How About an Autumn Giveaway?

Congratulations! Below are names of our 10 winners. If you see your name and comment number below, please watch today for an email from LPM.  Reply with your mailing address so we can get your goodies in your hands just as quickly as possible.  We sure had fun with this, and hope you enjoy your sussie!

1352: Aidan
168: Katie Elizabeth
658: Christina
1715: Kim
1390: Regan Vickery
1021: Lea H.
1265: Pam Davis
669:  Janet Simonitch
631:  April H.
1567: Jan Horne


Okay ladies! That was so fun posting your comments/entries!  The comments are now closed and we look forward to announcing the 10 winners on Monday morning.  Have a wonderful weekend!


I LOVE FALL. I love everything about it. I practically grin in my sleep this time of year. And I love y’all. So today I’m putting those loves together for an Autumn giveaway! Your (one) comment to this post will be your entry to the drawing. We will leave the post open for entries until the close of our work day tomorrow (Friday at 4:30 CST). We will then do a random drawing for each of the gifts and post our 10 winners on Monday. How does that sound?


Here is the collective bounty:


And here is each item separately.

Mud Pie butter dish and gravy ladle:


Brighton Bracelet with The Lord’s Prayer engraved on it:

Photos - 7139


A framed picture to remind you to smile and  & a pair of swirl earrings handcrafted by my good friend David Lowe:



Sur la Table Pie dish & server:

Photos - 7140

Boot socks, an infinity scarf, and another pair of earrings by David Lowe:

Photos - 7133

Pewter pumpkin bowl and spreader:


Urban Decay neutral eye shadow palette: (I love, love, love their eye shadows. Wearing some this very second.)



Peony soap, soap dish, and fingertip towels:


Salt cellar and salt:


Pumpkin spice candle:

Photos - 7135



Have at it, Girls! So happy to celebrate Fall with you! We will have another giveaway just before Thanksgiving! You are dearly loved and esteemed around here at Living Proof.



2,377 Responses to “How About an Autumn Giveaway?”

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  1. 2001
    Bonnie Cheatham says:

    I love your blogs and insight. It is never by accident, but by God’s design, that your blogs and posts provide just what I need to hear at that very moment. Such a blessing! The gifts are wonderful. As I viewed them, I kept thinking of who I’d like to give those to if my name was chosen. Thank you!

  2. 2002

    I love the beauty of the fall too!!

  3. 2003
    Laurel Buwalda says:

    Giving thanks for you all…your ministry and your generosity!

  4. 2004
    Deena Krautz says:

    I love fall ya’ll!! You’re so sweet to have the giveaways! Love you, Beth Moore!

  5. 2005
    Nancy says:

    Enjoying the beautiful changing colors of the trees here in Michigan! Happy fall to you Beth!

  6. 2006
    Kimberly Faith Achey says:

    I love fall too. Its like God is painting a picture for me each day on my commute. Happy Fall

  7. 2007
    Allee says:

    I love fall as well! I always look forward to watching the leaves turn into beautiful crisp autumn colors, making delicious gluten-free pumpkin bread, sipping hot coffee on my front porch, and enjoying the fresh cool breeze brush against my face. I also love this time of year because Autumn reminds me of the Lord’s love, faithfulness, and redemption. As undeserving as I am, He saved and redeemed me during a very dark and hopeless time in my life, 4 years ago in November. As the leaves begin to fall and a new season blossoms, I praise God for stripping me of my brokenness, healing my wounds, and blessing me with a new season of life. Our gracious and compassionate Savior swept me up in His mercy and transformed the ugly into something truly beautiful. Thank you Lord for fall and for all new seasons of life.

  8. 2008
    Nina Butler says:

    I love all things Fall! Thanks for sharing!

  9. 2009
    Rhonda Rhoades says:

    I love decorating for Fall almost as much as Christmas. And God decorates the earth with beautiful colors on the trees and bushes!!! It is amazingly beautiful.

  10. 2010
    Mary says:


  11. 2011
    Robin Ivey says:

    Although I LOVE fall, am about to head out one last time to the beach for some re-energizing walks with my toes in the sand…….

  12. 2012
    Kim Carver says:

    Happy Friday Ms. Beth! God’s blessing and favor be upon you and you team! Thank you so much for all you do for the kingdom of God. You are such a blessing in my life. I love sharing the Word with you!

  13. 2013
    Heather says:

    I love fall too! It’s fall this morning in South MS but will be summer again by lunch (sigh) that’s just the way it is! The humidity has dropped significantly and that’s definitely a praise right there! Thank you for thinking of us and while I’m here let me thank you for “Children of the Day” You’ve done it again! Your obedience to HIS calling is unspeakable blessing to me. You will never understand this side of glory how much HE has seen fit to use you. Praying you have a blessed “fall” weekend with your beautiful family!!

  14. 2014
    Cathy says:

    Beautiful gifts! Just like the gift of autumn. Just wish my dying to self could happen in such gorgeous style like the leaves as they surrender to their Maker!

  15. 2015
    Enjoli Deleon says:

    Wonderful giveaway!

  16. 2016
    Emily says:

    I LOVE fall. What an exciting time of change and beauty. Those gifts are so cute and sweet. 🙂

  17. 2017
    Ashlee says:

    I love fall!

  18. 2018
    Courtney Lavander says:

    What a beautiful festive ray of light

  19. 2019
    Tammye H. says:

    You are too sweet. I’m sure it has all been prayed over and someone special who needs this amazing “happy” will be the recipient!!

  20. 2020
    Ashley Lewis says:

    Beautiful give-a-ways!

  21. 2021

    Oh my goodness, that scarf! Hehe. I love giveaways. Beth-what a blessing San Diego was. Thank you for bringing the word and praying in agreement with us in Christ’s name. I really did need that prayer of healing. Blessing to you

  22. 2022
    Karen Weatherby says:

    LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! Those things are all WONDERFUL!! Fall is a beautiful time of year. I love the way the crisp air feels and the smells all around. It is a time to reflect on all of the amazing things God has blessed us with throughout the year!! Thank you for sharing with us!! We love you, Beth!!

  23. 2023
    alyssa says:

    Oooh– love these ideas!!! Happy fall, Siesta Mama and team!!

  24. 2024
    Dottie says:

    God has blessed us with four wonderful seasons in the state of Tennessee. Fall with all
    the trees which put on there beautiful fall dresses is my favorite time a year. However God has blessed us with a beautiful country, fall, winter, spring and summer, rain, snow, sleet, hail and beautiful sunshine in which I am totally blessed the entire year.

  25. 2025
    Sue Robertson says:

    LOVE FALL! Celbrating 25 years of marriage this month!

  26. 2026
    Kitty Yates says:

    Love these last two days in Houston. Beautiful!!!!

  27. 2027
    Sherry says:

    Leading a small group of ladies in “Children of the Day” and feeling blessed this Fall! Fall is also my favorite time of the year – just celebrated 32 years with my hubby yesterday! God is faithful!

  28. 2028
    Deidra says:

    What a great gifts! Thank you.

  29. 2029

    Thank you, Beth! What a beautiful way to love on us this fall season. I’ve been a Brighton fan for years, but didn’t realize they had the Lord’s prayer bracelet. Oh, so pretty!!

  30. 2030
    Pam says:

    Brilliant leaves falling off the trees as I type here in the midwest. Autumn is glorious!! Love the opportunity to win some goodies! <3

  31. 2031
    Doreen says:

    Fall is a time of celebration for me and my husband. It will be 31 wonderful years on the 22nd of this month!! What a cute and fun idea to celebrate the season with giveaways. God Bless y’all.

  32. 2032
    Scarlet Evicj says:

    I LOVE Fall! I love how the sun shines through the leaves and dances through my windows in my home in the mornings. A reminder of the Joy of The Lord!

  33. 2033
    Karla says:

    It is a compilation of beautiful things for a beautiful season during the year! Thanks!

  34. 2034
    Kristi says:

    Fall is definitely my favorite as well! Thank you for sharing the abundance!

  35. 2035
    Debbie Hosford says:

    Bless The LORD oh my soul. Fall rainbow of colors and crisp air to God be the Glory.

  36. 2036
    Judy Madison says:

    Love the assortment of gifts. Thank you for your generosity!

  37. 2037
    Courtney Vinzant says:

    I love this time of the year! Beth you are so sweet! Thank you for your love for the Lord! I wish I could have come to the conference we had in San diego and heard you. A friend from my church and she just loved it!

  38. 2038
    Janet says:

    Fall is most definitely my favorite time of the year. Cooler temps, cozy smells, and SEC football (as an MSU Bulldog, I am especially loving this Fall:)

  39. 2039
    Debra says:

    Fall is a beautiful season! Thank you Beth and the LP team for everything you do!

  40. 2040
    Christine Krueger says:

    Oh my goodness, Beth you are too good to,us! I can only imagine how fun it was to buy all of this:)

  41. 2041
    jami says:

    Refreshing cooler weather……
    Beautiful changing leaves……
    Chili, soup, hot cocoa, fire pit roasted marshmallows….

    Love it all!

  42. 2042

    My first entry. How fun is this! You have been a blessing to me in so many ways. Thank you,

  43. 2043
    Jodina says:

    What wonderful gifts the Father gives to us in the Fall to see the beauty of His handy work through the amazing colors that abound!

  44. 2044
    Colleen says:

    Beth, the ladies at my church are working through Children of the Day. Yesterday, we did the lesson where you spoke about prophesy. Last night as I was trying to fall asleep, I kept thinking of your story of how God dropped the name of someone into your heart, and I can’t help wondering, does she know that she was on GOD’S heart? So much so that He mentioned her by name so that you’d pray for her? Just thinking of it almost takes my breath away. Oh how God loves us! Thanks so much for sharing that story.

  45. 2045
    Brenda Wagner says:

    What an awesome selection of gifts, love them.

  46. 2046
    Laurie Chapman says:

    When summer arrived I said it was my favorite season, until Fall arrived and then I said it was my favorite season. I am sure when winter snow arrives and then spring flowers each of those will be declared my favorite! I love them all for the beauty of what God created. Thank you for your teaching, your wisdom and your enthusiastic giving heart

  47. 2047
    Ingle says:

    I just love fall – the crisp air and the pumpkins and the fall leaves.

  48. 2048
    Tina Lewis says:

    Beautiful fall day here in Ohio!

  49. 2049
    Lea says:

    Fall is my very favorite part of the year! Everything about this season just makes my heart happy.

  50. 2050
    Amy Thomas says:

    What beautiful gifts! We are having a beautiful Fall in New England too! Thank you!!