2013 Siesta Summer Bible Study: 2nd Gathering

Hey, summer Bible study sisters! Watch the video if possible because I only put the barest bones in the written part of these summer Bible study posts. This version of your instructions is mostly for back up but, if you prefer to just get your assignments for your gathering this way and bypass all my verbose video-commentary, I certainly do understand that! Feel free! I just want to make sure you’ve experienced some personal interaction on here. Smiling.

OK! Here are your instructions for today and, remember! Your comments to this post are meant to be comprised of your responses to each of the interactives:

1. Based on the question in the middle of p.37 of your homework: To what specific area of holy bravery does God seem to be calling you in this present season?

2. Drawn from the portion on p.46 regarding the 5 ordinary tasks you perform on a daily basis, share a memory of an ordinary circumstance in which God met with you in an extraordinary way. If you’re new to all this and can’t think what to share, don’t feel lame or unspiritual. Pray for Him to do this very thing with you over the coming days and I have a feeling you won’t be disappointed.

3. Based on p.50 and the discussion about the first part of the divine declaration to Gideon, how confident or insecure do you tend to be regarding God’s promise that He is with you? Explain your answer.

4. Look at the bottom of p.57. Would you be willing to share the pair of terms that best describe a disparity you’ve dealt with between your self-perception and a biblical view of who you are in Christ? If you’re willing, also briefly explain your answer.

Ok, Sisters! That’s it! When you leave your comment, please be sure to put your first name, your city, whether you are in a small group or going solo, and your succinct responses to all or at least several of the interactives.

I’m crazy about you! Stay in the Word! We’ll meet again in 2 weeks on July 9th. Have Weeks 3 and 4 of your homework finished for that gathering if at all possible. So much love to you.

Siesta Summer Gideon Study – Week 2 from LPV on Vimeo.


447 Responses to “2013 Siesta Summer Bible Study: 2nd Gathering”

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  1. 301
    Betsy hunter says:

    Betsy, Cumming, Ga- solo

    1.holy bravery? I didn’t join a church until I was expecting the birth of my son. I grew up as a nominal church attendee. So, thur bible study (my husband and kids all participate) we are changing the trajectory of our family line. We are called to stand for truth!

    2. My ordinary tasks are pretty rudimentary, I’m a stay at home mom. But God has provided for us over and over and when I perform these ordinary tasks, I am grateful for the time I get to spend with my kids.

    3. I have moments that I’m not focused on The Lord being with me at all times. It sure is a discipline. I really loved the chart on p. 51. That really blew me away.

    4. Rejected/accepted. Ive been rejected by family members, neighbors, you name it. But, In Christ I am accepted. I have to remind myself of that from time to time.

  2. 302
    Kamyl H says:

    Kamyl – sioux City, Iowa
    1. I may not be as popular but I am feeling sick with gossip and back-hitting. I will walk away.

    2. I was helping put addresses together for our class reunion. One gal started referring to my house as a sanctuary…I babysat in my home at the time. I never thought of it as a sanctuary until then.

    3. Most times I am very secure that God is with me. Most things are easy to leave in His hands, but my husband and I struggle to tithe…

    4. Incompetent ~ Capable: God took an area of my life…education and teaching specifically and turned the mediocre student into a 4.0 student and then did it again as I got my masters. The last 7 years I have finished my under grad program, became a teacher for students with special needs, and finished my masters. During those 7 years our 3 children got married…I am 51 years old—-God did that!
    This study has given me an opportunity to be a leader and feed my soul. Thank you, I love to learn.

  3. 303
    Angie Miller says:

    Angie M – Macon, MS – solo
    1. In this present season, I am mom to a 3 year old and a 4 month old. I need holy bravery to be patient with my children when teaching them right from wrong. I also need bravery in being consistent with them, especially in public. For example, being at friends’ houses who have different rules than us, but still teaching my children to use our rules (like watching certain TV shows, saying certain words, etc.).
    2. My ordinary circumstance is doing laundry. Sometimes I get so tired of folding my husband’s clothes. I begin with a little thought of “why can’t he do this himself?” and it festers into dislike of him. I have learned to take that thought captive and do my chores as unto the Lord. He has provided me with a wonderful husband who takes care of us and loves us, and then I am so glad to do these mundane tasks for him so that he can focus on other things.
    3. I am very confident that God is with me always, but it is me that turns my back to Him. He never moves away. He is always as close as a whispered prayer.
    4. Incompetent/Capable – My church has asked me to lead the Children’s Ministry. I turned them down this year because I was great with child when they asked. Now soon it will be a new year and they will be asking again. It scares me to death to be “in charge” of something so great, but several people have confirmed that they think I would be perfect for the task. With so many people cheering me on, why do I still feel incompetent and that I will mess things up? God and I are still in deep discussion over this. 🙂
    I think I might have typed too much. I’ll try to do better next week…

  4. 304
    Astrid says:

    1. to be free from what other people think and to be content to walk my own (God ordained) path

    2. driving the car pool- and hearing my youngest (21 months) belt out a whole worship song with all her heart brings me to a God centered, holy place myself. praise God

    3. confident. thanks to much bible study ( believing God 🙂 in particular

    4. fearful- mostly affects one area of my life- i was raised in a place hostile to Christianity and to this day i am hypersensitive to anyone whom i perceive to be critical/ skeptical towards God and i will hide my heart of faith in the winepress 🙂 God has specifically and ironically called me to a much bolder ministry. of course.

  5. 305
    Ami says:

    Ami, Bloomington, IL; solo and late from last week because we were camping without Internet!
    1) To be braver about sharing with family members means being more vulnerable about my struggles too, which is scary if your family culture is to sweep everything under a rug.
    2) couldn’t think of a recent example
    3) I feel pretty confident The Lord is with me when I have prayer and Bible study, but in the hectic daily routine I can lose sight of it.
    4) “I ungifted/equipped”. Turning 50 this year and still not sure about my giftedness.

  6. 306
    Lynn says:

    Lynn, lake Villa, IL


    1. I am the first in my family to know Christ personally. It takes holy bravery to be an example to a family of do-gooders to show it isn’t how good we are that makes us right with God (thanks Lindsee for your last blog post. I printed it and will read it often!). I need only to be faithful to MY God.

    2. I am a big list maker. If its not written on a list it doesn’t get done. But God has spoken to me that EXCESSIVE planning is the attempt at control that He wants over my life, and is a form of unbelief. I still make lists, but I am open to changes in the order of my day and I allow God to do the rearranging. It really can be liberating.

    3. Most of the time I am confident that God is with me. There are times that I need the reminder because it doesn’t feel like He is with me. It is always because I am just not aware, but too self absorbed. I know in my mind that He IS always there, it is me that turns away. It is my heart that needs convincing. I just need to refocus.

    4. At one point or another all of those pairs can fit me. However, the one that I struggle with the most is insignificant/special (with fearful/courageous a close second). I am so ordinary and I have done nothing that stands out; all my life I never felt like I quite measured up. It is difficult to internalize those verses. To truly understand that The Lord takes delight in me, that He rejoices over me with singing and that He CHOSE ME to be holy and blameless in Hs sight.

  7. 307
    Barb says:

    Barb, Evansville, IN, going solo

    1. Speaking the truth to my children over sin which is contrary to the worlds view
    2. God often gives me a word while driving to work
    3. Fearful and courageous….I often begin the journey fearful before I allow gods courage to take root.

  8. 308
    Sandi says:

    1. To not be frightened by all the things going on in the world and to keep my eyes on Him and His Word rather than the tv news

    2. I used to have a prayer car. 🙂 If I didn’t pray, it didn’t go. God taught me a lot on that car. Don’t despise the small things!

    3. I believe it, but if I am tired or looking to other things for answers (the Internet, reading what other people say about whatever the topic is) I can lose sight of what God said just moments before!

    4. Courageous vs. Fearful. If you think you can’t be set free, YOU can! God delivered me over the course of one night. He does not use Fear. Humans are not created to Fear. We are not equipped to fear. It does crazy things to us. Fear not….fear not…fear not! I was 40 years old when I was set free.

    Raleigh, NC
    Doing the study solo

  9. 309
    Gwen Waxhaw NC says:

    1. Carrying on in a ministry without our other leader. She is facing a devastating illness.
    2. Was simply picking tomatoes in the garden. It was a wet year. I was throwing away 2-3 tomatoes for every good tomato. I told the Father “I hate rotten fruit!” He spoke and said”So do I.” Then a revealing of my “rotten fruit.” Sweet correction.
    3. I always count on Him to be here. Even when I am distracted. Then when disaster strikes, I always tell Him,”I need You now more than ever…please never leave me”.
    4.insignificant. Special…..there are so many many persons, our universe so vast ….I feel so small in the middle of it all…that I could be special is unfathomable.

  10. 310
    Rinday says:

    1.) Personal bravery- I am in a new season in my career and it is a challenging one! The past few years have not been kind to me in this area and my confidence level has paid the price for it. I have to have faith that He has given me all that I need to serve Him well and even if I don’t feel brave, He is there to help me.

    2.) Just 2 days ago; I was working a busy Saturday and has alot of sick animals to see (I’m a veterinarian) and instead of feeling stressed in midst of the chaos, I was very focused and calm; I give him all th credit for it:)

    3.) I am very confident in knowing God is always near. He has caught me at my lowest point for me to know what His presence can do. However, sometimes I pull away without realizing it and then I always miss that closeness with Him when I know it’s always accessible to me.

    4.) This one was a toughie for me since the last few years have been an ugly season and I have felt all of them!! If I have to pick one then Incompetent/Capable would be the best for my current season. I must let go of the past and lies I’ve told myself because of hard circumstances and trust in my capability to handle what is set in front of me!

  11. 311
    Schel says:

    Schel, Bayou Vista, TX, Group

    1. I have always felt that I am a Peacemaker. I really don’t like conflict and always try very hard to not hurt anyone’s feelings. God seems to place this on my heart always.

    2. My daily commute to work seems to be the place where God speaks to me often. On one occasion, it was raining really hard and I was stressed with the drive. I clearly heard God tell me that He was with me and it was going to be ok. I loosed my grip on the steering wheel and felt so at peace.

    3. Knowing God is with me always is what gets me through the days, good and bad. When I am down or feel like such a failure at something, I hold on to this truth, that He is Always with me and that he loves me unconditionally.

    4. Fearful/Courageous. I tend to be fearful of many things. When the “I can’t do it” starts creeping up, I have to fully rely on “I can’t but God can and He is with me”!

  12. 312
    Jamie says:

    Jamie/Delhi, NY. Solo.
    1. I am being called on to continue on this path of learning and living out what I learn, and to include my family in this process; especially my husband and my new grand daughter. Encourage them to get to know, love and worship our Lord and Savior.

    2. Driving home from a study session in which I had asked for prayer for an upcoming trip. My husband was recovering from a serious illness, and I had said that I wasn’t trusting him to get us to our destination. Sitting at a red light in my car, the Spirit told me my trust should be in Him, not my husband. He was and is right.

    3. He has brought us through a very tough season of illness of my husband and the death of a parent at the same time. I was and am able to do things I never thought I could through His strength. I often forget when things are going well in life, but I know He is carrying me through the mundane as well as the tough days.

    4. Fearful and Insignificant. It amazes mr that God would spent a second on the insignificant speck that I am, but through this season of illness and mourning He has proven faithful as He has held me and led me through.

  13. 313
    Bonnie Whitaker says:

    “The heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky displays what His hands have made.” God’s Word Psalm 19:1

  14. 314
    Amy says:

    1. God is calling me to holy bravery to speak lovingly and truthfully to my son who has decided to live with his girlfriend before they get married.
    2. God often speaks to me while I’m showering, giving me specific ideas about ways to serve others’ needs.
    3. I am very confident that God is with me, but sometimes in the middle of the tough moments I forget. It helps to visualize Him right next to me.
    4. Insignificant vs. special – as far back as I can remember, I have always felt like I am unworthy and undeserving – nothing special. That’s why it has been life changing to discover that I am precious to God.

  15. 315
    Doris says:

    1.tough love to be brave and holy with our prodigal son .My husband and I pray daily sometimes hourly for our son and for wisdom and guidance do we try and have a relationship through texting or do we leave him alone and be silent and wait for him turn to God. 2. I read someplace and now do the same as I do our family’s laundry I pray for each of them as I fold ,scrub out stains or iron their clothes. feel close to them as I pray for each of them. 3. Absolutely I know that God is always with me but I need to remember that He feels all my pain , hurts and hears my prayers 4. Insignificant sometimes with our children mostly all grown up my purpose as a full time Mom is over and I wonder and wait to see what God has for a new purpose for me . Yet I know that I am very special to Him and I rejoice in that knowledge.

  16. 316
    Genevieve Garrison says:

    Genevieve, Orange, Tx, Solo
    I am so late. However, I am doing my Bible study. Here it is:
    1. I have prayed for so long about our new home that we are about to build. We have lived in this house for 17 years. God is so good and has answered all my prayers concerning this sweet home of mine, soon to be somebody else’s home. We sold our home and are moving in about three weeks. I need bravery that comes from God alone.

    2.God speaks to me often when I am driving to work. It takes about 15 to 20 minutes. I am a high school teacher which can sometimes be draining. However, I talk to God in the morning on my way to work thanking God that HE placed me in a spot where I can shine Jesus’ Light for these kids.

    3.God is always with me. I love talk to Him a lot. Sometimes when I forget to talk to Him, he reminds me and I get very thirsty for His Word. It is a craving that I constantly have. Although He is all-sufficient, I always have a hunger and thirst that I never want to lose for HIM. It is an awesome feeling to never get enough of God.

    4. I sometimes feel insignificant when leading a Bible study at my church. I worry that I am doing it wrong or that people think I am weird. But then I have a Word with God who lets me know that I am doing it for Him. He is so Awesome!!!!!

  17. 317
    Ashlie McDonald says:

    Hey there! There were about 10 or so at our bible study here in SLC, UT., but I don’t think anyone else will post.

    I know that God is calling me to a holy bravery in me going to Honduras without my husband or my best friend. I will be going on a group on a mission trip, but it is a HUGE deal for me to be even going at all. I know God wants me to go, not only to serve and do His work, but to grow in my relationship with Him. I know He wants me to rely solely on Him and to trust Him for EVERYTHING while I am out there. I have been prepping to go since February and I still feel so inept and weak. This is my “300” right now in this season in my life. I know God wants to use my weakness so He can be glorified in my life. If I get through this trip, which I know I will, I know that the only way I could have gotten through it is through His strength!


  18. 318
    Dawn says:

    Dawn, Mt. Olive, NC solo
    1. Been in this season for about a year now and it has taught me so much. Basically that it is ok that I can heal from my past, my sins are forgiven and not to be brought up again. To walk in faith in front of my kids and husband, this will influence them more than the world no matter what the enemy says. Yeah, thats holy bravery to me.
    2.I can hear God most times while simply cleaning in the kitchen. No tv, no kids, just quiet and God.
    3. I know now more than ever that God is always with me, even in the quiet times. Even when He isn’t answering me, I KNOW He hears me. I am very confident of that. He has brought me so much peace this past year that I KNOW He is with me at ALL times.
    4. I have been asked in one of my small groups to help lead and teach, so ungifted and equipped is what described this point. But,God is opening doors for me to take some leadership classes at church and positioning me the right places. I am prayerfully asking for obedience and guidance in this area and He will answer because I am standing on His promise. To God be the glory!!

  19. 319
    Melissa Stephens of Gardendale, AL says:

    Exodus 14:14(NIV)
    The LORD will fight for you; you need only to be still.

  20. 320
    Cherylo solo says:

    Pairings on pg 57 really spoke to me; I chose “incompetent and capable.” i can recall teaching high school years ago when i felt inadequate to the task and felt had to over-prepare in order to be prepared. And never felt ready. Find that i tended to carry this over to Bible study leadership and over-prepared for that too and felt very insecure, even with my loving & accepting group of women. Then i realized how much i needed to depend on the Holy Spirit’s leading and now i can relax, be prepared enough, and let the Lord lead. How much more equipped and capable I now feel. Thank you, Jesus!

  21. 321
    Cathy says:

    1. Holy bravery to know when and what to speak over a family member who knows Christ but who is at this time adrift in this world.
    2. God often speaks to me during my daily walk. I am reminded that He made everything around me with a purpose so He surely made me with one too.
    3.I am confident He is with me always. I am the one who wanders. He is steadfast.
    4. Fearful/Courageous I hate change. Every time God forces me out of my comfort zone I step out in fear. Every single time He shows me that He walks with me through EVERYTHING!

  22. 322
    Sunny Scoggins says:

    Sunny Scoggins, from Georgia, online study group
    #4.Incompetent and capable. All my life I felt like I was expected to know all the answers. (nursing school several times over will do that to you). I started doubting myself when I didn’t have all the answers and I struggle now with feeling incompetent. But I know if I place my trust in God I can do anything.

  23. 323
    Janet,Simpsonville says:

    1. Mentoring of middle and high school girls.
    2. While driving the Lord will speak to my spirit often.
    3. After so many years of insecurity, the Lord has done a work in my life to have confidence that
    He is with me. This has changed mostly from Bible study (Believing God) and other studies;
    Scripture memory, and spending more time in prayer and having eyes to see Him work.
    4. Fearful and Incompetent: As stated above, much of my life spent in insecurity, fear, and
    incompetence. Too much focus on myself and comparison to other women and not enough
    focus on the Lord Jesus and His Word. Not that I have arrived, but the Lord has done a
    miraculous work in my thinking and rescued me from a pit of self loathing. He has done this
    through Bible study, prayer, and scripture memory.

  24. 324
    Dawn says:

    Dawn, Mankato, MN, solo

    1. Holy Bravery: to not assume that our family’s current love of the Lord and desire to please him will continue in the future generations (e.g. the grandkids). Leaving a legacy means staying steady for the course!

    2. Daily bathing. (I dislike taking baths and have been forced to for 9+ years because of an unfinished remodel project. I prefer a shower) But, once in a while, the Lord meets me in the tub and reminds me of the power of water, the power of washing, and the dailyness of it.

    3. I’m very confident that God is with me all the time! I don’t know what makes me so confident, but I’m pretty sure I don’t want to know what it feels like to have the opposite feeling.

    4. Rejected-Accepted combined with Insignificant-Special. The root was an adoption story that I didn’t really take seriously for most of my life, trying to play it cool, but I eventually had to confront the reality that my “highly offendable spirit” was a cover-up for feelings of insignifance, rooted in feeling rejected. Uff da! Thanks be to God, the healing is so merciful.

  25. 325
    Amanda White says:

    Amanda, Lexington, KY, solo

    1. God is calling me to be brave in facing my fear of incompetence. I recently started a new job and have fought daily to remind myself that I am competent and I serve a loving God who will lead me where I fall short.

    2. There have been many instances where God has made himself known to me on my drive to or from work. I have been reminded of so many promises through songs on the radio or even just by a magnificent display of clouds in the sky.

    3. I know deep inside that God is with me, but I have a tendency to forget when I’m facing a tough situation. I continuously remind myself that He doesn’t promise to be with everyone around me, but with me as well.

    4. Insignificant and special. I’ve often felt insignificant because I prefer to stay in the background or on the edge instead of at the center of attention. I’m more quiet than outgoing, a listener rather than a talker, and that has left me feeling like I am unheard or that I am passed over as unimportant. It’s reassuring to know that I am special, made in God’s image, and part of His plan.

  26. 326
    Christen Juhnke, Walla Walla Wa says:

    1. Holy bravery to change career direction as God leads
    2. this was great way to adjust my attitude during and to help me be more thankful of God’s favor in a way I didn’t notice before
    3. The more I notice God around me (question #2) I am aware of his presence more often. I trust God is present b/c that is what His word promises even when I can’t feel it
    4. ungifted/equip. I am learning that when God calls he equips. I also trust from His word that I have a spiritual gift even though I am not sure what it is.

  27. 327
    Marisa says:

    Marisa, Michigan, Solo
    Just realized I did not post yet!
    1. Bravery to stand against discouragements (comments by others, Satan) as I help my little ones learn about Jesus.
    2. The other day I was washing a pan, scrubbing it good after I soaked the pan. This thought popped into my head…I need to soak my mind in his word, I need to saturate my heart with his word so that the things that need to be scrubbed away in my mind and heart can be.
    3. I am confident God is with me in my daily tasks with four little kids…I pray for peace and he gives me the strength I need for each day, when I am exhausted he renews me, when I am weary he makes me strong. I did not realize this until doing this study. My eyes are open to so much now. I have learned to focus on not being alone but rather God is with me every step of the way filling in and giving me the strength I need when I feel so weak.
    4. Incompetent/Capable…some days I just mess up, I feel as though I have really made poor choices as a mom and given my kids “a not fun day”… Some days I feel as though I am so ill equipped for this calling of mom to a 5 year old, twin 3 year olds and a 1 year old. Then I do a study like this or do my devotions and realize He makes me capable. He gives me the strength, all things are possible through Him, and my competence comes from Him. I do forget on some days but I am hoping to remember more that He is my strength and gives me exactly what I need. If my eyes and heart will just recognize it more.
    Thank you for picking this study Beth…I am gleaning so much from it! I can’t thank you enough! 🙂

  28. 328
    Jean Everett says:

    Jean – Lebanon, Tennessee Solo
    1. Walk in faith; trusting Him in all matters; consulting Him in all things large and small.
    2. Cleaning the house and suddenly becoming aware of all tha He has provided me to clean! Falling face down in awe of His blessings when I was previously bemoaning the fact I was having to clean these blessings. WHACK! Thank you, Lord!
    3. I feel the presence of The Lord best when I keep focused on Him. This is easier for me when times are trying, but I also look to Him in rejoice and praise for His provision in my life when times are less difficult.
    4. Rejected / Accepted. Feeling “left out” and isolated from women’s studies / comradery due to serving in the Preschool department.

  29. 329
    Connie says:

    Connie, Chariton, #1 Sharing my faith and what God has done for me.
    #2 Washing dishes, being thankful that I can do it.
    #3 sometimes more so than other times, praying and God will show me a verse to encourage me.
    #4 ungifted – equipped

  30. 330
    Karen Todd says:

    Karen, Beech Island, SC solo
    1. God is calling me to start a bible study at the local pregnancy care center. I am so unsure and at same time so excited about it.
    2. Washing laundry and how I can’t get every stain out however Christ’s blood gets every stain of sin out of my life!!! Thank you Jesus, thank you Jesus
    3. Some times my confidence level is great but when I let the devil speak to me it drops. Get the behind me satan.
    4. Fearful/courageous.

  31. 331
    Teresa says:

    Teresa – Hampton Beach, NH Solo

    1) Everything I do affects my spiritual life. I often do “what is right in my own eyes,” thus, I have idols. It is partial obedience – by not fully annihilating old habits and self. I need to take every thought captive and take up my cross in complete follow-ship, a threshing of self, so that those closest to me will see God’s presence and desire His fruits of the spirit that can be manifested in my life. My witness should be much stronger.

    2) In November, 2012 I attended my first Living Proof Live event in Lewiston, ME. While attending, I sponsored my first child through Compassion International Fast forward to March, 2013 and I was in my morning routine of thinking of my “to do” list at my business. In the midst of my “to do” list, I was reminded of an e-mail from Compassion International asking if I would be an advocate in this area. I REALLY did not want to because I am very shy & do not like public speaking (plus there are other reasons, but I digress). Then, a very strong impression came over me – perhaps like a “stare” to which Priscilla referred; I thought of the children and the resounding thought in the forefront of my mind is…”you must help. If you don’t, who will?” And so I began preparing…and the church (which I do not belong to), sponsored 550% more children than I anticipated! I was so humbled to be used and believe God met me in an extraordinary way that morning. God “appeared” that Sunday morning. And I already have tickets for LPL in two weeks in Rhode Island : ))

    3) I am confident that God is always with me; this is evidenced by His loyalty and faithfulness when I have been faithless. I realize God’s faithfulness does not signify his approval of my rebellion – but it does signify He is with me. Also, I believe the Word of God as truth and in His Word, He promises to always be with me.

    4) Honestly, all of them! It is scary to walk a holy walk; I do feel incompetent regarding church things; gifted, who me; worthless because of my selfishness & rebellion; rejected because women can be so catty; insignificant because I live in 3 geographical regions throughout the year and this does not allow for meaningful relationships to develop.

  32. 332
    Melissa says:

    1. to be an Elder in my church
    2.walking about a block to get the mail, thankful for the quiet time to chat with God and enjoy His nature
    3.confident that God is always with me, but, it is I who forget and turn my back from HIm
    4.incompetent-capable- I need to remember that I am competent and capable because I am a child of God

  33. 333
    Rhonda says:

    1. Brave enough to stand firm & trust Him.
    2. Training up our boys. Specifically – when correcting them and the Holy Spirit goes um-hm.

  34. 334
    Heather says:

    Heather, Birmingham AL, solo

    1. seeking Jesus only and not replacing it or allowing “southern cultured Christianity” to creep in and replace the Jesus of the Bible.

    2. when I am talking with my students and He begins speaking in me and through me

    3. I need to recognize His grace in me and how my identity is in Him, not my job, relationships, etc.

    4. imcompentent vs capable

  35. 335
    Kati Wharton says:

    Kati, Ocracoke Island NC, solo
    Sorry I’m so late!
    1. God is calling me to a season of dependence on Him alone. I am recently separated, and learning to lean on Him for companionship and love. Also learning to trust and wait for Him, rather than trying to be in control and make things happen myself.
    2. I am sure that this has happened to me, but I’m drawing a blank coming up with examples! But I want to share that when I first answered that question, I thought “I’m not going to find any meaning about God’s faithfulness and kindness to me in these!”…but then, when I came back to them toward the end of doing that day’s lesson, I found meaning in 4 out of 5 of them! (One example: I wrote “brushing my teeth” and thought “what can God possibly have to say to me about brushing my darn teeth?”, but when I came back to it, this thought immediately dropped into my head, fully formed: “you are worthy of care – take care of your physical self so He can take care of and use your spiritual self”….and the other three had similar lessons for me. (“Doing the dishes” failed to yield any deep, meaningful messages!)
    3. I tend to be very secure about the fact that God is with me, but insecure or unsure about whether I am hearing what He is saying and/or doing what He wants me to do.
    4. My pair is Worthless and Valuable. I have struggled my whole life with feeling “not good enough” or unworthy for multiple reasons. God is working in my life to remind me and show me how valuable He says I am, and to make sure I understand that, because that is true, it doesn’t matter whether other human beings reject me or see me as unworthy – their opinions don’t change the truth that I am worthy because He says I am.

  36. 336
    Pamela says:

    Pamela, Mechanicsville,VA solo
    1. To Trust Him. “Be still and know that I am GOD.” Psalm 46:10
    2. It is doing the orginary, everday, things that I feel closest to God. I just like Him to be near me and thank Him for being with me. I pray and I know He hears me.
    3. GOD is with me. I really want to be worthy and thankful of being in His presence.
    4. fearful Josh.1:9 courageous Psalm 138:3 I get through the good and bad in my life by believing and trusting God and staying in God’s Word.

  37. 337
    Margaret says:

    Margaret – Centennial, CO – long distance small group.
    1. To be the sole witness for my husband’s salvation.
    2. Cooking… Somewhere along the way… He turned the tastiness of food to a divine level.
    3. Slightly confident. I am always seconding guessing my worthiness for the Lord to continue with me.
    4. Rejected/accepted. To have been adopted physically but is now adopted eternally to Him.

  38. 338
    Rhonda McClellan says:

    Rhonda, Newnan, Georgia, group.
    1. Remaining steadfast and unwavering in God during this season my family has been in for the past year.

    2. I loved this question. In the ordinary, God has spoken to me while watching “American Idol”, washing dishes, driving, stuck in traffic, washing dishes at midnight, and more. One time God even told me the exact name of a song to use for our Resurrection Celebration, and I had never even heard of the song or the singer. Reviewing this question, about God meeting with me in extraordinary ways during the ordinary,actually inspires me to live out my answer in #1.

    3. Sometimes I too have asked “why has all this happened to us?”, BUT, I’ve no doubt my Lord is with me and I know He will bring about a good work, regardless of this season. He is faithful; I want to remain faithful to Him.

    4. Two pairs: Rejected/accepted and worthless/valuable. I went through a difficult, grieving time a few years ago and was crushed to the bone over a loss of friendship/familyship. BUT, God grew me and strengthened me and renewed me and I am thankful for all that He taught me and His kindness to me along the way.

  39. 339
    SarahBeth says:

    Sarah Beth, Alpharetta, solo
    1. Letting go of trying to control my own circumstances like a bad habit and moving to absolute trust.
    2. When I am walking the dogs God often speaks to me, sometimes even through flowers we see or something in nature.
    3. Confident, until I feel I may have done something to make Him just give up on me.
    4. Worthless and valuable. Ann Voskamp says to evangelize yourself every day and I seem to need the reminder of grace daily.

  40. 340
    Amber B says:

    Amber, Vicksburg, MI, solo –

    1) Sharing the struggles our family has recently gone through.
    2) Driving, my husband & I were dealing with an issue & God brought me an overwhelming peace & forgiveness for my husband.
    3) I am confident God is always with me, it is up to me to look to him.
    4) Incompetent/Capable: Being in the background and in supporting roles has made me question my ability, rather than focus on the fact that with God I can do whatever it is he is calling me to do.

  41. 341
    Becky says:

    Becky, Morganton,NC Group
    1. To be vigilant to have an authentic daily relationship with Christ so that my boys see Him move in me and want that deep abiding relationship for themselves. It is hard being a mama of toddler boys to do this when I am tired and feel like they zap all bits of my energy:) But in my weakness…He will be made strong.
    2.Walking at our local greenway. Had my iphone music on shuffle and the song ‘You were There’ came on by Avalon. I began to weep as I walked. I felt His presence pour out over me to assure me that even in this season of life when days are long and duties seem to never end…He is there and His arm is not to short to provide all I need.
    3. I have seen Him move in my life in miraculous ways so there is not way I could deny His promise that He is with me.
    4. Rejected/Accepted: My father left our family when I was 17. I am now 38 and the damage from his rejection still tries to raise its ugly head in my life. Satan would love me to believe that I am not worthy of a Father’s love and in turn cause me to doubt God’s unfailing love for me. However…He has met me time and time again and through His word and through His grace I have to trust and remind myself that He loves me with a perfect love and that He accepts me just like I am.

  42. 342
    Kathy says:

    Kathy, Easley SC, group

    1. Living out and speaking out my faith to my immediate family.
    2. The day after the shooting tragedy at Sandy Hook school, I had been praying about it and asking God why he allowed it to happen. While I was brushing my teeth, he gave me an amazing insight of the event from his viewpoint. I suddenly understood, and had tremendous peace.
    3. I am pretty confident of his constant presence.
    4. Incompetent/capable. I usually feel like I’m not qualified to share the gospel with unbelievers. Like they’ll be able to trip me up, and it would push them even further away from truth.

  43. 343
    Rosalva says:

    Rosalva- Pirtleville, AZ/solo

    #1=Total surrender of unconditional love to my church family (sometimes difficult) but with God all things are possible.
    #2=God gives me lots of patience and when I want to get upset in my daily tasks he reminds me I’m doing them for HIS glory not the praise of my family.
    #3=I know in my mind and am confident of God’s promises that he is with us. Now I pray my heart feels it too.
    #4=worthless/valuable Don’t know if I expect to much of others in the love department or I’ve always just felt not good enough.

  44. 344
    Marilyn says:

    Marilyn, Arthur, solo
    1. Reminding my son of his calling. Don’t want to beat him over the head but want to encourage him to give in.
    2. When doing dishes, my God spoke over an issue I had been struggling with. He encouraged me to take an action I had not been feeling adequate to take.
    3. I am confident of His presence but sometimes I have to say this over again – He is with me!!!!
    4. Ungifted/equipped. I don’t feel as if I have the gift of teaching but I feel God has put me into that situation and has equipped me and will speak through me. I just don’t want to “turn anyone off” of God. I want them to see Him and feel His love.

  45. 345
    Vivian says:

    Vivian, Birmingham, AL, solo

    1. Being an example of Christ in my work relationships as well as to those in my family who do not know Him. Also a strong emphasis on praying for missionaries and the lost in the 10/40 window.

    2. I am completely responsible for my work so if I make a mistake no one would find it until it impacted something else. I feel His guidance in my work bringing attention to the occasional error before it adversely affects someone. It always amazes me how I find them; that is why I know it is His guiding hand. I pray to always be one who works efficiently and accurately. He answers!

    3. I am very confident He is always with me! He speaks to me in Scripture that comes to my mind, in verses of songs I sing without thinking about it, and I enjoy so much sitting and visiting with Him in nature.

    4, Rejected/Accepted – I don’t do well in a group (not counting family) and feel uncomfortable; like I am not really wanted and I am usually ignored. It seems the things I share get no response so I feel like I don’t relate well with conversation. I know I am accepted by my Father and He always makes me feel “accepted in the beloved.” I never doubt His love and care for me. I know fellowship with others is important as part of the Body of Christ, yet I seem to serve Him better in one-on-one relationships.

  46. 346
    Susan W. says:

    Susan / Piscataway, NJ / solo

    (1) I am called to stay on course one day after the next, one day at a time. I am so often exhausted and run down and staying focused and patient with my children can be challenging.

    (2) God often speaks to me when I am driving. I use that daily commute to day care and then to work to think about my daily challenges and often come to realize solutions. I know that is God speaking and not me.

    (3) Tend to be insecure about God’s promise that He is with me. I often feel alone and lonely. My former husband said to me over and over again that God was not with me, that the Holy Spirit has left me and I think that there is a big part of me that believes it. My former husband said he was a Christian when we married, but he did not behave like one once we were wed. I have been divorced for over 12 years, and we were only married for 1 year, but I still live with the pain.

    (4) word pairing – rejected/accepted. See above for explanation.

  47. 347
    Cheryl says:

    Cheryl, Katy, TX, solo

    1. My need for holy bravery includes using my words to glorify God. I’m a shy person around those I don’t know and very rarely strike up conversations. I feel that I need boldness with my words for witnessing and speaking God’s love without fear of people’s reactions or judgments.

    2. I have recently stopped working. I feel that God is using the ordinary tasks of housework to bless my husband in ways that I didn’t care about before. I have new perspective of priorities for my time with the Lord and serving my husband that weren’t as important to me before. And through both, I have been exceedingly blessed with joy.

    3. I’m confident that God is with me. BUT, I can forget that fact sometimes! I need to raise my awareness of His presence in my life on a daily basis and give Him credit where credit’s due.

    4. Incompetent/Capable- Stems from insecurities of not being good enough, therefore, I avoid difficult scenarios (like mentoring, evangelizing, leading women’s Bible studies when I’m asked to). This cheats God of gaining His due glory and others from learning of God’s love through me. All comes down to remembering God is with me and will give me boldness!

  48. 348
    Rosella says:

    1. To put God frist in my life and get my family life togeather with God.

    2.talk walk with God daily so I can better servre my God, family and commiuty.

    3. I just have to know his there.

    4. I am all then at different time in my life and I pray that one day God will take it all away!

  49. 349
    Pam Dow says:

    Pam D., Hendersonville, TN, solo

    1. God has put us in full time ministry and stepping out of our comfort zones. We are seeing our 2 almost grown (17 and 20) daughters living a life for Him!

    2. Cooking, laundry, shopping, work and dusting. I am reminded how the Lord has and continues to provide for us in wonderful ways! Thankful that I can go shopping, thankful that I have a house to clean. Trying to realize that as a wife and mother, the ordinary things I do, blesses my family to do what they are called and required (school, work) to do.

    3. I tend to be fairly confident that God is with me, because we have walked many years and many miles together. However, sometimes it seems like He forgets (in my mind) what I can handle. 🙂

    4.Fearful, courageous; insignificant, special. I am seeing how these pairs of terms go hand and hand. Because of low self-esteem, I have been fearful. However, praise the Lord, little by little He continues to heal and I can now say that I am special and am growing in courage!

  50. 350
    Carla, Houston, Tx. says:

    l. To trudge on and work hard to leave a Godly legacy for my children and grandchildren despite many obstacles.

    2. One day as I was in the bathroom getting ready for the day I asked the Lord why I always felt so sad in the fall. (This went on for years) He so clearly and directly answered, “Because your parents separated in the fall”. It brought such healing to my life just to know why I always had a sadness sweep over me during this time of year.

    3. I am confident that God is with me because He says in His Word that He is. Throughout the day He speaks into my heart in so many ways.

    4. Rejected/Accepted – I sometimes allow what other people think of me to dictate how I feel about myself rather than what God says about me and knowing who I am in Him. But Praise God He always directs me back to His Word and tells me what He thinks of me.

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