I’ll Be The One That Looks Like Your Siesta Mama

Hey, Girlfriends! My suitcase is packed (if I can keep two rambunctious puppies from unpacking it) and I’ll be up early in the morning heading to Louisville, Kentucky with my Bible and my hairspray. I’ve been blown away by how many of you have said you were attending the event via simulcast this weekend. (A few of you asked if it will be the same material that I will teach in San Antonio and the answer is no. Two completely different things.) I will think of you so often as I teach this weekend and you can always rest assured you are teacher’s pets. (I bet it wouldn’t surprise you to know how much I tried to be the teacher’s pet growing up. I would have annoyed the heck out of some of you. I just flat love the classroom.) There are 714 churches participating in the simulcast so I don’t have to tell you how much I, the LifeWay team, Trav and the praise team and every site and participant needs the covering of prayer. The list of requests is too long and too technical. Only God is big enough to pull this off this weekend. Pray Him all over us. Pray for wonders. Pray for the Jesus Show.

If AJ were writing this entry, she’d put the link to the simulcast locations in case a few of you still wanted to hop aboard but, alas, I don’t know how. But I do know that LifeWay is putting it on if that helps. Grin. BTW, Amanda and Jackson and Little Fig made it to Tulsa today on a Southwest airplane without either one having a meltdown or grabbing a barf-bag. Curtis has to stay and teach a camp after they visit his parents so he had to drive his car and meet them there. All met up as planned but I’m sure they are exhausted. Curt has the neatest parents. They built their own home on a beautiful little stretch of hill country and even have their own horse. That’s Heaven on Earth to my girl. They will have a blast.

Back to the simulcast (sorry, I have a little A.D.D. tonight), I’ll sure be looking for some of you this weekend and, if you’re looking for me, I’ll be the one that looks like your Siesta Mama. Now, stay in the Word, young ladies.

Love you like crazy.

OK, the dogs just ran off with something from my suitcase. Blast. It better not be my coffee. What if it’s my root lifter?? Gotta go!



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  1. 150
    donna j. downs says:

    Thanks for leading me closer to God. I’ve been too far away for too long.

  2. 151
    stormysos says:

    Wow, I’m still processing the Word I got at this weekend’s Simulcast. Thanks, Siesta Mama. Mom got her Word too – and we both got to see my sister touched, so that alone was well worth it.

    I think the best thing was seeing next year’s conference schedule to discover you’re finally coming within 6 hours (well, 6 1/2) of me! YAY! I’m so buying a ticket as soon as the Charlotte event goes on sale. Plus, Mom pointed out that we can hit the outlet mall before Friday night’s session. We’d be happy to meet you there, Beth. 🙂

    You need to come back to Virginia, though. We have a convention center at the Beach now. And Mom said you could stay at her house instead of the hotel! Think about it, huh? 🙂

  3. 152
    purefire says:

    What an amazing weekend! Our group was so blessed and energized from your messages. And Travis, well, like you said “IF only that boy could sing!” Since Travis mentioned how he felt “called” to minister at the beach, ya’ll really should come to Virginia Beach sometime! We’ve got a new convention center that I’m sure we could fill up and us east coast girls would LOVE to be the host city! Ya’ll pray about it, ok? ;o)

    The seven phrases you gave us – well let’s just say I’ve told them to my Sunday School class and I’ll be printing them out as a reminder to persevere for the 100-fold harvest. Beth, you, the praise team and all the ladies that worked so hard for the simulcast are just simply THE BEST! And I thank our Lord for annointing you with His Holy Message. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    Love ya’ll

  4. 153
    Katie says:

    Beth! My husband saw that my mom sent me this (we both immediately knew you didn’t write it, it was very apparent,) so he researched and researched until he found the original pastor who apologized for circulating it. This pastor later realized it was a diff. “Beth” and apologized on his blog… (my husband could find his blog again, I can’t remember.)

    Anyway, it was cute- because Shaun, (hubby,) a guy’s guy, thinks so much of you and was so insistant that he would not let your name be attached to it. He was all “I will NOT let people ruin her name because she’s one of the few who stays out of this hyped- up stuff,” and he was “on a MISSON” to get to the bottom of it and emailed back the whole email group it came from when he found the source, hahaha!

    The best part is that now he reads the blog because he loved your post so much about “just stop it” that he’s becoming a “fan” of your teaching, himself, lol!

  5. 154
    HIS Daughter says:

    I am laughing out loud, literally!

    Tiggerdaisy just said in a previous post – “What’s up with the “STICK NOTE”?” (Speaking on malapropisms)

    The young woman who came to the Simulcast with me and had never heard you teach (and loved it btw), looked at me and innocently whispered, “Did she mean a sticky note like a Post-It? She said a “STICK NOTE”.

    I love you and the other Siestas’ love you and pray for you like crazy!

    More importantly your FATHER loves you like crazy!

    I’m sure HE’S left you plenty of “STICK NOTES” just to ALWAYS remind you!!

    Love and blessings, Sweet thing!

  6. 155
    katiegfromtennessee says:

    YAY, Spiritual Mom Beth! This weekend was such a God Thing! He did show up BIG, and He held your hand too, didn’t he????!…BTW, your hair held up good and I loved the jackets:)…(smile) God used you to speak a WORD, a couple of WORDS right to us!…you are so precious:)…I want you to keep your gut! Only enough nerves to stay dependent on Him is my prayer for you…I can’t imagine what that would be like to do what God has called you to do, but He called you Spiritual Mom Beth! He called you. He is gettin’ some glory! I will remember my phrases, Lord help me! Holding tight to that word, and knowing that He loves me no matter what:) Isa. 50, early in the mornin’ seeking His beautiful Face…Praying for you for San Antonio…the God adventure of Beth Moore’s life continues:)
    Titus 2:4-5 (AMP) trainin’ this young woman to be sane and sober of mind! Bless you Spiritual Mom Beth!:)

  7. 156
    Anonymous says:

    I had sooo much fun at your simulcast!!! How wonderful it was to share that time. You even mentioned the church we were at Albany Or, HURRAY!!! I was so sorry to hear that you lost "your girls" to cancer It must have been sooo difficult for you & your husband although the puppies sound wonderful I LOVED what you said about the stick Its just too true!!! Thanks sooo much for sharing sooo openly about your past it just means sooo much to me {{{Hugs}}} early next year you will be in Portland Or & I will be the crazy lady in the front ~giggles~ thanks Beth {{{Hugs}}} for showing me a God that Loves me no matter what I've done God Bless You {{{Hugs}}}

  8. 157
    Janet says:

    The conference was life changing for me… My blog post explains


  9. 158
    Stephanie from MO says:

    It was about 10 years ago that I was introduced to you in my church through the Paul study and about 10 studies later, (I haven’t got to do them ALL yet) I’m still enjoying your teachings. God has such a way of using you to captivate us to him. I attended the Lou-uh-vull LPL via Simulcast at my church in Oronogo, MO. (Just break it up to pronounce–Or-on-o-go. It comes from miners looking for Ore…”Ore-or-no-go”.) We are a 55-year-old church started by a small group of people and has grown to 2000+ and our building sits in the middle of a field out in the country. Literally! We are next to cows! It was such a blessing to be able to worship with Travis and study with you all at my own church (and go home to sleep in my own bed). 🙂 Thank you so much for doing the simulcast….what wonderful marvels of technology we have at our fingertips. So good to know it’s being used for good too! It was an amazing thought to realize how many women were meeting together in the name of Jesus all at the same time all around the country and world!! Praise God!

    Stephanie from MO

    P.S. Those puppies are too cute!!

  10. 159
    Sally J says:

    My dearest Sieta Beth,
    greetings from NE Ohio,we were at the Painesville Church of Christ.
    The simulcast was wonderful, I took my sis-in-law (who had just lost her husband) and my niece, both had never seen you before. They were overwhelmed at your teaching and came away with renewed spirits ready to apply Luke 8.You gave me new hope over my circumstances and the praise and worship was just what I needed. I love you dearly and feel you are my BSFF…thank you so much for giving to the Lord so we can be blessed,
    With love and prayers,
    Sally J
    P.S. I did meet with HIM EARLY this morning, thank you again

  11. 160
    katiegfromtennessee says:

    I forgot! But I came back to tell you that I got to do the commissioning with my momma, holding her hands and looking at her straight in the eye and telling each other to treasure the wonder, protect your heart, expect the test, dig the roots, stop the choke,retain the word, and press forth to that 100 fold harvest!! Thank the Lord, Spiritual Mom Beth! He is good to us!:)


  12. 161
    Dedra says:

    Siesta Mama! and gang….

    There are no words. None…. God is amazing and gracious..there is no doubt. I won’t go into a huge explanation, but suffice it to say that I am in a dry land… crawling and watering my seeds with my tears. I attended in Madison, AL with my 15 year old twin daughters. One of the greatest gifts… holding the hands of one of my daughters and speaking into her the words you blessed us with at our conclusion. PRICELESS! I praise Him for all that he continues to do through your ministry.

    See you in S.A.!


  13. 162
    nancyhorn says:


    I asked the Lord for a PERSONAL WORD this weekend in this simulcast, and He delivered. You may not remember but Friday night you said “This is a word for you, NANCY” and the same thing on Saturday too! You said my name TWICE! I am still processing all that He had for me and I am asking Him for more revelation over this next week…

    I just want to say what a blessing it was to drive 6 minutes, park and enter the throne room with you. Beth, be blessed. I love you. Praise Him!!!!

    See you in Siestaville!
    Nancy in Reno
    [email protected]

  14. 163
    Phyllis says:

    Beth, is it possible to put on the blog the “commissioning” that we did at the end of the simulcast with our friend. It was such a blessing, and both a committment to God and to my friend was so special. We just wanted to repeat those words in our hearts just as we did on Saturday. Looking for another “word” in San Antonio. I am in the word today. Phyllis

  15. 164
    densgirl96 says:

    Thank you,Beth, for your obedience to bring God’s Word for us! This was my first simulcast and I loved it! I saw that Lifeway has the 2009 LPL events calendar posted, will there be a simulcast opportunity next year? I want to start inviting now!

    God Bless!


  16. 165
    Missy says:

    Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good. His love endures forever!!

    Thank you, thank you to all the LPM, Lifeway, and praise team staff who put so much time and engery into the Simulcast. God truly did not disappoint! I, along with many others, received a word from the Lord, and I have committed to press forth until it is proved true in me.

    Several years ago, God had given me one of those “destiny words” you spoke about. Recently, I had begun to doubt it because it didn’t seem like He was putting things in place. The teaching God ordained for us this weekend was exactly what I needed to hear! I realized that I need to clasp my hand over my heart and give the Devil a good “talkin to”…if you know what I mean.

    Well, guess what that brilliant God of ours did? Just as soon as I left the church, I received a voicemail from a dear friend of mine asking me to take part in something that I know is the first step in the “proving true” of those destiny words I heard so long ago. Isn’t God’s timing the best?!

    You also won’t believe what my pastor preached on yesterday – Acts 13:36 – “For when David had served the purpose of God in HIS OWN generation, he fell asleep.” Now does that sound familiar, or what? Thanks again! Love to All!!

    P.S. Sunday morning, a family in my small town experienced a devastating loss. Amid the shock and sadness I have felt, I was struck by the realization that the only thing that gives any comfort whatsoever is this – “Jesus loves me this I know, for the Bible tells me so.” Pray that the family will cling to that, too!

  17. 166
    katiegfromtennessee says:

    last time I’m postin’ today, but wanted to let the siestas know that Steven Curtis Chapman will be on Good Morning America tom. and Larry King live on Thurs., the 7th.

    Love in CHRIST,


  18. 167
    Leslie says:

    It was fabulous! That you for the wonderful teaching. Gad planted a great message within you last weekend.
    I am protecting my heart all day long.
    Leslie in Pensacola, Florida

  19. 168
    Lora B says:

    Thanks so much for a great event this weekend. I was there in Louisville, and there is no doubt in my mind that being there was a divine appointment for me — as it surely was for everyone who heard a word this weekend and is resolved to hide it so that it cannot be snatched away! I am praying for everyone involved as you work toward the next event.

  20. 169
    Anonymous says:

    Hi Miss Beth/Siesta Mama,

    I was able to attend the simulcast in Madison, Wisconsin, with a group of about 70 ladies, but could only make it for the Saturday session due to gasoline prices.

    But, you did a nice job of reviewing the main points that I missed, so I think I got “caught up” quite easily, although I’m sure I missed out on other things that happened Friday night.

    Anyhow, I just loved it!!!

    Although, I must admit that there were a couple of times when I wished I could “push the pause button” [on my computer, as I did during BG in 2002]… You see, I’m one of those “teacher type gals” who like to write everything down – lol!!!

    But, I still learned a great deal about the subject matter, and want to thank you for that! And, it was a good reminder for me to get back to using a daily devotional that has His Word in it, and to retrieve my old index cards, so I can “stay in God’s Word” more deeply.

    However, I have already learned that I MUST give the “controls” over to the Lord first each and every morning, or my day usually does not turn out “quite right”, ya know ???

    Could you please put the “commissioning prayer” up on the blog so that I/we can use it in the future ???

    Love in Christ Jesus,

    Jennifer O.

    Southern Wisconsin

    P.s. Welcome to the Marshfield, Wis. group !!!

  21. 170
    Di says:

    It's Monday and I'm still reeling from the simulcast weekend in Troy, OH. Beth, your message brought tears to some of my toughest sisters whom I have never seen cry! What a labor of love you undertook on our behalf!
    At precisely 1PM eastern time, the satellite feed cut off in mid-song…but please tell the band that our group (and probably ALL 700+ sites) just kept on singing a cappella because we weren't done with Travis & Co.!!!! They were truly awesome worship leaders.

  22. 171
    Little Steps Of Faith says:

    “I’ll Be The One That Looks Like Your Siesta Mama”

    No, not true, you ARE the Siesta Mama!

    Be Blessed:)


  23. 172
    GiBee says:

    Thank you for an amazing simulcast!!! You and your team did such a wonderful job… it was an honor to host you in our church!!! Blessings, siesta, blessings!

  24. 173
    II Timothy 1:7 says:

    Oh my goodness. I am so full after the simulcast! Six of us went in Norcross GA, and we haven’t stopped discussing it. You said Cornerstone Christian sent you a picture. Was that in GA? If so , that’s right across the street from our location! My daughter went there in kindergarten 🙂 Thank you for the Siesta shout out! I was cheering like crazy, and got some wide eyed glances. Hehe

    There have already been several comments about your rockin’ outfits, but I have to say…I WANT THOSE JEANS!! My mom leaned over to her assistant and said, get me those jeans. LOL

    You are so beautiful inside and out, and I can’t thank you enough for the WORD I received. My WORD! *Hand over my heart* I’m going to choose to believe I am a woman of substance, and I am competantly competant!(about everything but the spelling of it!)

    So much to add to my current beliefs! That my daughter doesn’t need me to be perfect, just real! That the devil takes, and God gives. That immaturity insists that life feels good. That I DO want to have crowns to cast. That He wants to meet me in the morning, and that those I sow into can be better than me! Even in my generation. Wow!

    What a combination of heart and humor you have, Beth! Thanks for loving us 🙂 And lastly, to the siesta who giggled about your use of the “stick note”, that was the funniest comment I have seen! Hilarious! Gotta get me some stick notes! I will laugh every time I see one now! Love and appreciate you Mama Beth! -Heather

  25. 174
    Denise says:

    Sweet Beth,

    I just wanted to thank you for all that you shared at “Deeper Still” in Atlanta. God used you, Priscilla, and Kay to help prepare some of our ladies for a mission trip to Zambia the next week. 17,800 made decisions for Jesus Christ!! God knew we needed someone to speak BOLDNESS into our spirits! What a mighty God we serve! (Ephesians 3:20-21)

  26. 175
    Billie says:

    Wow–this weekend was Wow!!! God is so good! My sister, mom and I were able to attend in L’ville. My little Momma doesn’t go to things like this, but by the last portion of worship/praise I saw her hopping up and down with her hands raised in the air! Thank you so much, love you and appreciate you!

  27. 176
    Mary Lindsey and Chris says:

    AMAZING simulcast!!!! What a blessing. Digging into the word more and more has refreshed a new hunger for God’s word in my hubby! 100 Fold – can’t wait to see what else God has in store! Thank you Beth!

  28. 177
    cin'sforgiven says:

    Oh Beth! I attended the simulcast from Lou-a-vul at First Baptist Church in Blairsville, GA. Thank you so much for loving the Lord and loving us so much that you pour out your life for Him. You are truly a blessing. Thank you for reminding me that I am “competently competent”.

    I love index cards for Scripture also. When my children were little I would give them Scripture cards to carry around with them or put them on their mirrors. (My son wasn’t that wild about Philippians 2:14 – “Do everything without complaining or arguing”!)

    Looking forward to the Siesta Fiesta!


  29. 178
    Maria says:

    Praise You Jesus…you were amazingly wonderful to me Friday and Saturday at the Simulcast. Bless my sister Beth big time for her love for me and obedience to you. Thank you for giving her another little doggiesta!! hahaha..Love you sis!!!

  30. 179
    Anonymous says:

    Sweet Beth and LPM,
    I wrote a comment last Saturday after the Simulcast. This is kind of in addition to. I’m going to try to not make this extremely random, but it’s hard to know how to start. I’ve been in this “community” of bloggers (mostly reading, sometimes commenting) since the beginning. I guess you would say I’m like a charter member. 🙂 Our pastor talks so much about the importance of community in our lives as believers. I realize how important it is! This community of bloggers is like that as well…we encourage, we lift up, we hold each other accountable, we laugh, we cry. It’s a true community. And for the vision to start this blog, I thank you so much! My best friend and I have been planning to come to the Living Proof/Siesta Fiesta in San Antonio since we first heard talk of it. We had planned this great 6 day trip many months ago…nearly a year ago! My best friends son is now having brain surgery tomorrow morning at 7:30 am here in Oklahoma. I could not love this sweet 16 year old more if he were my own blood kin. They are family to me. My best friend is a pastors wife, with two teenage boys and I myself single, never been married and yet the Lord has bonded us both as sisters like none other! We love Jesus! Because of her son’s surgery, we will not be able to attend the Siesta Fiesta. I realized it a few weeks ago when I found out about the surgery, but I think we both thought it could still happen possibly, at least we hoped. She had to back out on the trip. I attempted to make it work and try to plan the trip with someone else (yet in a way not wanting to come with anyone but her) and it seems the Lord was just closing door after door..because no one could come with me. And deep down, I didn’t want to come without her. When I finally let her know today, I literally started bawling my eyes out and cried a river of tears for two hours. I felt bad because here I was crying and here she is getting ready to face brain surgery with her son. I was just grieving for both of us, because we wanted to come so bad. God ended up using her to encourage me…that this “no” means a greater “yes” down the road. And it is so comforting to know He cares about even the tiniest details (being so discouraged about not getting to go on this trip) and that He is Lord of all…even as she said… in brain surgery or a girls bonding trip. So all of that to say, we are choosing JOY in this situation, even when our hearts are discouraged. It’s hard to let go when you have looked forward to it so long! But a great “YES”. He’s a YES God! I love this community. And would covet your prayers during the surgery. You and your staff are greatly loved and treasured. Thank you for loving us because we sure love you!
    Susan in OKC

  31. 180
    Brenda says:

    I was at the simulcast in Indiana. What a great time. Boy, God was speaking to me!! He has brought that scripture to mind many times recently. Thanks for the reminder to use the index cards I keep buying!

  32. 181
    tracy l. says:

    Beth – WOW! Jacksonville, NC had a wonderful Simulcast. In our group of 350 ladies we had 45 different churches represented! When you gave the shout out to the Siestas, I cheered like crazy and everyone around me thought I was insane. Hee. Hee.

    With our being a military community we also knew that we had some of our Sisters Simulcasting in Japan. When you call Japan, our entire sanctuary went crazy.

    What a beautiful event! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

    Counting down to Charlotte!!!!

  33. 182
    Cheryl says:

    Bethyour simulcast was so inspirational and moving. I could listen to you every day. Thank you for what you give of yourself each and every time you set out to inspire us.

  34. 183
    Renee in MD says:


    I attended the conference in Columbia Maryland area and loved it! I have done a few of the studies, but really enjoyed hearing & seeing you "live" on TV 🙂

    You really have been an encouragement to me!

  35. 184
    Julie in Brentwood says:

    I was a part of the simulcast at Brentwood Baptist Church and I am thankful for the Word that God gave me. It was just the Word I needed to spark a new appreciate and love for the Scriptures.

  36. 185
    Sooz says:

    This has nothing to do with the wonderful post, but felt it was necessary!
    Praying for all the Houston Texas and all the other Texas coastal siestas as the Tropical Storm Edouard comes on land tomorrow.

  37. 186
    Chris says:

    I love the classroom too! My version of heaven is to have all the time in the world to do your Bible studies (and Kelly’s) with amazing women like our Siestas.

    I’m praying for you this weekend.
    xo Chris

  38. 187
    Anonymous says:

    I was so blessed to attend my first Living Proof Live conference from the 4th row in Louisiville!

    My faith was fired up in the summer of 2007 when our women’s Bible study groups did your Daniel study. It was the absolute best study I’ve ever gone through! After that amazing expeience, I was extremely excited to see you and the worship team LIVE from my home church at Southeast Christian Church!!

    God really spoke to me in so many ways over the weekend. I felt like you were talking to me directly when you talked about having to give up “control” over your husband! You made me laugh so hard when you talked about having to “pick up after your family” and “loading the dishwasher”!!!

    I have a renewed desire to get into God’s word daily and not let the enemy steal from me any longer. I was also encouraged when you spoke about your daughter being strong willed. I am challenged with that issue as well, and I guess from this point on I have to “EXPECT THE TEST!!!”

    May God continue to bless you and your ministry to those God puts into your path!

  39. 188
    Rebecca Martin says:




  40. 189
    Wendie says:

    Thank you, Beth! I was there along with my NOGgers and we were all moved by your teaching and the worship. Thanks to Travis and his team as well. I was encouraged to hear that Esther took you 18 months as I’m prayerfully working on a study of Moses. We’ll see where it goes and how long it takes me! My sweet daughter passed along a letter and CD to someone on stage Saturday and we hope you get it. Her intention was to bless you with a song she wrote after studying Believing God. Remain strong my friend and know we are praying for you.

  41. 190
    Anonymous says:

    I am sure that somebody has already said this, but I am impressed by the fact that an encouraging “sista” in Him provides restoration and renewal like a “siesta”. I am very thankful to be among the “siestas”.
    “Little Fig” is also precious verbage, like a figment but very real!
    Love and thanks to the Lord for this whole movement!

  42. 191
    Sarita says:

    I attended the simulcast in Hendersonville, NC. Everything that God said through you resonated in me. I cried copious amounts of tears. Beth, if you get time read my blog. 1 specific article. It is in June titled my 6 Fathers. I think you’ll find some of you in it. This Southern Sweetie loves the fact that her Heavenly Huggable wants to hold her through any situation. Many blessings on you and your 100 fold is on these pages. Well done!
    Sarita Edgerton

  43. 192
    Anonymous says:

    For Susan in Oklahoma City:
    Just wanted you to know I’m praying today. My absolute favorite Scripture prayer in times like these comes from Psalm 33:22, so for you, Susan, your dear friend and her sweet son, I pray that God’s unfailing love will rest upon you even as you put your hope in Him.
    Patti Hayes
    Lutz, Florida

  44. 193
    bethany says:

    Siesta Mama and all Siestas in the Houston/Galvaston area, I am praying for you as Edouard comes into your area today….watching GMA this morning and it is looking like you are going to be having a day of pretty heavy rain. I pray the Lord will protect you as this big storm comes inland. I pray that your homes, businesses, and families are protected over the course of this storm.
    Thinking of you, caring about you, and praying for you from here in California!

  45. 194
    Kaye says:

    Question for all you who attend the LPM Simulcast on Aug. 1-2. The satellite feed was great here in Champaign, IL until what seemed like the very last song on Saturday. The feed was lost but these words remained on the screen for at least 45 seconds before going to black…YOU ARE MY EVERYTHING AND I WILL ADORE YOU. I was wondering if anyone else experienced anything like this.

  46. 195
    Andreea says:

    Siesta Kaye,

    I was at a Simulcast in Louisiana, and we got to do the majority of the Revelation Song that you mentioned the words to with them. Right at noon (1 ET) the feed cut off. But I don’t think we had the words like you did with the black screen. Although that is so cool!

  47. 196
    Amy says:

    First … i’m praying today that you all will be safe with all the Spagetti-o’s you could want … fruit for the boy and queso for Bibby!

    The Louisville Simulcast was the best Living Proof event I have had the privledge of attending. I loved Nashville, loved Knoxville, loved Indianapolis. loved the Get Out of the Pit simulcast … but my life was forever changed by this past weekend. The way I look at scripture, the way I understand my own response to it during different seasons, why I can leave feeling so pumped up and be so defeated 2 days later … and having the weapon of being able to know how the Lord spoke to me on Friday and Saturday … cover my heart and say “This Word ain’t up for grabs!” – and mean it this time. Thank you for all that you’ve given. Those words fall short- Thanks for pointing me to Jesus when I thought I was hopeless.

  48. 197
    Groovewoman says:

    Hee, hee, you are soo funny Beth! I love your wittyness!

  49. 198
    Sherrie M. says:

    Beth, I just attended your simulcast at my church here in Asheville, N.C. It was fabulous! We are currently doing Stepping Up and we were on the same scripture you spoke on Luke 8. You changed lives that day. We had a 74 yo lady accept Christ when you gave the invitation. Her life will never be the same! Thank you for all you do and for teaching the Word! We love you!

  50. 199
    Anonymous says:

    Mama Beth-
    My girlfriend and I attended the simulcast this past weekend. What a treat. Thanks for the shout out to Siesta Blogville. 😉

    What a word in due season. You were speaking to us and reading our mail. My girlfriend who had been struggling with temptation looked at me and said "alright already" I get it.

    Our Simulcast didn't @ Rocky Peak, Chatsworth, CA experienced technical difficulties and were unable to receive the signal on Friday. We took so many notes on Saturday that my booklet was filled.
    You are loved & appreciated.

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