Home Again, Happy, and Homesick for Siestaville

Hey, you sweet things! It seems like forever since we’ve talked! Melissa and I had so hoped to be able to blog while we were in the Holy Land but the break-neck schedule and the slow internet made it the impossible dream. We and our group of 100 mighty women boarded two tour buses every morning at 7:30 and usually pulled back into one of three different hotels on our journey around 6:00 that evening. May I interject that it was HOT over there? And when I tell you we pulled into the hotel smelling more like sweaty camels than sacred pilgrims, I’m not kidding. Our consolation was that we all smelled the same. I took a travel size stick of deodorant in my purse and used it on the bus without shame. We’d clean up quickly then head to dinner at 7:00 then Melissa and I would head back to my room as fast as possible where I’d study for the next day and Melissa would down load pictures. We’d fall in our beds, rise early the next morning for more studying then load those buses again. It was a big fat busy BLAST. Not one single regret except that we didn’t have all of you there.

God gave us a fabulous group of women comprised mostly of LPM staff and volunteers (the trip was a thank you to all of them) and we were graced by the faithful presence of our God as we traced the steps of His Son from birth to childhood… to boyhood…to manhood… to His first miracle…to His ministry in Galilee…to the place where His sweat fell like drops of blood…to His cross…to His empty grave…then to the Mount of Olives where He ascended before their very eyes and will one day descend in all His glory…before every set of eyes on earth.

It was truly too much to absorb in one week’s time but many of us will ponder it for months to come. As you know, my darling firstborn was unable to go at the last minute. I am so proud of her for making that decision and, without hesitation, hopping in the car with her man to head for Missouri even before they knew what the outcome would be. I couldn’t quite get my head wrapped around not having her along on the trip because her company is so rich and impossible to replace, just like her sister’s. But I knew within a very short time that they’d done God’s will without question. They wanted so much to be able to see his grandmother before the Lord swept her home. As it happened, He simply could not wait another minute to have her in His presence.

“Arise, my darling, my beautiful one. See! The winter is past; the rains are over and gone…the season of singing has come…Arise, come, my darling; my beautiful one, come with me.” (Song of Songs 2:10-13)

Curtis and Amanda were there shortly after Grandma Dixon’s homegoing and for the rest of the week. Amanda said that the testimony of a long, enduring, loving marriage between Curtis’s grandparents was so powerful that it would mark them forever.

We missed her so much and I was deeply grateful that I’d already had the chance to take her on that very trip when she was 16. Melissa and I spoke of her constantly. I was touched in many ways this week in the Holy Land but I will share with you one primary gift God gave me while I was there. A number of years ago when Melissa launched full-steam ahead into an academic study of theology and Scripture, I began to worry that the critical aspect of that kind of academic education might snuff the flame that had burned in her from late high school to mid-college. There are many casualties. My heart also dropped into my feet as I realized that she was going to inevitably get hit in my behalf. She is to be commended for the way she handled it but that’s another story. I’ll leave it at this: it’s very hard to see your children have to deal with criticism toward you and be forced to answer for you. I can take the heat but I wish so much they didn’t have to. Anyway, as I sought God with my concerns, He supplied a Scripture that I felt He was inviting me to pray over her and believe for her. My fears were calmed over the completion of her undergrad work followed by two additional degrees. I refused to worry again about it even through some rocky places for her where she had to grapple with what she believed. While we were in Israel, I saw a young woman who had survived with her faith in tact. She is her own person – different from her mother, thank God – but full of passion. I saw a young woman who loves Jesus Christ. In fact, if not for Colin Fitzpatrick, I don’t think I would’ve gotten that child on a plane. I nearly fainted when I heard her ask our guide, my dear friend Arie, about the universities in Jerusalem. Then all I could do was shake my head and laugh. It can be a dangerous thing to raise your children to follow hard after Jesus.

I have seen a fresh revelation of Christ in the last week but not only through tracing His steps in the Holy Land. I’ve beheld it on the faces of His people. Many on the trip and my own beloved daughters, as different as they are, and as imperfect as they’d want me to tell you they are. They have each outdone their parents. Lord have mercy, what messes we were at their ages. Thank You, Lord, for full redemption. For Your willingness to change an entire lineage. Your grace is unfathomable. Continue to use it to set families free.

So, that’s a little of my story today. Thanks for listening to interminable musings. It’s so good to be back in touch with you. I am dying to know what you’re up to! Where does this 3rd day of June find you, my dear Siestas? Help me picture it!

You are so loved here.


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  1. 351
    Sue B says:


    I’m so glad you and Melissa are back safely. I know you had an amazing journey. I wish I could hear all about on June 12th (my B-day) in Denver but you blessed me with free tickets when you were in Tucson. Tucson is my hometown and I know my way around town but would get totally lost in Denver. My husband and I will be babysitting our nearly 2 year old Grandson Owen while his parents take a break to San Diego. A few of my siestas from Raton, NM will be there though and I can count on them to tell me all about it.
    Blessings, SueB
    I will be praying for a wonderful weekend in Denver for you and the LPM team.

  2. 352
    Kristin says:

    Welcome back Siesta Mama! Your trip sounds amazing, and I can’t wait to hear more about it and see pictures. I’ve never been to the Holy Land, so I enjoy hearing from those who have experienced it. Can’t wait for summer Bible study! My “Ruth” book is already by my nightstand waiting to be studied:)

  3. 353
    Allyson says:

    This is my first time to write. I am glad to be a part. I attended your conference in Georgia and decided to check your blog out. Today your story hit the spot. My husband turned 30 today! It is hard to believe how fast the time has flown by. I was just thinking about how glad I am that we are following in His footsteps. Like you are commenting how grateful you are that your girls have taken the paths they have I am thanking the Lord that we have decided to take opposite paths from our parents at this age. My parents are devout Christians now, but at our age they were far from it. I am simply thanking Jesus for the journey He is allowing my husband and I to take. Though there are trails on the way I am glad to have HIM on my side!

  4. 354
    Maria says:

    So glad your back Siesta Mama!! This season of time finds me agonizing over my sons in Michigan who are all struggling. But the worse is my second oldest son who is newly married six months and told me his new bride told him she doesnt know if she wants to be married any longer. The pain is so unbearable in my heart..seriously if Jesus wasn’t holding me up who knows where I be. Tears come daily but I am fighting the good fight of faith and trusting my Lord and My God!!! I pray my son and his wife find the Lord through their pain.

    So happy your back…what a blessing of a trip!

  5. 355
    Becca says:

    Yay for ya’ll ๐Ÿ˜€

    I just had one of the most relaxing days I can remember in forever.

    The morning began with a home study visit for the adoption we are trying to pursue. It went well (amidst my 4 yr old being a complete show-off and interrupting us to sing “I am a Promise” and giving a guided tour of various and sundry minuscule things). And it was over by 10:00am.
    Seeing as we had gotten all of our household chores done before said visit, we had NOTHING WE HAD TO DO. Not even for church. My husband had the day off. I took a 2 hour nap. My husband even grilled out, so I didn’t have to cook. We dropped our daughter off at a local VBS this evening and we had 2 hours to ourselves. I’m not usually a “do nothing” kind of person. I have to admit it was nice. Although I still feel like I surely must be forgetting to do something…

  6. 356
    Momma2...5 says:

    This 3rd day of June was spent reconnecting my husband with his brother and nephew who graduated from High School today. After the ceremony my husband and I had a date and just spent some time together. It was a great way to start the summer!

  7. 357
    Jerry Ann says:

    Oh, Beth! I am so grateful you and your loved ones are home, and are now tending to the smelly laundry. ha. I can’t stand that part of trips. I know that God does the same with me. I love that He can take the smelly from us, and wash us clean. =)

    I cannot wait to hear what God has laid in your heart to share with us.

    Jerry Ann

  8. 358
    Nancy says:

    Spent a good part of the day listening to Ray VanderLaan’s “Follow the Rabbi” (http://oneinjesus.info/2008/10/05/ray-vander-laans-follow-the-rabbi-lectures) teachings online. We went to a RVL conference over Memorial weekend and I just can’t get enough of his teaching!! He is an incredible teacher! His way of teaching “Hebrew thinking” and pointing out details of life in Jesus’ time just makes the scriptures come alive like never before. You may have passed him on your way home…he was heading out to Israel the day after the conference! Glad you made it home safely and hope to hear more about your trip!

  9. 359
    Jackie Sue says:

    Home with my man on his computer next to me…celebrating our 27th anniversary tomorrow and so thankful that our God can redeem all things. I’m also heading to India in just 17 days on a missions trip with Children’s Hopechest. I have wondered if there was anything that Melissa wished that she had known before her trip that she could share with me…life is full of wonderful surprises! So glad you all had a wonderful trip!

  10. 360
    Kim Kauffman says:

    What a great trip! My mother in law is heading over there in November. Can’t wait to hear her stories.

    As for me, this evening started off with me on the edge of a grumpy mood when I found out my husband will be getting back from a business trip tomorrow instead of tonight. So, I hopped in the car, started singing worship songs as loud as I could and went and bought baby stuff for our little girl due in September. Turned out to be a great night after all ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. 361
    Lindsay Silveus says:

    Miss Beth,

    After almost 2 weeks away from Siestaville, I am catching up!! I want to give Amanda and Curtis my deepest condolences on the death of Curtis’ grandmother. While on vacation out of the country last week, I received word that my own precious grandmother had suffered a massive stroke and was not expected to live through the night. In the Lord’s providence, she lived until this past Monday when she entered the presence of the Lord. My husband and I returned home as quickly as we could to be with my family. While we rejoice in her life and that she’s no longer in pain, we miss her terribly.

    “Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His Saints” Psalm 115:16

  12. 362
    Delilah says:

    This 3rd day of June leaves me having started in a new Bible study..
    the study we are doing is by my favorite of favorites.
    Revelation: Here and Now There and Then..by Beth Moore!
    not only that, it is my favorite Book of the Bible, and if that weren’t enough, with my favorite Bible Study teacher!!
    How much better can it get?
    I love you and your family to pieces, and I was thinking yesterday if you were still in Israel… and how awesome that would be.
    Glad you are home and had a wonderful, sweaty time!

  13. 363
    Erica says:

    You guys in Siestaville just make me smile ๐Ÿ™‚
    I have been having a really rough time lately and your blog just cheers me up. Thank-you.

    I know it was hot, but did everyone at least get a good tan?

  14. 364
    Kelli says:

    Glad you are home safe and sound and look forward to future postings about your trip and experiences.

    This day finds me struggling with the teacher my daughter has been given for 2nd grade and thinking/praying about pulling her out to homeschool. Decisions, decisions.

    Again – wonderful to have you all back safe and sound, look forward to hearing about the journey, and blessed you are able to share it as I know I will not ever be able to make the same journey and I relish hearing about it all.

    Kelli in Colorado

  15. 365
    Amber Dawn says:

    Fabulous hearing from you! So glad your trip was full of blessings and I love the revelation you had about Melissa!

    This 3rd day of June found me at work for Verizon Wireless…I absolutely hate sales…and I question why I am there right now…

    The other day, during a particularly hard day, one of my co-workers sat down at lunch with me and said, “So I hear you’re pretty religious…” I was thinking…oh no, this could be good or bad…where is he going with this?

    Turns out it was GREAT!

    He had a wreck last December, walked away from a car that rolled several times. He has had the idea of God on his mind ever since. He asked me how to believe…is looking for proof. I told him the fact that God has been on his mind tells me that God is pursuing him. The conversation continued for 40 minutes…he asked a LOT of questions and I did what I could to answer them. Hopefully seeds were planted and maybe watered a little bit and hopefully I will get to continue tending to that garden…if not, God has somebody lined up!

    I am just praising God for that opportunity in such a dreary workplace!

  16. 366
    Becky says:

    Welcome home Beth and Melissa. Today I worked,but had a restful day. I have marveled at God’s work in my daughter and her husbands life together.They celebrated 4 years of marriage yesterday. Their 2nd daughter will turn 1 in a few days,and their oldest will be 3. I marvel how they desire to follow after God in their life and marriage.I too think about where my husband and I were at their age,and am thankful that God grasped their hearts at a younger age. God is good,and his grace is marvelous!

  17. 367

    Where does June 3rd find me? Packing up and getting ready for a move. My husband is a UM minister in eastern, NC. We’ll be taking a new appointment in just under three weeks, and I am undone with all the stress of it. In addition, I’m getting ready to send my older two sons off to Bolivia for two weeks… a mission trip they’ve made before, but I wish I could go with them this go around. I want to “see” with my own eyes the work of God in their hearts. It’s hard to hear about it second-hand.

    So glad you’re home safely and that you were able to share another milestone with Melissa and the rest of your friends at LPM. I do hope we’ll get to glean from your teaching in that place.


  18. 368
    Mary Ellen Hale says:

    Welcome home to Siestaville, Beth! Praise God that your trip was safe and no doubt wondrous! I intend to glean in the field behind you like Ruth to gather the Bread of Life that you were so blessed to have experienced in Israel; I just KNOW you will generously share with those of us who stayed behind!
    I, like you, consider our Lord’s mercy and love as I observe my children as they grow in their faith. I’m a first generation Christian and though I mistakenly believed that my kids wouldn’t struggle the ways I did as a child and young woman, they are in far better places than I ever was at their ages. However, this June 3rd I prayed hard on my walk for our firstborn, who still bears the brunt of my B.C. years’ decisions, to run into His Savior’s arms and finally BREAK FREE of those hurts. I know the Lord longs for him far more than his mother does so I trust whatever He has to do to bring that to pass. For myself I pray for the strength only He can give to endure well whatever He wills! Come on, Beth and siestas, let’s pray that man into the kingdom!!!
    Also today: wrapping up a great first grade year of online schooling with my 7-year-old Jackson (AJ has great taste in names!) while my youngest of our eight (aka the last of the Mohicans!) hangs on to every word preparing for kindergarten in the fall, arranging for summer school for my 15-year-old public high schooler, checking in with my 17-year-old at the laundromat because our washer is on the fritz, meeting with the Kitchen Committee at church, gladly accepting a kiss on my head from my sweet 21-year-old as he came in from work, serving a yummy Chicken Caesar Salad to the nine of us here, and realizing how incredible life can be living in Christ.
    Wow, I really DID miss you, girlfriend! I agree, siesta, that being in heaven with you and Beth and the rest of Siestaville is to be a great reward. Save room on the porch swing for me (or I will for you!) so we can chat and hug all we want while praising our Messiah IN PERSON! I love you all!

  19. 369
    ULCARDSFAN says:

    On June 3 I was at the first night of BiBle Study…. A woman’s Heart, God’s dwelling place. You were awesome in this first video Beth. I prayed that every woman there would receive powerful Words from God so that we could say with the psalmist…I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you.
    When we introduced ourselves to one another I was honored to tell the group that I was with you in Houston and that when I say “Beth” said or did so and so, my husband and church family KNOW I am talking about Beth Moore!
    Thanks for being my BFF(haha) and thanks for loving us so much here in Siestaland. I’ll see you in August in Lexington….I’ll be the one in the pink feather boa!
    Love, Linda

  20. 370
    June Wright says:

    Praise the Lord for blessing you all with a wonderful and precious time following His footsteps.
    We are happy that you are back home! We missed You!

  21. 371
    Melissa May says:

    I got to hold my brand new baby niece today!!!!! She was just about 2.5 hours old and the most darling thing! Such a special treat… She joins my sister and brother-in-law’s super family that already had 5 (FIVE!) boys and one girl smack in the middle! So we were so thrilled they got another girl! : ) Yay!!! : )

    I’ve been missing you girls, too. Glad you’re home. : )

  22. 372
    Bridgette Jencks says:

    Thank you for sharing so many experiences with us.
    Today, on this 3rd day of June I watched my oldest graduate from kindergarten. Sniff, sniff!!!

  23. 373
    Janie says:

    I’m counting the days until the Deeper Still Conference in Denver next weekend!

  24. 374
    Joybird says:

    Sunshine, long meeting with a sponsee, yummy dinner and rest. Truly a blessed and quietly happy day.

  25. 375
    Dawn says:

    Welcome home! Soo…glad for the refreshment you found on your trip, and the fun times, too.:) I find myself getting ready to celebrate 2 commencements . . . my youngest, Ben, will graduate from high school on Tues. evening and will begin (well really continue on!) the path God has for his life, and we are excited about that! He has an amazing heart for people and we look forward to seeing how God will use that for His kingdom. Fortunately he’ll not be going too far away to college (about 5 miles), but first we get to PARTY!!! on Saturday evening . . . so more precisely, right now I am in the throes of cooking for the 150+ friends who will be showing up in our back yard this Sun. evening!! The second ‘commencement’ will be similar to Curtis & Amanda’s recent experience as we will very soon be ‘celebrating’ the beginning of my dear father-in-law’s life in heaven . . . his battle with pancreatic cancer is nearly over. There has been soo… much ‘loss’ in our family this past year, but in every loss we have found God to be faithful and have found there is also much to gain through the pain. Just pray I don’t go and cry too much!!

  26. 376
    Natalie says:

    BETH!!! It’s so so good to “hear” your voice again! You have been missed but I am so refreshed by hearing of your adventure. Thank you for sharing not only about your trip but also your mother’s heart. I adore hearing that there are other mothers with a passion for thier kids!

    BTW: My 2 girls attended MetroLive tonight for the first time because your dear sweet Amanda took the time to respond from the blog to let me know about it! Thanks!

  27. 377
    Diane Garcia says:

    I just wanted to say Thank you for being such on wonderful woman of God. I had the honor of being a part of “Insecure” broadcast and I have to say I was dearly touched. My husband and I have enjoyed your studies togather for many years and love watching your series on Wednesday mornings. I have to say that it has been through your teachings that I have become a stronger woman of God and now have the courage to venture out on my own in doing the will of God…Again..Thank You….there aren’t enough words to express.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  28. 378
    Amy says:

    My dear sweet freind, Beth.. how you have blessed me with your books, your studies, your love, your encouragment, your life!! I hear your sweet voice when I read your words. I love you, Dear Sister.. I love you!

    I am about to gather some freinds and hostess “The Inheritance”.. I can’t wait!!

    My dream would be to go on a journey with you to the Holy Lands.. please, let me know when I can join you next!
    Love your sister in Christ,
    Amy.. my Christian name.. self chosen.. AMYJOY!

  29. 379
    3GirlsMom says:

    I’m so so so happy y’all had an amazing time. I saw a few of KMac’s pics and it looked like an awesome trip!! It’s on my bucket list, that’s for sure!

    This 3rd day of June is my man’s 36th bday. We spent a glorious evening at the ballpark for my 9 year old daughter’s All-Star softball game, where he is a proud daddy/coach. Then we had a gourmet dinner at Chick-fil-A. We’re all sweaty and have a distinct “outdoor smell” going right now, but we wouldn’t change a thing about it. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Love you all. So glad you had a great trip. And so glad you are home safely!

  30. 380
    Noella Clarke says:

    Today June 3rd is our 43rd anniversary.My husband Terry and I thank God for His wonderful Love and Grace.We celebrated earlier as I am about 200 miles from him looking after my father who cant live alone.God has called us to this and we know we are in His will.
    Terry comes to visit often and brings the family and 1 dog Nooka to see me.My grandson has moved here to go to High School so Terry is often able to stay nights
    Right now I am attending the Esther study at Redwood park church here in Thunder Bay ON Canada.I enjoy the Blogs.
    Love in Christ,Noella

  31. 381
    DLynn says:

    Studying the History of Doctrine from early morning til late night. A whole semester in four days! Glorious! Praise our magnificent triune God!

    but wishing I had been in Israel with you ๐Ÿ™
    I can’t wait to be there again some day.

  32. 382
    Brenda Johnson says:

    So happy to hear you are back safe and sound!

    I had a wonderful day spending it with my two grandsons, that are 2 and 6 mos., they are both so sweet and a ton of fun. I never knew two little beings could bring me so much joy, but I know you can relate as I am sure many “Nana’s” can. My four boys were a delight to raise, but grandbabies are at another level…can’t wait till more come along!!

  33. 383
    praise for today says:

    where am i on june 3rd? i hate to say it but i’m struggling with answered prayer… prayer that was answered in the way i didn’t want it to be. i seem to be swinging with the pendulum from depression to contentment. from sadness to joy. i realized just yesterday that there is so much anger because God didn’t do what i asked… how horrible do i sound? yeah, so then i was dealing with a pity party and now i’m just trying to “be”. i was finally able to pray and mean it, “God, if this is where you want us, so be it”. i’ve been struggling with that prayer for several months now. i’m not happy about it – been battling tears and lost numerous times, but i am taking it one day at a time. “For men are not cast off by the Lord forever.” Lam 3:31 and with that promise, i know at some point things will get better and God will provide and God will heal. one day, hopefully this side of eternity.

  34. 384
    praise for today says:

    and may i add, i’m SOOO glad you are all home and that the trip went well ๐Ÿ™‚ welcome back!

  35. 385
    Kristen says:

    I am so glad to hear a little bit about your trip! Thank the Lord for your safe travel and blessed experience together.

    If I could just ask for prayer tonight, I really need it.
    *I am a bad mommy because I somehow missed taking my daughter to an important dance rehearsal this week which resulted in her being left out of the finale in the big recital. I am officially the BAD GUY to my 11-year old!
    *My son had a bad accident on a go-cart two months ago which resulted in a compound fracture to his left arm and a shattered elbow. He just got his cast removed on Tuesday (Praise the Lord! A real shower!) and now we start therapy. We went to the therapy center suggested by the surgeon but it just didn’t seem to click. Please pray that we will have wisdom and help him get the therapy he needs.
    *I have a new job opportunity (part-time) that would be a great benefit to our family financially but I already feel like I am dropping the ball in so many areas (like the dance rehearsal) that I’m not sure if I can handle one more thing! I guess I’m not a good multi-tasker. ๐Ÿ™
    Sorry to unload on the Siestas. Please direct me, Lord!Hope you are all having a great start to the summer!

  36. 386

    I sit here with unspeakable thanksgiving over the fact that your children have followed hard after Jesus. You have all blessed our lives more than you will ever know, EVER!
    Not only that I am your spiritual offspring so to speak…along with so many others. We rise and call you blessed…even though you wouldn’t want any of us to rise for you. I truly praise God for each of you. There isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t thank God for y’all. Heck, my 4 year old prays for BethMoore (one word). She was sick as a dog yesterday and I kid you not (between throwing up) she wanted to watch the Revelation 6 dvd (about the seals) lol!!!!
    One generation will commend Your works to the next! I love the Lord for His relentless pursuit of His children. Anyway, again I have been doing the bible studies for 11 years and I do not know where I would be if it weren’t for the word. Thank you!

  37. 387
    Pam Mundy says:

    The 3rd of June finds me totaly overjoyed, my last night at work for the week. Getting ready to jump on a plane with my vacation friends on Sat. going to Sedona. I can hardly wait.

    I finished my radation for the dreaded bc on the 10th of May. I’ve started on my 5 year pill and good to go. I am so blessed. What a journey it has been. Oh and I have some short really really curley hair !! God is so amazing.

    Glad you had a fun safe trip, and thanks for sharing I know it must be the most amazing place. One day I will go.
    You do have some wonderful beautiful girls. They must make you so proud of them.

    Love you all
    Campbellsburg In.

  38. 388
    Rachel says:

    Welcome back! June 3rd was wonderful. Had a picnic lunch by the lake with one of my best friends, who is a missionary in Siberia. She and her family just got back to the states and will be welcoming their second little girl into the world in just 12 more days! I just finished nursing my own sweet baby girl to sleep and my energetic 3 year old is sleeping like an angel. Now to spend some time with my wonderful husband before falling into bed myself. ๐Ÿ™‚

    So glad you all had a great trip and made it home safely!

  39. 389
    Mel says:

    Today marks one week until summer break…and I get to spend it by the pool with my girls.

    It is a blessing for me to read the words you speak about your daughters and the relationship you have with them. We have 3 girls (5, 8 & 10) and I look forward with anticipation to seeing how God uses them and makes them unique. I pray that they “follow Jesus hard” and that I can be an encouragement on their journey.

    PS: This is my first comment EVER…scary…but I’m not feeling insecure!!

  40. 390
    Kelly says:

    I’m sitting here with tears in my eyes, newborn sleeping next to me, hoping that redemption and lineage-altering grace will take place for my boys. Felt a little hopeless tonight but your testimony lifted me. Thanks for telling us the truth…may it set us and future generations free. Love you.
    Ps…I might die if I don’t see some pictures…have mercy on us homebound mamas that can barely get to the grocery store never mind Gesthemane.

  41. 391
    deb says:

    so thrilled you are home and had such a wonderful time together and watching others see God in a deeper level… June 3rd for me is sitting in isolation at home, with health issues.. I have had many a pity party but today I am clean, clean and burden free for Our God finally got my attention to let my baggage GOOOOO and let HIM carry it… Wow, what a great feeling… Thanks for all you do for His Kingdom and I praise Him for allowing me to be apart of this ride…. God Bless you all

  42. 392
    Lisa V. says:

    Beth, I just love to hear from you. It always encourages me in a way that I know I can push on and aspire to live a life for Jesus. To have a glimpse into the life of someone on fire for the Lord props me up so much when I need it most.

    This has been some day for me Beth. My husband has made the decision to quit his job, not knowing where his next job will be. I don’t agree but I understand without going into details. I’ve been asking myself if this decision is part of God’s plan. Or will He be unpleased with this somewhat selfish hasty decision in which we, my husband and I and our 4 yo son, will bear the consequences? My hope wants to rest in the belief that regardless, He will lead us someplace good from this.

    I don’t know many people that will pray for us but if you might be willing, would you pray that my husband and I will support each other and communicate with each other during this time. Also that I might be the wife my husband needs in this time. Lastly that I will rest in the arms and care of my Lord, that I won’t be angry or bitter towards my husband and that I won’t let worry overtake me. Thank you Beth.

    Glad you are home, safe and sound from Israel.

  43. 393
    Traci says:


    I started this morning a summer Bible study…Stepping Up a journey through the Psalms of Ascent…so you were in my prayers.

    I’ve been battling breast cancer, and I can’t wait to move up from here.

    I might not have the opportunity to travel to the Holy Land while on earth, but I can’t wait to see the New Jerusalem and the precious face of my LORD and Savior.

    This morning in my quiet time, the Lord gave me Song of Songs 2:10-13. When you wrote that scripture I froze. I pray He is only calling me to a new adventure. The two words I keep hearing are Servant and Surrender…maybe it should just be…servant, surrender!

    So thankful you and the women are home safe.

    Thank you for your continued encouragement to be on my face before Him!

  44. 394
    monica says:

    Well it’s already the 4th of June down under. Very wet and rainy. I spent the day tidying up my dad’s house as he is preparing to sell and downsize to a more accessible home in anticipation of my mum coming home from hospital. In the interim, mum may have to go to a nursing home. She is only 66.
    I also looked after my gorgeous baby boy and battled with my 4 and a half year old daughter….why is “no” so hard to understand??
    missed you, Beth!

  45. 395
    Libby says:

    I am always so inspired, Beth, by how you speak of your daughters & of Keith. I have shared over & over how at LPL in SA a couple of years ago you, from your knees, told them publicly that it was your honor to serve them ~ not one person ever hears it without tears coming to their eyes.
    My sweet friend Julie & I have often said that while we know our parents have done the best they could with the tools they had, that we are thankful for how we were parented because that thing is what keeps us so desperate for the Lord. And while Julie is an awesome Mom who pours into her kids, I have yet to meet the husband or have the child that God has for me, but I pray that He is preparing my heart to be the kind of wife & Mom that He has worked in women like you & Julie to be. Thanks for all you do for Him.

  46. 396
    MMMom says:

    Summer is upon the Colley house! No more going to bed early or getting up early. Oldest is home from college, so there is boyfriend monitoring to be done until midnight. Youngest was at Shakespeare in the Park, then IHop, home at 1am. Hubby home from out of town, yeah!, dinner and a movie. Now at last I can crawl into my comfy bed and sleep in peace.

    So glad the Moore’s are back home together safe and sound. Looking forward to pictures of your spiritual journey and to beginning our new study of Ruth!

  47. 397
    Mary O says:

    My 3rd day of June finds me doing the normal-grociery lists…dentist appointments…but also something wonderful. I heard a great Word from our Father last night and am waiting with anticipation of something sweet to come my way. I have recently been diagnosed with Systemic Lupus and am in a flare…so health wise I am not so good…but spiritually speaking…my tank is FULL!!!

    The Lord really spoke to me from the scriptures of Exodus “The Waters of Marah and Elim”. I have been come to my desert place…but trusting God and standing strong waiting on my healer to come and show me something sweet from all this bitterness.

    Any of you Siesta sisters out there diagnosed with Lupus? I would love to hear from you!

  48. 398
    Kerrin says:

    Hope you had an awesome trip.
    We loved Israel so much when we visited earlier this year, that I am convinced I left a large portion of my heart there & so we are planning to go back in March to go fetch it … LOL.
    I hope you post some photos & some thoughts on places that you found special on this trip. Maybe next time you would consider taking a few avid bible studiers from outside the US with you.
    Good to have you back, you have been so missed.
    Sending lots of love from South Africa

  49. 399
    Maryellen says:

    I am so glad you are home safe and sound! With all that is going on in Israel right now, I prayed fervently for you and yours safety. Glad it was a blast!

    Well, the coffee pot situation, as I know you can relate to, brought me to a blog post that sums up my world. Knowing He is crazy about us and knowing we have His strength makes this all doable! Glad you all are home.


  50. 400

    Dear Beth, been sitting with my mother for a couple of days and nights…The family was called in Sunday to say our goodbyes but she is still here…she’s struggling for breaths a lot of the time but IM thankful for each day with her. She is only 68 but she has emphysema and is on a ventilator..the doctors say there is nothing else they can do for her but to keep her comfortable. It is hard seeing her struggle but they have her on morphine, etc. Please lift her up in prayer and my family, her name is Audrey..God bless

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