Keep Up Those Siesta Prayers!

Sisters, I just thought I’d better shoot you a quick update. I told you earlier today (see previous post) that CJ was getting better but he’s back up to 103 degrees with an elevating white count. They’ve just put in a call to his doctor. Thank you so much for your concern. We are humbled that you’d join us on this journey and expend the extra energy for intercession. I’ll let you know something some time tomorrow.

And, since so many of you mentioned the simulcast, please know that I, too, am super excited about Saturday and counting on God to come through for us. Your anticipation fuels mine! I trust Him to settle my mind about the Joneses in time to have at least forty-eight hours of solitude leading up to the event. I got in a couple of hours of study today while AB was napping and Jackson was at Mother’s Day Out. If, for any reason, we’re still turned upside down around here, I also trust God to show His strength in our weakness. He’s preparing for Saturday even while I’m keeping these babies. Their Nana will be on her way Thursday and God willing (and I know that He is), I’ll see you then! It’s by no means up in the air.

You are precious to us.

 We’ll do a roll call on Friday to see which Siestas are attending and from which locations. I guess you know by now that I love roll calls! I dearly love to imagine you in all your walks of life and all your cities and towns around the country doing the same kind of thing on the same day in Jesus’ great Name. Most of all, I think He loves it. (Which reminds me, it’s almost time for Siesta Summer Bible Study III! Stay tuned for more information. Yes, I’ve already chosen a specific series. I’ll tell you which one in May.)

OK, both kids are in bed and the dishwasher’s going. I’m going to set my broken toe up for a while. Grin. I love you. (Btw, an adult son of one of our Siestas got word to me recently that his mother swears and declares that I really do love her. And she’s right.)


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  1. 1
    Emmy says:

    Oh no! : ( Praying now… and will continue! You all have been so close to my heart!

  2. 2

    So praying for all the Jones peeps, and can’t wait to watch the Simulcast! My girlfriends and I couldn’t locate tickets near us, as everything was sold out, so in our desperation to see our beloved Siesta Mama, we scoured Canada, and scored! So, we’ll be crossing the border and hanging with our Canadian sisters! Looking forward to it! (and the break away from children. Not that it’s my reason for coming. I’m just saying.)


  3. 3

    Praying right now, Beth…

  4. 4
    Hilda says:

    I’m praying for all of you, Beth! My daughter had her appendix burst 11 days after delivering her first child (my first grandchild – a granddaughter) in 2005. It’s scary, and family pitched in; we made it through, praise God, and my daughter is fine today, but she did suffer complications for several weeks (inc. a second surgery for an adhesion/blockage of her intestines), which I pray CJ won’t have.

    SO sorry about your toe. OUCH!! So glad to hear Nana is coming to help out; having 2 kiddos around is both exhilarating and exhausting for us grandmas.

    Love you so!

  5. 5
    Erin says:

    Praying for CJ! I cannot imagine how scary, but I know God is in control. Thank the Lord, because we couldn’t handle it on our own! Love you!

  6. 6
    Joyce Watson says:

    Dear Lord,
    You are our Deliver, our Healer, our Strength and our Hope. We trust You to help in our times of need and during the times when our lives are interrupted. God we pray that you will give Curtis good health. We pray his temperature will be normal. Bless his family and those around him. Lord, we give You all the honor and glory.
    Work in the lives of these women on Saturday, Lord and wrap your arms of love around Beth as she goes to Atlanta. Give her the words and power of Your Will in all things.
    We thank you that You are a caring, loving God. in Jesus Name Amen.

    May God bless you.

  7. 7
    Tina says:

    Oh Man! I’m so sorry to hear that Curtis has a high fever, etc. This gang will be praying for him and all of you! I still can’t believe all that went on Sunday after he taught his class! And…you were in church! You had to be so stressed and now you broke your little toe. Us girls around here know how much that KILLS (and it’s so small too)! The oldest and myself have so done that in a BIG way because we are just that graceful. Praying for all of you and praying for your big weekend in Alanta. Bummed I can’t go to a site to listen but I’ll be at “hand camp” with my sweet girl. Just mom and girlie…we will have a blast. I’m sure you will have a blast too in Georgia. Praying…
    Tina – 40’s

  8. 8
    Denise :) says:

    I’m *so* praying for Curtis and the whole family. So much to deal with. I’m so grateful to know that our Lord holds you all tightly to Himself. 🙂

  9. 9
    Bobbie says:

    Praying for a quick and complete healing for Curtis! I’m sorry this fever is hanging on. Praying that Mr. Sun will bring a fever free new day tomorrow!

    Hugs to you all!

  10. 10

    Oh wow. This fever thing that is going around needs to be over now it Jesus name!

  11. 11
    Judy Lynn says:

    Beth I so envy you being able to be so close to your grandkids…mine are about 4 hrs away. My youngest brought her 1st born to see Grammy this weekend.(We have been going up to see them) She is only 4 months old and the sweetest lil angel you ever did see. I was in tears the night before they had to leave to go home. Grandkids are such a joy and I just adore buying her the little bows and dresses, etc. I am going to get her a pair of the darling shoes you just gifted too. How can you resist?? I went to our last Esther class last night and sat with tears in my eyes and was on my knees this am thanking God for giving us women such an amazing teacher named Beth Moore. Please keep the studies coming…you are helping shape so many women to walk in Christs footsteps. Revelations is your next study we will be doing in about a month. Praying for Curtis and all of your family.

  12. 12
    God's not-so-little Dutch girl says:

    Still prayin’! I whacked my baby toe a good one last fall,only I didn’t quite do it right the first time,apparently, because a few days later I re-injured it while putting on a certain necessary undergarment. My advice is to buddy tape the toe to the next one, that’s what helped me the most(it can’t get caught on anything that way!).
    Praying like crazy for everyone! Love you! Joan

    • 12.1
      Lynne says:

      Speaking as a former RN, I concur- tape that little toe to the one next to it and both benefit – it will ease your pain and the bone will heal faster being immobilized.

  13. 13
    Elaine says:

    Praying for Curtis!! Praying for the Simulcast – which I WILL be watching! Praying for your broken toe!!!

  14. 14

    Praying, praying, praying!!

  15. 15
  16. 16

    Tender Prayer Warriors on our faces in Colorado for the roll call to pray. Love and prayers pouring out…Asking God to reverse these effects and get Curt on the road to healing.

    Said it before and will say it again…I love you!

  17. 17
    Chesney says:

    Beth I cant wait to see you!
    Like really really cant wait.
    For real. : )
    You are unbelievably precious to me.
    Thank you for teaching me more and more about the Jesus who you inspire me to fall more and more in love with. Going to fall asleep tonight asking Him to so bless you as you prepare for this weekend. Enjoy your babies : )
    Love you!


  18. 18

    I loved how you said that God was preparing for the weekend in the midst of your being a grandma. You’d better believe He is! He ESTEEMS the woman who keeps the main things the main things. I have a sneaking suspicion He is going to show off in the mightiest of ways for both of your sakes.

    Much love and many pryers. Can’t wait to see the Siesta’s in the ATL!

  19. 19
    Sue says:

    Abba Father, show your power and grace to this family that loves you. We lift Curtis up to you and pray that his healing would be your will. We love you and trust you, our great Lord.

  20. 20
    Holly says:


  21. 21
    emilee hall says:

    I will definitely be praying for Curtis
    Beth… I am so so excited about Saturday. I will be there in Atlanta and can’t wait 🙂 I actually sent you a letter (it was in a green envelope) last week and asked you something about Saturday, but I wasn’t sure if you recieved it? I am praying for you as you continue to perpare for this weekend.
    Love you!

  22. 22
    Sue says:

    Praying and lifting up the whole family…What a blessing you are to be able to care for those little one’s…from one grandma to another…

  23. 23
    Kara says:

    Beth! I’m sorry to hear about Curtis. You all will be in my prayers. Please keep me in yours as I’ve got a lot of heavy stuff going on lately. Thanks.

  24. 24
    Kristi B. says:

    Thanks for the update. I’ll be in prayer! Get some rest. I am leaving Thursday as well and I am so excited!

    Much love!

  25. 25
    Laurie says:

    Mama Beth, Your world is so crazy right now. And I can see you handling it without a bead of perspiration! So amazing! My day was like that today, except it was mostly in my head, not around me. I think I was under attack in hindsight. But I have not checked the blog in a while and will pray for Curtis and your sweet toe and for Saturday. I can’t wait for Saturday and I know you are excited too. God knows what He’s doing. You are so precious. Sending some prayers your way. Love, Laurie

  26. 26
    Julie Woodruff says:

    Praying for all of you!

  27. 27
    Liz H says:

    Praying for Curtis and all of the fam. Thank God for the benefits of extended family and all friends. What would we do without them!?! I am wondering if there is anything we can do to watch the simulcast without going to a prearranged site? With three kids and a husband who works on most-to-all Saturdays, it’s hard for me to get away but I would love to watch it. Any ideas?

  28. 28
    Laurielou2002 says:

    I got my gravitar thingy now. Just want to see if it works. If not, I’ll try again. Still praying!

  29. 29
    TheKing'sLittleGirl says:

    A prayer has been lifted! Blessing to you all. I know this puts a tension on everyone in the family. Kiss those grandbabies and hug ’em tight. Goodnight. PS–See you Saturday. (Flying out on Friday to meet up with some girlfriends first, so may not get to post then!) OnYa, Tonya

  30. 30
    Katie says:

    A friend and I had a good talk last night and I offered her one of your books to read – she said, “that’s a lecture book, isn’t it…”

    I replied, “But it’s a Beth! It’s full of stories…and when you read it, you just KNOW that she loves you. And that God does, too.”

    Thank you for showing us that we’re beloved!

  31. 31
    lopsidedhalo says:

    Praying my heart out for you and your precious family…..and you’re broken toe!!! Can’t wait to see you and all my siestas!!! Yahhoooo-jah!!!

  32. 32
    Kathleen says:

    Beth, praying for you! We have a record 1700 women attending from our Albuquerque! Love to you!

  33. 33
    shannon says:

    Prayers to you during this time…My husband had a ruptured appendix before 🙁

  34. 34
    Roxanne Worsham says:

    Gracious Father,

    We lift Curtis up to you in prayer – petitioning your Throne of Grace Overflowing for his healing. We declare in the name of Jesus that no weapon formed against him will prosper. Father, we ask that anything that is hidden in the darkness will come out to the light and be exposed and healed. Thank you, God, that You are sovereign and in control!! We know that all of these little setbacks are merely a set-up for an even greater comeback! We are fully aware that it is by YOUR power and might that we are more than conquerors!!
    We didn’t really need a reminder, but if You wanted to remind us it is okay.

    Give Sweet Amanda a peace that passes all understanding. Give her an increased measure of faith as you remove any fear or anxiety that she may have. Thank You for Bibby, and Nana, and LPM Staff, and prayer warriors who are standing in the gap for Curtis and Amanda.

    We thank YOU right now for fever that is subsiding, infection that is leaving, and the mighty victory that is just around the corner!
    Do that which only YOU can do, Jehovah Rapha!!


  35. 35
    Carolyn says:

    Beth, I’ll be praying for you ALL tonight as I go to bed. I’m so sorry to hear of the change in his recovery and pray it will be a quick hiccup and he’ll be doing better quickly. Praying also for the weekend, your toe, and all that God will be doing through you. I so much enjoyed reading the book! Though I never ended up joining the online conversations (not quite knowing how to put down my thoughts), I was with it every step of the way answering the questions at home. Several things will really stick with me, and I know I will be glad to pick it back up as insecurities arise! Thanks for sharing you personal stories with us and blessing us with this book… I have passed it along to a friend, too. I pray God will bless you all in these coming days with His strength and healing power. So wish I could be in ATL!

  36. 36

    You all are in my prayers.
    Much love,
    Michelle in VT

  37. 37
    Ada - Lovin Him says:

    Prayin our Great Physician will tenderly minister to Curtis and bring a speedy and complete recovery, prayin for strength & energy for Amanda & for you, prayin for wisdom and revelation as you prepare for the simulcast and the anointing of the Holy Spirit as you share the truth of God’s word on Saturday.
    Love you Beth, and “how sweet it is to be loved by you”

  38. 38
    Rhonda says:

    Praying dear…… 19 yr old daughter had a similar happening 6 years ago. The short story -A few days following the initial surgery to remove her “ruptured” appendix, she continued to have a fever, so the lab did a culture to see what antibiotic would work best against the bacteria causing havoc in her abdominal cavity ……once they found the right drug to use……things progressed well. We did spend a week in the hospital, but God is His mercy was ever present. My daughter and I made some special memories in the midst of it all………praying for you and yours…..may the doctors find an answer to the rising temp quickly!!……praying for the young ones at home as well……and those caring for them : )….family is a beautiful thing…..Rhonda

  39. 39
    Shelly E says:

    I’ll be praying for Curtis and hoping his fever breaks soon so he can go home and continue his recovery from a comfortble, familiar place with his loved ones around him. Hospitals can be a tough place to get rest…I can say that since I’m a nurse 😉 Praying for the entire family. Thanks for keeping us updated! xo

  40. 40
    Aimee says:


    I LOVE that you couldn’t have quiet time while you are playing momma. It makes me feel that much better about my own days with preschoolers. I remember when my kids were 2, 3, 5 and 7 and I was doing Breaking Free and it was hitting the spot. I was so desperate for time with God that I would lie on the carpet in my living room with my 2 year old lying on my back – she could stay there as long as she was quiet – and kids making a ruckus all through my house and I would say to God, “I want to hear from you and this is the best I can do so if you are going to speak to me you are going to need to speak LOUD” and He did! I grew so much during that time – and now that my 2 year old baby is 7 I actually miss those days!

  41. 41
    Marylee says:

    I’m praying right now!!!!!!!Rebuking Sepsis in Jesus’Name!!! I’ll be up until 2 am at least tonight and my prayers for him will be continully on my lips. Thank you God you are so much bigger!! I would give my right arm to be in Atlanta, but still excited with a big wide grin and a bursting heart out of my chest with anticipation for the Simulcast!!

  42. 42
    all shall be well says:

    Praying for Curtis tonight, and all of you…….. family are the best at times like these. Thanks for keeping us updated.


  43. 43
    sepik-meri katie says:

    oh gosh, praying for this infection and white counts and fever right this minute… not fun times but can’t wait to watch the Lord restore his health and strength. hanging in here with you guys, supporting you with my prayers! hopefully YOU know we love you as surely as you love US!! really. you’re my friend and siesta mama and real dear to my heart!

  44. 44

    I swear, too, unfortunately. It’s a very bad habit I can’t seem to overcome, but my children are not adults and I think I will not allow them on here, for fear they will tell you LOTS of stories! LOL. I have control of their online access at least until they’re 18!!!! They were with my husband when he broke his ankle. Well the older two were and when I arrived at the hospital my very strong willed middle child, Angela, seemed to think it was finally her turn to get daddy in trouble! She ran excitedly up to me and said, “Mommy, Mommy, Daddy said a bad word!” I just grinned and said, “I heard he said a lot of bad words!” Then she said, “You want to know what he said? He said…” at this point I interrupted her and said, very firmly, “NO! And I don’t ever want to hear you repeat whatever it was that he said!” Unfortunately she has since then and she tells me that’s the one and only time she has heard that word. She remembers it to this day! Ouch!

  45. 45

    Just checking back in, and hoping things are looking up!!

  46. 46
    texatheart says:

    Sending prayers up right now. Beth you are so precious. I just don’t know where I would be had my path not crossed yours via this blog and Bible Study. Most of my memory verses I am working on are from SLI. I went through and typed out some that resonated with me and have been adding them since the first partof February.
    I broke two toes once running through my house. All I could hear was my mom saying all those years of growing up “You’re going to gethurt running through the house!” And she wasn’t even in the same state with me. Broke those suckers in every joint! I called my doctor and told him I had broken a couple of toes and he asked me how I knew. I told him I had 3 toes going north and 2 going east. He told me to come on in. Was in the ugliest wooden shoe for about 6 weeks.
    Enjoy those kiddos ….. I know thy are enjoying you.
    Love you guys and praying,

  47. 47
    moosemama says:

    My computer wouldn’t completely load Amanda’s entry yesterday and I was so upset that I couldn’t tell her that I was praying for all y’all. And also to tell her that you Texans don’t necessarily HAVE to live by the credo “Go big or go home” when it came to things like exploding appendixes (is that a word?).

    Now it’s working so OF COURSE I am praying for my extended family. Well, it feels that way to me.

    AND we just finished “Me, Myself and Lies” tonight. I had done it with a friend, last summer and led it for a faithful group of a dozen women these last 6 weeks. They are WANTING to do Believing God next, and I am WANTING to lead it….but I said I’d have to see what Beth has planned. I can barely wait to hear what we are doing this summer!!!

    And Beth, I’ll be seeing you on Friday, by simulcast. A certain MOOSE will be in Atlanta IN PERSON with Fuzzytop!!!!!! And how wonderful a day it will be…it’s my birthday on Saturday. How nice to spend my birthday with you!!!!


    • 47.1
      Ginger/Silver Sass says:

      Hi MooseMama:
      Our ladies group is midway through Believing God and it has truly been a blessing to so many of them. This is my 2nd time around with this study and it’s amazing how God is using this same study in my life but in a different way than 5 years ago. It is powerful that’s for sure! Blessings to you!

      Ginger/Silver Sass

      • moosemama says:

        Hi Ginger!
        I did Believing God 5 years ago. But I think we have enough new ladies at church, that we need to do it again. And you’re right, sometimes the second time is just as or even more powerful than the first time!

        Melana 🙂

  48. 48
    Leanne from Canada says:

    Of course we will all be praying for CJ’s healing and complete recovery as well as for you as you prepare for Saturday. It will be just like God to show off after the week you’ve had. A brief encouragement for you: my girlfriend was just heading on a ferry to speak at a weekend ladies retreat. Six bubbly women sat down with her and they were engaged in conversation for the whole trip… her infectious and fun personality and love for the Lord shone through to these non-Christian women. They got talking about your “Insecurity” book and it intrigued them. On her way home from the retreat who should be on the same ferry but these six women who quickly engaged my friend again and wouldn’t you know it….they had all purchased your book and will be reading it!!! You just never know the seeds that will get planted along our journeys! Blessings on you and your whole family during this difficult time.

  49. 49
    Cheryl Ann says:

    Wanted to add Beth and Amanda that I have been praying through the day for Curtis and for each of you and I will continue. God bless and keep each one of you.

  50. 50
    aussie monica says:

    another bible study!!! can’t wait!!

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