Siesta Summer Bible Study 2014 Gathering 3!

Hey Everyone! We’ve made it to Gathering 3 of our summer study! You guys are doing a fantastic job! The summer months are challenging for maintaining a discipline like in-depth Bible study. I’m tremendously blessed you’re carving out the time to take this journey with us and I am asking God to reveal His Son so powerfully to you through these pages.

SSBS Session 3 COTD from LPV on Vimeo.

If you have trouble viewing the video or simply have no time for it, here are the written discussions for you and your small group. Your answers will comprise your comments:

1. Turn to p.71 in  your Week Three homework and glance down the page at the two questions on the equations. First, if you wrote any additional “minus hindrance” equations, I’m dying to hear them. Don’t stress if you didn’t add one but share it if you did.  Second, were there two equations among those I listed in the lesson that resonated with you? If so, which ones and perhaps even why?


2. We’re going to do something a little different in response to Week Four. Instead of locking in on a specific question I posed in print during the week of homework, I want you to choose any day that from that week that God emphasized with you. In other words, did one day of homework stick out the most to you in your journey with Christ? If so, which one and why? Feel free to take a full paragraph in your comment to answer this question since it’s a big one.


The video for Session Five, which is completely optional in our summer study, goes into the portion of scripture that addresses healthy sexuality. If this topic resonates with you, you might consider downloading this particular session. (All of the teaching sessions can be found by clicking here.) In this session, I introduce the 28-Day Challenge, which can also be found in your workbook on pages 112-113. The rest of the study stays focused on the remaining chapters and wide range of topics found in 1st and 2nd Thessalonians but the 28-Day Challenge comes with much love to anyone who could use some help getting on a path of victory in the area of sexuality. You would do the 28-Day Challenge and the remaining 4 weeks of the study simultaneously. The 28-Day Challenge is primarily Scripture-focused prayer and would only add a few minutes to your homework. Those few minutes could be the difference between victory and defeat in an area strategically targeted by the enemy. I love you and I’ve been there. I deeply want you to know the dignity and honor of Christ’s gracious will for you.

OK!! For our next gathering in 2 weeks, please complete the homework assignments in Weeks Five and Six of the study! Here are your memory verses:


Week Five Memory Verse: (Our title verse! We have to do this one!)
“For you are all children of light, children of the day. We are not of the night or of the darkness.” 1 Thessalonians 5:5 ESV


Week Six Memory Verse:
“To this end we always pray for you, that our God may make you worthy of His calling and may fulfill every resolve for good and every work of faith by His power.” 2 Thessalonians 1:11 ESV


Thank you for the privilege to walk with you through these eight weeks of study. PERSEVERE!!! You are already halfway! So much love to you.


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  1. 1
    Marla says:

    1. My minus hindrances equations
    Motherhood- hindrances = blessings
    Discontentment – hindrances = thankfulness/joy
    2. Week 4- I enjoyed Day 1 a lot. I really loved the last part especially pg. 93 where you talked about Something will grow more and more and because something is getting more and more of us something will be forced into being less and less. What will I starve what will I feed? Starve fear. Feed Trust. Starve Apathy. Feed Thankfulness. Starve Control. Feed reliance on God. Starve doubt. Feed Belief. Also I really was excited about God not being able to love us more or less…he loves me perfectly. But, I sure do want to know his love MORE.

  2. 2
    karen miller says:

    Day Two: Inside Out stuck out to me in Week Four. After all these years I still have not gotten over the wonderment of our God who knows us, cares, teaches and speaks to us personally. As a bible study teacher and speaker myself I am all about bringing home the reality of our relationship with Him and the ownership people need to take of God’s Word. You brought it so wonderfully in the homework: to quote you, “When we use the terminology of “I received Jesus as my personal Savior” we describe reality. We are not just using a figure o speech or a metaphor or a way to say we embraced a certain belief system.”
    I also noted in my margin the verse from 1 Thess2:13 about the Thessalonians receiving, “not as the word of men but as it is in truth the word of God.” Looking forward to doing the study in the Fall with a large group!

  3. 3
    Sharon says:

    For the additional equations I put Fear/shyness – hindrance = boldness and this one really stuck with me: Pride – hindrance = humility. For the 2 that spoke to me the most from the list was Disappointment – hindrance = faith and Devastation – hindrance = trust. May I add a comment that the trust comes slowly after the devastation? I surely understand the once bitten twice shy you spoke of in week 2. As for week 4 – to be honest I am a little behind and I just finished Day 1, but it was powerful to me. ‘Even more’ – I think of the negative stuff that will increase even more,(world events, wars, etc.), then I think of the good stuff that needs to increase even more and I love it that “we get to decide which parts of our lives we will release to abound.” (pg 93) I love also how the highlighted part on page 93 – ‘The God who beckons you to love more and more cannot love you more’ just spoke volumes to me! His love is perfect and complete and it does drive out fear! Joy!!

    • 3.1
      Donna says:

      Yes, Sharon I really loved that highlighted part on p. 93, too–God cannot love me more! Perfect love drives out fear!

  4. 4
    katiegfromtennessee says:

    Katie G.; Knoxville, TN; solo
    1. I couldn’t think of any equations…the two that resonated with me were what happened-what hindered=an overcomer and devastation-hindrance=trust. The idea of being an overcomer in Christ is everything…Trust in God, and in His promises is vital to living in the overcomer status that I have been given in Christ no matter my circumstances, as a believer; and not just as an overcomer, but as more than an overcomer. It is possible because He is trustworthy and able.

    2. Day One spoke to me the most. I underlined and starred basically all of page 93. It made so much sense when you said, “We get to decide which we want to feed and which we want to starve.” My thoughts, whether they are good, true, pure, or praiseworthy; or if they are the opposite of those things…Since I am a child of the day now, as a believer, I want to starve the flesh and feed the Spirit so that I am filled with the Spirit each day. Clean hands, and a pure heart…all those things in abundance. I also love what you said: “Abundant life is our re-birthright, unmerited and unrestrained.”

    Thank you so much for praying for us, Beth. I am so blessed by your prayers for us. I know I need prayer. I’m sure the other ladies do too. I love you much too. Have a blessed day today, Beth.

    • 4.1
      Bethany says:

      I have to second the thanks for your prayers Beth. I too am so so so affected by them. It’s funny how you are praying on a taped message without any of us physically present but I ALWAYS feel the presence of Jesus the same exact way that I feel it when a friend prays with me or even when you pray at an LPL where I can physically see you and you can see us. Know also that as you pray for me I always pray that Jesus would apply those words to your life too 🙂

  5. 5
    Danielle H says:

    One equation I came up with was
    Scarred sinful past – hindrance = grace-filled life

    Two equations that resonated with me were:
    Disappointment – hindrance = faith
    Breakup – hindrance = breakthrough

    Both of these kind of go hand-in-hand for a situation in my past. My husband and I went through a period of breakup in college, and I could not understand why. My heart and his heart were both aching through this, but God taught us a lot during that period of a year apart. We both grew so much. I grew in my relationship with the Lord in ways I may not have at that time. Looking back, I think God used that time to teach us about Him and each other. That was definitely a breakthrough and growing faith for both of us, even in the midst of not understanding why God was allowing us to go through that.

    I think the lesson on hindrances really impacted my walk with Christ. It is easy to allow any circumstance to become a hindrance in my walk with the Lord, especially past hindrances. I tend to focus on things that have happened in the past, whether that be sin or things outside of my control, and then I can definitely feel the weight of that on my walk with the Lord. I worry and fret over what has already happened. I tend to get sad as I replay different situations, even if I’ve already experienced victory! And as far as things that are happening now or that may happen in the future, I related to Beth’s comment about conjuring up conflicts in my head that have never happened! I find myself getting all worked up over things that probably won’t even happen! Each of these things hold me back from what God has for me as I mope and pout because of what may or may not occur. But it was encouraging to think of how I should be praying for God to take the hindrance out of my hurt rather than the hurt out of my hindrance.

  6. 6
    Stacey Jaramillo says:

    Loneliness – hindrance = deep relationship with God and His Church Body.

    Relentlessness – hindrance = steadfastness.

    A couple of things about these two. The hindrance in loneliness is isolation. I had to get over that and God has blessed me in amazing ways.

    Sometimes, being relentless is compelled by fear, anger and frustration, like a slave driver, Satan is relentless.

    Jesus is steadfast. Last year, I prayed for God to teach me to be steadfast and He has through an illness I had to endure.

    It was for my good and His Glory!

    Thanks so much Beth for taking the time to write this study. Looking forward to LPL in Denver soon!!

  7. 7
    GOTTEE says:

    Heartbreak – hinderence = depth
    Breakup – hinderence = breakthrough
    In the last days of my favorite “Nan’s” life, I jokingly asked her where I could find her after she had gone on to heaven.(in case I neede to have a few words with her!!) She was a godly woman who would remind me all the time to memorize God’s promises. She humored by telling me that I would see her in the clouds. We laughed about that! The comparison of Exodus&Thessolonians regarding the clouds and meeting the Lord there as well as those who have passed was meaningful.

  8. 8
    Christy Johnson says:

    1. diet coke-hindrance= water/tea
    Facebook-hindrance=more time with God

    diet coke-hindrance=water/tea

    2. My favorite day was day 3–1 /thess 4:11–Live a quiet life, mind your own business and work with your hands.

    I love that verse. I really spoke to me–then it will lead to verse 12–your daily life may win respect of outsiders and you will not be dependent on anybody.

    and the idea in day 4 that we do not need to be sad about losing people because there is the hope of heaven and yet we need to grieve but it is a different grief because there is that hope.

  9. 9
    Leslie says:

    On page 71, the equations I added were these:
    Captivity – hindrance = freedom in Christ
    Weakness – hindrance = strength

    The two that stood out to me were : What happened – what hindered = an overcomer and captivity – hindrance = freedom in Christ. For years I have struggled with my thinking and attitude toward a circumstance in my life. God has shown me that I’ve been in captivity to that “stinking thinking”. I look to Him constantly for that freedom and I find it. Now I strive to take EVERY thought captive to Him. I trust Him with them. I just want to burst and tell everybody what He can do. He is doing an awesome miracle in my thinking!!!

    That ties in with my favorite day of study in week 4. Day 4 spoke to me so much because I realized that my captivity in my thinking is an affliction! I love Psalm 25 16-18. I can so relate to David on this. I’m not the only one who has had a struggle in this area and cried out to God for freedom. I just camped out for a couple of days on this because it sooo spoke to me! God is teaching me so much through this study!… Now I’m on to week 5… can’t wait!

  10. 10
    Elisabeth says:

    Houston, TX

    1.)I was thinking that: My giftings-hindrance=Flourishing
    The two that stick out to me right now are:
    Singleness-hindrance=gospel globetrotter
    Celibacy-hindrance=sexual purity
    They stick out because I am 31, have never dated, & often wrestle with shame over it. These are reminders that I am not only okay but living boldly, beautifully, and purely in active ministry before my Jesus.

    2.)Day 3 was incredible. Every word jumped off the page and bit me. The reminders about healthiness in our relationships were needed with stuff going on in my ministry at the moment and the conviction to “Seek to lead a quiet life” and “Mind your own business”, etc… were instructions I severely needed reminders of. For 5 years now Jesus has perfectly timed every study and LPL exactly to my life circumstances. It never ceases to knock me breathless.

    • 10.1
      Paula says:

      Elisabeth, your equation really resonates with me! It goes hand in hand with mine because I fear using some of my gifts publicly. Giftings-hindrance=flourishing…I have written that in my margin. 🙂

  11. 11
    Betty says:

    #1 Pg. 71:
    My additional equations:
    betrayal – hindrance = restoration
    brokenness – hindrance = wholeness

    The 2 equations that speak most personally to me today:
    devastation – hindrance = trust
    betrayal – hindrance = restoration

    These speak to me because God is restoring my marriage after my husband’s affair. The devastation has been and continues to be comprehensive, but God is bigger and He is at work in me and in my husband. God has grown my trust in Him through this process–even when I can’t trust myself of my husband, I can trust God. My God is an absolute Rock of faithfulness and steadfast love.

    # 2 For week 4, the day that was most powerful for me was Day 3, Stop in the Name of Love. God is speaking through His Word to teach me so much in the wake of my husband’s affair. But I am left wondering how to reconcile living my daily life to win the respect of outsiders with adultery now in my life story. What do I do when the state of my marriage has caused people to disrespect Christianity because they disrespect me? I am so sorrowful over the fact that my husband and I did not carry Christ’s reputation well in our marriage. I want to be a giver, not a taker but I have been so needy in the wake of the affair that all I can do is take. It is devastating to realize so many resources have had to be devoted to me/us (time, money, effort) when they could have and should have been devoted to spreading the Gospel. My hope rests in God’s forgiveness and mercy. I will continue to wait on His timing, knowing that He will complete what He has started in us.

    • 11.1
      Becky says:

      Betty, please know that we are all sinners and have made mistakes…..some really big. My husband had an affair 20 years ago (we had been married 14 years. we have now been married 38 years.). Through wonderful support and prayers from family and friends and by the grace of God……our marriage came out stronger than before. It was hard work on both our parts, but so worth it. I feel like I have truly experienced one of God’s miracles, along with God’s grace. Forgiveness is the key and trusting God… matter the final result. As far as your feelings about how others view you….please don’t let that worry you or take your focus off of God’s love and forgiveness for you. They (others) are being very judgmental and immature. You just have to say to yourself……I will forgive them Lord because they know not what they do. (Luke 23:34) …..which I know is easier said than done! With out going into too much detail, please know that I will be praying for you and your husband. Please feel free to email me if you need more encouragement.

  12. 12
    amybhill says:

    1) I actually tweeted this to Beth last week! 🙂 Sleep deprivation – H = rest in Christ; Difficult relationships – H = perfect, rewarding love (Matthew 5:46-48)

    2) Day one “Even More” really stuck with me in a God-way. Beth wrote, “I was struck my how few human conditions are genuinely static. In so many ways, we are in constant flux… Something is going to grow. Something will get ‘more’ of us.” It reminded me of weight watchers (I joined after having each of my babies). The scale was RARELY the same when I stepped on once a week. It either went up or went down – and usually it was not hard to predict which way it was going to go if I reflected on the exercise and food choices I had made the previous week. It is like Beth wrote, “We can give up trying to control our whole worlds, but many things in our lives are well within our charge.” This hit me because I’m always just throwing things up to God like they are out of my control. And, no doubt, God is sovereign and in control – it is His prerogative how and when to do whatever He wants to do for His glory and our good. My obedience can’t manipulate God or increase His love for me. But it was a good reminder all the promises of God find their “yes!” in Jesus – regardless of how God chooses to bring it about, we can determine to abound, what is going to grow, and what we’re going to starve.

  13. 13
    Bonnie B says:

    Good Morning Miss Beth!

    Bonnie, Florence, CO, going Solo.

    1) I absolutely loved this!!! It’s my favorite kind of Math. 🙂

    Here are a few I came up with:
    Brokenhearted – hinderance = Closeness…or…
    Brokenhearted – hinderance = The LORD is close.
    This comes from Ps 34:18 “The LORD is close to the Brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.”
    Disrespect – hinderance = Boldness.
    Disdain – hinderance = Esteem.

    Then I tried it with some positives:
    Resolute – hinderance = Unshakeable.
    Principled – hinderance = Wellborn.
    Respect – hinderance = Appreciation.
    Love – hinderance = Cherished.
    Pain – hinderance = Comfort.
    Godly sorrow – hinderance = No Regret.
    This one came from my OIL verse…2 Corinthians 7:10 “Godly sorrow brings repentance that leads to salvation and leaves no regret, But worldly sorrow brings death.”

    The Two that spoke most to me…I chose one of yours and one of mine. 🙂
    Betrayal – hinderance = Loyalty.
    Heartbreak – hinderance = Depth.

    2) Day 1 of week 4 EVEN MORE is the one I’d say that God emphasized to me.
    I was feeling the pain of the negatives growing even more in my own family situation and Then was over whelmed by the positives being EVEN MORE…
    Humility can grow EVEN MORE. 🙂
    Good News can grow EVEN MORE. 🙂
    Obedience can grow EVEN MORE. 🙂
    Comfort and Joy can grow EVEN MORE. 🙂 🙂
    But the TRUTH that gave me such strength was…
    Romans 5:20!!!
    “Where sin multiplied, GRACE multiplied EVEN MORE!!!”

    Graciousness was the issue at hand in our family blow-up…a lack of it I’m very sad to say…that caused my deepest heartbreak as of today…No communication from our adult children…especially our grandchildren. It goes the deepest and hurts the most that it came during the summer because we won’t be taking them with us this year to VBS and we are being punished for our faith by not being included in our youngest Birthday celebration tomorrow.

    Thank You from the depths of my heart, Miss Beth, this TRUTH won’t be wasted on me!!!

  14. 14
    Heidi says:

    My equation was
    A very painful time in my marriage – my hindrance = an incredible love for God, because he was all I had. Another one that occurred to me was; my insecurity – hindrance = feeling Gods strength give me courage.
    The two that spoke very clearly to me were! Pain- my hindrance = my passion

    In week four, I loved the segment on how we are taught by the LORD. It resonated so much because I saw how he taught me, amd how he will be faithful to teach my children. I have a child going off to college for the first time amd it is a source of anxiety for me. God really wants me to trust him, that HE will teach my child. She’s out of my hands.

    I also really appreciated the day we studied grief and death. Someone I know personally has a long term problem with hopelessness. I realized that it is because they felt God let them down during the sickness amd death of a loved one. I can’t change them, but I can pray for them. It was a beautiful day, realizing Jesus endured the horror of death so we won’t have to.

    I have to say that as I have sat here studying I have been overwhelmed by the spirit, and just so full of thanks and praise. Seeing the whole picture of Gods plan, and being allowed to share in it. It just has overwhelmed me. I think the wonder of it is making me just stop and sob. And I’m not really a crier.

  15. 15
    Shelly Elston says:

    Shelly Elston from Portland, OR – Solo

    1)I loved this exercise! What an eye-opener and perspective shifter. The 2 equations that I came up with are: 1) Grief – Hindrance = Life
    2) My Mess – Hindrance = My Message

    The 2 of all that resonated most with me are: 1) Heartbreak – Hindrance = Depth
    2) my Mess – Hindrance = My Message

    2) Day 1 titled “Even More” rocked my world and blew my mind in a good way. Loved it! Yet tucked away in a paragraph in Day 2 of “Inside out” was the statement “But, sister, God can also reveal Himself to the simpleminded, …” and I had to pause. My Jack is 17 and has learning impairments among other things and yet He is so curious about God. He can be easily influenced and, living in the Pacific NW, we are SURROUNDED by the unchurched and unbelieving. I often feel like what we are trying to instill in him is being drowned out by the voices of this community. I wrote Jack’s name right there at the end of that sentence in the workbook and I am believing that God can and will reveal Himself to my son in a way he can understand and grab ahold of. May our church family and our faith-filled family come to be the voices he hears above the noise of the larger community. Lord, make it so.

    Thank you, Beth, for this study. I am learning so much! xo

  16. 16
    Suzanne Yoh says:

    1. hunger – hindrance = a chance to serve; failure – hindrance = a chance to grow

    2. We both liked Day 3, particularly as we try to quietly influence those in our lives who are not Christians. The concepts of “working with our own hands,” being givers and not takers, and relying on Christ resonated with both of us.

  17. 17
    Karen says:

    Sin-hindrance = by grace I stand
    Broken -hindrance = healed

    Many things spoke to me but Day 2 “Inside Out” lesson was very liberating. God can use people to instruct, encourage and point to Christ but “a divine work is still required for the process to take.” The Spirit opens eyes and ears. We are commissioned to go but the Spirit draws us to Him. If He had not loved me first, I’m sure I would not know Him as Savior. Receiving Christ is Him “literally pouring His Spirit in us.” He is not absent from us, He is in us. The Spirit of the living God! Sometimes He seems far and we walk by faith and not by sight but the wonder of it all that He took the wrath for me and now all I know is grace, from the Inside Out, it is still amazing.

  18. 18
    Susan D says:

    1. Depression – hindrance = joy is my additional one.
    Disappointment – hindrance = faith most resonated with me.
    2. Day 1 of week 4 was a lesson I needed. So much negative tries to overcome me but the positive can win out if I make the choice to feed it instead. Through the power of the Holy Spirit I can have the abundant life that God wants to give me. I want to stay aware that God cannot love me more and praise Him He loves me the fullest in the darkness moment as well as the lightest.

  19. 19
    Diane says:

    #1 page 71: Sadness – hindrance = joy (mine)
    The two that spoke most to me:
    Devastation – hindrance = trust
    What happened – what hindered = an overcomer
    My family has been in the midst of a storm for the past year and through that, Satan has attempted to steal our trust and our joy but Praise God, he is not succeeding. Even though the storm continues to rage, we are going to be overcomers!

    Day 2 “Inside Out” of week 4 was most precious to me. Many times I will have a thought about a particular thing that has happened and will want to be sure that my thoughts line up with God’s will and what He says in Scripture, and without fail, He will confirm through my quiet time, study,sermon or another person that I am on track with Him.

  20. 20
    Karoletha says:

    Karoletha. Longview,TX


    What happened-what hindered=an overcomer

    Day One of Week Four blessed me so very much. Adding “even more” to the scriptures and then listing the specific thing or exact condition that described as growing “even more” was so overwhelming. The one that stopped me cold & brought me to tears was Romans 5:20. But where sin multiplied, grace multiplied even more. Oh yes!! Thank you, God!

  21. 21
    Annette says:


    Devastation – Hindrance = Trust in the Lord

    Heartbreak – Hindrance = Depth in relationship to the Lord

  22. 22
    Clarice says:

    1. Fear – hindrance = Freedom
    “Life” – hindrance = Overcomer

    Disappointment – hindrance = Faith
    Devastation – hindrance = Trust

    2. “Even More” was powerful to me. Something is going to grow. Something will get “more” of me. My life is not static … I choose what I want to get MORE. I want to choose well … I want Faith, Trust, and Freedom to grow. I want to live in the reality of His Divine Love … more and more.

  23. 23
    Connie Gibson says:

    Our little small group which consist of ladies from age 40 to 80 something just finished Session 9 last night. This was an awesome bible study. We all still have hand writing on our hands today (grin).

    • 23.1
      Beth says:

      Connie! You guys are the first small group to finish that I’ve heard from! You blessed me so much! Thank you for allowing me to serve you and I pray that what God has sown into the soil of your lives will bring forth a mighty harvest. I am smiling over your hands. Bless you guys.

      • Tonyia Wilson says:

        I was in this group and I know God placed me right there for strength and support in this season of my life again Thank you Beth for your awesome Bible Study May God Bless you !

      • Connie says:

        Beth, you have made my day! GOD is faithful!

  24. 24
    Donna says:

    Donna from Athens, Georgia:

    1. My additions:
    my headache minus hindrance=closeness to Christ in His Passion. This became a reality during a season of several months where I had severe migraines every day. Only resting in Christ’s wounds and the comfort of His mother sustained me and I believe, eventually healed me. I still get headaches but not like that.

    my anxiety minus hindrance=dependence on God’s power

    2. The ones that speak most to me:
    anxiety minus hindrance= God’s power. Takes the pressure off me to be perfect on my own.
    injustice minus hindrance=room for God’s wrath. God is the Judge, not me, and he is more merciful than I ever could be. I keep trying to hang onto injustices with difficulty both in forgiveness and in trusting God with loved ones who have hurt me; strangely, I try to protect them from Him, maybe because I’m afraid of my own anger.

    Week Four: It was hard to pick a particular day. I was drawn to the idea, even though I’d read it before I never thought about it–that I won’t miss the Second Coming! I guess I thought, if I’m dead, I’d miss the big excitement and my resurrection would be later….I know it shouldn’t matter, but this was a great thought! I also picture the Lord gently raising me in a personal way, so I guess I wouldn’t want to miss that either. Silly me!

  25. 25
    Patty Anderson says:

    1. Disappointment – hindrance = Faith
    Devastation – hindrance = Trust
    There was something I was praying for that God did not answer and I honestly felt very disappointed in God. So, I told him so. I know he loves me and his ways are not my ways so I need all the Faith and Trust to get through those times in my life of disappointment.

    2.The section that spoke to me was on page 93. “The God who beckons you to love more and more cannot love you more. You cannot increase his affection for you. At your darkest moment, You Were Loved To The Fullest Measure.
    So, no matter what happens God has already loved me and will continue to love me. Thankful for his unfailing love.

    Thank you Beth for this Bible Study.

    • 25.1
      Shyla says:

      I loved that part of week 4 as well. He really loves us more already. Any amount I can think of, the answer is more. I feel like a tiny child unable to understand even the concept of measurement.
      God is with you, Patty, and He really loves you! More!

  26. 26
    Laurie says:

    Question 1
    My equations:

    Disappointments – hindrance = deeper appreciation for blessings
    Bitterness – hindrance = assertive advocate
    Betrayal – hindrance = boundaries

    Others that resonated with me:
    My pain – hindrance = my passion
    My life – hindrance = my destiny

    Question 2

    Day 3 was one of my favorite portions of last week’s study. Specifically, the explanation of the charge to “seek to lead a quiet life.” I loved being reminded to take into account the context of the passage. It was written at a specific moment in time to a specific group of folks.

  27. 27
    Shyla says:

    1. The lesson about the equations didn’t resonate
    with me. I did like page 67 at the top-“They’re
    not wrong; they’re just wrong right now.” It
    made me think of hindrances as tumors. Some are
    malignant and can kill us but some are benign.
    We’re better off without either. (Laziness is my
    tumor, and it is malignant. I fight it every day.)

    2. Week 4 was amazing. I really enjoyed the talk
    about “more and more”, especially:

    “‘More and more’ one direction will force its
    antithesis into ‘less and less'”

    The 3 things to do (seek to lead a quiet life,
    mind your own business, and work with your own
    hands) will sit with me for a while (hopefully

    I had a thought for page 99, though.

    God wants us to choose the higher happiness,
    but he still wants us to be happy. We need to
    ask ourselves if our “duties to God” make us
    happy. If they are the right things to do, then
    they will help us toward more joy!

    I love to sing, so being in the Choir at Church is
    a no-brainer for me. However, I am very uncom-
    fortable around lots of people…so maybe not the
    hospitality committee.

  28. 28
    Melinda Fowler says:

    1) I loved the general ones:
    Each tough thing that happens – hindrance = an overcomer (able to stay calm through the storms)


    My life – hindrances = my God-ordained destiny

    2) week 4 day 1 says whatever we give our emotions and time to will tend to grow. It encouraged me to give my mind to pleasant and good thought, give my body to doing each job well, and giving my emotions to caring for those whose lives I can touch.

    I want to live my life as each day is an adventure, instead of having the hindrance of being overwhelmed with each new thing that comes along. Many times that is easier said than done.

  29. 29
    Janet from FL says:

    1. I added
    Divorce – hindrance = New Life then New Marriage
    and Cancer – hindrance = Renewed Faith & Hope
    My absolute favorite equation is —
    Trauma – hindrance = Testimony! I love this !
    2.The more & more section was amazing! We loved looking up these scriptures to find the “even more”! This was so encouraging! It was like a scavenger hunt. More blessings. More delight. More boldness. Wow!
    Also p.101 on minding your own business, our group discussed how we have to stop ourselves from jumping in with our grown children to expect them to raise their kids the same way we did them. Our group has many grandmothers, so when I brought this up, they all jumped right in. Sometimes we say it, and wish we hadn’t. Sometimes we know we must say it, even when it is difficult. As grandmothers, we have good advice to give, but still we have to mind our own business. Thanks, Beth for getting this conversation going. It was helpful to me to know that other women were having difficulty with this issue too!

  30. 30
    Carol Bruntlett says:

    Albuquerque nm

    On page 71
    Here is what I came up with

    A big loss in my life – a big Hindrance on my journey with God- He will bring the victory
    Sadness in the loss- hindrance of my joy- there may be weeping for the night but sweet joy will come in the morning

    Devastation – hindrance- trust
    Childhood trauma- hindrance- testimony
    Hiccups in life – hindrance – but I know the One who stills the storms
    Brokenness – hindrance – completeness
    Hurt- hindrance – God heals
    Out these ashes beauty will come and He will restore all that’s been loss
    Even though the foundation was shaken He held it together
    Even though I felt like my world was crumbly all around me God was there putting the pieces back in place and picking me up and loving me thru all the brokenness and He will carry me .

    In the part that most spoke to me was the Immovable
    About affliction
    On pg 80′
    About scripture doesn’t stop at telling us we’ll have pressures and afflictions
    None of them will be wasted , it will all work together for out good and that we are more than conquers through Christ who loves us .
    That our perseverance will be rewarded.
    I keep running to The Lord in my affliction and my pressure , in the loss of my sweet mama about 2 months ago , somedays are touch and go but I keep looking to Him to heal the brokenness and I know he will bring it to completetion in His time and I know that He will use this for His good .
    He has plans for my life m and I am not in this alone
    Thru this I will not be moved on Christ the Solid Rock I stand
    I will call upon His name
    Thank you Beth this study is very timely in my life and I am so thankful to you for being obedient to God leading on your life .


  31. 31
    Debbie, Jacksonville, FL says:

    My equations and the ones that spoke to me most:

    Fear-hindrance=Calling out to Him (dependence on Him)
    Anxiety-hindrance=Casting my care on Him (trust)

    From week four: page 103 where you talk about the “bewilderment of death”. I had a friend and neighbor who died unexpectedly and I have heard so many conversations about why he died and what’s he doing now and is his spirit hanging around to comfort his family, etc. Thinking about death is bewildering to all of us, but we who belong to Jesus know that one day we will meet Him in the air and we will always be with the Lord! Maranatha.

  32. 32

    Lyli, Fort Lauderdale, Solo:

    1. I didn’t write any because there were 2 that really grabbed me and said “this is me.”
    #1 — Handicap – Hindrance = Hero (I was born with a congenital birth defect and walk with a prosthetic leg).
    #2. Childlessness – hindrance = mother of many (we don’t have kids, but I worked with teenagers for a couple of decades and now I mentor women in online Bible study and through writing on my blog.)

    2. I really loved day 1. All the “even more” verses on page 90-91 really encouraged my spirit, and I loved the last couple of paragraphs on page 93 where Beth shares about God’s divine love is perfect and not impacted by my messy life. I actually shared these words with the girls in my online group because we are doing a topical Good Morning Girls study on the love of God right now.

  33. 33
    Regina says:

    1) Some equations that were offered that really spoke to me were:

    Devastation -hindrance= trust
    Injustice-hindrance=room for God’s wrath

    A couple that I came up with were:

    Unforgiveness-hindrance=My freedom
    My insecurity-hindrance=God confidence

    2) In Week 4, Day 4 really spoke to me, which touched on grief and hope.
    The words Beth wrote that read, “as much as we may despise and dread the need to grieve, imagine being disallowed to grieve, too dead inside to grieve, condemned or ridiculed because you grieved.” The phrase that said, “tears are liquid language set to the tune of the Holy Spirit’s groanings, ” was so beautiful. “Grief is the sacred love seat where we fellowship acutely in the sufferings of Christ.” But also how if we have permission to grieve in one hand, then the other hand there is an insistence of hope, as children of God. Hopelessness is unnecessary to a child of God. I loved this.

  34. 34
    LaDonna says:

    1. Loneliness – hindrance = fullness

    The ones that spoke to me
    Disappointment – hindrance = faith
    Heartbreak – hindrance = depth

    2. Hands down Day one– God has handpicked me to abound– We are each commissioned and empowered by the living Christ to “abound more and more”— The exercise was amazing. I loved going through scripture like that and seeing it for myself. The best part for me was how the lesson is right after session 4 video. That’s exactly what I’m struggling with– relationships… family relationship. It all came together beautifully in my mind and as much as I weep on my knees about both session 4 video and day one… God reminded me of John 3:16… He knows the cost of deep relationships… He knows what its like to give your all and be rejected or forgotten or even taken advantage of… He knows it better than the rest of us… but stills choses to keep loving… I have to believe He too chooses to abound. And because of that I too want to abound in His love and in Jesus.

    I also loved, loved day four!!! God reminded me of why I serve and follow Him… Not because He makes life easy or how He blesses me but because HE IS GOD!

    • 34.1
      LaDonna says:

      I would like to correct myself. I think I got a little to excited… God’s great and perfect love is beautiful. It is an example for us. It never changes. He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. He needs not to abound.

  35. 35
    Sheryl says:

    1. The additional “minus hindrance” equations that I wrote about were abuse minus hindrance = survivor thriver and encourager of others that they can do the same with God’s help,and criticism minus hindrance equals a stronger understanding of who I am in Christ.
    the two that resonated the most with me were break up minus hindrance equals breakthrough in that I am seeing God’s faithfulness in the process of healing and devastation minus hindrance equals trust I am learning God is trustworthy and has a good plan in mind.

    2. This whole idea of being taught by God has so resonated with me this week. God has used these lessons to confirm some things He has been revealing to me recently. The portion that stood out the most was the section on grief and hopelessness.Grief is a very strong emotion that can so easily slide into hopelessness if not dealt with appropriately. Tears do help with the healing and thanks Beth for addressing that. Hope is a strong emotion also and the more time I spend in God’s Word the more I see His love for me and can receive His promise of a good plan for my life. God’s hope gives me the strength to face each day.

  36. 36
    Sue Alice says:

    Sue Alice, Greenwood, IN

    Drinking – hindrance = faith

    Rebellion – hate = deliverance

    Yours Ms. Moore;

    Disappointment – hindrance = faith

    My pain – hindrance = my passion.

    Week 4 page 103 I never really understood this, but I understand it a little better now. I hope and pray.

  37. 37
    kathy says:

    Thank you for the video, a delight and re direction- I did not do my homework this week-My life is “upside down” to say the least- HINDRANCE may be my middle name- hoping in our Lord. Love ya

  38. 38
    Karis says:

    1. My Shame-Hindrance = HIS GLORY
    This came to mind because over the past 3 years I have seen the wonderful redemption of Christ work itself out in my life and it has forever changed me.

    2. Disappointment-Hindrance = Faith
    This resonated with me because I so often stand in my own way. Without the disappointments that I have encountered, my faith would be weak.

    • 38.1
      Darcy says:

      Darcy – Daleville, AL

      The two I came up with on my own were:
      1. Anxiety – hindrance = a prayer warrior.
      2. Uncertainty – hindrance = surrender.
      There were also the two that resonated the most with me. There have been times in my life when anxiety has been so paralyzing and steals so much of my joy that I feel I will be stuck in it forever. I have learned; however, that anxiety is an opportunity for me to draw near to God and pray like crazy. I’m not saying I’m good at it, or am as faithful in it as I should be, but I know that if I allow God to remove the hindrance from my trouble (anxiety) my communion with the Lord through prayer will benefit. My second equation relates to this. I struggle with control, which means I don’t like uncertainties. These uncertainties lead to anxiety, because I realize I can’t control everything. However, when I allow God to remove the hindrance from my uncertainties, it leads to complete surrender to His ways that are far better than mine. I realize anew that He is in control, praise the Lord!!
      3. Days 4 and 5 of week four were very relevant and meaningful to me in this season. My sweet grandmother is nearing the end of her life on this earth, and is patiently waiting for the angel band to take her home (her words) :). While I am thrilled for her that she will soon be entering entering into sweet paradise with her Savior, I am sad for us, and I know that we will have to grieve her absence. It was eye-opening to view grief as a gift and that we can no more closely identify with Christ’s sufferings that when we are grieving. I was lead after this day of study to thank the Lord for this gift, and ask him to help my family grieve well. I also loved what you said on hopelessness; “For a child of God, hopelessness is the most unnecessary condition in the entire bag of mind tricks . . .” In light of my grandmother’s condition, my husband and I were discussing what happens at the end of our lives here on earth. It raised some questions in my mind that I had not previously considered, and it left me feeling slightly uneasy (again with the uncertainty). So the next day, Day 5, also spoke to me right where I was. “If we insist on end-time events making perfect sense to us in advance and maintaining a precise order of detailed serve that we can wrap our minds around, we will weaken the wonder right out of the pursuit and become no closer to the truth.” Perfect. As one who is always asking why and searching for answers, this reminder was one that gave me peace: “There are many things that we would like to know, but the Bible was not written to gratify our curiosity.

  39. 39
    Michele S. says:

    1) Here are my two:
    poverty-hindrance=dependence on God
    threats to self/danger-hindrance=dependence on God
    The two that spoke to me because of my past:
    childlessness-hindrance=mother of many
    Praise God, though, that the PAST IS THE PAST!!

    2)Day 3 “Stop in the Name of Love” was the day of study that got to me the most. I could relate a lot throughout the lesson about misconstruing my thoughts with God’s thoughts. I tend to fall into the trap of thinking, “Well, God must want me to do this since I was asked to…”–that’s not necessarily true! I have a hard time saying no to things because I like being involved in a little bit of everything. The Lord has not given up on me even though I’m a slow learner in all of this. He is a patient Parent with me. I thought Paul’s directives from the Lord were great–to seek to lead a quiet life, to mind my own business, and to work with my own hands. I want my testimony to be helpful for the Lord and not hurtful.
    This is the very first time that I have joined a blog community in any way, and I have so enjoyed reading the comments of other ladies in the faith. Thank you for the encouragement!

  40. 40
    Jill says:

    1. Heartbreak-hindrance =depth
    what happened-hindrance=my passion
    I connected with these three because it has been through the heartbreak of the unexpected death of my beloved husband that I have come to rely on God in more depth than I ever knew was possible. The devastation of that day has left me with only HIM to trust. He is taking what happened and turning it into a passion to help others who are sojourning on this path of widowhood.

    2. Day one (Even More) was very thought provoking. I have been working on moving despite the fear that paralyzes me. It helped me think about the fact that the more I practice moving despite my fear, his peace finds me and my faith gets even more strong. Day 4(Since We Believe) just touched my heart because it happened to fall on my 24th wedding anniversary and it just brought me comfort and confirmation that I have hope despite the grief I experience in the loss of my beloved. Christ conquered death and this life is only a glimpse of what is to come.

    Thank you so very much for this summer opportunity. I love it and God is patiently working on me and whispering in my ear to keep walking with HIM. I am forever grateful.

    Blessing from Bliss, Michigan

  41. 41
    Vicki says:


    1. The 2 equations that I added are:
    worry – hindrance = peace
    relationship – hindrance = fellowship
    I think the 2 that speak to me the most are
    worry – hindrance = peace
    my pain – hindrance = my passion

    2. From week 4, I loved the day 1 lesson. The part on abounding “more and more” really spoke to me. I highlighted so much of page 93, especially the part about being a people called to love more and more, be more and more diligent, and reflect more and more of God’s glory. Also, we get to decide what we want to feed and what we want to starve. I pray that I will feed what honors God more and more in my daily life!

  42. 42
    RaeAnne Hsu says:

    1. I didn’t come up with any additions, but the two that stood out to me were:
    disappointment – hindrance = faith
    my pain – hindrance = my passion

    My faith and my passion work hand in hand. It has really been through pain and disappointments that God has showed up and moved. It’s been where He has strengthened me and made me bolder. It’s been where He has shown me His faithfulness and reminded me that though I feel alone I am never alone. Pain and disappointments are hard, but God has really used them to fuel me and grow me closer to His heart!

    2. I loved day 1 of session four. It is inevitable that God will show me something in study and then reiterate it in another way later. This time it came through our sermon on Sunday morning, where they were talking about Job and how in those times of asking why, when facing great disappointment, that we need to seek His face even more! Whatever we are saying yes to, say yes even more. I loved when you said, “More and more one direction will force its antithesis into less and less. WE get to decide which we want to feed and which we want to starve.” And also, “You and I have no power to affect divine love. It is perfect. All we are left to do is ask to know it more and more . . . as we are more and more aware of His love, we fear less and less. For perfect love drives out fear!” I am really in a season where God is asking me to reach out. To do the things He has equipped me to do. This encouragement to say yes even more is huge for me! Going along with that, I just have to share that day one in session three was also God speaking loudly to me. When you said satan’s goal is to “keep people apart who together would serve great kingdom purposes.” It was just the push I needed to hear; that encouraged me that He is saying REACH OUT. I must stay INTENTIONAL about community and be willing to initiate and follow-up. This is hard for this introverted girl, but it is necessary. And last week I stepped out in it and had some really great conversations and meetings with women that otherwise wouldn’t have happened. Thank you Jesus for speaking to your children!!

  43. 43
    Angie says:

    Loneliness-hinderance-intimacy with God
    Empty nest-hinderance-time spent with God


    Day 2 of week 4. Theodidaktoi teaching really spoke to me! All of it!! God taught! The section on pg 95 where Beth explains that receiving Jesus as our Savior isn’t just a metaphor made me yell “Yes!!” Top of pg 97, the young woman that God himself taught to pray and stirred her heart to love Him! Yes!! I too appreciate the seminary train people, but God can also use those of us who are simply madly in love with him to shine his light to the dark world. We have a young couple in our church family that is challenged and needs daily assistance. They know and love our Lord. To see them worship Him with abandon can cause me conviction. God has revealed Hinself to them, the simple minded. It is beautiful and amazing!! Glory to God! He is amazing!! I love this whole study but this day’s lesson fired me up!

  44. 44
    Holly Smith says:

    Rejection – Hindrance = Completeness only Christ could give

    Great Loss – Hindrance = A Mighty Testimony of God’s Ability in and through us!

    We are planning on a special group night together. Praying for God to go before, as He knows I am so weak. He is strong and able!

  45. 45
    Sheila H. says:

    I only got one additional statement, and that was Bitterness – Hindrance = Compassion

    And my favourites were the one above, and Devastation – Hindrance = Trust.

    From week four, Day four caused some pause for me. I recently (well, four months ago) buried my Dad, and I’ve struggled with my grief since then. I bury a lot of feelings usually, and had a day at work where those buried feelings came up and I couldn’t stop crying. Reading about those who have “fallen asleep” brought the grief to the forefront again, which probably isn’t a bad thing. It’s amazing how much you hear about death and are more attuned to it when you’ve experienced the death of a loved one recently.

    Thank you for your Bible Study.

  46. 46
    Debbie says:

    I am loving this study, Beth!!!
    #1 childhood trauma-hindrance=testimony
    #2 frustration-hindrance=peace

    I love the directive, “Seek to live a quiet life.” I am always striving to be a gentle, quiet spirit. I fail miserably often, but I know that that is what God wants me to be, so I keep trying!!

  47. 47
    Carrie says:

    2. On a lighthearted note, from Week Three, Day Four, on P.80, when “lonely and afflicted” meets the young couple at the pond is H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S.

    On a more serious note, Week Four, Day Four, the entire lesson, but especially the fill-in-the-blank for Ps. 130:7 on p.105.

    I didn’t check in last time, but Week Two, Day Three, A Theology of Walking, is my favorite lesson so far. I just NEEDED it.

  48. 48

    1. Disappointment – hindrance = faith and devastation – hindrance = trust
    Both of these hit home with me as I think about my feelings when my son was diagnosed with autism. But we have chosen to view this as a God thing and have seen Him work so many miracles through him. It has been an amazing testimony!

    2. Day 2 resonated the most with me, particularly p. 69 – “Even if the last blow doesn’t kill you, at what point do you say to yourself I think I made this calling up?” I have felt that way many times after hitting roadblock after roadblock.
    Also, on p. 70 when you were talking about how Paul didn’t let the hindrances interfere with his work. I tend to question why things happen and it often takes me a while to get back to what The Lord has called me to be. I need to trust and believe Him!

  49. 49
    Tammy Kron says:

    My exhaustion-hindrance=He is Strong
    My loneliness-hindrance=A Closer Relationship With Jesus

    I have been dealing with exhaustion and loneliness as of late. This gave me a fresh perspective and hope.

    I think day 5 of week four had the biggest impact. I have always struggled with the meaning of verses 13 and 15 of 1 Thessalonians chapter 4. I didn’t understand the separation of our souls from our bodies. While our bodies sleep, our souls are awake with the Lord. Day 4 and 5 were very comforting.

  50. 50
    Andrea says:

    #1 – I added this equation to the hindrance equations…
    Loss of a child – hindrance = ministry to other moms and dads who have lost a child/children. I lost my infant son to homicide. It took many, many years to let go of the hurt, anger, depression and so many other emotions and surrender them to the Lord. As I did that, not only have I experienced healing but God has used my loss to help minister to a dear friend from college whose baby girl passed away at age 4 months from a genetic disorder. The equation of childhood trauma – hindrance = testimony and ministry. God has used almost two decades of sexual abuse and turned them into a remarkable testimony of His healing power and mercy and is now using me to minister to other victims of sexual abuse.

    #2 – Day one – right off the bat! There is a line from the second paragraph where Beth writes “No matter who you are, where you’ve been, or what you’ve done, God has handpicked you to abound”. That really ties into the equations and how God is working and I feel like He used that to remind me that behind me is ugly but ahead is beautiful. To God be the Glory!

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