New Orleans Update

I just got to talk to my mom and wanted to give everyone an update. It sounds like things are going very well so far at the Breaking Free re-taping. Mom said it was a true miracle of God, possibly even a sign of the return of our Lord, that she has stayed within her 60 minute time limit for all three sessions. (Kidding. Let’s not get a letter circulating!) That has never happened even one time in all of her tapings! When she goes over her allotted time, it always makes things harder on the editors and on Beth herself because they have to hack away at the lesson. So praise God with us for this miracle and let’s ask Him to keep it up!

One prayer request for today is for plenty of energy and rest. Mom slept very little last night. She went to bed around 11 p.m. and woke up at 2 a.m. and couldn’t go back to sleep. She really struggles with sleep after she teaches at night, whether at a Living Proof Live event, a taping, or even Tuesday night Bible study. She gets really wired and her mind can’t stop teaching. She is teaching two sessions each evening for this taping, so it’s twice as challenging. Even though she’s tired, she is in very good spirits and is believing God to give her everything she needs for tonight.

Please ask God to keep her in good health. Also pray that all 11 sessions will have the full energy of the Holy Spirit. Pray that not one of them will drop, in Jesus’ name!

Several of our siestas are attending the taping, including JennyHope, who keeps everyone in stitches. I’ve even heard a rumor that she may have bequeathed a jumbo pencil and back scratcher to Beth. (Maybe she will enlighten everyone who wasn’t at the Siesta Fiesta as to the significance of this gift.) If any of our other siestas attending the taping are online today, let us know you’re there. Mom wants a list of names!

Y’all should know that my husband Curtis is normally the first person to complete my mom’s Bible studies (that we know of), but we think JennyHope is going to have him beat on Esther. Jenny has confessed to having stalked her LifeWay store until she got her copy. I’m not sure Curtis is going to do Esther: It’s tough being a woman. But if he does, he can write “It’s tough being married to a woman” on the cover.

Thanks for your prayers, ladies! They really do make a huge difference. We love y’all!

PS – We should be hearing from Melissa soon!


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  1. 51
    Nichole's Mom says:

    I woke up Yesterday morning at 2:00am and couldn’t figure out why, so I started praying… I’m really drawing close to our Precious Jesus… and I’m finding myself covering and requesting the strangest things… I think I will start keeping a list so we can compare them later (I may just be crazy, and it would be nice to know)! I love you all soooo much


  2. 52
    Kim says:

    I can’t think of a more powerful message than the one that Beth is teaching. Praise God that many women will be set free and that God’s glory will shine all over them. May God’s rest be upon Beth in the days and evenings to come.

    Can’t wait to dig into Esther this January!!!

    Kim . . . who is
    Grafted by Grace

  3. 53
    Anonymous says:

    God Bless and the sweetest of sleep and dreams to Beth. May the Holy Spirit penetrate Beth and flow into each person any where in or around the conference now and into those who will participate in the taped study. May New Orleans be infused with the Holy Spirit and a divine healing so powerful we know that we know. Sweet Sweet rest and calm dear Beth and all contributing to the retaping- Blessings and love through our Lord, A sister in Christ

  4. 54
    Moose Mama says:

    What an honor to pray for your mom. I’m not getting this till later in the day, but I have continued to pray for her at my time slot (7am) and whenever she is on my heart (which is often!) throughout the day.

    Next week is our last week of “Living Beyond Yourself”. Sniff. Whew. What a ride it’s been. Have to wait till January for Esther!!!! We don’t have a Lifeway store in the state of Wyoming. I bet I can order one online. Hmmmmm.

    You go Curtis!!!

    Melana in Wyoming

  5. 55
    twinkle says:

    Holy Father, I know how precious it is to have someone to pray for me, even to place their hands on me and pray. To hear those prayers ministers in a way that just brings peace. How I wish I could be there to lay hands on Beth and pray over her in Jesus Name. Lord, I picture us shoulder to shoulder battling together for souls through this opportunity to support Beth. We battle against our flesh to serve You. We battle against our minds to serve You. We battle against nature even to serve You. And we battle against an enemy and all his forces who come to steal, kill and destroy. In Jesus Name we have victory! I know the call You have on Beth and I also know the weapons that the enemy forms against her. Lord, Beth needs Your mighty hand of protection over her against all the battles she is facing. I pray that every need she has will be met by Your Holy Spirit going before her. I pray that time will be controlled by Your Spirit. Master every schedule, Lord. I pray that her body will be controlled by Your Spirit giving her power, good health and rest as needed. Lord, keep her mind focused on the message that You have placed in her heart and fashioned with love, burning love for Your precious daughters. I pray that she will be amazed by Your Power filling her and speaking through her. Lord, give her a soft pillow and a mattress that feels like a cloud to sleep on. Still her soul as she prepares for bed. Sing over her as she sleeps in contented peace. I pray this for Beth, asking in the name of Jesus for this blessing over her throughout this week. Let every supporting member of this team see Your Mighty Presence working out all the details of this mission. Open spiritual ears and spiritual eyes to hear and see Your message and Your presence. In Jesus Name. Amen.

  6. 56
    Bridgette Jencks says:

    Just curious – how does a person get tickets to these sorts of things? I would LOVE to be at the next one. New Orleans is within driving distance of me, but I didn’t know anything about it 🙁

  7. 57
    Dana says:

    I have a scripture for those with insomnia from time to time:
    On my bed I remember u, I think of u thru the watches of the night…Psa 63:6. Can't sleep at times? Pray to & think about God; peace will wash over you & you will be back to sleep in no time. It really works!!!

    Praying for a special anointing on Beth so His Word will saturate their hearts!!! I pray they get tore up from the floor up on Gods Word!! Love all yall to pieces!!!!

  8. 58
    valerie says:

    I’m so thankful for your mom. She is such a servant.
    This verse came to mind – Psalm 4:8 “I will both lay me down in peace, and sleep…” I’m praying your mom can lie down tonight in peace and sleep…all night long, and wake up totally refreshed.
    Thank you for the updates.

  9. 59
    ashley says:

    Wish I was there! Can’t wait to start Esther!

  10. 60
    Darlene R. says:

    Oh, Jenny is a blast! I think she’s the first roomate that I’ve had that stayed up all night curling her hair! She looked GOOD in San Antonio though!

    I pray that the rest of the week will go just as well as the first part!

  11. 61
    Sarah says:


    Here are the Siestas that attended our informal Siesta lunch today.

    Pam Mackey (SC)
    Sarah Parks (New Orleans)
    Emma Parks (5 month old future Siesta-New Orleans)
    Kay Richards (Columbia, SC)
    Melissa Wells (Pace, FL)
    Julie Sorce (Pace, FL)
    Jayna Holley (Magnolia, TX)
    Gayle Raines (Opp, AL)
    Julie Plosz (Moose Jaw, SK)
    Bobbie Bowen (Destin, FL)
    Leslie Schmidt (Destin, FL)
    Di Kroydin (Dayton, OH)
    Vicki Sandifer (Eufaula, AL)
    Cindy Long (Tippcity, OH)
    Jolene Holtzapple (West Melton, OH)
    Jenny “jennyhope” Williams (Pelham, AL)
    Tammy Allen-Schenke (Kennesaw, GA)
    Nancy Vandewater (Eagle Grove, IA)
    Linda Monerief (London, KY)
    Sharon Sergy (Ludlow Falls, OH)
    Melodye Scherman (Union, OH)

    We had a blast!!!

  12. 62
    anjlmom says:

    I hope that y’all are gettin your time to soak your feet together and drink some coaco together if she’s going to be awake

  13. 63
    Lindsee says:

    Oh, JennyHope. Homegirl is too funny! And cute!


  14. 64
    Lisa says:

    This siesta got to sit on the front row tonight! I was so honored but so thankful that I sat there for session 3. In session 4 we sat on the back row far out of camera range. Session 4 was the hardest for me when I completed the 1st Breaking Free study. Good thing we were not on the front because I started the ugly cry – but trying to be respectful of those around me. My two friends joined me just in support of how far I have come. Those are true best friends that will ugly cry with you, in public, all while trying to be respectful of the taping process.

    If Beth had not told us we would have never known she had little sleep. God supplies all our needs! She was awesome – even through my tears.

  15. 65
    jennyhope says:

    When Beth asked tonight what God was speaking to us through the sessions and wanted us to use short phrases…I had to say that the Lord is speaking to me about not coveting her wardrobe skillz. I want the green and brown top she had on tonight. Though shalt not covet…durn it!!

    I linked up to my back scratcher story!! =) My roomie found a wicked claw one tonight…it is something freaky!!

  16. 66
    Homie says:

    DLynn from Denton, Tx
    Thank you so much. The Lord is speaking so clearly. He is so good!

  17. 67
    Leah says:

    I can’t wait to do Esther. Just got my copy last week but it will be a few months before we get to it.

    Ok, call me naive but there is no reason for our Beth to not be able to sleep during such important times. Being the pharmacist that I am, I am sitting here thinking, “There are drugs for insomnia!!!! God made them for a reason and they are good.” They don’t have to be used every day, but just as needed…like NOW.

    Bless her heart. There is nothing worse than being exhausted and having to teach. I know I can’t even put two words together when I lose sleep like that.

    I’m praying for her and the entire taping event.


  18. 68
    Kristy says:

    I am praying for Beth! For the taping, her time and her sleep. It’s driving me crazy that she is right here in my very own area (about 40 min away) and I can’t be there!!! So close, but so far away…. Blessings to you!

  19. 69
    Carole says:

    Beth,"Dear One", I know that your schedule demands a lot of strength right now. So, we are praying that you will have "SUPER powers" & lots of stamina. The One who calls you WILL provide. (a much-loved ladies' Bible teacher stresses this!) 🙂
    We love you.

  20. 70
    Joanne (The Simple Wife) says:

    Praying and so wishing I were there. And trying hard not to be too jealous of Tammy and Jenny there together!

    And just an aside, how fun to read people’s comments and think, I know her!, because of the Siesta Fiesta. We need a reunion!

  21. 71
    emex says:

    first time poster, daily reader for months! I already have Esther – saw it advertised Sunday, went and bought it Monday! You hardworking girls are always on my mind.

  22. 72
    Lora says:

    Praise You God for the miracle of the timing of the tapings
    Praise You Lord, Your will is at work as hearts You are shaping
    To Your throne we continue to plead
    Energy and rest for Mama Beth’s in need
    To think of Mama Beth so lively and wired
    That after a day of teaching, her mind is not tired
    Lord Mama Beth is believing You for everything she needs
    At night time Lord, would you calm down her mind and decrease it’s warp speed?
    Keep her in good health
    Giving Beth energy from Your outlandish wealth
    Let Your Holy Spirit freshly on Mama Beth fall
    Lord, we believe You, so we continue to call
    With expectant hearts, we are asking and believing
    For more of Your Holy Spirit’s energy in all sessions receiving
    You are the Great Stream of Mercy and on You we are calling
    We are believing that Your mercy drops will be falling
    In the lovely Name that is above all names, Amen.

  23. 73
    gtown1 says:

    I’m an attendee at the New Orleans taping!!! It’s been amazing…I just don’t know how Beth does it. I’m tired from commuting an hour each way and just sitting…can’t imagine having to teach for so long and be full of energy. She’s been amazing! Yes, JennyHope did stand up last night for a brief shout out from Beth. She asked her about Beth’s outifts (ha) hilarious! Since Beth is always such the style queen.

    Anyway…the group of women are wonderful and Jesus has certainly shown up. Two more nights!!

    I’m not sure what qualifies as a siesta, but I do check the blog and follow along and comment every once in awhile.

    Thanks for your prayers siestas–we feel them!

    Elizabeth Williams
    Pass Christian, MS

  24. 74
    EJ Williams says:

    PS- You mom told the funniest story about Curtis last night in Session 3 about teaching Jackson the “Give Me 5” to his girlfriends, etc. I wrote it down to share with my husband so we can do the same with our 1 year old little boy (ha)

    HILARIOUS–we were all rolling–I’m sure to use that again in moments of stress, etc. You’ll have to share it on the blog sometime…so funny!

    Elizabeth Williams (EJ)
    Pass Christian, MS

  25. 75
    Bobbie says:

    It is true…I witnessed it yesterday! JennyHope is a stalker! I am here in New Orleans, and my roommate is Leslie, JennyHope’s aunt. Leslie and I had the honor of escorting JennyHope to the Life Way store at the Seminary. The minute JennyHope walked in the door, the employees knew who she was. She’s famous! She had to take pictures with the employees, call her husband, and do a few dances because she was so proud to finally have a copy of Esther!

    There are no words to describe this incredible experience in New Orleans! Beth’s love for Jesus is so contagious that becoming a “Jesus Stalker” feels like the norm.

    Wish you all could be here to share.

    Much love,
    Destin, Florida

  26. 76
    Kim Scott says:

    FOR SURE the New Orleans taping is going great. I flew in from Texas and am staying with my friend in Bay St. Louis, MS. We are totally loving the great worship, fellowship, and the Living Word. I didn’t think anything could get better than the “Get your bullet story” about loading your weapon with the word..until last night and the “give me five (or ten)” story…in fact, we used it last night before we even got home! This is Kim Scott (Crawford, TX) and Elizabeth Williams (Bay St. Louis, MS) Siestas and loving JennyHOpe’s honesty and Beth’s courage this week! Sic’em Beth! We love you!

  27. 77
    Lynette says:

    I read the blog but never comment. Just wanted to say that I’m here from Denver, CO and God is teaching me amazing things this week through Beth.

  28. 78
    Alisa says:

    LOL – ok, I thought and actually BELIEVED that I was the ONLY one that has stalked Lifeway until something became available!!! Finally, someone that shares my passion as well as drive!!!

    Love to all, Alisa in Cheraw, SC

  29. 79
    Sarah says:

    Praying for your mom and all involved. It is such a blessing to be able to pray for ya’ll. God will give her the strength to do what he wants her to do. She is a faithful women.
    Sarah – Prayer Warrior

  30. 80
    katiegfromtennessee says:

    Bless my heart! Update!…praise the Lord!! Okay, stay within time frame, plenty of rest-I understand the mind still going thing, teaching two sessions,..tired but in good spirits!! Complete filling of the Holy Spirit is definitely a good thing!:)…Jennyhope, she does make me smile-precious woman:) I am soo looking forward to doing Esther too! It’s out in the stores earlier than I thought it would be. When I finish A Woman’s Heart, next is prob. Esther, then Breaking Free:) It’s hard to decide:) Alright, hearing from Mrs. Melissa soon?:) I was beginning to pray harder for her, long time, no hear from:)

    Love in CHRIST,

    Romans 6
    Gal. 6:9
    Rom. 8:15
    Mark 14:37-41

  31. 81
    Becca says:

    How does a girl get to attend these tapings?! I live about an hour and a half away from New Orleans and would have LOVED to have been there! Obviously it’s too late now, but in the future, if she is ever that close to me again, I would be ecstatic to go. I didn’t realize that we were even allowed to attend. Am I out-of-the-loop or what?

    Praying for a fantastic, God-filled (duh!) last two nights. And also for lots of blissful rest.

    Love you girls!

  32. 82
    Shellie Paparazzo says:

    Good, I miss Melissa.

  33. 83
    Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife says:

    Forget about the jumbo pencils and back scratchers. You’ve never had fun until you’ve taken Jenny Kwon Do’s self defense course.

    I took it in San Antonio and have never been the same! lol

    I’m SO in prayer for the taping. For dear Beth while she teaches and for my covetous heart that wishes I were there. :))

    Love to all of you!

  34. 84
    Missy says:

    Thanks for the update, AJ, and how we can be specifically praying for Beth! I hate that she has trouble sleeping after teaching. My mind is the same way and I can sympathize with her and the lack of sleep. It’s not fun! 🙁 I’m sure she’s already considered this or tried this, but what about taking Benadryl on those nights or some kind of sleeping medication? There are a couple out there that don’t leave you groggy the next morning. Anyway..just a thought.
    Hope all is well with you and baby! 🙂

  35. 85
    Brenham says:

    Here in New Orleans. I have been blessed and challenged by each night of taping…but my head may soon explode with the challenges that Beth has already placed before us. Wow!!!

    praying and praying…for the whole process!


  36. 86
    lori says:

    So Glad about the last part, I miss Melissa

  37. 87
    trainedbyhorses says:

    Checking in from New Orleans! I am here at the tapings! Waving madly to the other siestas! And yes, the backscratcher DID make it into Beth’s hand tonight!

    Heidi from Cool, CA

  38. 88
    Lois says:

    I am in New Orleans for the Breaking Free taping with my friend Brooke Wolfe, and this is the first opportunity we have had to check the blog site. Let me tell you, this is one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had, and Brooke and I both feel overwhelmed, blessed and thankful to be here. We have laughed our heads off, cried a few tears, and been totally blown away by all that God is teaching us through Beth. (We got to sit on the front row Tuesday night – WOO HOO!!!) Beth, we love you so much! Please know that we are praying for you as you teach each night.
    Lois Lanham

  39. 89
    twinkle says:

    Holy Father, I pray for a feeling of release over this event today. Lord, take captivity captive. Let Your Presence bless. In Jesus Name. Amen.

  40. 90
    Ann says:

    This may have been mentioned by now; I read this blog yesterday. I wanted to let the blogger know that Lisa Pierre has a cd out.
    It is wonderful and is called “I Stand Amazed”.

  41. 91
    laura says:

    I am from New Orleans and have been attending the tapings this week. My head is so full of information – it’s going to take weeks to process it all! What a blessing and challenge it’s been, though! I am so grateful for the opportunity to participate in such a life-changing study. Thank you, ladies, for praying! 4 more sessions to go…

    Laura Bramlett
    New Orleans, LA

  42. 92
    Lisa says:

    Hey Ladies,
    I just got home from the Breaking Free taping. All I can say is WOW and God is good. I met JennyHope and she was wonderful, and I especially admired her clothes. THank you all for praying while we were there, because, as I said, it was amazing.

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