Three Years Down a Dirt Road

Three years ago today, I came the closest I’ve ever come to having a full-throttle panic attack. Melissa was in the passenger seat of my car while I was at the wheel and she started frantically turning every air conditioner vent on the dash straight toward my face. “Breathe, Mom. It’s going to be fine!” I’d worked like a crazy woman for three days packing up our house for this move so it shouldn’t have caught me off guard but suddenly the reality of that huge moving van right in front of us with 27 years of our lives stuffed into it nearly did me in. I wanted to pull up beside it, roll down my window, and yell, “I changed my mind!”


I’d raised my babies in that house, stood at that mailbox and waited for the school bus with them, buried three beloved dogs in that backyard, danced with my man on that linoleum kitchen floor, fought with him in that den, fallen head over heels with the Scriptures in that tiny dining room, pulled trashcans forty million times to that curb, cried as many tears and thrown my head back with as many laughs…all in that one house. We’d bought it at a foreclosure price and still struggled to pay the mortgage but not one day did we take it for granted. Our very best friends helped us move into that house. Our oldest kids were 5 and our youngest 2. Our kids played together in that house too many times to count. We were inseparable in those days.

I loved it so much. I declared over and over that I’d never leave that house. But I did.



Three years ago today, we followed that moving van down a highway on the outskirts of Houston then down one bumpy dirt road then another that my man had cleared himself in order to move us in. He’d had to dig a water well, have telephone lines and electric lines put in, and bulldoze enough trees out of the way to tuck in two houses: his parents’ and ours. They’d lived in town beside us. We wouldn’t have moved without them. Most of my neighbors at my house of 27 years had lived there for decades, too. We loved those people and they loved us. Our preschoolers had played together then graduated from high school together. We could holler at one another across the fence. We had a new fence now and new neighbors who, as you can see, were set in their ways. They only had one word to say to us when we got here. “Mooooooooooooove.”

photo 3

We also had snakes.

coral snake


Several different kinds.


water moccasin

So this became our fashionable footwear.



Big Pops and Memmaw soon got a rooster and chickens. It took us a while to get used to them and them a while to get used to us. Big Pops and Memmaw enjoy the eggs but I just can’t eat them. Something about eating eggs from a chicken I know personally doesn’t sit well on my stomach.



We’ve had a few unexpected visitors drop in.  Some of them were particularly delightful.



It helped that our kids started liking it out here. The Jones live in the suburbs about 20 minutes from here and we knew they’d adapt well because their kids were at the perfect age for tadpoles and hoot owls but our city girl, Melissa, lives smack downtown in Houston, Texas almost an hour away. She was the least enthused about our move. Some might even say slightly pouty. One day a few months after we moved, she succumbed to a sudden bout of sentimentality and went back to our old neighborhood to go for a walk there like we’d done thousands of times. She’d even planned to shed a few tears. She called me on her cell phone when she got back in the car and said, “I don’t like it here anymore. Y’all aren’t here.” And that very moment, her heart shifted to the country. These days she makes the trek constantly. She’s fallen in love with these woods and these neighbors:




Living next door to Big Pops and Memmaw means that we have ample time with all four generations. When Jackson is grown, he probably won’t remember that we ever lived anywhere else. Not even that house where we raised his mommy.

Jax and Pops



Needless to say, I’ve spent a lot of time with Big Pops myself. Here on the gator. This is only one of three John Deeres on the property. Big Pops planted his behind on a tractor the second we moved in.




We’ve put a lot of miles on this thing in three years. Here with my two girls and our good friend, Crista.



The idea came to me for Bibby’s Secret Closet here at this new house. The kids never know what surprise Bibby’s gonna pull from it.




We often have our pastor and his wife over for dinner. We make it our goal to be their favorite church members.




It’s amazing how much he looks like my son-in-law.


Annabeth loves having her birthday here. She says she’s always going to have it here. We’ll see. But we’ll take it for now.



We have a tiny little sliver of water not far from us that you could call a creek if you were in a particularly generous mood. It’s got some sand by it that the kids really like. Be blessed that this is not a scratch and sniff picture because the creek doesn’t always smell all that good, especially if it hasn’t rained in a while. But if your nose is slightly stuffy, it can be pretty fun.



Don’t think there’s not plenty of excitement in the country. Keith was Superman to this baby hawk with a broken leg that we found on this branch down from our house one day. Flies were already all over it when Keith rescued it and took it in a box to the only vet clinic in Houston that takes this sort of patient. Keith kept tabs on him with the vet and, sure enough, he made it.




Several months later a hawk swooped down and ate one of Memmaw’s chickens. I couldn’t help but think, “Seriously?? After we saved one of your very brethren???” But not long after that, Queen Esther helped herself to a chicken and Geli (our birddog) followed suit and has thus far made a picnic lunch out of two. Well. Maybe three.

Geli begs to eat out. She likes her food to be organic. Here she had a bad hankering for a double-meat rabbit burger. Cut the bun.

Geli looking outside


We find all sorts of critters in our backyard. We host raccoons and rabbits constantly but we also have possums. I used to hate possums because of their pointy little teeth and the way they hiss but somehow, now that we live out here, I feel like I can’t hate them as much. I feel compelled to be a good possum steward. This was our favorite backyard drop-by of all. We got up one recent Sunday morning to this sight and nearly died.  Two more were just on the other side of the iron fence.





Three years is long enough to have lived through some losses. Remember those beloved dogs I told you we’d buried in the backyard of our house of 27 years? We’ve been forced to start a pet cemetery here in these woods now and we are not anxious to populate it. With many tears we recently laid the Jones’s faithful, dearly-loved golden retriever, Beckham, to rest.




He was, without a doubt, the happiest dog in the whole USA.




My man and I are coming up on 36 years of marriage in a few weeks. You can’t live together that long and not have a lot of ups and downs. Well, maybe some people can but they are not us. Not by a long shot. We’ve ridden a roller coaster together, my man and me. But we are so glad we stuck it out. We’ve had the happiest season of our lives out in these woods. We loved our home in town so much but, heck, sometimes you just need to move somewhere new. This was from Thanksgiving a few weeks ago. Keith put a fireplace on our back porch and, if it’s lit, our family doesn’t get three feet from it. South Texas has the kind of climate where you could spend the whole winter on your back porch as long as you had a little firewood.




Just last week our long-since adopted family member, Travis (Cottrell), was out in the country with us and he snapped this picture right before he left. He loves Keith Moore and Keith Moore loves him. I’m mad now that Trav wasn’t in the picture.



So, three years to the day later, we’re making it out in these modest woods. These acres would not be beautiful to everybody but they’re beautiful to us. Life has been brand new out here. I won’t kid you. It’s been an adjustment. A lot less eating out. A lot more cooking. A lot more driving to work. The cars stay filthy. The raccoons won’t stay out of the trash. Fed Ex never can find us. But we don’t mind. Because it was time to make a move. For us, it was out where the dawn breaks to the crow of a rooster.


My heart is filled with gratitude to God as I glance over my shoulder at the last several years. He knew this was just where we Moores needed to be. Out here in the sticks.


It turned out to be the season for moving in the tightest part of our social circle. Our very best friends of 34 years bought a new house, too. I don’t think they’d mind me showing you a picture. You know, they’re the ones I told you about earlier. We raised our kids together. They love their new house.

We love it, too.





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  1. 1
    Deb Ketchum says:

    i love a good story. we’ve lived here in this old house for 30 years. i think our roots have sunk down all the way to china. now that we’re empty nesters, the house that seemed so tiny 5 years ago fits perfectly. there’s elbow room! and we can squeeze in a grandbaby or two (so far) for a cozy sleep-over. halleluJah!

  2. 2
    Carolyn says:

    This is sweet bliss. Living on land is so very special, peaceful.. hectic at times, but oh so rewarding. Especially Sunrises~&~Sunsets… Nothing like watching God’s perfect day begin and end…

  3. 3

    I so totally love everything about this post. Being a “farm girl” myself now (for 6 years…with two kids under 6…do the math), it’s been a roller coaster, but a joy. My husbands idea of great birthday presents are giving me my OWN huge John Deere tractor…which this year was fine, because it had a cab with a/c and K-Love, which beat the four-door air version with no K-love I’ve been accustomed to raking hay with. We also have cows and when they are calving, I can think of nothing sweeter. Seriously…our entire family of four on one small Gator “checking” cows for new baby calves doesn’t get any better. Good luck in the woods…the sticks are the best place to be, I’ve come to realize. And even if I could move back to the city with my family…I never would. I’ll move my Dad here one day, if needed and he’ll be just fine with that. 😉 Love you, Beth Moore! And the fact your best friends bought your old house? That is epic and SO totally GOD! Love when He does things like that. 😀

    • 3.1
      valerie says:

      Meredith, thank you for explaining this post to me – haha! Apparently I am still half asleep because I couldn’t figure out the end. I was thinking, “Am I the only person in the whole world who doesn’t get this??” It’s because I thought the pic at the top of the post (and the same pic at the end) was the NEW house!! 🙂 So was having trouble figuring out how their friends also bought the same house! I need more coffee. 😉

  4. 4
    Dionna says:

    I can’t believe that it’s been three years already. I know that move was really hard for you! So great to see it’s become a new love for your family and many memories are being created out there.

    We just moved to Texas from Idaho a year and a half ago. San Antonio, to be exact. We built a house near a quarry and wildlife reserve – yet are in a neighborhood. I’m still not sure what all creatures we will be seeing! But the deer that walk behind our fence on occasion are my favorite. The fox in our driveway the other night was a pure delight. The huge, huge black centipede was exciting – but would rather not see one of those again! And I’ve heard the most eery pack of coyotes a few times. This Northwest girl is in for some initiation time into Texas. But I do love it.

    A new life. New memories. And God is in them all.

  5. 5
    colette says:

    Love this!! Having grown up in the woods I have many fond memories of them! And having been in our home for over 20 years, with my youngest only knowing this house, I can NOT imagine leaving it. But sounds like you made the right choice! I thouroughly enjoy reading your blog posts! I was waiting to hear about Queen Esther and the skunk right before Thanksgiving! That goes along with moving out to the country! Thank you for brightening my day! 🙂

  6. 6
    Casey says:

    It’s amazing how he knows when we need the quiet times –and then provides it. Ya’ll have a beautiful place. I would love it…well, minus the rattlesnakes of course.

  7. 7
    Summer says:

    Oh my gosh thanks for sharing. My parents have been divorced fifteen years now. I still go to the park in my old neighborhood where we were once a family and swing on the swings there.

    • 7.1
      Daina says:

      Oh, your post made me cry. I understand. I often still cry when I think about or drive by the home where I grew up from age 5 to age 12, such a significant and formative time for a child; it’s also the place that all the memories from my family were made. Not long after moving from there, my parents divorced. People just don’t grasp the depth of what divorce does, of how deeply it sinks its claws into one’s identity, whether you are the divorced party or one of its many casualties. I wish I could help people see. Trudge on, sister. He heals.

  8. 8
    Michelle Baylerian says:

    Thank you Beth for sharing your world with us!! My life is paralleling yours now. My husband got a new job (promotion) where we are selling our home and moving almost 2 hrs away. Our eldest moved in out of state in Sept., Sept., just got engaged & will be married this summer & our youngest moved out yesterday!!! Sat in my husband’s office today crying over all of the ucertainty. I’ve lived in area for 50 yrs. New home, church, friends, etc… If it weren’t that God initiated all this I would fall apart. I hope to say a yr from now that this has been the best yr in my marriage as an empty nester!!

  9. 9
    Betty M says:

    Dearest Beth,
    I followed that move on your blog! Has it really been that long ago already!? This Jan will start my third SSMT work already!
    I smiled at your dirt road! Then you know…
    How that dirt is fine as flour dust and gets in the car door jams and brushes your fine clothes as you get out of the car and leaves a nasty imprint on the back of your legs when wearing lighter colored pants if the rain turned it to mud!! You may know what it is like hitting “wash boards” in the road caused by trucks braking too quickly and leaving short and sharp ridges. Nothing will send you sideways quicker than hitting washboards doing about 65 MPH. If you chance to meet someone coming as you are going on a very dry period of time your visibility quickly reaches zero when the dust hangs like a curtain on the road and you see nothing else momentarily.
    You know quiet like few do. You know what it is like to hear the high pitched screech of a hawk circling or the eerie howl of a coyote when he tells the world of a fresh kill. You know the alone-ness of the country while not feeling lonely. I think it is called solitude!
    I have been a part of the country all my life. Being a real Tom Boy I could tell you the color of every bird’s egg and the shape of it’s nest before I could print my name. I could climb a tree in great haste.
    I too have marked graves of my favorite friends of fur both great and small. The best Schnauzer who ever lived rests beneath the big basswood I just happened to glance out at just a moment ago. She shared the recliner I loved to sit in most cold winter eves. Her body took up the entire foot rest leaving my legs to dangle over the side! Under a plum thicket rests my favorite Morgan who gave me the earth’s greatest thrill when I would saddle her for an evening hack with a friend. Her power and presence gave me goose bumps and others who saw us ride got the same goose bumps just watching power and presence collide!
    Remember well, dear friend I know how I would feel leaving this place the place each kid took the first bus ride to school, the place they all came back too on happy times and sad times. The place we fought bitterly and laughed til our stomachs ached.
    Bless you dear and I hope to meet up with you at a venue this coming year if Lord wills!
    Until that Great Day or another time,
    Love and best wishes from another dirt dweller!!!
    Betty M

  10. 10
    Diginee says:

    Delightful post! LOVE the son-in-law pic —– have not see those two in a bit! Thanks for sharing.

  11. 11
    Anonymous says:

    What a perfect life you’ve lived! I would sell my soul for a tenth of what you have.

  12. 12
    sharon meekins says:


    I love this! You always make me smile and laugh. I also love the fact that you recently came to a conference led by my pastor – Perry Noble. Love you so much!

  13. 13
    Chery Barker says:

    I would love to live out in the country — on the very outskirts of town so I could get to the store or a restaurant, etc. fairly quickly 🙂 Seriously, though, I’d love to live out where we could enjoy sunsets and the great outdoors. Enjoy every minute, Beth!

  14. 14
    Pamela McDonald says:

    What a beautiful story!! Thanks you so much for sharing this. God is extremely gracious to us. Love you much!

  15. 15
    Tammy C says:

    God’s timing is always perfect! Ten minutes ago I was brushing away tears because of a move we will make in 9 days. We are leaving our beloved place in the country to move to town. With my husband’s increasing work travels, the small farm has become too much too handle, leaving no time for relaxing. While my husband is almost excited about the move, I am really struggling to leave this home, these trees, the pond, the squirrels, the peace. Thank you so much, Beth, for reminding me that change can be good. God has orchestrated every detail of our move, and I know He will bless us. Our joy is in Him.

    • 15.1
      Beth says:

      As surely as God had a new season waiting for us, He has a new season waiting for the two of you. As I read your comment, Deuteronomy 28:3 circled back through my mind: “Blessed will you be in the city and blessed will you be in the country.”

      He is so faithful. He’ll be waiting for you.

  16. 16
    Diane says:

    Thank you for sharing your life with a bunch of strangers. I love your stories.

  17. 17
    Kristin L says:

    Really appreciate you sharing these kinds of stories with us. I cannot fathom the upheaval that comes when moving after being planted somewhere for so long. Being a military “brat” and now spouse, the longest I’ve lived in one place is 9 years. But change is change, and it’s good to be reminded that our God is in every detail of every moment, whether planted firmly or being uprooted. I love that Melissa’s heart changed when she realized it wasn’t the place, but the people who make a “place” a “home”. Many blessings for year 4 and beyond!

  18. 18
    lynda rickey says:

    Beth, I love it when you take us with you & I love you for it. Truth be – I love you! Lynda

  19. 19
    Deb Mott says:

    Thank you so much for sharing. How wonderful that your dear friends now live in the house you have love and lived in for so many years! That is cool! I love that your in laws live near you and you all want them to! I love that your family is so close and spend such quality time together! I love your honesty about your marriage and how hard it was and sometimes is but you obeyed GOD and BELIEVED HIM for the love and oneness marriage is to be IN CHRIST and GOD has rewarded you and made you an example to many like me. I love that you have not pretended to have it together and that GOD is rewarding your honesty and vulnerability in it and has proven HIMSELF and HIS GOSPEL by your life and family! THANK YOU!!!! Thank you for the words of truth and the pictures and blessings of seeing your life and family and hearing of some of the joys of your life.

    In July, my husband of almost 34 years and I moved from the house we lived in 26 plus, almost 27 years! We raised our two sons in that house. Our youngest came home from the hospital to that house and left for the Navy from that house! Our oldest was two when we moved in and was in his 20’s when he finished college and went out on his own. But it was time for a change. We now live on “the east bayou” of our town’s river and we love it!!!! It is a dream place for me and I feel God’s favor and pleasure here in an extravagant way that has blessed my empty nest adult life. I love what GOD has done in this move! It feels like NEW COVENANT LIVING at its best! I thank the GOOD LORD for HIS BLESSINGS! Today we took a walk at “Robinson Preserves”, a nearby park. We saw all kinds of birds, fish, trees and manner of Old Florida living …enough to lighten our moods and steps with great joy! Not long ago we kayaked from our backyard dock into the bayou and beyond and we awestruck by the beauty and majesty of our neighborhood and surroundings! What a great giving GOD we have! Praising HIM for HIS GOODNESS. WE have tasted and see that He is GOOD and His LOVE endures forever! Thanks again. MERRY MESSIAH BIRTHDAY to you and yours!

  20. 20
    Bailey says:

    My parents sold my childhood home in the country a few years ago and I’ve been couch surfing ever since. It’s been fun at times, uncomfortable at times and humbling at times. I’ve learned to make a home where ever I am with lots less stuff and lots more of Jesus. Loved your post (except for the snake pics). It took me back to that warm, home place in my heart.

  21. 21
    Pamela Payne says:

    I love and relate to this more than you could know.

  22. 22
    Ernestine S. Bonicelli says:

    I’ve never read a post by Beth that wasn’t thoroughly enjoyed and a blessing, some to the point of shouting and tears, when the total intent was spiritual – such a gift for words! There are parts of that new house that I would thoroughly enjoy. The snakes part I could have gone the rest of my life without a peek at! Personally, I would also love the fresh eggs; had those at my grandma’s as a child and seldom since. LOVE the fireplace on the back porch! I’m not really an “outdoors” person, but I love to LOOK at the outdoors, so a country home affords that. Provided you can sit on the porch or there are plenty of windows! Love to all, Merry Christmas!!!

  23. 23
    Laura says:

    Reading this before heading to bed…and maybe should have waited for Monday morning. Heart is always tender on Sunday night and this tugged gently. Trying to move gracefully into this next phase of life…and as always Beth, you lead us well..thank you for being real and sharing your life. We love you <3

  24. 24
    Karen Todd says:

    what a beautiful story! I too live in the woods and have for 28 years.
    Merry Christmas.

  25. 25
    Martha Salters says:

    Love this post Beth! We have been in our home for 24 years but it belonged to my parents for 19 years before that! This will be the 43rd Christmas my sister and I have celebrated here. I can’t imagine living anywhere else! When we are gathered in the living room around the tree on Christmas day with our men, our children, and our grandbabies we look around and can almost see our precious parents and other loved ones who are in heaven but used to be there with us. We thank God for His faithfulness and wonderful memories!! Merry Christmas to you and your precious family and thank you for being you!! Much love!!!

  26. 26
    Daina says:

    Thank you so much for letting us into your world and speaking to us like your friends! I really enjoyed reading about your home(s). I sent a Fancy Nancy book your way for Miss Annabeth at the LPL Stockton this summer, and I hope Nancy has inspired some fancy exploring on your place because it looks just perfect for an Explorer Extraordinaire! Love you, sister! Thank you for pressing on in the work God gave you!!! PS You should put a feeder at the edge of those woods so you can get those beautiful brown visitors more often! I’m surprised this is the first you have seen in 3 years! They are so lovely.

  27. 27
    Bonnie says:

    I love this post. Being from a rural area, I totally get everything you just wrote about. I don’t envy you the commute into Houston, though. And your best friends buying your house??!! You can visit it any time. 🙂 you seem to be in such a sweet spot in your life right now. I pray nothing but God’s richest blessings on you for many years to come.

  28. 28
    Joy Cravens says:

    Beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing your life with us.

  29. 29
    Brandi Morgan says:

    Oh Beth, I love that story. Thank you so much for sharing it with all of us. What a blessing you are. Now I need to go dry my eyes……

  30. 30
    Joy Klassen says:

    Beth, thank you for this post. About a year and a half or so I wrote you a LONG card/letter, and just had to laugh at how our lives are very similar. When I heard you had moved, I realized it was one more thing – as we had moved in 2010 from a place we had built, raised our kids in, and lived for 27 years!! I SO UNDERSTAND your feelings!! I love how you LOVE life to the fullest. My husband and I celebrated 36 years of marriage this past Sept. I just want to say thanks for sharing your life with us. On another note – thanks also for writing bible studies. We just finished Children of the Day and were so blessed!! I hope you and yours have a wonderful Christmas, and like I said in my card I had sent – if you are ever in Manitoba – come stay at our retreat ministry!! (I won’t tell a soul!!) 🙂

  31. 31
    Delaine says:

    Dear Beth
    Oh how this touched my heart. Three months ago we left our home of 42 years to downsize in retirement. I experienced the same panic! I too wanted to scream “Wait! I can’t leave this house behind!” Days before our move I found myself walking through a house filled with packed boxes…quietly praying for the family that would soon make our home theirs. I cried as I touched walls that had held years of my life. The birth of both my children, celebrations, milestones, and heartache. I couldn’t imagine a new family gathered around the fireplace where our four stockings had hung for over 4 decades. I learned a few things in this new journey that I’d like to pass on to those who are getting ready to step into a new season…my husband told me as we stood in the doorway of our new home “home is wherever you are”. As long as you are surrounded by loved ones…its home! My memories are secure in the depth of my heart…I carry them wherever I go. And most importantly…God is faithful!! I prayed as I drove away with tears streaming down my face “God make this new house my home quickly”. I Had felt His hand upon the decision to leave and knew He was in the midst of this plan and I knew He was directing every step. We are getting ready to celebrate our first Christmas here…and praise God…it already feels like home! He is good!

  32. 32
    Carolyn says:

    I enjoyed the recap of your move to the country. It hardly seems possible its been 3 years already. I love reading about your family and your furry friends, I’ve been following you for years. Home is where the heart is and country life seems to suit you just fine. Love you lots.

    Oceanside Ca

  33. 33
    Pam Mayer says:

    Congratulations sweet sister! What a special way to end this Sunday. I needed to relax with this intimate update just ten days away from Christmas Eve. Thanks for taking the time to talk!

  34. 34
    Alicia says:

    This reminds me of that song by Miranda Lambert, The House That Built Me. I can’t go & see the house I grew up in, but we’re making memories in our home now! With the pencil markings of how tall our daughters getting, to her first steps. I tell ya, God is so good. Do yourself a favor & go to YouTube to watch that video! Here’s to new memories!

  35. 35
    Erin says:

    Hello Beth,

    What a precious blog post! I loved reading it and seeing your pictures! Wow… I love your testimony and at this time in my life your story confirms the upcoming move I’m embarking upon myself. I cannot imagine leaving a home like that after 27 years of memories. I’m very, very sentimental. I can see that you are, too. Thank you so much for sharing. This is so precious and so encouraging. God bless you and your family!

    With Love & Shalom,

  36. 36
    Mary G. says:

    Dear Beth,
    Thank you for that wonderful stroll down memory lane. When the picture of your former house came up do you know what thought popped into my head? The enchanted cottage. I can’t imagine the treasure trove of memories that house must hold for you. Thank you for sharing a glimpse into the past and also a window into the present. It must bless your heart in a full circle kind of way to know someone you love is now in that house loving Jesus and making wonderful memories there as well.
    Can I share something with you? I find it interesting that you were speaking of your home tonight as I was putting together a Christmas gift for a dear friend who in the last couple of months lost her husband she had served together with in ministry for over 40 years with the same theme in mind. I bought her a necklace with Dorothy’s ruby red slippers and in her card I wrote I wanted to remind you that there is no place like home. Because not only is your beloved husband there, & the love of my life, but also our precious Lord and Savior. That no matter what season you’re in or what your going through we have this hope we’re holding onto, that one day we too will be going home. In knowing this we can carry on because there really is no place like home. Thanks for sharing Beth. Love you, Mary

  37. 37
    Terri says:

    5 days ago we moved from North Dallas (Plano) after 20 years, to a small place outside of College Station. We also raised our 3 daughters in that house, made many friendships and found our faith. However, it was time to leave the city and move closer to the daughters and grandchildren. As sad as it was to leave, we are very excited about this new chapter. After 34 years together , it good to have a new beginning. Thank you for this post – it was very encouraging to me.

  38. 38
    Meghan says:

    I love the way you are with your words! God has a way of speaking through you whether you’re preaching or just sharing a life story. To say the least your words always bless me so thank you for that! Im 20 years old, passionate about women’s ministry and hope to be half the woman you are some day!

  39. 39
    Sandra Thompson says:

    Precious Beth, You are indeed God’s gift to my life; we go way back! My marriage of 29 years had crashed and burned; 20 of those years were spent on 100 acres in the country; raising 5 children, cows, horses, ducks, rabbits, cats and dogs! I had to leave the country to find a job in the city to support my two youngest, so we moved to Nacogdoches; I went to work for Stephen F Austin University and my boys and I joined FBC, Nacogdoches. In the spring of 1993, FBC hosted a Women’s Spring Retreat and a young Beth Moore was our speaker. I fell in love with your precious spirit and our Lord used you to comfort and encourage my heart that weekend. You ‘signed’ the amazing song “Great is The Faithfulness” and my tears flowed. Well over the years, I have met with you through many, many Bible Studies; you continually bless my heart. My group will finish “Children of the Day” after the near year starts. I am in my 70’s now, retired and enjoy being LOVEE to my 8 grandchildren. I am helping to plant a new church in Denton and am so excited to ask the Lord, “what’s next?” God bless you in your home, your family, your church and your ministry; He is so good. In His Love, SanDee

  40. 40
    Heather says:

    I just loved this post! We are moving to a new house in a couple of weeks. Can’t wait to make new memories!

  41. 41
    OraDell "Okie"Murray says:

    Merry Christmas! We lov & pray for you as you inspire us and encourage us! We moved from Charleston,SC to my husband’s home place on Edisto Island, in 1992. Whew, what a change and now, what a joy! I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13.

  42. 42
    Beth says:

    Watching and listening to your inheritance series. God breathed word. What a treasure. Thanks for writing and being obedient.

  43. 43
    Audrey says:

    Beth, I love hearing updates & seeing pictures that you share! And I really love the way you find the good to be thankful for and focus on that, while still allowing us to know that it took some time to get there mentally. Everything doesn’t usually look the way we pictured it would be, but our God is still good and gracious, whether we choose to see and recognize it or not. But what a blessing to be recognizes of His infinite goodness and grace! Thank you for sharing, sister! Praying for you and yours this morning…may your Christmas be so filled with His Presence!

  44. 44
    Dottie Moore says:

    Makes me cry. We’ve moved recently and are now making our new memories…. thanks for the uplift. God bless you. From another Moore in Houston….

  45. 45
    Mary in NH says:

    Thank you for sharing this, Beth! Knowing that my man and I aren’t too far from the “season” of downsizing to a different home, it was so sweet to read this. I am already having anxiety attacks about a move that still a few years down the road. I feel so encouraged to know that the Lord’s got a place in mind for us, and it will be perfect.

  46. 46
    MargiebytheSea says:

    Thank you for taking us on your sentimental journey. Christmas time always seems to be a season for reflection and family. God bless you and all you love this Christmas.

  47. 47
    Findia Group says:

    Thanks for sharing!

  48. 48
    GJ says:

    Beth – this is such a wonderful remembrance post, and such great pictures of everything – and especially you and Keith! You know Gary and I did the same thing seven years ago. We moved to the country (and my parents came too and they are next door), and we love it. The drive is a little long on those late Wednesday night choir rehearsals, but the joy of the country and what it means to our grandkids is worth it all. I ride by our house “in town” every now and then – and get annoyed at how quickly all my years of tedious care of the crepe myrtle trees is gone… But the memories of raising our two boys there can’t be erased by poor pruning or fake plastic flowers on the front porch. (There I go again…) 🙂 Home is where our people are and we got people, and grandyounguns!!! Love you friend!


  49. 49
    Martha Kimbel says:

    Precious Beth,
    Thank you for this blog about your family. It just blessed every bit of me to read it this morning.
    I was laughing through my tears at the same time. I pray that the Lord continue to richly bless you
    in your new home.

    I just ordered “Breath” as my Christmas gift to myself this year! I can hardly wait to dive into it in
    January. Thank you so much for your heart for the Word.
    You are a TREASURE beyond measure.

    Love & Blessings,

    Martha Kimbel
    Heart, Soul & Strength Fitness Ministry
    Atlanta, GA

  50. 50
    Mary says:

    Love this so much! You and Keith are absolutely darling together!

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