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  1. 101
    Beckie Potterfield says:

    Everywhere I turn right now I am being reminded to think/meditate on God’s word and not on my own words. It’s early Wed and this message has given me a smile and a reminder to think on God’s things and not my own.

  2. 102
    Kathy says:

    This post was for me. Monday, I had to attend mediation because my husband has filed for a divorce. My friend text me on the way and wrote, “The Israelites were focused on the giant…David focused on God.” I felt God’s supernatural presence during mediation. I’ve had to work at making sure my “thinking” was focused on the right things this week because it’ s tempting to let worry creep in. I pray my trust and obedience be a sweet sacrifice before Him.
    Your prayers wouldn’t be wasted on me and my family.

    • 102.1
      Tam says:

      If you are up to it, Psalm 91. Meditating on those verses were as soothing balm for my spirit during just such a time as you are now enduring.


  3. 103
    Lee Shelstad says:

    A wonderful reminder of HIS faithfulness and importance of being in HIS word daily! My ministry with kids and horses has had a mountain to climb this past week and we have been attacked in many different ways. But one morning I walked the land, TAKING IT BACK in JESUS NAME, praying, pushing dead trees over and cringe out to God! He heard me, and in face at the very time I was praying, God had a check on the way. HE IS FAITHFUL and the check encouraged and strengthen us to keep going and believing HE will come through with the rest! His WORD is powerful and empowers! See ya Friday night!! Your a blessing!

  4. 104
    Melissa ford says:

    Thank you! Very timely….got up today and read a bit of truth before heading into the world.

    Have a great day!

  5. 105
    Lori says:

    Wow! Just what I needed to hear this morning! Thanks, Beth, for listening to the Holy Spirit, and sharing what’s on your heart!

  6. 106
    Janine says:

    Thank you, Beth!

  7. 107
    Jacqueline M says:

    Beth this was exactly what I needed to hear, I’ve been dealing with this throughout the day, having a wrong or a hurt or anxious thought stuck in my head and then it comes out of my mouth later and causes injury. Thank you for the reminder about the sticky notes with scripture. I need to start focusing on doing this daily. Thank you for this word in season!

  8. 108
    Charlotte says:

    I was sitting at my desk this morning waiting for 1:00 to get here so I can go play cards with friends this afternoon. Was checking my email and say your Blog. Decided I had time to watch your message.. BAM BAM. You hit me right where I needed it. Thanks for reminding me that the Lord comes first in each day. That I need to get in the word more faithfully……The devil has stepped in and taken me away from my morning devotionals. NOT ANY MORE.

  9. 109
    njc/Jaycie says:

    Ms. Beth,
    This was like God had y camped out in my living area yesterday morning, or HE had come down and told you how I had talked to HIM the night b4. HE jus floors me. Bended knee and all. I couldn’t be more serious. Was jus slack of jaw and spirit shocked all in one, as you closed in prayer. The Spirit really spoke to me and showed me some areas that I need to allow my Lord to change in me. Thank You, for your humble yet bold obedience. I praise God for the sensitive spirit HE has Anointed you with. All glory to The Christ, The Son Of The Living God.
    Praying for you, Beth, the LPL family, those called to serve the LORD through serving you, and all those chosen to come and “hear” what Jesus is saying through you. By grace through faith!! PRAYING, sister!

  10. 110
    Dawn says:

    Thanks for the encouragement Beth! Needed to hear that more than you know. God is always on time! Have a great week. Much love!

  11. 111

    Wow! God is so awesome! I have been working on listening to God each day, and hearing what He wants to say to me. I just wrote a blog (linked above) called “To Hear God”. A few days ago I had a conversation with a Christian sister about how to hear God, and taking the time to listen to Him.
    Beth, your prayer today was amazing! It spoke directly to my heart, and was a repetition of what I have been hearing from God and what I have been thinking about too! What a confirmation! God is so good, and so loving to us. Thank you Beth for being a great role model, teacher, and friend. God please send protecting angels around Beth and her family. Give her encouragement, and shower her with your grace, mercy, and love. Amen.

  12. 112
    Anonymous says:

    I am going to remain anonymous please.
    Pertinent word for my husband and I! My husband presides over our church board and seeks the Lord for direction. It has been a great group of Godly men. Over the past several weeks his sprit has been nearly crushed by some of the new young board members as the board goes through the process of selecting a new pastor. (Our Pastor that everyone loved felt called to missions.) My husband is a very wise, humble and sincere business man who puts everyone before himself. Recently he has been highly criticized for asking some tough, yet necessary questions of a not so qualified candidate. Some very hurtful things were said to him in an attempt to silence anyone who might question the qualifications of a certain candidate. He has been encouraged by a mentor Pastor of the process to press on. That said, I shared Beth’s video with him last night. It was an encouragement to him to put the constant nagging of hurtful conversations aside, hang on to the word and press on to the job God has put before him. He was so thankful that I shared it with him. My Man is kind and generous and I adore him and am hurt for him! And yes I have been “thinking and rethinking and rethinking” what I would like to tell some of the Board. I have been rehearsing in my head/heart…. But no more! I so appreciated hearing my Mom’s words from you Beth, “Honey, what’s in the heart comes out of the mouth” So no more rehearsing hurtful conversations. Back in the word with my post it notes… “whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely…..” Thank you!
    Thanks for a place to share

  13. 113
    Mary G. says:

    Thank you Beth for that sweet reminder that it is our right and not a rule. I have been dealing with a situation as of late where someone in my life has been trying to control me and being verbally abusive in trying to do so. It’s so easy to wake up and let my mind just go racing with that situation. Thank you for that reminder that in the word and in His presence is where my focus should be first thing and where I will find the wisdom to deal with anything that comes across my path. Blessings to you…

  14. 114
    cindy says:

    Thank you so much. This was just so precious to me to have you speak to me like we’re having a private conversation and also to have you pray for us.
    Thank you Lord for gifting Beth. We give you all the glory!!

  15. 115
    Linda says:

    Thank you for the confirmation of the Spirit has been speaking to my own heart. Last night some old hurtful memories came to my remembrance and I started to dwell on them. I had to bring those into captivity and toss them away from me. It was like the Spirit said “Don’t let Satan bring up!” If dwell on those things I could be a very bitter person. I choose grace and mercy and to meditate upon His Word.

  16. 116
    Meredith says:

    Thank you for this! I got back out my spiral and I’m going to be meditating on God’s Word instead of my worries. I needed to hear this today. Much love to you! You bless me so!

  17. 117
    Tanya says:

    Thank you so much, Beth! I needed to hear every word of that video today. God bless you for your obedience. Much love to you and your ministry.

  18. 118
    Gay Idle says:

    I am known for telling my Bible Study Ladies that God’s Word is not just dead letters on a page! It is living and active and can bring about healing in your life…in your emotions, in your spirit and soul, and in your physical health!! I am so very thankful that He has given us His living Word to lead, guide, and heal us and set us free from our selves and deliver us into a walking a life of the Power and Light and Life!!
    Beth, I love your heart for the Word!
    Gay Idle/CaptiveHeart

  19. 119
    KaRetha says:

    Thank you Beth. That word was for me.

  20. 120
    Andrea Porter says:

    Thank you Siesta Mama, needed this today. My women’s group is meeting and watching, discussing,learning about your Tuesday Night Bible Study on The Law of Love, Deuteronomy. We are loving it and I was asked to expand a bit on your lessons, I did the first week after the video session because it is the first time for many of my group, to actually study a book of the Bible. I am so glad that I have been hooked into the LPM Blog, Siesta Scripture Memory Team events, I feel like I am somewhat prepared to dig in deeper and always asking the Holy Spirit to guide my study of God’s Word and guide what I say. Always asking that the Spirit to touch a burning coal to my lips before we meet to clean me, my mouth my thoughts, everything. I care quite a bit about the ladies and never want to lead them in the wrong way. Would you have any advice on what I need to add to my arsenal of study materials? I am going to buy an ESV version of the Bible to help. I for sure I am on a budget, but a starting place would be very helpful, thank you. I did get to say hello to you at the last SSMT 2014 and really felt like I botched what I wanted to say to you, ugh! What I wanted to say was that you have been a huge inspiration to me since my very first Bible Study you wrote, which was, Breaking Free. Thank you for helping me to start on an amazing adventure with Jesus. That is what I wanted to say, thank you, thank you. You are so loved by me.

    • 120.1
      Andrea Porter says:

      p.s. I too am a sticky note aficionado, LOVE my sticky notes. Love sticky noting tabs in my Bible for key verses. I get a little crazy with my dry highlighter. If I had my way, I am sure the WHOLE Bible would be PINK. 🙂

  21. 121
    Kena says:

    Thank you, Beth. I really needed to hear this.

  22. 122
    michelemgshell@ says:

    Thank you for that word, I have spent too much time thinking and rethinking this past week over the hurt caused by my son and his wife after they have withheld our grandchildren from us these last few months, I have been beating myself up over things they say i am guilty of in my words to them..I have spent much time with my Lord and He has revealed some things to me but not all i have been accused of. Please pray that I will continue to mediate on His Word and healing will come to our family

  23. 123
    Dianne Corn says:

    Beth, I live in a retirement community in Tennessee that is full of so may wonderful Sister’s in Christ. We are part of a non-denominational Bible Study Group called Bible Study Tec. We have done all of your studies and we love, love, love you. Praying for you in love, girlfriend……..Dianne

  24. 124
    Angela says:

    I listened intently and prayed along when this was posted. Today, I wanted to pray it I did. “Lord let me hear from you.” I’ve been having some difficulty at work. I was fortunate enough to download Beth’s free ebooks, one of which is “Jesus, The One and Only”. I just happened to be reading chapter 15..”Christ knows more about our jobs than we do.” “Christ knows every detail associated with your job.” “As you partner with Christ at your job, you will be more efficient.”

    God spoke to me through Beth. I am thankful.

    Have a blessed week!

  25. 125
    Lee Ann says:

    Thank you for this!!

  26. 126
    Lorna Fadden says:

    Thank you Beth for speaking God’s truth! There are some things so embedded within depths of our hearts that need to be brought to the cross immediately, especially when they start proceeding from our mouths. I’ve been there and continue to battle with stuff like this. Praise God for equipping us with his word to continue to fight the good fight!

  27. 127
    Angie J.Rose says:

    What a wonderful and powerful revelation! Thank you Beth for sharing this with the body of Christ!

  28. 128
    Charmaine says:

    Thank you so much…. This was definitely a word from God to me that I needed to hear. I have been dwelling on a very hurtful and painful situation recently concerning my husband and I stopped reading His word in the mornings like I used to. I could feel my spirit just breaking right along with my heart. Only recently have I picked up my Bible and started to read And study His word again. Thank you for these encouraging words for me to continue.

  29. 129
    Joanne says:

    Thank You for the Word today Beth. I can’t tell you how God has directed your teachings into my life at always the most opportune times I needed to hear His personal message for me.
    You rock Siesta!

  30. 130
    Barbara says:

    This word, as always with Beth, is what I needed to hear. I think that I have drawn away from my time with God or feel separated in ways lately I need and want so much to hear Him again during my morning devotions. God help me to hear You and etch Your Word into my mind and on my heart.

  31. 131
    Karlee Hawkins says:

    Beth, I just received this word this week. I have listened to it and soaked it up several times. The Holy Spirit did something beyond wonderful through you for me. I receive it in the mighty name of Jesus! Around five years ago I was lving a life of sinfulness, but I had just gotten back involed in church. I had a divided heart. Half of me loved the world and the other half of me wanted all Jesus had to offer. I was invited to your Deeper Still conference in OKC by some ladies from the church I attended. I did not know what was happening at the time, but I fell under deep conviction. I thought I was a Christian, but the truth is I had never come before the Lord with an honest heart. That day through you, the Holy Spirit revealed my heart. I was terrified, ashamed, and angry at you. I ran away out of fear, humiliation, and offense. That fear tormented me as the Holy Spirit continued to to unravel the rest of my heart. I even tried to end my own life. The Lord still pursued me. Three more years went by and finally I asked for God’s help. I finally humbled myself and repented of my sin. Two years ago I asked Jesus to be my Lord and Savior. Life did not magically change, I still had consequences. I had hurt alot of people and I had been hurt by alot of people. I was extremely bitter/angry and offended. It was a process, but the Lord began restoring me. There have been several of your books, messages, blogs, tweets that have built me up and encouraged me. In fact, I feel like we have come full circle with this video. The Holy Spirit sure knows what He is doing. I want you to know this message reached my heart and it was intended for me. Jesus not only wants my heart, He wants my mouth, too. I know he is cleaning my heart, because I am not the same person. I have been set free. He has a purpose in all of this. Romans 8:28 I know that I know that I know Jesus loves me. Thank you for being a part of my journey! Always praying for you…

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