National Day of Prayer

Siestas, today is the National Day of Prayer.  Let’s take time to focus our attention on praying for our nation. It thrills us that many of you are in other nations besides the U.S.A., and we welcome you to join in with prayers for your country.

If you’d like to, use the comment box to post a brief prayer. (That obviously doesn’t need to limit how much you actually pray, but it helps us as we moderate if the comments are not too long.) I’m going to let my words be few so that we can get to praying!


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  1. 101
    abraham's daughter says:

    Lord, soften hearts, open eyes that we may see You and know that You are God. Give us a hunger for Your ways.

  2. 102
    Kathy says:

    Families and our nation’s children and those suffering from mental illness- our leaders and each citizen

  3. 103
    Robin Warden says:

    I didn’t know where else to post this, but I know many a siesta will enjoy reading this.

    “Trying to explain to men why you love Beth Moore so much.”

    So funny!

    • 103.1
      Kathy B says:

      “Stuff Christians Like” blog was adorable—and completely True! We love us some Beth Moore 🙂 I think the thing my husband likes best is the whole: How well she handles fame. He’s fairly convinced Beth’s not trying to make us groupies; (not sure how well that’s working, though). It continues to be glaringly obvious her “agenda” is loving God through His Word and igniting that same passion in the rest of us.
      OK, doubtless, I’m off topic. It’s a bit intimidating to word a public prayer. Sound a bit insecure, don’t I?
      Dear Father,
      I ask that Your will be done here on earth as it already is heaven. Please turn our leaders’ hearts as the rivers of water wherever Your will directs. May be stand up and speak up as Your Spirit directs us bringing people’s eyes to You. Thanks You for this country and the lengthy list of liberties we live in day in and day out. Help me to be the servant You’ve called me to be today.
      In Jesus’ powerful Name

  4. 104
    Kathleen Funk says:

    Today is Friday and here is my prayer. First, I thank God for this beautiful day here in Houston, I also thank God that I live in this country and I pray for our President and all who work for our country day in and day out. I pray they all have a blessed day.

    For all Moms! Dear Heavenly Father, I thank you for my mom. She is a great lady that I love very much. I pray that all moms have a great weekend and finally, I thank you God that you have made me a mom to 2 beautiful kids that it is honor to be their mom. Even though, this is the hardest job I have ever had in my whole life, I wouldn’t want it any other way. Thank you. Thank you.

    Happy Mother’s Day!

  5. 105
    valerie says:

    I’m a day late commenting, but first of all I’m so very thankful for the great news Stacie & her family received!

    Yesterday members of our church & some of the students who attend our Christian school met in the church parking lot at 8:00 a.m. I can’t even express the emotions I felt as I was driving over to be a part of the special prayer service. I could have slept in….after all I didn’t have to be at work until 9:30. I did not want to miss this! All morning all I could think of was how blessed we are in America to have this freedom & what a privilege it was to GET to be there & how I should NEVER take it for granted.
    We recited The Pledge of Allegiance & a prayer was read, then a moment of silent prayer and then we sang “God Bless America.”
    I was touched and blessed. I was standing on Holy Ground!

  6. 106
    JW says:

    I want to thank God for providing during two years of unemployment and not giving up on me when I kept giving up on Him. And I want to thank Him for the job I got yesterday that is so perfect I could cry. Also, pray for Nashville, we are in great need and need God’s comfort and provisions. AMEN!

  7. 107
    carla says:

    I pray for all of our nation to unite in Christ not be divided. To know the love of Christ and to do everything with that in mind. I pray especially for the victims of the flooding in Tennessee. I read that 140 homeless living in “tent City” are permanently displaced. I pray that someone will come to their aid. There were families living that way. I pray Jesus will lead us to look and listen for ways to help each other and some day we will all be part of the “same” family in Christ Jesus.

  8. 108
    Suzanne in RI says:

    We love to sing, “God Bless America.” We need to sing, “God Forgive America.”

    “Oh my God, I am too ashamed and disgraced to lift up my face to you, my God, because our sins are higher than our heads and our guilt has reached to the heavens.” Ezra 9:6 NIV

    “Lord, I have heard of your fame; I stand in awe of your deeds, O Lord. Renew them in our day, in our time make them known; in wrath remember mercy.” Habakkuk 3:2 NIV

  9. 109
    JDPSmiley says:

    Attended the Nat’l Day of Prayer service that was held in church across the street from my new home. What an awesome theme, and so relevant to today’s issues!!! XO

  10. 110
    Bruce says:

    Praying for your little man, Gavin, as well as for you Stacie and the rest of your family. May God give you strength, comfort, peace, and healing. Oh Lord, may they feel your presence and love more now than ever.

    In the mighty name of Jesus! Amen

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