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Some WP Hints and the LPL Tucson Recap

A few bits of randomness this morning:

-When you leave a comment, you only need to fill in the web site field if you have a blog or personal web site that you’d like people to be able to visit when they click on your name. If you don’t have one, you can just leave it blank.

-Feel free to use whatever screen name you were previously using in the name field.

-Our old avatars (pictures) aren’t showing up here because WordPress does not recognize our Blogger/Google accounts. Several siestas have recommended going to to get a free universally recognized avatar to use. I think we all miss seeing the beautiful faces next to the comments!

-Did you know that you can respond directly to another siesta’s comment by clicking “reply” underneath her comment? (Otherwise, you’ll just scroll down to the bottom of the page and look for the comment box.)

-Unfortunately, we lost the comments that were left on the blog over the weekend. I’m so sorry about that. Please feel free to type your comment again if you would like to.

-Did you know that Rich, our wonderful Living Proof Live photographer, and his wife just had their first baby? She was born a few days before the Toronto conference. (That’s why we didn’t have a recap video for that event.) Rich has promised to send me some pictures of Baby Polly to share on the blog. She is beautiful! In the meantime, please enjoy the Living Proof Live Tucson recap video. Thanks, Rich!

Living Proof Live – Tucson AZ from Rich Kalonick on Vimeo.


We Made It!

Whew! I can’t believe it finally happened! We made it to WordPress! Thanks for following us to our new home. Don’t forget to bookmark our new address or subscribe to the new feed if you like using a feed reader.

I’m sitting on my couch with my laptop, but I feel like I’m driving a new car with this unfamiliar dashboard in front of me. Just for kicks, and so we can all test drive the commenting process, tell me something fun or interesting about a car you’ve had!

My first car was a 1987 Mustang GT convertible. It was my grandmother’s car and she gave it to me when I turned 16. Can you believe that? I was really blessed, to say the least!  It was beautiful and fast off the line and I’m sure I don’t need to tell you how much fun my friends and I had in it.

I was a little too proud of that car and the Lord humbled me many, many times in it. For one, when it rained really hard, the water would leak inside from between the windshield and the top. I remember driving home from Texas A&M for an orthodontist appointment and it was monsooning outside. The rainwater was pouring in and I had nothing to soak it up with, so I took off one of my socks and tried to soak it up with my right hand while my left hand was on the wheel. Oh, and I was bawling my eyes out! I have no idea how I ever made it home.

On the night my sister turned 16, she did not have her car yet. She would soon be given a 1969 Camaro that she and my dad loved working on together. But that night I let her take my Mustang out to celebrate with her friends. Melissa and I just happen to be complete opposites of one another. For example, when the traffic light turned green I would accelerate as fast as I could to the speed limit. Melissa lived to blow right by it. As I remember it, on that night – the very night of her 16th birthday and the start of her official driving life – Melissa burned up the engine of my car! Bless my mom’s heart that she had to raise two daughters who are as different as night and day.

Every spring when the weather is as gorgeous as it is in Texas right now, I miss that car like crazy. Maybe one day when I’m done with booster seats and carpooling I’ll have another convertible.

Now maybe I can get my sis to tell us a Camaro story!


The Big Move!

Ladies, we are hoping to move to the new blog site tonight. I’m sorry that this heads up is coming so late in the day! When we move, you’ll want to subscribe to the new feed so that you’ll continue to get the blog updates (that is if you’re using a feed reader). I’m sure that it will take a little while for the new blog to feel like home, but I’m confident that the new platform will allow us to serve you more effectively. Thanks so much for your prayers and patience as we have worked on this projects with several starts and stops.


So Long Insecurity Week Seven!

OK. You guys were hilarious yesterday. Honestly, I had to write a number of your quirks down so I’d remember on particularly bizarre occasions that I’m not alone in my psychoses. I have a number of other quirks that I either forgot to share or felt best to keep in the family vault. In the words of the Psalmist David (my particular obsession right now), I could have gotten much more undignified than that.

I am still amused and mystified by one of the earliest ones from a Siesta that shared, “I don’t have a middle name – just an initial ‘M’.” With my wild imagination and hopeless romanticism, as a child I probably would have made up a story about my mother having named me after her own mother who was a famous movie star with a name starting with the letter “M,” who’d had to keep the pregnancy a secret and release her for adoption or else she would have broken her MGM contract but called for her on her very death bed, confessed the truth, professed her love, and gave her jewels…OR she might have named me after a secret agent (no, a double agent is better!) with a name beginning with “M” who she discovered after efforts of trained operatives failed when she accidentally intercepted a Sears catalog with a clandestine envelope tucked carefully into the bathrobe section when she knew she must book an immediate flight to Paris to perform a citizen’s arrest with a sharpened letter-opener only to throw her hand over her mouth in astonishment for there before her stood her mirror image, the twin sister she never knew she had but, alas, she was sworn to secrecy…

Uh hum. Sorry. I forgot you were there.

What are we doing here? Oh, yes! Week Seven of So Long Insecurity! Your discussions were so great last week! I’m hoping these next two chapters will also offer us a few good items to talk about. Your assignment this week is to read CHAPTERS 12 and 13 and answer the following questions. (You will NOT want to miss Chapter 12. It’s what the guys on the survey had to say about women’s insecurities. Don’t wait too long in the week to read Chapter 13 either. It’s a little lengthier.)

1. Based on Chapter 12, name one “I already knew that” moment and one “that’s new to me” moment, if either applies.

2. Based on Chapter 13, how does a weak will play into our insecurity?

I am looking so forward to your answers! Let’s recommit to our journey together even if you’ve already read the whole book. Jump in here and discuss it with us and let’s see several hundred more comments this time. In the spirit of 2 Corinthians 8:11, “Now finish the work, so that your eager willingness to do it may be matched by your completion of it.” Translation? Let’s finish strong!

You are a delight to serve. I may mess around with you but make no mistake. I take this role very seriously. May Christ Jesus, our One and Only Deliverer, reveal Himself afresh to you this week with resurrection power and relentless affection. He is so worthy. And, He, Beloved, is our security.


10 Things You Might Not Know

Hi, Siestas! I think I’ve got a fun one! I saw this idea in one of those complimentary airline magazines and showed it to Michelle (who was sitting right next to me) with great enthusiasm and said, “I’m going to do this with the Siestas!” to which she dryly said, “Great, Ma’am.” (I adore her. To say that she has whiplash after going from Washington D.C. to Living Proof Ministries is the understatement of the year. She really doesn’t want to talk a lot about mascara and would not be caught stone-cold-dead in a pair of Capri pants. And never in her entire life has she had to keep a small bottle of anointing oil in her brief case…just in case her boss calls for it. She has also never before had a boss request a photo-shopped picture of herself on a Spiderman costume. A post for another time.)

I’m sorry. I have a little ADD this morning. Back to my idea. It’s not very original but I think it will be a blast. As we’re getting to know one another here in Siestaville, let’s hit the fast forward button. What are 10 things – right off the top of your head – that we would only know about you if we knew you really well? 10 random things ranging anywhere on your personal map that make you a tad distinctive? Or just plain weird? Think quickly. Don’t go for deep. Go for quirky. Don’t try to put them in any kind of order and don’t make them long. Just start typing. I’ll go first to give you the idea.

1. I have an addiction to Ziploc bags.
2. I hate wet socks worse than almost anything.
3. I was the only baby out of 5 born to my mother with no anesthesia. She never forgot it.
4. I wore braces for 12 years. I still often sleep in a retainer.
5. I am a read-aholic. I read over others’ shoulders. I walk the aisle on airplanes to see what others are reading. I read what’s laying on people’s desks during meetings while they think I’m listening.
6. I love Black music.
7. I need slices of cakes and pies to be cut neatly with a sharp knife and not gouged out with a fork. (Nearly just got a shiver at the thought.)
8. My children call me “Doodle.” I no longer remember why. Sometimes just “The Doods.”
9. I am a very slow driver.
10. I’m a go-girl. I love the rush of taking off in an airplane. I smile almost every time.

OK, Siestas! What about you? What are 10 quirky things we might not know?


LPL Tucson 10 Ticket Giveaway

*UPDATE* All the tickets have been spoken for. Thanks, ladies!

Hey ladies! We are giving away 10 tickets to the Living Proof Live event this weekend in Tucson, Arizona. If you were hoping to attend the event but couldn’t swing the ticket price, we would love to treat you to a complimentary one. Please call Kimberly Meyer at our Living Proof office at 1-888-700-1999. I will try to update the blog as soon as I hear that the tickets are gone.

Houston Siestas, we look forward to seeing you tonight for session 7 of A Heart Like His! Have a great Tuesday, everyone.


My Two Favorite Authors Together!

Ladies, I have some very cool news. My two favorite authors are joining up for a “Heart of Texas” book tour on Friday and Saturday. Would you like to guess who they are?

One is our very own Siesta Mama, who will be signing copies of So Long Insecurity. Woo hoo!

The other author is…

…Drum roll please…

Francine Rivers!

Eeeeek! Can you believe it?!?!

I screamed like a little girl when I heard the news.

Mrs. Rivers will be signing copies of Her Mother’s Hope, which just released this week.

Here are the details in case you’re interested in coming to one of the book signings.

Friday, March 19

11:00 AM – 1:00 PM
Barnes & Noble
1430 Lake Plaza Place
Southlake, TX 76092
*You’ll need to get a free ticket from the store to get in line.

3:30 PM – 5:30 PM
Barnes & Noble
7700 West Northwest Highway
Dallas, Texas 75225
*You’ll need to get a free ticket from the store to get in line.

Saturday, March 20

10:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Barnes & Noble
12850 Memorial Drive
Houston, Texas 77024
*You won’t need a ticket, but the B&N employee I spoke to recommended getting there when the store opens at 9 AM.

2:00 PM – 4:00 PM
Barnes & Noble
The Woodlands Mall
1201 Lake Woodlands Drive, #3008
The Woodlands, Texas 77381
*You can either get a wristband at the store in advance or call them and have one reserved in your name. (You can pick it up tomorrow or in the store on Saturday.) The wristbands will have a group number that will indicate when you get in line.

Melissa and I will be at one of the book signings in Houston. (Probably the early one.) We hope to get to meet some of you!

And finally, what’s your favorite Francine Rivers book? Mine’s the Mark of the Lion series. I wish I could read it all over again for the first time.


So Long Insecurity Week Six!

Hey Everybody! I am so proud of you guys! Your discussions have been tremendous. I am especially happy that so many of you have jumped in with us late and gone back to the very beginning, signed in, and added your answers to the previous weeks of our book discussion. Way to go! As we moderate, we give the same attention to the comments on the older posts as the ones that are up-to-date. I promise you that community and active discussion will make your journey far more meaningful and hold you infinitely more accountable.

Ok, we’re about to get to a part of the book that I found highly interesting in research. The next several chapters involve the insights from the men’s survey and I bet a few of their comments will pop your eyes open, too. In the mix of what we have ahead, we’re going to be focusing on men-related insecurities then soon after that (in coming chapters) we’ll focus specifically on women-related insecurities. Each of us has a tendency to be less secure around one gender than the other and, according to the survey of over 900 of you, we’re almost evenly divided between the two. I pray we’re going to gain insight into some gender-related insecurities and stumble upon some much needed freedom. I really want you to read the portions about the men even if you don’t have a mate or a specific man in your life. If we have resistant, resentful hearts toward men, we can’t just avoid them altogether. They comprise the other half of our population so it really is imperative in our pursuit of wholeness that we get a grip.

Your assignment for this week is to read CHAPTERS 10 AND 11 and answer the following question:
1. Based on Chapter 10, in all truthfulness, has your historical tendency been to view men (generally speaking) as gods? Or devils?

2. Based on Chapter 10 and your own day-to-day observances, what differences do you see between men’s insecurities and women’s?

3. On p.208 in Chapter 11, I suggest that women who struggle with insecurity tend to be particularly taken with 2 divine attributes: omnipotence and omniscience. Did either of these resonate with you? If so, how?

We are liable to have some LIVELY conversation this week! I can’t wait to see it happen! Just one little thing I want to throw out there: some of you may have some pretty big hang-ups with men because you have a background of abuse like I do. If it plays heavily into one of your answers, by all means, share what pertains but I’ve learned along the way that it’s best to stop short of graphic descriptions. Most people have a hard time knowing what to do with those kinds of mental images. I’ve told every graphic detail in counseling situations but, publically, I try to stay general. It’s just too much for most listeners and readers. They have compassion but they just don’t have the answers. We know Who does.

Go for it, Girls! I’m so honored to take this journey with you.


Spring Break, Anyone?

Hey, you Darling Siestas! Just a really quick post this morning. I bet a ton of you are on Spring Break this week. What are you guys doing for it?

The Houston schools are all out this week and we were supposed to have a week off from Bible study but remember that Tuesday night when I told you the whole city shut down over 17 flakes? Well, tonight’s our make-up week so that we can end on schedule. That’s fine with me though. I trust that God is going to bring us a neat group tonight even if it’s a small group.

CJ and AJ and the kids are at a high school camp right now in East Texas where he’s teaching and she’s…well…trying to entertain two small children during the day and trying to get them both to sleep at night in the same small room as their parents. The first night was pretty challenging because Annabeth is old enough to stand up in the pack-n-play and scream bloody murder for her mommy – three feet away from her – to come rescue her. And, about the time she gets quiet, Jackson is big enough to blurt out with things like, “Did Annabeff finally go to sleep?” and rouse her up again. He’s a party animal like his Bibby and LOVES all of them sleeping in the same room.

But, the Jones are troopers and, after all, the week is filled with so many fun things. Amanda is with one of her very best buddies from the Dallas-Fort Worth area where they served for several years. I was so happy for the Jones to move back to Houston but so sad to see AJ leave some of the best friends she’d ever made. For moms, I don’t know if there’s any replacing the friends you had when you all started your families. Several of those friends are still in my life and we talk about those days all the time. I will hear many good Janelle and Ella stories when the Jones get home. Janelle is one of Amanda’s BFFs and her darling Ella was born within the same few days as Jackson and in the same hospital so she is really special to us. She also made us want a little girl the second time around in the worst way.

Melissa is working like a mad woman on her thesis and her other classes this semester so she can be finished with this second Masters in May. I don’t even have to tell you that she’s chasing her tail. She’s coming in town this weekend for a wedding and I have to work over part of it but I’ll still enjoy her like crazy when we get to be together.

Good grief! I’ve got to get off of here. My handout for tonight is not finished. I just wanted to say good morning to you guys and see who was doing something out of the ordinary for Spring Break. Finances are tight this year so many of our Siestas are probably trying to get pretty creative on Stay-cations. Give each other some great ideas!

PS. For those of you who followed the comments to the last post, did you see that the young mom who collapsed into the coma has awakened and talked some? Praise You, Lord! Raise her up a living, breathing, walking, talking MIRACLE!


Good God-times and Cancelled Flights Home


Hey, you Sweet Things!

How’s your weekend going? I have checked back into a hotel in Toronto. The first leg of my flight got cancelled and it’s a tad hard to catch that second leg without it. I got to the airport really early because one of the young women on the LifeWay event team had an earlier flight. It’s also Spring Break here so the Nashville team felt like we’d better not take any chances in case the airport was super crowded. After wandering around a while, I finally meandered to my gate. Not very long after that, the dude at the counter announced that my flight was cancelled and, due to overcrowding, there were no more available flights today.

The Lord and I just had a long dinner at the hotel restaurant. I’m not sure what He ate but I got a New York strip. Yep, in Toronto. I was so hungry! No, I don’t usually eat that way but during events, my stomach is too wonky to eat many normal meals. When it’s over, I have a one-track mind: F.O.O.D.

I am full of praise to Him. He gave us such a neat group here in Canada. This was our first LPL of 2010. We were delighted to have it here. God knew in advance I’d be recovering from surgery and would need to start the travel schedule later in the year than usual. Many months ago, long before I had any kind of health scare, He led the event planners to schedule our kick-off later in the new year than we’d ever started before. He’s so brilliant.

We had 3300 beautiful faces lighting up that arena this weekend and most of them were Canadian sisters. I wish you could have heard them sing. Many times Travis and the team stepped back from their microphones and let the women’s voices fill the house with God’s glory. We had an invitation like we always do and, though we hope they’ll come let us know if they received Jesus as Savior, we don’t pressure them to tell us. Today something happened that we’ve never experienced in 12 LPL years. In that raging sea of estrogen, A MAN actually came forward to receive Christ. Hold up. That’s not all. He was one of the security guards. How about that??? Does God love that guy or what? I didn’t get to talk to him but Kelly, one of our darling young event team members, did. If she hadn’t been so cute about it, I might have been jealous. As it was, I couldn’t take that from her for anything. What a memory that one will be! Lord, please grant him an unusual, contagious love for You and a voracious appetite for Your Word.

Well, your Siesta Mama is one tired woman. Pray me out tomorrow, you wild-praying-thangs. They are expecting the same weather tomorrow. The rest of the team got out okay this evening and I’m thankful for that. They’d had lots of problems on the inbound flight so I’m not bitter. I just miss that man of mine. I’m so homesick for him. I came in a day early so it seems so much longer than usual. Anyway, tomorrow will be here before I know it. I’ve got two different flights booked in hopes of getting out on one! Thank you, Michelle, my dear Hawk, for all your hard work this afternoon from Houston. You surely didn’t get a Saturday afternoon off! May God give you a double portion of rest in Him tomorrow. Your boss loves you.

Ok, Sweet Things, I’ll talk to you soon. Thanks for letting me chat with you for a little while. I was the teeniest bit lonesome.

I’m going to text my man. I love it when he texts me back.

Oh, and don’t forget, tomorrow is time-change Sunday. Spring forward!