SLI Simulcast Roll Call!

Ladies, I’ve been told that there’s a Siesta meet-up on Saturday night called “Connecting the Dots” at Latimer Hall at Woodstock United Methodist Church. It lasts from 6-9 and the cost is $10 to cover food and festivities. The organizers have lots of room left for Siestas who would like to join them.
You can get more details on their Facebook page.

OK, Sisters, let’s hear it! If you’re attending Saturday’s simulcast, sign in with your first name and your host location (church/school name and city) . Not only will this heighten our sense of community that day, it will also let each of us know if we have fellow bloggers at our same location. (I hesitated to use the word “Siesta” on this particular post because I don’t want a newcomer to think I’m referring only to those who have somehow “joined” our community like a club. Remember, it’s just our term of endearment for sisters in Christ here on this site. If you’re reading this blog and you’re attending on Saturday, you are just the person I’m talking about.) Maybe some of us can meet face-to-face!

If I may ask your gracious cooperation, let’s please limit the comments on this post to those attending on Saturday so that the list will be easier to peruse for common sites. We’ll move forward to plenty of other things very shortly.

I love you guys so much. My heart is huge toward you right now. For one thing, this message (SLI) was birthed out of this community. For the other thing, it has to be love when so many of you said that you could well get a spiritual application out of “Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs.” Now, THAT’S sisterhood.

Here is my one intention on Saturday: that Christ Jesus, the Son of God, is clearly identified and glorified as our ONE and ONLY means of steadfast, soul-deep security. Pray with me to that glorious end.


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  1. 1201
    Tanya R says:

    Sierra Vista, AZ

  2. 1202
    Jamie says:

    Bethel Baptist Church
    Santa Rosa, CA
    Looking forward to it!

  3. 1203
    cheryl says:

    Central Baptist Church in the Big town of Corbin,KY.

  4. 1204
    Shannon Bathurst says:

    Shannon, Bismarck ND First E-Free!

  5. 1205
    Donna says:

    @ Parkview Baptist Church
    Palm Coast, FL

  6. 1206
    Julie says:

    Pell City, AL – First United Methodist, Pell City
    Can’t wait!

  7. 1207
    Mandy says:

    I’ll be at FBC Woodstock tomorrow. Can’t wait.

  8. 1208
    Jarin Fontenoy says:

    Calvary Baptist Church
    Winston-Salem, NC

  9. 1209
    *Lindsay* says:

    Milo Baptist Church
    Milo, Maine

  10. 1210
    Jennifer says:

    I will be joining the ladies from my church, The Heights Baptist Church at the Wylie Convention Center…can’t wait:)

  11. 1211
    Little Monkey's Mama says:

    Kathy, Peoples Church, Fresno, CA
    Received a verse this morning that God is going to do great things!!

  12. 1212
    Robin Warden says:

    I will be accompanying my “baby” sister who recently saw her 38-year old hubby go home to be with our Lord the day before Easter (he passed only 5 months after being diagnosed with cancer). It’s only been a few weeks but she wouldn’t hear of missing the opportunity to worship our God with a whole bunch of women and hear a good Word!

    We will be there at the host church in Woodstock Ga…live and alive!

    If you meet someone named DeAnn Richardson…give her an extra smile and a big hug. She will be rejoicing as she still finds so much to praise Him for in the midst of her loss and grief!

  13. 1213
    Miriam Dolson says:

    I’ll be there in Overflow…looking forward to some WORD from some Big Hair!!

  14. 1214
    Heather says:

    Knott Ave. Christian Church, Anaheim, CA

  15. 1215

    Colonial Heights Baptist Church, Colonial Heights, Virginia

  16. 1216
    Carolyn says:

    First Baptist Woodstock, Woodstock, Georgia.

  17. 1217
    Lorna says:

    Eugene Faith Center Worship Center
    Eugene Oregon

    I am so looking forward to what God is going to do tomorrow! Praying a great annointing of the Holy Spirit for the team, as well as safety and lots of blessing!

  18. 1218
    Georgina Mayfield says:

    Georgina & Julie / First Baptist Simpsonville, Simpsonville, SC attending Woodstock, GA event.

  19. 1219

    Seacoast Church, Mt. Pleasant, SC We have over 450 women/girls coming!

  20. 1220
    Melissa says:

    Me and my mom will be there at Cross Point, Newport RI

  21. 1221
    Noemi says:

    I am from Ecuador but live in Colorado Springs. I am so excited to hear God’s message through Beth, she is an inspiration to me! I am praying for you Beth. Woodmen Valley Chapel, Colorado Springs.

  22. 1222
    heather says:

    The Ladies of Evergreen Church in Fredericksburg VA are looking forward to the conference on Sat. We thank Chancellor Baptist Church for putting this together in our area. May God Bless each lady! We did the “Loving Well” conference at our church last year and had a great time. Thanks Beth and all her crew.

  23. 1223
    Lori Hart says:

    Family Christian Center
    Presque Isle, Maine


  24. 1224
    Big Mama says:

    Wish I was with y’all in Atlanta. I’ll be at River City Community Church in San Antonio.

    Invited my hairdresser to go and, not only is she coming, she’s bringing her daughter, step-daughter and sister. Can’t wait!

  25. 1225
    Brenda says:

    I’ll be at Temple Baptist Church, white House, TN on Sat.So looking forward to it!

  26. 1226
    Lynette says:

    Lynette Schenk
    Keokuk Iowa – excited!!!

  27. 1227
    Cheryl says:

    I be in Woodstock Georgia. Can’t wait!

  28. 1228
    Kimberly says:

    Crossroads Baptist Church
    Valdosta, GA!!!

  29. 1229
    Karen says:

    Hilldale Baptist, Clarksville, TN

  30. 1230
    Cheryl says:

    FBC Woodstock, GA

  31. 1231
    kim says:

    I am taking my 19 year old daughter and am believing to hear a fresh Word from God!!

  32. 1232
    Connie says:

    Connie, Cornerstone Church, Chariton, Iowa

  33. 1233
    Linda says:

    Pacific Christian Center in Santa Maria, California

  34. 1234
    Karen says:

    I, along with my daughter, and a few ladies from my church will be attending New Hope Church in Bend, OR

  35. 1235
    lgrace2 says:

    I will be at Woodstock…Welcome to Atlanta everyone!

  36. 1236
    Sharon says:

    Will be attending @ Northside Baptist, Liverpool, N.Y.
    Can’t wait!

  37. 1237
    Mardell says:

    I will there tomorrow. My first Beth Moore conference. Looking for a reall blessing from God.

  38. 1238
    kim says:

    My 19 yr old daughter and I are attending.Believing for a fresh Word.Praying for you Beth.
    Jacksonville Florida

  39. 1239
    Punky says:

    Punky Tolson
    Dallas TX
    First Baptist Church Irving

  40. 1240
    Lynn Evans says:

    Group of ladies are carpooling from Community Grace Brethren (Chicken Church) in West Milton OH to attend the event at Bradford church of the Brethren in Bradford OH. Can’t wait!

  41. 1241
    April Nicole says:

    Can’t wait :O) It will be a good end to the book journey & and a great kick off to the rest of life :O) Right girls?

    My SLI will be in West Haven, CT

  42. 1242
    Cheryl says:

    Cheryl, Kimberly, Laura, Stephanie, Cathy
    Foundry United Methodist Church
    Houston, Texas

  43. 1243
    Laurie says:


    Faith Baptist Church

    Bartlett, TN

  44. 1244
    Kay says:

    Clear Lake Baptist
    Clear Lake, (Houston) Texas

  45. 1245
    alice says:


    First Christian Church
    Kenosha, WI

  46. 1246
    Barbara says:


    First Baptist
    Slidell, LA

  47. 1247
    jean says:

    Jean Metcalf
    Raleigh, NC
    Crossroads Church

  48. 1248
    Jan says:

    Jan, Hoffmantown Church, Albuquerque, NM

  49. 1249
    triUmphlettmom;) says:

    Got my ticket today! I may be the last one in my seat before the bell rings and roll’s called ;), but I’ll be at Ivy Memorial Baptist in Hampton, VA. Looking forward to fresh mercy! Thank you in advance Lord, for Your faithfulness to take us from glory to glory! Amen

  50. 1250
    Sue Bowling says:

    Journey Church
    Millbrook, Alabama

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