For My Simulcast Sisters

I cannot thank you enough for the privilege to serve you at our Living Proof Live 2014 Simulcast. I do not take it lightly. I will think of you for many months to come and will remember this day for years. My deepest hope and prayer is that Christ broke through every distraction and any works of flesh and blood and revealed Himself profoundly, personally, and permanently to you. Forward, Sister. No going back. Your life faces forward from here on out and what you’re doing on this planet means something. Get to it, gifted woman of God, with unwavering confidence in Christ. I pray that every single word He has sown into you will take root and bring forth a harvest. Above all, I pray that God moved upon you and opened your female heart to RESPOND. Not just receive. RESPOND. Do not wait a single moment to take your first responding steps. Move immediately and obediently into what He’s shown you. Blessed is she who believed.


As promised, here are three writings from the simulcast for anyone who wants a copy:


First, the Identity Declaration:


(Click on the picture to enlarge and save.)

Second, the writing called “What does a woman of God look like?” It’s silly, really, and way too wordy but if it broadens our concept, it is worth putting out there. I originally set out to write it as prose on Wednesday before the simulcast as it started turning in my head that morning, but as I fooled with it that day, I just couldn’t resist the rhyme.  (Click on the link to pull up in a separate window.)

What does a Woman of God Look Like


Third, the commissioning we spoke over one another at the conclusion.

LPL Simulcast 2014 Final Commissioning:

My Beloved Sister,
Jesus drew you to this day
To call you to respond.
What will you do
With what He has said?
God chose you and gifted you
For this very generation.
You are the exact woman
Jesus came looking for today.
Stop telling yourself
This is about someone else
You are the one He wants.
You’re not too young.
You’re not too old.
You haven’t strayed too far
Or waited too long.
Let Jesus step fully into your story
And write a narrative for your life
That does the world good
And gives God glory.
People out there need what you have to offer.
Quit listening to your fears and insecurities.
Stand up and step out and meet some needs.
You are my sister.
I’ll cheer you on.
I will support you and love you
I’ll stop competing and comparing.
I want to be a woman women can trust.
Let’s do this thing side by side.
We’re so much stronger together.
Sister, stay in His Word
Fight for love and keep your faith.
Follow hard after Jesus
All the rest of your days.
He will never do you wrong.
He will never reject or betray you.
He will make something beautiful
Out of all your pain.
In every loss
He will be your gain.
A lost world is waiting out there.
The darkness is aching for light.
Get out there and serve with all your might.
Because, my beloved sister.
A woman
Of God.
Go show somebody what she looks like.


Sister, thank you so much. Your time is so valuable. Money is scarce. You could have done many other things with the precious resources you have. You chose to join us for this simulcast. May God take every word He’s entrusted to you this day and cause it to yield a 100-fold harvest. (Luke 8:8)

Stick together out there, Sisters. We are a mighty army in the Kingdom of God. Stay close. Be kind. And be danged courageous.

I love you,



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  1. 651
    Janice says:

    Thank you Beth for the Simulcast we were all very blessed at our Church. There is a group of us that have been doing your studies for over 12 years. It’s great to see our group change each year. I pray many blessings for you and your family.

  2. 652
    Rheuziska (Jean) Sager says:


    I want to thank God for your ministry and the way you present His word so that women can truly find who they are in Him. I have been to your simulcasts for 4 years now and have been to one live event. Our women’s Bible study group has done 12of your studies over the years and we thank you for your commitment to the call God placed on your life.

    You talked on Saturday about not comparing ourselves with others and not being exclusive in our friendships. This hit be very profoundly. My dear Sister in Christ was with me at the Simulcast and it has been a journey for us. I have found myself jealous over things she does with other people and wanting to be included in every thing she does. Just a quick bit of background so you understand why – I was in foster homes from the time I was about 4 until I was 10, lived with my mom’s oldest sister for about 1 year before my mom got myself, my two brothers and my sister back. My stepdad at that time was an alcoholic and it was not a good situation even when we got back with our mom. Someone close to me ATTEMPTED to molest me (I know it was God protecting me that they didn’t), I was constantly allowing guys to “use” my body looking for love and never felt good enough or had any truly close friends. We moved around a lot so it was hard to make friends. I was made fun of a lot growing up so it has always been hard to trust people.
    Since I have been married (just celebrated 33 years on the 5th) my husband and I have dealt with his infidelity, cancer (me), broken bones (him – LOTS) and most devastating of all – the loss of our precious oldest daughter in a car accident (she was 15 days from her 18th birthday).
    So I have needed to feel included and have someone close but have not truly had that in my life. This particular Sister and I have almost had our relationship broken due to my feelings but THANK GOD she has forgiven me and helped me get to a place where even though I still feel unconnected at times I know God has plans to use me (I don’t know what for yet) but it will be in His time not mine.
    Thank you so much for continuing to give me His word that I may learn how to walk more freely as a true WOMAN OF GOD – FORGIVEN AND UNBOUND!!!

  3. 653
    Sue Parrent says:

    I wanted to share with you the blog that my daughter wrote concerning Saturday in Fort Wayne. She gave me tickets for Mother’s Day for the event..yes, I am blessed. My heart is so full and ready to take this message to other women that I encounter daily. Thank you for being a voice of Jesus and God’s Word. I hope you will take the time to read my daughter’s blog. Praising God for being a Woman of God..Blessed is she who Believed!

  4. 654
    Terri says:

    I know there are many comments here, and I sincerely hope that you read this one. I have a dear friend that I have been witnessing to for many months now. She was not a believer and extremely hardened to the gospel. She said she couldn’t relate to me because I was raised to believe it was all true and she wasn’t. Long story…but she began coming to our church with her husband who was a believer. I have seen a complete miracle before my eyes with the Lord softening her heart and drawing her to Himself. I had registered to go to a simulcast in our local area. I invited her to come with me, but I was doubtful that she would come and give up an entire Saturday. She actually said, “You want me to go to church ALLLLLLLL DAAAAAAYYYYY??? haha. I said, “You will love it, but no pressure. Come if you want.” Friday night she texted me and said she would come. I was so shocked and surprised that I cried. I knew the Lord was at WORK! Then at the site church, they weren’t going to let her in because she wasn’t registered. I knew the enemy was hard at work here, but finally we got her in. The message was so perfect for me, for every believer, and especially for her. She had heard the gospel, yet what she needed was a RESPONSE. Also, the parable of the lost sheep and coin there was something profound that was said…sometimes you don’t even know what you’ve lost. That was her! She said she had a good life and didn’t understand why she needed God. I told her she didn’t know what she was missing. She didn’t make a decision at the conference, but Saturday night she asked lots of questions to her husband, then when he went to sleep she messaged me for a while. She said she wanted to run like Forest Gump. I told her God would follow her. That night I asked her is she was tired of running. She is like a never ending Jason Borne movie. 🙂 Sunday morning, she was running and she did it! She prayed and asked Him into her life. She said it was the hardest thing she has ever done, yet peaceful all the same. I am utterly in awe of God. She looks different to me to. I have no doubt that this conference was instrumental in her quest for truth. So, thank you for being used of God. You were used as a mouthpiece to speak right to the heart of my dear friend who once was lost but now is found!!!

    • 654.1
      Lindsee says:

      Terri, I read this and have chills now. Praise God! We are rejoicing with you and our new Sister in Christ! Thank you for being obedient to invite her and follow through! What a blessing.

    • 654.2
      Karen Lee says:

      Thank you so much for sharing this! I am rejoicing with you for this sister found! God is good!

  5. 655
    Linda Thorsen says:

    Just a note to say that 4 of us did the Mercy Triumphs study this summer, and we, too, have come to love James! It was a great experience for each of us, as well as, a time of growth.

    Right now, because I’m laid up with a broken ankle, I have free time, so I’m breaking open your Breaking Free book. I’ve read the first 40 pages; I’m sure I needed this now. God makes no mistakes. Thank you for your frankness and humility, Beth.

  6. 656

    Strangely enough, I’m not commenting here about the simulcast or the blog, I just HAD to contact you about So Long, Insecurity You’ve Been a Bad Friend to Us and this seemed to be the only place that I could get (almost) directly to you quickly.
    You see, I just have to tell you what your book has meant to me. Right now, just starting to *think* about it is bringing the choking lump up into my throat and tears are stinging my eyes. There are no words to describe how I feel about this book. Tears along heaving sobs of relief are the only real way to describe the release I feel from Insecurity. (I capitalize that now because I feel now like it’s a person/thing that I *was*.) I wasn’t anyone in particular, I was whoever the person in front of me wanted me to be.
    There’s a book that I love to read to my daughter Anna that, I think, describes insecurity to a ‘T’. In “A Bad Case of Stripes” by David Shannon, Camilla loves lima beans, but is afraid that everyone at school will make fun of her for liking them so, she never eats them. Then she wakes up one morning to find that her entire body is covered in colored stripes. At school the next morning during the Pledge of Allegiance her skin turns red, white and blue with patches of stars. When someone in the room shouts out, “do polka dots”, her skin turns white with purple polka dots. When the doctors pump her full of pills she turns into a pill. By the end of the book she’s a mess… until she’s offered some delectable lima beans. At first she refuses because she doesn’t want to be a laughing stock. But then she realizes that it couldn’t be any worse than what she is currently experiencing. The instant she eats those beans Camilla turns back into a regular girl with regular skin and hair and clothes… but she’s not the same girl she used to be. She’s a new girl who is no longer afraid of what the kids at school will say when they see her eating lima beans.
    Beth, I have been *slowly* digesting SL,IYBABFTU reading about fourteen pages per week and then blogging about it since April. I wanted to make sure that it would all really sink into my skin. You see, I too had a BAD case of Stripes. And I knew that the only cure for my case was Jesus (I don’t like lima beans all that much). And the LAST thing I wanted to do was to pass those stripes of insecurity on to my daughter! As I read, I changed. I started becoming stronger and healthier, I started actually telling people, “No”!!!! And then what was even better, I starting sticking to it!!! I started realizing that I’m someone worth sticking up for. JESUS died for ME. Obviously HE thinks pretty highly of me, maybe I should start thinking more like Him.
    I still have a few more chapters to read in SL,ISBABFTU. I’ll finish it on October 25th, my 35th birthday. Happy Birthday to ME, a NEW ME! A secure me who’s not afraid of what others think when I tell them that I write devotionals about how much Jesus loves them. He’s my passion and my song and yet I’ve been terrified to sing it for fear of what people would think. He’s called me to write His words and encourage His people in their daily walk with Him and yet I’ve been too afraid to get out there and actually DO it. Insecurity kept me locked up in a cage of doubt and fear for far too long. Notice I didn’t say *my* insecurity, because it’s not mine anymore! THIRTY-FIVE years in prison is far too long to not know who you are because you’re so selfless that you’re self-less. Jesus didn’t die for a doormat, He died for a person. A person with worth and character and a gift that He wants to share with the world if only that person would latch on to her security enough to refuse Satan from taking it anymore. It’s not his to take. Not anymore anyway.
    Beth, I said all that to say, “THANK YOU”! From the bottom of my heart, “THANK YOU”!!!!!!! The other night I had a dream that I was sitting cross-legged on the floor in my childhood bedroom next to the window cradling this person in my lap staring into her face. I didn’t recognize her but I knew her somehow. She was RADIANT. She was one of the most beautiful people I’ve ever seen. Her eyes sparkled almost as much as her smile. It was a bone deep smile that filled the room with a light that could only come from Christ and KNOWING Him. Beth, it was ME! In my dream God let me see what I look like as a fully secure woman!!! I’m beautiful and radiant and… SECURE!!! And He used YOU to do that for me. Your dedication to your readers, His people, is so appreciated. There is no dollar amount that could possibly repay you for your service. There are no words that could possibly describe my gratitude to you for how you shared YOUR journey with us in order to help us.
    You said once, in one of your Bible studies, that if you said something that stepped on our toes it was because God had run you over with it. As a fellow writer in ministry, I know exactly how you feel! It’s HARD work. Work that has indescribable benefits, but the hazards of this job are severe. The battle wounds are many and yet, they’re not completely without a benefit of their own as well. Thank you so much for putting up with the hazards to bring us the benefits. Thank you for allowing God to run you over so that you can step on our toes and wake us up to the ABUNDANT life that Jesus promised for those who believe. We all have hard days. Days where Satan is doing his best to make us believe that what we’re doing doesn’t have an impact, that we’re not making a difference. I pray that this message finds you in one of those moments and lifts you out of that lie.
    Your hard work, time and effort, spiritual sweat and tears have made a HUGE difference in this secure woman’s life and I’m poised and prepared to use that new woman to make a difference in the lives of those around me and my readers too. Satan can’t take MY security anymore. He’s not going to take my daughter’s and he’s not going to take my readers’ either. God has used your work to create a powerhouse that’s about to rock this world with the love of Jesus!
    THANK YOU BETH!!!!!!

    • 656.1
      Andi says:

      Wow!! I am in tears! Thank you Tamar. This was for me. God Bless You!!! I would love to read your blog! What is it?

  7. 657
    Betty M says:

    Dear All,
    I hope I am not delivering a load of sour apples this AM but I am alittle miffed by what happened to me last year and this year I decided to not even attend the simulcast. Sometimes the closest simulcast is still 90 miles away for me and it is not always convenient for me to travel to a strange city and buy a hotel room and often, I have to buy a ticket at the church to attend the event. It is just way too expensive.
    Last year, I decided to buy the simulcast for my own personal viewing at home. I did not know at the time that in our rural area our internet server just is not fast enough to view something like that. I was disappointed and even had alot of problems with my computer later. I called Lifeway and they told me I had a month to view it. Well a month didn’t help me at all. I just threw $20 away.
    Now maybe to some people $20 is pocket change but to some of us it could have bought afew groceries to feed our families.
    I am alittle disenchanted with the way complaints are handled at times.
    I do plan on attending a Lifeways event live in the next year and I hope I won’t be disappointed again.
    Sorry y’all! Have a super day in the Lord!!
    Betty M

    • 657.1
      Kim Goetz says:

      I have a couple suggestions that might help you: perhaps if you went to your church, they would let you use their internet connection to view the simulcast within the next 30 days…or perhaps a friend might have a better connection. However, if neither is possible, send me your name and address to [email protected], I will be happy to reimburse your $20. Should you in the future not be able to afford attendance, I know Beth does offer scholarships to most all of the events, if you contact them…I am truly sorry you missed such an awesome event. In Christ love, Kim Goetz

  8. 658
    Ceffie says:

    Thank you so much for the beautiful material. Ive run it off so Ican share with all my sisters who were at the simulcast. I did have a problem with the Identity with the Identity Declaration, when I clicked to make it bigger it really got bigger. I have enough paper to make a mural on my office wall. If anyone has this trouble I just copied it put it into a Word document then reduced it so that it fits on an 8 1/2 by 11 paper, then Igot real creative and reduced it to make it prayer card size so I will laminate them to be carried in our wallets. Just a suggestion. Once again thanks for the blessings received from the words you spoke. God Bless Ceffie

    • 658.1
      Kim Goetz says:

      FYI, you must first save the file before you can print it, is all. I saved the identity declaration and it printed out perfectly. Just save it to your computer and print it, no adjustments will be necessary…

  9. 659

    Powerful day on Saturday. I was blessed to be present in Fort Wayne at the event with 2 brave men. I’d like to share what they took away…My friends husband said he had tears throughout the event because his mind kept going to his now grown daughters and wished they had heard all of this before they left home. My sweetie said the thought constantly on his mind was leave the past in the past and move forward. For me it was His constant presence throughout the event and knowing more of how important I am too Him. BTW we did not ask our brave men to attend. They are best friends and cooked it up between them that they wanted to see what gets us so excited about attending. They get it now! Blessings to you and yours!

  10. 660
    Susan Lackey says:

    Beth, Your Identity Declaration reminds me of my sister’s writings. She passed 15 years ago but left us some gems. Here’s one of them:
    Set myself in vain to flower
    Wrecked myself in my own power
    Gave myself to God so broken
    Died to self so life could open
    Full beyond imagination
    Now in Christ a new creation
    Mary Lynn Wallace 1987

  11. 661
    Nicola says:

    Is there a way of purchasing a DVD of the simulcast? It was so life-changing!

  12. 662
    Kristi says:

    It was a fabulous day! I was lead coordinator at our church and was enjoying that role immensely. I’d invited my d-i-l to come, as I knew she was not a believer and doesn’t even feel comfortable in a church. I did not even think about what I’d do with her after she agreed to come. But started praying the week before for God to send someone for her to sit with, whom she’d feel safe with, so she’d stay the whole day. And prayed earnestly for the Spirit to draw her to Himself…
    Well, I awoke Saturday morning with NO voice after catching my grandbaby’s cold. But my team stepped up and filled my duties wonderfully! And I was able to sit next to my d-i-l ALL day! And I was next to her when she prayed to accept Jesus as her Savior! He took my voice so she would be able to hear His Voice!
    There’s an awful lot of rejoicing going on here, too! Not only in Heaven! Thank you, Lord God. You are amazing!
    Thank you, Beth, for your obedience to the Spirit of God. Someday, I’d like to give you a huge hug!

  13. 663
    Betty M says:

    I did not make the simulcast this year but I sure loved your definition of the woman of God. Excellently written.
    Such a diverse group but no matter how we look or don’t look or how we act or don’t act or what we believe or don’t believe, we still are God’s women. Praise God from Whom all blessings flow!
    Betty M

  14. 664
    Judy says:

    Unable to come up with 1 word for Sat, but GOD has BLESSED Beth with her ability to spread GOD’s word.We had a glorious day!!!!!!!! Satan was working hard to keep my sister and myself from attending. But haha to him. I found it exhilarating, and amazed to see so many women in one spot hungry for GOD’s word.
    Thank you Beth

  15. 665
    Morgan Alexis says:

    Beth and her wonderful team,
    Thank you so much for another wonderful experience learning, worshiping and celebrating the Good News of Jesus Christ. I have been ‘suffering’ from Multiple Sclerosis, Chron’s Cancer and bunch of other afflictions, but because the Lord sent His Son Jesus Christ to die for me and become my savior, today I get to be the soul he creates me to be and not the body he created for me. I have recently been struggling with living life while surviving life. I finished 38week of radiation and interferion treatments a few months ago and will be taking a slightly extended break from DMD’s (disease modifying drugs) and have decided to go back to school once again, to be a minister. I have been living in the word daily, hungry for more of Jesus. I am right in the middle of Children of the Day, and it has taken me longer to do than I had planned, and OH MY, GOD IS GOOD! Everyday He is working in my life in such a way that the Scripture is literally ALIVE IN MY LIFE!! Bed bound and in pain that is sometimes unbearable I have found the greatest Grace imaginable! I have been praying for God to show me what to do with this hunger and drive to share His message in my life, and preferably something outside the testimony of my current physical illness. I thought that I would start ministering when I was more stable, more educated, stronger physically, but God told me to say NO to my plan and YES to His. You see I got very sick in 2004 and was lost in the darkness, away from the Lord. Dying of a rare blood disease that had claimed my cousin that very year, watching my mother suffer and than Die from aggressive multiple sclerosis, I thought I had nothing to live for. I was using drugs to numb my fear and destroying my spirit to mask my pain. I was in a abusive relationship, bound by lust, crime and sex. Toxified by drugs to ‘heal’ my disease and thoughts of self harm, I was in a state of real desperation. Than God spoke to me, he told me “he was giving me a gift to save my life but that it was not mine to keep”, I was against ALL probabilities and believed by the doctors to be completely impossible, pregnant. I knew right away when my hair started growing back and my body and soul were so immediately changed by the ACT OF GOD, that He had indeed touched my life. My own doctors would not even perform the pregnancy test, I had to go to a Birthright center in another state to get the test and I knew the second I heard His voice that I was being called. I placed my daughter for adoption to a local family. I pumped breast milk for my daughter for 10 months. Her family adopted another little girl at birth, three months before my daughter was born, when she was 9 months she developed failure to thrive. So for 4 months I provided breast milk for both babies. This was a hard choice and one that I have never been afraid of sharing, however there is a part to this story that I don’t like to share and that is the part about how I had an abortion, before AND after my daughters’ birth. I did what was wrong because I knew no better, I did what was right because God told me, than I sinned against the very God that forgave me, knowing what I was doing was so very wrong. Until this weekend and your simulcast, I was not sure what I could do TODAY to follow God’s path for me and my ministry. I did not see how my story may save the lives of unborn children whose mothers may not know that adoption is an option. Now, because of LPL and my fellow sisters in Christ, I have several ideas of ways I can start sharing my story, starting right now. We all need a place to start, and I thank the Lord for guiding me to His word so that I can help others find redemption in Christ. He has given me many, many hardships to overcome, and SO many areas of testimony that I know now were ALL for His ultimate purpose and glory. Thank you Beth Moore, LPL, Lifeway, and all the people I don’t know, and haven’t meet yet that played a part and will be a part in making this life changing day possible, and for listen to the call of God to act now and speak up for the woman of God to Respond In Jesus mighty name!!! Praise be to God and to the woman of God!! Thank you and again and God Bless!!!

  16. 666
    Bridget says:

    Beth, I absolutely love truth. When Discernment is your spiritual gift, you have to love it. I am in awe at how the truth of God’s word empowers and sets us free. Jesus is so kind to women. Thank you for being faithful in teaching God’s truth. We just don’t hear that kind of encouragement to women coming from the pulpit. Looking forward to your next study. Keep them coming. God Bless You!

  17. 667
    Gina Crouso says:

    Dear Beth, Thank you for your Words on Saturday.(Fort Wayne) God Continues to use Your Words to give me hope, to encourage my heart, and for confirmation that I am right where I am supposed to be and for LAUGHTER you were stinking hilarious today! You reminded me that God is rest and light (not heavy) 🙂 A Big thanks for that! I have been singing the Identity Declaration all week. Thank You for Putting it to Song.
    I was gifted time, Saturday, to be with my mother and Younger Sister. I would love to tell you our amazing stories of grief, infertility, adoptions, breast cancer, church planting, healing of childhood sexual abuse, a marriage being restored because Your ministry has played such a vital role in our lives! Because of your obedience and Relationship with Jesus, My life and so many others lives have been able to Healed and restored. So I say THANK YOU, BETH! I LOVE and ADORE YOU!

    “If you any encouragement from being united with Christ if any comfort from his love if any fellowship with the Spirit, if any tenderness and compassion, then make my joy complete by like-minded, having the same love, being one in spirit and purpose” Phil 2:1-3

  18. 668
    Jody Smith says:

    310 Clearview

  19. 669
    Jody Smith says:

    310 Clearview Dr
    Pleasant Hill, Mo 64080
    It was such a wonderful day for me. Have never seen you before, so a real treat! Thank you so much to Jodi Profit who paid for my ticket and brought. I gave Christ my GUILT. I had been beating myself to death for being ugly to my Precious husband ,whom I lost 8/30/2013. Now I have wonderful memories without pain of guilt. I will be able to do your Bible Studies now that I see how you think and delve into the Bible. Thank you sooo much Lord Jesus!

  20. 670
    Temille says:


    Your clarity, sense of humor, and practical applications made this a most memorable time of praise, worship and study. Thank you so much for sharing the beautiful prose, poetry, and study guide, I am inspired. Thank God that technology continues to work in your favor.

    Love, Peace & Blessings!!!

  21. 671
    Jill Boardman says:

    The simulcast was wonderful! I especially liked the Identity Declaration and have been singing it every morning to start my quiet time. Thank you for sharing it. Is it possible to get a copy of the “over 50” prayer? I think it was written for me so I’d like to pray it often!!
    May God Bless you and keep you. Jill

  22. 672
    christina says:

    Thanks for the resources! The Identity Declaration (and tune) have become a positive new part of my mental soundtrack this week (displacing many rubbishy thoughts of accusation, inadequacy, and worry). I posted the print-out behind my powder room door so I’ll see it often. May the Lord protect you from post-simulcast depression and attack and speak to as well as through you.

  23. 673
    Mary G. says:

    I FINALLY got to watch the simulcast lasnight after resolving a computer glitch and it was amazing! I loved the part where as Beth was saying the words – what does a woman of God like? The precious women of the praise team were coming up the stairs behind her. My heart hurt for the one that was wiping away tears. I don’t know your name my dear sister in Christ, but I am praying for you.Even though I was sitting on my couch with my laptop I felt like I was right there! The Holy Spirit fell so heavily as I watched. I so appreciated the Identity Declaration. Since having wt loss surgery on June 2nd I have lost 68 lbs so far and the person in the mirror keeps changing very quickly. It’s easy to start getting confused when you look so different, feel so different, and especially when the people in your life treat you so different. The attention of the opposite sex that wasn’t there before…People in my life are trying to get me to do things I wouldn’t normally do. Someone I work with recently told me I needed to find my inner tramp. I replied I don’t have one!
    If anyone says anything to me like that again I pray I will have the gumption to be able to square my shoulders and look at them and say I am a woman of God. I don’t know what time will bring, and even though physically I am not a virgin. I have never given myself away. But I do know I want to stay pure until God brings me a husband or brings me home. I am commiting the Identity Declaration to memory and putting it on my mirror. So that as who I see in the mirror keeps changing I will not forget who I am or whose I am. I appreciate what you said about friendships.For me when I see someone trying to get to know me, that I tend to take a step back fearing if they got to know me they would be dissapointed. I am praying that the truth you spoke, that I am woman enough in Jesus will sink down to the marrow of my bones. On the survery you asked us if you could have something back what would it be? One thing I thought but didn’t put down, was my fertility. Three days later I got my period with a vengeance! Talk about homones! I was so crabby I wished I could get away from myself! I also have to mention the bathroom story. If it makes you feel any better you are not alone. A few years ago I was coming to the end of a very long day and I was totally exhausted. I walked into Walmart and headed for the bathroom, as I walked into the bathroom I thought why does this look so different? Not noticing the urinals I headed into the stall to do my business and as I was walking out that’s when I noticed the urinals! That’s when my slow pace quickly turned into a run!
    Thankfully, unlike yourself I was spared the embarrassment of a man coming in while I was in there, thank the Lord. But I was mortified nonetheless. Thank you Beth and team and I can’t even imagine how many behind the scenes, Thank you for a wonderful simulcast and a time with Jesus that will be so dear to my heart forever!

  24. 674
    Amanda says:

    Thank you for a wonderful simulcast again this year. So very blessed by the entire team. I wasn’t sure what God could have for me this day, there aren’t any real struggles or hurdles in my life right now, just the day in and day out. But I left feeling so refreshed and recharged to keep up n the fight, to make sure Satan does not get my family because I stopped standing watch and doing what God asks me to do. To respond. Daily to receive and respond. Thank you again! 190,000 women responding, I have goosebumps! I cannot wait to see us all start making some waves!

  25. 675
    Darla Prether says:

    Hi Beth,

    I feel compelled to write you… I must tell you that I am one of the many mothers that will not be aborting her child as prophesied by your husband. However, my child is not a physical one, but a spiritual one.

    About a week prior the simulcast, the Lord led me to Luke 1 where He distinguished between Zechariah’s response to God’s word (unbelief) and Mary’s response (“Behold, I am the servant of the Lord; let it be to me according to your word.”) I was faced with a decision. Would I embrace the things that God had been telling me, thus birthing my destiny, or believe the lies that I was being bombarded with? Although my faith felt weak, I took ahold of hope, and declared over and over, “Blessed is she who believed.”

    Needless to say, when I attended the simulcast and heard those same words, my heart did cartwheels! The truths washed over me, and I am brimming with a renewed passion to run with Jesus, dance with Jesus, love Him and be loved, serve Him well, and rest in Him well. I’ve had a blast learning the Identity Declaration song, even creating hand motions to help it stick. It is a constant reminder of who Christ is, and who I am in Christ. I’m finding this is the key to my breakthrough! Self-focus pulls me down. Jesus-focus lifts me up! Self-focus is shifting sand. Jesus-focus is solid Rock! It’s all about me decreasing and Jesus increasing; It’s about my will dying, and His will living. I believe that He has written a living will on my heart, and I am to die so that HE MAY LIVE! My destiny is ultimately to be transformed into His image… kind of like Jesus is being birthed.

    As you know, the labor pains can be tough. But I’m finding the more I relax and not fight it, the easier the transition becomes. After all, Jesus did it all. And when His blood and water flowed, He became my All in All. So, on behalf of women across the globe, thank you for being such an awesome midwife. Beth, you rock, and to Him be all the glory! -Darla

  26. 676
    Brooke says:

    Hello. I was wondering if I could get the accompany music for “I am a Woman of God” and “Blessed is she who believed.” I would greatly appreciate it.

  27. 677
    Robrenna says:

    Game. Changer.
    This simulcast was a game changer in my life. The Holy Spirit led me directly to you. I watched the simulcast from home on Tuesday because I was out of state with my husband the previous Saturday. From start to finish, every morsel was written for the hole in my heart that the Lord has since filled with liquid metal. I’ve been hurt by my sisters through actions taken toward my daughter by her sisters in her youth group and bible study. It was so painful to watch my 11-year-old go through such ugliness. She and I cried and prayed together often. I realized not only was I experiencing her pain but mine also. I grew up in an abusive home, abused in every way with glimpses of “normalcy” I was also bullied in school, so I already have trust issues. I am by no means perfect and have wallowed in the pit over and over again, but I was caught off guard by how awful my sisters and their daughters could be. Where is the safe place if not at your church or Bible study? Let me tell you I attend a true bible teaching church with a Pastor who is led by the spirit, so you could imagine how out of sorts and confused I felt. My heart began to harden and I began to isolate myself. I stopped attending women events, group bible studies and leadership activities. I stayed in the word and continued quiet time although there were days that I was reluctant to do so. The one thing I held onto in church was teaching 6th grade middle school girls in youth group.
    In my distress over how moms and the young girls treat each other, the Lord placed a burden on my heart. It became very apparent to me that girls are sucked into the way the media portrays female relationships and evidently so are we. The gossiping and cutting each other down, excluding others from their group, etc. The Holy Spirit moved me to create a curriculum that culminates to a Daughters of the King Banquet. My rational is that if these girls understand whom their heavenly Father is, the nature of Christ, and the gift of the Holy Spirit; that they will understand who they are as His daughters- Beautiful, treasured and loved. Of course, in the midst of writing the Lord said to me “this is for you too.”
    We developed the banquet this past June. In a portion of the banquet, I asked each girl if she accepts and receives her position through the blood of Jesus Christ, her position as a daughter of the King. Each girl sat on a throne while each mother read a blessing over their daughter. Then the mother presented her daughter with a necklace with a crown charm attached and the inscription 1 John 3:1. The youth pastor has supported the curriculum and the event. He has blessed over the Daughters of the King banquet to be an annual event. He also wants to create something similar for middle school boys, which I am excited about because I have a boy too. In the midst of all the struggles, God reassured me that he is with me in so many ways. My husband of 15 years, who is an Iraqi veteran, came to accept the Lord as his personal savior; and was just baptized September 7, 2014. My daughter, who is now 13, has learned to love and trust the Lord and still attend youth group although she feels she has only one friend who attends. She displays kindness to the ones who have hurt her and continue to ostracize her. Praise God that through pain he has given us beauty (Isaiah 61:3).
    Although the Lord has made His presence known, I still felt pressed down under Satan’s lies and was very apprehensive to move back into true fellowship. This simulcast shook me at my core. I cried and praised and cried and praised, I dropped to my knees and confessed my part in these fallen relationships. I repented for not accepting and believing what I was teaching these young girls. I realize my selfishness in holding on to childhood pain, and any other pain I’ve experienced as an adult, just added to the pylon of new pain. I realize it is time for me to take off the bandage so I do not get a rash! The Lord has opened my heart to respond. I have been singing the identity declaration every day- in my car, to my kids, to my dog. I shared it with women at work. It is a new day in my life as a woman!
    BLESSED IS SHE WHO BELIEVED! I am blessed because I believe!!!

  28. 678
    Amy says:

    During this year of frustration and challenges, I’ve felt as though I have been spinning my spritual wheels, looking back in angst wondering what I should have done differently. As I prayed the morning of the simulcast I felt God lay on my heart the words, “it’s time to turn a corner.”

    My heart nearly exploded as I was reading your blog this morning and saw these words: “Forward, Sister. No going back. Your life faces forward from here on out…” Praise the Lord, once you turn a corner, it’s a lot harder to look back, isn’t it?!

    Just had to let you know you provided confirmation for me that I can still hear from God … something I haven’t felt sure of for a while.
    As the tears of joy roll down my face, a simple thank you doesn’t seem to be nearly adequate… but I am so grateful to you for your obedience in using your gift and to God for being willing to speak to a stubborn woman who’s spent the last year with her fingers in her ears.

  29. 679
    Catherine says:

    She’s your mother with Alzheimer’s.
    She’s forgotten who she is.
    But she’s a woman of God
    He remembers. She is His.

    Now I’m crying. Again. My mother died in May, and yes, she forgot who she was for a while, there. This is so perfect – thank you so much.

  30. 680
    Samantha Loeb says:

    I just wanted to thank you for choosing San Diego in October for Living Proof Live! While my husband was in the military we lived there and I met this amazing group of ladies through a bible study group that I had found starting at a church by my house. Your bible studies guided me and the 9 other ladies to grow closer to each other and closer to God in ways that we never thought were possible. It’s amazing how no matter the age differences or backgrounds people come together through God. Being the only one in the group to be from Texas they would always tease me about how I sounded like you & now they will all be hearing you in person in October! I will not be able to afford to fly out there from Texas and come, but I just wanted to contact you to tell you thank you! You brought me closer to God and helped me make sisters in Christ become close friends! Have a great time in San Diego and be sure to visit Seaport Village for me!!!

  31. 681
    Beth says:

    THANK YOU!! After 20 years as a Christian, I finally GET IT! Here’s a blog post I just wrote about it:

  32. 682
    Donna Hopkins says:

    I wish that I could have been a part of the simulcast but there was no church in my area that was taking part in it this year and I couldn’t get my church interested. Our Women’s Ministry has fallen apart due to a leader that talked so ugly to us that many just walked away. No one has stepped up to the plate and tried to put it back together. I have been taking care of my father for the last five years until his death in January. I now have lost my entire family and never been more alone. I love you Beth and have been a Siesta for a long time. Please keep me in your prayers. I have done all of your studies except James and now have started your newest one. Please come back to Raleigh North Carolina soon. We love you and need you here.

  33. 683
    Lois Garbacz says:

    I want to thank all of you for allowing us to join you via simulcast. There were ten ladies from our Salvation Army Corps gathered in a home to participate. God so moved in our midst. I seldom am in a Bible study with all these women at the same time, but my heart yearns for it because they are all so rooted in God’s Word, ministering in their calling, and so loving. I was undecided about going, but they so urged me I could not refuse, and I am so very full of joy about that in itself. As we paired for prayer and the commissioning, my very best friend in Jesus was my partner. You have been a part of our friending growing. Thank you. Thank you for loving Jesus, for being obedient to His call on your life, for being honest and forthright and so sensitive to His Holy Spirit. Thank you for allowing Jesus to come into your life and then spilling out all that love He brought with. Thank you, thank you Jesus, thank you God Almighty.

  34. 684
    Deanna McFarlin says:

    Dear Beth-
    I want to thank you for an amazing simulcast from Ft. Wayne. We all enjoyed it so much here in Winnsboro, Texas. When I say we I mean all of us women from Morgan’s Mercy Mansion. We are a faith based rehab for women. A very nice lady in our community used her birthday money and bought us all tickets to hear your message. We all left so uplifted and truly free from our chains of addiction. It bought us closer and brought unity back to our small therapeutic community. We think a lot of you and your ministry here. We often learn your bible studies across the street at the Presbyterian church. Ive learned by listening to you that I don’t have to belong to a certain group or feel rejected by others. I can be successful in Christ even if I do make Subway sandwiches for a living, I used to be a nurse and I lost all of that when I went to prison for prescription drug abuse, and I am not ashamed anymore. Jesus loves me, my family loves me, and wants ME around now, and I have an amazing support system here at the mansion. Thanks for being down to Earth and genuine, our group receives well from people like yourself. May God bless you and your team. Your sister in Christ- Deanna McFarlin and the ladies from Morgan’s Mercy Mansion

  35. 685
    Laura vanlehn says:

    How do I get list of songs sung at this event? Or a recording better yet? It was wonderful! 🙂 laura

  36. 686
    Nikki says:

    I am so thankful for your ministry and for how the Holy Spirit teaches through you. Thank you for yielding to Him and for sharing with us.
    I was especially touched by the song your team shared with us with the words to your poem. The women of our church are preparing for our own Connecting Conference and I have been charged with leading the musical worship. I would love to include this song in our sets. What do permissions do I need so as not to infringe on copyrights?
    Thank you,

  37. 687
    Joy Lujan says:

    Beautiful. At the line about being a teacher, I added preacher in my mind, too. What a beautiful poem. Thank you.

  38. 688
    Kathy OBryant says:



  39. 689
    KariB says:

    I wasn’t able to get to the simulcast last night, is there a replay somewhere? Loved Audacious book and simulcast! Didn’t want to miss this one! No where here to watch it in my area

  40. 690
    Beth says:

    Beth – I can not tell you how I have been blessed by your ministry in my life. As soon as something new comes out, it is in my hands. I recently bought the Portraits of Devotion and I am so blessed as I read this every day! There is no other author out there that really challenges me like your books and studies do! Thank you so much for following God’s heart! and yes, I have the exact same name as you so that is always a fun conversation when I meet people! LOL. Be blessed!

  41. 691
    Chanda says:

    Hi Beth,
    Thank you for all that you do for the kingdom. Can we used this with you listed as the author for our women’s ministry? I am not sure if we will ask the women to say it or reprint it in our Bible study program, etc. The leadership team will discuss it.

    Also, I am watching you on TBN this evening and wanted to know if you are also the author of the woman of God poem showed on 2/24/16? Beautiful!

    God bless,

    • 691.1
      LPM-KMac says:

      Hi Chanda, You are sure welcome to use these. When you click on them to print them out, both have copyright information on them. (Yes, Beth wrote the poem also.) Blessings!

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