I’ll Be The One That Looks Like Your Siesta Mama

Hey, Girlfriends! My suitcase is packed (if I can keep two rambunctious puppies from unpacking it) and I’ll be up early in the morning heading to Louisville, Kentucky with my Bible and my hairspray. I’ve been blown away by how many of you have said you were attending the event via simulcast this weekend. (A few of you asked if it will be the same material that I will teach in San Antonio and the answer is no. Two completely different things.) I will think of you so often as I teach this weekend and you can always rest assured you are teacher’s pets. (I bet it wouldn’t surprise you to know how much I tried to be the teacher’s pet growing up. I would have annoyed the heck out of some of you. I just flat love the classroom.) There are 714 churches participating in the simulcast so I don’t have to tell you how much I, the LifeWay team, Trav and the praise team and every site and participant needs the covering of prayer. The list of requests is too long and too technical. Only God is big enough to pull this off this weekend. Pray Him all over us. Pray for wonders. Pray for the Jesus Show.

If AJ were writing this entry, she’d put the link to the simulcast locations in case a few of you still wanted to hop aboard but, alas, I don’t know how. But I do know that LifeWay is putting it on if that helps. Grin. BTW, Amanda and Jackson and Little Fig made it to Tulsa today on a Southwest airplane without either one having a meltdown or grabbing a barf-bag. Curtis has to stay and teach a camp after they visit his parents so he had to drive his car and meet them there. All met up as planned but I’m sure they are exhausted. Curt has the neatest parents. They built their own home on a beautiful little stretch of hill country and even have their own horse. That’s Heaven on Earth to my girl. They will have a blast.

Back to the simulcast (sorry, I have a little A.D.D. tonight), I’ll sure be looking for some of you this weekend and, if you’re looking for me, I’ll be the one that looks like your Siesta Mama. Now, stay in the Word, young ladies.

Love you like crazy.

OK, the dogs just ran off with something from my suitcase. Blast. It better not be my coffee. What if it’s my root lifter?? Gotta go!



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  1. 51
    ruthie says:

    Your simulcast this weekend was great! I have been upset with the lack od participation that our church put in as a host church, but the comments from our visitors made the small crowd worth the trouble that I went to. I took some great pictures and will send them your way in a few days. I love the fact that you are going to be a grandma again. It has to be a girl you know. Hope to hear from you soon.
    Ruth from Wendell

  2. 52
    Lee Ann in Crosby says:

    I attended the simulcast in Crosby, Texas. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for pushing through and being obedient to God, bringing us exactly what HE wants you to bring to us. I went out this afternoon and purchased spiral-bound index cards and have already written the Scriptures from this weekend that were for ME! I’m claiming God’s blessing for 100-fold! Love, LeeLee in Crosby!

  3. 53
    Kathy says:

    I have nbeen home for about 3 hours from LPM simulcast. I am Women’s Ministry Coordinator at my church and we were a host church. Our church purchased an old Winn Dixie building on a main highway some 20 months ago, renovated and moved in nearly 20 months ago. Our women’s ministry was organized after we moved in, and we at last had a place to meet for Bible Study (we were meeting in a gym)and began with Beth’s study on Daniel. Our women’s ministry is growing and God is bringing some NEAT ladies into the fold. We felt like God gave us this building and since LPM was not going to be in NC, we would host. It was a bif step of faith, and God was faithful. We had a little over 200 attendees and were estatic! So many ladies were blessed and it was so exciting to see so many ladies crying, laughing and praising God. Just wanted you to know….it was fantastic…no gliches!

  4. 54
    KathyB says:

    Hello…Today was a great day for ladies at The Church @ Clayton Crossings in NC. We were a host church for the LPM Simulcast! Our church purchased an old Winn Dixie Building on a main highway here in Clayton, NC some 25 months ago, and after renovating, we moved in a little over 15 months ago, and thus, our women’s ministry was created. We at last had a place to hold Bible Studies and began with Daniel. When we discovered that LPM was not going to be in NC, and feeling like God blessed us with this building, we decided to be a host church. It was a leap of faith (and me, as Women’s Ministry Coordinator sure stayed humble). I am blessed with a fantastic group of ladies who definitely have a servants heart and a wonderful technical group (all volunteers) who worked very hard to make this happen. It is almost unimaginable to be blessed with such a great group of people. Everything went well…we had over 200 attendees, and it was so cool to see so many ladies praising God and worshipping. It was great!

  5. 55
    Barb says:

    I loved this simulcast. I was in a room with about 40 women in Hamilton, MT,and I saw alot of tears after we had to hold each others hands and speak things to each other at the very end.

    God spoke to me through Beth’s words at the end about wanting to quit. I just finished writing a Bible study on emotional eating, and it has been very difficult from start to finish. I can’t tell you the number of times I wanted to give up, but God kept me going.

    Now my books are back from the printer, and I look at the stack of them in the garage and think, “What have I done?”

    Beth’s words of “It’s going to take time; don’t quit before the harvest comes; God is perfecting you through His Word,” were just the words I needed to hear.

    God is good, and I believe there’s a reason He doesn’t make things easy. Time and time again, He has taught me, “Hard things are not necessarily bad things.” – Me, who always wanted the easy, fun life.

    He is using the hard things I go through to change my character in ways it needed to be changed. I just need to keep submitting to Him!

    Thanks for your ministry.

  6. 56
    Arianne says:

    Beth, you are truely amazing with your passion and love of God’s Word. I was at your simulcast here in Clay Center KS and God was there!! His spirit was flowing thru His word and worship music. Awesome job Travis!! Praise be to God who delivered you Beth and uses you for His glory!! I can’t wait for another conference, in the mean time, I have my hand on my heart and will be digging my self in God’s word for him to enrich the dirt to become good soil!!

    Thanks Beth, you are a God send!!

  7. 57
    coffeeandbiblegirl says:

    Siesta mamma, can you post the commission that you had us say to one another,face to face, at the end of your message today?
    I need it to say aloud every morning!

  8. 58
    Jessica and Steve Otto says:

    Well, we were lovin’ our Siesta Mama here in Guatemala! Wow, wow, wow. Thank you for including us and for mentioning us (we all screamed when you did!)It was amazing to be worshipping with all our siestas in the US and around the world. You encouraged and challenged me, and I am so grateful. Thank you.

  9. 59
    Anonymous says:

    The simulcast was wonderful!!!! I looked at the Parable of the Sower in an entirely new way. Thanks for a great teaching, Beth, Siesta Mama. I really love how you get into the orginal language, I get so excited!!!
    Yucaipa CA
    Simulcast at the 1st Baptist, Hemet, CA

  10. 60
    Anonymous says:

    beth, it is Saturday night. We had the privilege of having the simulcast at our church this weekend. I went at the last minute. I hadn’t planned to go because my best friend and i had a 6 day trip planned to San antonio…a do it all girls weekend, eating, shopping, living proof live, the fully loaded conference prior, and even the siesta fiesta. But a few weeks ago my best friend found out that her 16 yr old son is having brain surgery this week. I had a feeling we wouldn’t be able to go to San antonio so I went ahead and went to the simulcast and boy did I receive a Word! A lot of words as a matter of fact. 🙂 then I found out today we
    won’t be able to make it to SA. I feel bad even mentioning
    it, because I totally understand the situation. But at the same time, especially after this weekend, I’m grieving the loss of not getting to be there in SA. He must have a greater plan. If you could, please lift up in prayer my best friends son in surgery Tuesday here in Oklahoma. Beth, you are deeply loved! Susan

  11. 61
    Pnutzmom says:

    Well, I wasn’t in Louisville, but I was at the simulcast and it was awesome! Try this for a twisted word, a lady calls an Albino a Palamino or another lady wanting directions to Tampa, Fl and asks the station attendant for Tampax, Fl. Could you imagine? “look there is a palamino in the coffee shop”…we laughed ourselves silly.
    Thank you Beth for showing me God’s freedom. Caring for elderly parent in laws slammed me into the wall of burnout. He has heart, lung, and skin problems along with having a knee replaced. She has third stage Allzimers and breast cancer. If my hubby and I had not made an executive discision to hire care givers, I wouldn’t have been there.
    Love you Beth!
    Cheryl in SC

  12. 62
    Anonymous says:

    Thank you, Jesus! We were little, but mighty this weekend! And now completely competent! I also want to thank you, Beth and Travis, for making us simulcasters be very much a part of the group. You guys are great! I think we all said we had trouble getting our brains to shut off Friday night. God must have still been wanting to talk to us! But I have a new malapropism for you: my friend wondered what you meant when you said we would have “joy in cheese?” We had to look back in our notes to find out… they that sow in tears will reap sheaves of joy!!!!!
    Gail in WA

  13. 63
    Bev Brandon says:

    6pm last night a blogger said the word “simulcast” and I googled and found a nearby church (didn’t know the church had moved!) but settled in as you started speaking! My malapropism is: Melissa told us we need to be cannon-nickel Christians —I CANNOT pronounce canonical. When Travis sang Psalm 145 I was on my knees on the back row where you can do it easily and I had to open my eyes up at the end to see if we were all still there!!! OH MY!!! Two words for me from your mouth Beth poured like rain (Deut 32:2) on this thirsty heart: Phil 2:17 where you said after all you’ve been through, be “poured out like a drink offering.” So motivating! And Melissa’s word Isaiah 50:4,5 that our good God is waiting for us every morning with a word for the weary (defined from the gamut of rebellious to the unpleasant) and I walked out of that auditorium and was so tempted to be unpleasant facing someone who had betrayed me, but God showed up to sustain me and a shift to compassion arose in me. You brought us the Living Word!

  14. 64
    Jenni says:

    We just got home from Louisville, KY and out Siesta Mama rocked the house! It was a fabulous weekend full of God’s Word!!!!!!!!

  15. 65
    hinesight says:

    I am still recovering – I hope I never quite “recover” – from having been part of the simulcast from Titusville, FL. Beth and the praise team absolutely blew. my. socks. off. What a wonderful time in the Word – I absolutely cannot wait for San Antonio.

    (If I attend two Living Proof events in one month, does that make me a crazy stalker person? Naw, I didn’t think so.)

  16. 66
    mrsjojo says:

    Thanks to God and to you and your team, Beth, I had a most fabulous weekend studying God’s word with you here in good ole’ Anchorage Alaska. It was well worth all the anticipation! We all were very delighted to hear you mention our great group a few times!! We love you and appreciate all you do and say for and to us women in this day and age.
    So many things that you had to say reached my heart. I especially appreciated the very end when you had us go face to face with another person. I love that admonishon (I don’t know how to spell that word-but I’m sure you totally understand-especially since you already know what malapropism means and most certainly know how to spell it also)!!! I hope that you can post that on the blog since we were preoccupied and couldn’t take notes during that time. You are the best!! May God bless and keep you.

  17. 67
    Lu says:

    Will you explain again the difference between a “Destiny Word” and a “Daily Word”?

  18. 68
    Anonymous says:

    Dear Mama Siesta, Thank you and praise God for the lessons you shared with us. There were many women that left friday night with their hands over there hearts and claiming Gods truth. thank you again.

    Love you
    Susan from Norfolk VA

  19. 69
    Kristi Stewart says:

    AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME!!! Thank you for the message. It was perfect! I was in one of those 715 sites. God spoke TONS into my heart. I am competent I will be able to apply it because I am a woman of SUBSTANCE!!!

    Thanks for the shout out to Siestaville!!

    At the end of the event when you asked us to hold hands with someone and repeat the phrases…well, I was with my mother-in-law! What a sweet moment we shared together! Thanks so much!

  20. 70
    small town girl says:


    I attended the simucast in Athens, Georgia. Thanks so much for keeping it real. Jesus was there in that room with us working his miracles as I know he must have been in all 715 locations. I forgot how exhausting personal miracles can be! I had to come home a take a long nap, and seal my heart. Thank you for blessing me! Love you!

  21. 71
    mimi8428 says:

    Just got home from ‘Lou a vul”! lol! God was simply awesome in that place!! My two friends and I came from Columbus,OH. On the way we came together w/no expectations other than to become closer to Jesus! We also wore out one of our Travis cd’s.

    Thank you so much for your message,Beth!

    In Christ, Marianne W

  22. 72
    Jennifer says:

    My mom, sister, and I attended the simulcast in Birmingham, AL at Canterbury UMC. It was truely awesome!! Praise God!! Our prayers are with you and the team as you travel back home. Bless you all!

    Jennifer in Mississippi

  23. 73
    Lu says:

    I have done 5 of your LPL events (I even went to Vancouver from NC)and ALL of your studies so far, so for the first time I wasn’t busting a gasket to get to the Simulcast to hear you. The truth be told, I am fighting depression over my sons going to college leaving me with an empty nest. I have trouble finding a reason to get up each day. I believe God has a new purpose in the new season of my life; but, He has been quite clear that He will reveal it in His time. He wants me to learn to “be still” with Him and believe Him for the tiny, daily things of life – not just big stuff. (I probably sound so silly to you.) BUT…your message this weekend was incredibly meaningful to me. It’s like God was saying “Listen up, I’m preparing to tell you what’s next.” Thank you for you passion and service. Thank the praise team also for their amazing music.

  24. 74
    AMENMom says:

    I’m a dedicated Siesta that just rarely posts, but I had to speak my mind about the sumulcast (watched from Springdale AR):

    1. I am so grateful to God for hitting me straight over head with your message. It was what I needed in pure, strong form.

    2. WHERE did you get the jacket you wore Friday night? I need one in my life. Seriously.

  25. 75
    Cathy Davis says:

    I was able to see the simulcast this weekend and I absolutely LOVED IT! I got choked up when I’d think about all 70,000+ people singing the same songs or praying the same prayer! God is so good! Thank you, Mama Beth, and Miesta Travis!

  26. 76
    Anonymous says:

    The simulcast/conference was WONDERFUL…SUCH A BLESSING!!! I can’t believe how fast the time went!! I learned so much and was so touched by what you taught us, I can’t wait for the next simulcast!!! THANK YOU all who put in on, and Beth, thank you for overcoming the “sick stomach” to come and talk/teach us all!!! My words, Competently, Competent…we keep saying out loud to each other, (people who are listening will probably think we are crazy!! hehehe!”o))!God bless you!!!

    Kori in Springdale, AR
    Elmdale Baptist Church was a site

  27. 77
    HIS Daughter says:

    I didn’t think I could love you more than I already did! I had NO idea I could love my LORD and SAVIOR more than I already did!

    HE exceeds everything I ever imagine! I was blown away by HIS love and healing over my heart this weekend!

    Beth, thank you for sharing your heart and your love for HIM and HIS word with us!

    NO ONE should have to live without HIM in their lives! If they only knew HE can take a woman of sin and make her a “WOMAN OF SUBSTANCE”..that was my life!.

    We will keep praying for you and Trav and the whole LPM group. Keep telling everyone HE is the healer and can set anyone free!

    Pray for us to go out there and “break up the fallow ground” and sow the seeds, watered with our tears and PERSERVERE for the harvest!

    I am blessed to be a part of praying with the Siestas’ for GOD’S Hand on YOU and the ministry!

    Let’s DO THE THANG!!!

    Love and Blessings!

  28. 78
    MITZI says:

    Can’t stop thinking of this wonderful weekend. God was so present and spoke so personally to the women I went with. Beth was on fire with the Spirit and the “fire” sat upon us too. Even though it was a simulcast I didn’t even notice. It was as if I was in “Luavul” watching her live. I hope more simulcasts are planned.

  29. 79
    maria says:

    Your message last night and today was amazing. Amazing in that God knew I needed to hear what you were preaching.

    Okay, so God is amazing and His Word is amazing. (Overuse of the word amazing, I know.)

    Just thank you.
    I shall:
    Treasure the wonder.
    Protect my heart.
    Expect the test.
    Dig the roots.
    Stop the choke.
    Retain the word.
    Press forth to my 100 fold.

    And Beth, thank you for the laughs, too. I had a “seizure” salad this afternoon after the conference. 🙂

    Maria in Missouri

  30. 80
    ahorne says:

    I was there!!! In Pensacola, just 45 minutes away from where Travis and the team had been the weekend before – and I *SURE* wish I had known that, because I’d have been there, too!!!

    What a blessed Word, and a wonderful weekend – I GOT MY WORD – and no one can take it from me!!! 🙂

  31. 81
    Dana says:

    I was one of those who watched you via simulcast all the way from Prosper TX,(up the road from Melissa Tx). Your message was straight forward & drove deep into my heart. I love to study the Word more than anything else I do. I love how everytime I open His word a new promise or truth is revealed. I have the fabulous honor of leading a moms ministry at my church & will be teaching also. It is so humbling, because I see myself as so screwed up,there is just so much sin; yet the Lord see's something in me that he wants to use to equip & encourage moms. COOL!! You remain one of my fav teachers of all because of your honesty and passion for the Word. 100 Fold Blessings!

  32. 82
    Holly says:

    I know you are tired, sweet Beth.

    I just prayed for God to give you refreshment and fill you once again from the emptying out that I know you did!

    I missed the simulcast, but was praying faithfully, as I worked on this Siesta cookbook–it is such a wonderful representation of the polka-dotted group of Siestas you serve so faithfully!

    Love you much!

  33. 83
    Anonymous says:

    What a great Friday night it was (sorry, had to miss today b/c of family obligations). It was so funny, Beth, when at one point you asked us to repeat something and then said, “I want to hear it all the way from Anchorage.”

    Did you hear us? Cause we hollared like we meant it!

    Thanks for a great word. I’m feeling so Competently Competent! (is that how you spell it? I’m feeling slightly incompetent about my spelling!)

    Warm in Alaska.

  34. 84
    Emily says:

    Oh, I so wish I had seen you again this weekend, sweet Beth! I read your precious reply to me on the Deeper Still blog and just wept. And now, you’re in MY state. 🙂 And I just couldn’t bring myself to come without my brown shirt sisters, so I stayed at home and got my big girl ready for life in children’s ministry as a big Kindergartner! Lots of my sweet friends were thrilled to see you though and I just know you were a blessing. As for the offer to rock Miller Grace until I get home? PLEASE?! 🙂

    You bless me beyond measure and I thank the Lord for you!

  35. 85
    Tracy says:

    Siesta Mama,
    I am OVERWHELMED by all the amazing things God brought through you this weekend! I don’t think I’ve ever taken notes faster…I didn’t want to miss or forget any of it! I was particularly encouraged by your final session – when you reminded us of the miraculous healing God has brought about in your family.

    The praise and worship that went forth was unforgettable!

    Bless you for working through the unfathomable anxiety and worry for our sake. How we love you!

    With my hand pressed firmly on my heart…

    P.S. It was so precious to hear you say Hello to us! = )

  36. 86
    Tompkins News says:

    We had 70 attenders at the simulcast and everyone was encouraged and blessed by the message. May we return 100 fold here in AZ! Thanks for all your hard work and dedication to our precious Jesus. I have to tell you that we were praying before the simulcast and came out at 5pm AZ time to see you up on our screens already broadcasting. You wern’t supposed to be there until 6:30! I almost had a heart attack for fear of advertising the wrong time. However after making some phone calls we realized that our time was being broadcasted on a different channel. Thank you Jesus! Other than that everything ran smoothly and women were reached. You are a blessing!
    Julie in AZ

  37. 87
    *~*Pilgrim*~* says:

    What a BLESSING this event was this weekend– thank you!!

    At Pantego Bible Church in Texas we lost the simulcast for about 20 minutes last night. I want so much to know what you were saying when it was out!!

    Thank you SO MUCH for allowing yourself to be used by God in such an incredible way.

  38. 88
    Andreea says:

    Ms. Beth,

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for the awesome word you brought to us. I am telling you, it is 1:30 in th morning, and I'm still so excited that I cannot sleep.

    Thank you for being so real, and teaching us how to live in victory and freedom.

    About a year ago, I had gotten very discouraged and I remember one day praying that I wanted the real thing–real victory, real freedom, not just soemthing that was dependant on outward circumstances. What I didn't know at the time was that the answer to my prayers (you and your teachnigs)was right around the corner. 😉 I think it was like a month after I prayed that, that I signed up for the "Woman's Heart" study.

    Thank you so much for all you do for us.


  39. 89
    ritas30 says:

    Competently Competent in Anchorage NOW!!!

    Hello Siestas!!!
    What a great event!!! His Holy Spirit was here! At first, with the satellite link and time delay we felt the distance, but Beth when you remembered us in Anchorage, Alaska Whoosh!!! His presence was felt!!! You called us out not once, not twice, but 3 times and every time the power got just stronger. To coin your word Whoh!! We were with you in Lua’vol!! After all the tears and the laughs, God places us back to the last frontier, where a moose (cow, ofcourse) was outside the church getting her word from her Father! Praise God! You know she would have brought a friend if she could share a stick. Can you grasp that? God’s word transcended through time and distance, but also through all his creations. Good Girl Star!!! We won’t hesitate to act when He calls. YES, Sweet, sweet Father we are listening!!! Yes, we are Competently Competent in Anchorage Alaska, NOW!!! Margaret Please Catch us on God Tube : http://www.godtube.com/view_video.php?viewkey=06d45ed762f7aa97a403

  40. 90
    Anonymous says:

    I usually do not comment I just read 🙂 So many comments… not sure you will ever see this but wanted to say I was THERE… by satelite. How awesome. The way you break bread with us… is truly a gift… from HIM. Not my first time being at a LP event.

    We were at one of the 714 churches. One in South Georgia. I was also at the Jacksonville Living Proof Live in March. Also, we did Loving Well at our church in January. I think this fall we will do the study on the Ps.

    I always come away… drawn closer to HIM… with freshness and revival.

    I lost my Dad a year ago (July) and my mom just this past May. Just ten months apart… both. His word… is MY HOPE. Just a month ago… our horse that we have had for 17 yrs died. It was so sad. Some thought it was silly for me to be so sad. But he was apart of our family… gave us lots of enjoyment through the years. Cried with you in the loss of your beloved Sunny & Beanie. (HUGS)

    Then TODAY… simulcast… you talked about 100-Fold. …. my perspective the last year has been on… what am I living and what will I be leaving (when my time comes). What kind of legacy? JESUS… JESUS…. JESUS…. that the next generations will LOVE HIM.

    I love you, Beth… I really do.

    Teena mom of 1/2dozen

  41. 91
    Cindy in HP, NC says:

    What a blessed weekend it was for me. I didn’t find anyone to go with me so I decided to go alone. It turned out okay. You mentioned the church that I was at.. Friendly Avenue and then you said hey to your siestas and i was cheering like crazy. I think they thought i was nuts. I don’t care ! Question – who are the members of Travis’ band ? That one tall guy that sings looks so familiar to me. 9 members up there, the drummer, the organist 2 on guitar and 3 ladies, but he was just singing , no instrument. Travis made tears come to my eyes. He’s an awesome person. I had a blast and I’m so thankful. I was telling anyone that would listen how much fun this blog is. Thank You Beth but more than that… Thank You God. CINDY in HIGH POINT, NC

  42. 92
    Linda in Dallas says:


    All I can say is WOW!  Had a wonderful time at the simulcast and yes, my hand is over my heart as nothing is taking this word away from me!

    As others have said, in some ways wish it would never end, but left with a joy in my heart of the anticipation of my time with my Lord and the wonders to be found and treasured.

    Congrats on the new puppy (Jelly?) I think I also missed the anouncement :-)  And thank you also in sharing the branch story – I’ve grabbed hold and I wont let go!

    Mighty blessings to showed upon youas you have blessed me soo much.



  43. 93
    Anonymous says:

    Hi Siesta Mama,
    I actually went! Alone(I hate to do things alone) Drove a long distance(another excuse not to go) And at night!! Someone’s prays were working!
    Anyway THANK YOU! I have been stuggling (sp?) to grow up in Jesus. This weekend I was given some words. My hand is over my heart.
    The Lord took care of traffic and the darkness. He put me by the sweetest mom and daughter combo ever. At the end when you had us talk two by two they grapped me and said your not alone.
    Beth when we meet on the other side with Jesus I’m giving you THE BIGGEST HUG.
    Love you please take care of yourself enjoy that man those puppies and your sweet family.
    I’m praying for your safety and health.
    Liz Hinze in Oregon one of your 70,000
    I even rewrote my notes I never do that!

  44. 94
    Stacy says:

    Didn’t realize you had gotten 2 new puppies until you mentioned it this weekend (LPL simulcast). How cute and how little sleep you guys must be getting. About 6 months ago, I got a Brittany puppy. More energy than all energizer bunnies put together. My poor 12 year old cocker spaniel doesn’t know what I was thinking…and sometimes I don’t either. Good luck with them! They are so cute! See ya in San Antonio soon.

  45. 95
    tiggerdaisy says:

    I love you Siesta Mama! God gave me a word this weekend…one I’m telling the devil is NOT up for grabs! Hallelujah! Give God some glory and praise!

    And since you brought malapropisms up this weekend…what’s up with the “stick note”? heheheheheh

    Love ya like crazy! My sister-in-law and I had a wonderful time this weekend. At the end we both got teary as we said the words you lead us in. Wonderful indeed, Siesta Mama, wonderful indeed.

    Prayers and blessings,

  46. 96
    danne says:

    Hi Beth,
    LOVED the simulcast!!! Cannot wait for San Antonio! I love you, Travis and the team soooo much! I can’t tell you how God uses ya’ll to touch my heart!

  47. 97
    cheryl lynn in WV says:

    Darlin’ Beth,
    I am still so overcome by the message you spoke over us this weekend. We were watching from the sweetest church in Cross Lanes, WV. The folks there were so real and full of love and hospitality. I am sure God was manipulating time because I felt as though we were only there minutes…but received so much from the word. I am just trying to hold on to it all and plant everything deep into my heart that I might establish those deep roots and bear fruit above. It was truly an awesome event. The thought of 70.000 women all across the planet worshiping God at the same time must have been such a sight for him to behold. I felt so humbled to be able to be a part of it. You truly brought the word that was needed and I know many, many will see those 100 fold harvests. Oh my! What that might look like! We can be those competently competent women of substance and we can make a mighty impact for our Lord. I pray that we all keep the word and joy and not allow the moment to fizzle. Get out your gardening tools girls and let’s get busy!

  48. 98
    Stephanie says:

    Thanks for the bringing the word. Taught the 10th grade girls this morning some of what we learned this weekend. Nothing like reproducing it to really make sure it digs down deep in our hearts.


  49. 99
    sassytulip says:

    Beth – your studies & your heart for Jesus have had such an impact on me & a couple of my friends & my future daughter in law this last spring & this summer.
    Two of them are really just beginning their journey with Christ & would tell you their lives are changed – my future daughter in law is soaking up her bible & the Believing God study we are doing & reading anything else that she can. We'll see you in San Antonio & look forward to all God has in planned. Thanks for your believabilty!!!

  50. 100
    BecKiev says:

    I was one of the fortunate 9,000 plus to be in Lu-ah-vill and was so blessed by what you shared! Thanks for letting God use you. I left the conference even more in love with God than I ever thought possible. He IS my best friend and constant companion but I had been feeling a bit neglectful of Him lately so it renewed my desire and love for Him and to be in His Word even more!

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