What’s Undone?

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  1. 51
    LaDonna says:

    My now DONES πŸ™‚

    A very late thank you card to a neighbor
    Read the last chapter of a book
    And lastly I finally laid some things on the alter

  2. 52
    Dawn Ramirez says:

    I finally did it! It only took me 31 years! I feel ashamed to admit it, but at the same time, I am proud to have finally put aside all of my excuses and years of procrastination. I registered to vote! And I will use my right as an American citizen in November. It may not seem like a big deal to most people, but, every time an election would roll around I would feel guilty and ashamed. Now I can let my voice be heard.

  3. 53
    Alisha says:

    Definitely what I needed to hear this morning! A rather large pile of *cue dramatic music* laundry has been calling my name for quite some time, much to my displeasure lol. Lord willing, that will be no more after a bit! On a side note, God really spoke to me today also through Hebrews 11 and reminded me through the example of Abraham’s move from Ur, that sometimes on our way to getting the “undone done” we (read:me lol)just have to have faith and follow His lead even through the grey areas or when I’m not sure where His path will lead. Interesting, huh? Praying for you all sweet siestas! Blessings! We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us! πŸ™‚

  4. 54
    Debbie says:

    Wow, right up in my wheelhouse! I have completed a report and done filing that has weighed on me for 6 months. Whew! Now, on to finish my painting/furniture moving/redecorating project. And, last but not least, watch the Living Proof Simulcast waiting on my computer.
    Thank you so much for your teaching, and showing how very pertinent it is in every aspect of our lives.
    Love you all soooo much!

    Debbie in Portland

  5. 55
    Laura says:

    I needed this word, to take action in the area of writing. I sat down tonight to catch up on the Siesta activities aince I havent checked in since June. Here was this message waiting for me. No Coincidence!

  6. 56
    D says:

    A word spoken in due season – that’s for sure. Thank you, Beth! I have a large list of to do things that has been bugging me! Some of them are lengthier to get completed than others but since I saw your devotional yesterday I got to:
    1. Pay off my outstanding medical bill
    2. Finally write a card to a friend in another state
    3. Put the frequent miles on my card

  7. 57
    lynda rickey says:

    Thanks, I needed that kick in the pants to get back to my writing. There seems to never be enough time to chase this dream of mine and it is much easier to put it to the side. Thank you for reminding me that God has a plan and I need to participate in it. Love you!

  8. 58
    Victori says:

    This past month I have been falling with what seems like a mudslide as far as my walk with God goes. I’ve always without a doubt believed in Him, but today I let Him into my heart and asked for that personal relationship that I have been yearning for. So, what did I do that has been undone for so long? I gave it to God, every single last bit of it today at our Tulsa event. Praise Him! He will make all things new and I pray that I grow deeper in love with Him from here on out.


  9. 59
    Suzan says:

    Quilt projects. We call them UFO’s (un-finished-objects) and don’t get me started on FUFUO’s (future-un-finished-objects). I have been working on completing these half done, wonky, needs one more thing, tweaking, and simply sewing to finish projects. Thank you for the encouragement and the verse. I love His Word!

  10. 60
    Letsroll says:

    Thank you for taking time to share that! It rings true in so many aspects. I too have MANY bible studies that I’ve done over the years with missing homework sections. that have been hanging over me.
    As a stay at home, homeschooling mom of four kids, it feels like I’m in a constant state of ‘undone’. It is really depressing sometimes.
    There’s a pile of work staring at me right now that I’m going to ‘turn on the music’ and tackle.
    Thanks for that shot of encouragement for today. Love ya and glad to have the chance for the photo op this weekend. πŸ™‚

  11. 61
    Jennifer says:

    I finally got several projects done. Check book balanced, bold written, 5400 pictures downloaded from computer, pictures off of phone so I could update it and a craft project well under way that has been plaguing me for over a year! Thanks Beth for a great word.

  12. 62
    Lori says:

    I FINALLY learned how to use our online banking AND had a refresher course in balancing the checkbook this afternoon. I have a very smart, tech-y husband who has always done it, and I have been completely clueless. His job has required many more hours lately, and so he just hasn’t had time to keep it all up to date. Therefore, our checkbook has been a mess, and we’ve just gone with the “trust what the bank says our balance is every month” method. NOT ANYMORE! So happy to not have this hanging over my head.

  13. 63
    Betty M says:

    This is the second word I have heard from you this week on unfinished projects!! I first heard it on Life Today! Same theme!!
    I have just so much goin on and how do I check out of life to do all this? Do I just check out of life for afew mins everyday to see it to completion? I am leaving for Oregon for 10 days to visit a dear cousin via Amtrack. Just got my computer running again. I will soul search this as I watch the country whiz by! Thanks for the word!
    Love ya,

  14. 64
    Ruth says:

    Last night I finally wrote a blog post to link on Facebook and let people know that my husband was diagnosed with cancer in January. Of course the people from our church and close family have known since then, but it feels strange to try to write for those you don’t see as often but still want to let know. I had been planning on writing something ever since key decisions were made several months ago but couldn’t seem to find the time or emotional energy.

    Now, the next thing I have undone is actually posting my Scriptures for SSMT. I always read this blog on the Flipboard app on my phone, but it’s not very conducive for typing comments. I’ve been working on Romans 8 this year but have not gone on to post them on the blog. Have I mentioned that life got a little crazier just a few weeks into the new year? Anyway, I don’t know if I’ll get them all posted today, but if I type this now and start today, maybe I will be caught up soon!

  15. 65
    Laura says:

    caught up with backed up correspondence/cards/thank yous
    finished sending out material for a class i taught to those who were not able to make last session
    emptied one ‘keepsake” box from stack of many and put the keepers in the right place and thanked God for the rest and then pitched
    sent fall socks to daughter that have been sitting on my dresser
    cleaned out 120 emails from my backlogged inbox of photos and treasures that i needed to download!
    made an ‘undone’ list that i am chipping away at!
    thanks for the motivation!!!!!

  16. 66
    Dana says:

    Thank you, Beth, for being used by God to give me a rather firm slap to the back of my head! My unfinished project that has harassed me over and over is my children’s book, just 2 chapters short of completion. You are the 2nd “hey you” from God in less than a week. I quickly informed God of the numerous rejection letters from literary agents and publishers (hence, the unfinished book). He told me quite frankly, now that He had my attention, that He said nothing about publishing, He only said to get it done. So……I am committing (not to you Beth, but to an amazing God) to begin tonight the daunting task of finished Hannah and The Good Samaritan Club. We’ll see what He has up His omnipotent sleeve after that! Thanks!

  17. 67
    Heidi says:

    I sent the note!
    Thank you… πŸ™‚

  18. 68
    Linda says:

    This post inspired me to get back to work on a counted cross-stitch birth sampler for my granddaughter. I had not worked on it in months. After having to rip out a big portion that I had somehow gotten in the wrong place, I just couldn’t get motivated to get back to it. It will still take quite a while to finish the project but I am well on my way to re-doing the section that was ripped out. I need to finish this one so I can get started on one for my second granddaughter, who will be a year old this month.

  19. 69
    Kathy Ericksen says:

    I was behind on doing my books for my book business and I did July and August. Thanks for the nudge!

  20. 70
    Nina says:

    I ironed and put the bedskirt back on the bed. πŸ˜‰

    Tomorrow I WILL call my mentor about the “Mom’s in prayer” group that she told me about. God’s tugging at me to think about starting one at my daughter’s school.

  21. 71
    Hidy says:

    Thanks sooooo very much for letting God work through you! I believe that the message is just for me even though I know that God spoke to other people too. He used you to be His mouth and to give me a message that cut thru my core. He could not have been more clear. He has asked me to write a book on a specific subject and I started it but haven’t been able to finish it. Now, I’m convicted not only I have to finish it but I better enjoy the process. I can’t wait to see what He will do with it!! Thanks again for motivating me!! You are an inspiration.

  22. 72
    Sandra says:

    I don’t know how you knew what was going on in my house but you nailed it. So this week I finally defrosted our freezer. When I tell you that it took hours, you know that it was looong overdue.
    Also I finished crocheting a baby afghan for a shower gift. But I still have several inches on a mat for the homeless made from plastic grocery bags to complete.
    I really need to get the checkbook balanced, the photo albums for my sons finished and the chaotic house under control.
    Thanks for the push this week through your video.

  23. 73
    Elles Rock says:

    Woohoo!! I finally finished this morning! I have been meaning to journal about my experience at the LPL event in Bossier City for over a month now! I continued to put it off because writing down all the things The Lord had orchestrated that weekend seemed like such a daunting task, but I knew it needed to be documented and I’m proud to share I was finally able to put my pen down and close the journal this morning when I finished it!

    I attended the Bossier City LPL event at the end of August and was one of the teenagers on the front row that had the privilege of meeting you after the service. That blessed me more than you will ever know! Since then, The Lord has opened some huge doors and I’ll be flying down to Daytona in November with Deb Douglas to volunteer at the LPL event there! It’s been so crazy/amazing to see The Lord line these things up and I hope to get to meet you again there!

  24. 74
    Cora Lee says:

    Thanks for the encouragement to finish those undone things in my life. I am working on finishing an UFO (unfinished object) a baby quilt for my grandson Elliott.
    I am also working at writing down my QT again. I did it for years, but quite.
    Thanks Beth for your passion for Jesus and sharing with us!
    U R A Winner:). Cora Lee

  25. 75
    Linda H. says:

    Thank you Beth for speaking about this very matter. My life hs been undone for 10 months when I became caregiver to my Mom as well as care for three special needs grandchildren. I love to sew and wanted to use that love to sew for ill children. God had spoken to me months ago with an opportunity to sew pillowcases for ill or injured children in the hospital. I had been dragging my feet. Well your post so touched me that I just yesterday finished the six that have been laying on my sewing table. I prayed for each child as I sewed and Praised the Lord that He had given me this opportunity. It helped to take the focus off me and lifted my spirits to know I had done what the Lord had asked me to do!!

  26. 76
    Ashley says:

    Thank you, Beth, for this word. It encourages me, not so much to complete a project, but to KEEP WAITING for God to fulfill the thing He has told me He’s doing. I’ve been waiting for that promise to be fulfilled for a year now, and have gotten really discouraged with seeing no evidence yet. This message helps to lift my soul a bit and urge me to keep holding on and “see it through” by faith.

  27. 77
    theHarborMom says:

    I waited to reply until I had finished the task…not that it was long, but it took so long to make a 5 minute call…for something that wasn’t even awful. I was just lazy. Got the college funds started for the 3 kids.

  28. 78
    Pam Murray says:

    Regular exercise and responsible and wise eating!

  29. 79
    Sarah Goode says:

    This is one of those times when I KNOW God is caring for me specifically and individually. This word from you came is such a crazy way that I have NO DOUBT that it had to be Him giving me just what I needed. This word was a answer to a cry for help to Him just hours earlier. I am filled with HOPE and assurance in a very real way that encourages me to get up tomorrow and GET IT DONE. I have a list and I will with His power and some Mandisa “Overcomer” music work my way down and check some things off that have been suffocating my spirit and just keeping me in a place of defeat. I love you Beth and have been under your umbrella of teaching for many years. Thank you for being used by God to help me on my journey. You are a blessing to my life.

  30. 80
    Pam Anderson says:

    I thought it was my list of “unfinished business” that’s been carried over from an old journal – into the last two or three journals. I thought I knew exactly what was undone. Now, I know it was an unfulfilled vow. It was the Spring of 2012 that I was sure I was to stop doing something carnal. But, I rationalized it away because all things are free, right? I am free in Christ and not bound to law. However, God told me specifically to stop doing a particular thing. I’ve been disobedient for a almost a year and a 1/2. After watching your video, I didn’t know it was the pledge I made all that time ago. It wasn’t until days later that it hit me. I pray I have the strength to obey Him this time. “Guard your step when you go to the house of God. Better to draw near in obedience than to offer the sacrifice as fools do, for they are ignorant and do wrong. Do not be hasty to speak, and do not be impulsive to make a speech before God. God is in heaven and you are on earth, so let your words be few. For dreams result from much work and a fools voice from many words. When you make a vow to God, don’t delay in fulfilling it, because He does not delight in fools. Fulfill what you vow. Better that you do not vow than that you vow and not fulfill it.” Ecclesiastes 5:1-5

  31. 81
    Gina says:

    This is perfect for today. I hadn’t sat down with the computer in a while and I was catching up on my siestas and seen this. What I need to get done is LOSING WEIGHT. It’s such a struggle for me. I had started at the beginning of the year and was doing well, and after I went on vacation I lost all will to try. And with that comes self loathing and constant self attacking.
    I had started this morning, for the first time since June… I am begging God for HIS strength and HIS power, cause in my own I am absolutely worthless.
    This was a great word for today, to get me through. I may watch it again tomorrow…

  32. 82
    Audrey says:

    I finally wrote a letter that God has been nudging me to write for almost 6 months. It goes in the mail today πŸ™‚

  33. 83
    Melissa Ball says:

    My main job in life is to be a stay-at-home AND homeschool mama of three precious little ones. On the side, I volunteer for a missions organization based out of Madrid, Spain as their “virtual” personnel coordinator (I live in MD). We are currently in between leadership so things have slowed down a great deal. I have allowed myself become lazy with the slow pace in responding to emails inquiries for internships and other opportunities. I have been using the excuse of a new school year and all that goes with that for why I haven’t responded. It’s terrible and laughable in it’s stupidity. But! Because it’s been so slow, I have only received three email inquiries in the past 8 weeks. You would think that just THREE emails would be simple and so quick to respond to, but yet I have let them sit and sit and sit in my inbox. It’s laughable how ridiculous I have been about ignoring them. Ha! but PRAISE THE LORD, your short devotional encouraged me and lit a fire under my behind to finally GET IT DONE!!!! So I DID IT!!!! And it took me all of 15 minutes! FIFTEEN MINUTES!!!!! Hahaha!!!! I can’t believe how great it feels to no longer have that hanging over my head. Thank you so much for your well-timed cheerleading!

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