tried to become parents. We hurt and cried and prayed with them for over 3 years as they sought God’s face through the pain.

    Good news came in August of 2007 when they discovered that they had been chosen to become the adoptive parents of triplets – TRIPLETS! We were ecstatic. As the summer turned to fall, we grew more and more excited – making plans for the two boys and one girl on the way.

    Then one cold December Sunday afternoon, my sweet daughter-in-law was perusing a blog for adoptive parents that she enjoyed, and she saw a post by a young woman sharing her joy about the triplets she and her husband were adopting! What a coincidence! They started chatting and realized the triplets they each thought they were adopting were the SAME set of babies! It was a scam – not by the agencies involved, but by the dishonest birth parents. No words describe the pain…

    The very next day on Monday, my daughter-in-law wasn’t feeling well, so before they headed to the doctor, she and my son stopped by the church where he is Pastor, so he could take care of a few things. She started feeling really sicker while they were there and bless her heart, decided just to take a pregancy test just one more time.

    What a difference a day makes!!! From sorrow to laughter in just one day. She found out the very next day after the devastating news of the adoption scam that she was pregnant!

    My little grandson’s name is Ezekiel which means “God Strengthens.” We call him Zeke, and he now has a little sister named Madie Ruth who is 5 weeks old, and my younger son and his wife had a baby boy 3 weeks ago named Jackson.

    You know why I can LAUGH so much today?

    GUESS WHO FEELS LIKE SHE HAS TRIPLETS??? Gran Jan! And it is two boys and one girl. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Isn’t God good? We later learned that He blessed a family somewhere in the USA with those triplets when the courts became involved after they were born and they were adopted by a couple who had no children. Oh Praise His Name – I love Him so!

    Gran Jan, a.k.a. Georgia Jan

  16. 116
    Lisa Younce says:

    Happy Birthday Beth!
    So many special people in my life have birthdays in June and mine was last Wednesday!

    I love when God shows us his sense of humor and blesses us. My family lives very far away from our roots in Indiana. This year we are celebrating my parent’s 50th Anniversary in Indiana and we are making some rather big financial sacrifices to honor my wonderful parents by having all the family and friends together. I thought that would be the blessing in itself. Then I got the newsletter from Karen Kingsbury saying she is having a “Baxter Family Reunion” in Indiana the very same week I will be there too! So I was able to arrange to be there on our way to the family get together. Then, one of my good friends sent me a message saying she and her daughter will be going to the Reunion. Now I will even have a fun girl time instead of just my guys who don’t get into the whole Baxter Family thing!

    How Funny, just now as I’m typing my blog comment, my Ruth bible study just arrived! Yeah!!

    Praying the best birthday ever for you Beth!
    Edinburg, TX

  17. 117
    Janet says:

    God graced our house with a visit from my extended family last week–including my mother and my thirteen month old great-nephew. Can I tell you how much joy and laughter were shared during those special days? From popsicles in the bathtub to developing a taste for dirt, it was a time filled with love and laughter. Thank you, God for giving me such a blessing.

  18. 118

    I have a Sarah who’s also laughing and clapping.

    My daughter quit doing homework and often slept through class her sophomore year after my dad was diagnosed with cancer. (Sarah and her Papa were best buds.)

    The laughter left her heart when he died.

    But last Wednesday Papa was laughing and clapping from heaven as God most certainly gave him a window to watch his granddaughter receive her high school diploma.

    It’s such a beautiful sight that I posted it on my blog for all the world to see.

  19. 119
    Joni says:

    I love birds. I have always loved birds. Several years ago while I was still struggling with panic attacks, my husband bought me a digital camera, and I began taking pictures of the birds in my backyard. One day a hawk flew over me while I had my camera, but he soared too fast and was out of camera range before I could focus on him. I had been leaning on the Lord for awhile for just about everything because of panic, so it seemed natural to me to just say out loud, “Oh, bring him back, Lord!” I stood waiting but nothing happened. Then I turned around and there in the top of my sycamore tree, which was barren of leaves because of the fall season, I saw the hawk! It was huge and looking down at me. I couldn’t believe it! I walked over slowly and took the picture. And he just sat there and waited and then flew off when I was done. I kid you not! Then the shock wore off and I began to praise God and ran and told my husband.

  20. 120

    ok.. Now I understand the whole standing up and tanning myself(out of a bottle)… in front of my fan while I dry (no creases or drips– girls)… my family just doesn’t get it….

    I heard brown fat looks better than white fat…!! or is it….

  21. 121
    Jill says:

    I happy because a great mystery is solved. I have wondered for years how Beth stayed tan. Did she go to the tanning bed? Was that her natural coloring? Now I just need to know, what is your favorite self tanner? This is really important, and I can rest easily once I know the answer. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  22. 122
    KristinaNicole says:

    Hello Siestaville! Believe it or not I just happened to stumble upon this site a few weeks ago and Praise the Lord because I have been so blessed by it!
    My moment of laughter: This past weekend I had the joy of being in my very best friend’s wedding. Moments before the ceremony her nerves got the best of her (not to mention the 95 degree heat) and she suddenly felt very sick. Well, what do good bridesmaids do for a sick bride? Dance of course! We started shakin around for all we were worth! Even the sweet little flower girl got in on it! In no time we were all doubled over laughing at our lack of rhythm and it was time to walk down the aisle. The bride felt much better and the night was beautiful! What a precious memory to have on such a special day!

  23. 123
    Hannah R says:

    I got an unexpected day off from work today and it was beautiful out! I caught up and rested up and spent nearly a full hour on the back patio reading a magazine just because. Absolutely a blessing.

  24. 124
    leslie says:

    I just had a laugh at this post…I too bought self tanner today but I wanted to be tan for my husbands birthday:)

    Happy Birthday!!

  25. 125
    karen lipford says:

    i thought about self tanner for my 20 year reunion….was scared to death of orange lines so i just opted for shaving my legs and getting a manicure.
    i laughed OUT LOUD about your ‘tan’ birthday!! i’m so blessed that the LORD has allowed us to have you one more year!!

  26. 126
    Julie plosz says:

    Oh I know so what you mean of women together and understanding laughter. Last week my 3 sisters, niece and mother went to Mexico for a much needed “GIrl Vacation” I had to miss it much to my disappointment. But was so excited especially for my oldest sister and niece as two month’s ago my sister’s youngest son passed away due to a failed bone marrow transplant. It has been over a year of hospital living only to end in great pain and loss.
    God gave them one full week of belly laughs, apparently my 81 year old mother provided much of that entertainment. Love it! Usually I feel the responsibility to provide the craziness, but even without me, God provided (grin).
    Anyway, my sister said the laughter actually felt like a healing of sorts, How sweet of God to give them exactly that. I loved hearing the stories and my sister was able to laugh all over again just telling them to me.
    So your devotion fit so well to what I have been very grateful for!

  27. 127
    Siesta OC says:

    Happy Birthday to you,
    darling blondie, that’s true.
    A little firecracker for Jesus!

    (My friend makes these up for birthdays – I thought I’d give it a shot) Have the best birthday Beth – you deserve the very best!

  28. 128
    Kelli says:

    AHH- I love it!! I can’t tell you how timely this is. We have three daughters- the third conceived through IVF after my husband had cancer 10 years ago. She is now 4 and I am overwhelmed by his precious timing every time I look at her.

    We are now in the midst of trying again- I’ve shared about this on here before- it has been such a journey and one that God has spoken so incredibly clearly to me on and Mama Beth, so often that has been God using one of the studies you’ve authored to speak to my heart. Truly this whole process (especially this month- our third try since December), has been full of laughter and joy at God’s providing. Sorry to be blunt and I hope I don’t offend :)(I”m a nurse and my husband tells me I sometimes share too much but I hope it’s ok since we’re all ladies…). Anyway, at the risk of being too blunt, let me just tell you that there is a lot of laughter to be had when you are attempting to have your husbands frozen sperm shipped in a nitrogen tank to the Middle East from America- oh the stories I could tell! Anyway, I literally just came home from my ultrasound appointment with my Muslim doctor (we live in Lebanon). She got an emergency page in the midst of my appt and had to leave for 30 minutes-before she left she asked me to wait so we could discuss the “odds”. During that time I was able to pray for her and when she came back I was able to share with her why for us this is not about “odds” but about God’s perfect will and timing. I shared my belief in Jesus and told her I’d be praying for her. I told her I feel like God led me to her but that I dont’ feel that the end result is in her hands but in His. I shared our confidence in moving forward in spite of the medical “odds”. I’ve read those verses about Sarah umpteen times in the last 10 years of infertility and now as I”m reading your words, I’m realizing that because of my faith in God, I am laughing right now at the “odds”. Pray with me for my doctor’s salvation and that ultimately God will be glorified through all the procedures we are doing. Of course, our prayer is that this will result in another baby in our family as well.

    I saw so many comments related to infertility- this is such a huge issue for women and I am so thankful for this way to discuss it. Praying for all of you!

    • 128.1
      Kathy B says:

      Kelli, praying for you and your husband. And for your dear muslim doctor. How precious that your heart goes out to her right smack dab in the middle of your own crisis. Loving your Lebanese laughter ๐Ÿ™‚

    • 128.2
      Bobbi says:

      Praying for you… awesome story, thanking God He gave you the confidence to share your faith with your doctor. I pray for her salvation.

    • 128.3
      Kelli says:

      Thanks for praying girls! At my last appointment I was able to share a little more and give her a pamphlet that we had made for Mother’s Day that tells stories about Jesus’ interaction with women.

  29. 129
    Jenn says:

    What a wonderful post! Thank you Beth! Praising God for the laughter and joy we can share as we see His will unfold in each other’s lives. I am myself in a period of waiting (and would appreciate your prayers!) but am clinging to His promises and am so encouraged by all of your stories of His faithfulness! Thank you!

    And Happy Birthday Beth!! : )

  30. 130
    Debbie says:

    Oh Beth – I hooted with laughter when I read the self-tanner statement! thanks for sharing – everything!!

  31. 131
    Amy Jo says:

    In my bedroom is a family portrait my mother-in-law took and gave to me as a gift at Christmas. This was not a planned picture, no matching shirts as I had dreamed our family pic would be.(I had vowed not to take one until i lost 30 pounds!) We actually had been at the lake for a weekend trip and came in to eat Thanksgiving lunch with my husbands family. So, we were mismatched, unshaven (yes me too!) and worn out. If I had known what she was up too I would never agreed! But on Christmas Eve, she slipped me this large box and My husband helped me pull out this large picture covered in plastic. As I opened it I was so taken back. Here I was in the middle of this picture, my husband on one side all hugged up on me and my two boys on the other. Only God knows what a TRUE miracle that picture portrays. It hangs on my bedroom wall all alone and everyday, in fact several times a day, I look at that picture and shake my head from side to side and tell my Redeemer what a Mighty Miracle Worker HE IS! He took one messed-up, jacked-up, crazy, rebellious, hard, insecure and hurting girl and gave her everything her heart desires…A changed life and a precious family to share it with!
    He knows our desires…YES, He does!
    I’m laughing just thinking about it!

  32. 132
    Lisa says:

    I did not go to your last event, wished I could’ve. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen you in person-Minneapolis Target Center I believe was that last time.

    I do your studies constantly-just finished A Woman’s Heart and am still working on Esther. I do them on my own with no DVD to accompany lately.

    Anyway, aside from a happy birthday wish, I just want to thank you for being true to God’s plan/path for you and walking on it boldly and in His grace. You are an encourager to me in so many ways.

    As I struggle right now with the changing schedules of summer with my 8 and 10 year old and sometimes my 12 year old when she’s not with her dad, I look to your Bible studies as something that doesn’t change with the seasons. A constant in my life that I desperately need.

    It is so hard to connect with other women and I haven’t been able to figure out quite how to do that yet in a very small town attending a 3 family house church where I am the youngest at 38. Please, if God leads someone on here to pray that I would turn to God and not my own ways of coping which tend to lead to disaster, I would be most appreciative.

    I may just have to come and see you soon at one of your summer events. If only flights would be as reasonable as they used to be! Minneapolis doesn’t seem to be in your near future plans.

    God Bless you today and all the days ahead God has in store for you,

    Western Wisconsin

    • 132.1
      katie says:

      I am praying right NOW!!! I LOVED those bible studies…changed my life profoundly! Stick with it- God has a beautiful plan for your life!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. 133
    Carla says:

    I loved it!!! God has been the source of many reasons for laughter in my life, but just today I heard something that reallt sruck a chord in my heart. This preacher I was listening to said that if I had not been rescued out of a sinful life I was rescued from one. that may not say much to anyone else but to me this day it was huge!! I always think that God hasn’t rescued me out of such a tainted past like others so I don’t have much of a testimony, but I know realize that He has rescued me– from one! Clap for He is GOOOOD!!! Carla

  34. 134

    Oh Beth! You write just like you talk like no one I know and it is most definitely a gift! Always so funny, comical and charming.
    I WANT TO SHOW YOU MY 1 YEAR SOBRIETY CHIP!!! I got that May 28th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2010
    I am so happy to be on this side and Grateful to Almighty God for His help. It’s so much better to be on this side of the non-alcohol. Also, isn’t funny how both your loved one and me stopped the drink last year and only a month apart?!
    Love you much, Beth,

  35. 135
    Kathy Funk says:

    Happy Birthday Beth and thanks for sharing the story about women laughing with each other. I am going home next week to St. Louis to see my family, girlfriends and to see you. My sister and I and my friends are so pumped up that we can’t wait to see each other and to hear what you have to say to us. I miss my girls terribly but I have a lot of fun memories of when we all laughed and I know we will laugh next week. Thank you so much for coming to my hometown. See you next Friday. Safe travels!

    By the way, my anniversary is June 19th. My husband and I have been married for 11 years. WOW! Does time go by fast.

    Have a great day.

  36. 136
    Sandy says:

    Sometimes, I really feel guilty about how blessed my husband and I have been, able to give birth to and raise 3 healthy children who are following Christ. I so don’t deserve it, but am very thankful. God blessed us with a boy first, and then a girl, and then a boy, and now grandchildren. When our children were born, we could’ve found out what they were, but wanted to be surprised. I was extremely thankful for each of our sons when they were born. When our daughter was born, I sat up in the bed and CLAPPED, and said, “YEA, IT’S A GIRL!!!”
    God has made me laugh a lot more times since that day over 20 years ago, too (on Feb. 3, Annabeth’s birthday!). He blesses us every day!

  37. 137
    Dionna says:

    I just wrote a blog post today and mentioned laughter! How ironic.

    We have been on a 3 week road trip as a family and took a swamp ride outside New Orleans today. I’d been debating whether to get up early or not & curl my hair or wear a pony tail. The “vainness” in me opted for the curling time. The last 10 min of our ride, the sky opened up and just dumped on us. Dumped so hard that our clothes were soaked through! I laughed because I just knew that God was up there laughing at me and the time I’d wasted getting so “pretty.” It will be a fun memory.

    By the way – we are now heading your way….into Houston! Not sure what we will do yet, but I’ve always wanted to visit Texas and am very excited.

  38. 138
    Laughing in Texas! says:

    I don’t know if I can reference another blog on this site, but the following video has made me laugh and laugh:
    It has made me laugh, but feel better about some of the struggles we as women face in today’s image of perfection and “beauty.” So now I laugh at my attempts fight wrinkles and acne at the same time, ruining some of the paint in the bathroom with a self tanner accident, getting “turf toe” today while attending a Zumba dance class while trying to add some fun fitness to achieve weight loss goals (I have already lost 10 lbs this year!), and wearing “Spanx” and under-wire push-ups in the Texas heat to be able to look presentable in those cute summer sun dresses! It feels good to be reminded that God loves me even with all my goof-ups and that He thinks I am BEAUTIFUL! And He will help all of us feel this way if we let Him!

  39. 139
    JoAnn in Houston says:

    This is just a silly girl’s moment that made me and my BFF feel so good. We’ve known each other since highschool (neighbors) and are still great pals. We are both over “50” (early 50’s) and can just have a hoot together. Well, we had our “1st” of the summer Barbie Beach Days on Sunday just west of Galveston called West Beach. We used go to Surfside in highschool all the time in the summer so we have lots of memories. We are so much more sophisticated and chic than we were 30+ years ago it’s just too much. LOL !! We have our ice chest in the middle holding down a white dining/table cloth with loungers and matching towels on either side. I’m not kidding, Martha Stewart would be so proud. Even the picnic is 5 star. We lotion our selves up with Coppertone “30” and bask. Now my friend has decided that she no longer enjoys walking out too far in the water cuz she can’t see the bottom (she has just had too many trips to Mexico beaches). She has become spoiled. So, we decided to sit just in the water and enjoy the cool water rushing over our legs. Now, all of a sudden a wave came so strong the undertow from it literally rolled us both over numerous times and nearly took us out to sea. We laughed SO hysterically and it felt GRAND. So much for being graceful. I’m sure the truck load of twenty-somethings got a kick out of it too. We are so MATURE !! Ha !

  40. 140
    Eposi says:

    Thanks for sharing those Scripture verses and the devotional, Ms Beth. The Lord definitely gave my sister and I something to “laugh” about just last week. As a matter of fact I was just laughing and clapping over it earlier today during my prayer time before seeing this post.

    We became believers as teens and have been praying for family members for YEARS now to come to know Him. Last week we received an email from our older brother sharing his testimony of coming to Christ!!! He, like most of our family members, thought that going to church and even teaching SS class meant he was a christian. He said in his testimony that he knew that something about my sister and I was different and that he prayed to have what we had. He is a totally new man! This is the best form of “laughter” ever! (I am not sure what the angels do when they “rejoice” over a sinner coming to Christ, but I would bet there is a lot of laughter, clapping, and high-fiving). I know my salvation (as Spurgeon so beautifully puts it) is the greatest cause of laughter in my life and it will keep me laughing for eternity. May the Lord grant me more to laugh about in my family, friends and co-workers! Although I am believing Him for laughter in other areas in my life, this will give me the greatest joy.

    Well, have a LAUGHTER-FILLED BIRTHDAY tomorrow, Ms Beth!

    Love ya,

    P.S. You P.S. made me LOL. And you, Melissa and Ruthy surely did cheer us up while we waited in the bus that day. You are a cause for laughter, my sister! I am sure you know that I mean that in a good way.

  41. 141
    Becky says:

    Oh Siesta Mama!! The best part of this post was your post script! Only a woman can appreciate that!!

  42. 142
    Patti says:

    Thought about that “Tatoo” thing all morning. Now where would it be appropriate for a woman my age to have such a thing??? On my heart….yes Lord, I shall tatoo on my heart…Coram Deo….for all eternity.
    His strength is all sufficient and His lovingkindness is unsurpassed.

  43. 143
    Rachel says:

    I laughed when I saw the title of this post b/c one of my three year old’s favorite phrases is, “Laugh with me!” She will just randomly say it, grab her stomach and double over in laughter…for no apparent reason. I guess she is just laughing with joy over what our great God has done. I used to have to “pretend laugh” with her, but now, her joy just spills over to me and we laugh together over absolutely nothing. I love it!

    Hope you have a wonderful birthday Mama Beth!!!

  44. 144
    Leann Burns says:

    Oh Sarah, I know your heart. My husband and I have wanted children for years and years and have been unable to conceive. I can’t wait for the time when the sunshine of joyous laughter and hand clapping overtakes the black cloud of heartache.
    I recently decorated the “baby’s” room as if there was no baby coming, trying to incite the Law of Inevitability (that is a Law that I am often the victim of but heretofore has been unnamed). Pray me up a baby, siestas!!!

  45. 145
    Rhonda in Michigan says:

    Happy Birthday Beth! You are so loved. Thank you for all that you have given of yourself. It has been 3 years now that I was first introduced to a Beth Moore Bible Study (Believing God). It had to be God to put the two of us together. I was in the middle of what I thought was one of the worst earthquakes in my life (downsized from a great job). Had that earthquake not happened in my life, I would not be as close to him as I am today. Praise Him! He does all things well!

  46. 146
    Meredith says:

    I love that you want to be tan on your birthday, Beth!!! Praying that it is a blessed day and you feel very loved!

    I was feeling so overwhelmed with my children’s needs and cried in the shower asking God to let me know that He saw me in this. If I felt He did, it would make it bearable for me.

    That day, a physical therapist called me back who will provide PT for both my children, in my backyard pool, for what my insurance will pay him. He is very highly recommended and fabulous at what he does.

    That God would provide my children with what they need, by someone who will do it well, at my own home so I don’t need to spend my summer driving all over, for no cost to me is a HUGE miracle! Just a gift! This happened about two weeks ago and I get teary still when I think about it. God cares for me–and all His kids so lavishly!!

    • 146.1
      colorado girl says:

      God is so sweet to us, isn’t He? Thank you for sharing your story of His lavish attention to us. I love Him!!

  47. 147
    Becky in Indy says:

    God is so awesome. I read those verses this morning in my QT. (I’m going over a Women of the Bible Bible study by Wayne Barber and that was today’s lesson topic…too weird, but so God!) I’ve not found too much laughter lately because of some hardships; too many to mention. But I never had children, even though it was my life’s desire. I did marry a wonderful, godly man when I was in my 40’s and he has two sons whom I love. The youngest one and his wife were expecting their first child at the end of April. My grandson was born the day before my birthday but due to an undetected heart condition passed away the day after my birthday. I just don’t understand but I am looking forward to the day when I can be a grandma. The kids (who are my heroes, BTW) are doing as well as can be expected and are hoping to have other children.

    I just thought it was weird that I read about Sarah in my QT this morning and now, on the blog, this evening. I am hopeful for another chance at being a grandma.

  48. 148
    Kim says:

    Not sure if laughter or tears of joy are appropriate, but right now in my basement is a group of men who have gathered for prayer and bible study. One from Kenya, one from Texas, and the rest from assorted areas around Ohio. They sing too! 8 years ago if you would have told me that my husband would be a believer, would pray, would encourage men, study the word and sing worship songs in our basement with other men – well I would have laughed a whole lot harder than Sara. Been married for almost 25 years and most of them were hard. But then God showed up, worked some MIGHTY miracles and delivered two pathetic people who didn’t even know they needed help.

    As I was reading the original post, I could hear them all gathering in our kitchen, slapping each other on the back, introducing the new guys, shaking hands, laughing – yeah LOTS AND LOTS of laughing. God is so good.

  49. 149
    Lichelle says:

    Momma Beth:

    Thank you so much for sharing your posts with us…. God is so good to give us such a beautiful woman as his vessel.

    May your birthday be blessed and filled with more love that you can possibly imagine!!!!! May He give you many many more years of laughter and love and teaching.

    Love you!

  50. 150
    katie says:

    The P.S. is PRICELESS!!!! Happy birthday a day early! My life has been so blessed because of you! I am so thankful for you!!!!

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