Home Again, Happy, and Homesick for Siestaville

Hey, you sweet things! It seems like forever since we’ve talked! Melissa and I had so hoped to be able to blog while we were in the Holy Land but the break-neck schedule and the slow internet made it the impossible dream. We and our group of 100 mighty women boarded two tour buses every morning at 7:30 and usually pulled back into one of three different hotels on our journey around 6:00 that evening. May I interject that it was HOT over there? And when I tell you we pulled into the hotel smelling more like sweaty camels than sacred pilgrims, I’m not kidding. Our consolation was that we all smelled the same. I took a travel size stick of deodorant in my purse and used it on the bus without shame. We’d clean up quickly then head to dinner at 7:00 then Melissa and I would head back to my room as fast as possible where I’d study for the next day and Melissa would down load pictures. We’d fall in our beds, rise early the next morning for more studying then load those buses again. It was a big fat busy BLAST. Not one single regret except that we didn’t have all of you there.

God gave us a fabulous group of women comprised mostly of LPM staff and volunteers (the trip was a thank you to all of them) and we were graced by the faithful presence of our God as we traced the steps of His Son from birth to childhood… to boyhood…to manhood… to His first miracle…to His ministry in Galilee…to the place where His sweat fell like drops of blood…to His cross…to His empty grave…then to the Mount of Olives where He ascended before their very eyes and will one day descend in all His glory…before every set of eyes on earth.

It was truly too much to absorb in one week’s time but many of us will ponder it for months to come. As you know, my darling firstborn was unable to go at the last minute. I am so proud of her for making that decision and, without hesitation, hopping in the car with her man to head for Missouri even before they knew what the outcome would be. I couldn’t quite get my head wrapped around not having her along on the trip because her company is so rich and impossible to replace, just like her sister’s. But I knew within a very short time that they’d done God’s will without question. They wanted so much to be able to see his grandmother before the Lord swept her home. As it happened, He simply could not wait another minute to have her in His presence.

“Arise, my darling, my beautiful one. See! The winter is past; the rains are over and gone…the season of singing has come…Arise, come, my darling; my beautiful one, come with me.” (Song of Songs 2:10-13)

Curtis and Amanda were there shortly after Grandma Dixon’s homegoing and for the rest of the week. Amanda said that the testimony of a long, enduring, loving marriage between Curtis’s grandparents was so powerful that it would mark them forever.

We missed her so much and I was deeply grateful that I’d already had the chance to take her on that very trip when she was 16. Melissa and I spoke of her constantly. I was touched in many ways this week in the Holy Land but I will share with you one primary gift God gave me while I was there. A number of years ago when Melissa launched full-steam ahead into an academic study of theology and Scripture, I began to worry that the critical aspect of that kind of academic education might snuff the flame that had burned in her from late high school to mid-college. There are many casualties. My heart also dropped into my feet as I realized that she was going to inevitably get hit in my behalf. She is to be commended for the way she handled it but that’s another story. I’ll leave it at this: it’s very hard to see your children have to deal with criticism toward you and be forced to answer for you. I can take the heat but I wish so much they didn’t have to. Anyway, as I sought God with my concerns, He supplied a Scripture that I felt He was inviting me to pray over her and believe for her. My fears were calmed over the completion of her undergrad work followed by two additional degrees. I refused to worry again about it even through some rocky places for her where she had to grapple with what she believed. While we were in Israel, I saw a young woman who had survived with her faith in tact. She is her own person – different from her mother, thank God – but full of passion. I saw a young woman who loves Jesus Christ. In fact, if not for Colin Fitzpatrick, I don’t think I would’ve gotten that child on a plane. I nearly fainted when I heard her ask our guide, my dear friend Arie, about the universities in Jerusalem. Then all I could do was shake my head and laugh. It can be a dangerous thing to raise your children to follow hard after Jesus.

I have seen a fresh revelation of Christ in the last week but not only through tracing His steps in the Holy Land. I’ve beheld it on the faces of His people. Many on the trip and my own beloved daughters, as different as they are, and as imperfect as they’d want me to tell you they are. They have each outdone their parents. Lord have mercy, what messes we were at their ages. Thank You, Lord, for full redemption. For Your willingness to change an entire lineage. Your grace is unfathomable. Continue to use it to set families free.

So, that’s a little of my story today. Thanks for listening to interminable musings. It’s so good to be back in touch with you. I am dying to know what you’re up to! Where does this 3rd day of June find you, my dear Siestas? Help me picture it!

You are so loved here.


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  1. 201
    Twila Baker says:

    Thanks for sharing your trip with us and I’m glad you are back. This June 3rd find me working this morning and leaving work early to get my roots done!

    I also got to share our new Breaking Free study with another church that had never done Breaking Free. My friend called me this morning to share that they had 57 women and 3 men show up for the first session last night! Praise God! They have no idea how they are going to be changed if they will just stick with it.
    Thanks so much for putting yourself out there for all of us.

  2. 202
    Warm in Alaska says:

    Where I’m at on July 3rd? Sitting in my red recliner, looking around for the Kleenex and wondering what’s wrong with me not to know I might need Kleenex after reading a “Beth post”. Such sweet words over your daughters. I just love it when families are the biggest Mutual Adoration Fan Clubs for each other. I have that w/my family of origin – even though we’re scattered high and nigh – and it’s one of the reasons I so savor the prospect of Heaven itself: all our best friends (and it seems to be extra sweet when it’s family) can be together. No more wondering if Alaska Airlines is running a special on two for one tickets. I will be so glad to never see another airline ticket counter come eternity!

    Also – today I am quite relieved for the rain outside b/c we just had a five day run of nothing but sun – and when the sun doesn’t set til 11pm – that just means completely happy, exhausted people. We had a non-stop stream of friends and more friends traipsing through our lives, right out back to the lake for kayak, canoe, jet ski, inner tubing, fishing, hot tubbing, shrimp creole, BBQ, Book of Genesis discussions, and late night talks around the fire pit.

    Today it’s me, the rain, the laundry room and more wet towels than I care to recount.

    So, SO happy to hear you had a fabulousotinoastic (don’t try to pronounce – I just made it up) week in Israel.

    Can’t wait to hear more…

  3. 203
    Dionna says:

    I’m feeling that very thing – wanting to raise my daughters to follow “hard” after Jesus. I don’t want just Christian children – I want children “sold out” for the Lord. I see Satan trying hard to grab onto them and I’m so grateful to know that God has His strong hands wrapped around them – for they are already His.

  4. 204
    Colleen Delbridge says:

    Welcome home.I am at home cooking supper for my family. Finalising arrangements for my 17 year old son’s trip to Argentina & Chile. He leaves on 9 June for a 2 week rugby tour.


  5. 205
    Diane says:

    Welcome back Beth! So glad you all are home safely! Today, June 3 finds me celebrating 10 wonderful years of marriage to my husband and best friend! I feel so blessed to have been given the gift of a loving, godly man and to be able to walk through life with him. Since that day 10 years ago God has also blessed us with 2 beautiful daughters (now 6 and 8). I got married at age 36 which felt like a very long time to wait back then but I can truly say God’s timing was perfect and David was certainly worth my wait! He planned our honeymoon as a total surprise to me. I found out our destination of Italy when we got to the airport. As we stood overlooking the city of Monte Carlo and the Mediterranean Sea I told him that’s where I wanted to be on our 10th anniversary. Well, I’m not in Monte Carlo today, although he did offer to take me there. I couldn’t bring myself to go overseas and leave our daughters at home and I also knew that Italy is not really a great vacation for kids. I opted for Hawaii in Feb. instead. All this rambling to say that today I’m especially thankful for my husband!

  6. 206
    Tori says:

    I’m at home from college taking care of my dad. He had surgery yesterday on his sinuses. This is his 5th surgery, because the fungus (yes, fungus, ew, even for a nursing major!) keeps coming back. Well yesterday, the surgeon said that if it wasn’t for a new machine that he used, he wouldn’t have found a cyst that had completely contained this so-called fungus! The surgeon was able to drain the cyst and get rid of the fungus, so maybe now my dad won’t have as many headaches because of all the pressure. Today, he’s sore and in some pain, but he said he can already breathe better. And in the meantime, I’m practicing my nursing skills ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. 207
    Amanda M. says:

    Amazing. I cannot imagine how moving this trip must have been. I can only hope to one day take a trip like this!

    Today finds us packing our final belongings to make our move from WI to our new home in……..HOUSTON! ๐Ÿ™‚ I have a feeling we’ll need many prayers, as this trip will be the drive with the kitties. ha!

    God bless and thank you so much for sharing!!

  8. 208
    lynn says:


    Thank you for a wonderful post. i am so counting on GOD for a change in lineage in my own family. i too am trying to raise two daughters and i feel the most intense call of GOD to raise them pure and minus a slew of bilateral family of origin issues. My husband and i are Blessed with these two young women and we see the evil that crouches in front of our faces daily. i follow so hard after CHRIST JESUS because i am certain HE IS ALL that will keep us, here on earth and safely into eternity!
    i would have loved to have seen the places our SAVIOR treaded. Thank you for you and your family, for loving, serving and following hard after our SAVIOR CHRIST JESUS. With all of the problems and suffering through working out our salvation this side of Heaven, your family displays a beautiful, bright picture of the Body of CHRIST. Your family shows the Hands and Feet of CHRIST JESUS in action by believing HIM and holding fast to HIM through all of life’s struggles.
    i look forward to a sweet celebration in Heaven with all of your family as we give PRAISES, GLORY, and HONOR to CHRIST JESUS our KING for all of eternity!!!!!!

    Because HE Lives

  9. 209
    Angie says:

    I had to laugh when you mentioned that you all smelled like sweaty camels. I hate to admit it, but without heavy applications of deodorant, everyday is a sweaty camel day here in Florida. I would have been so mesmerized by all the sights you’ve just described of the Holy Land, I’m sure I would have been applying chapstick to my armpits and deodorant on my lips and wouldn’t have even noticed. Love you all!!!

  10. 210
    Fran says:

    The 3rd of June finds me at work, just back from lunch! Cloudy and overcast here in East TN (Knoxville) with Vacation Bible School kicking off on Saturday June 5th. We have a thousand things we want to do but trust God to provide the time needed to complete what he would have us to. Please help us pray for those from the low income areas that we pick up on our bus ministry. Our target this year — the parents of these children! How they need God too!

    Glad you are all back safe and sound! I look forward to your pictures!



  11. 211
    Lynn Benefield says:

    Beth I have adorned you since I first started facillitating your bible studies back in the late 90’s. I have been to Israel- totally loved it- and now attend a Messianic Jewish Congregation here in Montgomery Al. I teach a group of precious ones each Monday night and we study the Word in-depth.
    I have been struggling the last couple of weeks with some anger, unforgivness toward a former daughter in law that broke my heart and my sons heart- but God is totally faithful and set me free- I wanted to share the scriptures that He used and the story of how He rescued me with you. I write weekly devotionals for my Sunday School class and I wrote about it last week. Is there a place on your site where I might send it to you- it was so awesome and so set me free from anger and gave me an entirely new heart toward the whole situation. That is where I am today Beth- happy and content and waiting on the Lord in total peace. Love you, Lynn

  12. 212
    Cathy Davis says:

    So glad y’all are home! Could you use your hairdryer?

    This 3rd day of June has me sitting in my office reading your blog and about to start doing more typing (work related)!

    I’m so excited to be starting Anointed, Transformed & Redeemed next weeek!

  13. 213
    Connie says:

    What a blessing to know that your daughters walk with Jesus! I can totally understand that…my 23 year old daughter has far surpassed me in her walk with the Lord from when I was her age…I was not raised in a Christian home, and at 23 I was a new Christian who was trying to learn all she could about Him and His Word…and most importantly, how to please and obey Him…I didn’t have the role models and church background to draw from. My husband and I raised our children differently than how we were both raised. And the fruits are there! I am so proud of who she is as a young woman and how God has worked in her life…just as He worked in mine.

    Today is just a day filled with the normal routine of our life here…our family was away for several days over the holiday weekend, and it is so good to be home again! So I have done the dishes, laundry and next comes vacuuming and dinner planning…just regular life…all of which I am so grateful for!

  14. 214
    Celia Donofrio says:

    As I am sitting at my desk eating the wonderful salad my beloved husband made for me, I am joyfully counting down the days until June 11th. A group of women from my church are heading to Denver from Clovis, New Mexico for the conference starting on this day. The last three Bible Studies we’ve worked on this year have all been yours Beth and the recent one we are working on is your revised Breaking Free. So much growth has happened in our church this year and we are anticipating more with the coming of Celebrate Recovery. Although I have to admit some of the growing has been more than a little painful! The outcome though, what an amazing, wonderful, fantastic, loving are there even enough adjetives to describe God?!

  15. 215
    Zelda1920 says:

    June 3rd is my 2 daughters and 3 extra girls in my house chatting constantly, playing dress-up, and waiting to swim. Tonight is a the end of our Upward Season! God has blessed. Upward Ministries is amazing.

  16. 216
    Meg Ebba says:

    The skies just opened up to saok the land and wash all the pine tree pollen away. A week post-due with baby #3. Will today be the day?!

  17. 217

    I think I know what you mean about an academic study of theology snuffing a flame. I’ve long desired to get a degree in Biblical Studies, but the Holy Spirit prompted me to question my motives. Grades were very important to me in school, so I could see that I might just want to get the grade instead of enjoying what I was learning. I also felt that He was telling me that I needed to get my validation (in teaching or writing or whatever) from the Holy Spirit and not a degree. This spoke directly to my personality type and personal issues, so I let go of the dream.

    Instead, I fulfilled the dream of becoming a wife and mommy to a beautiful baby boy. To help you picture my life this week, I’ll use my Twitter updates from a couple of days ago. They pretty much describe my days, and I’m sure any mom can relate:

    2:25 PM Jun 1st – Went to ladies’ Bible study, had lunch w/ hubby, now watching baby boy play before his nap while enjoying a cold Diet Coke. Good day so far.

    4:10 PM Jun 1st – Why oh why won’t baby boy take his nap?

    6:01 PM Jun 1st – Tired cranky baby, pulled back muscle, baby poop-dipped fingers – how did a day that started so right end so wrong?

  18. 218
    Kristin says:

    Welcome home! I can’t wait to hear more about your wonderful trip. Today is busy with end of the year parties at school. I’m off the make your Texas sheet cake for my daughter’s 3rd grade class. Her request!

    Love you tons ~ Kristin

  19. 219
    Andrea S. says:

    My Sweet Beth,
    As a young step-mother of teenage daughters I can say AMEN with you to the fact they are growing and will one day surpass me. I think back to what I was doing and who I was at their age, and I am blown away by God’s glory, his saving grace and never-ending mercy!
    Today, I am taking a “slow” day just for me….which I truly haven’t done in MONTHS! It is the kiddos last day of school, so tomorrow begins SUMMER!!! Woohoo!! I was able to have a slow start this morning, I did have one work meeting and have been doing a little work from home, but it is so what my soul needed after months of TONS of work at breakneck speeds!
    I have missed you so and am so grateful for the journey that all of you women were able to take! May God use that trip to speak to your hearts for months and YEARS to come, may you never lose the freshness of it!

    Love you,

  20. 220
    Crystal says:

    Today we found ourselves at a Family Picnic as we celebrated my first born completing his first year of preschool. We have been blessed to be able to send him to a wonderful Christian preschool with 3 of the sweetest teachers in the world! It was so fun to be able to celebrate his first year with him this morning. We are so proud of him and so thankful that the Lord has blessed my husband and I with our sweet son, our darling daughter and a precious new one that is on the way. God is so good!

  21. 221
    Amy Ward says:

    Today is my day off from chemo!
    BUT, I had to go to the infusion center anyway to perk up a new friend who was there for her chemo today. It was a fun and laughter-filled visit. Hallelujah!

  22. 222
    Judy says:

    Hi Beth,
    So thankful all of you have returned safely. I hope my husband and I get to do take that trip someday. Maybe next year on our 30th wedding anniversary!
    My husband is a pastor so summer is gearing up to be very busy. VBS, Student Life, CentriKid, church wide mission trip to Kentucky and some of our ladies will be studying Ruth with all the Siesta’s, just to name a few of the activities coming up. A great summer for sure!

  23. 223
    Missy S says:

    Hey Beth! Glad y’all are back safely! I must say I am so envious of those 100 women who got to experience the Holy Land under your tutelage. I know God taught you so much, and I dare say, I bet you had a lot of fun while you were at it!

    Anyway, today finds me studying for the bar, which I take in July. Truth be told, I am struggling not to succumb to a sense of hopelessness over the monotony of it all. But, your post reminds me that our God is anything but monotonous! So, my prayer is that even as I go through the difficulty of preparing for this big test that I would not miss out on the ride that Jesus has planned for me during this season!

    Love ya lots!

  24. 224
    Bethany says:

    This June 3rd finds me in an odd place. A place where all I can do is totally trust God, lean on Him in everything and give Him my heart every morning. I just finished Breaking Free and am now going through it again as a small group leader. I have joined a local ministry and am nervous about about my part in that. I know that everything I do is in His strength and that I am leaning on His muscles, finding rest under His wings and I can do all things in His strength. I have finally come to a place in my faith where I am sold out for Christ. Where all I want is to live for Him and to grow with Him daily. It’s been a long time coming. I so enjoyed this blog, because my hearts desire is for my daughter is to find her faith earlier than I did. I came to know the Lord at 24 but not after many painful years. Now the Lord is reworking those years, refining them and redeeming them but my hope is that my daughter will never know that same pain her mother did.
    I missed you while you were gone but am blessed to know you had a fabulous time. I cannot wait to see the pictures and only hope that one day I can have my own Holy Land adventure
    PS I will see you next week in Denver at Deeper Still

  25. 225
    Shelly Norman says:

    Today, i am working in the church office. It is a quiet afternoon and not much is going on. So I read your blog and thought I would take a few moments to answer you. My heart has had a heavy burden of trying to raise money to take my daughters on a mission trip in July to Bolivia. The temptation to back out has hit me very hard because I know satan is trying to use my money worries as a crutch for me to lean on. And he has been really sneaky about it. He slides it in at every opportunity that he can. It may be just a whisper to me or a clashing cymbal up the side of my head. When you said that about “It can be a dangerous thing to raise your children to follow hard after Jesus”. It hit me so hard because I know that. It was the main reason for the trip to be taken in the first place. And satan is not going to win this one. This will be a victory for Jesus and we are taking it. My youngest daughter is 14 years old and I just realized that when she said she wanted to go on this trip and I told her there would be a lot of sacrifices that she would have to make for us to go- SHE has been the one giving up STUFF with out complaining- it has been me the entire time kicking and screaming like i was 2 and wanted a cookie. She never asked for new clothes, shoes or anything. She went to a rummage sale here at church and got old t-shirts for herself. What a mighty women of God I am raising with out seeing it. But it is clear to me now. I sit here with tears in my eyes and a love in my heart for my daughter. Love seeing her grow in Gods love and I am humbled. It is a mighty thing to raise a kid to follow Jesus and a much more mighty thing to see her rise up and follow Him with a unshakable faith. With Love Shelly

  26. 226
    all shall be well says:

    I just love you…… glad you are home and blessed by our God……


  27. 227
    Susan says:

    I just rolled back home from the Central Park Zoo with my 3 monkeys… and one extra today. It was nice to leave Harlem today and enjoy some greenery in Central Park! It’s a beautiful day in NYC!

  28. 228
    Sherrie Watson says:

    I wished I was in the place you are today. I’m afraid that I’m dealing with a 13 year old daughter who has issues with her brother (who is 15) and her parents who she thinks gangs up on her. Boy being a parent is hard and it really makes my stomach hurt sometimes. I just want my kids to know God completely right now and I know that takes a while (I’m still working on it at 43). Glad you guys made it back and that the trip was great.

    Sherrie Watson

  29. 229
    WendyB says:

    Wow, we really missed you, Beth!

    In 48 hours, I get to put my only child on a plane to Guatemala, where she will spend 9 weeks breathing volcanic ash, dodging sinkholes, braving mudslides, power outages and floods; not to mention the crime, poverty and corruption. I get to pray that she won’t be stolen and sold into prostitution. I get to stay on my face before the God who lit this fire in her, to teach at a school/home for girls who have been horribly, unspeakably abused. I asked her how in the world I could let her go. She calmly replied, “Because He already knew about all this, Mom.”
    Meanwhile, my brand new husband and I are leaving in three weeks for Heidelberg, Germany, where he’ll continue his 20+ year career as an Army chaplain, and I’ll learn a whole new life!

    Other than that, it’s shaping up to be a pretty uneventful summer.


  30. 230
    Suzy says:

    Ben Gurion University is where my daughter rec’d her medical degree – so we visited Israel a couple of times while she was there. (I know I’m blessed in that regard!) BUT – I WOULD LOVE to go with a Bible teacher the next time – to hear the Word of God spoken at all of those special places….if another trip is in your future, count me IN.

    June 3rd finds me thankful to God for Beth Moore and her availability to God and willingness to share her life with the rest of us crazy women!

  31. 231
    Nise' says:

    So glad you had a fantastic time and are home safely.

    This 3rd day of June has me contemplating my youngest son’s high school graduation tomorrow. I have “been in” high school for the last 10 years and am glad to finally be done, but wondering what God has in store for this next season of life. I have plans, but know He has better plans!

    I am also praying that my middle son will get a job after graduating college last month. It is so hard to find a job here in MI.

    Last night I had my roots done and today am so glad that we put our daughter through “coz” school as she did a fantastic job on ’em. She teaches others how to do it now.

  32. 232
    Sonya says:

    Welcome back! What an amazing trip! Today I’m just enjoying my first week of summer vacation! I’ve mainly been cleaning and organizing things around the house that have been neglected during the school year!

  33. 233
    Siesta OC says:

    I am gearing up for two trips. One to see you in Denver at Deeper Still (I’ve never seen Priscilla or Kay – and I’ve never been to Denver, I am stoked!)
    And the second trip is to Oregon, Ruch specifically. I have friends up there and I will be attending Jon Courson’s church – I am excited!

    I am fighting an attack of the enemy trying to snuff my flame for the LORD by busyness. It seems such an easy thing to rebuke, but Agh, I don’t know how. But I also feel like I’ve been grown enough in the LORD that I am learning to fight on this next level. One step at a time.

    C U Soon!

  34. 234
    Becky says:

    So good to hear from you. I loved the pictures you posted at the first of your trip and look forward to seeing more. This 3rd day of June finds me well. At work at this moment on my lunch enjoying a few moments with Siesta mom and the sisters. I have been preparing for VBS (Saddle Ridge Ranch) next week at our church. I also took on the responsibility out of the 5 children my mom and dad have to plan my parents 50th wedding aniversery reception on the Saturday night after VBS. I think I am just asking for craziness in my life. But once this next week has been blessed and completed I will be working with an awesome group of ladies (The H.E.E.L.S. Ministry, Helping women Experience and Explore the Loving Savor) plan for the Sept 18th Live Simulcast with you dear Siesta Mom.

    One very important thing I did not include in the list is this one thing. This group of ladies at Stowers Hill Baptist Church in Attalla, AL would love to tell you thank you and your staff. Because of your loving heart for Jesus Christ and for womens ministry we will be starting our first ladies Bible Study this summer, Breaking Free the revised edition. Thank you so much. Also give Diane Riley a big hug from this lady from Attalla AL that would love to be there and give her a hug myself personally.

    God Bless each of you on the 3rd day of June.

    Attalla, AL

  35. 235
    Kimberly Folger says:

    I’ll tell you what I’m doing this wonderful June 3rd. day Beth- I am sooo wishing I could have gone to the Holy Land with you and your group! Maybe you could open it up to ordinary siestas like me?? (haha… sort of…)

  36. 236
    Carla says:

    We too say praise God you are all home! Glad to hear you had a great time and can’t wait to hear and see more. I knew there had to be a reason there hadn’t been any pics on the blog, but that all went well is wonderful. Carla

  37. 237
    Kimberly says:

    Today I’m celebrating being married to my husband for four years! We are looking forward to all God has for us and I can’t wait to get to celebrate more years with him as God guides us!

  38. 238
    Brittany says:

    June 3 finds me marching through a crazy work day/ready to wrap up a crazy week…but more importantly it finds me ridiculously excited about the first night of MetroLive tonight with that son-in-law of yours ๐Ÿ™‚

  39. 239
    Haley says:

    This beautiful 3rd day of June, found me on a picnic with my 3 1/2 favorite people in the entire universe. The hubs was able to take a long lunch so he could meet us for lunch at the park. What a wonderful time we had!!! (Oh, just in case there’s confusion… the 1/2 would be the sweet surprise that will be joining our family around Thanksgiving. God does have a sense of humor!)

  40. 240
    Martha in MS says:

    So glad you are all back safe and sound and that you had a wonderful trip! This 3rd of June finds me babysitting 3 of my grandbabies, 5,2,1 for a few days while their parents enjoy some much needed rest and relaxation at the beach. Also thanking GOd that I am sharing these 3 precious blessings with their other grandmother!! Not sure I could handle all 3 24/7 for 4 days! So good to have a post from you today! Love to all!!

  41. 241
    Tammy says:

    Beth and fellow Siestas,
    I would beg of you to be praying for a dear friend, who is also my boss, and her daughter. Her daughter witnessed her boyfriend of 2 years losing control of his car and being killed when he hit a pole. She is 18 and just graduated from high school last week. Her boyfriend was only 19 years old. She, as well as her mom and his family, are in a state of shock right now. The funeral is Saturday. Please pray for her as she deals with this trauma and loss now and over the rest of her life. Beth, when you asked where we were on this 3rd day of June, that is where my heart is. Thank you so very much for lifting her up to the Great Comforter!

  42. 242
    Arlet says:

    so glad to have y’all home again. Feeling a little out of sorts because we’ve had to un-take advantage of the chance to go to the Holy Land next spring with my brother-in-law as seasoned guide but God holds all things in His marvelous hands. Just got back from a much needed vacation on an Alaska cruise! Everywhere we went we were told that we must be living right (nope, God’s gracious gift) because Alaska NEVER gets wonderful weather like we experienced. Calm seas, warm weather, unbelievable scenery, wildlife – loved it. Now it’s back to real life taking care of a mom with dementia, family with tears in the relational fabric and weeds – where did all those weeds come from???

  43. 243
    Marcia says:

    Glad to hear that your trip went well and that you returned home safely. Can’t wait to see some pictures of the places you visited!

    Right now, I’m enjoying a peaceful afternoon at home, doing some reading, and waiting for my girls to get home from school. I met my hubby for lunch earlier and enjoyed having that just-the-two-of-us time. Looking forward to our last session of A Beautiful Mind videos tonight and really looking forward to starting our Believing God Bible study next week!!

  44. 244
    Donna Shoaf says:

    Your trip has spurred a longing to visit the Holy Land. Would you consider taking a group of Siestas? To see the sights and hear your teachings at the same time would be wonderful. If you don’t take groups, do you have a recommendation of another bible teacher that leads trips to the Holy Land?

  45. 245
    Annette says:

    Cannot wait to see pictures.

  46. 246
    Alta Blake says:

    Beth, so blessed today to hear from you and about your trip to the Holy Land…what a remarkable place to visit. I loved hearing about your girls and what you discovered while there. I am beleiving God for full redemption for our family. Michael and I have been divorced and lives a mess. Then God did something amazing…as He does. Michael and I met and married. We love each other and God even more. We want this for our children. We want a linage that screams Jesus is LORD!!! I am not seeing this happening…not giving up,but growing weary. So very happy for you and yours living the life God purposed all along to bring Him glory”) Love you and your sweet girls.

    • 246.1
      Amber Dawn says:

      Alta…Did I meet you at Living Proof Live in Billings, MT??? I lost my journal from that trip and coincidentally your address!!! Please let me know if it is you! I think of you ladies that I met often and pray for you!!! I was so thankful to meet you as I was alone from Kentucky!!!

      God bless!

  47. 247
    Anne Acker says:

    I have finished running errands, and I am sitting in the cafe at Barnes & Noble preparing to finish my dissertation chapter on John Bunyan. And listening to some really, REALLY happy worship music.

    My Bible study group finished Esther last night with a Purim party complete with plastic tiaras. Alas, incompetent woman that I am, I had no idea how to get that thing to stick in my hair. I think my head is the wrong size. Apparently some women just were not made for tiaras, and I’m one of them.

  48. 248
    jonna stout says:

    welcome home, Beth and LPM travelers! Cannot wait to hear more of what God did in you and through you on your trip to Israel.

    My day consisted of a few loads of laundry, chillin’ by the kiddie pool reading So Long Insecurity while my 3 year old boy splashed about!

    THANK YOU Jesus for the SUNSHINE today!

  49. 249
    Deanna says:

    I have missed you blogging but am glad you and your team got away.

    I want to thank you that while you were gone I received an email saying that my womens ministry was approved to receive some materials from your Siesta Scholarship fund.

    This calling came between a Believing God study and Esther.

    Do you have any insights in print on when you first ventured out into ministry? It was a big step of faith for my family as I resigned from my teaching position of 15 years to give all my energies to helping women in my community.

    I would ask that if you read this, if you could pray on my behalf that I would have wisdom to follow God’s direction.
    I am one step away from my non-profit status. The miracles I have seen God do in relation to the prayers I have prayed for this ministry have been unlike anything I have ever seen in my personal spiritual walk.

    Beth, once again I thank you for what your ministry has meant to me.

    In Christ Alone,

  50. 250
    Racheal Duran says:

    I am in a classroom full of 8th graders. My classroom is full of students that are looking forward to Summer break which is coming in 5 days! My students are currently making 3D airplanes……….so there are many flying around the classroom. Much joy! I too look forward to the Summer break to regroup and I can’t wait to start the Summer Bible Study with ally ou girls!!!!!

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