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Some WP Hints and the LPL Tucson Recap

A few bits of randomness this morning:

-When you leave a comment, you only need to fill in the web site field if you have a blog or personal web site that you’d like people to be able to visit when they click on your name. If you don’t have one, you can just leave it blank.

-Feel free to use whatever screen name you were previously using in the name field.

-Our old avatars (pictures) aren’t showing up here because WordPress does not recognize our Blogger/Google accounts. Several siestas have recommended going to to get a free universally recognized avatar to use. I think we all miss seeing the beautiful faces next to the comments!

-Did you know that you can respond directly to another siesta’s comment by clicking “reply” underneath her comment? (Otherwise, you’ll just scroll down to the bottom of the page and look for the comment box.)

-Unfortunately, we lost the comments that were left on the blog over the weekend. I’m so sorry about that. Please feel free to type your comment again if you would like to.

-Did you know that Rich, our wonderful Living Proof Live photographer, and his wife just had their first baby? She was born a few days before the Toronto conference. (That’s why we didn’t have a recap video for that event.) Rich has promised to send me some pictures of Baby Polly to share on the blog. She is beautiful! In the meantime, please enjoy the Living Proof Live Tucson recap video. Thanks, Rich!

Living Proof Live – Tucson AZ from Rich Kalonick on Vimeo.


Last Day of Filming and Help With Your Questions

Woo hoo! The Moore family is celebrating today because we are getting our wife/mom/Bibby home tonight! Today is the last day of taping (intros and outros) for Breaking Free. Mom told me that the weather has been absolutely perfect for the intros and outros, which have been filmed outside. So that is a big praise. Thank you – each and every one of you – for praying for this taping. It has been a big undertaking and the Lord has shown His sufficiency and supremacy.

It helps to go over blog housekeeping guidelines periodically since (thankfully!) we have new readers joining us all the time. Your sisters at LPM are happy to help answer your questions as best as we can, but the blog is probably the least efficient way to do that. So if you have a question about anything, please use the Contact Us page on our web site instead of asking it in the comments section. There is a permanent link to it on the left side of our blog for your convenience.

I hope you all have a beautiful, peaceful, Christ-filled Monday!

PS – I thought you might like to see the little diva boots that Aunt Melissa got Baby Girl! They’re so adorable!


It’s That Time of Year

When I married a student minister and speaker, my wedding vows included, “I promise to love you, cherish you, be faithful to you, and follow you to as many camps as I can humanly take as long as we both shall live.” I think the second summer of our marriage we were only home for three weeks. This summer, our sixth married summer, will be a little less hectic. I’m thankful for that since I have no idea what I’m getting into by taking a toddler to camp. Tomorrow is the big day when we’ll load everything but the kitchen sink into our car and head off to our first one of the summer. We’re so excited!

Since your one and only comment moderator is going to be off in the piney woods of East Texas, presumably without Internet access, the blog is going to be a little quiet this week. My mom might post, but you won’t see any of your comments until I get back into town. My parents will be at a Life Today taping at the end of the week, so Bethie might be a little out of touch too.

For our Boone girls who are eager to get their commissioning, keep an eye on the LifeWay event recap page. They should post it soon. I’ve provided a new link to it on the left side of the page for future reference. They have recaps for a ton of events, so if you’ve attended one in the last two years you might see yours listed.

Yesterday, Memorial Day, I thought a lot about my grandpa. If he had still been alive I would have written him a little email or left him a message thanking him for serving our country so bravely. Last month I took a picture of the shadow box we have that contains his medals.

If you look very closely at his picture within it, you can see the hole in his cheek where he had been shot. Part of the bullet traveled down to his heart and remained there for the rest of his life. He had that picture taken to mail to my grandma so that she would know what he was going to look like from then on. Fortunately, the doctors were later able to patch it up better so that you couldn’t see the hole.

And this is a picture I forgot to post of my grandpa with that bunny I told you about in this post. One of the bunnies is a decoy and the other is the famous Thumper.

See you next week!


The Wise Thing To Do

We’re facing some icy conditions here in Texas at the moment. Extreme heat we can deal with, but ice is not our forte. Our spring semester of Bible study on the Book of Proverbs was to begin tomorrow, but we feel the wisest thing to do is to postpone it until next week. Beth will spend the week finishing the last four days of Psalms of Ascent. For our Houston girls, here’s the email we sent out just in case it didn’t get to you:

My Beloved Bible Study Sisters,

Because your lives and your safety are so valuable to us, we are convinced the only wise thing we can do with the weather forecast for Tuesday night is postpone the beginning of our January series one week. We will now launch our new series Wising Up, a topical study of the Book of Proverbs, on Tuesday evening, January 23rd. I was so looking forward to seeing you and studying God’s Word with you but I will have to wait one more week. The forecast shows a high probability of precipitation and a high temperature of only 32 degrees on Tuesday. Almost all of you reach the church via various freeway overpasses. I just can’t take the chance with your safety. Even if the weather lets up, the decision has to be irreversible because of all the personnel that must know in advance. Thank you for your understanding. I hope to see many of you on the 23rd! I’m really excited about this series! God’s Word is life and power, Sweet Sisters. Let’s keep our knees on the ground and our face in that Book. I’m crazy about you and so thankful to serve you.

In the everything Name of Jesus Christ,

Beth Moore

One last thing…Mom and I want so much for this blog to be a blessing and not become a source of frustration for those who are seeking specific answers to questions. We have a much better avenue through the Living Proof Web site’s contact page. Thank you so much! Have a happy and blessed Monday!