Siesta Summer Bible Study Information! And Giveaway!

Okay Girls! Lindsee here and I have chosen our 11 winners at random! If you would all email me ([email protected]) as soon as possible, that would be so helpful so we can get your books to you SOON!

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Our first 10 winners of a Gideon Workbook are: (Make sure that if you are a winner, it is the correct comment number that I have posted!)

Comment #634: Amy A.

Comment #33: Beverly

Comment #111: Amy Hanson

Comment #88: Michele

Comment #777: Sharon Seagle

Comment #56: Rina

Comment #555: Lisa Ode

Comment #1: Rebecca

Comment #245: Brandi

Comment #372: Melody

Lastly, our winner of the Gideon Leader Kit is…

Comment #475: Stephanie

We are so excited for you, girls! Can’t wait to hear from you!


Hey Girls! Comments are now closed. Be looking for the names of our 11 winners within the hour! Thanks for your enthusiastic and honest replies! We’re so excited!

Greetings, Sisters! Siesta Summer Bible Study starts one week from today! We are fired up around here! I know your questions are abounding, so this post is to fill you in on all the details to get us good and ready for next Tuesday.

First off, let’s make sure that you know what you’ll need to participate: 1 LifeWay workbook by Priscilla Shirer entitled Gideon: Your Weakness. God’s Strength.That’s all there is to it!

We’ve been getting lots of questions about whether or not Priscilla’s video portions are required in our summer Bible study. The answer is no but only because we try our hardest to keep our summer experience at the lowest possible cost. By all means, if you have access through a group or have the financial resources to get the session DVDs or downloads, do it! To experience the whole thing is optimum! If you’re in a small group, consider all pitching in and purchasing a set then watching them together week to week. You’ll be incredibly blessed by that investment. Priscilla’s gift of teaching is saturated with the Holy Spirit and beautifully infectious. I could sit under her instruction for hours. So, get the sessions if you can but they will not be required to participate in our summer study. All of our discussion will springboard from the workbook.

With that said, I do have one really FUN thing to do before we move further into the details. We have 10 Gideon workbooks and 1 leader kit to give away! All you need to do to qualify is leave a comment on this post and let us know how the subtitle hits you: “Your weakness. God’s strength.” We’ll keep comments open for 24 hours then do a random drawing of 11 people with those specific entries. Watch for a post Wednesday afternoon naming our winners!

Are y’all still with me?

OK, then, let me fill you in on some remaining details through a simple Q&A. If you’ve been in summer Bible study with us before, our approach will be very similar.

Who’s invited? YOU! (If you’re a girl over – let’s say – 16) And you can go solo or participate in a small group! As in past years, our highest hope is to facilitate fellowship and accountability into our Bible study experiences. If you can assemble a group of friends, co-workers, family members, acquaintances, fellow church members, Siestas in your town, a tennis team or a handful of neighbors, you’re likely to get the most out of the process. (If you’ve already participated in this study, think of leading a group through it this round.) If you can’t rally a face-to-face group, Skyping and Face Time can still provide a pretty legit way to experience community in different locations. We’re not looking to be legalistic. We just want FULL benefits. If you go solo, do your best to connect with a couple of girls on line. Scripture tells us to stir one another up in the faith and to call one another to love and good works and to bear one another’s burdens and pray for one another and remind one another of God’s faithfulness. Translation: we need each other!

What’s the Goal? Spending the summer together in the Word! A summer of authentic Bible study is the surest way to a summer of victory.

When do we meet?  We will launch our Siesta Summer Bible Study on Tuesday, June 11, and “meet” 4 official times: Every OTHER Tuesday from June 11th until July 23rd. Yes, by all means, meet EACH week if your small group is able but we only ask that you check in here on the LPM blog every TWO weeks to participate in our format for discussion. As much as we’re able, we want to be big on help and small on demands. Summer schedules can make weekly gatherings much harder than usual but certainly keep it up if you can. You can also choose another day of the week besides Tuesday if necessary. We’ve found that it’s the most fun and carries the most momentum when we all do it on the same day but that’s not always possible for everyone. Be free!

Here’s the summer schedule:

Tuesday, June 11, 2013 Launch – I’ll post our 1st Mini-Session which I will either have written or videoed. In it you will receive instructions for discussion.

In the 2 weeks that follow our first Mini-Session, you will DO WEEKS ONE AND TWO OF THE HOMEWORK ON YOUR OWN. If you’re participating in Priscilla’s weekly DVD teachings, incorporate those weekly and in addition (or instead of!!) to what we’re doing here on the blog. We will let you guys work those details out on your own.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013 (2nd Mini-Session/Group Instructions)


Tuesday, July 9, 2013 (3rd Mini-Session/Group Instructions)

In the two weeks that follow, DO WEEKS FIVE AND SIX OF THE HOMEWORK ON YOUR OWN.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013 (4th Mini-Session/Conclusion) – We’ll wrap it up and it will have flown by in a whirlwind.

If a graph is easier to understand than all my compulsive wordiness, here you go:

Where should you meet if you’re participating in a small group? Wherever you are most comfortable. Do what works for your group. You might meet in a different house each week so no one has to keep her house clean all summer. We’ve had some siesta groups meet in restaurants and coffee shops. Find your groove and stick to it!


So, here’s what you do:
1. Get your workbooks! Our good friends at LifeWay have promised to have plenty of them for us, but you won’t want to wait until the last minute. You can find them online on LifeWay’s web site. Here is a link where you can order the member book. And, if you’re going for the optional DVD sessions week to week, here’s where you can download the videos taught by Priscilla. They’ll be fabulous.

2. Sign up on the blog on our official Launch Day- Tuesday, June 11. For the first time, we’re going to ask that everyone participating sign up individually rather than a leader chiming in on behalf of the whole group.  We think this will be less confusing and will give us a better idea of how many are participating each week just by the number of comments. We will ask a few warm-up questions that day to begin cracking open that door of community.

3. I will facilitate the study by posting a blog the 4 mornings of our meeting days. I will give you instructions on these posts for your discussion times and maybe some activities. All will connect to the previous weeks of study.

4. After your gathering, you’ll check back in by telling us something about your meeting via a comment on that same post. Don’t worry if your group can’t meet on Tuesdays. You’ll still be able to find the post and comment throughout the week.

What if…

-I want to use the discussion questions in the back of the workbook instead of the ones on Beth’s posts. Go for it!

-I really, really want to do the study but it’s not in the budget. Email us.

-I’ve already committed to doing another Bible study this summer? That’s great! Stick with it.

-I don’t want to participate but still want to be a part of the blog. We totally understand and want to see you around Siestaville this summer. Know that the Bible Study will only take up one post every other week.

We can’t wait to study the Word with you this summer!

Lord Jesus, take us somewhere we couldn’t have anticipated! Somewhere we desperately needed to go. Raise up an army of mighty warriors right here in this community!

Okay, Sisters, let’s hear your comments for the giveaway! Remember we’ll only leave it open for 24 hours!


818 Responses to “Siesta Summer Bible Study Information! And Giveaway!”

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  1. 401
    Angel W says:

    At this time in my life I am incredibly aware of my weaknesses. And I know that I need his strength every waking moment of my days. My life verse is Isaiah 40:31 and as I hope in The Lord, he will renew my strength.

  2. 402
    Emily says:

    Our weakness-God’s strength is a powerful way to show God’s honest to goodness working in our lives to those around us who need the encouragement and Truth. We are cracked vessels that are used/healed/strengthened to give praise, honor and glory to God and God alone.

  3. 403
    Kimberly says:

    My weakness… God’s Strength… working as a nurse in Uganda. Treating people that most of us would be seeing a doctor or a specialist for….. knowing my weakness acutely. But being reminded continually… that God will give me what I need… and He has! Eager to learn more through His word.

  4. 404
    wendy schryver says:

    My weakness, God’s strength. Well, I can tell you that I am a mom of a family of 5, 4 which are chronically sick with late stage Lyme Disease including myself. We have all been sick since 2000 so for the last 13 years it has been hard not to get angry and wonder why us Lord. Why do I have to see my children and husband suffer with the same disease I have and know just how badly they feel. That is how I feel at my weakest point, however, I know for everything there is a purpose under heaven and with the Lord’s grace and strength he will take care of us all for he knows the plans he has for us and I have to trust in him everyday. This hasn’t always been easy over the years and we have been tested over and over again with various trials regarding health, finances etc. But we know when our eyes are focused on him, we all are going to be okay.

  5. 405
    Shannon Stevenson says:

    Amazing because today I think I felt the weakest I’ve felt in a long time. Realizing I need His strength more than anything.

  6. 406
    Dana Armstrong says:

    I say this all the time “in my weakness, He is strong”…but the real question I need to be asking myself is do i believe it??? I try to take care of everything, fix everything, resolve everything! I need to learn the joy of stepping back and giving him steering wheel and let Him drive! This may be the perfect Bible Study for the Summer….pick me! pick me!

  7. 407
    Sheri P says:

    My first impression: “…Yes , Jesus loves me , yes Jesus loves me, yes, Jesus loves me, the Bible tells me so. “

  8. 408

    I love the subtitle “Your weakness God’s strength” it speaks to where we are so much of the time, and to know that in our weaknesses God can be our strength. I am looking forward to learning practical ways to use God’s strength in my times of weakness.

  9. 409
    Tanya says:

    My weakness, His strength? I know I’m dust, He knows I’m dust. I’d like to find how how to let Him work through me to turn that dust into something strong and amazing!

  10. 410
    Anita says:

    I have just come through a season of deep sifting and am left feeling like a bowl of jiggly Jello. I am in ministry and am entering into our busy season. This last year has left me feeling weak and fragile and not sure how to go on. God is good. He gives perfect gifts. Sometimes his perfect gifts come in packages that don’t look like gifts at all. I am learning that my weaknesses are a gift because it leaves room for his power to be made perfect! My husband and I run a Bible camp, and it is a crazy season to try and do a Bible study in, but the title literally took my breath away.

  11. 411
    Wendy S says:

    I have learned that in my weakness and wanting to cry about it, that God has surrounded me with great Christian friends and others who I can learn from and witness to because of my failings. Beth and Priscilla have done much in my life and I have bought 2 if the leader kits so I can continue to encourage others. Trusting God I have moved from MI to WA to be closer toy granddaughter as I feel the call to make sure she knows Christ. Thanks for all you do to encourage me and others.

  12. 412
    Susie Kuss says:

    The whole “My weakness; His Strength” thing is, just…mind-blowing!! The way I look at it is this: God’s GOT TO be MIGHTY big and MIGHTY strong, ’cause in my own strength, I’m MIGHTY puny and DEFINITELY weak. Man, am I ever glad HE’S GOT THIS!!! Thank you, Father God. I’m ready. Let’s Do This!!!

  13. 413
    Mariah says:

    This Summer session could not be more timely. Without getting into details, my life has been shattered by my weaknesses over the last couple years. For the last week I have been praying and fasting for God’s strength and perseverance. I have seen God speaking into my life more in the last week than ever before. I have been taking life one step at a time.. right foot, left foot… I need more and more of his strength. I am so excited about this study! This is yet another answer to my prayers!

  14. 414
    Tara Serene says:

    It’s His loving-kindness that leads us to repentance. This is what comes to mind for me. When we are at our end, there is grace, firm and reaching.

  15. 415
    Lynn says:

    My weakness-God’s strength is an honest description of the battle of my life in 2011.
    Gideon, in Judges 7 became one of my very favorite people that God graced us with in scripture. I was (and still struggle with fear) facing a major surgery -terrified better describes that season. But -in Judges 7:9-11it says this “now the same night it came about that the LORD said to him, “Arise, go down against the camp, for I have given it into your hands” vs 10 is what got me through many days of sickness ….. But, IF YOU ARE AFRAID to go down, go with Purah your servant down to the camp. Stopping here I looked up the hebrew name Purah. It means Branch and Branch is one of the names for Messiah (Is6:2). Verse 11b says “so he went with Purah”.
    That’s what got me through. Basically I was scared to death like Gideon -but God was not mad at me for being afraid. His provision was Jesus-take Jesus (Purah/Branch) with you to surgery. So, I
    did. My weakness. God’s strength. My “if” i am afraid turned into “when” I am afraid-I take Jesus for strength in that weakness every time now!

  16. 416
    KC Harrington says:

    “Godology” His ways are not our ways! Be weak to be strong. Die to live. 🙂

  17. 417
    JAIME says:


  18. 418
    Angel says:

    This year has been so physically challenging. I’ve experienced my own weakness in deep ways which has led to knowing God’s strength in profound ways. I sure would love to bolster what I’ve learned through the life of Gideon!

  19. 419
    marie finney says:

    Feeling very weak. I call on Him so often for physical & emotional help. New 2nd job teaching @a community college. Great opportunity but boy do I need His strength!
    93 yo mom coming to live with me. More strength please.
    Thank You for this exciting experience!!!

  20. 420
    Elise Heidy says:

    This past year my prayer is that the life I live will reflect a Gideon life – something so radical that apart from the hand of The Lord it wouldn’t make any sense! This life has been nothing that I expected it to be, nothing I planned. It’s been harder, taken longer, but been more blessed than I could have ever imagined. My weakness is what prepares me the most for the Kingdom work he has for me. Not because of me, no no, not in the least. But as scripture says its in my weakness that His power is made perfect! Only when I can realize apart from the King of Kings there is nothing I have to offer. My weakness, His strength: the only hope we have to show the world His love.

  21. 421
    Rebecca says:

    I know I am weak but act like I am the strong one until I sit and am really honest …. This sounds like a study I need right now…

  22. 422
    Jimmie Michele says:

    The title reminds me of how much I need The Lord. I am weak but He is strong!

  23. 423
    Hannah Hancock says:

    How does it hit me?


  24. 424
    Kathy Gerlach says:

    My weakness, His strength;so looking forward to this study. There are plenty of times when I feel weak, and forget I only need to rely on Him.

  25. 425
    Melinda Randall says:

    Gideon: Your Weakness. God’s Strength

    I look forward to this study, my first organized study. It’s hard not to hide behind a mask of being able to handle everything when deep inside your drowning more each day.The title was like a Neon sign I guess I have always never thought about his strength.

  26. 426
    KanduGal (Melanie) says:

    My weakness, God’s strength:
    I’m intrigued by this statement. It causes me to consider an area in which I am lacking; yet God would desire to use that area of my life to help me grow strong through Him. It turns me to think about how I need to depend on Him and His strength and not rely on my own.
    However, it seems like every time I enter into a Bible Study thinking I know what kind of answers and lessons to expect, He always has much more to teach me! This study will no doubt bring about unexpected revelations as well. 🙂

  27. 427
    Jasmine Ramsey says:

    I am hesitant to expose or even admit my weaknesses for fear that someone will see through, or worse yet, topple my fragile, ill-constructed walls. In His abounding grace God carefully and extravagantly reveals His power and the walls are wonderfully transformed into unnecessary structures I can now safely forsake; the bricks become my stones of remembrance, the mortar the stuff of former days and my newfound security proof of His greatness.

  28. 428
    Anna Beth says:

    (I apologize if this is a repost, but I do not see my earlier comment, not sure it went through?)
    Your weakness, God’s strength: It takes humility to admit that we aren’t good enough. God continually puts us in situations that are way (x10000007) outside our comfort zone. Why? Well, I can’t speak for Him, but I think its two things:
    1) To bring us closer to God. To make us dependant on him wholly to provide, and allow the glory to be alllll him….because there ain’t no way I’m getting it done alone!
    2) to bring us into deeper community with other believers…his love is shown as we love others and they love us. He made us to have different strengths and weeknesses, which often make it so the only way to get something done is with teamwork and togetherness.

  29. 429
    Mary says:

    Your weakness. God’s Strength!

    When I fail in parenting…God is the ultimate Father
    When I am not the submissive wife…God is the supreme spouse
    When I miss opportunities to witness…God knocks on the heart
    When I neglect friends in need…God is their supplement
    When I fall away…God pulls me back
    When my body is failing…God is my Healer
    When I am weak…God carries me

  30. 430
    Kathy jones says:

    Personal weakness goes against our present day’s philosophy in so many ways. It does NOT mean shirking responsibilities. It does mean a recognition of our human limitations and our absolute need for divine power. God is seeking us!

  31. 431
    Lisa says:

    Your weakness, God’s strength grabs me BIG time! I just lost my 19 year old son, less than three weeks ago. I have.nothing.else, but God’s strength, I am all weakness right now. I am both scared and excited to see how God and Priscilla are gonna bring this home. Thank you!

  32. 432
    Pam says:

    “I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me.”

    The memory of your generosity is an abiding joy to me:

    10-13 It has been a great joy to me that after all this time you have shown such interest in my welfare. I don’t mean that you had forgotten me, but up till now you had no opportunity of expressing your concern. Nor do I mean that I have been in actual need, for I have learned to be content, whatever the circumstances may be. I know now how to live when things are difficult and I know how to live when things are prosperous. In general and in particular I have learned the secret of facing either poverty or plenty. I am ready for anything through the strength of the one who lives within me.
    What a journey this is- to be ready for anything, trusting that God will be my strength and show me how to live with or without; hands full or empty. Easier said than done …. Especially in a culture which measures success by a list of what one has, what one does, where one lives, etc. I’m eager to participate in this study and learn how God’s strength can be mine. Thanks, Beth, and ministry team for your great love and hard work! Praying for y’all as well.

  33. 433
    Amanda says:

    My Weakness, God’s Strength is a living reality in my life right now as I struggle with transitioning with a move home from serving the Lord as overseas missionary to readjusting to American culture. I live in both worlds as my husband is a foreigner and my heart is still tied to the people of his country. I am learning to rely even more on the Lord for an uncertain future as we come back with just our clothing. I would love to do the Gideon study and to soak up the Word of the Lord, drawing from His strength.

  34. 434
    Kelli says:

    I want God’s strength!!!

  35. 435
    Marie Sirk says:

    Hits me like a ton of bricks…have lived there a lot these past few years.
    SO much would like to win this study and participate in it.
    Thanks !

  36. 436
    Jacqui Maudslay says:

    I have some beautiful women in my life. We meet to study God’s word, weep and laugh together. It’s together we can admit our weaknesses, rest on His word and lean in to His strength and love. I’d so love to encourage them over the Summer (often long and wet in England!) to join in this study. We love what you girls are doing over there and are so thankful to feel part of an International sisterhood. Being English and reserved, we don’t normally shout out for giveaways. But hey, my hand is held high and I’m shouting oo, oo, please! please!

  37. 437
    Karen O. says:

    My weakness is fixing my eyes on my surroundings-work conflicts and struggles, financial challenges, family and friend’s illnesses, the government scandals. Piling high these become a barrier between me and my Savior and I’m like a full-sun plant stuck in a dark basement: shriveling up, weak, dying. But, when I fix my eyes on Jesus, The Author and Perfecter, my Provider, The One who Heals, the Ultimate Authority and Judge, I can then sense my weaknesses, my struggles, my imperfections, my insecurities as mere inconveniences and distractions. They are no longer insurmountable obstacles in comparison to the Mighty, Holy Trinity. Instead my strength becomes renewed because of Him and His power is perfected in my weakness because He sees me, He knows me and He chooses to live in and through and love little old me. That’s power. That’s life in full-Son. Ultimate strength.

  38. 438
    Susie says:

    I can’t …. He can …. So I will let Him!

    I’ve got the why down; I’m hoping this study will help with the how!

  39. 439
    Tia says:

    My weakness Gods Stength….hits me as to remember He is in control and my weakness wi draw me nearer to Him. Look to Him fort strength.

  40. 440
    Nelda Adkins says:

    The more I seek God and study His Word, the more visibly I see my weaknesses and His strength.

    The last 18 months I have enjoyed, for the first time in my life, having a true friend and prayer partner. The more we study together and pray together, and the more I get alone with God, the more I am in awe of how God speaks into every area of my life. Whether it is something I’ve read in my secret place, or a snippet from a Bible study CD I’m listening to in my car, or a particular line in a worship song, or a scripture my pastor quotes on a Wednesday night, rarely does a day go by that I don’t marvel at how God speaks directly to me.

  41. 441
    Stephanie V says:

    My weakness, His strength.
    It hits me because I have begun to realize that I am a bit of a control freak. I want to know what’s going to happen, when and where. I also don’t like to patiently wait, but that is something that He has been teaching me, slowly. This is going to be a good summer I’m thinking. 🙂

  42. 442
    Kim says:

    My weakness, His strength… God has been directing me very specifically to write a book. I have so much fear. It was not really even something I was looking to do. I feel like Moses, giving God all of the excuses why I can’t. I was praying for a definite answer from God on Wed. On Friday my little boys teacher said to me after watching my children come into the classroom, you should write a book. She knows nothing. I said okay God I am willing. I feel like this summer Bible study is coming at the right time in my life. Pray for me as I step out on shaky legs. 🙂

  43. 443
    Kelli says:

    I’ve experienced a low to top all lows lately at a time when our position needs me to be strong and ready to pour myself out… It’s GOT to be ALL HIM and NONE of me- anything else doesn’t work. Praise Him that His strength overflows and fills in the cracks of me at my weakest!

  44. 444
    Lori-Anne says:

    Thank you!!! God’s perfect timing for this study. Weakness, how i can relate. Fill me with your strength oh Lord.

  45. 445
    Lisa Wight says:

    So, so, so comforted to know that in my weakness, HE IS STRONG! As I deal with anxiety (probably just every day, average anxiety), I must learn to leave it at the cross and accept the strength that He wants to give to me so freely.

  46. 446
    Robbie says:

    . Being a single mom of 3 girls I know this mighty power of God’s strength . Going thru being homeless and having to give up my children for their sake. I had no choice But to rely on God for everything. So I meet Jesus at my weakest point in life. He didn’t just restore my family He rebuilt it on solid ground. My children and I were back together within 8 months. Now I’m happy to say he so dissected me and filled me with him. That I know all things are possible with Him , you see my girls future was reclaimed to His plan the enemy lost the battle of destroying!
    My weakness , His strength is so exciting to me for I know his might power and will come out of this study stronger in Him.

    May God bless each sister today!

  47. 447
    Courtney Beth Burnside says:

    Yes Jesus loves me, the Bible tells me so, I am weak, but He is strong! How Great is our God, sing with me, and all will see, how great, how great is our God! amen and so be it! I pray in Jesus name and for His sake!

  48. 448
    Dawn says:

    I am excited this will be my first Bible study online with all the other siesta’s. I love the story of Gideon and am excited to see all that God is going to reveal to us as we dig deeper into it. The past 4 years God has been teaching me that He is my ONLY strength and with our Him I can do nothing. Some of the lessons have been tough as He prunes my life, but in all honesty I would not have it any other way. I want to grow each and every day in Him that created me and have the ride of my life with God at the wheel. Love the insight and the wisdom of the others on this site, it has truly blessed me, helped me grow in the time I have been on here. Thank you so much for the opportunity of this study this summer! To top it off Priscilla Shirer is coming to Grand Rapids in July! Can’t wait to hear her teach! Thanks again for all you and your staff do to encourage and raise us up to be women of faith Beth. God bless.

  49. 449
    Susan Wilson says:

    I have been in a valley in my life for quite some time. Devastating things have come into my marriage. Things I never thought possible. Yet, here I am. I’m still standing. Stronger, really then I have ever been. Why? Because His strength carries me daily. There is no other explanation for why I’m still here fighting for my family. He is my strength daily.

  50. 450
    Jennifer Mosher says:

    If I attempt today’s challenges in my own strength, I’ll never know what grace I might have experienced in God’s strength. My own weakness is never sufficient; His always is!