2013 Siesta Summer Bible Study: 2nd Gathering

Hey, summer Bible study sisters! Watch the video if possible because I only put the barest bones in the written part of these summer Bible study posts. This version of your instructions is mostly for back up but, if you prefer to just get your assignments for your gathering this way and bypass all my verbose video-commentary, I certainly do understand that! Feel free! I just want to make sure you’ve experienced some personal interaction on here. Smiling.

OK! Here are your instructions for today and, remember! Your comments to this post are meant to be comprised of your responses to each of the interactives:

1. Based on the question in the middle of p.37 of your homework: To what specific area of holy bravery does God seem to be calling you in this present season?

2. Drawn from the portion on p.46 regarding the 5 ordinary tasks you perform on a daily basis, share a memory of an ordinary circumstance in which God met with you in an extraordinary way. If you’re new to all this and can’t think what to share, don’t feel lame or unspiritual. Pray for Him to do this very thing with you over the coming days and I have a feeling you won’t be disappointed.

3. Based on p.50 and the discussion about the first part of the divine declaration to Gideon, how confident or insecure do you tend to be regarding God’s promise that He is with you? Explain your answer.

4. Look at the bottom of p.57. Would you be willing to share the pair of terms that best describe a disparity you’ve dealt with between your self-perception and a biblical view of who you are in Christ? If you’re willing, also briefly explain your answer.

Ok, Sisters! That’s it! When you leave your comment, please be sure to put your first name, your city, whether you are in a small group or going solo, and your succinct responses to all or at least several of the interactives.

I’m crazy about you! Stay in the Word! We’ll meet again in 2 weeks on July 9th. Have Weeks 3 and 4 of your homework finished for that gathering if at all possible. So much love to you.

Siesta Summer Gideon Study – Week 2 from LPV on Vimeo.


447 Responses to “2013 Siesta Summer Bible Study: 2nd Gathering”

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  1. 1
    Jariza Laubach says:

    Jariza, Alburtis PA, doing study with hubby.
    1. In the area of our finances.
    3. I tend to be insecure about Him being with me based on my performance. I have issues in this area that I am working on and dealing with.
    4. incompetent, capable. My husband and I have always had a passion for marriages and deep down inside we always knew that God would one day use and call us to minister in that capacity. When God started to actually do it I was a mess on the inside feeling so inadequate and incompetent. I often thought “oh my gosh I can’t do this, who am I”? But praise be to God He is doing an awesome work because I am more confident than I ever was in Him and what He can do through ordinary people.

  2. 2
    Peggyann Calderwood says:

    Peggyann ~ Crestview ~ Solo
    1. To keep God’s word even if other’s don’t.
    2. In doing each of these “ordinary tasks” at sometime God has showed me it’s a wonderful time to pray to Him.
    3. Our Godly self says “Thank you Lord” but our human self says “No way could He hear everyone’s prayers”
    4. Incompetent ~ capable ~~ “You don’t think your capable ~ so you don’t even try”

  3. 3
    Jayne says:

    Washington, NC – solo
    1. My husband and I are both first generation Christians so we certainly have felt the call to establish a spiritual legacy for our girls. In this present season, I feel the call to allow the Lord to use me to help establish a women’s ministry in our church that is based on Matthew 28:19, 20.
    2. Because most of the tasks on my list take place in my kitchen, often the Lord uses a glance out the kitchen window to call my attention to Him, His goodness, His provision, His great power. The view is just a climbing rose in a small garden, yet God uses the beauty I see to remind me of His Beauty.
    3. I am a natural introvert who has battled fear my entire life, so I have to say that I cling to the promise that God is with me and I remind myself often. Some days I am more confident than others, yet I know it is always true. The Lord is with me.
    4. This was an easy choice: fear/courageous. Joshua 1:9 is one of my go to verses. Isaiah 41:10, Deuteronomy 31:6, Philippians 4:13, 2 Timothy 1:7 are promises on which I rely. I love Psalm 138:3 because I know that it is only because God emboldens me that I am able to live the life he has called me to, that of a pastor’s wife.

    • 3.1
      Cassia says:

      Jayne – my kitchen window is the same way! For Mother’s Day I asked for a bird feeder to hang right outside so I could watch the birds while I do dishes. It blesses me all the time=)

  4. 4
    Michele says:

    Michele, Liverpool, NY, group

    1. To actively & broadly promote Scripture memorization.

    2. Not ordinary, but on my mind – got caught in hailstorm last week, thought truck paint was badly damaged. After insurance estimate & buffing small scuffs myself, I cannot find any damage. All I could figure was God fixed it. Lesson: No matter the storm, He can fix, aka heal, us.

    3. Because I still have trouble with bonding/relating, I pay more heed to God’s actions than His presence. I know in my mind He is always with, but I still fear. βοήθει μου τῇ ἀπιστίᾳ

    4. Gosh, almost all. For a number of YEARS now I have been trying so hard in different ways in an important aspect of life and still have nothing to show for it. I know God gifted me, but my circumstances shout the opposite and make me feel so totally incompetent, worthless, and helpless.

    Thank you for that prayer, it hit home. Curious to see what God will do.

  5. 5
    Stacey Jaramillo says:

    Stacey, Boulder, CO…solo.

    #1. Rather than relying on “things” such as food, people & shopping… for comfort. I am being called to turn away from those things and turn to God Himself to satisfy and comfort my soul.

    #2. A while back I was in a dark and deep depression. So much so that I lost my will to “get ready” in the morning. I would shower and brush my teeth just to put my PJ’s back on. By doing this, I would not go out much or interact with people. I would avoid people if I saw them. Then, one morning while I was praying, I heard a small voice tell me, get up, take a shower, put yourself together everyday by 9AM….regardless of whether or not you have plans. Having plans was the ONLY reason I would put myself together. Well, God’s voice declared He had plans for me that I wasn’t aware of, to be with people and interact with them but my pity party was not conducive to this.
    I obeyed and wow! God has blessed me with divine encounters with many people and opened up opportunities that were amazing! I look at “getting ready” differently now.

    #3. I would not be able to function if I thought for one moment that God was not with me. Philippians 1:21 all the way!

    #4.As a child I was raised in a home without a mother, she passed away when I was one years old. I was left with a father and 4 much older siblings who were dysfunctional, who made me feel worthless, rejected and insignificant. I felt like a burden to all of them. I thought my life was a mistake. I yearned for a new family. I wanted to belong and feel loved. I’ve been a believer in Christ for 13 years now. Finally, I understand that I was created by God. He values me & accepts me and not only am I not a burden to Him, He thinks I’m unique and special. Thank you Jesus, I love Him so much!!!

    Thanks you, Beth & Priscilla for this study!

    • 5.1
      CherylAnn says:

      Hi Stacey- I have to laugh a bit about God making sure you were up and ready for the divine appointments he has for you. I have been unemployed for more than a year so I know that personal struggle on some days. Those days always seem to be the time someone pull up while i am letting the dog outside and they start asking me directions or something. Last week, I was watching my neighbor be brought home by hospice and I so wanted to speak to someone about her condition. So when I went to let the dog in wearing my mens pajama bottoms with the fly area gaping open and my white thin tank top without a bra, a new hospice worker asked me if she could park in someone else’s driveway. Perfect time to gather more info so there I was, arms crossed with the ketchup stain from that mornings eggs still highly visibly,I had the person who could answer the questions I had. Oh my, I bet she hopes I do not come to the door when she is there! Glad to be doing this study with you!

      • Stacey Jaramillo says:

        Hi Cheryl Ann,

        I can relate to the “letting my dog out & ready to duck” moments, LOL!

        Good to meet you during this study. Praise God and making us aware of our need to be ready, in every way!

    • 5.2
      colette says:

      Hey we are neighbors!!! I am in Arizona!! 🙂

  6. 6
    Donna says:

    Athens, GA
    solo study

    1. To be hopeful within my Church despite the flaws of the people in it.

    2. When my daughter was a baby, I remember a rare day in which I put aside all worries about the future, about me, about whether I was a good parent or not–and totally enjoyed her presence. I still remember that day. A graced moment.

    3. I tend to lack confidence when things are going badly and I don’t feel His presence. I get in a spiral of negative thoughts in my own mind and don’t think of *my* part in cooperating with God’s grace–by being thankful. I try to do things on my own power without Him (because of my doubt and getting overwhelmed, worrying about other people and their reaction and then focusing on *my* faults (rather than on His mercy).

    4. rejected – accepted
    I’m lacking warmth in my relationships; when I reach out and get no response I take it personally. So I tend to lack trust in God’s love-not thinking God likes me. Also–possibly, his disapproval and sadness over my attitudes and actions gets mixed up in my mind with my sensing or having faith in His abiding deep love for me.

  7. 7
    Colette says:

    Colette, Mesa, AZ. – Solo

    1. He is wanting me to stand strong against the enemy’s ploys and to NOT back down on my beliefs!
    2. I am a hairstylist and God is ALWAYS arranging my schedule for me! When one person needs to change an appt. something always opens up and He just amazes me how he knows every detail of my schedule! He is so good!
    3. When it looks like the enemy is winning I am not so confident so I NEED to remember that it just looks that way, but that we have the Victory!!!
    4. When I am weary I feel fearful but I need to remember when I am weary God is still working and that should make me feel courageous!! He WILL give me courage so there is no need to fear! 🙂

    • 7.1
      Stacey Jaramillo says:

      Hey Colette,
      I can totally relate to your Divine appointment book as I’m a veteran stylist too! After 20+ years behind the chair, I was always amazed at how God would rearrange my schedule according to His will and the needs of myself or my clients.

      Enjoy feeling God’s presence at work!

      • colette says:

        Hi Stacey!! He just did it again!!! I was able to swap 2 appts. and everyone is happy!!! Especially me!!! Too bad I didnt use God way back when! I used to get all stressed out over my schedule back in the day!!
        It is nice to meet you Stacey! 🙂

  8. 8
    Cyndy says:

    Cyndy, Huntingdon, PA, solo

    1. not tolerating sexual impurity from my grown children.

    2. I remember the sweetest times of worship when I held my babies. When I’m working in my garden, sometimes I’m just overwhelmed by His presence and the beauty of His creation.

    3. It doesn’t “look” like God is with me right now. I need a knee replacement now. But, I’m too young and my doc won’t do it for at least 5 more years, preferably 10 more years. I loved going on walks through our country fields with my dogs, working out at Curves, planning a family vacation to Alaska. Because of my knee, I cannot do any of that. And no stairs. No standing. Bascially I have become a couch potato and it feels awful. Throw menopause on top of all that and I feel insecure.

    4. I am all of them. I can’t pick just one.

    • 8.1
      Lynn says:

      Hello Cindy, God is still with you. This is a time when you need to put Him 1st by learning His word and you 2nd – not your grown kids, but you. Are you able to join a gym/ymca that has a pool? You need to keep exercising and swimming may be a possibility. Some High schools also have pools that the public can use, check into that too – they are less expensive than gyms. If you are not comfortable in water over your head, even walking back and forth can strengthen your legs and it will get you off the couch. My Mom had a knee replaced and was about to have the second one done before the Lord called her home 16 months ago. (I miss her tremendously). Also, find a healthy diet – preferably a “heart Healthy” one. You don’t want to gain weight and put more stress on your joints and loosing weight will take stress off. (not to suggest you need to lose weight) but you need a healthy heart.
      Try womenshealth.gov to get started.
      I don’t mean to preach, I just want to encourage you that you are worth all the effort it will take to get and stay healthy. Don’t fall into a rut – God is with you. Pray that He will lead you to do what you need to be strong and healthy enough for His use. He loves you. Use His strength to make you strong. I’m praying for you.

  9. 9
    Yanna Westmoreland says:

    Yanna Westmoreland Bryan Tx solo. Question #2. I am a Martha type A personality. One day I was at my table in an in depth Bible study. When I stopped to look at the time I went into Martha mode because I had spent all day studying and it was time for kids to come home and I had not done any household chores. So unlike me/Martha. I went over to the kitchen sink multi-tasking like crazy. Throwing dishes in the dishwasher with one hand starting dinner with the other. I said out loud, ” If Jesus was in a body sitting over there at the table my house would be a disaster zone!” Then I said in an awed voice “I’m a Mary.” A few days later at a resale shop I found a framed sampler that states Housework is a Bummer. It now hangs over the sink. I would rather sit down with Jesus. Only God. So thankful I always wanted to be more like Mary in an ordinary daily chore way God spoke to me.

    • 9.1
      Paula says:

      I love your awed Aha moment when you realized you had become a Mary! I had a similar experience. I was an avid Martha for years. Once I was preparing a meal for about 10 people who would be coming to my home for a special church meeting. Someone called and needed a ride. I left things simmering and went to get her. It didn’t occur to me until later that the person I had been for most of my life would never have done that. I was learning to care for people above tasks.

      • Yanna Westmoreland says:

        Paula it is so sweet and means so much to us Martha’s when we become a Mary because of God and He made us that way. Thank you for sharing I felt like I was there and totally get you. Hugs

  10. 10

    Adrienne, Valdosta, solo
    1. Godly parenting and stepping out of my comfort zone to serve others
    2. One day both of my younger children were having major meltdowns. I was exhausted and felt like I had nothing left to give. But then I opened up one of our children’s Bibles to read to them the story of the loaves and fishes and God spoke to me through that story I’ve heard a million times. He can take the smallest thing (like no more energy), whatever we have, and multiply it beyond recognition.
    3. Usually I’m pretty confident because I can see His hand in past circumstances which gives me confidence to trust Him for my future.
    4. Incompetent/capable: I used to help lead worship at our previous church, but at our new church I tend to compare myself with others and don’t feel competent.

  11. 11
    Deborah says:

    1. Witnessing to family
    2. While driving
    3. Feel insecure about God with me. Need to trust His word rather than my feelings.
    4. I could choose more than one. Incompetent-capable. I never feel qualified to do anything for God. In the past felt that only BIG things count. Trying to adjust my thinking.

  12. 12
    Heather Gerard says:

    1. Resolve not to be worried or anxious…to completely trust Him.

    2. Doing the dishes one night feeling taken for granted from family like they don’t care. I heard two words and knew it was the Lord. He said “I Care”. Wept grateful tears….

    3. The perceptiont that I am alone in difficulty. I have to remind myself continually that He is with me because my first response is insecurity.

    4. Self-image is fearful, God-image is courageous. I limp along without recognizing of how God views me and what He would have for my life that would bless others.

  13. 13
    Pat says:

    Pat Pa solo

    I am fearful because I feel God is calling me to do things that I feel I cannot do because of health limitations

  14. 14
    jill hoke says:

    1. God is calling me to trust him for EVERYTHING. I have always thought I had faith in God, but he is showing me how to have deeper faith than ever before.

    2. The other night I was listening to my Ipod when a song came on that reminded me that I already have everything I need because I have the Lord.

    3. I am very confident in God’s presence in my life. That isn’t something I really struggle with.

    4. Fearful/courageous. Fear is a constant battle for me and has been my whole life.

  15. 15
    Marney says:

    Marney-going solo
    1. to speak up so what I believe in
    2 I was folding the sheets and He whispered, it’s going to be okay
    3.sometimes more confidant then others, but better then I used to be
    4. fear-courage, I am struggled with fear since I was a small child, I was always very shy,partly my personality partly experience in my childhood

  16. 16
    Dominique, Lilburn,GA says:

    I am being called to holy bravery in at least two ways: after beginning a new full time job as a school teacher( which was first of all an amazing blessing because there are no new teacher jobs) I went to my principal to ask to go half time for this year. I need to be there for my own children more. They are not babies-they are 9 and 12 but I feel the Enemy working on them now more than ever. I am trusting to God to help me to resist the temptation to complain about not having as much money and to stand up to most of my co-workers or other members of society who feel that one’s career should take precedence over everything.

  17. 17
    Cassia says:

    Cassia, Spring, TX, solo
    1- Our family needs to have holy bravery around our friends in choosing activities for our kids that glorify God.
    2- Keeping the checkbook balanced/mapping out and tracking our monthly budget – seems I’m always working on this! But this weekend hubby and I went on a splurgy datenight, and I realized later as I was logging our expenses that unlike years and years of our marriage prior to learning how to budget, the joy of our date night was not crushed under worry and guilt of whether we just ran up more debt or robbed ourselves of the money for the electric bill. That was a moment of FREEDOM!!
    3- Despite massive evidence to the contrary, I still am sometimes hesitant in acknowledging that the Lord is with me. But everytime I just stop and ask him to confirm his presence I find him there, my Immanuel!
    4- Fearful/courageous and this is one God has been working with me on forever but especially in new ways since started memory verse challenge in January. Thanks Beth, for reading the NET version of Ps 138:3 – He has made me bold and energized me!

  18. 18
    pauline richardson says:

    Pauline, Chippewa Falls, Wi solo
    2.Through many daily activities I’ll be focusing and worrying about how we are going to pay medical bills and I feel Him saying” will you trust me.. I’ve got this”
    Then finding out that two separate medical facilities have no idea how…but the balance is Zero…funds were paid. Our God is amazing and always, through deliverance or just holding us , gets us through!
    3.I know He is with me, but I have times I doubt when life gets overwhelming and I don’t think I see Him at work.
    4.Incompetent/capable..Feeling God’s calling to teach, but second guessing “will I be adequate enough ..do I have the right amount of Biblical knowledge” But I’m seeing that God will make me bold and through Him I can do all things..I need to see what God sees, not what I see!! #lessonsfromGideon

  19. 19
    Assuntina (Susie) says:

    Susie, Tomball,TX, Solo
    1. God is calling me (us) to Holy bravery in the area of Foster to Adopt 🙂
    2. About a month ago a cute little chiwawa showed up on my driveway. He was LOST and tired and had little hope of finding his home again. I kept him with me until his owners came to get him. God reminded me then how He is our only hope, how I was lost and He found me. How He will leave the 99 sheep for one lost sheep.
    3. God has been faithful to walk with me through some terrible valleys and at the same time wonderful mountaintops, feeling His presence in the valley is one of God’s greatest gifts because sometimes He doesn’t deliver us He wants us to go THROUGH, I look back and I love the security of knowing He was with me then and because I know that today I don’t have to be afraid if I know my footing is surely directed by God. (Where can I go from your Spirit where can I flee from you presence?)
    4.Fearful and Courageous
    I love what you said in the video, I held on to that hope, “God wants me to see what He can do through me. That He can answer my prayer through me” That blew me away. I don’t see myself as courageous, I have lots of fears but God is calling me to continue to be brave and to trust Him.

    • 19.1
      Cassia says:

      Hi neighbor (I’m just down the road in Spring!) – just wanted to say your quote from Ps 139 means so much to me, too, and like you, it takes on more and more significance as He takes me through things, not just removing me from the trials. Bless you in your journey of foster to adopt!

  20. 20
    Richonda O., Kansas City, MO says:

    1. To examine my plea for deliverance. (I count 4 to 5 times in Exodus, where the Lord and Moses mentioned, Israel would be delivered — to worship).
    2. Unfortunately, have not established the discipline of daily prayer. When I do, (get on my knees and focus), my heart is stirred for 2 groups of people and it is for them (and for the saints ministering here now) I pray sobbing. They are mentioned in Zechariah 13:8-9 and Revelation 7:13-16. In my natural self, I’m rather unconcerned and unemotional. It is an extraordinary thing for me to have a heavy heart for people I do not know.
    3. Definitely insecure. (Maybe if I cultivate a habit of faithfulness, God’s very own word would reassure me. I just can’t see Him thru all the heart ache and hard stuff that is near).
    4. Worthless Vs. Valuable — a hard one to shake.

  21. 21
    Faye says:

    Being vulnerable – God has given me the UNUSUAL desire to SHARE what I am learning as I GO through each phase of healing from past traumas and just my whole distorted journey in life.

    The Lord is with you – My struggle here lies in my past. When I think of love…I see, hear, and feel rejection. Being open or vulnerable is a doorway for all bad to come in. These are the kinds of distortions I am working through. So when it come to being confident that He is there, I know He is. It is just getting what I know to sink within my heart. I desire Him so deeply. I keep seeking truth and like you said the fact is, He is with us.

    You hit the nail on its head with fear. There are other pairs I could have picked, but this one has been a victory for me for about 12 days now. I used to be a very fearful child and teen. Then about 8 weeks ago a paralyzing fear snuck up bringing up my past violations and all of life’s journey. It was finally time to start dealing with these old wounds. What would I be able to be or do living in “God’s image as opposed to “Self image”. Ps. 138: 3…bold with strength in my soul. Josh.1:9 Be strong and courageous. Rom.8:15 You did not receive a spirit that makes you a slave again to fear, but you received the Spirit of sonship…First of all, life would be a lot lighter. Oh the things that would get accomplished. With courage comes boldness and energy. Put Christ into the middle of that and we are looking at an amazing things that would take place. And yes this is speaking directly to my heart.

  22. 22
    Sam says:

    1.I believe God is telling me, “Faith is not by feeling.” I put too much stock in my feelings.
    2.I had the ordinary task of babysitting for a friend which conflicted with my intramural volleyball game. I was tempted to back out of babysitting and play in the game, but I knew I wanted to honor God instead and keep my commitment. That night, He shut down the entire gym so my game could be postponed until after my babysitting commitment. He also used it as a display of His power to one of my unbelieving team mates. It was one of those jaw dropping moments.
    3.Since I put too much stock in my feelings, I get really insecure when I don’t feel His presence. Like I have upset Him too much for Him to want to be with me.
    4.Rejected/Accepted. I have battled with the feeling of rejection my entire life and it affects my Christian walk. I am learning the importance of knowing who I am in Christ.

  23. 23
    Vicky says:

    Vicky, Wynne, Arkansas Doing the study solo.

    1. Be still and know that He is God!

    2. Jesus spoke to me in my classroom at school and told me in His loving voice to trust Him in all circumstances.

    3. I get anxious and panic because of the trials I face and even though God’s word provides the knowledge of His presence, my flesh fights against it. I find myself on my knees and find comfort in talking with Him about my doubts and He gives me peace. I fill my day with scripture, encouraging Christian books, and songs when I am feeling down and doubtful. Jesus is always there!!!

    4. My self-image is fearful and God-image is courageous. I plan to memorize Joshua 1:9 and Psalm 138:3 to recall when I feel fearful.

  24. 24
    Bonnie Sandoval says:

    Bonnie B, Florence Colorado, going solo…

    Good morning Miss Beth!!!

    3. His divine declaration to Gideon is the same to me…”The LORD is with me, O Valiant Warrior.”
    He spoke this to me through a song when I was growing up –
    “Through our God ” we shall do VALIANTLY. It is He that shall tread down our enemies.”

    Through this study He spoke to me through looking up the meaning of the word VALIANT –
    “You are…bold & courageous, brave & resolute.
    You have…the determination to face great danger…valor.
    You are worthy & possess outstanding qualities…excellent.
    You are worthy of respect.
    BE strong, BE well, BE worthy, BE powerful, and BE able.

    4. Worthless vs Valuable…2 Peter 1:5-8!!! Jehovah Rapha is the LORD that Healeth!!!

    “He heals the broken-hearted and binds their wounds.” Psalms 147:3

    Because of Christ’s Redeemption, I am a new creation of infinite worth.
    I am deeply loved, I am completely forgiven,
    I am fully pleasing, I am totally accepted by God.
    I am Absolutely Complete in CHRIST.

  25. 25
    Harriett Hastman says:

    Harriett, st. Albert Canada, Solo,
    1. I am called to holy bravery from God, with family issues, grand babies, retirement planning.
    2. On an ordinary morning, while doing laundry, I felt God telling me that my husband’s medical test would reveal cancer, and that is what happened.
    3. When my anxiety levels go up, I know my TRUST in God has become unbalanced.
    4. I struggle with insignificant/special

  26. 26
    Diana Sumrall says:

    Wow thank you Beth I needed to hear that sometimes when we give it to God, He may give it back to us for completion through Him.

  27. 27
    Tshaka Long says:

    Tshaka; Belgium; solo;
    1. To boldly teach the word of God without being fearful of messing up or worrying about what others think about my teaching.
    2. talking with my sistah and she gave me a word of encouragement from 2 Cor. 11 that I needed to hear. :0)
    3. I am more confident now than I was in the past. Even when it seems like I am being attacked from all sides and I feel like I am alone, I remind myself of Psalm 91:4-7,11-15. I know He cares about me and will never leave me.
    4. incompetent/capable. I need to stop worrying about what people think and walk confidently in the ministry of teaching.

  28. 28
    Laurie says:

    Laurie, Gibsonville, NC, Solo

    1. Be willing to STAND alone. (accepting Christ seems to make people run from you, family and friends)

    2. While driving my daughter to school, like I do every morning, we had KLove playing, His presence became so strong and thick, we both were crying. We will never forget that feeling.

    3. I am confident that God is with me for the most part. However, there are times when I feel that I’ve been under attack for weeks, it is then that I start asking, “Where are YOU, God?”

    4. All of the above! Fearful/courageous, incompetent/capable, ungifted/equipped, worthless/valuable, rejected/accepted, insignificant/special

    I struggle with all of those things, at different times. Well, sometimes, all at the same time. It’s hard when you’ve been cheated on and lied to. It’s hard when your parents have put you down. I fear that I will never find a man on earth, who will love and accept me, for me. I fear that I am not teaching my daughter all that she should know about Christ. I don’t feel that I have much to offer someone. There is really nothing special about me. I struggle with these things. The first two years of knowing Christ, my walk was awesome, I healed from all those negative things. Jesus mended my heart and mind. I saw things through His eyes. Two days after my baptism, the attacks started. It is a tough, hard road that I am walking down but I refuse! to let the enemy knock me down and stay down. I’m fighting back, with God’s word!! I am a child of the Most High and I am worthy..I am worthy..I AM WORTHY!! 🙂 And I am not alone..no, sir, I am not alone! Thank You, Jesus <3

  29. 29
    Keri Penaherrera says:

    Keri, Toms River, NJ, Solo

    1. The topic of starting/continuing a legacy of faith is a tough one for me to even think about. My two boys (ages 5 and 3) both have autism. It breaks my heart to think that they may never know the Lord. But I will continue to speak over them and trust that He has them in His holy hands.

    2. God has been speaking loudly to me in the past couple weeks and I can feel the spiritual tug of war in the heavenlies. I am on facebook daily (probably too much) and sometimes I’ll see a scripture from a page I like (i.e. Wednesdays with Beth, hehe) and think “that’s pretty cool.” But in the past couple days I have 2 pages written down in my notebook of scriptures speaking directly to where He has me in this season of my life. I LOVE when He speaks in themes. 🙂

    3. I recently went through a season of doubt, which was very difficult to admit to (to my life coach/mentor). He revealed Himself to me in such a tangible way, reminding me of all the places He’s taking me from and showing me where’d I’d be had He not saved me.

    4. I had difficulty choosing between 3 sets of words, but when it comes down to it, FEAR has always played a huge role in my life. It has held me back in many aspects, but it has also reenergized my walk with the Lord through a strengthening of trust and a supernatural courage. I love how the NET version of Psalms 138:3 so clearly explains that transition from fear (with faith) to courage.
    When I cried out for help, you answered me.
    You made me bold and energized me.
    (Definitely going on a scripture card!)

  30. 30
    lori says:

    I don’t know why but when I try and play video above, the music starts, I can hear it, but then when Beth starts talking I cant. 🙁

    • 30.1
      Lindsee says:

      I’m so sorry, Lori. I haven’t heard this from anybody else thus far. Maybe click on the link and try and watch it in Vimeo? Or on another computer? So sorry I’m not more help.

      • Keri says:

        I didn’t have this exact problem, but when using ear buds I realized that the beginning music came through both ears, but when Beth started it only came through on one. Have no idea what that means, lol, or if it even has anything to do with what Lori experienced.

      • Sandy Bowers says:

        Or maybe try a different browser. Good Luck!

  31. 31
    Joyce Davidson says:

    Joyce Davidson, Big River, SK, Canada, Small Group

    This Canadian girl (and her study Siestas) haven’t received their study books as of yet…ordered, but shipments here were delayed. The books should be in the mail today…. will try to answer the questions posted anyways! I did watch the 1st Gideon video by Priscilla though! I have not done a study by Priscilla Shirer up until now….my oh my is she a sweetheart! So blessed by what she said in the video!

    On to the questions….
    1. Bravery….leading a prayer meeting at our church. I’m a woman that can write a mile a minute, but vocally…not so much!
    2.Ordinary tasks….does sleeping qualify?! So often, I will be sleeping quite peacefully and I will be awakened by an urgency to pray for someone or act upon what God has been placing on my heart.
    3. At times my insecurity can overtake, especially if I have sinned against Him, and believe in my spirit that God will “move on”.

  32. 32
    Brenda says:

    Brenda Epsom, NH solo
    1. Resolve not to be worried or anxious…to completely trust Him.
    2. Doing daily tasks one day I feeling taken for granted from my family like they don’t care. I heard two words and knew it was the Lord. He said “I Care”. Wept grateful tears….I just wanted to be loved, noticed and cared about. God says He does all of that for me.
    3. I tend to lack confidence when things are going badly and I don’t feel His presence. I get in a spiral of negative thoughts in my own mind and don’t practice being thankful. I try to do things on my own power without Him (because of my doubts, worrying about other people and their reaction and my fears.)
    4. This was an easy choice: fear/courageous. Joshua 1:9 is one of my go to verses. Isaiah 41:10, Deuteronomy 31:6, Philippians 4:13, 2 Timothy 1:7 are promises on which I rely.

  33. 33
    Julie says:

    Julie, New Orleans, solo
    1. To continue striving to be the godly mother my kids need and not grow weary in it or judgmental toward them.
    2. The never-ending laundry of our family of five (dad, mom, three teenagers) tends to discourage me UNTIL I change my focus from the laundry to Jesus. Then laundry is a blessing!
    3. I am confident He is with me. There have been too many times and circumstances in my life, both good and bad, to forget that He will never leave me nor forsake me.
    4. fearful/courageous and incompetent/capable: these are always a struggle whenever I am asked to do something in and for my local church family. My sufficiency is from GOD!

  34. 34
    Jen says:

    Jen, Prosper, TX (Solo)
    1. Witness to my non-believing extended family (parents, siblings, and nieces) and not let “fitting in” with my family cause me to back down from my beliefs, AND to not be afraid of making mistakes while raising my little girls
    2. While doing my husband’s laundry the other day, God called me to (this sounds so silly, but…) turn everything right side out, check pockets, etc., as a way to act with love toward my husband and toward God!
    3. These past two weeks, God has been SO WITH ME! Just showing me in little ways, but constantly, that He is near and knows what’s going on with me. I sometimes feel far from God, but this was a great boost in my knowing that He is always near, even when I don’t feel Him.
    4. Fearful/Courageous – I’m fearful of so much, and since I’ve only known the Lord for less than a decade, I have so much retraining to do on myself with this fear reaction to so many things! But His word strengthens and refreshes me!

  35. 35
    Misty Keith says:

    Misty, Victorville, CA. Facebook Small Group: #1 To what specific area of holy bravery does God seem to be calling you in this present season? Working in the field of education for the past 16 years, the Lord has taken me from the brick and mortar classroom, to the virtual school setting, to teaching teachers at the college level while homeschooling my own children. I have always felt confident teaching other children and adults but feel insecure (like Gideon)when it comes to educating my own children. Holy bravery and divine guidance is needed in order to survive this present season. So far, I am up for the challenge! :o)

  36. 36
    Lori says:

    Lori, Pueblo West, Solo

    1. God is calling me to holy bravery to finally and completely turn over ALL areas of my life to His control (not just the ones I can’t handle).

    3. For the most part I am insecure regarding God’s promise that He is with me. I know it is true, but don’t always believe that it applies to me. But I am making progress!

    4. Insignificant/Special – for too long I have based my self-worth on what others have thought of me. I have looked for validation from family, friends, and other acquaintances and when I don’t feel that I get it, I see myself as less than.

  37. 37

    Ashley Jackson: Denver, Co :Solo
    1. Fight for truth, fight for relationship with the Lord, fight for renewal of the mind and fight for Love.
    2. I always listen to podcasts, or online teaching when I do my household chores. God told me it was sling shot training. David wasn’t scared of Goliath when he fought him because he had been slinging rocks at bears and lions while he was just a shepherd. Nothing is a waist with God.
    3.God is renewing my faith in His words, rather than my feelings about myself. I am learning how to believe Him, regardless of what things might look like. It’s a slow learning process.
    4. Rejected/Accepted. I have worried for a long time about “being wrong” or standing up into who God may have made me to be. Instead of seeking God’s approval I just looked for mans, which seems to always be wavering. Seeking God alone, his approval and trying to obey Him to love Him well is helping me care a little less about doing what others think I should, but love them a little more.

  38. 38
    Beth says:

    1.God is calling me to boldly live out my faith right here in my home, where my husband is unsaved and my sons are currently walking in the ways of the world.

    2.God often prompts me to pray for my family members while I’m cleaning our house or thank him for things we take for granted like clean water and a/c.

    3. In my head I know that God is always with me, but I often miss the subtle ways He shows me because I fail to look for His glory all around me. My first reaction is often to try to control things – I don’t like the unexpected!

    4.Insignificant/Special. God CHOSE me!!!

    • 38.1
      stephanie solomon says:

      Beth, I can relate to how you feel. I too live with an unsaved husband and have 3 boys. My oldest 18 is captivated by the world and my other two see me loving God and my husband walking in the flesh. I pray for 4 of them to know and love God with their whole hearts, minds, souls, and strength. It gets lonely, especially during the summer months, without my prayer warriors. I pray for your husband and boys that they too come to know our Lord. God continues to tell me to show my husband agape love so I try my best. And God did choose you for a very special task-to show His love to your family. God Bless You!

  39. 39
    Ronda Hawkins says:

    Ronda from Murfreesboro, TN, solo
    1. God is calling me to continue to stand for His truth in the midst of a few family members who do not know Him and could even be described as living in direct opposition to Him.
    2. Mostly God has just given me a “knowing” that as a stay at home mom, He is pleased with me. That taking care of house and family are important to Him, even if there is no “paycheck” or pomp. Nice in a culture driven by careers and when “what do you do?” seems so laden with all manner of expectation of worldly/business success.
    3. I am confident God is with me. I am not always as confident I allow Him to use me for His glory at times as I struggle with being a people pleaser vs being bold in stepping out in faith.
    4. Fearful/courageous. Growing up in a rather hostile home, I can’t remember a time when I haven’t struggled with fear. LOVE the Psalm 138:3 scripture about strengthening my soul and prayed He would:)!

  40. 40
    Linda Williams says:

    Linda, Tomball, TX, solo

    1. Standing in the gap for my family and friends. I am so enjoying watching God work on the lives of His people.

    3. So very grateful that God is with me! Growing more in my awareness of His presence with me and those I am praying for.

  41. 41
    Betty M says:

    Betty M ND goin solo!
    1. Get writing for crying out loud!!! Don’t worry about if it is good enuf leave it up to Him!! He gives the gift it is up to me to use it!
    2. Preparing food for a huge funeral in nighborhood and had no help for the meal after the committal service. I know you cannot understand small rural America! I doubled my salad receipe and told God that I can not feed 150 people by myself You have to come through somewhere! He did my salad increased at least onehundred fold and the help, we had to turn away there were too many!!!
    3. I am totally with out a doubt confident He is with me!! I would have never gotten through so many crisis in my life had He not been.
    4.Sometimes I feel really so insignificant in the work of His kingdom! Me here in little ole ND! Sometimes I get impatient and I say “but God!” And like the words of Zeph 3:17 how a mama quits her baby by saying “shh, now hush” and the baby hushes, well, God does that alot with me too when I get so exasperated He just quiets me with His love!
    Love you, love this study! Thanks for the encouraging prayer! You can give me your old cell number any time!!!
    Betty M

  42. 42
    Ginger Ilami, Denton, Tx, Solo says:

    1. God has been pushing me out of my comfort zone with teaching Bible studies at my church and writing a devotional for the ladies. I always said that my gift was absolutely not teaching! God says “Oh yeah?” Scary! Vulnerable!

    2. I went through years of severe health problems where I could barely walk (after a neurological reaction to some medication). I had to bathe myself in God each day just to get through. I always placed my value on what I did in each day and suddenly I could do almost nothing. Weeping on the floor, praying to God, I told Him that I was useless. He told me that I could pray! This led me to a prayer life and ministry that brings me to tears even now.

    3. I know that God is with me and will never leave me. I know that He will use everything for His glory. My fear kicks in when I face rejection from people. Pride.

    4. I selected several. Nothing can cause you to feel fearful, incompetent, and rejected more than having 3 teenagers. But seriously, I am trying to focus each day and each moment on who I have sitting on the throne of my life. Is it God? Is it me? Is it me from the past? Is it me and what I desire to be the future? Oh, how pride gets in the way of God’s grace flowing through me to the world!

  43. 43
    Marie says:

    Marie, who is going solo from Post Falls, Idaho –

    1. As a civil servant working for the public library system, I’m not supposed to spend my time talking politics or religion. Politics isn’t too hard to avoid. There are times, though, when someone makes a comment about God that I just really want to respond to, but I struggle in knowing how to honor the code of conduct in the workplace where He has placed me while at the same time being obedient to share the Gospel. I sense Him calling me to share the truth and let Him worry about whatever consequences might come – scary!

    2. I don’t like to cook. The whole process – from the shopping to the standing in front of the stove to the paying attention to ingredient amounts – just drives me up the wall. But God met me in this most hated of tasks a couple of months ago. My husband, Chris, was out helping my parents with something (can’t remember what) and it was my job to get dinner on the table. I’m pouring and stirring and sighing, when suddenly I was overcome with the realization that this was a way for me to serve selflessly, just as Chris was doing at that moment. The Lord impressed upon my hear that He honored my being willing to put my preferences aside and do something loving.

    3. I struggle with this. I’m always trying to “prove” to God that it’s okay for Him to love me and to be with me again today. I know in my head that this is ridiculous and I can flip to all the right answers in Scripture, but I still feel insecure.

    4. All of the terms (and more) describe the struggle that I have with my self-perception. I deal with clinical depression, a couple of anxiety disorders and am an obsessive-compulsive. It’s a real battle to choose to lean on the truth as God reveals it verses the lies that are so ingrained in my thinking. In an odd way, I am grateful for the battle. In the last couple of years I’ve had to learn (more than once!) to turn back to Scripture, to fall down in prayer, to beg the Spirit for guidance and strength. I don’t know that I’d have such a desire to know and believe God without this struggle.

  44. 44
    Christy Conway says:

    Christy from Michigan, going solo –
    1. I find the field of education changing at a rapid rate. I believe that God is calling me to be brave and learn as much as I can, so I can do His work at my school.
    2. Ordinary tasks are the time I find myself being grateful to God. He has put me in this place and is allowing me to be able to do the task – no matter how ordinary – and that is definitely a blessing.
    3. If you ask my right now, I would say extremely confident. When I am in turmoil, I become insecure about God’s promise to be with me always. I don’t always turn to Him first, but I continue to pray for that level of spiritual maturity.
    4. As it does to all of us, life has happened to me. The outcome of my experiences has been a self-image driven by fear. With God’s help, I am becoming courageous.

  45. 45
    Lisa says:

    Lisa, Plano, solo:
    1 – Family issues, rely on Him alone instead of looking to others
    2 – God has spoken to me while driving, putting on make up, folding clothes. About 6 years ago while driving, I asked the Lord how long I would go through a certain season. “7 years” popped into my head. I thought that was so bazaar. Yet, I’m still in that season! I do see an end in sight though, as I am approaching 7 years. I find it interesting that the time frame of 7 years is relevant to Gideon as well.
    3 – Confident. People will fail me. He is the only one I can count on.
    4 – rejected/accepted

  46. 46
    jean says:

    Jean, Gloucester, Solo
    1. God is calling me to be a peace-maker~ not a peace keeper.( I’ve just done Beth’s study on the fruits of the spirit. What a difference there is between the two)
    2. No answer
    3. 100% confident God is with me. I have seen Him in my life too many times to doubt it!
    4. I fight with feeling incompetent and it hits me every time I’m asked to do something outside my comfort zone( which is a very small zone so it’s quite often)

  47. 47
    Alison says:

    Alison, Beulah, ND, Solo
    1. I would like to be brave enough to just get over myself (lack of self confidence, pleasing self, worrying) and focus on knowing and serving the one true God!
    2. Nothing too ‘extraordinary’ but I still thank God daily for the two beautiful girls he gave me to care for…my greatest gifts (besides my wonderful husband)!
    3. Most of the time I just forget to think about Him…see question one, but I often pray for the desire to strongly desire knowing him more and more every day.
    4. Hard time picking one…

  48. 48
    Elisabeth says:

    Kisumu, Kenya

    1. Complete trust in Him for future plans and ministry. Leaving all I know behind and moving completely to wherever He is calling.
    2. God often speaks extraordinarily to me while I’m driving. I’ll be thinking about a thousand things and out of nowhere the Spirit will begin pointing things out or reminding me of truth.
    3. I tend to struggle in this area. I want my whole life to be about ministry. The more I step into this, the more I am challenged to live completely by faith and the more I struggle with it. I find myself walking around all day reciting the 5-point pledge and “I’m believing God. I’m Believing God. I’m Believing God.” The week before I left for Kenya I didn’t have enough funding. I kept repeating the pledge one particularly anxious morning and in the middle of it had a customer come to my work and hand me a check. And it happened 3 more times!
    4. Insignificant and Ungifted. I actually always struggled with each thing listed. Childhood victimization, too. But these two are probably the strongest. Praise Jesus He has redeemed me from those pits and continues to heal and redeem me each time I have a day of struggle with them again!

  49. 49
    Kendall Washer says:

    Kendall; Nashville, TN; SOLO

    Good Afternoon Beth and sisters!

    1. I believe God is using trust as a holy bravery in my life. Having a 10 month old with a rare syndrome (1 in 3 million get it) called Moebius Syndrome has taught me I need to trust a lot more. It has showed me my true colors, which tends to be I WORRY and try to control everything. I need to learn to give it all to Him, I do know He planned for my husband and I to have this child, for HIS glory. I know wonderful things are in store for us and this child. So I am needing to take on TRUSTING instead of WORRY.

    2. I always listen to music in the car and not always on the Christian station, but this day I was. I do not remember the song, which I cant believe, but I was driving on 1-24 an interstate I drive most the time, and looked over to see our American flag. I instantly felt called t pray over our country. I prayed with tears rolling down my face because I knew then and now how our country has turned away from God and I feared what was and is going to happen to our country. But I prayed to him the rest of my drive for peace for our country and hope to bring Him back into thi country!

    3. I am more confident than insecure that God is always with me. I tend to get insecure because of myself. If I let myself get in my own mind by condemning myself on things rather than just talking with God and asking for forgiveness, I wont feel Him like I do when I do let Him in.

    4. Incompetent and capable.
    I am very incompetent without the Lord. I know I am capable of so much more in all areas of my life with God by my side. But like I said before, He never leaves, I leave Him. When I try to do things my way, I am very incompetent!

  50. 50
    Julie Brierley says:

    Julie in Carlsbad, CA (Daybreak small group)

    1. I believe God is calling me to Holy bravery in making choices for our kids’ school and a move for our family … and also daily in the face of our culture.

    2. In this season, I’m just so grateful for beds to make and clothes to wash and an alarm clock going off at 4:30a because my husband has a job! I love when I feel God wash over me with the knowledge that I never want to take those things for granted. I pray God keeps reminding me to be grateful!

    3. He is faithful to be with me and I believe Him. I know it’s the truth. But I do fear myself and potential “field trips” that I can cause. I pray for truth, faith and obedience!

    4. All of them! But “fearful vs. courageous” really stands out. When I’m not filled up with Him and His Word, I waver between the two. I want to have both feet in “Courageous!” I’m reminded to call on Him for courage in EVERY season and situation.

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