Siesta Summer Bible Study Information! And Giveaway!

Okay Girls! Lindsee here and I have chosen our 11 winners at random! If you would all email me ([email protected]) as soon as possible, that would be so helpful so we can get your books to you SOON!

Drum roll please…

Our first 10 winners of a Gideon Workbook are: (Make sure that if you are a winner, it is the correct comment number that I have posted!)

Comment #634: Amy A.

Comment #33: Beverly

Comment #111: Amy Hanson

Comment #88: Michele

Comment #777: Sharon Seagle

Comment #56: Rina

Comment #555: Lisa Ode

Comment #1: Rebecca

Comment #245: Brandi

Comment #372: Melody

Lastly, our winner of the Gideon Leader Kit is…

Comment #475: Stephanie

We are so excited for you, girls! Can’t wait to hear from you!


Hey Girls! Comments are now closed. Be looking for the names of our 11 winners within the hour! Thanks for your enthusiastic and honest replies! We’re so excited!

Greetings, Sisters! Siesta Summer Bible Study starts one week from today! We are fired up around here! I know your questions are abounding, so this post is to fill you in on all the details to get us good and ready for next Tuesday.

First off, let’s make sure that you know what you’ll need to participate: 1 LifeWay workbook by Priscilla Shirer entitled Gideon: Your Weakness. God’s Strength.That’s all there is to it!

We’ve been getting lots of questions about whether or not Priscilla’s video portions are required in our summer Bible study. The answer is no but only because we try our hardest to keep our summer experience at the lowest possible cost. By all means, if you have access through a group or have the financial resources to get the session DVDs or downloads, do it! To experience the whole thing is optimum! If you’re in a small group, consider all pitching in and purchasing a set then watching them together week to week. You’ll be incredibly blessed by that investment. Priscilla’s gift of teaching is saturated with the Holy Spirit and beautifully infectious. I could sit under her instruction for hours. So, get the sessions if you can but they will not be required to participate in our summer study. All of our discussion will springboard from the workbook.

With that said, I do have one really FUN thing to do before we move further into the details. We have 10 Gideon workbooks and 1 leader kit to give away! All you need to do to qualify is leave a comment on this post and let us know how the subtitle hits you: “Your weakness. God’s strength.” We’ll keep comments open for 24 hours then do a random drawing of 11 people with those specific entries. Watch for a post Wednesday afternoon naming our winners!

Are y’all still with me?

OK, then, let me fill you in on some remaining details through a simple Q&A. If you’ve been in summer Bible study with us before, our approach will be very similar.

Who’s invited? YOU! (If you’re a girl over – let’s say – 16) And you can go solo or participate in a small group! As in past years, our highest hope is to facilitate fellowship and accountability into our Bible study experiences. If you can assemble a group of friends, co-workers, family members, acquaintances, fellow church members, Siestas in your town, a tennis team or a handful of neighbors, you’re likely to get the most out of the process. (If you’ve already participated in this study, think of leading a group through it this round.) If you can’t rally a face-to-face group, Skyping and Face Time can still provide a pretty legit way to experience community in different locations. We’re not looking to be legalistic. We just want FULL benefits. If you go solo, do your best to connect with a couple of girls on line. Scripture tells us to stir one another up in the faith and to call one another to love and good works and to bear one another’s burdens and pray for one another and remind one another of God’s faithfulness. Translation: we need each other!

What’s the Goal? Spending the summer together in the Word! A summer of authentic Bible study is the surest way to a summer of victory.

When do we meet?  We will launch our Siesta Summer Bible Study on Tuesday, June 11, and “meet” 4 official times: Every OTHER Tuesday from June 11th until July 23rd. Yes, by all means, meet EACH week if your small group is able but we only ask that you check in here on the LPM blog every TWO weeks to participate in our format for discussion. As much as we’re able, we want to be big on help and small on demands. Summer schedules can make weekly gatherings much harder than usual but certainly keep it up if you can. You can also choose another day of the week besides Tuesday if necessary. We’ve found that it’s the most fun and carries the most momentum when we all do it on the same day but that’s not always possible for everyone. Be free!

Here’s the summer schedule:

Tuesday, June 11, 2013 Launch – I’ll post our 1st Mini-Session which I will either have written or videoed. In it you will receive instructions for discussion.

In the 2 weeks that follow our first Mini-Session, you will DO WEEKS ONE AND TWO OF THE HOMEWORK ON YOUR OWN. If you’re participating in Priscilla’s weekly DVD teachings, incorporate those weekly and in addition (or instead of!!) to what we’re doing here on the blog. We will let you guys work those details out on your own.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013 (2nd Mini-Session/Group Instructions)


Tuesday, July 9, 2013 (3rd Mini-Session/Group Instructions)

In the two weeks that follow, DO WEEKS FIVE AND SIX OF THE HOMEWORK ON YOUR OWN.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013 (4th Mini-Session/Conclusion) – We’ll wrap it up and it will have flown by in a whirlwind.

If a graph is easier to understand than all my compulsive wordiness, here you go:

Where should you meet if you’re participating in a small group? Wherever you are most comfortable. Do what works for your group. You might meet in a different house each week so no one has to keep her house clean all summer. We’ve had some siesta groups meet in restaurants and coffee shops. Find your groove and stick to it!


So, here’s what you do:
1. Get your workbooks! Our good friends at LifeWay have promised to have plenty of them for us, but you won’t want to wait until the last minute. You can find them online on LifeWay’s web site. Here is a link where you can order the member book. And, if you’re going for the optional DVD sessions week to week, here’s where you can download the videos taught by Priscilla. They’ll be fabulous.

2. Sign up on the blog on our official Launch Day- Tuesday, June 11. For the first time, we’re going to ask that everyone participating sign up individually rather than a leader chiming in on behalf of the whole group.  We think this will be less confusing and will give us a better idea of how many are participating each week just by the number of comments. We will ask a few warm-up questions that day to begin cracking open that door of community.

3. I will facilitate the study by posting a blog the 4 mornings of our meeting days. I will give you instructions on these posts for your discussion times and maybe some activities. All will connect to the previous weeks of study.

4. After your gathering, you’ll check back in by telling us something about your meeting via a comment on that same post. Don’t worry if your group can’t meet on Tuesdays. You’ll still be able to find the post and comment throughout the week.

What if…

-I want to use the discussion questions in the back of the workbook instead of the ones on Beth’s posts. Go for it!

-I really, really want to do the study but it’s not in the budget. Email us.

-I’ve already committed to doing another Bible study this summer? That’s great! Stick with it.

-I don’t want to participate but still want to be a part of the blog. We totally understand and want to see you around Siestaville this summer. Know that the Bible Study will only take up one post every other week.

We can’t wait to study the Word with you this summer!

Lord Jesus, take us somewhere we couldn’t have anticipated! Somewhere we desperately needed to go. Raise up an army of mighty warriors right here in this community!

Okay, Sisters, let’s hear your comments for the giveaway! Remember we’ll only leave it open for 24 hours!


818 Responses to “Siesta Summer Bible Study Information! And Giveaway!”

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  1. 351
    Cheryl Cannon says:

    Living it right now … so glad i can depend on His strength to carry me through … and keep me from getting lost in my weaknesses (plural) 🙂

  2. 352
    Kristi says:

    My weakness, God’s strength
    WOW! I have so much weakness right now. I am going through one of the toughest times of my life and i feel it is never going to end. It seems like every time i try to pull myself up something else knocks me down. I want to do this study to focus on how God’s strength can and will carry me in times of weakness IF i can just give it to Him and trust Him enough not to pick it back up.

  3. 353
    Carol Underwood says:

    I have been living only by the power of Christ in me like never before. In March of 2012 our family’s life was forever changed. A car accident left our 15 year old son with a severe brain injury. He is continuing to recover but this journey is very long and slow. I am utterly dependent on God’s strength to get through every day of this new life. I could really use this study to reinforce God’s strength at work through my utter weakness.

    Thank you Beth!

  4. 354
    Carolyn says:

    Your weakness God’s strength.
    Thank God for hiss strength because in my weakness I can do nothing.

  5. 355
    Patty MacDonald says:

    I always try to be strong and seriously struggle with letting go of control and fully relying on God. Always a work in progress!

  6. 356
    Paula says:

    God’s strength, my weakness. Yes, it is so. You know I just feel drained when I try to force my hand, doing things in my way, it’s just plain exhausting. God’s strength. It sounds so simple, no? And yet I struggle allowing him to be so, sometimes. You’d think I’d have a better handle on that by now!

  7. 357
    Karen says:

    My weakness God’s strength reminds me that I don’t have to stress about being perfect in my actions – it’s not about me – it’s about serving God and allowing Him to be seen instead of me! And He is able to do so much more than I can imagine! (So bring on those eleven 4 year olds every Sunday morning! God can work miracles!!!)

  8. 358
    Cynthia says:

    My weakness…have moved thousands of miles away from 60 years’ worth of friends and family. His strength…He is all I need

  9. 359
    Rhonda says:

    I’m really looking forward to this study. Gideon has been one of my favorite people to learn from since Beth talked about him in the Breaking Free video series…so long ago I think it was on VHS.

  10. 360
    Angie says:

    “Your weakness. God’s Strength.” …the perfect combination to be ready to be used Mightily.

  11. 361
    Mary Morton says:

    If my degree of weakness mirrors the degree of God’s strength, He is truly a mighty God. I desperately need His strength to overcome an eating disorder and lose 100 pounds to keep living.

  12. 362
    Judy says:

    My weakness. God’s strength. This truth hits me in so many different ways right now. Every day I’m reminded of how weak, and fearful, and human I am–without God’s LOVE and STRENGTH I’d be curdled up in a corner, lost and hopeless.

    Thank you for facilitating this study, and for all the little things you do to challenge us, to encourage us to go deeper, farther, and sending us running into Our Farther’s arms.

  13. 363
    Grace Villarreal says:

    The title “Your weakness. God’s strength” hits me right in the center of my heart! The title gives me hope that God will work in spite of my weaknesses. Love it!!!

  14. 364
    Lori Alana says:

    Last summer I did Kelly Minter’s study of Nehemiah and loved it! I’m so excited for this next one. The title meets me right where I’m at just now. Can’t wait to begin!

  15. 365
    Sarah Marion says:

    Looking back over my life, I notice that whenever I have been the weakest I have seen the most evidence of God’s strength. Walking through times of weakness is hard but having God’s perfect record of faithfulness helps so much.

  16. 366
    Donita Jones says:

    My weakness, God’s strength. Great subtitle! One of my biggest struggles is to “let go” and rely on God’s strength. I am so excited about this Bible study.

  17. 367
    Tammy Anderson says:

    This makes me think that even though I am weak His strength is going to get me through. It is what I can and need to depend on.

  18. 368
    Kelli says:

    It is so reassuring to know God’s strength in my weakness- that I don’t always have to be perfect, which is a struggle for me. When I trust in God’s strength, I am able to relax!

  19. 369
    Tabitha says:

    I’ve have so many areas where I am weak and need to be more effective; but the good thing is that I know where I am weak, there God can work!

  20. 370
    Kristina Gallarzo says:

    The Lord can easily show His power through my fragility and sin.

  21. 371
    Becca Benson says:

    “Your weakness. God’s strength.” This title excites me because God can work through my weaknesses to show his strength! I’m looking forward to seeing how he’s going to do this!

  22. 372
    Melody says:

    The subtitle is a HUGE reminder to me that compared to Gods strength, I have nothing! In God I am strong, without Him I am weak in all my efforts.

    Can’t wait to begin…I’m ready!

  23. 373
    CHARISSE says:

    Being strong in the Lord when I am so weak is hard! As a homeschooling mother of 6, and married to a wanna-be farmer life is busy. My perfectionism and desire to do it all makes me feel like a failure on so many levels. I long to recognize and feel His strength, as I walk this path that he has given me. I long to believe “…You are my strength when I am weak…” May the truth of God’s Word through the life of Gideon lead me to a “Closer Walk with Thee.”

  24. 374
    Tracy Peddy says:

    Your Weakness God’s Strength…It’s in my weakest moments that I rely on God the most. And He always comes through, giving me the strength I need to get through the situation! Just like the song “Jesus loves me this I know. For the Bible tells me so. Little ones to Him belong. We are weak, but He is strong!”

  25. 375
    Kellye says:

    I recently was hurt by a loved one. This hurt has defined weakness in a whole new way for me. God’s strength and His promises have sustained me during this very dark period.

  26. 376

    My church has an online ministry thru RightNow and Facebook. Since we are experimenting with using individual videos and scheduling a time for us to ‘meet’ and ‘discus’ on our Facebook page. I think this should be perfect for us especially since we communicate with people from a variety of countries and time zones! I’m looking forward to studying Gideon! 🙂

  27. 377
    Diane from Centerville UT says:

    This year has been a series of one trial after another for me. These words are encouraging, because even if I am in a weak position, I just have to remember God’s strength will see me through.

  28. 378
    Emily W. says:

    Oh my goodness. My weakness, his strength. That has been my mantra for the past few months as I finished school, graduated, and am now studying for the bar – the one thing that stands between me and beginning the career that God has BLESSED me with. I rely on his strength daily because he called me to this task, and I am so thankful because I cannot do it alone. On a students budget looking at unemployment for at least a few months, I know I cannot afford to actually purchase the book so I would obviously love to win the workbook, but even without a book I’m so excited and thankful to be able to follow along with your videos this summer and to join in the discussions here! 🙂

    Thanks for facilitating all this!

  29. 379

    I am a wife (29th yr anny this month) Missionary (28th anny this month) Momma (6 children aged 7-27 with one special needs). In just about every area of my life I feel like a pork chop at a bat mizpah. I feel as if I am constantly clinging to the hem of His garments in desperation. Often, as a missionary momma who has traveled to so many places sharing His love, I have cried out to Him, “Lord I am from California and you did not prepare me for this!” I am so looking forward to digging deep in this study and learning more about my Precious Tower of Strength.

  30. 380
    Misti Gil says:

    On Monday I started a job at a community for adult with special needs and I am COMPLETELY leaning on the strength and knowledge of the Holy Spirit in me. In my weaknesses and lack of knowledge, He WILL come through. I’m banking on it!!

  31. 381
    Jenae B says:

    I know my weakness is knowing whether it’s God I’m hearing or my crazy neurotic anxiousness cranked up to level 10.

    Sometimes the crazy drowns out God’s voice. 🙁

  32. 382
    Sherry says:

    My weakness; God’s strength describes me right at this present moment! My husband of 31 years left me last October for a woman much younger than me. It’s been devastating for me and my five kids to say the least! I also take care of my bedridden pop and mom who are under my roof! Yes…I’m weak but I cling to the strength of the one and only to get me through! Can’t wait to participate in this bible study!

  33. 383
    Weak mama says:

    My Weakness, God’s strength.
    God’s math is different from my math.The more weak Iam, His strength is going to be more and more… I needed this reminder!!so refreshing !!

  34. 384
    Martha Castillo says:

    I LOVE the title because it is so True: It is only when we come to the point where we realize that we can’t do it all on our own and that in surrendering it to God as an admitted weakness, that we NEED His help that His strength indeed is allowed to shine! He gets ALL the glory and the honor!!!

  35. 385
    Michelle Irwin says:

    The subtitle is so appropriate for where I am with The Lord right now. He has been showing me how much I have relied on my own strength to perform and be good enough. I have been floored by this revelation! How come I didn’t see it before?! I’m still working on it because apparently this has more of a hold on my thinking than I ever could have dreamed! Isn’t He so tender with us though and loves us enough to not let us stay where we are.

  36. 386
    Dawn says:

    My weakness, God’s Strength: A reminder of how God knows my weakness. I’m challenged to STOP climbing my mountains (my weaknesses) and SPEAK to them (His Word). If I’m climbing, then I’m still trying to work on my weakness in my own strength. Thankful for unending revelation and for his unfailing Strength!! <3

  37. 387
    Lindsay W says:

    What a great subtitle. I fall back into the pattern of trying to keep it all going in my own strength and so often pass on the loving call of God to let Him be strong and rest in that. (That was a really long, run-on sentence).

  38. 388
    Laurel Camarano says:

    I am intrigued with the concept of God using my weaknesses to show His power and grace. I am also eager to be immersed in the teachings and scriptures that will encourage me to release my weakness so I will be ready to receive God’s blessings. How many times a day do I strive to conceal my weaknesses rather than offering them up to my Redeemer? Lord, open my eyes and heart to Your bidding and love.

  39. 389
    Elizabeth says:

    My weakness, God’s strength.

    Just when I think I’ve been knocked down, tripped up or tossed among the waves – His strength is unfailing, unwavering, rights me, keeps me afloat! Thank you Lord, for the strength You give!

    Cannot wait for Gideon! Whoop!

    Xoxo from Galveston

  40. 390
    Mary Baker says:

    The last year has reminded me that I need to rely on His strength not only when it feels like the world is falling apart, but every moment of every day. Reading the words, “your weakness, His strength” actually reminded me of the wonderful childhood song…I am weak, but He is strong…yes, Jesus loves me!

  41. 391
    Emily says:

    I had a life changing decision to make many years ago about the schooling of my children…whether to leave them in the Christian school they were in or to pull them out to homeschool them. I actually didn’t want to homeschool them (I felt very inadequate to do that) but God kept pulling me in that direction. I was rebelling big time but I finally asked God if He would give me some signs he wanted me to do that. And boy, did he. He sent me the story of Gideon very powerfully several different times in the span of about 6 weeks with the first being Gideon’s story in your Breaking Free cassette tapes I was listening to because I could not go to church that day. God really spoke to me when you spoke of Gideon in that lesson. About a week or so later my children were watching a “new” VegeTales video that came out and it was about Gideon. I was cooking in the kitchen while they were watching it and I kept stopping to listen and was very drawn to the story once again about Gideon. The final time was a few weeks later when my husband and I were sitting at the kitchen table trying to make this decision about schooling and agonizing about it (remember I didn’t want to homeschool). I had previously to this night shared with my husband (but not my children) that the story of Gideon kept coming up. As we sat at the table my five year old son who couldn’t read much yet came up to us at the table carrying his Illustrated Children’s Bible he had been looking at and asked me to read him the caption under one of the photos. He just liked the photo and wanted to know what it said. The caption read “Gideon Defeats the Midianites.” My son had no idea what had just happened but my husband looked at me and said “Do you need any more signs?” That very night we made the decision to homeschool and seven years later I still look to those verses to get me through the rough days. The life of Gideon is very special to me and I will never forget the lesson God taught me. He will equip us to do whatever He asks of us…it will be His strength, not our own.

  42. 392
    Alicia Lee says:

    I can’t wait!!! I’m gathering Siestas to do the study~ so far we are 4!!! I would love to win the DVDs!!! We can all afford the books~ Bless you Beth for pouring into my life for 8 years! It’s going to be a delicious summer!!!

  43. 393
    Carol says:

    The subtitle speaks to me smack dab, palm on my forehead. Seems my mouth is getting me into so much trouble lately. I desperately need His strength.

  44. 394
    Amanda says:

    I cannot wait to see what God has in store for me– how He can use my strengths and weaknesses as He pleases. I love it.

  45. 395
    Vicki says:

    The subtitle rings so true for me. A recent situation reminded me of my extreme weakness, but God’s strength is sufficient.

  46. 396
    Alicia Lee says:

    That’s just like me to not read the directions!!! Haha!!!
    Your weakness Gods Strength hits me deep!!! He has turned my mistakes & folly into good things~ all to glorify Him… I am nothing without his mercy & grace~ Roland Worton sings the lyric “mercy over judgement”. My testimony is full of how he used my doubt, self-destructiveness. And lack of faith ALL for His glory & goodness~ He cannot be anything less.

  47. 397
    Michelle Baylerian says:

    Your weakness, God’s Strength
    This hit me between my eyeballs tonight at Bible Study. Doing a 4 week series on Holy Spirit. At end we where asked “What are the things you need to give over to The Lord.” The sins that so easily entangle you, the things you struggle with?” Right away my answer was self hate. Viewing myself against worlds standards! God’s strength through Holy Spirit caused me to repent of this sin! I’ didn’t know I was grieving Him, Lord forgive me!!!

  48. 398

    Just when I need him most, Jesus is there…every time. I am so thankful for His Peace…yes, peace like a river.


  49. 399
    Fran says:

    I am and have been overwhelmed weakness .. God’s strength is my backbone in all of my daily struggles. This title yells at me! I usually need the louder version!! 🙂

  50. 400
    Denise says:

    Mom response: ” Join God’s army, Get a free flashlight!!” “We will defeat the Mideonites with our horns and flashlights!”
    The girl’s response would be: “my power is made perfect in weakness”