Catching You Up in Pictures

Hi Siestas! I’ve been trying to come up with a great post about our first week with Annabeth, but I can’t seem to be in the right frame of mind to do it when I get a window of opportunity. I am so happy but sleepy and busy! So far, our adjustment has been a lot easier than it was when we had Jackson. It helps so much to have even the smallest clue what I’m doing this time. (Jackson’s diaper was the first I ever changed, if you can believe that.) Also, knowing that these sleepless nights really do end has done a lot for my attitude about sleeplessness. I find myself wanting to keep rocking my baby even after she falls asleep in my arms at night. I would give anything to go back and rock Jackson at this size one more time!

I know this post won’t address some of the questions I’ve been seeing about Annabeth’s name, how Jackson is doing, etc., but I plan on getting to those things soon. Thanks for all your sweet words over the last week. We love you girls!

This is Jackson at just a few hours old. My boy will turn three next Tuesday.

And here’s his little sister at just a few hours old.

Annabeth meeting her namesake for the first time.

Two grandmas trying to get a peek at their baby.

My mom and my sweet mother-in-law enjoying their first granddaughter.

This was right before we left the hospital.

You can see her going home outfit better here. I got that in the fall at Janie and Jack. It’s preemie size but still swallowed her. She had a matching hat and shoes, but they were enormous!

Here is Jackson holding Annabeth for the first time. He was so excited. We delayed this moment for quite a while just in case he was going to come down with that stomach bug. Unfortunately, he did get sick last night. At this point it seems to be a less evil strain of the virus than what my dad and sister had, for which I’m very thankful.

Here is a perfect picture of my son’s gorgeous eyelashes. I’m not ashamed to say I prayed for my daughter to be blessed with them. So far her eyelashes are blond. Her hair is light brown right now if you can’t quite tell.

Annabeth hanging out on her daddy.

The princess, all fresh and clean (and mad) after her first sponge bath at home.

Curt and Jackson went to church last night and my mom came over to keep us girls company. She brought Annabeth some preemie outfits so she would have something that fits for the next couple of weeks. They’re so sweet!

Look at those sweet little lips.

Leave it to me to show you a picture of baked goods. These are my favorite cookies in Houston. They’re from an Italian cafe’ called Paulie’s. Aren’t they beautiful? My co-workers brought us these, along with brownies and a feast of fajitas on the day we came home from the hospital.

Here’s the amazing cake we had at my LPM baby lunch. It was from Cake Affairs.


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  1. 151
    Anonymous says:

    Soooooo SWEET!!! Big brother looks so proud!!! I remember thinking how big my 1st born appeared when I brought my second baby home. Treasure every moment…….you already know how fast they grow… What great pictures……thank you so much for sharing these precious photos with Siestaville.


  2. 152
    Anonymous says:

    beautiful pictures! Miss Beth sure looked proud holding the bundle of joy! Did your Mom-in-law ever live or work in Berryville, AR? She looks very familiar. You don’t have to answer that, I just thought I’d ask. You guys enjoy this sweet time and give Jackson a big hug! love you guys,

  3. 153
    Shellie Paparazzo says:

    That is the neatest cake I’ve ever seen in my life. I know. I’m very isolated up here in North Idaho. But Annabeth is truly beautiful. And Amanda you look so good. It’s hard to believe you just had a baby. I still don’t look that good and my last baby was born 6 and 1/2 years ago!

  4. 154
    PinkBoots says:

    Thanks for giving us a peek at all this preciousness!!!!! Amanda, you look beautiful!

  5. 155
    Maria Cristina says:

    Annabeth is a “bella Principessa”, and Jackson an equally handsome Principe! I’m thrilled for you all!!!

    maria cristina

  6. 156
    pam b from sc says:

    All those pictures are just wonderful! Thank you for posting them.

    The one with Jackson looking down at his little sister is definitely “suitable for framing.” I believe that’s my favorite one…if I HAD to choose.

  7. 157
    Kristy says:

    Love all the pics – thanks! Oh I pray no one else gets sick!

  8. 158
    katiegfromtennessee says:

    Wow, Little Momma, your pics and captions are making me laugh and smile!:):) Thank you for sharing your mothering experiences with us. I am grateful to God for you:) Ok, sleeplessness isn’t that bad? LOVE, love, love the pictures! Your Momma and your mother-in-law look so happy:) That cake is cool-lookin’, Little Princess is such a cute baby in her little outfits, teensy outfits!:) and your co-workers are a true blessing to you too!:)

    Love. ya’ll.


  9. 159
    Laura Beth Fletcher says:

    Thanks so much for sharing these beautiful pics. I’m so glad everyone is doing well! Little Annabeth is beautiful…she does remind me of her Bibby ( I agree with Siesta OC)…I know Beth enjoyed a reason to get to go shopping for her granddaughter, like she needed one right? You take care and enjoy those beautiful children! Thanks for sharing!
    Love to all.
    Laura Beth

  10. 160
    Lyn says:

    Amanda thanks so much for sharing those adorable pictures with us. They are just so precious!!
    I remember the days when my 7 boys were babies and I could have held them forever. Love you all

  11. 161
    Shawnna says:

    Congratulations to you! She’s just beautiful…my baby girl will be 12 this year and I’ll never forget her big brother telling us to name her “wood chopper”. We decided on another name…God’s blessings to your family.

  12. 162
    Amy T says:

    I'm so happy for you Amanda. Annabeth is beautiful! You are too! Being a mom of two girls it brought back so many memories of when they were babies. They are 8 & 11 now. Still my babies though. Seems like yesterday they were Annabeth's size…Enjoy these wonderful days. Thank you for the pictures. You all look wonderful. I will keep praying for you all!

  13. 163
    Erica says:

    Amanda, your daughter is simply beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing with us!

    When my daughter was a newborn one of my husband’s clients saw her and said “Oh, my uterus just twitched!” Now I know exactly what she meant! Seeing Annabeth makes me miss that new feeling. I have a 15 month old “walkie talkie” now…who’s still just baby enough to let me snuggle her early in the mornings. Priceless.

    Please know we are praying for your precious family and that sweet new baby girl. You all are so loved.

    Erica in NC

  14. 164
    Gods Beloved Daughter says:

    What a sweet & beautiful blessing. I love all the pink! I have been blessed with 3 wonderful boys 13,10& 7. So the only pink in this house is from me. Enjoy these moments they are so sweet & they grow so fast.

  15. 165
    Nichole says:

    Gorgeous. Simply gorgeous. That’s what she is. I keep hearing what your mom posted that Jackson said, “Where’s the girl?” and it makes me giggle every time. I’ve got boys and if you don’t giggle you’ll go insane. Simple as that. Thanks for posting the pictures. I know it’s not easy to brush your hair, let alone do something that’s not exactly a necessity. Bless you, girl.

  16. 166
    spamynetwork says:

    She looks like a baby doll…absolutely wonderfully and beautifully made.

    Thank you for sharing your lives with all of us.

  17. 167
    Lipstick, Spurs and The WORD says:

    Thank you for letting us be apart. She is just precious. I know BIG Brother is so proud.
    Gosh,I so miss those times.
    Will continue to pray for ya’ll as you settle in.

  18. 168
    Anonymous says:

    Congratulations, Amanda and family!

  19. 169
    Nancy says:

    Thank you for the wonderful pictures and the update. We are all praying for you!

  20. 170
    Anonymous says:

    So Darling! Both of them!! Enjoy the time and especially the birthday next week. My oldest son will turn 25 on Jackson’s big day…I still hold those precious and precocious toddler years as the best years of his growing up years!! There is nothing like them, so hold them and ponder them in your heart.

  21. 171
    Brandy says:

    Thank you for the pictures. You do have two beautiful children. And the going home outfit was sooooo sweet!!!!!! Annabeth looked darling. Enjoy those sweet moments. They grow up way to fast.
    God bless you and your family.

  22. 172
    Dana Lofton says:

    Congratulations! I rejoice with you on the birth of Annabeth- your posts brought tears to my eyes of the Lord’s goodness. My daughter’s name is Annabeth Gayle, named for my mother- she is a darling 8 year old that thinks Beth Moore is her Mommy’s best friend as I spend most every morning during my quiet time- work on a Beth Moore Bible Study (Esther right now). Noticed we also have the same couch (Pottery Barn?) and a love for Steel Magnolias- so of course I felt very bonded to you all this week!! At any rate, what a sweet time for your family- brings back precious memories for me. My son turned 11 last week and my girls are 8 and 4 and into their American Girl dolls now which is such a blast- just you wait! Get some rest!

  23. 173
    Nesha says:

    Adorable! I love how she is taking it all in with those bright eyes. Blessings! I love the smile on Jackson’s face when he is holding her. Thanks for sharing those with us!

    I so understand the clothes issue. My youngest made a 6 wk early entrance and the Drs were guessing around 4 lbs, but he weighed 5 lbs 11 oz. Even some of the preemie ones were big on him but a whole lot better than not seeing him at all under all that clothing.

  24. 174
    Lindsee says:

    You cannot, by any means, go wrong with Paulie’s or Cake Affairs. Cannot.

    I actually just ate a cookie from there yesterday. Delicious.

    Such cute pics, Amanda. Glad to hear y’all are adjusting well!

    She seriously looks like a doll!

  25. 175
    Mommy Dot Com says:

    I love the pic with Beth holding her and she is sitting upright. Annabeth looks like a real baby doll. She is so cute and we, all the siestas, are soooo in love with her.

  26. 176
    Kathy says:

    So excited for you and your sweet family Amanda! Thank you for sharing these precious moments with all of us!

    By the way, love the outfit Annabeth has on from Janie and Jack! It’s my favorite store to buy cute things for our grandson, Avery (15 months). The store is 3/4 full of girlie things so your mom must go hog wild there!

    Enjoy each and every moment of this amazing time in your life!

  27. 177
    ~Jodi~ says:

    beautiful!!! THanks so much for taking the time to share these!! I love the picture of Jackson holding her for the first time! What a proud big brother!
    And well alll of the pics actually are just wonderful 🙂 You do a great job capturing the moment! I hope you got some of you and your mom and her too 🙂 not for on here but for you! I can’t believe Jackson will be 3 soon! Time sure does fly! Praying for you and your family to stay healthy
    Take care of you!

  28. 178
    Siesta OC says:

    I have been trying to figure out who she looks like in the pics –

    Amanda! She has a sweet hint of amanda’s face I keep seeing.

    Really cute and I loved the cake they got for your shower. That is awesome.

  29. 179
    Barbara says:

    Thank you for sharing your joy with all of us. My dad had recently been diagnosed with colon cancer and the jet that just crashed happened a few miles from my house – so sweet Annabeth’s pictures brought joy in the midst of pain.

  30. 180
    village sister says:

    I was at Target today & they had the exact pink chair you have in Annabeth's room in CHILD SIZE!!! It was so cute. I'm thinking she needs a chair just like Mommy's! 😀

    Thanks for sharing so much of yourself & your family with us.

    Blessings & Love….

  31. 181
    barbara head says:

    I think the sweetest two pictures are those with the two Jones kids. Jackson looks absolutely smitten and Annabeth looks totally relaxed. Great brother-sister relationship in the making.

  32. 182
    Amy from Upstate SC says:

    OH, how incredibly sweet and beautiful little Annabeth is! Love, love, love the name…both of my girls go by longer names – their first and middle names (Sarah Parrish and Lily Grace) – and Jackson is my oldest!

    I pray God’s richest blessings on all of you…and supernatural rest! Lily Grace is nine months old in a few days, so I am well aquainted with the effects of broken sleep. Grab it when you can and yet, rock, rock, rock and rock her some more. What precious moments.

    Thanks for sharing your joy with us!


  33. 183
    Kristi says:

    Oh, she is just beautiful! Congratulations again :).

  34. 184
    jana says:

    She is just precious, not to mention that handsome big brother of hers – what a cutie! Try to get some rest, thanks for sharing.

  35. 185
    Lauren Kelly says:

    Those pictures are GREAT Amanda! PRECIOUS!!! :o)

  36. 186
    Pam says:

    They are precious in His sight. Big brothers can be wonderful.
    Blessings to all!

  37. 187
    Paula says:

    Wow, what a blessing! Annabeth is most precious and Jackson, he is just as handsome as ever.

    With Love & Prayers.

  38. 188
    mimi says:

    So happy for you ALL! Thanks so much for sharing;both of your little ones are just precious. What a sweet time this is; to be treasured forever. Take care Mama Amanda!

    May God bless & keep you all!!

  39. 189
    Anonymous says:

    Thank you so much for sharing with us! She is just beautiful and Jackson looks like such a big boy holding her. Know that I am praying for you during this transition.

    Nashville, TN

  40. 190
    Lauren says:

    She’s so tiny and alert and precious in that picture with your mom!

  41. 191
    Anonymous says:

    she is precious! In the one pic with your Mom she looks like Melissa!
    God Bless

  42. 192
    Texas Girl at Heart says:

    Amanda….you sure do make pretty babies!! Thanks for taking the time to show off your beautiful children. You are mighty blessed :o)

  43. 193
    marina says:

    there is nothing like have a new born baby “)
    she is beauitful congrats!!
    blessing, marina

  44. 194
    Mary Watkins says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the photos. You and Curtis have been blessed with two precious little ones. The photo you posted today on the Valentine post is adorable of Jackson holding his baby sis Annabeth. I know this is a special time for your family. Treasure every moment!


  45. 195
    angism says:

    How stinkin’ precious!!! Thanks for sharing the pictures with us. Glad all of you are doing well.

  46. 196
    Anonymous says:

    Congratulations on the Birth of your Beautiful Baby Girl! Hope you feel better soon and get some sleep.

  47. 197
    Anonymous says:

    the sandbox said…
    amanda-what a beautiful babe-she is so precious!
    i noticed the baby hat the hospital puts on a new born right away and have to tell you…
    i put our zac's in a zip-lock and tucked it into his baby items that i have as his keepsakes… years later (at least 5)…i added something to his keepsake bin and of course i held every piece in there up to my cheek. well, i opened the zip-lock with his hospital hat & took it out and held it to my cheek. i kid you not-i then put it to my nose & inhaled deeply THE HAT WAS BABY SMELL!!!!! i ran to my husband and said "close your smell!" that was a great day!
    our babes are 17,15,12, & 10.

    you know, i'm going to see if it still smells baby…NOPE it's gone. i must have inhaled all the baby scent out of it that day!

    i haven't blogged in a really long time but i do read your posts keep you all in prayer.

    lovin life in HIM!-lisa
    it's raining today at the beach

  48. 198
    screamofcontinuousness says:

    mine is only 15 pounds now, but I remember when she was that tiny. and, unbelievably….I MISS IT.

    She is just precious. kiss her fuzzy head for us.

  49. 199
    Rebecca says:

    Love it!!!

  50. 200
    Edie says:

    Your grandaughter is absolutely precious. All the talk about premie clothes reminded me of when my 1st grandaughter was born a premie weighing in at 1 lb 5oz. She didn’t weigh much more than that when she came home and it seemed like she would never grown into premie clothes. lol.

    God really knew what He was doing when He invented grandchildren, huh? 😀

    Rich blessings to you!!

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