What Would You Look Like?

Hey, Darling Things! 

I am about to write one of the fastest posts of my life because it’s almost time for the ministry to close for the day and I don’t like for any of the support staff to feel like they have to stay around and wait for me. My man will also be ready for his wife to come home. I don’t have time to think about how I should say this or to proof it and rehash it for the next two hours. I’m just going to spit it out there because I can’t shake it from my mind and I feel it pressing on me in such a way that I’ve got to release it.

In the wonderful (and I really do mean wonderful) world of blogs and Twitter-follows, a pile-up can happen with the potential to profoundly hinder the Gospel. We can find ourselves suddenly feeling panicked, or confused, or left out, or just plain lame because our follow-ship of Christ doesn’t look like someone else’s that we admire. I know that’s a yawner. I mean, who doesn’t already know that can happen? Talk about an elementary grasp of the obvious. But stay with me here a second and hash this out a bit because this very thing happened to me yesterday. And I feel like if it happened to me – and I’ve been pretty convinced of the direction of my calling for years now – that it could happen to a lot of us. Especially those who haven’t quite gotten their footing yet. See if you relate:

I read a fabulous post by a young woman I greatly respect and I was moved and convicted by it but over the next few hours I fell into the (self-induced!) trap of thinking things like, “I should have taken that same stand. That’s what’s really important. We should have vastly downsized. We should have moved to the inner city. Not out to the country. I need to get rid of more stuff. ” (And I do, for crying out loud.)  “And I need to be more active globally.” And on and on and on. Now, listen to me carefully when I tell you that it was not her post. The post was tremendous, filled with the love of Jesus, and such a portrayal of the Gospel. The problem was what my mind then did with it.

I started thinking of all the people who are doing effectual things for the Kingdom, who I admire tremendously and often wish I were more like. For instance, I started thinking of some Bible professors who I follow who spend all of their work lives training up students in the Scriptures then watch them walk out into the world and take their places. Now, that’s huge. And I started thinking of my dear friends who do amazing and courageous work to fight the atrocities of human trafficking and I think, “Now, THAT’S enormous! What a reflection of the heart of God! Freedom!!! Does it get any bigger than that?? THAT’S what God’s prioritizing right now!” They impact and motivate me every day. And then I start thinking of people who’ve adopted numerous orphans and those who put their hearts at risk over and over as fabulous, loving foster parents. I love children! What could be more Christ-like than that??? And I have so many missionary friends who have left every worldly comfort for the Gospel of the living Lord Jesus Christ, sometimes at the daily risk of their lives. That is the Great Commission! The main thing Jesus sent us out to do!


But which cause do we take up? Where do we begin? Which one is God’s favorite?? Who’s God’s favorite??? Because I want to be like God’s favorite, don’t you? Yes, yes, Jesus is God’s favorite. And He is the one and only Person we should want to be just like. But, let’s admit it. Sometimes we can get a little confused in this lens we have to the world through one quick gleaming glance at our screen. The works of God taking place out there are astounding! And some of them we now have the privilege to give ear to every single day through Twitter. It’s fabulous. I absolutely love it. But it can also be bewildering as we try to figure out where we fit in all of that. And maybe we can’t see a fit at all.

Here’s what I want to throw at you to consider. This is what I felt God placed upon my heart as I wrestled with this last night.

What do you look like when you love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength?

Because THAT person, Girlfriend, is who He’s looking for in you.

When we’re trying to hash out God’s priorities for us, that’s IT in a nutshell. “Teacher, which commandment is the most important of all?”

And that’s what He told them.

So, let me ask you this: when you are teeming with love for the Lord your God, who are you right then? What is your passion? What is it that you are bursting to do? That’s probably the stream of your calling. I’m not asking you who you see in front of you when you feel the most love for Jesus because that could be your pastor or your teacher or your worship leader. I’m asking you who is INSIDE OF YOU when you are flooded with the fiery love of Christ? Right there in that passion you’ll start discovering that purpose.

You following Christ will not always look the same as someone else following Christ. Why on earth would He have bothered to form you in your mother’s womb with your own DNA and life experience ahead just to copy what someone else you’re seeing is doing?

Who are you supposed to look like in your calling here on earth and in the way you follow Christ? You’re supposed to look like the version of you that loves Jesus with everything in you.

That’s the real you.

And that’s the road down which you will find what He put you on the planet to do. You don’t have to figure out what to surrender to. Just surrender your heart to Jesus. Every single ounce of it. Ask Him to give you a love for Him that surpasses anything in your human experience. A supernatural capacity. And ask Him for it every day until He does it and then ask Him to do it some more. If you’re a writer, your exploding love for Him will bring it out. If you’re a liberator, you will not be able to keep yourself from seeing to the oppressed. If you’re a teacher, you won’t be able to quit studying except to share what you learned with somebody. If you love Him with your whole heart and that whole heart bursts to sell everything and move to China, Girl, get your passport!

Who would you be if you loved Jesus with your whole heart, soul, mind and strength?

That’s what you’re meant to look like.

Let THAT person follow Him, and He, Child, will make you a fisher of men.

My fastest post ever. But I feel better.


I love you guys so much.


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  1. 51
    Billie says:

    Dear Beth,
    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I’m so glad that you said this. I, like you, read so many wonderful blogs by christian women I admire. You said here exactly what I have been thinking. Our wonderful God made us all unique; each with our own strengths and weaknesses. It will take us all to accomplish the work that needs to be done for His kingdom. Instead of being frustrated because we don’t all share the same burden, we should celebrate each others unique gifts and encourage each other to follow hard after what God has called us to be. Bottom line…we all want to reach the world for Jesus. If we could just realize that what unifies us is so much stronger than what divides, we will take our world by storm. I appreciate you so much, Beth. Your ministry has literally changed my life

  2. 52
    Taylor says:

    I love this so much. It spoke straight to my heart. Thank you!

  3. 53
    Kristen Williams says:

    Thank you for that Miss Beth, I really needed to read that (and hear that in my head)! : ) God bless you!

  4. 54
    Heather Gerard says:

    I printed this and will put this in my Bible! I have struggled with this very thing for years….Beth, I know it’s the Lord’s voice through you. I can’t tell you how much this has been on my heart!
    You are in my prayers daily.

  5. 55
    Nicole Graves says:

    SO good! Thanks, Siesta Mama 🙂

  6. 56
    Christy says:

    If this doesn’t make sense to anyone else, then you really did write it just for me. But I’m thinking I’m not the only one who loved this!! Thanks for taking the time to share it with us tonight. And, while it sounds like you have already resolved it on your own, please know that it is OBVIOUS from the work He is doing through you that you are very much in the center of His will. Stay the course 🙂

  7. 57
    Joy says:

    I am so glad that you penned this!!! I have been noticing the same thing. I see many feeling guilty because they did not move to the far reaches of the world. But, God doesn’t call everyone to do the same thing. If we love Him with all our heart, we should feel confident in the plan He has for us. We don’t have to make up a plan……He already has made the plan…….we just need to love hIm with all our heart!!
    Thank you, Beth, for this excellent observation and for putting things into perspective!

  8. 58

    Thank you, as always, for a candid and timely post.

    It is so important to remember that when we focus on our individual daily obedience to the Father, we look like Jesus Christ – whose will was to do the will of the One who sent Him. Success in this life is measured by waking up every morning and doing exactly what God moves you to do that day … no matter who you are, no matter the task. In many respects He does call us all to be exactly the same – like Christ – yet He will call each of us to do something completely different. It’s what makes the family of Christ so very special and unique.

    May God be glorified in all we do and become!

  9. 59
    Karen Wilcox says:


    There are moments when I feel present in more than merely a setting. Participating beyond communication or facial expression. Nothing that I could possibly feel or imagine would be better than at that particular moment.

    No I have not missed some medicinal restraint or inhaled pure oxygen for any length of time. The meaning of present relates to your statement and question of what I would look like.

    I believe that when I love Jesus with everything that I am; my “Star,” look of passion is me. A person in this world, here today, completely at peace. Time is at one with me in everything I view, sounds I hear, people or things I touch, tastes of life – all at this moment is my look of pure faith.

    At this time the Lord is not merely beside me, he is within. When I look at me – I feel his spirit. Where there is faith there is favor. Moments are meaningful. Love is the look.

    It’s me.

  10. 60
    Tracey Knight says:

    Beth, wow – my heart says thanks. He’s stirring the waters & i’m listening. so grateful for your heart that listens to the Spirit & obeys. much love~

  11. 61
    Twila Baker says:

    Oh Ms. Beth, You have been teaching us this concept for years! It has
    changed my life so much. Your teaching makes the bible so clear and alive that it’s just
    amazing. Thanks for giving us so much of yourself! Your love for Christ is contaigious!

  12. 62
    Linda B. says:

    Thanks for this post, Beth! I often struggle with this because I don’t fit the mold. Love you!

  13. 63
    Sarah Robinson says:

    These are wise words we can live by.
    I heard a speaker share about a feeling he called “affluenza” which is when Christians who have everything and more that they need begin to feel inferior or less-than other Christians. He was comparing the backyard he’d just mowed with a photo he saw in his wife’s “Better Homes” magazine. All at once, he saw the magazine’s backyard as the one he should want, and not his own. He felt conviction and remorse at his ingratitude and wrote quite a piece on the issue.
    Your blog reminded me of this lesson. We have an amazing ministry right where God is using us. And I know I speak for a growing number of Bible-studying women when I say, “Thank you God for Beth Moore’s teaching.” And you have a wonderful way with words, not unlike the scholars whose words we are studying.
    Press on!
    Love and prayers,

  14. 64
    Nancy says:

    Wow! Just what I needed to hear! Recently I was asked, “who are you discipling/mentoring?” In response to the commission given by Christ. Each of us, in the capacity of our given talents/gifts can take a young Christian and help them grow. I felt like I had really failed. Yet, this morning I received an email from a local college professor, thanking me for mentoring her young student teacher. A student from a local Christian College has worked alongside me in my classroom and out of the classroom. She has seen me cry and pray over the phone with a dear friend who lost her husband, she has listened as I shared excitement from attending a conference with friends from church. Ministry takes on different forms. The picture of what I look like when I love Him with all my heart is still a work in progress; yet, it IS STILL GROWING. I have loved sharing my faith with her.

  15. 65
    Joy says:

    Thank you so much for taking the time to post this! It really helped give me a way to focus my desire to serve Jesus. I NEEDED this! Thank you!!!!

  16. 66
    Stephanie says:

    Absolutely amazing post, Beth!!

  17. 67
    sweet anonymous says:

    Dear Beth,
    Thanks for the post. Your transparency never ceases to astound me. This is one I’m going to have to read over and over and ponder and pray over. The first thing that struck me is yes I am a writer through and through. But who would want to read anything that I write. God gives me pictures all the time in my mind’s eye to write about.
    Don’t know if anyone can relate to this, but just this morning I was writing and as I was praying about what my counselor was encouraging me to do to move forward I saw in my mind’s eye her holding out to me a bird’s nest that contained blue speckled eggs, it held the promise of new life – what she was offeting to me in moving forward. Another thing I thought as I read I didn’t enter my scripture memory verse (although I am doing it) I know I have to enter so many to be able to go to Texas for the Siesta meet up..I look at all Beth and Lindsee, and the wonderful ladies of LPM and all the wonderful things they are doing in ministry and I just don’t measure up so why would they want me there and so why should I particpate. Insecure, yes. Bordering on pathetic, probably. Sometimes it’s just hard not to feel like I measure up when it comes to all of you.

  18. 68
    Sharon J says:

    Thank you!
    “God calls each of us to be genuine articles. not on sale imitations” ( believing God pg 184) my study today :o) as I want to pray like the Cymbalas or believe like George Mueller… God wants me to be Sharon and believe Him.. I struggle with that.. I want to change the world..I am surrendering to Him my heart, mind, soul and spirit believing Him to show me what we will do to bring Glory to His name!! Knowing it will be an awesome ride! I love Him!
    Thank you miss Beth!

  19. 69
    Kim says:

    Beth, thank you for sharing those words placed on your heart! I’m rushing to my journal now to soak them in for myself.


  20. 70

    Now that’s a word! Amen

    I am thinking of the widow and her mite. She gave it all…. and that made all the difference.

  21. 71
    lina says:

    this is BY FAR THE BEST POST I have ever read by you or on this topic.


    I can’t tell you how often I have felt ineffective and inferior and like one of God’s less favorites bc I didn’t feel like I was doing as much as so many others. That YOU feel that way blows my mind and ENCOURAGES ME TO PIECES.

    having said that – one question: what if you know what you are when you love Jesus the most, but you don’t see a big opportunity to do it yet…

    does that mean he hasn’t called you to do it or does it mean it’s a timing issue?

    obviously, i think it’s probably a timing issue…but just wanted to get it out there…

    i feel better now too.


  22. 72
    Marissa says:

    Such timely words! Thank you! I am easily overwhelmed by all the many Good Things and have lately been feeling adrift over life choices that I admire. Thank you for the reminder to seek him wholly and leave the results in his hands.

  23. 73
    Pam O'Brien says:

    Oh Beth. I do so love it when you post here – and miss that you don’t do it as often as you used to… but no pressure! 😉
    Really. This just nailed it for me. You always seem to do that. You just know. You are such a sister-friend. How is it that it’s just in cyber-space (though, I did hug your neck once in a hotel lobby in Ft. Lauderdale)?
    Whenever you write to us, I feel like we’ve just shared a coffee and some meaningful banter face to face. You’re gifted, dear lady.
    In the first half of your post, I was thinking, “Yeah! If you feel that way… just imagine those of us who are not Beth, Christine, Kelly, Angie, Priscilla… on and on…”
    But then you said, “What do you look like when… ” Oh. Convicting.
    My mantra is to strive to be who He intended when He knit me together. So, why do I feel like less then those whose names are known to thousands… millions? Maybe I’m intended to be His big deal just in my little family, my little community.
    Such food for thought and prayer. Thanks, Beth… my cyber sister-friend!

  24. 74
    gina says:

    Thank-you that was moving and powerful.

  25. 75
    Jess says:

    This spoke right to my heart…like you were right here in the room. Thank you for these real Jesus words!

  26. 76
    Cathy S. says:

    Thank you. I felt like this when I read Kisses for Katie until she said (I paraphrase), we are all called to just love one. And then another. Just one. I can do that.

  27. 77
    Ann Unruh says:

    Wow. Thank you sooooo much. Think I’ll print this one and keep it handy. I need to ponder it and be reminded of it. Thank you for listening to the Spirit. I love you, too.

  28. 78
    carol says:

    I feel better too! Thanks, Beth. I needed that! love you and keep on teaching us and letting the Almighty use you in the stream He placed you in. I am so grateful!

  29. 79
    kelly says:

    Amen. I am a homeschooling mom of two little boys (one has critical health issues and is frequently hospitalized) and this pattern of defeat hits me DAILY when I get convinced that I’m “doing it all wrong all the time.” I keep thinking of that line from Chariots of Fire, “…when I run I feel God’s pleasure.” Eric Liddell describing part of what he was created for. I’ve no idea what God created me for but I’m certain this holy week that I haven’t felt “His pleasure” over me in quite some time….so I will begin again this eve…with fresh mercies and grace…and ask God to gently nudge me toward what I was made for…and may I only concern myself with HIS audience of ONE. Help us God. Thanks for your candor Mama Siesta. Be blessed

  30. 80
    Emily says:

    Wow. Right this moment I am in one of those awe-inspired moments at the awesomeness of God because of what He just spoke to me through you. This post ministered to me in more ways than I can say. Thank you for taking the time to write it before going home. I’m about to graduate from college this May with no real sense yet of where God wants me. I have REALLY been struggling with what to do. How incredibly refreshing to be reminded it is all about Jesus.

  31. 81
    Melany says:

    Thank you; I really needed that “fastest post ever today.”

  32. 82
    Deneice says:

    God gives us each a passion for a purpose. What good would we be if we were all teachers? …. there would be no students. If we all were passionate about writing, then who would go out as missionaries? Just as the worst hurt is the one you currently experience and suddenly realize how important that part of the body really is ….. so are we important in the Body of Christ.

  33. 83
    Nicole says:

    Beth, I can’t wait to tell you how God used you to move me into ministry and grow me. Looking forward to meeting you on May22 at Watchmen on the Walls in DC.

  34. 84
    Melany says:

    Thank you; I really needed that “fastest post ever” today.

  35. 85

    I am applauding. This is so true, and it’s a message we all need to hear almost daily.

  36. 86
    Alyssa says:

    Thank you so much for being willing to tap this out and share! Just what I needed to hear. So great and so good. Jesus is all we need!

  37. 87
    Chelle says:

    Thank you. I have always felt like an oddball; my voice, my perspective, and it was easy for me to get caught up in trying to be like “the popular girls.” But God…God was so busy burnishing me and breaking me (over and over) that I no longer had anything to worry about except staying pressed in to The One.
    Thank you for the reminder that each of us, our words, our walk, our path, is perfectly formed; perfectly made.
    Peace and good to you.

  38. 88
    Susan says:

    Oh Beth….did this ever hit home. Just this week I have felt like a loser cause I’m not fitting into the so-called mould. Sometimes I feel like a square pegged Christian trying to fit into the church lady round hole. Sometimes I don’t think what I do matters one bit. Thank you for this beautiful reminder that God has a purpose for me too! I love you Beth…

  39. 89
    Barb says:

    Wow – so timely! And you are so right, Beth – if it happens to you, it most likely happens to others!!! Thank you for that direction!!! I love you!!!

  40. 90
    Michele says:

    Wow, that is a lot.

    Part of me says I would be invisible/transparent because if I was truly abandoned to Jesus, no one would see me, they would only see Him.

    Another part of me wonders how that translates to at some point coming out of the prayer closet and walking it out – what is God’s part, what is my part? I am still trying to “get” relationships, and still not so good at it.

    Yet another knows that I am not “flooded with the fiery love of Christ,” and has no idea what to do about that.

    But one answer that is on my heart is teaching people about memorizing Scripture. I am putting together a class to go around and teach to churches or groups or whatever, but it is still in the investigation stage and doors have not opened yet.

    You would think I should have a handle on that Deut 6:5 because it was the first main verse in my book. Lord, have mercy.

  41. 91
    jackie from MO says:

    i get it, siesta mama. i just spent the last 11 sunday nights in a room with 24 amazing women. we poured over Deuteronomy and poured into each other. as the facilitator, i often came home overwhelmed that God would choose me to do this… it’s the place i’m called… it’s where the love of Jesus most flows into me and through me. i am forever grateful.

  42. 92
    Kathy Walston says:

    Boy, I needed that, Beth!! ‘Nuff said!! Kathy

  43. 93

    Beth, I have been struggling with this so much lately. Thank you for writing it ever so quickly. It is perfect!!

  44. 94
    Rachel says:

    Just what I needed to hear. Thanks so much.

  45. 95
    Joy Ashworth says:

    Thank you, Beth – spot on! So glad I’m not alone in this – thank you for simplifying this truth of who God wants me to be. It’s easy to compare myself to foreign missionaries or Bible teachers 🙂 and feel like my job as a stay at home mama to 3 little boys and part time nurse is not as significant. But He has me here – I am to cultivate my love for Him, disciple my boys, and be the hands and feet of Jesus to the critically ill babies I care for at work. Thank you for this needed reminder.

  46. 96
    Anna Mitchell says:

    …how did you know I’d been wrestling with this?!

  47. 97
    Angel Haynes says:

    A few months ago I was hit with an unexpected health blow that has put me on the bench to rest. I’ve lamented to my husband (who is a pastor) many times that I don’t feel like I’m doing anything important or significant. He’s reminded me that God has me in a season of rest for a reason. It is a difficult pill to swallow when I read about all the great ways others are serving. I really am trying to run my own race and trust and love God with all my heart and believe that serving him through resting is where he has me for now. Beth, thank you so much for loving women, encouraging us, and challenging us without heaping burdens or guilt on our shoulders. Much, much love to you!

  48. 98
    Rebecca Saiz says:

    I’m so glad that you posted this insight. I have struggled with my mind on this topic. I have read so many different things from some great people that I admire and have often asked myself “How do I deserve to be in their same Heaven?” Some people really sacrifice for the Lord and it really makes me question my own heart. Do I do enough? Do I share enough? Do I love enough? Even in my church service Sunday it was the same message, do what makes you weep for the Lord. Sure you can be mindful of the poor, mindful of the oppressed, mindful of children. But what makes you weep for the Lord. I’m thankful that this post made me feel that I’m not alone, that a person (you) that I look up to has the same mind struggles as me! I love you Beth, you have made an impact on my life.

  49. 99
    Jg says:

    Dearest Beth,
    Thank you so very much for taking the time to write this quick entry before you left for the day! I needed this today! I’m certain that so many women are saying the same thing…..and so true, we need to love Jesus with all of our heart, mind and spirit, and it’s awe inspiring to think what that might look like. It might not look like anything we’d expect, but God won’t be surprised one tiny bit. Blessings, and love to you and the siestas!

  50. 100
    Shawna says:

    Just like so many other women, I so needed to hear this.
    Thank you for your love for God to stay and write that out.
    You are a blessing to my life. God sure does use you in HUGE ways.
    Sometimes I want to be used like you, and this post is comfort and a reminder
    that The Lord does have a special UNIQUE plan for me when I love him with
    my whole, heart, mind, soul, and strength.

    God bless more, and more my sister!

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