Siesta Summer Bible Study 2014 Gathering 3!

Hey Everyone! We’ve made it to Gathering 3 of our summer study! You guys are doing a fantastic job! The summer months are challenging for maintaining a discipline like in-depth Bible study. I’m tremendously blessed you’re carving out the time to take this journey with us and I am asking God to reveal His Son so powerfully to you through these pages.

SSBS Session 3 COTD from LPV on Vimeo.

If you have trouble viewing the video or simply have no time for it, here are the written discussions for you and your small group. Your answers will comprise your comments:

1. Turn to p.71 in  your Week Three homework and glance down the page at the two questions on the equations. First, if you wrote any additional “minus hindrance” equations, I’m dying to hear them. Don’t stress if you didn’t add one but share it if you did.  Second, were there two equations among those I listed in the lesson that resonated with you? If so, which ones and perhaps even why?


2. We’re going to do something a little different in response to Week Four. Instead of locking in on a specific question I posed in print during the week of homework, I want you to choose any day that from that week that God emphasized with you. In other words, did one day of homework stick out the most to you in your journey with Christ? If so, which one and why? Feel free to take a full paragraph in your comment to answer this question since it’s a big one.


The video for Session Five, which is completely optional in our summer study, goes into the portion of scripture that addresses healthy sexuality. If this topic resonates with you, you might consider downloading this particular session. (All of the teaching sessions can be found by clicking here.) In this session, I introduce the 28-Day Challenge, which can also be found in your workbook on pages 112-113. The rest of the study stays focused on the remaining chapters and wide range of topics found in 1st and 2nd Thessalonians but the 28-Day Challenge comes with much love to anyone who could use some help getting on a path of victory in the area of sexuality. You would do the 28-Day Challenge and the remaining 4 weeks of the study simultaneously. The 28-Day Challenge is primarily Scripture-focused prayer and would only add a few minutes to your homework. Those few minutes could be the difference between victory and defeat in an area strategically targeted by the enemy. I love you and I’ve been there. I deeply want you to know the dignity and honor of Christ’s gracious will for you.

OK!! For our next gathering in 2 weeks, please complete the homework assignments in Weeks Five and Six of the study! Here are your memory verses:


Week Five Memory Verse: (Our title verse! We have to do this one!)
“For you are all children of light, children of the day. We are not of the night or of the darkness.” 1 Thessalonians 5:5 ESV


Week Six Memory Verse:
“To this end we always pray for you, that our God may make you worthy of His calling and may fulfill every resolve for good and every work of faith by His power.” 2 Thessalonians 1:11 ESV


Thank you for the privilege to walk with you through these eight weeks of study. PERSEVERE!!! You are already halfway! So much love to you.


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  1. 201
    Karen K says:

    Unbelief-hinderance = healing
    Disappointment – hinderance = Faith

    Security -hinderance = trust in God
    Family drama – hinderance = unity

    These were the ones mentioned at our small group.

    Week 4
    Day 3 specifically was where I was met with God and he wants obedience from me.
    The specific details involve some hurt family members who are in my field of influence that they may never experience the love of Christ if I don’t put on the full armor of God and handle this they may be eternally lost. It involves my great niece who at 15 has delivered a son from an unknown father and since her mother has passed away I have had what I believe is a divine set up for a step up. (Thanks Beth) that one has been used many times from the Daniel study. I’ve been so called to task on this. I know ther poverty she lives in and I know the elephant in the room question is why not give him up for adoption. I don’t want to be the bad guy here, not on this issue. I am backing away from it. So when you gave the advise when I say “no” the Holy Spirit is saying yes. I am. Just waiting on The Lord for opportunity. I have been estranged from her for 10 years. I can’t just blurt this out to her. The pattern has been set for me to prove a good point but I am still not so sure it is my place. I would appreciate prayers. Perhaps she would ask me my thoughts about it. Baby Jase is only 2 months old. He stole my heart and I love him already too. This life is so tough. Thanks for listening and your prayers.

  2. 202
    Michelle says:

    Hi, this is Michelle responding on behalf of the Summerwood/Atascocita Siestas – we met a week late, but we met!! We had 8 ladies present and 2 ladies who had to miss. Our favorite equations from p 71 were disappointment – hinderance = faith and my life – the hinderance of all my hinderances = my God ordained destiny…of ones that ladies made up themselves, the faves were: Daily annoyances/disruptions in “our” plans – hinderance = submission and anxiety – hinderance = fuller awareness of God.
    From week 4, two ladies, one who recently lost her mama and one who’s dad is about to undergo major surgery at age 81, felt very touched by day 4. (BUT CAN YOU PLEASE ANSWER THE QUESTION ABOUT THE TOTAL NUMBER OF PPL WHO SAW THE RESURRECTED LORD?! THE NERDS AMONG US MUST KNOW!! : ) We also had a fun discussion about end times and our thoughts on that from day 5. Gosh and we also loved the more and more verses from Day 1.

    Thank you!

  3. 203
    Jennifer says:

    I added prosperity – hindrance = giver and trial – hindrance = witness. Being a math gal I really loved these. The whole lesson on not being hindered (by myself, others, or Satan) was really meaningful to me.

    For week 4 I especially appreciated the “more & more” in day 1. Such a reminder that we don’t stand still – we grow in something. Whatever we feed, that’s what grows. So if we don’t want our fears, our sins, our anger, to grow then we need to grow more & more in Christ’s courage, God’s grace, and always His love. We need to keep ADVANCING into the women God wants us to be!

  4. 204
    Karen says:

    1. fear-hindrance = increased faith
    two that spoke to me
    disappointment – hindrance = faith
    what happened -what hindered= an overcomer
    2. day 3 I seem to sometimes have no ability to say no. I feel like I will hurt them if I say no. However I see how we should live. We should live a quiet life, in this day and age of instant that is hard. Busyness is of the devil, its mass confusion, and its distracting from God. How we should mind our own business, and this is hard with facebook and twitter sometime with everyone posting their status that is a rant or bashing someone. If these social medias are used to honor Christ they are good, if they are used to air dirty secrets or such, then you are not minding your own business, and to work with our own hands, to do our jobs in a God honoring way. If I will do all these things, lead a quiet life, mind my own business and work with my hands then my witness to others and to the world will be a God honoring one, and I will lack nothing, not faith, not love, not grace and not my material needs either. Sorry for being so long winded, but I was very touched by this lesson.

  5. 205
    Kristy says:

    I must say, the entire week 4 study stood out to me the most so far. Every single day I was facing a dilemma that the study addressed. I closed each day in tears b/c I felt God’s comfort and answer to my prayer. I can’t even express how meaningful this was to me!!! If I have to choose a particular day it would be Day three. I’ve been facing struggles with non-believer friends & have often thought I need to re-evaluate those friendships. This day helped me to realize that I need to mind my own business, rely on God for wisdom in something as simple as a friendship. Never thought I’d say that at 40 years old, but that was eye opening for me! Thank you thank you for the simple words of “Carrying the reputation of Christ” I need to simply focus on that in my day to day, it is now my motto! Beth, I thank God for your insight. The way he uses you is amazing & inspiring! I have been longing & praying for a good study & this was the answer to my prayers. I had gotten a little bitter over life events and not necessarily strayed from God, but had definitely just been going through the motions of church and needed a renewal. It was by chance I stumbled upon the summer study on Facebook one day & I know it was God directing me! God Bless!!!

  6. 206
    Chelsea says:

    The two equations that I added are:
    brokenness – hindrance = openness and vulnerability, and
    inadequacy – hindrance = room to receive grace
    The second of these two equations spoke especially to me, because I tend to hold impossible standards for myself. The Lord is showing me that even my highest standard is not as high as His perfect standard, the existence of which is the reason why each one of us desperately needs Christ. When I lay my own pride before His throne and see His perfection, I am reminded that it is only through immeasurable grace that I stand before the Lord, completely justified. He became what He was not (sin), so that we might become what we were not (righteous). But in Him, we are complete. When we can remove the hindrance of our inadequacy, there is room to openly, willingly, and joyfully receive God’s grace.

  7. 207
    Amy G says:

    Heart aches hindrance=freedom to love
    Security – hindrance = freedom to serve

    Day 1 page 93…..”The God who beckons you to love more and more cannot live you more.” At a MercyMe concert earlier this year the song “Greater” which says “There will be days I lose the battle, grace days it doesn’t matter. The cross has already won the war.” Powerful. My focus verse for the summer….for my action and reactions has been centered on 1 John 4:18…..are my actions out of fear or love…..if fear then STOP and do the next right thing out of love……as MercyMe says, “I am holy, righteous and redeemed”! Thank you for this summer study …. God knew I needed it!

  8. 208
    Elaine says:

    hi Beth and all the sisters loved by God doing this amazing study….
    we are a week behind because it worked out for us teachers (on the west coast) who were still in school. we just completed week 4 and will be watching the video today…

    we were stuck last week when we tried to discuss the “hindrance” section… and now we feel like those students who are afraid to raise our hand and ask questions because everyone else seems to have “gotten it”. we had questions regarding what a “hindrance” looks like, practically speaking. is it something that just keeps is from moving forward from our particular situation… whether it originates from others, the enemy, or even ourselves? are they actual obstacles? are they thoughts? feelings? is it staying in a situation that we know we need to leave? (dating someone who we know we shouldn’t…. is the hindrance actually the guy? or the “not leaving” part? or could our situation be “abuse – hindrance= victory / freedom”…. what’s the hindrance? guilt? not telling anyone? )

    forgive us…. the late bunch and the ones with the questions. trying to not feel like it’s a “dumb” question…. but we certainly feel that way….

  9. 209
    Rosalie Castleberry says:

    I have already answered the questions for this week but after our class at church this morning I want to make another comment/observation. I am so privileged to be doing this class online and also at our church. This morning we discussed Week 4 and then watched Video 5. Our leader started the class by asking us how many had been in other Beth Moore studies. Most of us had. Then she asked how we thought this one compared. The majority felt that this study seems so watered down and has less meat. When scripture was discussed and history given, etc. it was great, but it just seemed for the most part “dumbed down.” Everyone agreed that the videos were fantastic and as good as ever. Everyone agreed that the research and all that went into the study were first rate, but we just had a feeling that maybe the publisher was wanting things made easier?????? Just an observation I thought I would pass on since this week Beth was asking for feedback.

  10. 210
    Cindy M says:

    I am running a little behind in the study. However, I just have to post a comment. I am at day 5 week 5, page 134… Beth says she is going to annoy us to write 13 verses… I had to laugh… She does not know, each and every study I do, I write all the verse in the margin the study quotes. Anyone else out there with me??? It helps me later or when we talk about that page. Extra fat in books in good words from God.

    • 210.1
      Vicki R says:

      Yes, I do that too. 🙂 Makes the studies take longer, but it is great when I go back to reread them.

  11. 211
    Genevieve Garrison says:

    I am back. Thank you for being patient with me in answering this blog. Ok, here we go.
    Longing – hindrance = patience
    My pain (physical pain) – hindrance = testimony and reminder

    Page 94 really touched my heart about the completed canon that Paul held in his hands. I wonder if he only had the first five books or the entire Old Testament that we have today. I also wonder if he had the Torah and several other books that were separate. I love the history of the Bible and how it comes alive because we are studying it in detail.I remember being so young and not understanding this giant Book. But after years of your Bible studies, BSF and other studies, it is truly the most amazing Book in the world.

  12. 212
    Emma says:

    Perfectionism – hindrance = God’s worthiness

    In week 4 I think my favorite day was Day 5. I have been absolutely fascinated with End Times and I LOVE to study and debate and discuss the series of events that is to come. This day was a good reminder to not get to caught up in how I think it will all happen because we can’t know! However, no matter how you slice it, the idea of being caught up in the air with Him and then getting to stay in His presence forever is GLORIOUS! Also, the compare/contrast with the passage in Exodus was fascinating! I love to see how the Word is consistent while also looking at how passages are different and WHY because that WHY is usually so significant and beautiful! FInally, the discussion on the trumpet and the cloud was really cool! Imagine a voice like a trumpet and a cloud that both bears visibly witness and protects.

    This study has been sooooo life-giving and I did watch the Session 5 video and thought you did an OUTSTANDING job of teaching on the subject of sexuality! So good!

  13. 213
    Marie says:

    1. The two I added are…
    No love-hindrance =God’s Love

    The 2 that spoke to me most were…
    Dissappointment-hinderance=faith &

    Faith and trust are the hardest for because of a very hard life and a lot of hurt.

    2. From week 4 pg 93 spoke to me.
    The section on God’s love especially.
    After a lifetime of hurt I struggle with understanding and believing God loves me.
    I always feel like I have to try to earn His love.
    I am trying to grow in this area and really felt this speaking to me.

  14. 214
    Deborah Maish says:

    rejected – hindrance = loved
    judgement – hindrance = grace

    childhood trauma – hindrance = testimony
    disappointment – hindrance = faith

    Absolutely loved Wk 4 p.105
    God is your help. This whole thing is not dependent on you. In Him is your future and it is bright with His countenance.

    Deborah put your hope in the LORD. For there is faithful love with the LORD, and with Him is redepmtion in abundance. Ps. 130:7

    In His hands we find solace, in His heart we find rest, in His time we find meaning, in His eyes we are blessed, in His strength we are made mighty, in His light morning breaks, in His Word He has promised He is coming…

    HALLELUJAH… awesome word from the LORD.
    Thank you so much!!!

  15. 215
    Delores O. says:

    Meeting is a small group but a week behind the main group at least 🙂

    1. My additions:
    Dreams – hindrance = ministry
    Fears – hindrance = victory, testimony, overcoming

    2. From Week 4, i really loved hearing about being “God taught”. Growing up in a non-Christian home, it’s still amazing ot me to have found The Lord. That is just another way of affirming that He saw me, sought me and drew me to Himself. He was working in my life even when i was unaware of Him. I am trying to rely on that assurance of His continued presence as i strive to teach my own children. It’s easy for me to get caught up in seeing my mistakes and failures and struggling with the fears that “i’m ruining my kids”. If He can work to draw me from an environment where i didn’t learn of Him at all, surely He is great enough to work in spite of my failings in an environment where we strive to proclaim Him and draw my children to Himself.

  16. 216
    Kim says:

    A major and lengthy stomach bug has me BEHIND…but I’m determined to catch up!

    1. My addition was: rejection – hindrance = accepting others.

    The two that spoke to me the most were:

    Disappointment – hindrance = faith
    Rejection – hindrance – accepting others

    2. Week Four – Honestly, every day spoke to me. Every. Single. Day. But in looking back over the week, Day 1 was the most profoundly personal for me. Even More. I loved the end “And right there in the increase, a miracle of decrease is forced into play: as we are more and more aware of His love, we fear less and less.” And the verse from 1 John – “Perfect love drives out fear.” Fear is quite possibly my #1 stronghold, and it drives more choices and decisions that I even realize. So I have been focusing on increasing my awareness and making the conscious choice of faith over fear. I love the mental picture of fear decreasing as my faith – and ability to love – increase.

  17. 217
    Beth says:

    1. Disappointment-hinderance=faith
    Loneliness-hinderance=fellowship with God

    2. I really liked week 4 day and the discussion of more and more. The idea that something is going to grow even more and we have the choice to decide whether it’s going to be a positive or negative thing. In times of life when I let those negatives grow more and more it’s empowering to know, understand and realize that I can take some control to make a change to allow that positive thing grow. It’s in making those daily choices that we can live more Christ like lives.

  18. 218
    Jonni says:

    My equation:
    Faith+trust+grace+mercy+trials-hindrance=witnessing+sharing the good news
    The lessons of week 4 that hit home for me was day 2 and 3. It was a revelation to me to learn how the early church was “taught by God”. I’ve always wondered how I, being a first generation Christian, was drawn to God and given such a desire and wonder to know Him more fully. Day 3 really touched by heart because I have been burdened to witness to unbelieving family members, especially my oldest daughter. What a comfort to be reminded that I must simply “seek strenuously to be still”. I struggle often feeling like I’m not “doing” enough or that I will miss that “still small voice”. To know that I must “walk properly in the presence of outsiders so that my daily life may win the respect of outsiders” has become my start-the-day prayer. Thank you Beth, God has surely used you to nurture my faith in a barren land.

  19. 219
    Mary in NH says:

    Weeks 3 and 4 were both particularly relevant for me. Week 3 gave me some guidelines for my own personal growth – things I needed to hear and take to heart. I need to lead a quiet life, not drawing any unnecessary/unhelpful attention to myself, especially at work. I tend to mind my own business a lot about things that happen at my church – I don’t ask for details or want to gossip. I’m afraid that knowing too much may cause me to love people less. I’m often asked by outsiders who have this burning need to “know more” about what’s going on, but I have no desire to ask too many questions to fuel anyone’s appetite for gossip.

    When I turned to week 4, I was handed a four page study on 1 Thessalonians 4:13 – the very verse I had just sent in a message to a dear friend who is grieving the accidental death of her granddaughter. The timing could not have been better. This dear woman, a pastor’s wife, is surrounded by her church family. We (their church family) do not allow her (or pastor, or their adult daughters) to grieve like those who have no faith/hope. The pain of this tragedy will heal, and they have the promise of seeing their granddaughter again for all eternity. This past month, I have been a part of a church that’s put flesh on scriptural truth. It’s been amazing.

  20. 220
    Twila says:

    Solo and behind a little with the blog but ahead on homework!

    1. Work equalities-hindrance–pray moment by moment
    Two I liked were

    Week 4 overall the message of hope as christians that we have. I’m know that I couldn’t do life without Christ and our hope.
    God has instructed me many times directly and when I acted in obedience it was always glorious and more than I could have imagined.

  21. 221
    Denise Solbach says:

    1. Anxiety -hindrances = patience
    Weariness – hindrance = endurance.
    Childhood trauma -hindrance = testimony resonated with me the most.
    2. Week Four, Day Four: I was in tears as I read thru the lesson. I struggle with the idea that death is not the end, what will it be like. The idea of being “asleep” is easier to accept. And that we can “hasten to God in our grief” is a comforting thought. Grief has felt so isolated in the past, and to know God draws me to him in that time is the best balm for my soul there is!
    “In His hands, we find solace. In His heart, we find rest. In His time, we find meaning. In His eyes, we are blessed. In His strength, we’re made mighty. In His light, the morning breaks. In His Word, He has promised. in His coming, sleepers wake.” These phrases say it for me.

  22. 222
    Amy Tosland says:

    1. Shut Down of a big project I was passionate about – hindrances = God’s timing and purpose instead of mine

    My thwarted plans – hindrance = humility

    God met me so sweetly in this exercise and gifted me with a new perspective on a currently difficult situation. There is a intimate deepening of faith that happens when I humbly trust God’s timing and purposes instead of my own. Learning to let go…

    2. Day Four of Week 5 had a significant impact on me. I “happened” upon this lesson 2 days after my grandfather passed away after a long struggle with Alzheimers. We have had many deaths in our family in the last 5 years, and honestly, it has sobered up our family in a pretty profound way to the fragility of life and the reality of death. Lately, our family get togethers aren’t for Christmas parties and reunions, but funerals and memorial services. My extended family is a mix of believers and non-believers. What a marked difference it has been at the death beds and funerals of the ones who were merely going home to be with Christ. There was a clearly different grieving for sure, one filled with hope. Loss is inevitable, but oh those verses on page 105 fed my soul like cold spring water to a desert thirst! HE WHO PROMISED IS FAITHFUL! Amen!

  23. 223
    Kristie says:

    I was not able to come up with an equation that could better describe the season I’m in now than all the ones Beth wrote. So many of them seemed to have been written just for me. My favorites were

    Devastation – hindrance = Trust
    What happened – what hindered = an overcomer

    From week 4, day 1 was most powerful to me. I loved researching all the verses. What I was able to learn was that whatever I am doing or what others may be doing, for good in Jesus or for evil, it will grow more and more. I cannot be static. I’m always growing and whatever I’m doing or feeling will always increase. It was very powerful to me to know that blessings, grace, joy, knowledge, discernment and love will grow. Amen!

  24. 224
    Christine Blair says:

    1. My additions would be
    Sadness/brokenness-hindrance=contentment/ peace

    2. The two that spoke to me were disappointment-hindrance= faith
    And devastation-hindrance=trust. Both of these answers have to do with my current living situation
    And trying to secure new housing under a small window of time in my eyes.
    There has been multiple rejections by the double digits presently
    And the word hindrance seems as big as the wall in Jericho in moving
    To the next step. With 3 kids in different stages of life there’s hurt
    All around.

    3. My most impactful day would be day 2 as in my circumstances it’s hitting home the hardest.
    No I haven’t gone thru what Paul has yet it just seems that way.
    With rejection and hearing no so many times it’s devasting and my faith
    Is wavering. This lesson kicked me in the pants which frankly I needed.
    I need to make it to the next place sweetheart or not I’ve been scarred or not.
    Thank you Heavenly Father for using this study and this day to stretch me

  25. 225
    Ginger Hawthorne says:

    1. Wow, “minus hindrance”! I’ve remembered the Hindrance lesson since the first time around and enjoyed it again this time . . . I thought of these:
    Childrearing – hindrance = Love
    Addiction – hindrance = release
    Guilt – hindrance = acceptance
    The two that speak to me most:
    breakup – hindrance = breakthrough
    guilt – hindrance = acceptance
    God led me from a failed marriage to a great marriage twenty years later once I let the hindrance go and let Him lead!
    2. In Day 5, I especially enjoy the Clouds. Since we memorized this verse: “I lift mine eyes unto the hills, from thence cometh my help, My help comes from the Lord” I’ve had a special connection to the clouds. Since we don’t have hills in Houston, the clouds became my hills. Now, seeing these new references to clouds together, those clouds are intensified. Fortunately we see them most days. In addition, several times driving I have looked into the clouds and seen those beautiful rays of sunlight streaming through, in Houston, the Redwood Forest, in Virginia. And other times, seeing the rain streaming out of the dark clouds, replenishing the earth, God pouring out on it and us. Yes, CLOUDS . . .

  26. 226
    Amanda says:

    I’m sorry I think I forgot I didn’t record my answers for this session.

    1. Additional:
    marriage – hindrance = God’s witness to for intimacy in relationships
    fear – hindrance = courage

    2. The equations that spoke to me the most:
    childlessness – hindrance = mother of many (through my work as a teacher; in my church; neighborhood)
    My husband Scott and I met later in life. We had both been married before but no children. It’s really to late to “have” children but we have considered adoption and will see what God shows us. However, if He doesn’t lead, Beth, I’m like a woman who replied earlier your lesson gives MUCH peace to those of us God has not blessed with “blood-related” children.
    fear – hindrance = courage
    I chose one I added second because lately I have had many fears: ?? I’m not a fearful person by nature but for some reason over last 2 years I have feared greatly making poor decisions that lead to life-time consequences; or worrying fearfully over events that have never happened in my life like losing my home to a tornado; or a crippling car accident for me or my family. I know, very morbid. However, I’ve been praying and acting on greater courage from the Lord and praying for His wisdom and discernment in our decisions in life.
    These equations are a simple way to effectively think about areas of our life we need to grow in.

    2. This answer doesn’t come from the daily homework but from Session 4’s video. Last fall, I began mentoring a close friend through Breaking Free Bible Study at my pastor’s request. I love the Bible Study and believe in its message. I know what it did for my life. But I honestly worried about doing this with a close friend I know “much” about. I jumped in anyway. Things went very well until session 7. And as the saying goes “all hell broke loose”. She did NOT want to face some very specific sins in her life that were/are detrimental to her and her family. She knew I knew that’s what she was doing and that made her even more mad. (She’s a fairly new Christian to boot). We ended up parting ways though I tried to be gentle, her guilt was/is driving her.
    Honestly, I backed away feeling like a complete failure. Who was I to mentor anyone??? I had started a new teaching job last fall so I just poured myself into that and tried to pretend it didn’t hurt so much.
    Your video session on the “Madness and Gladness of Deep Personal Involvement” gave me the encouragement but the challenge of not giving up putting time into helping someone else grow just because it doesn’t always go well. I had prayed for this friend for 15 years for salvation. And now we were doing Bible Study and it just fell flat.
    Beth, you helped me to understand that I give and encourage but it’s up to God’s timing and leading in that person’s life as to whether they accept or reject teachings at that time in their life.
    Thank you SO much for the Peace this lesson brought to me.

  27. 227
    Dora says:

    1. Loss of Sleep – Hindrance = Early Rising to Read God’s Word
    2. ALS – Hindrance = Love, Faith, Hope at a deeper level

    The two that spoke to me personally were mine about ALS (above) and Beth’s about Devastation – Hindrance = Trust because this is where my life is right now.

    I hate to admit it, but I have only done one day of week 4 so I can’t answer this question. Since my husband has ALS and I’m his sole caregiver, my time is not my own and I don’t always have time for Bible study. He can only move his right hand a little bit to control his wheelchair and nothing else, so my days are full taking care of him. He wants me in the same room with him, so getting away for Bible study doesn’t happen as much as I’d like.

    I will keep plugging away at this Bible study even if it takes me months to complete it!

  28. 228
    Lacy says:

    Very late, but glad to be involved still!

    1. My equations from week 3:
    Bitterness – hindrance = opportunity to love
    Fear – hindrance = trust in God to deliver

    2. The day that seemed to most tug at my heart was the 3rd day. The comments made about saying yes to people because I assume it is the loving answer even when my insides are screaming no was something I related with. I sometimes forget that God often puts desires in our hearts as a way to lead us to His will. Leading a quiet life, minding our own business and working with our own hands allows others in our family of believers to not inhibit one another, but rather to encourage us to thrive for His name and purposes. I want my actions to be not on what makes me feel the less guilty, but rather what brings Him the most glory!

  29. 229
    Lynn says:

    S, I am a little behind. Really only one week although it looks like two from my delinquency to get on here and answer.

    First I have loved reading some of the “math equations” that people came up with. I have stolen some of them and written them in my study guide to remember later. I am thankful for the creativity in others.

    The two that resonated the most with me were disappointment – hindrance = faith and injustice – hindrance = room for God’s wrath.

    Week four, day 5 had a comment that stuck with me. “The Bible was not written to gratify my curiosity.” I love that we do not have to figure out the end times. If God wanted us to know everything He would have spelled it out point by point. Instead He left that subject a little cloudy. I also loved the word picture given by Beth that our reward of our pursuit may be the “inestimable gift of answerless awe.” I am so thankful that God is bigger than I am and that I can rest in that and not have to have it all figured out!

  30. 230
    Christine says:

    1. On pg. 71 I added “Bitterness – hindrance = Joy” as well as “Guilt – hindrance = Freedom”. Out of the ones that were given to us, I would say that “What happened – what hindered = an overcomer” spoke the most to me … In the past, I would have replayed mistakes I made over and over in my head and “beaten myself” up over them for ages afterward. This is thankfully an area I am improving in I think 🙂

    2. For week 4, God spoke to me about (from the video session)”my control = a screaming testament to MY distrust of God” … I have been thinking about that one all week!! The other verse that resonated deeply with me from day 4 is 1 Thess 4:13 “We do not want you to be uninformed brothers, concerning those who are asleep, so that you will not grieve like the rest, who have no hope.” This past year my husband’s father died, and just recently my uncle unexpectedly died, as well as a lady who was instrumental in my early Christian walk and ministry. We were in Canada when my father-in-law passed away, and we have every assurance that he is with the Lord. “Pops” was a faithful servant of God. We were in Ireland when my uncle and our friend passed away. My uncle’s death saddens me because I don’t think he had a relationship with Jesus (but I am so thankful that I don’t KNOW that for sure!) … my friend Margaret’s passing hit me way harder than I would have expected. It was a shock, I hadn’t realized her cancer had progressed so quickly and I found out she had died from a facebook status, and later a personal e-mail. Anyway, she and her husband were always incredibly supportive of me in ministry after I became a Christian. I never fully realized what “spiritual parents” they were to me until this happened. And so on pg. 105 after the sentence “In His coming, sleepers wake … I wrote down “Margaret” and “Pops” and was so thankful to have that assurance from God!!

  31. 231
    Denise says:

    I loved the “even more” verses in Week 4, Day 1. How I want my humility, God’s grace, joy, fearlessness, and love to grow even more in my life. I am so fearful. I’m afraid of not being perfect, not being accepted, of failing, of messing up. I don’t want these fears to grow…I want God’s fearlessness to grow more and more – to abound.

  32. 232
    Michelle C says:

    1.) Anxiety – hindrance = freedom
    2.) Worry – hindrance = faith
    “My life – My hindrances = My God ordained destiny” resonated most with me, because when I let my worries and anxieties take over, I don’t have the freedom that I already know I have in Christ.

    Week Four, Day 1, page 93
    “The God who beckons you to love more and more cannot love you more.” Mind blowing. I know it, but I have to meditate on it to fully grasp it and ingrain it in me. God loved me before I knew Him, before I loved Him.

  33. 233
    Cindy Childers says:

    Question 1a:
    Hurting Marriage-hindrance=Resurrection
    Lots of military moves changing cities – hindrance=Gospel exposed to me in many ways and gospel exposed to others through me.

    Question 1b:
    Disappointment – hindrance = Faith
    My pain – hindrance = My Passion

    Question 2:
    Day Two did it for me…the phrase…the miracle of being “Taught by God” was nearly just too much. I had never even thought about learning the Word, learning about Jesus before in that way. For some reason, studying the bible, doing bible studies, taking notes during church has often seemed like the work of me or my teachers. Us just doing our thing. Lord forgive me. When in truth, YOU are the One who does the teaching, the understanding, the comprehension, the enlightening, the giver of Truth. Lord, I want to be taught by YOU God. It is such a personal, tender thing to grasp. Thank you God. XXOO

  34. 234
    Paula/Jenny says:

    1a- Loss- hindrance=appreciation and faltering marriage- hindrance=growth & battle ready warriors
    1b- childhood trauma- hindrance=testimony and devastation – hindrance = trust

    2-Paula- day 2- when as the prodigal He brought me back, I felt as though He were teaching me. I knew things and learned things that I shouldn’t have known in out of the ordinary ways. I realized later that He was preparing me for future events. 6 months after I returned to Him, my 16 year old son had an accident and was paralyzed. The LORD walked me through it with His peace. No other way to describe it!! I continued to praise Him and rejoice in Him throughout the long months of hospitalization. Doctors said he wouldn’t be able to move from the neck down but praise God my son walks today!!! My Physician had the final say!!! 🙂 He teaches and coaches junior high young men in football, basketball and baseball! There was no reason for me to know His ways or His Word and to be able to stand on it in my time of trouble. I was basically a 40 year old baby christian. He is the Way and the Answer!!!
    Jenny-day 1as we are more and more aware of His love, we fear less and less!! We get to decide which we want to feed and which we want to starve.

  35. 235
    christina moore says:

    1. Mine: Weakness – hindrance = God’s power displayed
    Caterpillar – hindrance = butterfly
    Of Beth’s equations, the two which resonated most with me were Disappointment – hindrance = faith and heartbreak – hindrance = depth. I am living in multiple areas of disappointment and heartbreak in this season, and these equations point me towards positive, hopeful goals in their midst. I didn’t/wouldn’t choose them and can’t make them stop, but through God’s grace I can choose to respond by looking to Him for good from them.

    2. I Post-It tabbed and underlined the life out of day 4, “Since We Believe.” Why? See answers to #1. Mama Beth, this lesson gave such hopeful words in the midst of the grief and loss. “God is your help. He is your strength. This whole thing is not dependent on you. In Him is your future and it is bright with His countenance.” Yes and amen!!

  36. 236
    Christen says:

    1. Poor self esteem-hinderence= beauty in God’s eyes
    Neediness-hinderence= reinforcement through God.

    My life-hinderence= My God ordained destiny
    And the self esteem one from above.

    2. Day three Stop in the Name of Love spoke most to me. I have a really hard time not saying yes to people, so much so that it can be a hinderence to me. I am a people pleaser and like to make people happy. I also sometimes feel like to do and do and do is what Christ would want me to do., and who am I kidding I also want people to like me so I say yes. Through this portion of study I’ve come to discover that sometimes God may not be wanting me to say yes to everything. I need to show God’s love, but there also needs to be boundaries.
    What also spoke to me was minding my own business. I need to learn to be more quick to listen and slower to speak. I have enough on my plate to worry about without being in others business. I really struggle with this and I’m trying to work on it.

    Thank you for sharing this study, and your God given talent.

  37. 237
    Muril says:

    Hi! I am so behind on the study because I started late but am pushing myself to do this for me- I need it so much. My favorite day of week 4 that spoke to my heart was day ONE! EVEN MORE! It hit me like a ton of bricks. We know that we grow more and more each day in God’s goodness- it is not supposed to be stagnant and not grow. And, we know that God always loves us the same now matter where we are in our journey and we can’t buy a higher spot in Heaven by our goodness-it’s God’s grace that abounds. I love thinking of the simplicity of….If I grow more and more in love- then hate is less in less in me. If I grow more and more in truth- untruth was/is less and less. Looking at the opposite as being less and less was/is awesome. I hadn’t thought of it that way before. That motivates me to steer clear of self pity- who in the world wants self pity to grow? 🙂 I’ll sum it up with your own words Beth! “Something is going to grow. Something will get ‘more’ of us.” May we all grow in the sweet spiritual gifts that God has in store for us. Amen. Thank you for your time with us- it has been and continues to be a blessing in my life.

  38. 238
    Kelly says:

    I cannot find where to sign up for the 28 day challenge.

  39. 239
    Astrid says:

    1. I added:
    Grief- hindrance = empathy
    Personality- hindrance= authenticity
    betrayal- hindrance= vulnerability
    Shame- hindrance=connection

    i liked
    heartbreak- hindrance= depth- i love the people in my life that have really wrestled through hard stuff- they do possess a rare depth and beauty
    disappointment- hindrance= faith- so true-

    2. Week 4, Day 1 resonated with me- i underlined ” God has an affinity for lengthening cords and extending boundaries with a person willing to be stretched by Him”
    It convicted me of placing limits to God and the places i am willing to go with Him.

  40. 240
    Linda says:

    I’m a little behind too! I was trying to keep up while my 4-year-old grandson was here for 5 weeks at “Glamma camp” Needless to say, I had to get creative in finding opportunities to do the work, but I am so glad I did!

    1. Week 3 – my excuses – hindrance = my ministry; my life – ultra hindrance = my God-ordained ministry. I’ve discovered I’m my own enemy…. Wow.

    2. Week 4, Day 1 – Paragraph 3, page 93 smacked me in the face! Something is going to grow…. Jesus gives me the power to overcome what needs to decrease! That was freeing for me.

    Thanks for this study, Beth!!!!! I am doing it solo and am learning so much!

  41. 241
    Vivian says:

    Birmingham, Alabama

    1.The two that spoke to me most were:
    Disappointment – hindrance = faith
    Devastation – hindrance = trust
    I’ve had many disappointing and devastating experiences in life. I have come to know a greater faith and trust in my Father because of them. He is always there seeing me through everything, even when I forget to look to Him first.

    2. Day one’s lesson on “Even More” struck home with me. First I was awakened to the realization that we can abound more and more in the bad things. For some reason I never thought about that before in these terms. Then, I often struggle with what abundant life is supposed to look like for me. I’ve always known it is wrapped up in loving Him as He constantly loves me and allowing Him to live through me. The lesson helped me see the ways I can abound and that “we get to decide which parts of our lives we will release to abound.” The Scriptures are a great help to stimulate my continued thought in this area. I want to be one who loves more and more, who is diligent more and more, and who reflects God’s glory more and more. (Day 3 was almost a tie with Day 1 in reflecting on living a quiet life; minding my business and keeping my hands busy with work. I love these verses and their concept has been a part of my life. The lesson was a good review.)

  42. 242
    Lori Maddox says:

    Ok, I am commenting very late. Our group is running two weeks behind you and I am even further behind than that in posting, but I wanted you to know that we still have a very faithful group doing your study and loving what we are hearing from God through His Word!
    1. My own equation that I wrote is: Financial struggle – hindrance=Brand new Ministry opportunity and Hope. The economic downturn almost devastated my husband’s business and we survived on my salary. We learned so many lessons and now I have gone back to school to get my CFP certification. Hoping to teach others through our hardships….ashes to beauty!
    2. I so agree with Vivian who posted ahead of me. Day 1 was amazing (I want even more of the positive, not the negative) and Day 3 spoke so clearly. God especially used Day 3 to give me peace about a matter of unhealthy and unreasonable dependency on my family. We knew we needed to say “no, no more” but the Christian card was played and we were made to feel guilty for saying no. This really was a case of someone else being overly dependent and wanting dependency to work so they wouldn’t have to. Even though we had been thoughtful, kind and very generous and had prayed it through and knew we followed God’s leading, the reaction from them was still negative. However, God used this teaching on the top of page 100 to really confirm that we did the right thing and grant me the peace I needed. Praise to God!

  43. 243
    Jeanne says:

    1. The additional ones I came up with are
    Frustration – hindrance = Trust
    Letting go – hindrance = Peace
    These both relate to the struggle I am having with an aging mother and emotionally abusive older sister who happen to live together. So hard! So I’m holding on to these as well as Disappointment – hindrance = Faith – Oh God, increase my faith in You to overcome my feelings of insufficiency and disappointment!

    2. Week 4 – I truly loved Day 1 and all the verses you had us examine to get the “more and more”…what a blessing to be reminded over and over again in God’s word that He is able and we get to choose how we are going to react and grow.

    We are running a few weeks behind but are hanging in there to finish!

  44. 244
    SKay Fires says:

    I guess I’m farther behind than any one. I just completed Week 3. For many years I stressed over keeping up with homework and each week of study with my local Bible study siestas. You’d think since I’m retired, I could find more time to stay on schedule, but life just happens and I’ve learned to just take each day of study as I can. It’s been amazing to see that lessons seem to be exactly what I needed for the day I study it. So now, I feel the Lord has given me permission to take these studies at my own pace and not get stressed to keep a schedule. After all, no schedules & appointments are what make retirement so enjoyable. I love going back and reading comments as I complete each Gathering session. In fact, I just realized, i need to complete week 4 before i post for this Gathering, but this post may be the encouragement someone needs to stay on task rather than giving up because they are behind in this summer study that has already been completed by a majority of the people involved. I’m thankful these comments remain in the Archives and can be accessed at any time. This is a wonderful, powerful and very in depth study of 1st & 2nd Thessalonians. Thank you, Beth for all the research you put into these lessons and for all the interesting details that you bring to life throughout the study.

  45. 245
    Traci Wilhelm says:

    Heart Break-hindrance=Depth

    What spoke to me most was inserting my name in this verse of the bible:
    “Traci, put your hope in the Lord. For there is faithful love with the Lord, and with Him is redemption in abundance.”

  46. 246
    Kathleen says:

    Failure – hindrance= winner
    devastation – hindrance = trust
    what happened – what hindered = an overcomer

    What spoke to me most was how I must walk and please God – more and more. We get to decide what we want to feed and what we want to starve so we have more God and less sin and self.

    Bellmore, LI, NY

  47. 247
    Poorna says:

    Dear Siesta Mama,

    I have been delinquent about updating my progress on the blog, but I figured since I tweeted you and said Week 3, Day 4 was THE most divinely timed homework in all my years of Bible study, I felt it my duty to explain.

    I experienced a pretty big heartbreak–related to a boy, of course–minutes before I sat down to do Week 3, Day 4’s homework. Interestingly enough, just days before all this happened, I was inspired by the faith of a fellow sister in Christ. She kept saying, “I’m believing God for _______”…and it dawned on me, “when was the last time I actually believe God for something in my life?” The answer to that question was pitiful. So, with that gentle conviction, I swelled up BIG time with faith and belief that He was going to answer this prayer that I’d been praying for a long time–related to that boy. Well, the next day, I got some bad news. I got off the phone, sat there and literally said out loud, “Am I going to choose to still believe God?” Not specifically related to this boy, but in general, I was asking myself, is this heartbreak going to change my belief that God CAN and WILL do immesurably more than I can ask or imagine in this particular area of my life. I chose in that moment that I WILL continue to believe Him and trust Him. Then I started the homework and the lesson was “Immovable.” Albeit, I feel a little silly thinking of my heartbreak in the context of “affliction,” but the reference to Psalm 25.16 and you asking us to write down how David described himself was powerful–“lonely…”. Yes, that is how I felt that night!

    Then, the crazy part. The lesson goes on to talk about when Paul says, “we kept telling you beforehand.” You wrote, “What if we really did come to expect fiery ordeals, not as pessimists but as the prepared?” Would you believe that just a couple of months before all this happened, I started praying, “God, protect my heart if the relationship with [insert that boy’s name here] doesn’t materialize into what I want because I think I will be heartbroken – I don’t think I can handle it!” This is no joke, Siesta Mama – I can’t make this stuff up. Funny part is (I guess it’s not that funny…), the enemy started ridiculing me for that prayer…planting lies in my head that, “why are you praying that? Are you not believing God to answer that?” It was so bad that I felt ashamed for praying it, but something in me kept doing it anyway, and I asked God to “deal with the ridicule.” And He did.

    I found so much comfort in your reminder of Romans 8.28, 37 and Hebrews 10.35-36. Next to His word, Week 3 Day 4’s homework was the vehicle He used to protect my heart.

    From the bottom of my heart, thank you for writing this study. It is changing lives.

    All my love,

    P.S. That boy’s name happens to be the ‘real’ first name of your hubby. I felt a little sting and had a mini-meltdown when I got to that part of Session 9, but then realized, there is that dern enemy again, trying to steal my faith. And proceeded to recite out loud, “BUT THE LORD IS FAITHFUL.” Yes, He sure is. He got me out of the “woe is me” mindset really quickly and reminded me that “wow is He!”

  48. 248
    Pamela says:

    1. Relational pain – hindrance = intimacy and emotional availability

    2. Day 3 Oh man, how do I put it in words? You said, “he (Paul) did not wish to allow his instructions regarding familial love to be exploited by anyone.” Sometimes I feel like I am in a codependent relationship with my church body. They can ask me to over do it, and so exploit me. But, I can say yes, to my own detriment, in an effort to feed my need for approval and esteem, and so exploit them. Wow. It is challenging to walk in healthy relationships with people. To be willing to spend myself for the sake of Christ, but not to be used or use others.

  49. 249
    Diane says:

    1. Grief – Hinderance = Growth

    2. I’m listening for a shout, the voice of an archangel, and the trumpet of God. Come Lord Jesus.

  50. 250
    Bonnie Wallace says:

    Charleston, SC

    1. My pain – hindrance = Ministry. What was meant to hurt me the most, is now my passion for ministry to help others going through similar situation.

    2. Week 3, Day 4: Immovable
    To not be surprised is wisdom for our faith. That’s what being prepared is all about. I study the Bible knowing that there is a very real spiritual warfare going on around me. I take notes & bury God’s truth in my heart so that I can be prepared to respond in a manner that is honoring God.

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