LPL Biloxi Recap!

Thank you, David Lowe, for this excellent recap! And Happy Monday to you all! Let us hear from you if you were in Biloxi this weekend. I have a feeling it was a sweet weekend!

Living Proof Live | Biloxi from LifeWay Women on Vimeo.


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  1. 1
    Belinda Walley says:

    It was indeed very sweet, my numb heart was awakened Praise the living God!!

  2. 2
    Sharron Steele says:

    Oh yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a sweet time it was! Amazing weekend, amazing praise and worship and Beth brought it!!!!!!!!!! Longing for the next LPL hopefully can come true next year!
    thank you Beth, Travis, Praise team and everyone involved in presenting these amazing conferences! I am blessed!

    Sharron in Hartselle, Al.

  3. 3
    Kristy says:

    I was there!!!! And yes, we Southern Women know about loooooongings….! We were all so blessed to be there! I was just studying and looking over my like 15 pages of notes with my bible this morning! Thank you Beth!

  4. 4
    cyndi grace says:

    I was there and God spoke to so many longings in my heart. I realized I am wired for my longings and that was a freeing thing. Thank you Beth for bringing the message to us that was straight from the mouth of God.

  5. 5
    Cara Kriz says:

    I was there. I left with so much on my heart – Being able to think about, name, and acknowledge my longings. I also realized that in defining them I’m really longing for God and for some of those longings that is not who I was looking to.

    Also, being reminded I am created in His image and he wired me to long for
    the things I do was freeing.

    Blessed in so many ways by this weekend. Thank you for coming to Biloxi and thank you for sharing what God gave you to share with us.

  6. 6
    Sarah says:

    Now I know why you call your blog and ministery “Living Proof” from the song. (I thought it was a scientific blog at first.)

  7. 7
    Sarah says:

    Sorry, trying to figure this out. Anyway thats cool you named your blog and ministry living proof because of what God did in your life. I think it’s cool Beth you share your story. I think a lot of women can relate because they’ve been there. And then they get to see God bring you through the other side. I think that’s one reason a lot of people are drawn to you, along with the Holy Spirit working.

    Hey Linsee, did you get to go to Biloxi too?

  8. 8
    Fran McCurry Plott says:

    Hallelujah, what a weekend! Thanks for a great recap, David.

    Thank you Beth for a most meaningful message, Travis and team for awe-inspiring music, and the entire LPL team for just everything!

    Thanks to Evangeline and Jennifer for praying with me for my friend, Siesta BJ who could not attend with us due to her recent cancer diagnosis. Thanks to Beth for her promise to also pray for her.

    Being a part of 8700 women with hearts longing for Jesus was so beautiful!

    Love to all,

  9. 9
    Natalie Turnage says:

    YES! I was there!! Blessed and blessed some more! God always brings a fresh word that awakens my heart with any Beth Moore event/study!!!
    One of my longings would be to meet you Beth, and just tell you how thankful I am for you! So thankful you are the obedient woman of God that you are. God has used you to teach me MIGHTY things about Him and His word. And on top of that you are so precious and fun! I just love you and thank God for you and ask God to continue to bless you and your ministry! I hope you come back to Biloxi again!!

  10. 10
    Carolyn Reardon says:

    I was so thankful to get the opportunity to be there this weekend. So freeing to know that my true longing was for God. That relationships that I thought I longed for, I was substituting them for God. Thank you to Beth, Travis and the entire team for giving us so much. Thank you to all who prayed and worked in the background. May God bless each of you.

  11. 11
    Brandy Powell says:

    My first Beth Moore “Experience” was sometime in 2004 or 2005 in New Orleans, LA. WOW!!! It was powerful….unfortunately God told her to speak on JOB….Yikes…Yep Job. God was preparing all of us on the Gulf Coast for Hurricane Katrina. I really didn’t put all that together until a year or so ago. It’s so crazy how so many memories have been blocked out of my mind from just before and after the storm. But when I finally did remember Beth speaking on that topic, it made me think of how God prepares us for different things. God was preparing me to lose my home and security while reminding me that I needed to remain faithful to Him; He is my security not my home. I was in a really miserable place for along time but I knew God would bring me through it…just didn’t know if I’d be completely mentally aware when he did it! Well good news is I’m sorta mentally aware 🙂 and I made it and I am so much better of a person for going through all those crazy days of rebuilding. I actually can thank God for those lessons learned during those trials….WOW! Never thought I could say that. Not saying I want to ever do it again, but I know God can bring me through whatever and if I live….I will be a better person and more Christ-like for it! Thank you Beth for preparing us and for being so in-tune to Jesus that you could do that!

    I got to see your LPL Biloxi Confrerence this past weekend. Now as for LOOOOOONGING…. I can see many areas in my life that I am longing for the wrong thing or for things that may or may not ever happen. But thank you for showing me that I need to long for Jesus continuously and eat from the sweet little trees and not focus on those things that are not possibly going to happen until I eat from THE TREE! I love ya and I hope that you and Jesus rock those TEXAS GIRLS world like you did in BILOXI! God Bless you!

  12. 12
    Ashley says:

    It was a wonderful weekend and a glimpse of worship and fellowship in Heaven! We so appreciate Beth coming to lead us!

  13. 13
    Gretchen says:

    Oh I was there!! SO very Blessed to have been able to attend! It was Ahhhhh-mazing!! God revealed so much to me!!! Thank you Beth for BRINGING IT SISTER!!!!

  14. 14
    Gwen King says:

    What a great weekend! The Lord definitely gave Beth a Word and I am so glad I was there to hear it!!

  15. 15
    Jane Sutton says:

    I was there and words can not begin to describe the sweet time of worship, praise, fellowship, and studying of God’s Word. Dear Beth what an incredible gift you have been given. Thank you for every time that you have taught me about my Savior through bible studies and now my first (but not last) Living Proof Live. While looking over my notes this morning the Lord brought to mind a longing that I had from early childhood through young adulthood. He fulfilled that longing and now I understand not only with my mind but with my heart as well that I was blessed to taste from A Tree of Life! Thank you Beth and the entire LPM team for coming to Biloxi. I’m praying for Lubbock!

  16. 16
    Alisha says:

    My ladies group and I attended Biloxi and we loved, loved, loved every minute of it! God really showed up and spoke to our hearts through the beautiful message and music. Thank you so much for such an amazing, Spirit-filled weekend!

  17. 17
    Betty Taylor says:

    My friend and I were there. It was awesome worshiping with over 9000 other sisters in Christ. We got a fresh word from God…perfect timing as he is always faithful. My take away and what resonated in my heart was how God knows all our longings and he wired us for those longings. So many times I have longed to live my over in an attempt to change the outcome, but that’s not what God planned, can’t do over. I willl never be happy with “a” tree, need “the” tree. All this time He has been preparing me for my calling….pre-wired, my longing. I have been wresting with leading younger women in Bible study, this September I begin this journey with God.

  18. 18
    Kathie says:

    Yes! For the first time both my daughters and my granddaughter were with me. I say it every time, ‘this was the best one yet’! We are still digesting the meat of the Word and we are enjoying every taste of ‘a’ tree of life until we all receive full from The Tree of Life!!
    Love it! Love it! Love it!
    Thank you our beloved Beth – choice servant of our Father! And you too Travis – if only the boy could sing. Oh my goodness!! Longing – let me hear it again and again!!

  19. 19
    shannon conner says:

    The thing I love about these conferences is looking at all the different women and faces in the crowd. I loved how the Travis and the praise band stopped sometimes and let the audience sing together, it was a great weekend(I’m finally caught up on my sleep) 🙂

  20. 20
    Ann W says:

    It was a blessing; A tree of life!

  21. 21
    Becky Wilks says:

    I was there, and man, did I get a word from God!!!! Like the other 8699 women there, I, too, have a longing, and after 50 years, I’ve finally realized that the longing that I have is given to me by my Loving Father to be used for His glory. That knowledge is so liberating to me! Thank you, Beth, for using such a simple yet complex word to identify that little “something” within my soul. My longing is real, and, under God’s direction, it will lead me directly to His nail-pierced feet.

  22. 22
    Sue Caldwell says:

    Bethy,,Thx very very much for Biloxi event. Travis too.

    Hubby Jim and I drove from Houston in pouring rain and instead of complaining to myself all the way I sang to
    myself There will be showers of blessing blessing and it worth it!
    Yes God longs to be gracious! we all do have longings that
    Jeesus put in our hearts.

    Sue Caldwell, Tx

  23. 23
    Lisa says:

    What a Beautiful weekend. Does anyone have a copy of the beautiful prayer Beth prayed over us girls? The prayer at the end where we held hands and repeated after her.
    Thanks 🙂

  24. 24
    Nancy Hayden says:

    I was there and it was wonderful. I felt there was going to be a word for me and there was. I looked around at the 8700 Christian worshipping women and felt we could do anything through God and of course, we can.

  25. 25
    Ashley says:

    What an amazing weekend of being challenged from the Word! Thank you so much Beth and team for coming. I was so blessed by the Lord. To God be the Glory for the great things He has done in the lives of those gathered there this weekend. Thanks again for being a vessel that God uses in such a mighty way.

  26. 26
    Melissa says:

    Such an incredible time and much needed word from God! Thank you Beth for your willingness to let the Holy Spirit speak through you.

  27. 27
    Michelle McCann says:

    WOW! It was a wonderful, moving, spirit filled weekend for me and my group! Never have I felt so full of desire to seek God’s longing for me in His ministry as I do after hearing Beth speak! This was my 6 LPL and can’t wait for the next one!!! I shower prayers over the LPL team and the ladies who will be attending in Lubbock for a spirit filled weekend! In Christ my sweet sisters!

    P.S. I need to know the name of the song the praise team sang for the invitation on Saturday morning. Thanks in advance!!!

  28. 28
    TAMMY says:


  29. 29
    Rinday says:

    1.) Excuses-hindrance=authenticity

    My favorite equations from Beth were…..

    Heartbreak-hindrance=depth (WOW, this is an eye opening revelation to me because it takes the heartbreak caused by another out of the hands of the one hurting and into God’s hands and it changes the victim mentality into a healing mentality!

    Childlessness-hindrance=mother of many (As a unmarried childless women who is just a few weeks shy of 35th birthday, sometimes I feel the sense of failure in that fact. But essentially I don’t have to wait for children or push my maternal nature down but rather just start loving those close to me as I would “real life” children…

    It really hard for me to pick a favorite day!!! Days 3 and 4 both really resonated. On Day 3 in the section about “minding your own business” about how certain things can’t be erased from our mind and allow us to still love like we should…Boy, do know what this means!! I have learned many of things that I had no business knowing and it has altered my view of someone and brought so much personal pain to me. Which leads to a deep understanding of the grief and hopelessness closely discussed in Day 4. This is one of those weeks I wish I wasn’t doing this study “solo” as I would love to share my heart on these matters with other women…

  30. 30
    Linda N says:

    Love the new song! The woman with beautiful, short, white hair dancing her heart out was so precious. She certainly had the joy of the LORD in her. If we were all so open with our Jesus joy, we could ignite the world!

  31. 31
    Deborah Mott says:

    Received a healing as was ACCEPTED and trusted by Beth to give testimony to THE LONGING TO BE HEALED FROM “BROKEN GIRL”, the place in me that feels dead and needs CHRIST’s resurrection power. Acceptance meant “THE GOSPEL” APPLIED AND GIVEN OUT AND LIVED OUT TO ME. Thank you so much, Beth. Also received revelations that brought forth a greater LONGING TO LIVE a CHRIST centered focus of GOSPEL and proclaiming and to make HIS STORY CENTER AND HIGH and my story an illustration of HIS GREAT GRACE!

    Beth gave 10 points that I wrote down.

    1. All our longings lie open before The LORD.

    2. If it’s not LONG it is not a LONGING.

    3. If it never aches it’s not intense enough for a longing.


    4. A LONGING fulfilled is a tree of life. (There are idealistic, realistic, fatalistic and futuristic approaches to longings.) Every “Longing” fulfilled on earth can be a tree of life and THE TREE OF LIFE is yet to come…Revelation 22:1-2.

    5. If God prepared it we were wired to LONG for it.

    6. We were created to LONG for companionship.

    7. We LONG to be LONGED for.

    8. Lust is the soul’s demand to shortcut a longing fulfilled.

    9. We LONG for GRACE!

    10. We LONG for GOD!

    From the conference I thought on this: I LONG to LOVE, ENJOY AND KNOW/EXPERIENCE GOD AND LIVE HIS GOSPEL first to ourselves then to others to bring the tree of life for the healing of the nations to fulfill the destiny HE HAS for us.
    The Gospel is the Best Gift the World could have. We must believe, receive and live in the reality of WHAT CHRIST HAS DONE, IS DOING and WILL DO to accomplish HIS COMMISSION!I am adding that Knowing GOD is ETERNAL LIFE (John 17:3) and our lives should show that we know JESUS and His RESURRECTION POWER IS IN US and WORKING THROUGH US. Our lives will then show we LONG FOR and LOVE GOD and LOVE GRACE AND TRUTH and LIVE FOR GRACE AND TRUTH and LONG for GRACE and TRUTH! Thank you JESUS!

    I have had a hard time believing the GOSPEL is true for me in the COMPLETE FORGIVENESS AND REDEMPTION CHRIST PROMISES. I have had a hard time living the GOSPEL TO MYSELF and sometimes to others. I have worked relentlessly trying to prove I have worth and trying to rid the disgrace! That is not GOSPEL LIVING it is DIS- GRACE living. I have cared more about pleasing others than pleasing God at times. I now have a greater understanding why I do this. The LORD showed me the root wound that needs healed in me and in most BROKEN GIRLS through the conference and lead me to study TAMAR in Scripture. She was not only raped but UNWANTED AFTER SHE WAS KNOWN! She was treated horribly. A double wound that needed DOUBLE or Quaduple GRACE! Using some of the themes I learned this past weekend and the healing and revelations too, I shared my heart in writing an article so we can better reach the lost and broken through our understanding and HOLY SPIRIT TEACHING US through HIS WORD and through His people. O HOW I LONG TO REALLY LIVE THE GOSPEL (GRACE) AND LONG FOR and LOVE GOD WITH ALL I AM. Thank you for LPL in Biloxi.
    My husband and I enjoyed the event.

  32. 32
    Donnie Tate says:

    What a beautiful weekend! God was all over the place!!! The Praise and Worship, and friend to friend, face to face sharing, was one that brought tears streaming down my face with a feeling like I have never felt before. He used you my precious Beth to make me understand that the big beautiful picture on my wall of a little lone tree which I always knew according to my friends was me is important because on the left of the tree, is THE TREE. My Lord is always watching over me. Plus precious ladies, we will never see the word Desire or Longing the same way since the conference.

    • 32.1
      Vivian says:

      I would love to frame a picture of a tree and the
      Tree to remind me of this amazing weekend.

      Can we find this picture on the Internet somewhere?

  33. 33
    Jeanette Fester says:

    10604 maple street
    we loved it… Pray you come back soon to visit us again…THANKIS FOR THE 9 POINTS. Jeanette Fester

  34. 34
    Sandi says:

    Awesome weekend. I brought 5 siestas with me, one was my sister (unchurched) and another lady who was unchurched. I’m glad Beth said right off the bat to leave them to Jesus. Otherwise I would have been anxious and worried about how they were receiving the message!! We had an awesome time in worshipping The Lord together !!!

  35. 35
    Gay Beck says:

    Gay, Plain City, OH

    I was not in Biloxi, however, I am always uplifted by seeing and hearing the video of the LPL Conference. I have attended two of Beth’s Conferences and I know how the spirit spoke to me then and continues to speak to me today.

    Beth & Travis and the whole LPL team are amazing. Thank you for your service to so many. God is faithful yesterday, today and forever! Praise Be to Our Heavenly Father.

  36. 36
    Tara G. says:

    Tara G.
    Sherwood, AR

    1. Rejection – hindrance = my identity in Christ; I listed the examples of heartbreak/depth and what happened/overcomer as the two that spoke to me the most.

    2. I appreciated your statements on p.93: ‘”More and more” one direction will force its antithesis into “less and less.” We get to decide which we want to feed and which we want to starve.’ That just made a lot of sense to me, and I can visualize that in areas in my life. It’s also simple enough for me to use when I teach my children.

  37. 37
    Sharron White says:

    Dearest Beth and Team,

    What an amazing gathering in Biloxi, MS!! My daughter and I attend every meeting and simulcast in our area.

    She and I attended the meeting in Pensacola, FL over two years ago. Where does time go? At that meeting, Beth had not been on stage very long when she shared a young woman’s parents were divorcing and the woman loved both her parents. My husband and I were separated and we were believing for a miracle. I sat and watched my daughter wipe away the tears as Beth spoke. God is always on time.

    Fast forward to the recent Biloxi meeting. Again my daughter and I attended and absorbed God’s presence like a sponge (as always). As Beth spoke on desires and longing, I reflected back to three years ago. My longing was for a restored marriage I was convinced was God’s will as He hates divorce. But my longing was not the longing of my then husband. That was the furthest ‘longing’ of his heart.

    I just knew the longing I had was God inspired and breathed on and restoration would come. I believed God had placed that ‘seed’ in my heart. His Word and will would prevail.

    But deeper and stronger than any longing was a longing to be made whole and to have a balanced life. ( Brokenness and cracks existed in our 40 year marriage that only could be restored with the faith of both husband and wife.)

    My longing for my marriage did not come to fruition. Just as strongly as I fought for healing, my husband fought for divorce. As strong as my longing was, God’s longing for me was greater and more powerful.

    So as I sat in the Biloxi meeting, my longing had changed. My longing is for Christ alone. I want to be whole in Him. I want Him more than life itself.

    It has taken three years to finally let go and know that I am complete in Jesus Christ. I still pray for my ex-husband’s restoration, but the longing for ‘us’ is gone and replaced by a greater longing. So what happens when a longing is not answered, God redirects our focus to Him alone? He is enough.

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