Keep Up Those Siesta Prayers!

Sisters, I just thought I’d better shoot you a quick update. I told you earlier today (see previous post) that CJ was getting better but he’s back up to 103 degrees with an elevating white count. They’ve just put in a call to his doctor. Thank you so much for your concern. We are humbled that you’d join us on this journey and expend the extra energy for intercession. I’ll let you know something some time tomorrow.

And, since so many of you mentioned the simulcast, please know that I, too, am super excited about Saturday and counting on God to come through for us. Your anticipation fuels mine! I trust Him to settle my mind about the Joneses in time to have at least forty-eight hours of solitude leading up to the event. I got in a couple of hours of study today while AB was napping and Jackson was at Mother’s Day Out. If, for any reason, we’re still turned upside down around here, I also trust God to show His strength in our weakness. He’s preparing for Saturday even while I’m keeping these babies. Their Nana will be on her way Thursday and God willing (and I know that He is), I’ll see you then! It’s by no means up in the air.

You are precious to us.

 We’ll do a roll call on Friday to see which Siestas are attending and from which locations. I guess you know by now that I love roll calls! I dearly love to imagine you in all your walks of life and all your cities and towns around the country doing the same kind of thing on the same day in Jesus’ great Name. Most of all, I think He loves it. (Which reminds me, it’s almost time for Siesta Summer Bible Study III! Stay tuned for more information. Yes, I’ve already chosen a specific series. I’ll tell you which one in May.)

OK, both kids are in bed and the dishwasher’s going. I’m going to set my broken toe up for a while. Grin. I love you. (Btw, an adult son of one of our Siestas got word to me recently that his mother swears and declares that I really do love her. And she’s right.)


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  1. 101
    Susan says:

    On IT! ON IT!!!!

    Praying you up!

    Love you,
    “Evangelism Chick”

  2. 102
    Picky says:

    Not related to this post (sorry!) … is there any way the time could be displayed when you guys post? I’m talking about Beth and Amanda and Melissa’s posts. The date is there, but no time. Just asking.

  3. 103
    Michele says:

    Hi Mama!
    Lemme see – Curtis in the hospital, lost Bible, broken toe… it sure smells like spiritual warfare to me. And I don’t doubt it, because the enemy knows that God is using you, your book, and this simulcast to set people free from insecurity!!

    Come on, Siestas, we’ve got to kick this prayer coverage up a notch!
    Let the heads of those who surround the Moores and Joneses be covered with the trouble their lips have caused! Ps 140:9

    God’s plan will prevail and a bunch of people are going to have fun hanging with Beth on Saturday. I love it that you not only have powerful messages, but you make us laugh, too. 🙂 He will be your strength, Mama.

    And maybe at some point a certain someone will be secure enough to share how she broke her toe. 😉

    I love you Mama!
    See you Saturday!!

    • 103.1
      Joyce Watson says:

      I am right with you Sister! Just keep praying!
      You are all a blessing…and I do not know why I am in tears just thinking about all this, but I love all of you in Christ.

  4. 104
    Sheryle says:

    So sorry to hear Curtis temp went up again! poo! We will continue to pray for his complete healing and “new self”. They are very blessed to have a mom who could jump right in and help!

  5. 105
    kimberly says:

    Prayed for Curtis last night and will continue to do so and for you all as well. Trusting in complete healing.


  6. 106
    Jessica says:

    That’s funny! I swear to everyone that you love me too! Actually I tell them we are probably related. They roll their eyes, but I’m serious. haha. Praying for your toe and your Curtis.

  7. 107
    Praises in the Valley says:

    Dear Father in heaven,

    Surround Curtis in the hospital; Lord we are asking for his temperature to normalize and for a release from this infection. God we are asking for strength for Beth and Amanda as they care for and nurture their family. Father, I’m asking you for super-natural strength to flow during those early mornings and long nights. We thank you, Lord, that there was family nearby to watch these two beautiful children.

    Lord, please take the pain of Beth’s broken toe away – ease the pain, Lord and keep her from compensating too much.

    Thank you that it was a contained rupture and that Curtis got to the hospital for treatment. Thank you that you are a God of healing and that you are pouring out health on this family, in Jesus’ name.

    And God, we thank you that when we are in the midst of the whirlwind, that you are there, speaking words of peace and joy over us. Please fill Beth with your Holy Spirit as she prepares for this weekend. I am asking for fresh anointing to flow and though her preparation time may be less than expected, we thank you that that does not limit you AT ALL.

    In Jesus’ HOLY name we pray; Amen.

    love to you, Beth and family!

  8. 108
    Amy Beth says:

    1. I love that, in your last post, you discussed Annabeth’s hair and the new products you’re using in it. “Train up a child in the way (s)he should go…” right?

    2. I’m praying for Curtis.

    3. I hate that I put those two in that order, because I think I should probably have said I’m praying for Curtis before I discussed Annabeth’s hair, but priorities, people, priorities.

    4. Kidding. Or am I?

    5. I’m coming to ATL this weekend. I’m bringing my friend Cara with me (who just got back recently from a year in Ecuador with orphan babies) and Cousin Cate (who is even more hilarious in real life than she appears to be on my blog).

    6. As a matter of prayer, both Cara and Cousin Cate are not known for wearing their hair big, even though I’ve tried to explain the importance of this to them for several years now. For some weird reason, both of them prefer to have “slick, straight hair.” I am bringing along three Bump-its, just in case the Lord is able to work in their hearts during the weekend.

    7. It is highly unlikely that they will embrace the Bump-it, so I’ll just put the remaining two Bump-its in my hair with my original one. The higher the hair, the closer to God.

    8. I wish Amanda could come. 🙁

  9. 109
    Barb says:

    Beth, I have so missed your posts, Siesta Momma!! I enjoy Amanda & Melissa’s posts but get worried when we don’t hear from you too. 😀 I hate to admit I have been having Thursday withdrawals!!! Looking forward to May!!!!

    I will step up the praying for Curtis, ruptured appendix can be such a bad thing! Praying for wisdom for the Dr.s. Strength for Amanda. Peace for you and the babies and healing for your toe! God must have something great planned for Saturday-can’t wait!!! And new lessons thru all of this.

    Let your Glory be seen today, Dear Jesus, please heal Curtis and amaze the Dr.s or whoever doesn’t know Your power!

    lovingly, Barb

  10. 110
    Laura Ciampa says:

    I’m so excited about the simulcast this weekend. Praying for all the youth groups in attendance at various churches in the Raleigh Area. Several are bringing the girls from their youth groups… and what a timely message for them to hear… Insecurity has been the source of many bad decision for many 15-year-olds. This morning I am on my way to volunteer (twice a month) at a local pregnancy resource center… offering alternatives to abortion to girls in “unplanned” pregnancies. OH how we need to know who we are in Christ!!!

  11. 111
    Patti says:

    Dear Moores and Joneses,

    Praying the peace of God that surpasses all understanding will guard all of your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.

    Amanda, I’m praying that you will have no fear of bad news, your heart steadfast, trusting in the Lord.

    • 111.1
      Patti says:

      I forgot to ask… May I have your permission to call our church office and have this added to our prayer list?

  12. 112
    Church Lady says:

    I am praying for him right now. I will also pray for you and Amanda. And also your traveling mercies.

  13. 113
    MMMom says:

    God is mighty and mighty to be praised! The God of miracles and wonders will be victorious, as His hand and will is upon this situation.

    Praying for healing and deliverance. Amen.

    (And that you can still wear some cute shoes Saturday)

  14. 114
    Kathy says:

    Dear Beth, please know we are praying for you, your energy, your TOE, your peace and what God is planning for your weekend. I prayed this morning for your precious children and that the Christ’s Kingdom and river of grace pour over every inch of that hospital and Curtis’s room – that Amanda will receive the peace of God and a replenished energy. I prayed that Curtis’s God designed body will complete the healing necessary to bring him back to full health and vitality. Allow Curtis and Amanda to feel the presence of God in that hospital room. That our Lord will direct the doctors, nurses and staff to fulfill the role they are to complete in Curtis’s recovery. I pray that angels fill Curtis’s room, the Jones home with songs of love and peace sent directly from God. May the Holy Spirit’s peace beyond understanding fill all of you and bless each of you. Lots of love

  15. 115
    Kelly S. says:

    My girls have a game of changing the wallpaper on my phone to their own picture. Its a kind of competition between them. I changed it to your picture last week to freak them both out LOL. But God, in His Providence has used that to remind me to pray for you every time I have looked at my phone…(ALOT).

    Love you too.

  16. 116
    pluschei says:

    Praying for all of you here in Southern California, I had my ticket for the Simulcast, but just got word my daughter is flying in from DC for the week end, so had to cancel, but I’m giving her the book as a gift. Will be praying a powerful presence of the Holy Spirit for you and all who attend…power in your words, in your fatigue, the Lord will by your strength. Praying healing over Curtis and peace for Amanda. Pam in San Diego

  17. 117
    cindygandy says:


  18. 118
    Lori says:

    Have prayed again this morning for you all, dear Beth.
    Resting secure, knowing Who is in control. Trusting in our
    Father’s provision for Curtis’ healing, for the simulcast,
    and for every other need in the days to come. Oh, I know
    the Father has great plans for His Glory in and through all
    of this in your lives!
    Rock Hill, SC

  19. 119
    Dana says:

    I am prayin. Bibby, I broke my little toe once as well. The only bone I’ve ever broken! I’m about your age but was a teenager when it happened and I did not cuss either! I did, however, fall to the floor and just hold my foot and could not say a word for several minutes. I’m so excited about Saturday. I’m ready for roll call! Boy do I look forward to being a grandma one day!
    On a different note: How can I put the little doo dad on my replies instead of a picture. Any one able to help explain that to me I’d sure be appreciative! Thanks!

  20. 120
    Kristi Walker says:


  21. 121
    Josie says:

    This happened to my grandmother in 1970, the week I was born. She waited 3 days to go in (tough, Arkansas country woman) and her skin had turned brown from all the poison in her body. The doctors did not think she would survive. But, she survived! Praying for his speedy recovery. Blessings.

  22. 122
    joyinthejourneys says:

    I’m praying!! How like God to give you such sweet time with AB and Jackson…preceeding a weekend that will be lifechanging for so many women! He just knows what we need, doesn’t He? God has something beautiful for YOU in this culminating weekend of SLI. I can’t wait to hear about it. I loved the book and am so thankful for your transparency and “grit”…you are a warrior woman!! I SO wish I could be at the simulcast…it’s going to be a special time no doubt. Love you Beth~

  23. 123
    Mardell says:

    Beth, you know Satin is loving all this misdirection in your life right now.
    But, God will get the glory. I can’t wait until Saturday. I will be at FBCW. My first conference with you. I am so excited and I am praying for your family and clamiming of the mind and spirit for you.

  24. 124
    Ali says:

    Praying for you all! After being with those babies, God is going to give you some great stories to share with us on Saturday! May God invigorate your spirit and give you abundant strength. Praying for His healing hand to touch Curtis’s forehead and cool that temp.

  25. 125
    Kelly says:

    Praying for CJ, AJ, JJ, ABJ, and all. Kept thinking about your toe and the imagery of the nipping at the heels…remembered the time you wore the RED serpent stomping shoes. So grateful that you had the boldness to wear ’em. Hope and pray that you’re going to wear ’em now…either literally or spiritually.

  26. 126
    Terri Lynn says:

    Praying here….

  27. 127
    Stacy Minor says:

    Just so we are clear at both ends! Like my boys you to say when they were little….we superty duperty love…our (Siesta) Mama! 🙂

  28. 128
    Terry says:

    Still praying for Curtis, Amanda and the rest of you. Can’t wait for Saturday!

  29. 129
    Mary Helen says:

    I am praying! I am so sorry his fever has gone up again. Please keep us posted. God, you are powerful and we know you can heal Curtis of this illness.

  30. 130
    Karene says:

    I’m praying for Curtis and all of you! For God’s complete healing and His peace to surround you.

    (I did have to laugh when you said you didn’t have time for a quiet time, Beth. Reminds me not to beat myself up for my lack of quiet times during those busy preschool years. And to sympathize with mothers who are still there.)

  31. 131

    Hey Siesta Mama,

    Whoa, lot of things going on with you all. I will pray for Curtis for sure! and your toe, that sounds like it hurt, yikes. I pray that his fever would go down, that his blood counts would be normal, that he would get well soon, very soon. There has been a blessing though in the fact that you are able to spend more time with Jackson and Annabeth:) Double smiles for your exhausted self:):) I am excited about Saturday too! My friend from church wanted to go and she asked me to go with although I was already planning on going:):) She also just found out that she is pregnant! She has crazy morning sickness, but I’m soo excited for her!:) Whatever God impresses on you to tell us, we are all ears on Saturday:)

    Blessings to you today,


  32. 132
    MelissaFitzpatrick says:

    Praying for you Mom!

  33. 133
    Cathy Davis says:

    Storming the kingdom on the Joneses’ behalf and Mama Siesta’s!

    I can’t wait to “see” you (at my church in Birmingham) on Saturday!

    Praying for a quick and speedy recovery for Curtis.

    Sending each of you much love.

  34. 134

    Oh Beth, we are praying out here for the entire Jones family! Thanks for keeping us posted!!

  35. 135
    Deanna Bartlett says:

    Oh Beth, I always want to write and share with you what God is doing with the ladies in my church but I usually decide not to.
    BUT! I had to share this. I spoke at a dinner last night with some ladies in the 50-70 age group. I have to admit…I used your Believing God steps with them. (I hope you don’t mind). These ladies have never been exposed to your teaching. Well, after the meeting, 3 precious ladies came up to me and said to me that they don’t know how to study the WORD. Bless them, they have been saved for years and attend a good church. My heart just broke for them. I prayed right there and asked God for wisdom. I told them they needed to go order the DVD Believing God set. Well, I just spoke with my friend that owns the Christian book store and she said they were already there this morning and ordered it. I was in my classroom teaching and hardly could contain myself. PRAISE HIM!!! They are fixing to be SET FREE!!!!!!
    Thank you for your materials. It helps those of us trying to reach out and don’t have the time to reach everyone. I have asked God to help me reach as many women in my church of 500 .

    See you Saturday!!!! WHEWWWW GOD IS GREAT!!!!!!! Oh… we also just had 25 women celebrate finishing the Esther series by having a Feast!!!
    Deanna Bartlett 40

  36. 136
    Kathy B says:

    we realize we’re not filling You in on something You don’t already know: but this is a big dog infection. Jehovah Rapha, please bring healing. Real live deep healing. Exactly where you know it is needed. Calm Amanda’s heart and mind with Your peace. Be a shield of protection. Guide each hand that comes in contact with them. Give great wisdom and effectiveness. May the antibiotics do their thing. Help the doctors be smarter than they already are. May the nurses be attentive, discerning and compassionate. Have great mercy, Almighty God, for You are rich in it. These folks live their lives out loud for the sakes of so many of us, so we lift them before Your throne and ask You to show Yourself Great. Set them behind and before and lay Your hand of blessing on their head’s. On Curtis, Amanda, Beth, Jackson, Annabeth, Curtis’ parents and Keith. We love them, Lord, and You love them more. In Jesus’ powerful, healing Name.

  37. 137
    Colleen Delbridge says:

    Dear Beth, I am so sorry to hear that Curtis is not doing well. I will add my prayers all the way from South Africa. I am reading SLI & catching up with the discussion. Loving it, learning a lot & desperate for my healing. That’s probably why I dreamed about you the other night. You were in South Africa for a conference & took me aside for some private chat. Yes, I happen to be dealing with major stuff. You just held me in your arms. It was so real!Just wish God was so real! Bless you for what you do for others. I pray that your simulcast will touch many lives. Lots of love to Amanda too.

    • 137.1
      Kathy B says:

      Do you all realize she’s the second lady to share a similiar dream? The other gal was from Australia. Beth, you’re gettin’ around at night, aren’t ya? JK but look how God is comforting. I haven’t told a soul this, but two nights ago I dreamed that Amanda and I had a precious chat. She was darling. I think Beth was busy on other continents 🙂 Somehow God works through you all and we just feel like your buds. Make that siestas. God be praised

      • Michele says:

        I’ve dreamt about Beth before too. Sometimes when someone or something is on my mind a lot, I dream about it.

        Wouldn’t it be cool if we all could have Bible study together in our dreams?

    • 137.2
      Rene says:

      I have to interject with my dream of a couple weeks ago. I’m in Oklahoma so Beth did not have to travel far but in the dream it was simulcast day. For some reason it was just Beth and I off in a corner of the church talking like we had known each other forever. I kept wondering when we were going to be interrupted but we just weren’t.

  38. 138
    Tina Harrell says:

    My prayers are going out for each of you. II Cor 1:3-4

  39. 139
    Ann says:

    Praying for you and your family as you are in the midst of crazy relate to not having a quiet time with preschoolers or finding your Bible, my husband carried mine into revival Monday night and after playing for the service went to sit with my kiddos – never had my Bible, then heading our for our last session of Daniel still couldn’t find my Bible (hubby still had it). Praying for healing for Curtis, stregnth for Amanda to stand by his side, Bibby as she cares for those sweet babies and Jackson and Ab as mommy and daddy are away. May the Lord’s presence be ever felt as He carries you all through this craziness.

    Can’t wait for Saturday – taking 12 ladies who have never heard you speak – Oh, I can’t wait to see what He will do with these precious ladies and praying this will open doors for a Beth Moore study at our church! Bring it on!!!

  40. 140
    karensk says:

    Thanks for the updates on Curtis. Tariq & I have been praying for him (and all of y’all) since we first heard of it Sunday evening.

    I’ll be praying for your little toe, too. I broke my baby toe several years ago…interesting how such a little body part can hurt pretty big! Funny thing is, the toe was originally a little crooked, and after it broke and healed (I just taped it to the fourth toe), it’s now straight.


  41. 141
    Amanda Carter says:

    Oh, poor guy! I will be praying for him and Amanda as well. I know how hard it is to have two, well we have three, young kids to take care of alone. And for those precious children. It is always a little upsetting when daddy is gone. I can’t wait for this Saturday, and I pray that the Lord will work, as He always does, in the lives of your family as well as all the women who will be hearing the message that God has given. Thank you for the updates!!!

  42. 142
    Tammy says:

    Praying Mama Beth,
    I hope things look better this morning. I am looking forward to the simulcast YOu would be proud Mama Beth. My mom had to back out of going with me so I am going alone. That is a bit scary. But i have asked God to help me meet a new friend or friends. I am trusting Him. Period. I can’t wait to see what our summer bible study will be looking forward to it. I love being in God’s word.

    I totally understand broken toes. I have one that is moon shaped. Does that tell you how graceful I am? NOt.

    have a beautiful day and tell Amanda and CJ we are praying.

  43. 143
    Jennifer says:

    We had a group of ladies from our church come together last night for prayer. We all prayed for you and the upcoming event. Just wanted to know you are being lifted up in prayer. Thanks for all you do!

  44. 144
    Rene says:

    Dearest dear Beth – I was thinking this morning if I am excited about this simulcast then you must be a gazillion times more excited and what better way to get your mind off it than to immerse you in your beautiful grandbabies! God bless you and your broken toe and I will pray for your Curtis and Amanda. Hearing the support that you all give each other in such a time helps me better understand what God wants for all of us. Thank you for taking the time to squeeze us in.

  45. 145
    Janet says:

    Roxanne’s prayer said it and I agree with it….so be it, Amen!

  46. 146
    elawhorn says:

    loved your sharing about staying with Jackson and AB, especially the conversation at the swing. My twin boys told their friend’s mommy (when they were about 8) that their mommy did NOT have a belly button! Funny thing is my friend asked me if what they told her son was really true? I am still laughing at that one and will never let her forget about it!

  47. 147
    campbell6 says:

    God is using two circumstances on opposite ends of the globe to keep my prayer life churning. My best bud in the world who is an IMB missionary in S Asia gave birth (finally) by emergency c-section to a bouncing baby boy on Sunday. This is her 5th baby and she’s never had a c-section so one gigantic praise – her mama made it there in time for the entire proceedings and is now playing “bibby” to the other four kiddos while she recovers. In the meantime the new baby Caleb had a fever (which caused the c-section) and is now being held in the hospital for a week and is on antibiotics. So I have two “C” men in my prayer life who are being held in hospitals with fevers and all the women in their life are working overtime! Please join me in prayer for this little guy Caleb along with our big guy Curtis. And my friend V who had the c-section. Her mama’s heart is torn between the separation all of her children and she’s in a lot of pain and her baby’s in a foreign hospital and there are language barriers and on and on and on! Thanks so much siestas! Love you girls!

  48. 148
    Maribeth says:

    My precious 18 year old son had a ruptured appendix 18 months ago…. they are tricky! The complications after the surgery were harder than the surgery itself. I am praying for all of you! Strength for those holding the fort down and God’s healing hand on CJ!

  49. 149
    Rebecca says:

    You better believe that God is preparing for this message in the midst of you doing what you have to do. This was no surprise to Him and He has made and is making the necessary preparations for all of us gathering around His feet this Saturday!

    One thing about the toe though–did you pull it out straight? I know that sounds painful, and well, it is. However, if you pull it out (sometimes you will hear a pop), you will know that your toe is back in its proper place and will heal correctly, and most importantly, straight! 🙂 🙂 Yes, this advice is from prior experience on my part.

    Prayers and blessings to all of you!

  50. 150
    Rockin' My Freedom says:

    You know how when you stub your toe (or break it for that matter!) your whole body hurts? Well that’s how we are with you & the Joneses. All of Siestaville hurts with you, hopes for Curtis & expects a mighty work of God on Saturday.

    May you all be absolutely surrounded by His mercies.


    Orange County

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