Love is as Strong as Death: A Valentine’s Day Post

Dearest Blogworld,
It’s Melissa over here on the other side of the World Wide Web.
Do you even remember me?

It has been FOREVER.

I’ve missed you.

So, what have you been up to?

I’ve been translating Hebrew. And Greek. And more Hebrew. And then even more Greek. And so on and back again. For now, since it is LOVE weekend, I want to tell you about my Song of Songs class that I recently completed. Without a doubt, my Song of Songs class was one of the most fascinating courses I have ever taken. I spent the bulk of the second half of last semester preparing for this class alone. Why the bulk of my time? Well, because the Song is composed of 9.2% Hapax Legomena. Hapax Legomena are words that are only used one time in a given corpus. This means that about one in every ten words used in the Song have never been used anywhere else in the Hebrew Bible. This makes translating the Song of Songs, well,

__Fill ___in___the_blank__with__your__own__Adjective__.

By the way, Hapax Legomena would be a really fun phrase for you to throw around on a date. Super dorky and dorky can be super attractive, right? I wouldn’t leave you without some dating advice on Valentine’s Day! Grin. Anyway, since several of you have been asking me to share some of what I am learning, I thought I would take the chance to walk you through a segment of the text I translated for my final paper.

So let’s just get right to it. If someone hasn’t broken the news to you yet, the Song of Songs is what most Scholars call “erotic poetry”. For some of you this is quite a thrilling thought, for others it is crude and crass. For those of you in either camp, what do you make of your own personal reaction to the Song’s place in the Canon? Or maybe this is a better question: do you think there are any significant theological implications that could be derived from the inclusion of erotic poetry in the Bible?

Rumor has it that ancient Israelites were forbidden to read the Song unless they were thirty years old or married. Oh and by the way, if you are either offended or irritated by me right now, will you please do yourself a favor and close out this blog immediately? I don’t want to upset anyone on Valentine’s Eve.

Now that I am dealing with the remnant, let me tell you, when you slow down enough to really dwell on the metaphors in the Song, things get super heated. I once had a Professor at Moody Bible Institute teach the Song of Songs with a garbage bag over his head the entire class period. He had cut out little holes for his eyes and mouth. Now I know why. Anyway, as I’ve been translating the Hebrew through this class I’ve literally had to fan myself on several occasions. I wrote my paper on the intersection between the erotic poetry in Song 8.1-7 and wisdom literature, like Proverbs or Ecclesiastes, for instance. I won’t bore you with all the technicalities but I do want to share with you part of the message of the passage I worked on. Here is my own English translation of a segment of the text from the Hebrew (vv. 3-7)

3 His left hand is under my head,
and his right hand embraces me.
4 I charge you daughters of Jerusalem,
Do not awaken or arouse love,
until it desires
5 Who is this coming up from the wilderness,
leaning on her lover?
Under the apple tree I aroused you,
there your mother conceived you,
there she conceived you, she gave birth to you.
6 Place me like a seal on your heart,
like a seal on your arm,
For love is as strong as death,
Jealousy as severe as Sheol.
Its flames are flames of fire,
An almighty flame.
7 Floods are not able to extinguish love,
nor can rivers sweep it away.

The passage begins as the main female character, the Shulammite, describes her lover’s embrace in v. 3. She says, “His left hand is under my head, and his right hand embraces me” and then out of nowhere she gives the daughters of Jerusalem (and us, the reader!) a warning:

I charge you daughters of Jerusalem,
Do not awaken or arouse love,
until it desires.

There is a timeliness to love, she says. A right time and a wrong time. We must not prematurely awaken love. We don’t know what the consequences entail but we get the feeling there are indeed consequences. As the woman and her lover are walking away from the countryside from their private rendezvous toward the city they pass by a tree and the woman says, “Under the apple tree I aroused you; there your mother conceived you, there she conceived you, she gave birth to you.” That the woman has awakened her lover’s desire at the same place he was born hints that she has been bound to him all along, ever since he was born.

But having been bound to him from the past is not enough, for she commands him next, “Place me like a seal on your heart, like a seal on your arm”. In the ancient world seals were pressed down or rolled across soft clay to make an impression and that impression signified an association with or even an ownership of the object being sealed (Tremper Longman, Song of Songs in New International Commentary of the Old Testament, 209). When the woman commands the man to place her like a seal over his heart she is seeking to possess the man, or as Longman says, “to allow her to own him, but not in any cheap kind of commercial sense; she wants him to willingly give himself to her” (210). The seal imagery also suggests finality, for once her seal is placed on his arm and his heart, the impression is for good. She is seeking an everlasting love, one that has encompassed the past and promises the future as well. She gives the reason for her command in the next verses which are arguably the most famous in the Song:

For love is as strong as death,

Jealousy as severe as Sheol.
Its flames are flames of fire,
An almighty flame.
Floods are not able to extinguish love,
nor can rivers sweep it away.

Notice that she is not saying that love is a victor over death but that love and death are equals. She is not saying love is stronger than death but that love is as strong as death. Moreover, love and jealousy are allies in this verse, not enemies. This is strange, right? Not a line you would expect in a Hallmark greeting card. Love is compared to some dark images here. Indeed, some of the darkest images that the Ancient Israelite could have imagined: death, Sheol (the abode of the dead), flames, and even chaotic waters. The mightiest waters, the most chaotic cosmic forces, cannot extinguish love’s flames. What do you make of these kind of images and metaphors?

I don’t know about you but I can truly resonate with the woman’s desire to possess her man with a seal. When I was engaged I remember having this fear about what would happen when all the desire and anticipation started fading. It made me sick to my stomach to even think about. I would hear married women speaking about how it was an “act of worship” to be intimate with their husbands and I would literally feel ill. I would think to myself, is it really going to be that hard?! I had such a fear of the intensity of our desire fading that it made me dread marriage in a sense. I wished that I could have pushed some kind of imaginary hold button and frozen the intensity of our yearning for one another for the rest of time. Love is not only powerful in its budding but it is powerful in its fading or even the fear of its fading. To feel love and passion at such extreme heights is like being on a drug and to sense it fading even a notch is like a crash. Human love, like death, is mortal to its core and mortality is fickle. Colin might wear a wedding ring but my name isn’t inscribed on his heart and I have no promises that I will be the object of his desire for the rest of my life. Yes, I know what you’re thinking, I have his promise that he will remain married to me for the rest of time. I hear you. But I don’t have the security of knowing that I will forever be his one and only desire. And let’s face it, we’re just human beings. We’re human beings who are surrounded by a whole lot of men and women who have broken these same promises. It’s frightening stuff we’re talking about here. But, like the poet says, love is like death. And death is scary. Sexual love is one of the greatest triumphs of the human experience. Yet you and I both know (*or ourselves are*) people who have been scarred and marred by the tragedy of sexual love as well.

On Valentine’s Day, a “holiday” some of us love and some of us pass off as a silly day driven by Greeting card companies, we are supposed to celebrate the gift of human love, especially romantic love. And I ain’t gonna lie, I am a sucker for romance. Have I mentioned that Colin’s and my two year anniversary is on Tuesday?! You know what they say, time flies when you’re having fun. Romance is an incredible gift from God. Its power is true mystery. I’ll spend some serious time thanking God for the love of my life tomorrow.
But above all else, I’ll thank God for Jesus Christ because I know of only one feeling that is greater than being wanted and loved by my man and that is the rest and peace I have found in Christ’s scandalous love for me. The flame of his love for me can never be quenched. His desire for me is never dependent upon my youth or my (fading!) sexual allure. I don’t feel threatened but thrilled that He loves my beautiful female neighbor as much as He loves me. I don’t sense the panic to mark Him with any sort of seal because at last, He sealed me first. This isn’t about Colin’s love falling short in any way, shape, or form. This is about needing something more than any human being on this earth could offer me. Some folks call it a divine romance. I don’t have words for it. All I know is His refrain has been reverberating since He came in the flesh several thousand years ago to save this world He loved:
“You are my beloved, and I am yours.”

The mystery is great-

But I am actually speaking with reference to Christ and the Church (Eph. 5.32)

And although you have not seen Him, you love Him. (1 Peter 1.8)

Happy Valentine’s Day!

You are so loved.


P.S. Here are some semi-recent photos of Colin and me!
Remaining Photo Credit goes to Leigh Germy Photography…


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  1. 101
    MDurst says:

    Thank you soooooo much for sharing! Wow – that was an awesome insight – thank you, thank you, thank you:)

  2. 102
    Anonymous says:

    Thank you, Melissa. I'm so glad I did not close the browser because I desperately needed to read the part of God's unyielding love for me. Do not misunderstand, I know that He loves me, but when 30 is approaching faster than you'd like and you're struggling with the unmet desire of marriage and children, faced with unemployment, and distance from family and friends, it's easy to feel worthless, especially on the eve of the day where everyone's celebrating love. BUT, your words reminded me that I AM loved and God's love for me isn't based on my physical appearance, my marital status, social networks, or economic position. He loves me simply because I am His and He is mine. He is my forever True Love.

    Thanks, again and God bless you. Oh, and by the way, the pictures of you and Colin are beautiful. Happy Anniversary!

  3. 103
    Tales From My Empty Nest says:

    Beautiful post Melissa! Thanks so much for sharing it with us. I also loved the pictures of you and your hubby. I am so excited that I will be coming to Atlanta to hear your Mom in April with both of my daughters. I can't wait!!! Love & blessings from NC!

  4. 104
    danni_marie says:

    Oh how beautiful! You did so well to translate the verses of Songs! Especially with all the misconceptions of the book. There is indeed a message within the book that God intended for us to read. Thank you for the insight!

  5. 105
    Tami says:

    As always, very well said.

    Thanks for posting,

    "The Beach Bug"

  6. 106
    Katie says:

    Melissa, you are so amazing.

    You make me crave theology like no one else I know (and I don't even really know you. That's freaky). You definitely have your mom's prolific writing gift. Not to mention, you are drop-dead gorgeous! I am so honored to get to read your stuff on this blog!

    Oh, and I met your mom at B'ham the other day! I was one of the more quiet ones. I think all I said was I was one of her siestas. It shocked me too, but I felt so weird trying to talk to someone I had never met or talked to in real life but who God had used PROFOUNDLY to light a fire in my heart for Him and His Word. I caught it from her. She has been like a mama to me in the faith. Please tell her I am so sorry I didn't get to tell her all of that, oh and that she is super cute! (That hair is even bigger in real life!) I'm tearing up right now as I realize how much that woman means to this one little life.

    You Moore women are extraordinary people, thank you for being faithful to your callings…you will just never know this side of heaven…

    Love, KT

  7. 107
    Cait Clendenin says:

    Great post. I'm in my second semester of Hebrew and last semester we talked a little about Song of Songs (didn't translate it). SO AWESOME to hear your thoughts because my prof. was more set out to make the Bible look ridiculous for including erotic poetry than to do it justice.

    We're starting to translate Ruth this week! I'm always interested in hearing more about what you're learning.

  8. 108
    Sister Lynn says:

    Dear Melissa,

    I LOVE this post. I think the Song of Songs has a crucial place in Scripture. It God's song ofn love for His people AND it shows that sexual love is of GOD.

    Pope John Paul II and now Pope Benedict have both tried to spread this teaching of the Theology of the Body and that God's love is both agape and eros. It is powerful stuff – I am still trying to wrap my head around it. And of course, they quote much from the Song of Songs.

    My favorite passage from the Songs is this:

    "I found him whom my heart loves,
    I took hold of him and would not let him go."

    Have a happy Valentine's Day!
    Sister Lynn

  9. 109
    roxanne worsham says:

    Lookin' good, Girlfriend!!

    By the way, DANG!! What a post!! You are waaaaaayyyyy to mature for me! How young/old are you?? Wise beyond your years! Very insightful on your post.

    I remember when my mom and dad did a study on the Song of Songs. They were ALL over each other after that! I was embarrassed but at the same time I LOVED it!! GOD IS SO ROMANTIC!!

    My beloved man asked me to marry him 18 years ago on Valentine's Day. I remember hearing my older married friends talk about never making love to their spouses except on special occasions. I was thinking. "What, are you nuts?!" Well, 18 years later the sexual part does fade a little but the love is stronger than ever!! We have had our share of ups and downs and to be honest there were times I wanted to throw in the towel. I just couldn't because I knew enough about the importance of a vow. Man am I glad we stuck it out!!

    Yes, we love because HE first loved us! Love is strong. I just want to encourage all of my Siestas….
    If it has been a long time since you and your husband have come together as one – just go for it!!!
    If it has been 1 month, 1 year, or 1 decade, just go for it!! You will be so glad you did because it will bring you both closer together.
    Maybe the warning of not forsaking the assembling of yourselves together doesn't just mean the church family!! Think about it!


  10. 110
    praises in the valley says:

    you are beautiful, inside and out! thank you for sharing a bit of what you've picked up. no, you are not forgotten, ever! i have thought of you each time i read a posting from either your mom or sister. keep on, keeping on! God bless and happy valentine's day!

  11. 111
    Beckycain6 says:

    Ahem, without sounding shallow (btw, I loved your insight, Melissa), I could only think of one thing as I read the portion of the seal of love stuff……

    My four children left that seal on me. My doctors call it an EPISITOMY. Thankfully, it is a mark (I mean seal), that no one on earth–besides my doctor or husband–will see or inspect.

    Case closed. End of story.

    You are so adorably beautiful, Melissa. Great job!


  12. 112
    Beckycain6 says:

    oh my goodness gracious….one more shallow comment:

    I HAD NO IDEA THOSE WERE YOUR REAL LASHES! You lucky, blessed thing!!!!!

    Thank you, Jesus, for the gifts you give to others. (Trying not to stir jealousy.)


  13. 113
    Debbie says:

    Precious love! I have never heard it explained quite like you did, Melissa.

    Photos are plain GORGEOUS!

    Thank you for sharing, it was awesome!

  14. 114
    Geri K says:

    Teach us more!


  15. 115
    Enfant de Dieu says:

    I love Song of Songs and think it is rich in theological value. It actually disappoints me that it is rarely talked about in the church, and when it is, it is merely referred to as a book describing the way God wants sex to be for us. After reading The Shack and listening to my pastor talk about books he's read talking about the relationship within the Trinity and the idea that God created us to be part of that relationship, I started to rethink Song of Songs. I now tend to see it more as a poetic glimpse of the relationship within the Trinity, the relationship that we are called to be part of, and that God created sex to give us a glimpse of that relationship. I think it is a beautiful book and one that I read to deepen my relationship with God.

    God bless and happy Valentine's Day!

  16. 116
    Michele says:

    WOW, how beautiful!
    I am just now, beginning to even
    get a glimpse of Christ's LOVE!
    It's enormous!
    I was engaged at age 22, and I
    just didn't understand. I called
    off the wedding, and have lived
    with regret all these years. I believe
    I sabotaged.
    17 So that Christ may dwell in your
    hearts through faith. And I pray that
    you, being rooted and established in love,
    18 may have power, together with the saints,
    to grasp how wide and long and high and deep
    is the love of Christ, 19 and to know this love
    surpasses knowledge-that you may be filled
    to the measure of all the fullness of God.
    –Ephesians 3:17-19
    Thank you Lord for loving us so fully,
    so completely, so earnestly, and so
    We love you Lord fully.

  17. 117
    Warm in Alaska says:

    Oh my. Oh my. I just love me some Song of Songs. The Lord used this book many years ago to knock my socks off with His love for me and when I find myself in a dry place, this is one of the surest "refresher" spots in the Good Book to let the water of the Word pour over me.

    Oh. I do so have to share this. FIve years ago next month, I was in bed, about to drift off to sleep when I sensed the "tug" of the Lord (voice/unction/you-know-what-I'm-talking-about) to wake back up and read SOS (this is what I love to call it b/c this is so what this book has been in my life).

    I read it through, letting the words fall on me like rain, and when I got to 6:4, I felt so impressed to write in my journal and to ask God to speak these words to me. I wrote, "Lord, I want to hear You speak these words to me."

    (SoS 6:4 "You are beautiful, my darling, as Tirzah, lovely as Jerusalem, majestic as troops with banners.")

    What, exactly, did I mean by that? I'm not even sure now; I just felt the strongest inclination to ask to hear Him speak these words from 6:4 over me.

    One week later to the day my husband and I celebrated our 10th anniversary. It was a huge celebration for us because our marriage had endured some extremely dark, dark days. But in the midst of the darkness, God came in and set us all free. It's way too long a story for a post on this blog – even though this is Siestaville and I know we all love a good yarn.

    God had mercifully, miraculously saved our marriage and I can assure you we – and everyone in the near vicinity – and quite a few in the not so near vicinity – were grateful beyond words.

    So out we go to have our anniversary meal and after dinner and before dessert, my husband presents me with a large, wrapped gift. I opened it and discovered a matted, framed wall hanging with "I love you" written in one hundred languages (incl the language of Middle Earth just in case I ever decide to love Tolkien enough to read him, not just watch the nine hours worth of movies).

    At the bottom of the framing was this:

    "You are beautiful, my darling, as Tirzah, lovely as Jerusalem…" Song of Songs 6:4

    Can you believe how sweet God is? My husband had commissioned this piece of art weeks earlier. I had no idea. He had no idea. But our Lover in the Song knew just what we needed.

    Thanks for listening to my story.

    Shout outs to Valentine-loving Siestas!!

    Warm in Alaska.

    (Warm and Chubby in Alaska – b/c I ate virtually all the leftover sugar cookies that I made from SCRATCH – yes, you read that right – for my daughter's 4th grade class. And does everyone know – except me until this past Wednesday – how divinely delish cookies made with CRISCO are??)

    (Goodness. Anymore of those cookies and I'd need to rewrite SoS 7:2b from, "Your waist is a mound of wheat encircled by lilies," to "My waist is like a container of Crisco encircled with frosting.")

    (Aright. That's enough. I really do have to start a blog one of these days…)

  18. 118
    Carol says:

    You are just like your brilliant Mom, my dear!!!! Absolutely incredible!!! We've been married forty-two years and never heard anything so compassionate as what you wrote. God has bestowed upon you a gift definitely..a commentary author gift! Wow! We will celebrate love, warmth, romance, all the years of touch, what I call being in and out each other's skin (radically in love!!). You three women "Moores" radiate love in all its magnitude! Thank you, Melissa! Perfect pictures! Whoa!!!!

  19. 119
    Rebecca says:

    Thank you for this. This season of my life is finding out what true love is. Broken and lost by the enemy I'm on a journey with Jesus to restore love and how it is met to be real love. Thanks for sharing this I enjoyed it have a blessed day

  20. 120
    sweet pea mom says:

    Oh Melissa,
    Thanks you so much fo sharing your insightful reading from SOS. I absolutely loved it. My husband and I are going through "the 7 year itch" as they call it and as I am trying to find words to write in his Valentine' Day card I stummble upon your post. I ask you siestas for your prayers for my marriage.

  21. 121
    Brandi says:

    Love the post! I must say, that last pic of you two…Colin has got the best look on his face! It's "yeah, I know she's gorgeous and she is ALL mine, and keep your hands off" look all rolled into one!!
    Happy Anniversary to you guys!

  22. 122
    beachstork says:

    Melissa, Happy Anniversary! This post is both thought provoking and wonderfully emotional. It is so properly timed in light of our discussion on insecurity; only Christ's scandalous love for us provides us the security we need to deal with the rest of our relationships…even the ones we treasure the most.

  23. 123
    Monica says:

    Melissa – first, GORGEOUS photos. Second, thank you.

  24. 124
    Anonymous says:

    Interesting blog and great photos. I really liked the sunset kiss and the B&W.

  25. 125
    Holly says:

    Beautiful Pics of you both. I love the one with y'all laughing 🙂
    Thanks for the insight… One of my memory verses was SOS 7:10 "I (Holly) am my beloved and his face (desire) is towards me."
    Although i made the age "cut" i didn't make the married one, but I loved you telling truth, and allowing us to see deeper into the Word, cause yes, His is the most amazing love, and I am so blessed to be "sealed".
    Happy Valentines Day to you both!

  26. 126
    Terrie and Carley says:


    All I can say is wow and you have a gift of writing. Maybe one day the Lord will open the door for you to write Bible studies too.

    I was wondering if this quote, "We love you madly, our very own sweet little nugget" meant anything at all. You posted it under the comments.

    I will be the first to admit I am more than likely reading more into it that what it seems like.

    Just wondering!


  27. 127
    Ronda says:

    Wow, sweet girl that was an amazing message. This Memaw is moved and excited about that old Pepaw in the other room and in tears thinking of our sweet Jesus. It is so wonderful to know our next generation will have a great teacher like we all have in your Mom now. May God bless you and

  28. 128
    Ronda says:

    Wow, sweet girl that was an amazing message. This Memaw is moved and excited about that old Pepaw in the other room and in tears thinking of our sweet Jesus. It is so wonderful to know our next generation will have a great teacher like we all have in your Mom now. May God bless you and

  29. 129
    Anonymous says:

    Amazing, powerful words Melissa. So beautifully written that I am in tears reading about God's love for me. Thank you for the reminder. Happy Anniversary to you and Colin. You are a beautiful couple!

  30. 130
    Donna says:

    Well said, Melissa…have a fun-filled, blessed day with your man (as your Mom would say :-)) and Happy Anniversary!! Love you….

  31. 131
    Melissa says:

    Terrie, I told my Mom she looked like a chicken nugget one day in reference to what she was wearing and we were joking about it at the Siesta Scripture Memory Weekend.

    My best,

  32. 132
    Kimby D says:

    You can teach. I was hanging on every word. You should open for your mom at an event. Good stuff!

  33. 133
    Amanda J says:

    LOVED this post! It's that
    "divine romance" that will give us the strength and creativity and grace to have beautiful, lasting earthly romances with our mates!

  34. 134
    Taylor says:


    MmmmMmmmMmmmm. This post is a "Selah" moment about love.

    Happy Valentines to you and your man!


  35. 135
    Debra says:

    It's Valentine's Day and I'm sick in bed…I sent the guys to church without me, but have read your blog which lifted my spirits immensely!
    I opened "Song of Solomon" and read the introduction to the book which said,"As you read this book, rejoice not only in the love that can exist between a man and and woman,but also bask in the warmth of a personal love relationship with Christ."
    It has taken me so long to accept this true love relationship with Christ. I'm also blessed to be married to my husband of 16 years! What a long-suffering man…he loves me despite my flaws!
    Enjoy your day with the love that God has blessed you with.
    Happy Valentine's Day! You two look so happy together!

  36. 136
    Jackie Roth says:

    Awesome! thank you for sharing
    love your insight. can only be from God himself.
    I appreciate you all so much
    Happy Valentines Day
    God Bless!

  37. 137
    Lee Ann says:

    LOVE this post. Thanks! And gorgeous pix!

  38. 138
    Terri Mike Toman says:

    First let me say that it will be a loooooonnnnnnggggg time before your allure is fading! You are not only stunningly beautiful on the outside, but your are amazingly attractive on the inside!

    I want to encourage you, as a 47 y/o female married to the love of my life for 25.5 years, our physical love is so much more than an "act of worship"! (I never heard that said before this post) There are times when it is sweet and tender and times when it is wholly passionate, but it is always an act of intimacy that brings us emotionally closer together.
    It is something we work at, but it certainly is never a chore!
    Revel in your youth,love completely, and it will only get deeper and better with time.

    Be Blessed!

  39. 139
    Anonymous says:

    You two are a gorgeous couple; love the pictures. I love your deep insight on the scriptures. I hope you both have a wonderful Valentines day.

  40. 140
    Rachael says:

    I truly enjoyed this post, I have always thought Song of Songs was a beautiful book…apparently I have a lot more to learn about it as well! Thank you so much for being an encouragement to us all, Collin and you are a precious couple, I loved the pics!

    I would love to hear about how you guys met, unless you have already posted that somewhere! It might be a nice post for all of us ladies who are trying not to wake love before it so desires.

  41. 141
    Shelley says:

    I have always loved the Songs of Songs – I'm drawn by the mystery of it all. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us – that will feed me for the next few days. love you're photos too – blessingsx

  42. 142
    Jen H. says:

    Thanks for such a beautiful post, Melissa! I'm always so intrigued by what the original Greek and Hebrew say and how, in their ancient form, they still speak so loudly from the Word to us today. Just loved this! Thank you!

    And, wow, what beautiful pictures. I need to find someone to take pictures like that… time passes so quickly and I feel like so many moments haven't been captured as they've gone by. I think it's great that you're taking advantage of remembering your young, sweet love! Happy anniversary and you've been missed, too!

  43. 143
    twinkle says:

    Melissa and Colin, Happy Valentine's Day and Happy Anniversary!

    Love to all of LPM this Valentine's Day!

    I love Song of Songs and it means so much to me as I am waiting on God in my marriage right now. Melissa, it is so hard today to put all of our trust in our human lover, even Christ didn't put his faith in any man (John 2:24-24).

    But I love the freedom I have to put my trust and faith in God and to experience the security I have in Him and His Word.

    I have clung to so many of these verses from Song of Songs. I AM my beloved's and HE IS mine!

    6:3a (KJV) –

    I am my beloved's, and my beloved is mine:

    8:7a (Message Bible) –

    Flood waters can't drown love, torrents of rain can't put it out.

    Lifechanging words are in this book when we allow Him to speak to our hearts. I see "me" there, I see my "Jesus" there, I see the "church" there, I see my "Jewish brothers and sisters" there, and I see my own earthly "lover" as well as my eternal "Lover" there.

    I pray that God will allow me the honor of being used by Him to help heal my husband's deep hurts. I am trusting my Eternal Lover to heal my Earthly Lover.

    ***Pray for me to be

    strong as well as giving…
    wise as well as innocent

    through this time of deep healing.***

    I love the pictures and pray for God to surround you two with His Love and His Cloudy Pillar of Protection, Presence and Divine Direction. Jesus Never Fails!

  44. 144
    Tara G. says:

    Thanks for taking the time to write that all out- wonderful! The photos are fantastic!

  45. 145
    all shall be well says:

    I have read this post over a couple of times to let it sink in. I love how this blog is such a mixture of fun, deep, delightful, searching, etc., stuff.

    Thanks for sharing Melissa. I have been trying to learn the Hebrew alphabet, and my brain is having a hard time retaining THAT, I think it is amazing hearing about your studies!!

    Blessings to you all,
    karen :):)

  46. 146
    Anonymous says:

    Lovely pictures Melissa, my sister's husband is terminally ill and they are going through the hardest and yet most bittersweet time of their lives. They have been together for 37 years, she was 14 and he 15 when they fell in love. Death so powerful and dark looms over them and they feel the power of it, but the depth of love and the level of TRUTH they are living is amazing. As she has said it is a gift in itself. Shalom

  47. 147
    proverbs3woman says:

    I know you're not going to like this, but I didn't read your post yet, but OH. MY. GOSH. Those pictures are stunning! I love the black and white with just you looking at the camera. Just beautiful!!

    My mom bought 'So Long Insecurity' for me for V-day. I love her.

    Heather G
    Charlotte NC

  48. 148
    colorado girl says:

    Oh, we have missed you, too, Melissa!! So good to hear from you!Thank you for such a lovely post.

    When my now 10 year old daughter was 9 she had started reading her Bible in the mornings before she came down to breakfast. One morning she came down wearing a disturbed expression on her face and warned us, "Don't read the Song of Songs if you are allergic to kissing." From the mouths of babes. :0)

  49. 149
    Anonymous says:

    My daughter called this morning to say she was engaged just the night before. Very appropriate for the season of her life. I will pass it along. Thanks and what photogenic you Moores and company are!!

  50. 150
    colorado girl says:

    Just a quick clarification about my story: it did not involve my daughter pictured with me. That girl will LOVE the Song of Songs IF I ever let her read it. GRIN. She's my little romantic.

    Happy Valentine's Day to all you wonderful Siestas!!

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