What About You?

Hi Siestas! I’m wondering…what are you up to this fall?


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  1. 151
    Karen in AZ says:

    I just started homeschooling my 3 boys, ages 9, 8, and 5. God’s got me out of my comfort zone and relying on HIM! My 2 older boys will be playing flag football. I start “Living Beyond Yourself” netxt week, can’t wait. Big event for me: going back to my 25th High School reunion in 2 weeks! I felt God lead me to go and proclaim what He has done in my life. Please say a prayer for me. I’m not the bold type and want to be led by the Spirit!

  2. 152
    Vicki Sandifer says:

    I am going to see my daughter and son in law AND my 4 grandchildren in the Middle East in 5 days!!! To say that I am excited would be an understatement. I have not seen them for 10.5 months. They are giving me there lists still today even of what to bring them from America! Then, in November I will spend a week in New Orlens with you all and that is my Christmas present from my fantastic husband. Other small things, but the grandbabies take top billing. Man I am ready for some kisses! We are going to the Dead Sea for a few days and the reason why is because My 3 year old grandbaby said, ” Grandma, they have everything “ImMagicale ” She meant – Imaginable – of course. Her little eyes were lit up and she was excited. If you do not have SKYPE on your computer – get it!! I can sit in my house and see and talk to my babies all the way across that ocean – and I love it! God is so good to have made a way that I can see them. I do love him. HE is so so good. Love you all, Vicki

  3. 153
    Paula says:

    I will be traveling to see my brand new Grandson! 🙂 Then returning to begin the new study, Anointed, Transformed, and Redeemed with 2 groups. Kicking off fall women’s ministry and moving my mom. And I would love to make a Baby quilt, too. 🙂

  4. 154
    Mindy Banks says:

    Hey siestas,
    This Fall our church is doing a couple of Bible studies.
    We are doing Kaye Arthur's Return to the Garden and Beth's revised A Woman's Heart, God's Dwelling Place.

    Personally speaking: kids, kids back to school, kids football, soccer, & drama, husband, home, dog, cats, sick Grandmother, and returning back to college (so I can write & think like Melissa) for my second year after a 16 year gap out of high school!

    Thank God for 2nd, 3rd, 4th, chances!

  5. 155
    Jennifer says:

    We will be doing a long study in the book The Story. Each member of our church has an age appropriate version. I am excited about my children learning on their own level.

    My son is being baptised!

    Looking forward to see what God has planned.

  6. 156
    Anonymous says:

    Hi, Amanda!
    Sorry for the delay in putting in my comment on this post. Been a busy few days for me lately. I’m heading to Timisoara, Romania in October to hold a leadership training conference for women and introduce the Romanian translation of your mom’s Bible study “Jesus the One and Only” entitled “Isus Singurul si Unicul”. Another team of ladies will be joining me from Shades of Grace Ministries of East Texas. Natalie Nichols will be speaking at the Pre-conference Friday evening session.
    Sure would appreciate your prayers as we encounter the many Satanic attacks in this “minefield” we are passing through right now.
    Paulette in East Texas

  7. 157
    brown45 says:

    Amanda, I remember when i was expecting our second child. I was conflicted about having two babies to share my time with. Our first was only 15 months old when our second was born. Believe me you’ll have plenty of love to go around, time too (once you get a routine down). What an exciting time for you and your family.
    I start back to bible study tomorrow night, To live as Christ. Looking forward to visiting our children in a couple of weekends. One just graduated from college and the youngest is a senior in college. Getting ready to do some house cleaning and changing things up a bit. Don’t you just love doing that, giving your house a whole new look by reagranging a room. Good luck with the potty training!

  8. 158
    Anonymous says:

    My baby girl started kindergarden and my baby boy started pre-school and love it!- I’m doing a bible-study on wed. nights and trying to loose 10 to 15 pounds…wish me luck 🙂

  9. 159
    merita says:

    We are getting ready to start our 3rd Beth Moore study, Breaking Free. This was the first study I did when I first discovered LPM, about 6 or 7 years ago. The ladies group I lead has not done this study, and I hear it is one you can do again and God reveal just as much the second time. Looking forward to it.

  10. 160
    Suzanne says:

    I am about to break free as my women’s small group tackles the Breaking Free bible study.

  11. 161
    Janelle and Ella says:

    Hey Friend! I am so behind, but I wanted to let you know that my Precept Genesis Part 2 study starts this Tuesday!! I’m excited! It’s going to be a fun group. Love you!! I can’t believe it’s already been a year since you and I prayed for the Genesis Part 1 study.

  12. 162
    Kristy says:

    I will be starting the Daniel study with a group of ladies from my church, and I can’t wait. Between evacuating for hurricanes, and trying to remain sane, a good bible study is just what I need.

  13. 163
    Judie says:

    I so enjoyed the No Other Gods study that we siestas did during the summer (I went solo), that I am leading this study for my small group this fall. We need a shorter study with meat so that we can finish before some of our “snow birds” head south for the winter.

    And I am praying for the Esther study…I can hardly wait!!!

    Judie in MN

  14. 164
    Daniel's Mom says:

    I just found this blog! I added it to my blog so others can find it! I love your Mother’s Bible studies! I have done atleast 3 and I’m doing the Heart Like His Devotional Journal. 🙂

    My family will be:
    -enjoying the holidays
    -celebrating our 2nd wedding anniversary
    -getting into Bible studies at church
    -enjoying the winter,since it’s so hot here in Alabama!

  15. 165
    Montana Siesta says:

    I love the Fall season!

    I will be involved in our women’s Totally Focused retreat this weekend. What a blessing this event is!

    Attending the LPL event in Billings with a group of ladies from our church. Hope to meet some siestas there since I didn’t get to attend the Siesta Fiesta.

    Leading the Angela Thomas bible study When Wallflowers Dance. Tough to get a bible study in with all the different hunting seasons out here.

    Looking forward to the cooler weather, baking bread and apple pies.

    Celebrating a birthday and our
    33rd wedding anniversary.

    Looking forward to when our family get to come to Montana to celebrate Christmas. We have 3 daughters and 4 grandkids that we miss seeing all the time. They will be coming from Georgia and Florida…oh what fun we will have!

    There sure is a lot of potty training going on out there in siestaville!


  16. 166
    read2kds says:

    I have started a home bible study with two women from my church. We are doing a Kay Arthur “Lord” study. 14 women are coming, some are studying God’s word for the first time!
    I am committing to cook more for my family.
    My husband has just been elected as an elder at our church.
    I am starting a Faithgirlz club with my daughter and 4 of her friends. Hopefully in 2 weeks.
    I am working part-time as a shadow for a disabled child at my children’s school.
    WOW…when I read that I feel tired 🙂

    Amy in NC

  17. 167
    Lois says:

    Our plans for the fall include the following:

    -Getting settled and doing lots of projects in our new home

    -Celebrating our 2nd wedding anniversary on October 14th

    -Doing “A Heart Like His” with a group of friends

    -Going to New Orleans for “Breaking Free” – I am sooooo thankful and excited about being there! We just finished the “Breaking Free” study last spring, and I have never had a study impact me the way it has.

    -Helping our youngest daughter start planning her June wedding.

    This is my first time to comment on here. I love this blog site, and have gained so much from it – including the info for attending the “Breaking Free” taping. I have laughed, cried and been challenged, inspired and encouraged while reading entries over these past few months since I found this site.

  18. 168
    The Gores says:

    I am finishing up Living Beyond Yourself (loving it!), starting up a new MOPS year, fighting morning sickness (4wks pregnant), starting Stepping Up!, a wedding in Colorado, and visiting friends in San Antonio (first time to Texas). Wow I am busy, but very blessed.

  19. 169
    Anonymous says:

    What I’m doing this fall:
    – Next week a group of us in our small town will begin “Stepping Up” and we are so-o-o excited!
    – Busy knitting for our church’s Fallfare (my booth is Fiber Arts).
    – A bit of traveling – short trips, mainly.
    – Loving the Lord!

  20. 170
    Shelly says:

    Amanda,I am with you in the potty training trenches! I am missing MOPS this fall (our group isn’t meeting anymore). But our ladies Bible study is planning to do Wising Up. Going to storytime at the library, dance class for my 5 year old, and a science class for my 8 year old. That should keep us busy!

  21. 171
    Oma aka Meme says:

    This fall is my first fall of being a ”widow” and also putting
    the finishing touchs on my grand daughter as a woman– she is living with me and is half child-half woman so Meme wants to set
    good examples for her – we will winter this path together- and we know that ”’God is enough.””
    huggs from Meme
    I have enjoyed reading all the things and plans in your life-

  22. 172
    Jackie says:

    Hmmmm…Let’s see.

    The kids will be doing a homeschool co-op again this year with a teacher in her home. They each have their own class; Keaton in 7th and Katie in 11th. Then I’ll be running them to their elective classes.

    We’ll be participating as a family in our church’s preschool ministry. And I will continue working for the church as the preschool director.

    We’ll be keeping our home fires burning (in our nifty woodstove) and playing games, reading, watching Andy Griffith or I Love Lucy reruns (most likely one of those anyway) and making something yummy to snack on. (It’s cold up here and we need the extra fat to keep us warm – ha!)

    Having special talks about God, reading His word and cultivating our personal relationship with Him.

    And the thing that my tween and teen still absolutely love: Praying together at the end of the evening and tucking our kidos in bed. What a blessing that they still let us do that!

    So, nothing earth-shattering, but wonderful all the same.

    Blessings on you, Amanda, and all my Siestas!

    Jax in AK

  23. 173
    Rachel says:

    I am participating in a study called Anointed, Transformed, Redeemed. I'm looking so forward to Fall study starting up again! It starts on Wednesday. Also, I'm carpooling to and from school & football practice & attending football games every Saturday night. I'm working at my church & helping put on our Harvest Extravaganza on Halloween night. Busy, busy.

  24. 174
    laura says:

    -Leading our group through Stepping Up- we started 9/4
    -Helping my hubby with Sunday School class going through Crazy Love by Francis Chan. I HIGHLY recommend it to everyone. It is life changing like Beth’s studies and Keith Green. You can go to crazylovebook.com for more info.
    -Trying to keep up with my four kids
    -I always have the goal of making better dinners!

  25. 175
    horsemom says:

    Our ladies group is starting the new updated A Woman’s heart on 9/9/08. We are so excited to revisit the Tabernacle. It was life changing the first time, I can’t imagine what it will be this time and my 15 year old daughter will be joining us! Seeing me do my quiet time every morning and doing so many of Beth’s studies has gotten her interested. I know she will understand the bible in a whole new way after this study. Thanks Beth.

  26. 176
    su says:

    -Doing a Kay Arthur study – Isaiah
    -Going on a hunting and photo safari in Tanzania with my husband in Oct. We’re very excited. (Tell your dad).
    -Enjoying my 1 1/2 year old grandson and his mom and dad.
    -Helping out in our church’s bookstore which is a new endeavor for me.
    -Trying to keep past disciplines in my life, i.e. index cards.

  27. 177
    Kristin says:

    -Teaching Sunday School
    -Teaching manners to my tots
    -Teaching myself via Haggai
    -Adjusting to Preschool after 4 years of near schedule free bliss!
    -Participating in Women’s Study: Can We Talk and Becoming a Woman of Prayer

  28. 178
    Anonymous says:

    This fall I will be:
    – Finishing our very last NOG meeting (on Wednesday)
    – Leading a small group for “A Woman’s Heart God’s Home”
    – Joining a church small group with my family
    – Helping with Sunday School
    – Helping with lots of homework
    – Being a room mother at our boys’ school
    – Being a tackle football mom for the first time
    – Being a flag-football mom for the first time
    – Trying to keep my family fed even though I share Beth’s heartbeat in matters of the kitchen
    – Trying to restore order to our home
    – Seeking more freelance writing work – or an entirely new direction from the Lord
    – Trying to be a Titus 2 wife
    – Holding on to truths learned through the Louisville simulcast
    – Keeping up-to-date on all the Siestas, and
    – Keeping my toes warm under our six-month-old golden retriever who would love a playdate with Beckham, Queen Esther and Geli. 🙂
    Grace and peace to all of you!
    Linda in MN

  29. 179
    THE SMITHS says:

    What we’re up to…
    -Unpacking and decorating our new house.
    -Disciple 1 Bible study at church.
    -LSU Football!
    -Chilling out and enjoying life 🙂

  30. 180
    aggiejenn@ReflectingHim says:

    -Caleb’s starting MDO tomorrow
    -our Ladies Bible Class is doing Living Beyond Yourself
    -just started a playgroup on Wed AM
    -preparing for a move overseas next year!

  31. 181
    Anonymous says:

    i just started “believing God” with some ladies from my new church in Arkansas. I was so excited to move here and find out that the love Bible Studies. I have been in major need of sisterly companionship since moving from texas. i am also going to be traveling a lot – four weddings all in different states, thanksgiving and Christmas. Plus, we have a baby on the way…our first due the first week of April.

    Meredith (a Houston girl) transplanted to Arkansas for a short time.

  32. 182
    Lelia Chealey says:

    *Leading a Bible study on my blog starting Sept. 23rd. We meet every Tuesday and we’ll be doing the book, “Behind Those Eyes” by Lisa Whittle. It will be the 3rd study I’ve led via the internet…who knew but God that He’d steer me in this direction! It’s a blast and we have women all over the USA already signed up and also 3 women from Australia!! 🙂 GOD is good!!!

  33. 183
    McConnell Family says:

    I am heading off this morning to my church (that I love!) to begin leading a small group for A Women’s Heart, God’s Dwelling Place. We are so excited! We are running three different times for the study throughout the week to accomodate as many ladies as possible. We have about 100 participating throughout the week at different times! Praise to God!

  34. 184
    Anonymous says:

    Our church is doing the study “The Beloved Disciple”. There are three separate groups, but since I cannot attend any of them due to prior church commitments, a friend and I are doing the study together. I am really looking forward to it.

  35. 185
    Dawn Jenkins says:

    13 young moms (20-31) are doing Believing God at the FBC in Levelland Texas at 9:00 on Wednesday nights. I am so excited b/c for more than 3 women this is the first Bible Study they’ve ever done. Praise God! I also want to thank Beth. I have only been saved for 6 years and use to feel unworthy to read the Bible. God has used her studies to help me go from being afraid of the Bible to it being my heart’s delight Jer 15:16!!! I can’t get enough of God’s Word. I felt the Spirit urging me to encourage Beth today and to tell her we need her to Please continue writing studies b/c God is working and inviting His children home through her work. Thank you Beth and I pray for you daily!
    In HIM,
    Dawn Jenkins
    p.s. a group of ladies from FBC Levelland will be at you LPLive event in El Paso in February.

  36. 186
    ThreeCordsStrong says:

    Foot Surgery, I will be in a cast for a month! And most of all studying with one friend, Believing God study. Can’t wait to get started next week!

  37. 187
    Yolanda says:

    Rogers’ Home:

    -Back from Camp Dix, Ky.
    -Kay Arthur study on A Divided Heart A Divided Nation
    -Priscilla Shirer study, Discerning the Voice of God
    -Gearing up for a trek to Maui

  38. 188
    Erin says:

    I am busy with a blog I started about Africa called
    and taking a Beth Moore Bible Study called “Living Beyond Yourself” ( I think)!

  39. 189
    Jeannine says:

    Fall in Minnesota…I love it!!! My husband and I are hosting our first small group with Driven by Eternity and in my private time I am studying Beth’s Living Beyond Yourself online and listening to Stepping Up on my CD player as I get ready for work in the morning and on my IPOD on my way to work. Thanks so much for asking…God bless you and your precious family.

  40. 190
    Mom of Many says:

    My husband just got military orders to Germany for this upcoming June. He leaves early December for training in Arkansas. So this fall we are hoping to sell our house so that our five kids and I can join him while he is in training for six months prior to our move. Please pray for us. We are excited and yet anxious at the same time. ; )


  41. 191
    Mary Watkins says:

    This year one of my greatest joys is teaching Sunday school to the most precious group of kindergarten girls you have ever seen. Due to some schedule changes I am able to return to the church choir. Fridays in the early am I attend small group Bible study. God has blessed the four of us beyond measure.
    Wednesdays I attend Priscilla Shirer’s, Can We Talk. It is one of the classes offered for women.

    Amanda, I am praying for your sweet family. This is a season of change for each one of you. May the joy of the Lord be your strength.

  42. 192
    Pasta Curls for Him says:

    We are leaning on the Lord to provide!

    I am starting a Moms in Touch prayer group for Elementary School.

    I am volunteering at the library at school.

    I am helping out at KidsJam at church.

    I am redecorating our downstairs slowly but surely (I should be sewing as I type this:)

    I will be lifting my husband up and my children up to Him for protection and guidance.


  43. 193
    Anonymous says:

    here’s what the Turek’s are doing:
    Mark attends a mens group Saturday mornings. I lead an adult group on Tuesdays; Isaiah is what we’re going to start. I attend a Beth Moore study on Thursdays, and help out the children’s ministry on Sunday’s. Busy, but always in the word. Waiting on the Lord is comparatively easy; waiting for the Lord is decidedly hard!


  44. 194
    Anonymous says:

    Well, due to the words Beth had to offer at the San Antonio LP Live, I have decided to start a prayer group at my daugters school. It is with the Moms In Touch organization and we pray for our children, the school, the staff, etc. It is way out of my comfort zone, but God clearly has led me to this, and confirmed it all along the way. Thanks Beth, for pushing me!

  45. 195
    Joy says:

    *Teaching like crazy
    *I am very excited that your mom is coming to Billings, Mt!!
    *Starting the Fruits of the Spirit Bible study this week. So much going on!!

  46. 196
    Anonymous says:

    I’m speaking on a potty training panel at our next MOPS meeting! Best of luck as you train your little man. Everyone says boys are so hard, but my little guy was much faster and easier than my little girl. Now I’m cuddling my newborn son and wondering how he’ll be. They’re all different! This fall I’m loving my new baby, doing the revised Tabernacle study, starting my 5th year in MOPS while watching my baby girl start Kindergarten. We’re also moving into a different house. Whew!

  47. 197
    Living day by day for Jesus says:

    Hi Amanda!

    I am traveling for 40 days with Jesus, all around the US. Right now I am in Show Low Arizona and I am praying about where I will be serving long term. I desire to join the foreign mission field full time.

    About 4 months ago I put my house up for sale in Ky. Scripture that led me to do so includes Matthew 6 and 11. I really wanted to sell everything and join Jesus. I literally sold about everything, purchased a tent and don’t know where I will be when my 40 day journey is over but I am trusting that God will lead me!

    I am doing the study by David Nasser called “A Call to Die”–a forty day study on prayer and fasting.

    I also worked out my schedule to be in Billings, MT to see your momma on September 19-20! I am so excited!

    I covet your prayers!


    In Christ,


  48. 198
    Tammie says:

    “Hiz Kiz”, children’s ministry

    ‘Marriage on the Rock’, by Jimmy Evans

    …thanks for asking

  49. 199
    Connie says:

    I don’t know if you will get to read this cause I’m late in posting here…but I just have to say that the Lord has used this question you asked, Amanda, to lead me to your Mom’s ‘Stepping Up’ Bible study.
    I had never heard of it until I started reading comments left a few weeks ago. I immediately googled ‘Stepping Up’ and found it on LifeWay’s site. Just then my cousin called…we haven’t spoken for about 6 months. As we talked she told me about a Bible study she had just completed that had changed her life…you already know which one it was!
    Then…guess what…just yesterday someone I don’t even know gave me the whole leaders kit as a gift!!!
    Okay, God is up to something! I watched the intro this morning and JESUS MET ME in my little bedroom. I KNOW He has put all of this together for me right at this time in my life.
    So, now you know my answer to your question…it’s ‘Stepping Up’!

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