Good Morning From The Beach House

Good morning, my favorite blog community on the planet!

The “Moore” girls are all together at a rented beach house having the best time! AJ, Melissa, Annabeth and I got here yesterday and all the boys will join us tomorrow. Til then, girls just wanna have fun. We’ve already laughed like crazy, made a ton of fun of each other (it’s usually AJ and Lis making fun of me in particular but I got in a few good ones). We also got especially tickled at Annabeth who was in her jammies last night at about 10:30, sitting on our laps in the den where we were watching TV. She was smiling big enough to eat a baby elephant, squealing, kicking her legs and looking from one of us to the another – Mommy, Aunt Lissy, and Bibby – as if she were about to bust out with “Par-tay! Par-tay! Par-tay!” She’s just killer cute. AJ brought her camera so we’ll try to post some pictures while we’re here. AJ and I brought our “Me, Myself and Lies” workbooks so we won’t fall behind. A five day stint is way too long to take a vacation from the Word lest our men arrive to the 3 Brides of Frankenstein. I am not sure what Melissa brought for spiritual enrichment but I saw her Greek New Testament in there by her bed. Maybe we can spend some rich devotional time parsing verbs this morning.

Speaking of “Me, Myself and Lies,” AJ got an email from Jennifer Rothschild’s husband yesterday saying that she is going to be on the Dr. Phil show this very day. Can you believe your summer Bible study teacher is going to be on network television like that? I think I’m scheduled to be on Jerry Springer at some point with my family. I’ll keep you posted on when. We’re waiting for a couple of situations to come to a head.

OK, we’re going for a walk and I need to get Annabeth’s diaper changed and her swim suit on if I can bear the love. I also need to pull Melissa’s hind end out of the bed. We did not come here to sleep. We came here to “Par-tay!” I’ll check in with you really soon so that, just in case you didn’t get to head to a beach with a temperate climate of 105 degrees for the Fourth, you can live vicariously through the Siestas Sledge.

We love you, Darling Things. I especially do but I only get to say that because neither AJ or Melissa know I’m posting this.


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  1. 151
    Deirdre says:

    oh Beth, you are just so special. Love you to absolute pieces dear one.

    have a great time at the beach with your girls.

    I'm getting ready to get on a plane to go to a wedding in Fargo (hopefully a slightly cooler locality than Houston, or your beach) and I promise I'm taking my MM&L book along for the trip.

    ps, the word verification is mantart……let the silliness continue!!!! Par-tay on

  2. 152
    Anonymous says:

    Beth, hope you girls had fun before the boys came and then have different fun. I took my daughter, daughter-in-love, and two granddaughters (18 and 14) to New York last week and had a blast. We did the normal tourist things but the best thing was seeing "Phantom of the Opera". Awesome.

    I love you and your family and the way you interact with people like me who never get to even speak to you except through this wonderful blog.

    God bless you richly.

  3. 153
    Meghan says:

    Wish I was there, it is 67 and cloudy in Ohio. Can you believe it?! 67 and cloudy on Fourth of July weekend. I will be with you in spirit, and at this point in my day wish I really could send my 5 year old little girl to be with you!
    Have a great time with your family, and I think we all have a few family members that could get us on the Jerry Springer show.
    I recently went to a funeral for someone on my husbands side I had never even met and his wife played "I Like My Women a Little on the Trashy Side" for his memorial song. And his sister followed a pastor who talked about eternal life with Jesus, with a statement that he believed in reincarnation and may at this moment be back among us in a new life. I didn't know if I should laugh or cry! I think I will post this one annonymous LOL!
    Love you Beth, have a great Independence Day!

  4. 154
    Karen Deborah says:

    How fun, enjoy the fun the sun, the baby and your Lord. God is so good to give us joy and you have a hefty dose!

  5. 155
    Mel @ Studio MCA Designs says:

    Got to meet the Rothschild family during the taping of Me, Myself and Lies. I just have to say that they are the real deal – such a sweet, sweet family.

  6. 156
    Moose Mama says:

    You MUST have the best time there, because I know y'all deserve it. How very fun for your family. We are headed up the mountain to retrieve our youngest daughter who has been with her grandma for the last week.

    Praising God that it is not 105 here! Will probably take a jacket to the mountains!

    Melana in Wyoming

  7. 157
    BillsGirl says:

    LOL! Can't wait to see the pics. My MIL (she's more like my mom) and I just returned from yoga. I am excited to say that Christ has given me direction to lead the Esther study with a partner this Fall.

    Anyway, we had a great yoga session together and I'm off to Me, Myself & Lies.

    Blessings to all the Moores this holiday and blessings to all my siestas too.

    Mary Ann
    Woodbury, MN

  8. 158
    Kathy says:

    Oh girls! Have an absolute blast!!! We are waiting for the pictures…

    At a lake in northern Michigan and we were sure appreciate it if you girls could please face north-east and blow some of your hot air (weather!) this way?!? We are FREEZING up here!!!

    It would be great if we can watch fireworks without our winter coats on. Thanks ya'll!!!

    Jerry Springer! Ha! Beth you are such a hoot!!!

  9. 159
    Joni says:

    Jerry Springer–you are a riot! Thank you for making me smile this morning!! Love you back!

  10. 160
    Brandy says:

    Hope you all have a blast at the beach. As for me and my family we will be playing baseball. My 8 yr old made All Stars!

    Happy 4th of July
    God Bless!

  11. 161
    jenn says:

    You are too funny. But Jerry Springer? What about Maury?

    Looking forward to pictures!

  12. 162
    Melissa Lynn says:

    Have a blast at the beach Moore girls, even if it's 105. I grew up in Redding, CA and in the summers there, that can be the norm or hotter…I easily remember days of 116…
    We love the 4th, too and will be heading to Sacramento to hang out in friends' pool, bbq, fireworks, the whole 9 yards. Last night our church puts on a very fun, family oriented singing, dancing, acting production called The Singing Flag July 2, 3 4 and it is awesome! It easily draws we did that last night and had such a patriotic, fun time together. Wishing you loads of fun at the beach with the fam, the waves, the sand, that one of a kind ocean smell, the breezes, tea…mmmm.. Oh wear that sunscreen! Do you have a plan to deal with "beach hair"? It can be a challenge!
    Lots of love to you all and prayers for a rich time of family fun,
    Melissa in Concord, CA

  13. 163
    Geri K says:

    All your post should bear the warning " Do not read this if you have a mouth full of water"

    It all spit out when I read "I am going to be on the Jerry Springer Show" That's some funny stuff girlfriend.

    Love you Beth,

    Geri K
    La Mirada, CA

  14. 164
    Kelly Jo says:

    Jerry Springer you are so funny anyways I still think we should have some sort of siesta gathering on a cruise ship you no the winter months are pretty cheap!!! Can't wait to hear some stories and see some pictures from your trip. I hope you all have a good time I especially love you too sieata mama! 🙂

    Kelly Jo
    Albany Ky

  15. 165
    Fran says:

    Love you all Moore girls!!!!!

    Have a fabulous time and just thanking God for who you are in my life. You have no idea.

    Big hugs~

  16. 166
    Clean-John15:3 says:

    Beth, Have a wonderful weekend in the sun! May you have sweet fellowship with the Lord and your family. May He continue to produce fruit one hundred fold in your life. I am praying for you!

    Romans 8:26
    Job 42:5

    Barb in Spokane

    …yes, I am a weirdo for Jesus and His Word. Where else would I go?

  17. 167
    Marilyn in Mississippi says:

    That sounds like so much fun ….all you girls together! I am trying to learn how to be a more "fun" person in my middle age years. When our youngest son was about 16 he said to me one day…"Mama, you know how to have fun less than anybody I know!" I have kidded him about that for over 10 years now but actually it's about the truth. I have been asking the Lord to help me be a more funloving person before it's "too late"! ha

    I have been listening over and over to your CD's on Ruth that was recorded in one of the Carolins in 2004 I think. It is so RICH! I have done research online all week on Ruth chapter 3 to go along with it as I am teaching the book of Ruth to my ladies Sunday school class.

    Thank you for being so willing to share your LORD and your life with us Siestas!!!

    Marilyn….in Mississippi

  18. 168
    destinmimi says:

    Pictures Beth??? Where are the pict's? I am trying to be patient..but it's hard!!! Hope y'all are having a blast!

  19. 169
    Becky says:

    Have a great time!!!!! Love the pictures and looking forward to beach pics. We are going to Michigan in a week on a mission trip so looking forward to the trip. Love you and yours bunches.

    Attalla, AL

  20. 170
    Heather says:

    Oh, how I used to enjoy girly weekends with my mom and my sisters.
    We'd get rid of the men (telling them we would barely make it without them of course)and take a night or two to laugh, watch tear-jerker movies and eat chocolate.
    Our mom passed away a little over a year ago and its just not the same. I'm so thankful to my Heavenly Father for the time we had her. She was such a gift!

    Heather M.
    Vicksburg, Mi

  21. 171
    Amber says:

    Praying for your vacation!! God bless you.

  22. 172
    Linda says:

    Jerry Springer, lol! I thought I was the only one that said that about our family, lol. Sometimes I even chant "Steve, Steve" when I think drama is about to break out. Too funny…ha,ha. This is why I love you so.
    Have a great time, all of you! I love hearing your stories and seeing pics of your day. Thank you so much for being so real to me. You have truly blessed me so much. I love you and your authenticity. You are one of a kind sweet Beth, and your girls are amazing too. I have 2 boys, 18 & 6. I pray that they would have a love for Jesus like you and your girls do.
    Happy 4th!!

  23. 173
    CoveredbyHim says:

    You and yours are Awesome!!
    I just love this Blog.

    Much Love,
    Paula in Russell, KY

  24. 174
    Anonymous says:

    i pray that my son will watch and that he will stand fast in the faith and that he will be brave and strong. 1 cor.16:13


    fran kidwell
    winters, texas

  25. 175
    Anonymous says:

    Have fun!

    Corinth, TX

  26. 176
    Anonymous says:

    Have a wonderfully blessed time with your family, Beth.

    I praise Him for this country that I live in.

    Deb Wiest
    Cathay, ND

  27. 177
    deanna says:

    Beth, you are a delight! I am looking forward to some "girl time" next week with my own sweet sis and our daughters.

    Love ya! Have a blast!

  28. 178
    Kelli says:

    Hope you are having a blast!! Just spit out my dessert when I read about the Jerry Springer part… Have a blessed 4th of July weekend!

  29. 179
    Kristy says:

    Sounds wonderful. Oh if I only had a family like yours….. Sounds so full of love and fun. And God.
    Hope ya'll have the best time!

  30. 180
    Angela Richardson says:

    I am rolling. "Smiling big enough to eat a baby elephant"… never heard that one before!

    Have a ball!

  31. 181
    katiegfromtennessee says:

    Hey Spiritual Mom Beth:):)

    Ooo, beach house! I'm lovin' me the beach!!! Always have:) Ya'll must be having some good times, cause I know when all my sisters and my momma get together, it is some mighty good times!:) Anna Beth IS killer cute! Gerber baby, I'm tellin' ya. The guys being there added some more fun to the mix, I'm sure. Yay, I'll just say I lived vicariously through ya'll 'cause I worked on the fourth, but I did get some in-law fam time in there:) This siesta loves ya'll too, you know it!!:)

    Blessings, ((HUGS))!


  32. 182
    Ceffie in WV says:

    There is nothing like being at the beach with grandbabies and their parents. I love going with my girls and when my son can come. I also wish that you could send West Virginia a little of your temperature. It has been great if you like 72 degrees in July but it is kind of cool for swimming. Have a great time relaxing with your family

  33. 183
    Lori says:

    Happy Belated July 4th!! We had a very quiet time at home with just the 4 of us and some well needed rest :o)

    Hey Beth I would gladly swap places with you re: the heat issue, Northern Maine is freezing and we have had non-stop rain for almost three weeks so if you want wee can trade places heehee bring your winter jacket :o)

    Love ya Lori

  34. 184
    Groovewoman ♫ says:

    Hope you Moore girls have a BLAST on your mini vacay. Be sure to do some swimming and laying out on the beach for me! 🙂

    Much Love,

  35. 185
    lavonda says:

    you are hysterical!
    Jerry Springer.

    I laughed out loud.

  36. 186
    Sharon from IN says:

    That sounds so fun!
    Beth, I thought about you yesterday when I used my lip plumping lipstick after eating lunch at Lynn's Paradise Cafe in Louisville.

  37. 187
    jar of clay says:

    I missed Jennifer on Dr. PHil. I wish I hadn't. I won a day with Dr. Phil five years ago. It was one of the fun shows. Very nice, very appropriate, wouldn't do it again.

    I pray that all the Siestas had a fabulous 4th holiday with family and friends. We had a great worship service yesterday, remembering those who have given so freely, and honoring the One who gave us this great country. Best to all!


  38. 188
    whittakerwoman says:

    So that is why my dear Melissa is ignoring me! Have fun! H

  39. 189
    Rachel Marie says:

    Sounds like a great time!
    I've done two of your studies and loved them and today had a scary, but exciting thought. Recently I met a woman down the street who has never belonged to a church and has only been to church a handful of times, but a few years ago bought a Bible!! How exciting- so I invited her to church and she GLADLY came with me. Now I feel the Lord putting it on my heart to start a Bible study and invite her along with all the women on my block. Which one of your studies do you think would be the best to start with?

  40. 190
    Gravity is strong there says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your weekend! I wanted to let you know that I just watched the 4th week on esther and man it hit home completly. the best part is one of my friends is really struggling right now with the whole fear thing and i was able to borrow the video to show her. It was awesome to be able to call her and tell her that i have some scripture and words of encouragement for her.

    Thank you so much for being submissive to God and what he wants accomplished in you. Your words in that video was such an encouragement for me and i know that it will speak truth into my friend's life. Thank you!!!


  41. 191
    Three Fold Cord says:

    I was at the beach too last week and met up with some dear friends. We ended up talkin about you guys and that sweet, funny and darling post about Annabeth's first visit to the tea room. We love you guys so much and we both said that if we were given an opportunity to sit with you we were almost positive we could just sit back and enjoy.You are that real and open with us. Loving you from ATL. Have a great time together!

  42. 192
    Susie W says:

    I am joining you for the first time tonight. I have been listening and following the listening guide for Proving Us Genuine. I have been praying for a strong desire for God's word. He has given me a renewed love for him. Praise God he cleansing me by washing with water through the word.
    I am starting the 1st and 15th. I know that the year is already half over, but I am determined to memorize 24 verses.

    Thank you for your love of God's word and wanting others to love it also.

    Have a great time with your family!

    Susie from Georgia

  43. 193
    Anonymous says:

    Can hardly stand the wait. For more pics that is! Have checked the blog almost hourly since this post. Just know you are having a glorious time!!! Bless you bunches! caroline in vancouver

  44. 194
    Nightingale says:

    I hope you had a blast this past weekend!

    While relaxing in the pool, I was reviewing the verses I had committed to memory this year. I got stuck on a couple of them, and wanted to get my cards, but was afraid I would get them all wet. So, I think I may just have to make an extra set of cards and laminate them for the pool. 🙂

  45. 195
    Anonymous says:

    Hope you Had a wonderful time. God Bless You all. Thank God for Rain finally . I really can't wait till the winter can't stand the heat.

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