My Tutoring Session With AJ: Adding Images

Hi, Siestas! AJ, our trusty Siestaville Blogmaster, is sitting right next to me in my office at LPM and she is tutoring me on how to add images into my posts. As you might recall (if you have admirable taste), I rocked at it when we were on Blogger but I’ve stunk it up on WordPress. Hence, Heaven alone knows all you’ve missed. In order to practice my new skills, I am going to take you through a random backlog of pictures I’ve taken with my iPhone during this season of blog-blackness. Knowing in advance that these are pictures taken with a cell phone should tell you what level of quality to expect. I know. I can’t wait either so let’s get right to it!

This is a picture I took of AB when I moved into AJ’s with the kids while she moved into the hospital with CJ. In order to give Jackson a bath by himself and let him be a fish for 20 solid minutes until he wrinkles up like a prune, I had to put AB in the Pack and Play. This is her cutest “Bibby, get me out of here before this gets ugly” look.

This is Jackson being Jackson. No, it’s not a clear picture but it is clear Jackson. He is my best friend in the whole world. Never has there EVER been a Bibby who loved a boy more.

This is Trav and me. After every few LPL’s when we get to hang around with the team and all act silly, one of us holds up our iPhone in front of our own face and says, “Hurry, jump in!” We have noticed over time that if he is holding the camera, oddly, he is the main one in the picture. If I am holding the camera, of all things, I’m the main one in the picture. Such a mystery. We have a ton of these. I bet you can guess who is holding the camera on this one. No, I have not been drinking. My eyelashes were just getting heavy.

My in-laws (Meems and Big Pops, who live right next to us) recently put in a vegetable garden and the four of us (them, my man and me) are completely obsessed with it. Sometimes the four of us just sit there in folding chairs and stare at the veggies like we could watch them grow. That’s Meems. (Short for Memaw) You can see the tiniest glimpse of Big Pops in the corner. Per Travis, one might wonder if Meems was the one taking the picture. It would have required a really long rubber arm, however.

This is Big Pops showcasing our first tomato. As soon as it ripens, we four have agreed to quarter it as our firstfruit and eat it together with hilarity and thanksgiving. Now that we have a vegetable garden, we like to say, “We grow our own food.”

This is a very good friend of mine’s recent 1-year token from AA. My pitiful photography here is a crying shame because, if you could really wrap your mind around this, you’d know it was worthy of a screaming shout of praise. Yahoo, God! I love You, I love You, I love You, I LOVE YOU!

The next four comprise a series. Recently, while Hawk and I were waiting at the gate for a flight back to Houston, a small herd of people walked right in front of us and one of them dropped the equivalent of a Sonic Route 44 Dr. Pepper. It hit the floor with a boom and exploded. The mother of said spiller promptly began dabbing at the edges of the broken dam with something the size of cocktail napkins while Hawk and I looked at one another like, “Somebody do something!” All the sudden, almost like a ray of light from Heaven broke through the ceiling and shone upon it, I looked up and saw this on the wall directly in front of us.

Does that say SPILL CENTER????? Could my eyes be deceiving me??? Let’s take a closer look!

I was like Clark Kent spying a telephone booth just in the nick of time. “Hawk, look!” said I! “A Spill Center!” I leapt over to it in a single bound and, knowing not what it was, perceived that I should reach into the bottom of the cylinder and pull. To my great surprise, this was no super absorbent giant towelette! It was the greater blessing! BEHOLD!!

I set it down right over said spill and some might say I saved the day. I felt empowered! Like any minute official airport personnel were going to wheel up on a golf car, saying “Scuse cart!” through the herd and deputize me. I was red-faced with humility.

While I waited, I felt a demonstration was in order. Here is what could happen to a person if caution is not quickly heeded. Or if Clark Kent can’t find a phone booth.

Whew. Even recounting it to you is thrilling. My heart rate is elevated.

Thank you, AJ!! If not for your excellent tutorial, all of Siestaville would have missed this profoundly important visual experience.

Lastly, with further thanks to AJ, I now have a picture with my blogger name when I comment. When it came Gravatar-time in our tutorial session, my brain was already at maximum absorption so I made AJ do it for me while I iced my forehead. She felt, then, that it was only fair that she get to choose the picture. You’ll understand when you see it. It goes to prove what I’ve long since believed. Every kid wants her parents to love each other.  They can survive without it – many of us are proof of that. But, they want it still.

I love you guys!


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  1. 151
    Church Lady says:

    You and Hawk are such comic relief!! So glad you can now post us such pictures. Now we know what you do at the airport.

  2. 152
    Cathy Davis says:

    How fun to come back and read all the comments. I don’t usually get the chance (or take the time) to do it. I’m always so glad I did!

  3. 153
    Kelly S. says:

    This whole thing…post and comments is HILARIOUS! Siestaville is too much fun. Thank you LORD!

    ps. good luck with the garden….I hope the critters stay out of it!

  4. 154
    Wendy Patora says:

    Absolutely hilarious! Definitely need that “Spill Center” in our home! 3 boys who love to “mess”…one who constantly grabs the sponge from the kitchen sink cause his trucks desperately need a “baff mom”. Always able to trace the trail of water / suds to his undercover location!

    You are such a hoot….and always on those days where a good belly laugh is needed!

  5. 155
    Kathy B says:

    OK, the picture of the green tomato gives me pause. You see, it’s May in middle Tennessee which in my household means one thing: Strawberry Season. There should have been a disclaimer on my marriage certificate that said I was marrying a certified strawberry NUT! I’m so not kidding. At this very moment there’s a strawberry patch in my backyard calling to be picked. Actually we used to have one in the front yard as well. When a neighbor spotted us putting that patch in, they asked if we were building a helicopter pad. I’m blushing just thinking about it.
    I know, I know. You all just luuv strawberries. There so delicious. Well, I used to like them too. Until I realized they require planting, weeding, covering (to keep out critters), picking, washing, capping, mashing. I don’t even get me started on the batches of homemade pastries that must be baked about every other day. Whew! Do I sound slightly disgruntled? Well I figured if I vented to you siestas a bit today, perhaps I’ll be a little easier on my darling husband. This really is his only vice. His waking words to me this very morning were, Hey, how about if I help you wash and cap berries for your jam?” Oh, please. That was code for, “if I help you, will you keep helping me?” He’s just so stinkin’ nice about it, how can I refuse.
    I think I feel better now. He’s seriously calling my name to come pick. And it’s rainig. Delightful.
    I can prove this is a contagious condition. Two of my three offspring have contracted it. Just two more weeks. Lord, give me strength.

    • 155.1
      Michele says:

      Strawberry jam does sound good. And strawberry shortcake, with lots of whipped cream.

      Haha – it’s like Bubba on Forrest Gump – shrimp gumbo, shrimp burgers, shrimp cakes… (insert Strawberry for shrimp)

      • Kathy B says:

        Thanks for laughing Michele. On retrospect I was afraid I might get in trouble for being long winded, grumpy and a really bad speller. I just had me a May Meltdown yesterday. Happens every year. But the sun came out today and God is still good.

    • 155.2
      Kathy B says:

      May I please make a way-too-long comment just a wee bit longer? Since I’m complaining, I thought perhaps I should try to justify my point of view. I just went out and measured the patch with my trusty…you guessed it…tape measure. It is 14 feet X 21 feet and we picked ten gallons of berries today. Yes gallons. For those of you with farms and acreas of produce that’s not too impressive. But for the rest of us city slickers, not too bad, eh?
      Thanks again for a safe place to vent. My man is wearing a strawberry stained grin.

  6. 156
    Sandy says:

    It’s been four years since I’ve had Diet Dr. Pepper. Some mornings I wake up thinking of how good it would feel to have some going down my throat. I’m now at the point I don’t have to stand in front of the soda machine at a restaurant and make my self choose to not drink soda (at least most times). If I start to waver my kids say “You can do it mom – don’t go back!” I keep telling myself maybe Diet Dr. Pepper will be in heaven. God is so gracious – if I had been at the airport there’s no telling what I would have done. Good Job Beth!

    As silly as my Diet Dr. Pepper addiction sounds, I just want to say I am SO proud of every one of you in AA. Praise God!

  7. 157
    Alison says:

    So glad you learned to post pictures!

    Like others I LOVE that you posted the picture of your AA friend’s 1 year coin! As a leader in our Celebrate Recovery ministry at our church, this is a HUGE accomplishment that can only happen with full surrender to God. I love this. In fact I will be getting my 2 year coin in two weeks for soberity from my
    co-dependency/enabling of the addicts in my life.

  8. 158
    Katie says:

    Spill Center! That was a hoot!

  9. 159
    Ginger says:

    Love the pic. Love the pose. Beth Moore you are crazy and that’s why we love you.

  10. 160
    Deanna Gott says:

    You have no idea how much I needed not only the laughter this post brought but the picture of you and Mr. Keith. After a long night in marriageville that made me scratch my head (I’m sure my husband was scratching his as well) and wondering how we ever got to “THAT” conversation… This morning I sit down and read this. I needed it… water to my sandpaper eyes and weary soul.

  11. 161
  12. 162
    Andreea says:

    The first thing I did after I read this post is click on the coments section so I can see if Beth replied to any comment and see her user pic. I love it!

  13. 163
    Kim says:

    I love it! Y’all are hilarious.

    Wanted to share with you that we got a new Border Collie/Springer Spaniel mix, puppy this week and he’s the cutest, sweetest dog I’ve ever seen. Thought you would appreciate it since you are a dog lover.

    Have a great day!

  14. 164
    Suzanne in RI says:

    Great job with the photos! Loved the “help I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” image.

  15. 165
    Kari says:

    Beth, your garden story made me think of the Frog and Toad story “The Garden” where Toad watches and watches for his seeds to come up! You should get it and read it as you all sit around your veggie garden!! 🙂

  16. 166
    Meghan says:

    I read this after my very own momma. So, with her so close to my mind and heart I had to wonder, how many times did AJ’s eyes roll as she sat there while you posted this? That is not to say that mine did, but if you were my mom they would have!

  17. 167
    BeckyB says:

    Loved this post. Loved your pics. Love you!

  18. 168
    Amy says:

    Just this morning, we were talking at work about our vegetable gardens to a co-worker and she was astonished that you can actually eat the bloom of a squash plant. We broke out our journalistic photos as proof and began an hour long tutorial of the ins and outs of gardening. As my sister would say, “Are we old or what?” But we are delighted at the fruits of our labor. Such a reward to watch my son pick the strawberries from the vine while he exclaims, “Oh, it’s only dirt mom. This one’s juicy!” as he’s plopping it into his mouth!

    p.s. They should use your demonstration photo to update their caution flags!

  19. 169
    shelli littleton says:

    Beth, so glad you mentioned “Gravatar” … I had tried to put my picture on there … we had to run out the house, so I stopped what I was doing. And then couldn’t remember the website! Yikes! Thank you! Sooooo wish I was going to the Holy Land with you all … what a special time that will be! Can’t wait to hear all about it. Love you all.

  20. 170
    Chesney says:

    hahaha! LOVE IT! If only everybody were as excited about helping clean up spills…maybe if we all had spill centers we would be 🙂

  21. 171
    AvA says:

    i dig your humor! thanks for the deep thoughts and the light-hearted ones. even flow. it’s great!

  22. 172
    Gina says:

    A few Crapsey Cinquains in honor of Beth’s Blog:

    Title: Hold Me!

    please get me out
    before my quivering lip
    and tear-filled eyes turn my squeak to…
    a SHREAK!

    Title: Garden Pride

    tiny green thing
    watching each moment it grows
    discussing future plans for this…
    “sweet thing.”

    Title: Unexpected Discovery

    terminal wait
    huge drink kisses the floor
    panic…need to help…eyes behold…
    spill sign!

    Title: Friend to Strangers

    Sweet Beth
    hilarious and yet
    in the midst of “tragedy” she…
    loves you.

    Thanks for material to practice my writing. Very fun!

  23. 173
    Gina says:

    Yes…I mispelled Bibby…too funny!

  24. 174
    Julie Anne says:

    Must say, I got on here just to see the beautiful gravatar!! 🙂 I did love all the pictures!

  25. 175

    Ok I just got a huge laugh about the floor spill demo! Who knew? You should go into the workers comp training video model business in all of your spare time! LOL

  26. 176
    HeleddNest says:

    Thanks Beth, enjoyed looking at these pics 🙂
    Love your Gravatar picture – very inspiring.

  27. 177
    Emily D says:


    As impressive as saving the day with the spill centre is, what really impresses me most is that you have your very own veggie garden (do you call them allotments in the US?) My husband has one and I love all those fresh fruit and vegetables, although the slugs and snails that often sneak home are a bit too much. We have a deal that I will cook (gratefully) with his veggies if he prepares them and removes all the little visitors! Hope you all get to enjoy many tomatoes together. Also -it is a GREAT thing to involve Jackson and AB in -my girls love growing huge pumpkins x

  28. 178
    emilee hall says:

    I loved this! The part about the spill center was too funny!

  29. 179
    Nancy says:

    Miss Beth you are such a delight!
    I am thankful you got your picture tutorial because all of those shared were a treat. What a blessing your family is close enough to enjoy such good times together.
    We “grow our own food” here in Iowa, too. Gardening is a lot of work, but well worth the effort. There is no tomato better than the one plucked fresh out of the garden. You are smart people to arrange to share first!
    God bless your AA friend. Keep praying for him/her!
    Thank you for this blog. I look forward to updates from all you ladies. I don’t post often, but I am often blessed.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  30. 180
    Sarah says:

    I have to say that in December, I went to Deeper Still OKC. I was ministered to so mightily by the 3 speakers. But one thing I learned that I didn’t expect to was Work Ethic and Servant Heart. I watched Hawk (we sat very close) all weekend long NEVER STOP WORKING! I knew who she was from the video clips from the blog. What a precious heart she must have and I was challenged by watching her as much as hearing Kay, Beth, and Priscilla (who were all just as fabulous). I’m so thankful to have an outlet to say this to her boss.

    • 180.1
      Beth says:

      Dearest Sarah, thank you for testifying about what a fabulous young woman our Hawk is. She is a complete rarity. Incredible work ethic and never, ever complains about hard work and long hours. She is also hilarious. I laugh so hard with her on the flights home that I am sore by the time we reach Houston. She will be so blessed by this.

    • 180.2
      lpmhawk says:

      Thank you for the sweet encouragement! That was a great way to start my weekend! I am blessed to serve right where the Lord has placed me and pray it pleases Him each day! But to hear the encouragement is always nice! Thank you!

      • Rockin' My Freedom says:

        Dear Hawk,

        In the words of Avatar…or Gravatar for that matter, “I see you!” I was the right hand of a Christian recording artist for 15 years and understand the hard work involved in taking care of ‘your girl.’ The protection, the schedule, the airport runs, the people, the communication coordination…and so much more. I get it girl. It’s a special calling you have. Stay close to the real CEO of LPM and you will not only do your Siesta Mamma and you proud, but that of your Lord as well sweet thing.

        Life on the road…you rock at it I’m sure!

  31. 181
    Groovewom says:

    I am OVERJOYED that AJ gave you a pic tutorial, because without it, we couldn’t have gotten a peek into the randomness & hilarity that IS your iPhone photo album!! I absolutely LOVED the Last series of pics, especially the demonstration picture, because that is TOTALLY something that ‘I’ would do and display as a Facebook picture!! Hahahaha!! I LOVE IT!!

    Thank you Beth, I needed a laugh today!
    (aka: Groovewoman)

  32. 182
    Lori says:

    Absolutely loved this post! AND actually had time to read a good many comments. What a precious community this is, with so many dear sisters seeking after the things above, where Christ is seated at the right hand of God! Hallelujah! I so enjoyed laughing as I read, as well as stopping to pray when a request was made. I felt like I was sitting down with the whole bunch of you! May God continue to use this blog to encourage and admonish our pressing on, and all for His Glory!
    In HIM,

  33. 183
    Dedra@DFW says:

    You need to have a sad, embarrassed look on your face in the “help,I have fallen & I can’t get up” picture. you look too happy to have just splattered on the floor! I needed that laugh this afternoon. Did AJ tell you I am back in siestaville?

  34. 184
    Joyce says:

    A Grava W H A T ???????????

  35. 185
    Lyndsey says:

    We call my MeeMaw Meems too! And I felt that your day would be more blessed by knowing that 😉 haha

  36. 186
    LynnNGa says:

    so glad to see another here that is overcoming a life of addiction only with Him holding our hands….I will pick up my 3 year chip on June 1st – Praise Him …it is only by holding His hand that I am able to continue….one day at a time….He told me that all along…I just didn’t listen….love to you all!!

  37. 187
    Anna Mitchell says:

    You are just a little party in motion, aren’t you?

  38. 188
    Kathleen Funk says:

    What a day I had today. Nothing is ever easy, but a very good friend of mine told me today that you are right, nothing is ever easy here but it will be in Heaven. Thanks God for that.

    Thanks for making me laugh. I needed it bad.

    By the way, where does Bibby come from?

  39. 189
    Fran McCurry says:

    I have loved reading all of these posts this afternoon, especially the ones of my Siestas in recovery and those of the Siestas encouraging us! We all serve such a Mighty God, and one of the countless ways He certainly shows His love for us is through such comments on this blog! I am so happy for each and every one of you for every day of your recovery time! God has so richly blessed us with a new and abundant life!

    Lisa and Donna from Alabama- I will be in B’ham for Deeper Still in December, too! We have got to meet!
    I am looking forward to seeing you again, Beth; I would love it so if we could meet up with you, too!

    Love to you all,
    Gulf Shores

  40. 190
    Martha says:

    I had to jump in just to see your Gavatar pic……… it!
    Martha or as my 4yo grandson calls me Dramma.
    9 grandkids and he’s the only one who calls me Dramma.

  41. 191
    Amber Dawn says:

    My guts hurt from laughing so hard! NEEDED it so much! HA!! Thanks for sharing!!! And thanks Amanda for helping so we didn’t miss out!

  42. 192
    kathy Pink Bicycle Arkansas says:

    I’m a bit out of touch. This headache Day 8 and I am trying to get up the nerve to think about going to Wal-Mart to just look and possibly consider picking up the Nettie Pot package but then actually trying it is something else. The doctor suggested it but…So does anyone have any home remedy suggestions. I’ve tried chocolate, coke – I gave up cokes excpet for one every few months about two and half years ago, I even drink a Mtn.Dew and I haven’t had one of those in about 20 or 30 years, I’ve tried Beth’s favorite – Coffee – I’ve taken RX’s, Tylenol PM, Excedrin….nothing works.

    So if our dear Siesta Beth can spring into action at the airport can she cure my headache?

  43. 193
    kim says:

    This is absolutely hillarious!!!

  44. 194
    Rebecca Cain says:

    Who needs Saturday Night Live? Read the post. Read the comments. Eat popcorn.

    This is hilarious…….

  45. 195
    karenmo45 says:

    Beth, love the pics. You’ve been tutored well. Could you send AJ my way????

  46. 196
    texatheart says:

    Oh Beth I needed that so much today. I really needed a little comic relief after not feeling very good this past week. Finally back home and recooperating. It is funny how just laying in your own bed can take away some of the pain you are feeling. Can’t wait to hear about your trip to the Holy Land. Have never been, some day maybe.
    Love to all,

  47. 197
    Tellina says:

    I so needed something to smile about tonight. Thank you for sending me to sleep with a smile. You are such a blessing and a breath of fresh air in my day.

  48. 198
    Kelly Jo says:

    So the big yellow thang came out of the small white thang?? I love you!!

    Could you say a prayer for my family? My grandpa passed away early Thursday morning and yes your staff had been praying for him. His funeral is at 1 p.m. He was 85 years old and had lived a healthy life. He had a stroke 2 months ago and lost his ability to swallow. He was suffering and I know he’s in a better place. I remember telling him when my Granny Rose died and yes I’m ashamed but this is what I said First of all papa was crying and carrying on oh I’m going to miss her so bad and all upset and I said papa I don’t know why your sa tore up your 79 years old and you can’t live that much longer!!! He just looked at me and said yeah your right.. I have no idea why I said that and nobody has forgotten it. We lost my grandma to breast cancer on August 7th 2004. And it’s just hard letting them both go. I felt like as long as papa was alive I could still hang on to my Granny and I’m just a little scared of how things will be. Thank you for loving us!!!!!

  49. 199
    amy lozano says:

    well, let me say kudos to the picture poster (i.e. one who posts pics)! now, the trick is doing it often enough that you actually remember the steps involved! And, might i add….. AB’s little precious, precocious smile while awaiting her release from toddler prison looks an awful lot like her bibby’s smile in the infamous arm’s length pic of her and travis. hmmmm. mini me?

  50. 200
    Stacy Minor says:

    It’s hilarious to think that you actually got on the floor to pose for the spill picture with strangers watching you. 🙂 What fun it must be to have you as not only a travel partner…but boss! Well maybe a tad scary too (never know what you’ll do next!).

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