SLI Simulcast Roll Call!

Ladies, I’ve been told that there’s a Siesta meet-up on Saturday night called “Connecting the Dots” at Latimer Hall at Woodstock United Methodist Church. It lasts from 6-9 and the cost is $10 to cover food and festivities. The organizers have lots of room left for Siestas who would like to join them.
You can get more details on their Facebook page.

OK, Sisters, let’s hear it! If you’re attending Saturday’s simulcast, sign in with your first name and your host location (church/school name and city) . Not only will this heighten our sense of community that day, it will also let each of us know if we have fellow bloggers at our same location. (I hesitated to use the word “Siesta” on this particular post because I don’t want a newcomer to think I’m referring only to those who have somehow “joined” our community like a club. Remember, it’s just our term of endearment for sisters in Christ here on this site. If you’re reading this blog and you’re attending on Saturday, you are just the person I’m talking about.) Maybe some of us can meet face-to-face!

If I may ask your gracious cooperation, let’s please limit the comments on this post to those attending on Saturday so that the list will be easier to peruse for common sites. We’ll move forward to plenty of other things very shortly.

I love you guys so much. My heart is huge toward you right now. For one thing, this message (SLI) was birthed out of this community. For the other thing, it has to be love when so many of you said that you could well get a spiritual application out of “Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs.” Now, THAT’S sisterhood.

Here is my one intention on Saturday: that Christ Jesus, the Son of God, is clearly identified and glorified as our ONE and ONLY means of steadfast, soul-deep security. Pray with me to that glorious end.


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  1. 1351

    I attended todays Glorious simulcast at First Assembly of God in Fort Myers FL!
    Thank you Beth for blessing my socks off. You Rock, Girlfriend!

  2. 1352
    Patty Radant says:

    Attended the simulcast last minute…of course God knew I was going. I am a new leader of Women’s ministry in our church and benefitted greatly from the Lord’s message delivered yesterday right to my heart. Thank you are for your faithfulness to Jesus and making sure we hear His word and truth. LOOONg time lover of Beth and her servanthood, Patty

  3. 1353
    Catherin says:

    I will be there – Faith Promise – Knoxville, TN

  4. 1354
    Hilda says:

    Niverville, Manitoba Canada!!
    It was wonderful! Thanks Beth!

  5. 1355
    Sheila Auvenshine says:

    Blown away in Aiken, SC. Beth, God truly has found a servant in you. I long for a piece of the relationship you have with Him. I’m trying Lord please use me! Thank you so much Beth for all the sacrifices you make.

  6. 1356
    Anne says:

    Okay, its Sunday, but – it rained yesterday and baseball games were pushed back. So I got to go, and stay to the end.

    Valparaiso, IN
    35 ladies in a small sanctuary

  7. 1357
    Sarah Tolson says:

    I’m so late! What else is new. 😉 But I was there!!!

    Sarah Tolson
    San Diego, California (By way of the Church of Rancho Bernardo)

    And Beth, Beth, Beth… Um.. seriously? What a Word God gave you!!! I sat there tearing up at the beginning knowing I was doing this for my sweet 8 year old daughter. (I think I shall send you a picture so you can see how cute she is!!)

    Let’s do this girls!!!!

    PS.. Will there be a possibility of purchasing a DVD of this event? I have many women in my life who weren’t able to attend, and they NEED to hear it. 🙂

  8. 1358
    Heidi Tracht says:

    I am a little late…. I went to Grace Church in Auburn, WA. Loved it!!!

  9. 1359
    Roxie says:

    Roxie L.
    1st Baptist Church Woodstock
    Kennesaw, GA

  10. 1360
    glenwood says:

    Covenant Communty Church

  11. 1361
    AmyJo says:

    South County Baptist Church
    St. Louis, MO

    (sorry I’m late to roll call)

    Saturday’s simulcast was awesome and life-changing! It was also the first time I verbally declared Jesus my Lord and Savior! I had done it many times before in my heart and mind. So glad that I was there with a fellow Siesta to share in it! And thanks to Beth again for such an important message! It was just the reminder I needed in God’s perfect timing!

  12. 1362
    Jagette says:

    Attended Southside Baptist Church, Wilmington, North Carolina with my daughter and daughter-in-law. Great crowd and enjoyed so much.

  13. 1363
    Lynn says:

    Attended SLI simulcast at New Hope in Lorton, VA! It was a blessing of a day!!! THANKS BETH!!! : )

  14. 1364
    Kim says:

    I forgot to sign in 🙁
    Mom and I were already on the road and
    I did not get the computer out but
    we are
    Kim – Columbus GA
    Wanda – Birmingham AL
    It was a blast – thank you
    I have a better friend, JESUS!!!

  15. 1365
    shannon says:

    I attended in Aberdeen SD!!

  16. 1366
    Kathryn says:

    Northpointe Church
    (attended telecast at Woodward Park Baptist…great job ladies!)

  17. 1367

    Woodstock, Georgia
    My husband surprised me at the last minute with a ticket so I’m just now posting two days AFTER the event 🙂

  18. 1368
    Shelley Diggins says: Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan

  19. 1369
    M says:

    I was at the Simulcast in Edmonton Alberta Cananda. Beulah Alliance Church.
    For some reason I haven’t been able to get into your blog since last week. But it works fine today.
    April 24th marks a turning point for me.

  20. 1370
    Diane says:

    was at Tacoma Bible College. the place went wild when you said our name!

  21. 1371
    Lindsay Moore says:

    Prince Avenue Baptist Church
    Athens, Georgia

    I know this post is late but i still wanted it to be counted because I was there and I loved every minute of it!! 🙂

  22. 1372
    Catrina says:

    1st Church of Christ
    Burlington, KY

  23. 1373
    Sherri Steiner says:

    Fairlawn Mennonite Church
    Apple Creek OH

  24. 1374
    Chris Davis says:

    Chris Davis
    Hamburg, Arkansas
    First Baptist Church~simulcast
    It was awesome!!!! As always. 😉

  25. 1375
    Sarah T. says:

    Hi Diane!!! It was overwhelming huh! I bet you Chapel Hill ladies had a great time. Miss you too. 🙂

  26. 1376
    Gayle Benage says:

    I love being a sistis!! What a message touching me. I know where I have been and see how my God has change me into a new being and I am so grateful.

    • 1376.1
      Gayle Benage says:

      I forgot to say we were @ frist Baptist Irving tx, overflow room needed. We ahd such a great time and Travis and singers were so Holy Spirit lead. i loved the old and new song mix.

  27. 1377
    Cindi says:

    Cindi, Brandon, Mississippi

  28. 1378
    Janine says:

    I cannot express how wonderful and touching the Simulcast was to me.I have struggled (I should not say struggle, I should say overtaken) with insecurity my entire life. If I had to pick one statement that really hit home for me, it would be when Beth said “Insecurity is not a weakness it is unbelief” I believe in God and all His promises… How could I not try to change my thinking about myself. I attended the Simulcast at Lakewood Park Worship Center in Auburn Indiana. Thank You so much.

  29. 1379
    Ellen says:

    Saturday was one of the most powerful events I have witnessed – there are so many others in my life and yours that should see this. Please please please – a DVD of this event needs to be published! Thanks.

  30. 1380
    Denese says:

    Our Saviour Lutheran Church
    Albany, NY

    Great time : )

  31. 1381
    Stephanie says:

    Hi Siestas! I am traveling to Las Vegas for a work tradeshow in a couple of weeks and I would like to attend church while I am out there. Can anyone recommend a church around the Las Vegas area? You can reach me at backstephanie at hotmail (dot) com. Thanks!

  32. 1382
    Melanie says:

    I attended the simulcast in Powell, WY 🙂

  33. 1383
    Judy says:

    Faith Church

    Waterford, Michigan

    It was great!

  34. 1384
    Pat Langer says:

    I was there! At the simulcast in Sumter, SC where about 300 other siestas’ drank in the Word. And let me tell you, it was as if we were right there with you. The anointing was so strong! Hallelujah! to God be the glory! I am truly walking it out, every day. Thank you for EVERYTHING!
    Love you,
    Pat Langer

  35. 1385
    Angela says:

    Westside Baptist Church
    Waynesville, MO

    It was great!!

  36. 1386
    Courtney H says:

    Soul Sisters, Milledgeville, GA
    I’m a little late at signing in.. but somehow I missed this early.. we had 6 Soul Sisters attend the conference and we LOVED it!

  37. 1387
    Karla says:

    Bethlehem Baptist
    Hampton, MA

  38. 1388
    danielle says:

    I was there – in Colonie, NY! Beth, I am so excited because I am coordinating the next LPM Simulcast to be at my home church, Open Arms Church, on September 18th! We can’t wait to participate in our first Simulcast Event! 🙂

  39. 1389
    Kitten says:

    Luann, Maggie, Sheryl and myself @ FUMC, Carlsbad, NM

  40. 1390
    Michelle says:

    New Smyrna Beach, FL
    I bought my ticket that day so it reached 300,001!

  41. 1391
    Rachael says:

    Rachael, Mary, and Charlotte (my mom)
    Bryan College
    Dayton, TN

    watched at the Bryan college was inspiring to have this memory connected to the school I’m attending next year!

  42. 1392
    Paula Kennedy says:

    Attending Hilldale Baptist Church, Clarksville, TN

  43. 1393
    Diane says:

    It was awesome… Went at Hoffmantown Church in Albuquerque. Thanks so much Beth for all your wisdom and fresh delivery all the time. I know it is because of your humble submission that He gives you such a powerful ministry.

    Will this be available on DVD? My 23 year old daughter started seeing blind spots at the very beginning and left with a migraine, and another of my friends who desperately wanted and needed to come woke up sick that day too. I sure hope I can buy it for them.

    Thanks again for more than you can ever know!!

  44. 1394
    betty says:

    Hey, Beth, What I have to say I have been chewing on for 8 days…after being amongst the 300,000 women who heard you on simulcast, I have a comment.
    You spoke about know and believing we are loved by our heavenly creator…that we are loved with an everlasting love, I love those verses in Jer. 30, and you even sighted your “nose” as an issue in the whole accepting of yourself progress.
    Here is the hard ?….if that is true, and you believe all that you shared, and that cosmetic surgery is not a Godly option…how can you defend hair coloring? Besides the decreased price tag, I think that it may be in the same vain…no pun intended!
    I would love for you to share your thoughts…as a 54 year old, with gray hair and flabby arms…I still believe that I am special…especially from the inside out!

  45. 1395
    niki hill says:

    Loved it! Felt the holy spirit MOVING from Mullins, SC

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