SLI Simulcast Roll Call!

Ladies, I’ve been told that there’s a Siesta meet-up on Saturday night called “Connecting the Dots” at Latimer Hall at Woodstock United Methodist Church. It lasts from 6-9 and the cost is $10 to cover food and festivities. The organizers have lots of room left for Siestas who would like to join them.
You can get more details on their Facebook page.

OK, Sisters, let’s hear it! If you’re attending Saturday’s simulcast, sign in with your first name and your host location (church/school name and city) . Not only will this heighten our sense of community that day, it will also let each of us know if we have fellow bloggers at our same location. (I hesitated to use the word “Siesta” on this particular post because I don’t want a newcomer to think I’m referring only to those who have somehow “joined” our community like a club. Remember, it’s just our term of endearment for sisters in Christ here on this site. If you’re reading this blog and you’re attending on Saturday, you are just the person I’m talking about.) Maybe some of us can meet face-to-face!

If I may ask your gracious cooperation, let’s please limit the comments on this post to those attending on Saturday so that the list will be easier to peruse for common sites. We’ll move forward to plenty of other things very shortly.

I love you guys so much. My heart is huge toward you right now. For one thing, this message (SLI) was birthed out of this community. For the other thing, it has to be love when so many of you said that you could well get a spiritual application out of “Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs.” Now, THAT’S sisterhood.

Here is my one intention on Saturday: that Christ Jesus, the Son of God, is clearly identified and glorified as our ONE and ONLY means of steadfast, soul-deep security. Pray with me to that glorious end.


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  1. 1051
    Juliana says:

    Valley Bible Church
    Pleasanton, CA

  2. 1052
    Rachel says:

    Blaine, Washington
    Bellingham Christ the King

    Plan to be there. Can be tricky with a 7 month old nursing baby 🙂

  3. 1053
    Brenda says:

    host location: Plymouth WI

    My 28 yr old daughter coming with me which is a miracle! PTL!!

  4. 1054
    Dawn Russell says:

    Highland Community Church
    Wausau, WI

  5. 1055
    Sharon says:

    I am soooo happy to be a part of my 2nd Beth Simulcast, in Great Falls, Montana.
    The first one, last year was in my town of Lewistown,Montana @ First Christian……sooooo excited and looking fwd to it! Thank you Lord that Curtis is home!

  6. 1056
    Melanie says:

    My daughter, Katie (in from college)& I will be in Franklin,Ky with other friends.

  7. 1057
    glorybe2God says:

    Cana Baptist is Burleson, TX.

  8. 1058
    Kori says:

    Crossview Church Antioch, IL

  9. 1059
    Diane Quapp says:

    I am so excited for Saturday. First Alliance Church, Calgary, Alberta Canada! We Canadian sisters love Beth too! I too am praying for you, Beth, and all parts of the SLI day. God even woke me up last night to pray!

  10. 1060
    Pattie says:

    Bethel Lutheran in Grand Forks, ND!

  11. 1061
    Becky says:

    Northeast Bible Church
    Garden Ridge, TX

  12. 1062
    Debra says:

    Foundry Methodist Church, Houston, TX
    I can’t wait to feel the love and see the Lord’s work in action!

  13. 1063
    Sarah says:

    Sarah (and my mama)
    Bay Presbyterian Church
    Bay Village, Ohio

  14. 1064
    Jan says:

    Janice Hilt
    Bradford Church of the Brethren
    Bradford, OH

  15. 1065
    Pam says:

    Pam & Donna
    Faith Center ~ Rockford, Illinois

    Praying for God’s powerful anointing!

  16. 1066
    Paige says:

    Grace Church
    Overland Park, KS

  17. 1067
    Kirstin says:

    Cornerstone Church
    Long Beach, CA

  18. 1068
    Pam McDavid says:

    Pam & Kimberly, Clackamas, Oregon

  19. 1069
    Faye says:

    New life community baptist church, Duncan BC, Canada
    Going with the girls!

  20. 1070
    Mary says:

    Mary St. Louis, MO
    South County Baptist Church

  21. 1071
    Kimbelri says:

    Sandia Baptist Church
    Albuquerque, NM

    Can’t wait!!

  22. 1072
    Emily says:

    Grace Community Evangelical Free Church
    Lake Katrine, NY

  23. 1073
  24. 1074
    Taylor says:




    Las Vegas, NV

    *We will be travelling to Mesquite, NV–about an hour and a half away for host-site. Hoping to host one of the next Simulcasts at my home church if God allows!

  25. 1075
    hisglorygirl says:

    First Assembly of God – Cedar Rapids, IA

  26. 1076

    I’ve been counting down the days and have two guests coming with me
    who’ve never done a study or seen a video but believe. I’m so-o-o-o-o excited.
    We will see you from Parkside Christian, Grants Pass, Oregon

  27. 1077
    ohlookaduck says:

    Simpson College,
    Redding, CA

  28. 1078
    Sandy says:

    Sandy, Terri, Tammy, Becki, Bonnie

    Salem First Nazarene
    Salem, OR

  29. 1079
    Diane says:

    Morgan Hill Bible Church,
    Morgan Hill, CA
    Bringing friends 🙂

  30. 1080
    Lindsay says:

    Pinelake Baptist Church, Jackson, MS! Can’t Wait!

  31. 1081
    debbie says:

    Not even a spring Colorado snowstorm can get in the way of attending the simulcast tomorrow at New Life Church in Colorado Springs. I will finish reading Beth’s book this afternoon. I know this fellowship with other women enveloped in a phenomenal message blessed by God will be life changing!

  32. 1082
    Marcia says:

    Marcia B.
    Southern Hills
    Salem, IN

  33. 1083
    Sharon Frame says:

    Praise the Lord! I WILL be attending on Saturday.

  34. 1084
    Mary, Patti, and Paige says:

    Temple Bible Church — Temple, Texas

    Grandmother, mother, and daughter can’t wait to be together and also be with our “Siesta’s” on Saturday.

  35. 1085
    anna says:

    fort myers fl first assembly of God

  36. 1086
    Debbie Brawner says:

    Parkway Baptist Church
    Bardstown KY

  37. 1087
    Helen says:

    Cornerstone Ministries Church
    Crystal City, MB, Canada

  38. 1088
    Cheri says:

    Eugene Faith Center ~ Eugene Oregon

  39. 1089
    Kristy says:

    First Baptist Church
    North East, PA

    10 Ladies coming with me!

  40. 1090
    Sharon says:

    Sharon Evangelical Free in Chico, CA

  41. 1091
    Mary F from Houston says:

    Mary F
    Foundry UMC
    Houston, TX

    Beth, so looking forward to tomorrow!! You bring a fresh word from the Lord each time and you definitely make us think…even if it’s “cloudy with a chance of meatballs”, you will show us how it relates to our walk with God. I love your stories! See ya up there on the wide screen tomorrow!

  42. 1092
    Inez says:

    First Baptist Church
    Hamburg AR

  43. 1093
    Ann says:

    Ann /Mount Zion Baptist Church, Snellville, Georgia!

  44. 1094
    Brandy says:

    Calvary Baptist Church, Winston Salem NC

  45. 1095
    Ann says:

    My sister and I are going with my daughter (age 15)and one of her sweet friends !

  46. 1096
    Sandy says:

    Rose Drive Friends Church
    Yorba Linda, CA

  47. 1097
    Melanie Miller says:

    I will be attending this Saturday with my mother, Helen, mother-in-law, Ann, and friend Pam, in the overflow seating at Woodstock. We are sooo looking forward to it!

  48. 1098
    Paula says:

    First Baptist Church Paris Texas

  49. 1099
    mariel says:

    don’t think my comment went through…wordpress has me perplexed! anyway, i’ll be there saturday…can’t wait!

    at Crossroads in Raleigh NC!!

  50. 1100
    Delta Dawn says:


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