Graduates Anyone?

It’s that time of year when hard-working students – AND those making it by the skin of their teeth – walk across platforms and get their diplomas.ย  Anybody besides us have a graduate this year? If so, tell us about him/her! No matter what the age or kind of graduation – from kindergarten to tech schools to doctorates – if an official ceremony is involved, let’s celebrate!ย  If you ARE the graduate, that’s even better. We love any opportunity to celebrate a Siesta. Tell us what God has enabled you to accomplish and what your plans are now.ย  This is what community is for.

While we join you in your celebration, please join us in ours. Here’s a huge Siesta shout-out to Melissa Moore Fitzpatrick for earning her second Master’s degree, a Th.M from Columbia Theological Seminary. Child, you have worked your fingers to the bone. You’ve done what it takes and at no small cost. Your Dad, Amanda, Curtis and I are so proud of you and amazed by you. THIS from the high school athlete dash prom queen with the blue and white 69 Camaro Z28 who mostly studied for a test on the way to school that morning…while driving. You are a stud, young lady.ย  Just like your sister. I celebrate the different directions Jesus has taken the two of you and I am so proud of the young women both of you have become. Make no mistake. You both need Jesus equally to make it through the lives He’s entrusted to you.

Colin, Melissa was so right to say that this graduation was just as much about you as it was her. Thank you for so often gazing at your new bride over a sky-high stack of books and papers and for listening to Hebrew lingo and doctrinal debates you never cared to know about. I have a feeling you didn’t see this coming when that young woman passed you in the halls of Langham Creek High School ten years ago. Keith, Amanda, and I will love you forever for how you love our girl and for how much you support her continued theological education. She’s so worth it, isn’t she? I speak this blessing as much over you as over her:

May God sanctify you, anoint you richly and shine His light brightly on your next steps. “May He remember all your sacrifices…May He give you the desire of your heart and make all your plans succeed. We will shout for joy…and will lift up our banners in the name of our God.” Psalm 20:3-5

OK, Siestas! Let’s hear it for your graduates!


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  1. 351
    Stacy Featherston says:

    Hello Friends,
    My youngest baby just graduated from high school…Sarah Grace. We are so proud of her and so excited for her future (sad for us..we are going to miss her so much). I have been amazed at how the Lord has used this child..she is very involved with K-Life Ministries and leads a small group of girls..she is light years ahead of her mother at this age:) She is going to Auburn University in the fall..8 hours from Arkansas. I just pray the Lord will continue to help her stand strong and be a very BRIGHT light for him. Our son goes to Ouachita Baptist University in Arkadelphia, AR. Boy, I sure wish they didn’t have to grow up:(

    Stacy Featherston

    By the way, Sarah Grace and I sure would appreciate your prayers. We are going with a group from our church on June 8 on a mission trip to Haiti. It is a youth trip, with a few of us parents going along too:)

  2. 352
    Kim says:

    Mine is not a happy graduation story. I am asking for prayer from my siestas. My husband travels alot and has become very unhappy in his job. He is trying to get a job where he can be home, or even if we have to move somewhere, so he can be home at night. We were very excited for an interview at a company much closer to home, but received very bad news that the degree he thought he had from an online college is not accredited. He has an assoc. degree and went for his bachelors online. He paid the money, did the work, all while working a full-time job to support our family. Now the company he was supposed to interview with cancelled the interview. He is the smartest man I have ever met. We really felt God was answering our prayers to bring him home. We are devasted. Please pray as we lay our broken hearts at the feet of Jesus and trust he will work things out in his time.

  3. 353
    April says:

    After 4 years of hard work, I graduated on May 8th from Appalachian State University in Boone, NC. I graduated with a Special Education: Adapted Curriculum degree. God has been SO faithful to provide me with a wonderful job and a place to live in the Fall! ๐Ÿ™‚ I will be teaching 6 boys (Kindergarten-3rd grade) with autism and/or intellectual disabilities. Most of them are non-verbal. I’m so excited to see how God uses me as a teacher!

  4. 354
    Sarah says:

    On Saturday I graduated from Vanderbilt with a PhD in Chemistry. God TOTALLY gets every ounce of credit for this one. I told Him when I was a sophomore in college taking my first Organic Chemistry that if He wanted me to go all the way with this, He’d have to take me one class at a time and He did! Praise the Lord!

  5. 355
    Rhonda McClellan says:

    Congratulations Siesta Melissa! ๐Ÿ™‚

    My delightful son, Michael, will graduate from high school (one year early)on May 29 to pursue a career in music. He’s an amazing drummer (great musician)and simply a wonderful young man. God has gifted him greatly and we’re excited for him to pursue a career using the talents God gave him. I’m believing God’s Jeremiah 29:11 plan over Michael and over all of our precious ones! I recently had to pull photos to create a powerpoint that will play as he receives his diploma and oh, how the time went too quickly. He’s my 2nd and my baby. I’m proud and I’m blessed immensely!

  6. 356
    Retta says:

    My best friend of 20+ years started college before me but didn’t finish until this year which is 5 years after me but she did get two degrees out of it.

  7. 357
    Lisa says:

    What a great post for today! My baby boy “graduated” from pre k 4 today. There was a ceremony with little graduation caps and everything! It was precious! I’m on the other end of the spectrum from you, but ironically you were on my mind as I sat at his ceremony today. I didn’t know why I kept thinking about you. Maybe this is the reason! ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve read your blog for quite a while & done some of your Bible studies, but never commented here. So glad to join in this evening!

    Congratulations, Melissa! What an accomplishment! Beth, you seem to be such a wonderful mother to your girls & appreciate them uniquely. I’m not blessed with that, so I really recognize it & appreciate it in others. Your blog is a real blessing to me. Thank you!

  8. 358

    My sister graduated from Harding University 2 weeks ago with her Bachlor of Science AND RN nursing degree! We are so proud of her! Congratulations to everyone who has finished the fight and stay strong to the end those who are still in the trenches!

  9. 359
    Piper Green says:

    I just graduated myself! I barely graduated high school twenty-four years ago. I am married with three children and decided to jump with both feet into attending college. I just earned my BA in Government from Regent University. My plans entail an MDIV; however, I am taking a small break! So, it is not too late for you- I am now 42 and will not regret going back to school! Few thought I would be here- but God…..

  10. 360
    Beth Moss says:

    My Graduate this year is my 4th son Nicholas James Moss. He is graduating from High School AND with a two year degree from our community college. He has worked his buns off (he didn’t really have a set to begin with ๐Ÿ™‚ Your dad and I are SO PROUD of you Nick!! May God be your everything in this next stage of college!
    Melissa I’m so stinking proud of you!
    Beth your pic makes a squeeze on my heart every time I see your responses. Amanda…way to go in the choice!

  11. 361

    Congrats, Melissa, and all the graduates! There’s something special about starting a new season. Thank God for fresh starts!

  12. 362
    Vicki says:

    Congratulations Melissa on a job well done!

  13. 363
    Leila Hinkle says:

    Congratulations to you Melissa!! I have been inside that Peachtree church for 2 CTS graduations for my husband and brother. I know how much you had you work. Blessings to you and your family.

  14. 364
    Dee says:

    My husband graduated from another presbyterian seminary, so I know it’s a lot of hard work. Congratulations, Melissa!

  15. 365
    Katherine says:

    Congratulations to Melissa and all graduates! I was delighted to see the pictures – Peachtree Presbyterian was where my husband and I met and married. Both of our children were baptised there as well! Thanks for the sweet memories.

  16. 366
    Katherine says:

    Congratulations to Melissa and all graduates! I was delighted to see the pictures – Peachtree Presbyterian was where my husband and I met and married. Both of our children were baptized there as well! Thanks for the sweet memories.

  17. 367

    CONGRATULATIONS Melissa! What a wonderful accomplishment!

    No official graduates here but I’ve got one ending middle school, one ending elementary, and my baby is leaving lower elementary! Big year for the Butchers!

    I hope to add my name to this graduate list soon! I’ve three semesters left until I graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. Then on to grad school! I’m honored to be a student at the age of 38–it’s hard work trying to juggle full time school with full time mommy/wife, and part time work-but the grace of God has been so heavy on this. Taking the summer off to enjoy my family, then back to the books!

    Much love to you all! I love being a Seista.

  18. 368
    Allison says:

    My daughter, Chelsea, just graduated from Home School High School! We are so proud of her! She is heading to Colorado in a few days for a summer of Discipleship Training at Ellerslie, School of Honor, founded by authors Eric and Leslie Ludy!! We will miss her, but we are so thankful for the call God has on her heart!

  19. 369
    Laura says:

    My sweet sweet baby graduated from Valliant High School, Valliant, OK this year. He has been an utter delight to watch grow. He is a blessing and I know that God will use him in the years to come.

  20. 370
    Erin says:

    I graduate tomorrow from nursing school with my Associate of Science in Nursing! After 3 long years of studying and clinicals, I am thrilled to be done! The field of oncology is where I feel called, but until a position opens up, I am willing to work anywhere to get some much needed hands on experience under my belt. I’m trusting that wherever a job opportunity opens up for me, that is where God will be teaching me some awesome things! (Medically AND spiritually ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. 371
    Jennifer Hamm says:

    Nathan, Cypress, TX is graduating from Kindergarten. Mommy feels like she’s graduated too! Whew! What a year!!

  22. 372
    Emmy says:

    Melissa that is awesome! Way to go! My brother just got accepted to seminary.

    I have one graduating from “lower school” to middle school… One from “middle school” to high school!

    And next year I will have a high school junior and senior… I already have lumps : (

  23. 373
    Jax Douglas-Jones says:

    May God shine upon you and may His breath cover you like sweet perfume! May you know His heart for you and trust always in His love for you and may you touch people’s lives wherever your footsteps dare to tread! Remember always that your dreams are held in the palm of His hands and that He is your ultimate destiny!!

    Beth, my children are not even close to a graduation of any kind! My eldest will be 7 in July and my twins have just turned 4. They are all girls and ALL SO DIFFERENT!!! I love your letter to your daughter and i just know that you and her are great friends!

    I have plenty of memories ahead of me and i know that if i just blink they might pass me by!! Heaven knows i want to be attentive and living in the moments God gives me. I don’t want to miss a single thing! HOORAY for motherhood – what a treasured blessing!!

  24. 374
    Kristen Boysen says:

    CONGRATS MELISSA! Wow! 2 Master’s degrees!?

    I am graduating on Saturday with my MA in Communications from Bethel University!

  25. 375
    Andrea S. says:

    Congratulations Melissa-how rewarding to see ALL of your hard work come to fruition in that Masters in Theology! I also want to say how I love the Moore family and the love and support they shower each other in, the time they invest in each other, and the pride they share in each other’s accomplishments! What a blessing ALL of you have been to so many of US! ๐Ÿ™‚

    In Him,

  26. 376
    Kathy Wilshire says:

    My graduate is our oldest son, Andy, who graduated from The University of Oklahoma, School of Engineering on Saturday with a degree in Civil Engineering. He took a little while to figure out what to major in, and didn’t take heavy loads, so it took him 6 years, but HE DID IT!! He also married his high school sweetheart less than 2 years ago, worked part-time for the engineering firm he will be working for full-time starting Monday, and keeping up with his love of fishing! His sweet wife, Mandy (yes it’s Andy & Mandy, isn’t that cute!), has worked the last two years full-time, driving an hour each way each day to support them, so she deserves CONGRATS too.
    One down, 3 to go! (Yes, I will still be paying for 3 in college next fall! Pray for my husband and me!)

    Kathy W

  27. 377
    Tammy says:


    No graduations this year, but next year 2 nieces!
    Love you awesome ladies may you be blessed beyond measure!


  28. 378
    buffy says:

    My littlest sister graduated from college this weekend – and our family was there to celebrate! There are 6 kids in my family and now 6 college grads! We grew up dirt poor and each of us knew from the begining that if we wanted to go to college, we had to do it on our own – and each of us did. We may not of ever had money, but there was plenty of love and ton’s & ton’s of support – and the most important part; a FAITHFUL God who provided for us in all kinds of ways. Thank You Lord, You are worthy of praise!

  29. 379

    That’s great for Melissa!:) Congrats and the the Lord bless you!:) My sister’s husband graduated this month with his masters from seminary in Fort Worth, TX! We are very happy for him! He got accepted into the PHd program also, so were excited about that too:):)


  30. 380
    Jan says:

    Our youngest child (of 4) graduated this past weekend from Texas A&M with a degree in math. Everyone is now officially done with undergraduate studies! We have had some combination of at least 2 kids in college at the same time for the past 10 years so this is a great victory. We are grateful that each one is serving the Lord and walking the talk. We are blessed!

  31. 381
    Valerie says:

    Our baby boy Nathan graduates with honors from High School in three weeks. He’ll be a college freshman in the Fall.

  32. 382
    Kathy B says:

    May I say I was praying for you yesterday, Amanda. Everytime I tried to check the blog and I got some message about my headband being too wide, I wondered what my fashion faux paus could possibly have to do with computers. Praise the Lord someone smarter than me is at work here. I imagine it was a tough day. This and preschoolers too? Bless you, dear girl.

  33. 383
    Judy says:

    My firstborn son will be graduating from High School in 1 week. The time has flown and I look forward to all Jesus us doing and going to do in his life!

  34. 384
    Eileen says:

    Congratulations Melissa!! Such a huge accomplishment!

    As I was reading these wonderful stories I thought “Oh wow!! My youngest son is graduating next month from the Police Academy!” Our family is so proud of him; he is 31 years old and had been working in the construction field. About a year ago he was laid off and with a wife and two girls he was devastated!! But the Lord had a plan for him and now he will be a Police Officer. He has worked very hard and he said his goal is “to help people as much as he can”.
    Thanks Beth for the opportunity to salute our grads!!
    Love you!!

  35. 385
    Danaye says:

    My daughter who is 16 is graduating 2 years early from high school. She decided she wants to pursue a career in the entertainment industry and therefore she worked hard during summers and using other methods to completed the high school requirements early. She is going to start college in August pursuing a degree in Education but doing it online while continuing to pursue her performing career.

    I graduated last year with an associates in Criminal Justice & am now pursuing my Bachelor’s in Criminology. After almost 20 years of financial planning & accounting I decided to follow my life long dream of working in the legal field so I may be applying to law school next.

  36. 386
    Nancy H says:

    Hi Beth,
    Our oldest son is graduating from high school in a couple of weeks. He has been accepted to the Ohio State University college. It has been a dream of his since he was in middle school. We are so proud of him! He is Top Ten of Class 2010, National Honor Society, Honor Roll, plus other things that I can’t recall for now (aging It is gonna be hard on me when he goes to college because I am one of those sufficating moms. I am always worried about my kids. But I believe God will be with us. Congrats to everyone!

  37. 387
    jami says:

    Our sweet daughter, I call her my “fweethaht” because when she was 2, she said, “mom, I’m your fweethaht”….. Anyway, she just graduated from Appalachian State University with a degree in Elementary Education and SHE HAS A JOB!!!!! Praise God. She will be teaching sweet kindergartners and the love of Jesus will shine through her like a bright light. Those little ones will be blessed to have her for a teacher.
    I love her a lot!!!!

  38. 388
    Joan says:

    We have many graduates in our family this coming year. My oldest from Kindergarden, and her sister from pre-K. They are very excited! But we are especially proud of my husband and their dad. He will be graduating in December with his Masters in Nursing Education. He is not only the only one of his siblings to graduate from high school, but college and now a Masters!! Proud we are for sure and a great example of perseverance! Then on to his doctorate – I know he can do it! ๐Ÿ™‚

  39. 389
    lauren says:

    I have three graduation to attend this year: My mother is graduating with her Masters in Education – 30 years, six kids, one divorce, and two dogs after receiving her bachelors. We are all so proud of her for it. One of my sisters is graduating with her Bachelor of Science degree – first sister to graduate (besides me), and we can’t wait to see where she goes from here. My youngest sister is graduating from high school in June – the last of our clan will walk through the halls of a school that saw six children grow and develop, and grow into fantastic adults. So I’ve got outfits all ready, days off from work to celebrate, and a box of kleenex to help with the tears. Congratulations to all the other graduates!

  40. 390
    BethPAtl says:

    Yikes!!! All of a sudden I am receiving separate emails for each comment. This has never happened before. Any idea what happened and how I can stop it? Thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚

  41. 391
    Nancy says:

    My son graduates from Middle Tenn. State with his Master’s in Sports Mgmt this August. We’re very proud of him and his accomplishments. Now praying (and believing) the job comes through! My niece graduates from High School next week. We’re very proud of her as well…she moved to a new school in her junior year and has thrived!

  42. 392
    Regina says:

    My sweet Kaitlyn will be graduating from high school on Friday night. She is currently out shopping for the “graduation dress”. When I gave her money for the dress, her reply was “But what about the shoes?” HA!

    She will go away to college to study nursing in August and wants to pursue medical missions. Although it is only two hours away, mom is having “empty nest” already!

  43. 393
    CyndaP says:

    My baby boy graduated from Davidson College on Sunday. We are so proud of him!

  44. 394
    Kristy says:

    You may not have an answer yet and this is TOTALLY off topic, BUT When will we know the timeline and Bible study for the summer? I want to go ahead and make plans!

  45. 395
    Angie says:

    My little sister graduated from nursing school last week Monday. And I am SO proud of her!! I had the opportunity to fly to Fargo, ND to see her graduate, and I’m so glad I did. It was worth the trip. I’m an RN myself, and I cried during her pinning ceremony. I could hardly stand it as I watched her read the Florence Nightingale pledge with her classmates. I’m tearing up now just remembering it.

  46. 396
    Sandy Keesee says:

    We traveled from Amarillo to Dallas this past weekend for my husbands neice’s graduation from the University of North Texas. What a great accomplishment to all graduates. And I’m happy to say my college graduation was in 2001 and I’m still so happy those hard school days are over!

  47. 397
    Sharon says:

    Melissa, You go, girl!
    My youngest just graduated from college. That’s hard! Am I really that old!? He and his darling wife are next going to Korea to teach English and work in a church there. Gone for a whole year. His major is ministerial studies and hopes to be a church planter one day. Very blessed! My niece also graduated this year – a lovely young woman of God!

    And I never went, but wanted to. I am of no less value, right, Siestas! I know who I am in Christ Jesus!

  48. 398

    TWO graduates in one house! ๐Ÿ˜‰ My oldest daughter graduated from college in Salem, OR at Corban University and my youngest daughter graduates from High School on June 6. CRAZY time for us.

  49. 399
    Crystal says:

    My oldest (6) graduates from Kindergarden this year. It is amazing we made it through. Just as hard for this mom to let go as it was for him to be so strong and brave for it! Thank You Jesus!

    Beth – we are so excited you are coming to Michigan this weekend. My mom, sister and I are taking a road trip to spend the weekend in God’s Word with you. We can’t wait to see what He has for us. We are praying for you and your team!

  50. 400

    My younger sister graduated with an AAS degree in Human Services. She quit college with one semester left after her third son was born. Three children in four years and a single mom raising them.

    November 2008 all three went to our eternal home with Jesus, there was a house fire.

    Sondra has walked a walk that at times I could only stand by and watch. By heart is/was broken for her.

    But I know, that I know, that I know, God is good and fully capable of healing and mending this brokeness.

    January she came back to college (where I started working in Sept, God is not in the ‘coincidence’ business) and walked across the stage on Saturday. I am so proud to be her sister and I know that God is working in her life.

    In His name alone, sheila

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