SLI Simulcast Roll Call!

Ladies, I’ve been told that there’s a Siesta meet-up on Saturday night called “Connecting the Dots” at Latimer Hall at Woodstock United Methodist Church. It lasts from 6-9 and the cost is $10 to cover food and festivities. The organizers have lots of room left for Siestas who would like to join them.
You can get more details on their Facebook page.

OK, Sisters, let’s hear it! If you’re attending Saturday’s simulcast, sign in with your first name and your host location (church/school name and city) . Not only will this heighten our sense of community that day, it will also let each of us know if we have fellow bloggers at our same location. (I hesitated to use the word “Siesta” on this particular post because I don’t want a newcomer to think I’m referring only to those who have somehow “joined” our community like a club. Remember, it’s just our term of endearment for sisters in Christ here on this site. If you’re reading this blog and you’re attending on Saturday, you are just the person I’m talking about.) Maybe some of us can meet face-to-face!

If I may ask your gracious cooperation, let’s please limit the comments on this post to those attending on Saturday so that the list will be easier to peruse for common sites. We’ll move forward to plenty of other things very shortly.

I love you guys so much. My heart is huge toward you right now. For one thing, this message (SLI) was birthed out of this community. For the other thing, it has to be love when so many of you said that you could well get a spiritual application out of “Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs.” Now, THAT’S sisterhood.

Here is my one intention on Saturday: that Christ Jesus, the Son of God, is clearly identified and glorified as our ONE and ONLY means of steadfast, soul-deep security. Pray with me to that glorious end.


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  1. 1301
    Kathleen Conard says:

    Clackams, Oregon
    Eastridge Church

  2. 1302
    Sheila Warfel says:

    Crown Peak Baptist Church, Parachute Colorado. I am coming with my mom. Yeh

  3. 1303
    Gwen says:

    Be there in Aurora!

  4. 1304
    Karen says:

    Orem, UT going to Salt Lake with my two daughters and our “adopted for summer” college daughter! Can’t wait! Want these young girls to hear this truth NOW! Thanks Beth!

  5. 1305

    Gathered here are 255 women from various churches in the Pocono Mountain of Pennsylvania.

  6. 1306
    Jenna says:

    Wow!! I’m on the lunch break here at our church!! I’m in a small room set up for nursing/expressing mothers (expressing is such a better term than pumping…..”I need to go express myself” sounds better, don’t u think?). Anywho I can hear all kinds of wonderful woman’s voices and praise music in the background!!!!!!! Can’t wait to see what the afternoon brings!!!

    Go Beth!!!

    P.S. I was really insecure about having to “express” myself while here, (being a first time mommy) but after this mornings teaching I thought what the hay!!! I’m a woman and I gota do it!! The alternative would be leaking milk out all over my cute outfit and then I’d be insecure about that!

  7. 1307
    Samantha says:

    Beth. thank you sooo much for your word!!! I have been dealing with insecurities since I was three (various men in my life due to my mother and my bio father leaving) and i realized today that i have to forgive. Thank you for everything you are doing. I praise Jesus!

  8. 1308
    Donna Mina says:

    I just got home from SLI simulcast! WOW! What a BLESSING! I almost didn’t go because my sister I invited ended up not going and I didn’t want to go all by myself! Talk about insecurity! I am soooo glad I went. It is time for me to take off the old and put on the New SECURE me and be the EXCEPTIONAL woman that Christ Jesus died for me to be. Thank you Beth!

    Norman, OK (Journey Church Simulcast)

    • 1308.1
      Candace says:

      Donna, my daughter had to bow out at the last minute too, and I almost did not go! In obedience to God(I felt I needed to go!) I got ready, then as I reached for my purse the phone rang and a friend said,”Meet you there!”. She left at lunch, and in the afternoon women just came around me and asked to sit by me, it was amazing. I am so glad I went! I too am in my 50’s, and so tired of being held back by fears all my life. Wasn’t it a wonderful message?
      Colorado Springs

      • Donna Mina says:


        YES it was an AMAZING message! God is so good. It is exactly what I needed to hear. I am so glad your friend got to go as well. I think the enemy was working overtime to try and keep the 300,000 of us from going. My sister did come over after the simulcast and I shared some of Beth’s message with her. She is getting ready to start a new job and said that is something she could really use right now so I gave her my book! I did meet some wonderful ladies at the simulcast at well. It was a very unique set up with everyone setting at round tables! I was very intimidated at first, but found we. as sister in Christ have so much in common. Even exchanged contact info with my Commissioning partner!

  9. 1309
    Amanda says:

    Ocala,Fl at Centerpoint Church – thanks for the inivte from Lori Reese!

  10. 1310
    Kristin says:

    Brookwood Church, Simpsonville, SC

  11. 1311
    Jolynn Stroud says:

    Jolynn Stroud
    Nazarene Church
    North Platte, NE

  12. 1312
    Lauren Hale says:

    Just got home from the Simulcast @ Prince Avenue Church in Bogart, GA. It was amazing. Thank YOU!

  13. 1313
    texatheart says:

    Beth what a job God did today. Awesome is all I can say. Though, I will have to only imagine the lesson you would have pulled from Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs. I want to live that victorious life, secure in the knowledge of my salvation. So POWERFUL!
    Thanks so much for your message today!

  14. 1314
    Sue Bowling says:

    So enjoyed the simulcast this morning from central Alabama…we were having bad weather that hit right at the end of the day and lost connection.. will there be any way I can hear the closing part of the talk? 300,000 women…totally awesome!

  15. 1315
    LaQuetia Gilliard says:

    Shandon Baptist Church

    Columbia, SC

  16. 1316
    LaQuetia Gilliard says:

    Today I left feeling as if I have been to a funeral. I felt as if I have buried a close and “dear” friend. I have never felt like this before.

    But I know that each day it will get better because I choose to make it better!!

    Is it possible to get a list of the worship songs?

  17. 1317
    TICKLEDPINK4U (Wendy) says:

    Westview Bible Church, Pierrefonds, Quebec, Canada

  18. 1318
    Jen H. says:

    Wish I could be there! 🙁 With you in spirit, though. Love all you girls!

  19. 1319
    Jerry Ann says:

    First Baptist Church Fort Walton Beach, FL

  20. 1320
    Julie says:

    My name is Julie and I was able to join in at the Johnston Evangelical free Church in Johnston, Iowa!

  21. 1321
    Melody says:

    I was there today…Rochester, NH

  22. 1322
    Amia says:

    I attended the SLI Conference today @ First Baptist Woodstock! All that I can say is Praise Jesus!!! It was so amazing to know that I was purposely positioned among so many sisters who have all agreed that one thing is certain…God is ready to make a change so that we can bring Him glory. As a mother, woman of God, influential leader among my church and community I’m humbled to have been a part of such an awesome experience. Thank you to Beth, the Living Proof Ministries team, FBCWoodstock and to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for chosing us to spread such a profound, relevant message! May you all be blessed, walk in your calling and experience the Glory of God each day you wake up!

  23. 1323
    Amia says:

    Oh and Thank you Beth for coming into the Overflow room (ladies it was another church!) It was awesome and we felt very special when you came into the room to speak to us. I was with the young lady celebrating her 30th Birthday!

  24. 1324
    Gail says:

    missed the roll call but was delighted to attend at the Foursquare Church in my hometown of Ellensburg, WA!!!

  25. 1325
    Elizabeth A. says:

    I attended at Centerpoint Church in Pagosa Springs, CO. Thanks Beth & Travis for an awesome day!

  26. 1326
    BONNIE DEMO says:

    Hi Beth,
    Well today was the event in Chico, California. Several of us ladies of various ages came from our local church in Orland, California. It was certainly spiritually filled day. I praise the Lord for today. It is so easy to say we don’t have time or that someone might be upset if I’m gone so long. When we put our focus on Christ and his leading and not things we’ll never go wrong. The Lord is wonderful when we gather together and worship 2 or more. What a praise the 300,000 of us gathered together. Thank you for following the Lord lead and leading to grow in Him.
    In Christ,

  27. 1327
    Becky says:

    Camp Bethel
    Wise, VA

  28. 1328
    Allyaggie says:

    Clear Lake Baptist
    Houston TX

  29. 1329
    Katie Cade says:

    Katie attended in Elyria, OH, at Church of the Open Door.

  30. 1330
    Cheryl says:

    God has been preparing me for this simulacast, but I did not realize it until I got there! Awesome. Perfect information at just the right time and met a knew friend. Thank you and Praise God

  31. 1331
    Cheryl says:

    Opps first time blogging! Clearwater Community Church in Dunedin FL

  32. 1332
    Trina says:

    Though we were not on the official list, our little church in Summerton, SC hosted a site today. There were about 40 of us who were moved by the power only God alone could provide! Praise HIM! And, my 14 year old daughter attended – a first, and SO special.

  33. 1333
    Leanna Delone says:

    I live in Bellingham, WA and could feel the Georgia love today. I haven’t felt so close to heaven in such a long time, so many people (300,000+) all in unity, praising God at the mercy seat. My tears started flowing from the first worship song. There is so much joy to be had!

    Beth, His perfect word was so simple, it is more than “obey,” it truly is belief! And now as I pray, Mark 9:24 is on my lips. Thank you so much for being HIS mouthpiece.

  34. 1334
    Kathy says:

    Elyria/Church of the Open Door

  35. 1335
    Shelli says:

    was incredible. Thank you Beth and Living Proof Ministries. I am excited to help others realize their security in Christ now that I understand better how to articulate it for myself. Bless y’all <3

  36. 1336
    Bonnie says:

    Dover Church
    Orange City Iowa
    It was a wonderful, special day. THANK YOU so much for your efforts and your message. Awesome! God Bless you all!

  37. 1337
    Cathy Smith says:

    I am in the midst of what is most likely the ugliest season of my life. I feel like one of those old punching bags kids used to have. The ones that had the sand in the bottom and would bounce right back up after it was punched. Only I don’t feel like I ever get to come to a rest before I get walloped again. But God has been faithful. Today was another of His mighty blessings to sustain me through this season. Yet another reminder that He is near, He sees me, my tears, my pain and He weeps with me because I am a beloved daughter of the King.
    Sometimes it’s really hard to remember that.

    • 1337.1
      Candace says:

      Oh Cathy, I am so sorry, my eyes ae full of tears as I read your message……I am so thankful you were able to attend, and get some comfort and nourishment. I pray you have sisters to come alongside you during this terrible time.
      Colorado Springs

  38. 1338
    Brenda jerles says:

    Hi there! I was blessed to be at the event at Hilldale Baptist Church, Clarksville, TN.
    What a blessing!!!! I wish men could have come to this event too as my sweet husband could sure have used part of your message!
    Thanks for blessing our hearts once again by bring to us what God lays on your heart. Thank you for being sensitive to HIM and obedient to His lead.
    Your enthusiasm, authenticity and love for God’s perfect word have helped lead me to a love for studying God’s word, trememdously! I will forever be greatful to you for that.
    Keep up the kingsom work! You are a blesisng to so many.

  39. 1339

    We were at Cornerstone in Long Beach, CA!!

  40. 1340
    Missy says:

    Alice Dr. Baptist Church
    Sumter, SC

    It was incredible and we love you, Beth!

  41. 1341
    Kathy says:

    I was in the overflow seating at First Baptist Woodstock with 2 of my friends. I learned so much !!

  42. 1342
    Terri Hachigian says:

    Meridian, Idaho Thanks, to all of you who put conference on i am blessed.

  43. 1343
    Lori says:

    Hilldale Baptist
    Clarksville, TN

  44. 1344
    Sherri says:

    Hobe Sound, Florida

    Today was awesome!

  45. 1345
    Jennifer Leigh Irby says:

    Mt. Zion Baptist Church in Snellville Georgia – AWESOME message today. Thanks Beth!

  46. 1346
    Kayleen says:

    Missed the roll call but:
    First Baptist Church Pinetop
    What a blessing

  47. 1347
    Marisa Hutchison says:

    I attended So Long Insecurity today at East Valley Church, Orangevale, CA with two co workers. Although I went in order to have an open door for further conversations about the Lord with my co workers, I was totally blessed, especially to know there were 869 satellite sessions and 300 thousand attendees. God is doing something marvelous both in individuals, like me, and throughout the USA. I am convinced that today, God birthed a sovereign work within women that has more significance than we know today.
    It was truly ordained that each one of us was present today. Yes, God had a word for each of us! Thanks for the seminar.

  48. 1348
    Tina says:

    I attended the simulcast in Kodiak, AK (we loved the 2 shout outs!!) At the end of the day when you had us turn to the person next to us I was sitting next to my 16 year old sister. I am over 10 years older than her but we are very close as she takes care of my 1 year old son in the afternoon while my husband and I are at work.

    We turned to look at each other when you said “all the women in Kodiak, AK look your sister in the eyes and repeat these words to her.” My sister and I held hands and cried through those words. It was such a special moment for me as I looked into the eyes of such a beautiful young women of God and prayed that she would grow up to be secure as a beloved child of God.

    Thank you for being willing to allow God to speak through you to each and every women who attended this event today.

  49. 1349
    Sarah B says:

    I know I’m a little late for roll call – does that make me tardy? Well, I was there and it was a blessing.

    Central Baptist Church, Clovis NM

  50. 1350
    Anna says:

    Hi Beth! I watched your message from Anchorage, Alaska. This was the first time I’ve heard you speak. I was so blessed! I had one quick question. I also write verse on note cards to help renew my mind. As a mother of four,these little tidbits are sometimes the only way to get scripture in my head when I need it quick. Would you be willing to list the scripture you have in your notebook for me? I would like to add any ones I do not already have.

    Anchorage City Church
    Anchorage, Alaska

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