Scripture Memory Mini-tutorial

Sorry you guys! We had technical difficulty! Will post it tomorrow! In the mean time, don’t build up too much anticipation! It’s a rough one-shot cut but it’s with a ton of love. We’ll get it up here as soon as we can. I love you!



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  1. 51
    lisa@littlesliceoflife says:

    Thanks, Beth!

  2. 52
    Bonnie/Mom of 3 says:


    These are wonderful tips on memorizing scripture. I’m glad I’m not the only one who needs extra cues to remember. Also, thank you for your insight and advice about scriptures for others. Through the years, I have taped scriptures that meant the world to me on my children’s bathroom mirrors. I guess I was pushing what meant so much to me on them. I never intended to “preach” at them, but perhaps like you said, it can come across that way. I’m learning to let my actions speak louder. I pray my kids will love and serve our Father and sweet Jesus like your girls do.

    Thank you again for all your work on this video. By the way, your haircut is beautiful. If only my hair was straight enough to wear mine in that style. I’m not complaining because I’m grateful for my hair; I’m just limited in style due to the body and curl I have naturally. Am I making sense? Anyway, your hair style is very becoming. Praying for your whole family as you await the birth of your precious granddaughter!!!

  3. 53
    Living Beyond says:

    Oh Man I can’t see it but thank you anyway I’m sure it’s wonderful – thanks

  4. 54
    Anonymous says:

    wow, thanks, I needed that. This is new for me,I have always and I do mean always had trouble
    memorizing things. So far I am doing fair, I have Isa. 33:6 almost totally down. I’ll try to type it without looking.
    “He will be our sure foundation for your times, a rich store of salvation and wisdom and knowledge; for the fear of the Lord is the key to this treasure.”
    weew….I struggled a little, but I didn’t look.
    Thanks for the challange, and the accountability, it is what I need to do this,and I want to do this.
    I will continue to work on Isa. 33:6


  5. 55
    Stephanie says:

    Beth & Crew,

    Thank you so much for this wonderful tutorial! It was much needed for me! Especially the "NEED IT" part of it. I know that I sometimes try and make meditation and memorization about others when I'm the one that needs it.

    God bless you all! Here's to an AWESOME 2009!


  6. 56
    Stacy F. from Arkansas says:

    Thanks so much Beth and Sabrina. I know it took a lot of time and effort and I appreciate it very much!! I am so excited about this and it helps to be doing it all together.

  7. 57
    Jen says:

    Great tips…

  8. 58
    doo-dah says:

    The tutorial video will help me sooo much in the scripture memory goal for year. Memorization is not easy for me. I was tempted to do the verse “Jesus wept” just so I could build my confidence starting

    The “RENEW” method will help the verses to truly be written on my heart as opposed to memorizing something just to say I did it.

    Thanks for all you do at LPM.

  9. 59
    TammieFay says:

    Dear Sweet Beth and Sabrina,

    Thank you, thank you for TAKING the time to get this out to us. I know there were probably a million other things you needed to do, but chose to do this. May God pour out blessings a hundred fold on your sweet heads!

    To siesta Angela from Tennessee…thank you for your notes. What a great idea! I’ve already printed them out.

  10. 60
    Lopsided Halo says:

    Thanks for the info. at the end of segment three. Recently, I have found myself using God’s word against Him in regards to some situations I am dealing with. BIG MISTAKE. Thanks for the redirection and caution! I needed it!

  11. 61
    Jolinda says:

    Beth and Sabrina!
    Thanks so much! What a wonderful blessing you are to us! Angela thanks for typing up our special acrostic, so I could easily copy & paste & make a copy for my little notebook too. I can't tell you how excited I am to be a part of such a time as this! Thanks again!

  12. 62
    Casey says:

    I really needed to hear the part about weilding and more importantly the part about not using it as a weapon. I had to stop and ask for some serious forgiveness on that one.
    I have posted it several places around the house where I am constantly such as above the washer, kitchen and other places like that.
    I loved your acrostis as I am a visual learner. Thanks you Beth, and LPM staff for having such a heart to make this happen for us.

  13. 63
    Cindy in Ferndale says:

    THANK YOU Sabrina for all your hard work on this mini tutorial.
    I also wanted to say Thank you Beth for the word on “is our sword in its sheath?”
    I have realized yes I did have it in its sheath, and have been walking around wondering what is going on!
    Well I pulled it out today swung it around everywhere, and I may have to do this for a while, but I know that it is the sword of victory! God’s word is mighty and victorious. Hallelujah !

  14. 64
    Sooz says:

    Oh how I needed the videos and I wrote out the RENEW and the meanings on a sheet of paper where I can review that each day. Thank you Beth and Sabrina for working so hard to make the videos happen. It is wonderful!

  15. 65
    ginger says:

    Thank you Beth & Sabrina! This
    tutorial was a blessing. It
    really helped and encouraged me.
    This morning I started praying
    asking the Lord to show me the next
    set of verses I NEEDED for the 15th. I am SO excited!

    Thanks again

  16. 66
    Anonymous says:

    I’ve been memorizing scripture since I was a child (why was it so much easier then?), but I’ve never seen a better, more simple approach to memorizing God’s Word. Thank you so much for doing this. I started out with a short verse, and I’m going to work my way up! Thank you!

  17. 67
    Walking on High Hills says:

    I just want to give you all a big hug! You didn’t have to do this for us, but you did it with a serving heart of love! I just want to say thank you! I love the weild it- (not to use it against your neighbor/cutting off ears) I really think that was insightful and a nugget to remember!

    -Working on Walking

  18. 68
    Theresa Haskins says:


    Amazing! I love the way you identify each step clearly! This is exactly how I use to memorize music when I sang on the Praise Team. I must be on the right track!

    I have one favor though. On the next recording, could your voice be a touch louder? I am getting older (and losing my hearing I guess) and I have all the settings on LOUDEST and I can hardly hear you! If it’s impossible, it’s okay. I will just play it over and over again until I can understand.

  19. 69
    Nesha says:

    This is anything but mini; this is huge for me! I also wrote notes and have them on the last page of my index cards book for instant reminders. My problem alot is not remembering the chap.& verse number. Remembering the scripture but not where it is exactly can get frustrating.
    Thank You Sabrina for you labor of love and getting this up and working!

  20. 70
    Anonymous says:


    Thank you so much for your amazing example of a truly beautiful Jesus loving woman. The Lord has used you so much to inspire me to follow hard after Him, and I can’t possibly find the words to express my gratitude to you for that. This blog and my siestas have also been such a source of blessing and encouragement and a place where I’m learning so much. I’m continually in awe of how lovely my siestas are and sure wish we could all get together for one big Bible Study every week! You are all in my prayers and I am so excited to be on this faith journey with you. Can’t wait to hear at the end of this year all that the Lord will do in our lives as we seek Him first through the memorization of His Word.

    Love and blessings to each of you,

    Gretchen in Thousand Oaks, CA

  21. 71
    Tamara Rodrigues says:

    Thanks to Beth and everyone who put this together – great tool!

  22. 72
    karilynn says:

    Thanks for these tips – I can already tell they are helping me get my verse down.

    Question… I have memorized quite a bit of Scripture over the years but my problem is retaining it. Do you have any recommendations on reviewing it?? Just curious how you do it?

  23. 73
    bunny h says:

    I didn’t sign up to do this with the siestas but I wanted you to know,Beth that my husband and I are doing it together and we will use your acrostic as an incredible tool, thanks Sabrina and Beth! My husband and I started praying together on our knees every night and we have seen amazing changes in our marriage and our relationship with Jesus so we are hoping to deepen that even more through writing scripture in our minds and on our hearts. Thanks Beth for your servant heart!!
    We are very excited about this!

  24. 74
    Rebecca Powell says:

    I watched this with my six year old little boy and he is going around calling everyone “sister” with the Beth accent! TOO FUNNY! He is the king of memorizing scripture! He had memorized all of Psalms 23 and Isaiah 40:28-31 by the age of 4! They’re like little sponges when they’re little. Start early girls, or should I say “sisters”!

  25. 75
    Kim says:

    Beth in stereo – that is what you get when you can’t wait to get to the next video fast enough. Yep – started the first one, hit play on the second video thinking it would stop the first one, but it didn’t. Beth X 3 ringing from my office.

    You all are amazing. Thanks for loving the Lord and His Word so much.

    Kim . . . who is
    Grafted by Grace

  26. 76
    CarolinaCalling says:

    Thanks for the video! I wrote my RENEW acrostic inside the cover of my spiral notecards.

  27. 77
    Pamela says:

    Thank you Beth, Sabrina, and whoever else was involved with this. Good tips!!!

    Like some of the other women, I don’t like to write out my cards, so I’m doing them on the computer in different colored fonts and they are with me right here at the computer. I know that’s a variation from how you told us to do it, but it works for me! I might even make an extra set for the road!

  28. 78
    Laura in Ohio says:

    I am doing scripture memory on my own, just one scripture a month, as I am also memorizing scripture for a class I am taking at church. I prayed and was led to Ephesians 6:18-20, which starts: 18″Pray in the Spirit at all times and on every occasion. Stay alert and be persistent in your prayers for all believers everywhere.” (NLT)

    I wasn’t reading the book of Ephesians, so I’m sure God is telling me to get back on track with my prayer life!

    Thanks for the mini-tutorial! I can see it is going to be a big help!

    Love y’all!


  29. 79
    Beth says:

    I haven’t been on in awhile. Is it too late to get involved?

  30. 80
    Joanie says:


    Thank You so much for this tutorial! This will greatly help me as I memorize Scripture this year!

    I appreciate you taking the time to do this for all of us siestas!

    RENEW is such a wonderful acrostic. One of the goals that I have asked God to help me with this year is to renew my thinking and my thought life. So this acrostic means so much!!

    And Thank You Sabrina! I appreciate all the hard work you did to make this tutorial aailable to all of us. May you be blessed!


  31. 81
    Nise' says:

    Thank you, that was wonderful! I love that you did it informally, it felt like we are sitting right there with you. Sabrina, ya done good!

    Congratulations Maria Cristina on your marriage.

  32. 82
    Kiki says:

    Thanks Sabrina, I understand the love-hate relationship with technology!
    Miss Beth, quick question-I reviewed my verse this evening and looked at the pronouns like you mentioned. My questions is, what is the significant when the pronoun changes, or is it just significant that a change occurs? I’m memorizing Psalm 23, and the pronouns change several time…He, I, You. Just wondering! Thanks.

  33. 83
    Pickalily says:

    The acrostic, RENEW, is perfect and I love that you chose that word.

    You referred to Romans 8:28 about our purpose in Segment 1 and it reminded me of something I read last night about the word ‘purpose’.

    “The Greek term is ‘prothesis’, which means to set forth the purpose of something in advance…”

    But this is what really caught my fancy: “Our english word prosthesis also comes from prothesis (“purpose”); a prosthesis is an artificial body part, intended to RESTORE LOST USEFULNESS.” (emphasis mine)

    Whoa! Just think, with each scripture we memorize, we will be growing some useful feet for our purpose! (no artificial limbs here)

    Walkin’ it out (on my growing feet) with ya’!

  34. 84
    Linda says:

    Thank you sweet Beth! You are such a great encourager and teacher. This will surely help.
    I even took notes!!

  35. 85
    michellemabell says:

    Thank you thank you so much!
    What a blessing this was to watch today.
    I so needed to be reminded of the need it and wield it.
    I mean I really needed it!!!!
    Thanks again…

    Michelle in Vermont

  36. 86
    Anonymous says:


    I loved the tutorial as well, and like my siestas, wrote the acrostic in my note cards with my verses too. This was very helpful.(especially the part about not wielding the word at people…big “hmmmm” over that one…)

    I enjoyed reading all these comments too (well some of them…I got on a little later) and as I was reading I kept hearing a theme here. I too thank you Beth, for the time you spend all the time ministering to all of us. And then I had one of those God thoughts…

    I remember the day I read your letter on the website a while back that due to your “new adventures” you were going to be taking a break from Sunday School teaching in Houston. I remember feeling sad about that, thinking about how all your ladies there would SO miss that teaching and that time with you. But now, over 3,000 strong of us get this amazing attention, not just on Sunday, but throughout our weeks. We get good old fashioned “talk”, and we get Scripture memory, and now a “live lesson” in how to wield our swords appropriately.

    So I get to do Sunday school and church here in Colorado. And I get to do Esther during the week with “my girls”, and now, I even get often daily or every other daily lessons online from Beth Moore.

    Funny how when God closes a little door somewhere that he opens another one so amazingly wide in our lives. Thanks, Beth, for your obedience and now the blessings of God in “OUR LIVES” too! God is certainly using YOU “for such a time as this”!

  37. 87
    valerie says:

    RENEW….what a great way to help us memorize our Scriptures.
    Thank you so much (Beth & Sabrina) for taking time to encourage us like this. You are the best!

  38. 88
    Anonymous says:

    I just read Jill in Montana’s post about doing Esther alone and listening instead of seeing Beth Face to Face and am wondering if Jill knows she can purchase and WATCH the low resolution videos from Lifeway now? I have been using them and they are truly AMAZING!!! I used to purchase the audios as well, but the online videos are SO much better! And, since I only buy one a week, it really doesn’t “feel” like it costs more! It’s worth it anyway!

  39. 89
    Stacy says:

    I know it! I know it! I have my scripture memorized! Woohoo! Thank you so much for doing this! I have always wanted to be someone who could pull up a scripture when I needed it…but, I am really bad at memorization. I now have Isaiah 41:10 not only in my heart, but, in my head.

  40. 90
    Tammy says:

    Mama Beth,
    Thank you for taking the time for us. This was so helpful to me and gave me great encouragement. I wrote the accostic in my binder along with the verse it came from.

    A special hug to Sabrina for all she did.

    blessings and love
    Tammy S
    Howells NE

  41. 91
    ocean mommy says:

    I LOVE this!!! I’m going to be sharing this with my girls in our Bible time…

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  42. 92
    Anonymous says:

    Thank you all so much !

    I am also a very visual person, like you, Miss Beth. And, yes, acrostics are a great way to learn !

    I am a “hands on” kind of person, too, which is why I was able to memorize the fruit of the Holy Spirit during your “Living Beyond Yourself” study back in Fall 2003. [For those of you who don’t know, Beth brought in the church’s wonderful Sign Language “resident expert” to show us how to sign the verses].

    Okay, now I get to try this “thang” out . . . =)

    I typed this verse out in a small poster sized [8.5 x 11] paper, too, so I can hang it up in my bedroom, directly across from my bed, so I will be able to see it when I wake up, and go to bed.

    With much love, in Christ Jesus,

    Jennifer Olmstead
    Janesville, WI

  43. 93
    Shelly says:

    THANK you all for doing this. Scripture memory is something I have never been disciplined at and I am so looking forward to this year!

    Question: Beth, I noticed on your last year’s index cards they were highlighted on the edge. Do you have a topical system of some kind?

  44. 94
    grayse says:

    Thanks…I love the acrostic and the “wielding it” directions were so helpful! I’m already looking for the 2nd verse to start on the 15th. Isn’t it cool we are all doing this at the same time, and I think even more so because of so many horrendous things going on in our world right now….LOVE being in the word, in the body, this way…

  45. 95
    Anonymous says:

    Jan 10, 2009
    Ann said…
    Be self-controlled and alert. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. 1 Peter 5:8

  46. 96
    Jennifer says:

    Thank you so much for this…..not only will it help to memorize in the first place, but to really get why I am doing this is hugely powerful……especially with the verses I pick being something “I need” not something someone I know needs.

  47. 97
    HIS Daughter says:

    Thank you so much Sabrina for your hard work and for you, Beth for caring and loving all of us enough to walk this journey with us!

    I thought about what you said “is your sword in your sheath?”

    I am reminded that my “Nana” always said that the “Devul”, as she called the enemy, knows every word of the Bible.
    If we want to be able to use the “sword, which is the word of GOD” against him, we better know it well.
    If not, he’s going to grab your sword and wound you with it.

    Sort of like trying to protect yourself with a weapon and the attacker takes it from your shaking hand and shoots you with it!
    We have to know how to wield it and believe with faith that we are empowered by GOD to do just that!

    Thank you for helping me memorize. I am feeling every bit of my ‘almost 50 estrogen deficient brain’ working overtime!

    Love and prayers,

  48. 98
    Jennifer says:

    Thank you so much Beth & Sabrina for this! I'm glad it wasn't "professionally" done as well. Not necessary at all. Perfect just like it is!

  49. 99
    Ann says:

    Thank you for teaching these helpful ways to memorize scripture. I started memorizing scripture 20 some years ago but haven’t been doing new ones for 4-5 years. What you teach adds on to how I learned to memorize. I want to tell you that when I had surgery earlier this week, as I woke up from the anesthetic, verses that I had memorized..some long ago…went thru my mind one after another…and so clearly. I was amazed. So just telling that to encourage that what is put in does come back at times we so need it.
    Thanks again for encouraging us to memorize God’s Word.

  50. 100
    Loren and Kim says:

    Thanks to everyone who works on this blog project! I love having my coffee break with you! You are ALL such a blessing . . . and I’ll take a “rough draft” any day Beth!

    The wisdom to know in my spirit which verse(s) are for me (Need it) and the discernment to know how/when to break out the sword (Weild it) are nuggets I pray to carry always! Our God is so amazing and I am thrilled to be part of what He’s doing!


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