How About an Autumn Giveaway?

Congratulations! Below are names of our 10 winners. If you see your name and comment number below, please watch today for an email from LPM.Β  Reply with your mailing address so we can get your goodies in your hands just as quickly as possible.Β  We sure had fun with this, and hope you enjoy your sussie!

1352: Aidan
168: Katie Elizabeth
658: Christina
1715: Kim
1390: Regan Vickery
1021: Lea H.
1265: Pam Davis
669:Β  Janet Simonitch
631:Β  April H.
1567: Jan Horne


Okay ladies! That was so fun posting your comments/entries!Β  The comments are now closed and we look forward to announcing the 10 winners on Monday morning.Β  Have a wonderful weekend!


I LOVE FALL. I love everything about it. I practically grin in my sleep this time of year. And I love y’all. So today I’m putting those loves together for an Autumn giveaway! Your (one) comment to this post will be your entry to the drawing. We will leave the post open for entries until the close of our work day tomorrow (Friday at 4:30 CST). We will then do a random drawing for each of the gifts and post our 10 winners on Monday. How does that sound?


Here is the collective bounty:


And here is each item separately.

Mud Pie butter dish and gravy ladle:


Brighton Bracelet with The Lord’s Prayer engraved on it:

Photos - 7139


A framed picture to remind you to smile andΒ  & a pair of swirl earrings handcrafted by my good friend David Lowe:



Sur la Table Pie dish & server:

Photos - 7140

Boot socks, an infinity scarf, and another pair of earrings by David Lowe:

Photos - 7133

Pewter pumpkin bowl and spreader:


Urban Decay neutral eye shadow palette: (I love, love, love their eye shadows. Wearing some this very second.)



Peony soap, soap dish, and fingertip towels:


Salt cellar and salt:


Pumpkin spice candle:

Photos - 7135



Have at it, Girls! So happy to celebrate Fall with you! We will have another giveaway just before Thanksgiving! You are dearly loved and esteemed around here at Living Proof.



2,377 Responses to “How About an Autumn Giveaway?”

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  1. 2051
    Arminda says:

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  2. 2052
    Robin says:

    I love fall!!!! We just moved to the Midwest after living in the desert for six years, so we’re especially grateful for the crisp, cool weather and beautiful, colorful leaves this season! Happy Fall, y’all!

  3. 2053
    Tammi says:

    So thankful for the changing seasons, especially fall. I love your heart for Jesus!

  4. 2054
    Michelle Hogan says:


  5. 2055
    Lacye says:

    I love you teachings and this blog! I always look forward to reading it.

  6. 2056
    Susan says:

    We lived in Vermont for awhile. The colors there are incredible (they say it’s because of the maple trees). When we moved back to Kentucky, we decided that the colors here are just as beautiful, but you have to work harder to see them. I marvel at God’s ability to spread color when and where it’s needed. He IS the BEST artist. You are a jewel and a real blessing to my heart. Like God, you spread color, beauty and love in your path everywhere you go. You are a woman of the almighty God and you shine telling others about Him.

  7. 2057
    Callie Hamilton says:

    Thanks for hosting the giveaway!! God bless you for your kingdom work.

  8. 2058
    Amy Bettles says:

    I love fall! Cozy sweatshirts, warm fires, pumpkin spice lattes, fuzy boots, chili and cinnamon rolls, and of course football games! πŸ™‚

  9. 2059
    Nancy says:

    I love Fall too! Beth i love that God has used you to teach us! You have taught me so much! I love our God!!!!

  10. 2060
    Tracy Tuck says:

    Looking forward to a beautiful fall.

  11. 2061
    Robin says:

    I love everything about fall…new school supplies, football games, crisp weather, colorful leaves, art festivals, chili, I could go on and on!

  12. 2062
    Susanne Matteson says:

    I am already missing the warmth of the summer sun and the feel of the hot sand when I walk on the beach, but I do love the crisp fall air and the beautiful colors on the trees. I loved fall more when I was growing up in Pennsylvannia. I still get to experience the touch of the seasons here in the High Desert of California.

    I wanted to mention how thankful I am for last weekend at Living Proof San Diego!! It was so awesome.
    The highlights for me were:
    Beth’s 10 minute overview of the entire bible with the smyphany playing in the background, AWESOME!!
    ALL of the worship!!!
    Beethoven’s “Ode To Joy” was so moving.
    The teaching was truly inspired by God and touched me and my friends deeply.
    Loved every moment, just wish it had been longer!

    Love the gifts you’ve posted, I am a notorious “regifter” I never seem to keep many things for myself but these would be hard to share! Haha
    May The Lord continue to Bless this ministry abundantly!

  13. 2063
    Denise Ciofani says:

    I love Fall!! My birthday is September 22, so my birthday is usually either the last day of summer or the first day of Autumn!!

    Denise <

  14. 2064
    Melissa says:

    How fun! Thank you!

  15. 2065
    Kay says:

    Loving fall in Maine! No Bugs and Beautiful Colors!!! I am doing the Children of the Day study right now so it can’t get much better! πŸ™‚

  16. 2066
    Kara says:


  17. 2067
    Mary Freeman says:

    I am soooo energized by “fall”—-and this year it is over the top with beautiful colors!!! (Ohio area!) Wow! Breath-taking!

    Love to all…. πŸ™‚
    (Also ‘love’ the give-away items!!) πŸ™‚

  18. 2068
    Tonya Leiva says:

    Yes please!!! LOVE fall — and that the cool fronts have started to show up!!!

  19. 2069
    Tricia says:

    I agree! This is my absolute favorite time of year! The smell of fallen leaves is a little bit of heaven on earth:)

  20. 2070
    Pam Collins says:

    I would love this gift giveaway. Miss doing Bible Study at HFBC but know that you are doing exactly what God has you doing.

  21. 2071
    Charlotte Willer says:

    I love fall! Yes! Resuming fall Bible studies, walks, baking, cozy fires. Please enter me in the fall giveaway! Thanks!

  22. 2072
    Emily says:

    Fall is my favorite time of year as well!!! So much beauty all around πŸ™‚

  23. 2073
    Kristin says:

    So thankful for where I am and how God is working in my life (being very patient with me). I love this blog and the encouragment it brings! God is soooo good!

  24. 2074
    Lisa Greene says:

    Fall is my favorite. I love seeing how creative the Creator is with all His colors!!!

  25. 2075

    Your ministry is SUCH a blessing, Living Proof staff and volunteers! :O) I agree that fall is AWESOME! This morning I noticed the beautiful red leaves on the tree I parked right by at work, and it made my heart more warm and happy. Praying the giveaway gifts would go to the people who need them most. Praise God!

  26. 2076
    Kami S. says:

    Love Fall! It’s the best time of year!

  27. 2077
    Mary says:

    I love the fall season; A season of new things! Rich colors of sunrise, sunsets & the beautiful leaves/ How creative & great is our God!

  28. 2078
    Suzy E. says:

    I’m TOTALLY with you on this – October is my absolute favorite COLOR! πŸ™‚

    There is just something about the crunch of dried leaves under your feet, and the beautiful blue sky, and the earthy smell of being outdoors in the fall – not to mention the absolute comfort of fall flavors like cinnamon and nutmeg and pumpkin pie and ……

    πŸ™‚ I love fall. That’s all.

  29. 2079
    Vicky Stamey says:

    What a glorious bounty! Happy Fall!

  30. 2080
    Susan says:

    I love fall and I love Jesus!

  31. 2081
    Brenda C says:

    Fall is God’s way of helpig us let go of the “dry” times to get ready to Harvest!

  32. 2082
    Terri Sickles says:

    Awe, thank you and bless you!

  33. 2083
    Melanie C. says:

    Sweet Beth, always giving. May you and your staff and family be especially blessed in a very specific and generous way today! Thank you for ALL you do! Loving this Fall weather too!

  34. 2084
    Bette says:

    Fall is my favorite season too.
    Doing Children of the Day in Bible study now. Just loving it.
    Thank you Beth for teaching us.

  35. 2085
    Jeannie Housewright says:

    I LOVE FALL, TOO! I am in a small group of ladies who just started the Children of the Day study and it is so good to be back in a Beth Moore study πŸ™‚ Praise the Lord.

  36. 2086
    Laurie says:

    Thanks for having the giveaways! I love Autumn too! God bless

  37. 2087
    Sheryl says:

    I could use some cheer! Thanks.

  38. 2088
    Marcie says:

    So glad to hear that YOU also grin into your pillow. πŸ™‚ Mmmm … so nice to snuggle up with a soft pillow this time of year as it cools off. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us all.

  39. 2089
    Kimberly says:

    We’re celebrating 19 years of marriage this October, so fall is extra special to me. Fall is a beautiful time of year in Wisconsin, being surrounded by the trees changing colors. I continue to stand in amazement of God’s creation.

  40. 2090
    Charlotte Chamblee says:

    I love, love cool weather!!!!

  41. 2091
    Janet says:

    Our women’s group is doing your study of David. Thank you for writing it and for this wonderful blog.

  42. 2092
    Valerie says:

    You all are amazing! <3 It's just starting to feel like fall here in the Central Valley so this would be such a blessing (I would love to add that candle to my new little prayer corner).

  43. 2093
    Lani Hightower says:

    What’s not to love about fall – breath-taking colors and pumpkin flavored everything!

  44. 2094
    Rachel says:

    I love fall. Thanks for this fun opportunity.

  45. 2095
    Brenda Jochum says:

    The colors of fall remind me of God’s canvas of beauty. I am still reveling in the teaching from the Simulcast. Thanks to each at Living Proof for serving in the ways you have been gifted.

  46. 2096
    Delinda Neville says:

    Fall-ing on my knees!

  47. 2097
    LaShay says:

    So thankful for the changing seasons…..a display of God’s artwork surrounding us. Autumn is the BEST!

  48. 2098
    Eunice Dolley Rice says:

    We’ve been having a glorious fall up here in Northern Wisconsin! The leaves had clung tenaciously on the trees, the colors have been brilliant– reds, oranges, yellows against the evergreens, and the wind ever eddying the crackling dropped ones!!

    I have to admit, though, to being biased to being with friends through all of the weather, color and scenery. I love hostessing and having loved ones (honestly, even strangers!) around my table laughing. Nothing better this side of heaven to this misplaced Southern girl.

  49. 2099
    Tina Hause says:

    I love fall too! Here in Oregon it is absolutely beautiful. The trees are just starting to turn and the colors will knock your socks off before long. Thank you for all of the encouragement and enlightenment. You are truly a messenger of God and it always speaks to me! Beautiful!

  50. 2100
    Haylie says:

    Love it all!!! And I love fall. Ever so much. It is so much my favourite that I feel the need to add the “u” to that word, so as to make it sufficiently fanciful in honor of autumn… I just blogged about it, too, as a matter of fact (shocker- I’m sure I’m the only other person to do that lol). πŸ˜€