2013 Siesta Summer Bible Study: 2nd Gathering

Hey, summer Bible study sisters! Watch the video if possible because I only put the barest bones in the written part of these summer Bible study posts. This version of your instructions is mostly for back up but, if you prefer to just get your assignments for your gathering this way and bypass all my verbose video-commentary, I certainly do understand that! Feel free! I just want to make sure you’ve experienced some personal interaction on here. Smiling.

OK! Here are your instructions for today and, remember! Your comments to this post are meant to be comprised of your responses to each of the interactives:

1. Based on the question in the middle of p.37 of your homework: To what specific area of holy bravery does God seem to be calling you in this present season?

2. Drawn from the portion on p.46 regarding the 5 ordinary tasks you perform on a daily basis, share a memory of an ordinary circumstance in which God met with you in an extraordinary way. If you’re new to all this and can’t think what to share, don’t feel lame or unspiritual. Pray for Him to do this very thing with you over the coming days and I have a feeling you won’t be disappointed.

3. Based on p.50 and the discussion about the first part of the divine declaration to Gideon, how confident or insecure do you tend to be regarding God’s promise that He is with you? Explain your answer.

4. Look at the bottom of p.57. Would you be willing to share the pair of terms that best describe a disparity you’ve dealt with between your self-perception and a biblical view of who you are in Christ? If you’re willing, also briefly explain your answer.

Ok, Sisters! That’s it! When you leave your comment, please be sure to put your first name, your city, whether you are in a small group or going solo, and your succinct responses to all or at least several of the interactives.

I’m crazy about you! Stay in the Word! We’ll meet again in 2 weeks on July 9th. Have Weeks 3 and 4 of your homework finished for that gathering if at all possible. So much love to you.

Siesta Summer Gideon Study – Week 2 from LPV on Vimeo.


447 Responses to “2013 Siesta Summer Bible Study: 2nd Gathering”

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  1. 251
    Michelle says:

    #1 I feel God is calling me to truth in all areas of my life including being the same with everyone I meet or interact with. Basically….transparency!

    #2 Just being thankful in all things…cooking-thankful for food to prepare. Cleaning-Thankful for a house to clean, etc. Sounds so simple, but finding the blessings in the mundane is powerful in transforming my mind toward Jesus and off my circumstances.

    #3 I have been insecure in the past regarding God’s GOOD plans towards me. I often think He must be devising to give me what I deserve which is mostly punishment or discipline. But, I need to believe more that He has a special name for me like He gave to Gideon (Mighty warrior, even when he wasn’t). God knows my potential if I allow Him to work in my life. I wonder what His name for me is? Cool to contemplate!

    #4 Fearful VS Courageous: Because of my fear of people and their attacks or disapproval, even in religious settings, I am not always honest, therefore, not walking in a way pleasing to God.

    • 251.1
      Tangila says:

      Thank you for the transparency in your comment. I can especially relate to #3 and am encouraged by your response. Sometimes you feel that no one really understands and then God sends a study and a forum like this.

      Praying for you…

  2. 252
    Valerie says:

    Valerie – flying Solo
    Clinton, Me

    1. To be bolder as I lead worship and be less concerned about my deficiencies in my abilities as a musician and just be free in worship.

    2. Lately I’ve felt like running. You know, just hiding away so I don’t need to face some situations. While reading my Bible one day I came across a verse in Proverbs that said: Only the wicked run and hide when no one is chasing him, but the righteous are as bold as a lion. Say what what??? Yeah!!! That’s God for ya, Sista!!! 🙂

    3. It’s funny because in my heart I know it’s true: The Lord is with me. But, my feelings sometimes get the best of me and I doubt, or I just forget and have to remind myself of the truth.

    4. Incompetent/Capable: I’ve been dealing with this warped self-perception for so long. In the past few years God has determined that I would see myself through His eyes and lean on Him for strength. When I was utterly dependent on Him, I could do nothing myself – it was out of my hands, God performed a miracle right before my eyes. After that, I began living like I was capable instead of always thinking that someone else should be doing my work because they could do it better. It’s a daily challenge, but I’m up for what He has for me, even if I have to keep reminding myself that if He has called me, then it doesn’t matter how I view my own abilities.

  3. 253
    Sarah Eccles says:

    Sarah, Victoria, BC Canada solo

    1. God has put me in a season to encourage and give hope to women addicted to sexually sins. This is huge for me but I have been able to write a blog and women are starting to come forward and be encouraged.
    2. I also had an addiction to alcoholism and God came to me and took away all my cravings and all the things that surrounded this addiction. It was the most amazing thing ever.
    3. I feel secure that God is always with me, that His hand is always on me in every situation. I have seen it more times then I can count.
    4. I chose fearful and loved the verse in Psalm 138:3 I know I am courageous and can do anything with Christ in my life.

  4. 254
    Stehanie Jo says:

    Stephanie Jo
    Corvallis Or

    1.Trust #activetrust
    To trust that He is working and present among my current trials, and struggles

    2.Folding Laundry – I often pray for my kiddos, but I really want to listen better in the mundane!
    Praying for it!!

    3.Both Im congident that He is always there but I find my self acting insecure :/

    4. I feel like Im 2
    When I face normal human/life challenges I automatically act like it’s because Im not Capable or Equipped.

    Loving the Study thanks so much for leading us Siesta Mama!

  5. 255
    Mimi of Six in Al. says:

    FYI-I answered the questions before I listened to the video amazing how much my answers fit with the video.

    1. To live like Jesus would want me to. I want others to see Jesus in me.

    2. I Take care of my special needs daughter. I pray and yes beg for her health problems. God reminded me he made her. He will take care of her. He tells me to stop trying to do it my way and just give her back to him. Her smile will light up a world.

    3. I know God is with me but sometimes when it gets hard I want to slip back to thinking hey I can handle this myself and boy do I learn right fast. I need God and he is with me and we can do this.

    4. Worthless. I struggle with this a lot. Thinking I can never be good enough. I had a bad marriage and he made sure I knew I was worthless. God has blessed me with the best husband a person could have. We have been married 21 years. But Satan still wants to get in my head and tell me how worthless I am. I hate to say it but sometimes I fall for it.I loved God’s-image. I am valuable. Matthew 6:26 really help me realize that I am valuable.

  6. 256
    Deborah Mott says:

    Deborah, Bradenton. Solo. 1. Strength and courage to break enemy strongholds by prayer and obedience. To live NEW COVENANT lifestyle always and everywhere and say/live “ANYTHING LORD”! To say yes to what THE LORD says yes to and no to what He has said NO to and speak this out in loving and caring, but firm in the TRUTH, ways. To stand bravely against perversion in church leaders and in the Body and to pray for repentance and speak the truth in love where it is hard to do so and costly. To pray for MERCY to TRIUMPH and believe GOD IS SO BIG that nothing is too hard for HIM! To stand for a life IN CHRIST and HIS PURITY and live by and defend THE WORD, CHRIST HIMSELF, as our true foundation. TO PRAY FOR USA in earnest as Abraham interceded for Lot and his community…
    2. Got the mail today (not an every day but most day task) and in it a book “Circle Maker”. Had been teaching the Toddlers at church for last 3 weeks that OUR GOD IS SO BIG, His Throne is heaven and earth His footstool….He is HUGE, He is Creator and King….when opened mail today back page of book in capitals HOW BIG IS YOUR GOD? Just spoke volumes to me… that the LORD is in every little detail and leads and confirms every little detail! He is so BIG but chooses to be in so small of details. He came as a baby and how much smaller could He get for us? He is so amazing! Such power in HIS LOVE and willingness to “be small” and emptied out and go to the CROSS in my/our place to show us HOW BIG HE REALLY IS! AWESOME GOD!
    3. Often insecure that He would want to be with me. Know in head intellectually that it is TRUE but like song “I Need You to LOVE me” by Barlow Girls…starts WHY, WHY are you still here with me…” Wow do I feel that most days. I am so amazed He would want to be with me! I hide my insecurity in doing and trying my best to please Him. He so speaks to me by HIS WORD and answers me in so many ways that I know HE IS in REAL relationship with me and IT IS BY CHRIST’s FINISHED WORKS and for CHRIST’s Sake that I am saved, so I remind myself since He promised this for me and it is REAL… it is good FOR ANYONE! It is TRULY THE BEST NEWS that HE came to earth so WE could go to Him and have eternal life: knowing CHRIST!
    4. Self-perception: “WORTHLESS”! Ugh I fight this lie, often daily. Because I know that biblical view of who I am in Christ: so “valuable” that CHRIST would die for me! Explanation: Lies from wounds of abuse still try to plague me…choose daily to live BY GOD’s WORD and my identity IN CHRIST and not way I often feel and also not by the past or current experiences that try to reinforce lies.

    Thank you so much Priscilla and Beth and teams! Hallelujah!

  7. 257
    Becca says:

    Becca, Camp Pendleton, CA (Daybreak Small Group)

    1. Holy bravery – being bold in my faith and reaching out to more military wives

    2. My tasks were similar…brush teeth, pick up shoes, walk the dog. God met me on a walk on Monday while I was looking out at the ocean. Realizing I was standing next to a fence while on the inside of a military base, I began to see how my sphere of influence could affect more military wives and – in essence, military families – to come to Christ. I looked at all the homes around me and wondered who I needed to talk to first. 🙂

    3. I am confident He is with me, that His Spirit is inside me, but I need those little reminders in His Word to keep me aware of that presence when I can’t hear or see clearly.

    4. I have to go with “insignificant” on this one. I am still in awe that He would use me in any way to further His Kingdom, but I am so thankful that I am part of His plan.

  8. 258
    Gayle says:

    NMB SC

    1.Calling to encourage female members of prayer ministry team.

    2.God all ways provides someone for me to tell that “God Loves Them” everyday in my interaction with people even doctor’s office staff.

    3.Secure. Just went throught a very painfully time in personal life. He never left me and sometimes would just hold me in his arms and let me cry and tell him my pain.

    4.Faith VS Doubt: Faith that God loves me but at time doubt that I am worthy of God’s Love.

  9. 259
    Kristi says:

    Kristi, Pensacola, FL, Going solo
    1. I will be brave by naming scripture, and by being intentional about the decisions my husband and I make as a family.
    2. I have been greeted by His presence while cleaning the floors in our house while listening to praise music.
    3. I am confident because I can sense His peaceful, mighty presence.
    4. Worthless and valuable.

  10. 260
    Michele says:

    Michele, semi-solo
    Waco TX

    1. Hang On! Pray the hard prayers! Trust Him for direction.

    2. I’m blank…and it’s stressing me, so I’m skipping it!

    3. I’m quite confident that He is with me, I just get frustrated sometimes that He isn’t behaving like I think He should.

    4. I struggle with feelings of incompetency. Yet, I KNOW that He is able, and will make me able for what is ahead of me. This year He has moved me to a place of leadership in teaching that I NEVER dreamed I would serve in…He has shown Himself faithful to equip me for the position, yet I struggle. Help me, Jesus!

  11. 261
    DeniseW says:

    Denise/Canton, MI/Solo….#1. A Holy persistence: to insist my son spend time daily in God’s Word just like I insist he spend time exercising, etc.; #2. So much of my day is spent cleaning up stuff or preparing food, etc. God showed me the spiritual applications for that in my daily life. How I am called to be holy as He is holy. I must spend time in confession, cleansing myself and making myself a clean vessel for the Holy Spirit with nothing to impede the Spirits direction. I must also spend time feasting on His Word and serving (sharing) what I learn to my family; #3. I am confident that the Lord is with me but I need constant reminding from His Word to look at the bigger God picture; #4. Fearful vs. Courageous: Fear and insecurity would rule my life if God were not with me. What if, what if, what if…what if I stopped letting “what if” rule my life?

  12. 262
    Tangila says:

    Tangila, Pearland TX, Duo

    1. God seems to be calling me to confront my fear of failure in the three main domains of my life: home (potential reconciling w/ ex-husband); work (hesitation to apply for jobs that I truly desire and am qualified for); and church/ ministry (stepping fully into the ministry on my heart).

    2. Similar to Beth’s example, God speaks quite a bit during “bathroom time” especially in the days leading up to the Sundays I teach Bible Study. I’ve finally realized that I need to have something nearby to write down these thoughts because I over-estimate my ability to remember those profound things once the day really begins!

    3. I am more confident and secure now than before but I still tend to “forget” sometimes when facing something that I find particularly intense or involves some type of necessary confrontation.

    4. I have to admit that there are two pairs that tend to co-dominate my self-perception and they are fearful-courageous and worthless-valuable. Due to a couple of events that occurred early in my life, I somehow began to believe that I don’t matter and it colors my view of my world, especially my relationships. And since I’m not sure I matter, I am afraid to really “be”. By God’s grace and the true power of His Word, I’m better but since He’s bringing it up again, I know there’s still work to do in these areas. 🙂

  13. 263
    Stormy mall says:

    Stormy, Lynchburg, small group
    1. To speak boldly and lovingly to those who question or disagree with our adoption.
    2. One morning I was just drying my hair and He overwhelmed me.
    3. I am confident He is with me but this confidence came from falling prey to the enemy therefore, I am thankful even though it was awful.
    4. At first I picked ungifted vs. gifted but then as I responded to how it affected my walk with Christ I wrote insignificant vs. special. Guess I was wrong and He set me straight:) Lindsay’s recent blog hit the nail right on the head.

  14. 264
    Helen Wall says:

    Helen, Crystal City, Manitoba, Canada (solo)
    1. The area the Lord is calling me to is to face my fears and to continue in what He has called me to do even in the midst of opposition.
    2. When doing dishes one time and thinking about doing things “for the Lord”, I heard/felt Him so clearly say to me the doing the dishes and the other mundane tasks were as much an act of worship to Him as any “big ministry” I could think of.
    3. I am usually certain that God is with me when I am alone or doing my thing at home. . . but when I have to face and confront in a public setting, my fear tells me that I am not so certain. I tend to pull back and retreat.
    4. Worthless/Valuable. . . I have struggled much with feeling that who I am or what I have to offer is not valued. . . but the Lord revealed that for me to reject what He had called me to do and be and to say that what He says about me is not true and reject that, is really calling Him a liar and rejecting Him. It broke my heart and grieved me to realize that it was not humility but pride that would believe that. I have repented and choose to believe what He says!!

  15. 265
    Christi Gibson says:

    It was interesting to me that my daughter and I both chose the same two pairs. One was Fearful-Courageous – and hearing Psalm 138:3 in the NET was especially meaningful.

    I’m in my 50’s and starting to slip into that stage of life where I really want to go to bed earlier and earlier at night. Yet God seems to have called me into these later night ministries! Our Bible study is from 7-9 pm and I seldom get home before 10 or 10:30. I do a ministry in strip clubs that gets started around 8:00 in the evening, and I sometimes don’t get home until midnight. The later it gets the less coherent I am — and the harder my words come.

    I cry out to God always, and have learned that I must depend on him for the words and for the boldness — but the way the NET worded this verse… “You answered, made me bold, and energized me!” Was a beautiful promise! Thank you God, for the reminder that EVERY good and perfect gift comes from you.

  16. 266
    Linda says:

    Solo in Chester, VA
    1. Need “holy bravery” in going through this season of my life with consistent & persistent faith.
    2. Folding laundry still warm from the dryer reminds me of God’s warm, enveloping love.
    3. Use to be much more insecure as to whether or not God was with me but am growing in confidence more and more as I study His word. Though I still tend to fall off the wagon into the mud of anxiety when depression rears its ugly head, I don’t spend nearly as much time there as I use to. God’s hand always reaches down to pull me up & I’m learning to reach up and grab it.
    4. insignificant/special – Zeph. 3:17 will be my next memorization verse (WOW! – needed to hear, and believe, that one as a child)

  17. 267
    Marcie says:

    Marcie, Wenatchee, WA, duo

    #1 It seems so simple, but this is what He’s saying: be brave in continuing to speak naturally of God and my relationship with Him. How often I am fearful of “offending” someone by speaking of my faith – it’s ridiculous to think this way!

    #2 This is a memory several years old but had such a huge impact on my life and actually changed the course of life with me and my husband. We had been trying to sell our home and there was one roadblock after another. While showering one morning God impressed on my an interesting verse. It was almost audible! “Why do you kick against the goads?” (Acts 26:14) I wasn’t even sure what goads were and had to look it up! [an instrument used by shepherds to keep the sheep in line – see also Eccl 12:11] He was in essence telling us, “Why do you question what my will is for you and continue to do what is contrary to my plans?” We took our house off the market and stayed for another 4 years – His timing is perfect!

    #3 I am confident in His words that He is with me. I know it in my head. However, I sometimes need to remind myself of this truth!

    #4 I chose “ungifted/equipped”. Growing up, I felt very ordinary in comparison to my sisters, one who was a gifted artist, another a very gifted cellist and my third sister had the gift of popularity – haha! I was quite ordinary and felt I really was not terribly gifted in anything. Today I still struggle with this and currently find myself using this supposed lack of giftedness as an excuse. I am praying that God will continue to give me increasing boldness in the realization that HE alone is the gift-giver and has already equipped me for the task. Prayers appreciated!

  18. 268

    Jessa from Grantville, PA (doing study with a couple friends online)

    1.1. Based on the question in the middle of p.37 of your homework: To what specific area of holy bravery does God seem to be calling you in this present season?

    I feel as a Christian, I have to work against the grain of a culture that is infiltrating some choices of integrity in our home. Often, we make choices on things we watch, but my kid hears how others watch stuff and they are Christian – “how come we can’t?” is the question we get often. We get faced with this often, where we fight for our convictions, but also against a response of judgement. So, my bravery would be to work against thoughts the enemy sends my way that says we are too much on certain convictions and not be moved by the opinion of others. We are working against a grain of the culture.

    2. Drawn from the portion on p.46 regarding the 5 ordinary tasks you perform on a daily basis, share a memory of an ordinary circumstance in which God met with you in an extraordinary way. If you’re new to all this and can’t think what to share, don’t feel lame or unspiritual. Pray for Him to do this very thing with you over the coming days and I have a feeling you won’t be disappointed.

    The thought that came to me is something that I felt God helped me on while doing an ordinary daily task. There was a season I needed help doing tasks and also wanted my prayer life re-sparked. I was folding laundry and decided to pray specifically for each person in my family of whose laundry I picked up. If I picked up socks, I began praying that their feet would be shod with the preparation of gospel of peace, that where they walk they’d walk in integrity, etc. (I won’t tell you how I prayed when I got to underwear :))…lol…really, this was the season that I was going through much with my son and a situation at school. As I prayed, there were times I felt the Holy Spirit begin to give me discernment and compassion where I began to get understanding. It was there that God spoke something specific and when I went in for a school meeting, the student pastor had the same word.

    3. Based on p.50 and the discussion about the first part of the divine declaration to Gideon, how confident or insecure do you tend to be regarding God’s promise that He is with you? Explain your answer.

    I need to be more confident on this “The Lord is with you”…Gideon was told this while doing the regular task in a fearful condition of heart. God spoke this to him when maybe everything else shouted otherwise to him. I feel that I need this reminder while I’m doing my regular tasks and all emotions are overwhelming me. I can feel shameful and upset about those emotions that can come (the ones that come with my pre-teen pressing me or my 3 year-old throwing a tantrum, etc…the ones that make me feel like a bad parent, etc). But, the reality is those emotions are real…but, also the reality is that “the Lord is with you” is as real. Can I believe, even when I’m doubting, that the Lord is with me in those moments – not with a heart to condemn but to be exactly what I need in those moments? So, this is my reminder that the Lord is not upset with my real, raw emotions…He just wants to be there in the midst to be my help!
    4. Look at the bottom of p.57. Would you be willing to share the pair of terms that best describe a disparity you’ve dealt with between your self-perception and a biblical view of who you are in Christ? If you’re willing, also briefly explain your answer.

    I honestly felt like I can fall under all of these, but here are two:
    Worthless-valuable (1 Peter 2:9)…in KJV, it says “peculiar people”…in my margin it gives a synonym (a purchased people). I can’t help but think…if I make a purchase, it’s because it’s a good value, good quality & worthwhile. Obviously, Jesus purchased me with His blood (which is even MORE costly) because I’m of value, have quality and worthwhile for Him. May I truly grasp this! Also, with the word “praises” a synonym is “virtue”. So, I know He’s purchased me, chosen me to be a person that declares His praises through the character He is working in me. I’m precious, valuable and worth something for His kingdom – so others may see Him through my character…thus, why He is working on my character so closely right now 

    Insignificant-special (Ephesians 1:3-6) As I read verse 3 it says, “…who has blessed us with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places in Christ.” I think of when I want to get something to bless my kids if I have the money for it. I may be at the store and see pistachios my son loves or a treat that would light my kids eyes up, etc. Some things I can’t always afford, but there are small ways I can come home to bless my kids…a small token to say, “I love you” and “I’m thinking of you.” Now, of course, Jesus doesn’t have a spiritual bank account He budgets for us…He has blessed us with ALL spiritual blessings. May I see that it is His delight to pour these blessings on me because I’m special to Him! What are these blessings? His daily grace (v. 6), His love (v. 4), His glory (v. 6), His acceptance (v. 6), etc. I’m not insignificant, but special and it is His delight to give me ALL His spiritual blessings!

  19. 269
    Sharlene says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this today! I appreciate you being vulnerable to speak His Word. I only had to read a few sentences and I knew this was just for me!

  20. 270
    Julie says:

    Julie, Kenmore, WA, small-small group 1)my holy bravery needs to come through trusting Him to care for ALL my needs – I need to let go of control; 2)I have several critters to tend to each day and they remind me of God’s amazing creation. How beautiful he has painted the colors of my chickens feathers! 3)In my moments of fear I struggle to know in my heart of hearts that He is with me – but I try to “be still and know that I am God”; 4) fearful/courageous – this ties in with grasping the fact that my God IS with me; not just when I “feel” it but every moment and that is where I will find the ability to be courageous.

  21. 271
    Cheryl says:

    Cheryl, Pooler, Solo

    1. The Lord is calling me to be bold! I don’t like confrontation, but sometimes it is a holy confrontation we are called to! I am to speak the truth in love! Love never fails!
    2. This happens quite often in my frustrations in being overwhelmed with cleaning the house and keeping up with laundry. The Lord always reminds me of how thankful I am to have a house full of family! I would much rather have a messy house full of family than a clean empty one!
    3. I am thoroughly convinced that He is with me, but I also know that my ability to hear His voice clearly is dependent on how closely I am walking with Him.
    4. Fearful/Courageous. Fear and worry are two things I have fought regularly. I think it may have gripped me as a result of my mom dying when I was still young. I fight it with the word of God, so I have had success in warding it off, but I hate that it is still a weakness!

  22. 272
    Kris M says:

    1. God is calling me to be more intentional with my children in passing on the legacy of faith. I feel as if I have been relinquishing this responsibility to my church (Sunday School, Youth Pastors) – but my husband and I have the accountability to God for raising them well and instilling our faith in Christ.

    2. One of our kids is fully dependent for his needs (non-verbal, wheelchair bound, tube fed). God meets me there in extraordinary ways nearly every day as he encourages me, energizes me, and give me the patience I need. There is no doubt that God has used the circumstances of our son’s life to draw us closer to him and to create a revival in our household.

    3. I am very confident that God is near – and on days that I struggle I often quote, Ps 77:11 – I will remember the works of the Lord.

    4. worthless – valuable – I still drag around with me the defeatist self-talk that I’ve had since I was a kid. How amazing that he predestined us to be adopted as his sons and daughters.

  23. 273
    Julie says:

    Julie, Houston / small group.

    #2 – driving in my car or right as I’m falling asleep at night seem to be the times when my heart/spirit is the quietest, which poises me to be open and receptive to the Lord.

    #4 – insignificant/special I believe I was created to do something special and I’m trying to find that path. It is a struggle in the corporate world to be a light for Christ, when so often I don’t act any different than my non-Christian co-workers.

  24. 274
    Cindy M says:

    I know this is not twitter.. but I just had to share this..

    # Gods Key-dom

    Love you ladies
    Have a great weekend

  25. 275
    cathy-charlottesville says:

    Cathy -Charlottesville VA.
    1.Continue to ‘shoot my arrows of faith” (Like Merida in Brave 🙂
    2. Making beds-praying for those who sleep/rest/visit them in my home.
    3. Well, it depends on the situation. Sometimes it is a lot easier to believe and there have been many times I have asked similar questions or thought them just like Gideon- these are concerns that are way bigger than my world btwn my two feet- but I have been there and recently.
    4. I had checked 5 our of 6- and pondered why #3 was not checked- it dawned on me that I know I am ungifted about most everything- and so equipped must come from Him. Just as soon as I had that thougt- another popped in.. Well, there is a physical /health place that you are gifted in, but not using or trying to excuse your way out..You can be equipped better,but it is going to stretch you- greatly. You have been ‘fighting’ about this one in your mind and heart, now it is time to press in and find out.

  26. 276
    Tina Huffman says:

    Tina, Zalma, MO, I chose fear/courageous. I am very fearful standing in church and sharing a word of testimony. I do it occasionally because I think this is something God calls us to do, however, it is usually very rehearsed in my head. I wish it would be more spontaneous for me. I have memorized Joshua 1:9 as one of my sister scriptures. I recite it frequently to myself.

  27. 277
    Mindy Seekford says:

    Mindy Seekford Gloster, La Doing it with a friend, but we are checking in online.

    1.)I think the area God is calling me to trust him right now is in waiting. That doesn’t sound like a place to be brave, but for me, it is. He wants me to be brave enough to let him have complete control over which direction my life will take and trust him in the waiting.

    2.)I was cleaning my girl’s room one day, and I was grumbling because no matter how much organizing I did, and showing them where to put there stuff, their room was still always a mess. I was thinking,” I show them how and give them the tools, but they won’t keep it clean. I always have to clean up behind them.” And God said,”That’s what my people do to me. I tell them how to live and give them tools to keep their lives in order, but y’all are still always a mess.” I felt like He told me He still comes behind us and cleans up our messes and sorts our lives for us. I really loved how He taught me that. He shows me a lot of things through my kids, but that is one that really stuck out to me. He also spoke to me clearly one day, while I was doing dishes, and told me the house we were planning on building was not what He wanted, and He told me which house He actually wanted us to get. That was amazing because the house He said get was one I said I did not want. He completely changed my heart about it!!!

    3.)Right now I feel secure that God is with me. But I haven’t always been this way. It took a lot of rearranging my thinking pattern to get to this place.

    4.) I struggle the most with feeling incompetent instead of capable. I make a lot of little mistakes, and I have trouble saying the wrong thing and not be able to put the right words with my thoughts. Because of those mistakes, a have felt incapable of making decisions and forming my own opinions. This has led me to rely to much on others for decisions and judgment calls that I should make with God. Thankfully He has led my despite all this, and I am learning to stand on my own two feet with HIm leading me. I’m not saying it is wrong to ask for advice or opinions from others, but I tend to just trust what they say as how things are or should be instead of listening, praying, and seeing what God says to me. I hope that makes sense. Love y’all. Enjoying this study so much.

  28. 278
    Heather says:

    Heather, So. California, Solo

    1. I desire to be apart of or start a Moms In Prayer group at my son’s school next year. I also desire to get back on track with family scripture memorization.

    3.I waver in the security and insecurity aspect often depending what I am going through.

    4. The pair of terms I chose was fearful/courageous. I am fearful of many things which I know I don’t need to be. It’s like I’m standing on the side of a pool and just need to jump in..but most of the time I have to be pushed in. After the push, I’m fine..it’s that first step that gets me almost all the time. The interesting part is Joshua 1:9 is the verse my family says every morning in the car before we leave for the day.

  29. 279
    Ashley Lawrence says:

    Ashley Lawrence, Minot, North Dakota, Small Group

    1. To take up my cross, trust in the Lord, and go make disciples.

    2. Unexpectedly, he sat right next to me in my last lecture class of the semester; however, our conversations mostly take place during long, hot showers.

    3. When one thing after the next goes wrong, I tend to feel as if God has abandoned me. That is when my Sisters in Christ remind me to reach out, because He is still there, I simply stopped hanging on.

    4. Ungifted/Worthless and Insignificant: I feel as if I have nothing to offer God, and even if I did, I am unworthy of Him.

  30. 280
    Beth says:

    Beth, Ypsilanti, MI; going solo

    1. It’s been great to be reminded that the Lord indeed is with me at all times because I seem to be in a season of walking my path without a lot of human fellowship. For various reasons, I’ve had to leave a lot of relationships behind, and that takes a lot of bravery. Some days I’m braver than others.

    2. Driving from place to place is probably my most consistent daily task, and during Michigan winters, that can be anything but mundane. I have a 4-wheel drive vehicle, so I wasn’t concerned about being able to get from place to place, but sitting still ended up being almost my most dangerous moment. While sitting at a traffic light, another car took a curve too fast and nearly slid right into me. I felt helpless because there was nothing I could do to avoid being hit. At just the perfect moment, the car slid the other way and missed me. I was reminded that in the times I feel the most helpless, the Lord will shield me from that which intends to harm me.

    3. I’m a fairly self-sufficient person, and I like to take care of my own business. This can be a good thing until I try to take care of things without God’s help. It often takes a desperate situation to remind me that I don’t have to do it all on my own – The Lord is with me!

    4.I recently went through (and am still recovering from) a trial that caused me to feel rejected and therefore incompetent in my work, a work I love dearly. I needed to be reminded that it is not myself who equipped me for this work, but the Lord who called me to it, made me capable and accepted.

  31. 281
    Amber says:

    Amber – Laporte, MN – small group

    1. TRUST. God is calling me to completely trust in Him and not lean on my own understanding. This is quite a feat for me. But guess what? I’m really making progress! Amen, praise God!

    2. I read my Bible every day. I love it when God pulls me to the exact scripture I need at that exact moment. He did that to me just today! 🙂

    3. Oh Boy! Is there a 3rd option? I know that He is with me, BUT it is so hard for me to GET it. God has been bringing/delivering me through some trials these past few months and I’m truly learning that God is with me. I hope to GET it soon. 🙂

    4. I would have to go with fearful self-image and courageous God-image. I’ve been a worrier my whole life (boooo) BUT God has shown me recently that fear/worry/anxiety just wont cut it anymore. He wants me to give it all to Him and trust Him with my whole heart, mind, body and soul. I just HAVE to. I’m glad to say that I’ve made some real headway in this area. PRAISE GOD!! I pray that God keeps me close to him so I can no longer give the devil an inch. (we all know what happens when we do)

    PS – Beth you have been an absolute inspiration to me these past few months. God placed your Bible studies/books into my life just when I needed them. Isn’t He just the greatest? 🙂 Can’t wait for LPL in Sioux Falls!! EEK!

  32. 282
    Cheryl says:

    Cheryl, Algodones, NM/small group #4…I had to mark them all but the most prevalent are “worthy/valuable”. I’ve struggled with anxiety and depression my entire life; it has been pretty bad the last 9 months. I have believed the lie that I am foundationally broken and unfixable, that there is nothing worthy in me. I struggle with this thought continually. I pray for insight, comfort and healing.

  33. 283
    Claudia Clawson Lexington, KY -Solo says:

    1.God calling me to stay where he has place me to serve.

    2. As I go about taking care of my family and daily activities God impresses upon me how much he cares and goes ahead preparing the way for me.

    3.It is comforting to know that I am never alone that God is always with me. He waiting for me to recognize that I am never alone.

    4. I selected rejected and accepted. My father never recognized me or my sister as his children. I struggled with that even as an adult. John 15:16 lets me know that God has selected me as his own even when my biological father did not.

  34. 284
    Lisa says:

    Lisa-Youngstown, Ohio Solo

    1. Trust that God will be with me and that I should not live in fear of the next “thing”.

    2. God has revealed to me through my ordinary experiences that His faithfulness and blessings are exactly the answers to my questions. I prayed for years that I would be married and then many more years to have children. My daily ordinary experiences remind me of those answered prayers and that I need to be joyful in all that I do.

    3. I want to be confident, but have failed several times in the past because I am relying on my own strength and not God’s strength. Consequently, I am insecure in God’s promise because my flesh tells me I will fail again. I often forget to go to scripture or God when the difficulty arises. Have to work through God’s strength and not my own. Eph 3:19

    4. Fearful-courageous-Not surprising based on my last 3 responses. I am going to memorize those scriptures and more. I believe fear (NOT fear of God) is sin and God does not want me to live a live of fear. What a bad testimony to my faith! This study has given me courageous to want to be an overcomer!!

  35. 285
    Beth Beutler says:

    Beth, Fountain Inn, going solo

    1. One “holy bravery” I am being called to is the support of my child whose entrance into a potentially dangerous career as a first responder is coming closer and closer. They will graduate in December and possibly by this time next year be in that career. As a person who struggles with fear, God is making me be brave in support of them.

    2. God tends to speak to me in the ordinary when I am practicing something I could blog or teach on someday. I talk out loud as I drive or am doing mundane tasks at home, more often in the mornings, talking as if I am being interviewed or speaking to others, but in that He helps me sort things out sometimes.

    3. I don’t seem to have much trouble understanding that God is with me, but I do seem to have a hard time grasping the depth of love and acceptance He has for me. I’m an achiever and for many of my early years, was in a legalistic environment, which I am finding planted deep roots and makes it more of a challenge to accept and sometimes even extend grace.

    4. My pair of words is fearful/courageous. I am learning to step and out do what I am called to do each day even if I FEEL fear. Courage is not letting that feeling stop me. Not perfect at this!

  36. 286
    Sandy says:

    Sandy, Lexington, KY, solo
    #1 I feel that God is calling me to holy bravery as I continue
    to live with JOY, in spite of the challenges of having had
    a debilitating stroke 8 years ago.
    #2 The evening after completing this part of the lesson, I was
    overwhelmed by a feeling of tremendous gratitude, at having
    these ‘ordinary tasks’ to do! In fact, the next day I was
    faced with a task that I was dreading, and was able to
    accomplished with thanksgiving for having the need to do it
    #3 It’s almost hard to explain, but I have no doubt that God
    is with me constantly, as the Holy Spirit shows me all day
    long, in hundreds of different ways!
    #4 “insignificant ~ special” popped out to me right away. I
    had never thought that I was as capable as others in a
    variety of ways. I have learned that as I walk with Jesus
    and bask in His love, I can be a witness of His power and
    and glory just by being who He created me to be, as I
    embrace His perfect plan for my life.

  37. 287
    Barb says:

    Barb, Prescott Valley, AZ Solo – way behind. 🙂 But will keep working at it. I just wanted to say how amazing it is that you hit the nail on the head so many times Beth – the word God gives you is exactly what I need to hear. Thank you for being so open about God works with you and your fears – I thought I was the only one who ever thought like that. <3

  38. 288
    Shelly says:

    Shelly, Texas, small group
    3. Yes, sometimes it is hard to truly believe that God is with me. I feel like I’ve messed up too much to be in His presence. But when I get over myself and quit believing the lies and believe His truth, His presence is so sweet!

  39. 289
    Amy S. says:

    Amy S. from Saint Cloud, FL, solo

    1. God is calling me to be get actively plugged into a church right now, and not just to attend.

    2. in doing dishes while listening to praise music-how God has called to my attention specific lyrics in the song that speak to my current situation and comforts me in that very moment I need to hear them–always amazes me

    3. I know in my mind and heart that God is with me, and yet I seem to forget in stressful circumstances. This study is opening my eyes to this.

    4. fearful and courageous

  40. 290
    Carol Z says:

    God is calling me to seek Him wholeheartedly – with all my life, not just parts of it.
    2. I’ll never forget when my daughter was in middle school, God specifically spoke to me to share a specific thing about her adoption that was stressing me. We adopted her at birth and she was not aware that she had siblings. I wanted her to know, but didn’t know how to tell her. On the way to pick her up from school, he said loud and clear, “just tell her”! Long story short, I did and she was thrilled. We had a long beautiful conversation about what it all meant. It began the journey of many long conversations. (I had been stressing about this particular thing for MONTHS!)
    3. I am fairly confident that He is with me, but I tend to think He leaves when I am not pleasing to Him.
    4. Incompetent/Capable….. Wow, I am always feeling I don’t measure up. My husband tells me I’m too hard on myself. When I looked up 2 Corinthians 3:5-6 in my bible, it was highlighted and underlined! I think I need to work on getting that into my heart once and for all!

  41. 291
    Bonnie from Manakin says:

    1. Bravery to forget my plans and the way I thought my life would turn out and accept the good and wonderful ways God has blessed me and continually remind myself that He is in control and He knows what He wants for me and what is best.
    2.Hearing a message on the potter and the clay from Jer 18 I immediately had a thought of how much like a massage therapist’s hands that is. Because of a need, I am seeing one,so I told him the story of the potter. His brother is a potter!! I made the analogy with him of his hands as well and then easily flowed into how God is like that, knowing exactly where to touch and where to apply pressure to get those “knots” out of our life.
    3. I have definately felt the way Gideon felt. “If God is with us why has all this happened to us?” I have struggled through this over several situations and crises. However, He is with me and I know the truth so I cling to that and repeat it until it finds my innermost being and becomes reality for me.
    4. fearful/courageous. I can become fearful of things that haven’t happened yet!(I believe God refers to that as worry, ehich is a sin) It is also not trusting God. I confuse thinking I need to “fix it” with resting in Christ to have His perfect way.

  42. 292
    Jamee Miller says:

    Jamee, Sanford, FL-solo

    1. God has called me away from a 10 year teaching career that I adored to become a stay at home mom to our soon to be 4 month old son. As a teacher, I received lots of affirmation–I knew what I was doing and was a part of a phenomenal community. Now I am entering into the unknown territory of life as a new mom and will have to be very intentional, seeking out community rather than having it delivered to me every day.

    2. My sweet son was going through a sleep regression last week and was up to nurse every three hours, like his newborn days. I was completely exhausted and utterly spent–God spoke clearly to me during a late night feeding. He assured me that He would carry me through–that I just needed to keep my eyes on Him and He would give me the strength and energy I needed. What sweet relief to a bleary eyed mama in the wee hours of the morning!!

    3. I think I can relate, as many can, with the disciples on the boat during the storm with Jesus. I believe with head and heart that God is with me, but when the waves roll and the boat begins to lilt, I find myself glancing heavenward searching for assurance that He hasn’t left!

    4. I related most with “ungifted-equipped”. When I first started teaching, I felt God calling me to start a devotional group for teachers before school. I had a lengthy conversation with God about how I wasn’t “qualified” to do such a thing and suggested several other people who might be a better fit for what He was thinking. When He wouldn’t stop asking, I finally relented. I distinctly remember saying to Him like a petulant child–“Ok, I will send an email out, but no one is going to be interested.” I had decided that maybe He was just calling me to be obedient to offer devotional without having to actually lead one. I sent the email, fully expecting a “ram in the thicket” to appear. Imagine my surprise when 15 teachers jumped at the opportunity and devotional has continued for almost a decade. ;0)

  43. 293
    Patty says:

    Patty, Knoxville, Solo

    1) Stop worrying about critics
    2) God often speaks to me in the shower. Perhaps that’s because I am seldom alone anywhere else. 🙁 The most memorable time was when He gave me the courage, boldness and the words to speak at my father’s funeral.
    3) I, like Gideon, often doubt God’s presence (and even His love at times) when I am under attack.
    4) Insignificant/Special – I think this took root early in my childhood. I came from a large family. Being a middle child, and a fairly quiet one, I often got overlooked. Still, to this day, when adversity comes, I struggle with this childhood feeling of insignificance. Thinking … Does God really see me? Does He really have time for me? Of course, I know He does. Yet, feelings of insignificance flood over me.

  44. 294
    Janelle says:

    Holy Bravery: Speaking the truth in love over an issue that I do not want to deal with, because rejection (of me)is a possibility.

    Ordinary Tasks: Kitchen Duty; Every time I grieve over doing something, again and again and again…(Dishes) He reminds me of family as blessing. So corny, but true. I grew up in a train-wreck of a home, so it is dear to me to have a place my family can gather at the table and be together.

    Divine Declaration: Mostly confident of His company, tho He seems to be enjoying stretching my faith a bit in this season 🙂

    Two Terms, Diverse Opinions: Rejection/Acceptance
    This is the dance of my life. My mother abandoned my two brothers and I when I was two, our father was in Vietnam, early 1960’s. So we were completely alone– we were taken in by the poorest people in town—dirt floors and no windows—in west Texas. It was the beginning of many years of trouble that the evil one would use to try to destroy three children. My “attachment” reaction/ability was “destroyed” the psych docs would say.
    Not so, would My LORD say. Healing has come, but the road trip left some scars and some tender spots.

  45. 295
    Janae says:

    Janae – Riverside, PA – Solo
    1. Standing for truth in raising teens.

    2. Often hear from the Lord as I drive to/from school
    in the mornings.

    3. Sadly, I find my confidence in God’s promise to be with me sometimes fluctuates based on my circumstances. Mostly confident, though.

    4. Worthless/valuable seems to cycle through my life.

  46. 296
    Mandy says:

    1-God is calling me to trust Him completely in a personal matter. He is telling me to stand in His love in spite of accusations,hurt and confusion. Do not doubt His love and Prescence in my life and His ability to redeem the situation. I have a tendency to receive all the negative, to say it is all my fault which causes me to fall into doubt and condemnation.

    2- lately, I hear best from God when I am in prayer, though there are many times at work when I am struggling with pressures of workload that He will bring a verse to my mind (even in the midst of my negative thinking!) which helps me to again focus on Him, His love and Prescence in my life.

    3-I Still battle this but when I do the battles are not as long

    4-The main one that I deal with mostly is fearful, courageous. I have battles this my whole life. Even though I recognized it brought it to God in prayer, would continue to fret and fear. God Is saying, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! It is time to walk away from that mountain and trust Him to do the impossible, He is my Daddy God.

  47. 297
    Julie says:

    Julie – Placentia, CA

    1. The thing I am needing to be most brave about is parenting. I am finding that even as my kids get older, it seems harder and harder to be a “good” mom. I feel frustrated and discouraged much of the time, and need to call on Jesus for strength and boldness.

    2. I can’t think of a specific time now, but I do know its happened. Even joining this bible study for summer was a whisper from God in my kitchen, a trout that kept popping into my mind.

    3. I know God,is with me, but it is comforting to really be reminded that HE IS WITH me!

    4. Fearful and courageous are my two.

    Love being apart of this bible study”

  48. 298
    Ellen says:

    Ellen, Albuquerque, small group.

    (1) I believe I am being called to holy bravery at a nearby nursing home where I minister with several ladies at my church to both believers and (especially) unbelievers.

    (2) I believe God speaks to me during the ordinary task of blow drying my hair each morning! Rather than let my mind wander onto worries, I have compiled a list of blessings in my life, just like in the old hymn “Count Your Blessings”. Reading these while performing a mundane task allows my focus to be on what God has done in my life and I can give him all the glory.

    (3) I know God is with me, but sometimes I need a reminder; when things get rough, I focus on Zephaniah 3:17 and Isaiah 41:10.

    (4) The pair of terms that resonates with me the most is insignificant/special – I have often thought, ‘how could one person truly matter out of the billions of people on earth?’ But fortunately we have God’s Word: Zeph. 3:17 (which I listed above and have memorized for my Siesta Scripture memory team!) and Ephesians 1:3-6, which I will now add to my list! What a blessing to know that God chose each one of us before the foundation of the world!

  49. 299
    Joan A. says:

    Joan, Dousman WI, solo

    1. God laid it on my heart to do a VBS program with my grandchildren this summer when I care for them every Thursday. This is a first for me to organize, plan and
    carry it out. Also holy bravery at family holidays at my home, to share a holiday devotion and blessing with many family members.

    2. I can’t think of anything extraordinary but I am attemping to not disdain the small mundane things but practice thankfulness in them.

    3. Thankfully, I am confident that God, my Heavenly Father, is with me always and trust He will never leave me or forsake me.

    4. My disparity is reconciling my self-perception of insignificance with God’s perception that He rejoices over me, delights in me, that He chose me and adopted me. This really blows my mind and I have a hard time comprehending His love which is like none other.

  50. 300
    Tara says:

    Tara, Greensboro, NC, solo
    1. To STAND in truth. This whole page spoke to me regarding changing your family destiny by starting a new legacy.
    2. I’m sure He has, but I can’t think of one right now.
    3. I want to be more confident in this truth…I just need to believe it! I tend to rehearse all the reasons He shouldn’t be with me instead of believing that I’m forgiven.
    4. Fearful, incompetent and worthless. These are generational issues for the women in my family, but praise the Lord, this pattern will end as I tear down the falsehoods like Gideon tore down his father’s idol.

    Beth, thank you so much for doing this study with us and for being yourself. I always feel I can relate to you and you truly reflect the love of the Lord.

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