Things You May Not Know About Me

I don’t know about you, but I’m a list maker. A lot of days I miss actually putting pen to paper and writing out a list, but with technology these days, that just isn’t necessary. With that said, it will come as no shock to you that the “Notes” app on my iPhone might be my favorite app ever. The lists are endless. And they’re not going anywhere.

Sometimes when I’m at a loss for what to write, a list helps me organize my thoughts, so today I’m bringing you a list. Because yes, today I’m at a loss for what to write.

A list of what, you might be wondering? A list of things you may not know about me. If I knew how long the list was going to be, I’d tell you, but alas, this is all off the top of my head, so by the end of this post, we’ll both know how long the list is. I don’t know whether to apologize or say you’re welcome, but humor me today, will you? I’m laughing. I really do love y’all so much.

1. I have not gone to bed once without washing my face since about the 6th grade. Should I also mention that my morning routine is the exact same every morning? This may or may not label me OCD. And I admit, I have a few OCD tendencies. But don’t we all?

2. I am an inappropriate laugher. It’s very unfortunate. For instance, a couple years ago at our Christmas Eve service, my pastor had us place all of our lit candles into a sandbox. You know where this is going, the sandbox caught fire. I could hardly pull myself together. And there are plenty more where that came from!

3. Contrary to popular belief because of my tall stature, I didn’t play one sport growing up. However, I was asked by both the basketball coach and volleyball coach every year in high school to join the team. I graciously declined. I had more fear of the ball than I cared to admit. Also, I’m just physically challenged.

4. You know how folks like to say they’re having a good hair day vs. a bad hair day? Well, I like to say I’m having a good eyelash day vs. a bad eyelash day. Because of my naturally long eyelashes (I’m not complaining), they have a mind of their own. Some days they are one with the mascara, other days we battle clumpiness.

5. My hair is naturally wavy/curly.

6. I have a 36 inch inseam for my pants. Yes, I am all legs.

7. I was the first of my family born in Texas to a California dad, and a Colorado mom. 
I am so proud. Yes, you could say I love Texas.

8. My claim to fame was singing at the Super Bowl with Josh Groban along with some other alumni from Houston Children’s Chorus when it was in Houston, back in 2004. We sang the ever so popular, “You Raise Me Up.” One of my very favorite memories by far. And indeed, a huge privilege.

9. Although I don’t travel near enough, I do love to travel. Italy is one of my favorite places I’ve visited. I’d love to go back! I think Florence was my favorite.

10. To put myself to sleep, or when I am really tired, I rub my feet together unintentionally. 
I remind myself of a cricket.

11. Colorado is one of my favorite places to be. (Because of the people and the gorgeous scenery!)

12. I majored in Early Childhood Education when I was in college and graduated a certified teacher in the state of Texas. However, I haven’t taught school a day in my life, unless you label student teaching as such.

13. I was the kid that grew up in church, but didn’t make my faith my own until my Senior year of high school. Praise God for His faithfulness and graciousness towards us.

14. I’m not a collector of many items, but I’ve collected and own a ridiculous amount of scarves. I’m not sure if I should be proud or embarrassed since I live in one of the hottest cities in America.

15. My favorite food? Well, it’s a toss up between Mexican and Chinese. Leaning more towards the Mexican. I’m very hungry right now.

16. This is a new fact, but to help me memorize my scriptures, I’ve been putting my scripture as my wallpaper on my phone home screen. Just an idea for any of you visual learners as well! (See visual below. Grin.)

Your turn! What’s one thing we may not know about you? See, these things are fun. Everyday we get to learn more and more about each other. I love it.


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  1. 101
    Denese B. says:

    What a fun post, Lindsee! Thanks for sharing : ) Love that verse from Luke. It is one of my life verses and I love to personalize it and print it on pretty paper to share with women so they can post it on the refrigerator! Love, love, love Mexican food too. There is something so yummy about cheese and beans. lol

  2. 102
    Jeanie Kelley says:

    During my free time in front of the television I love to color. I have the ruth Heller’s Designs for coloring. They are very intricate so it keeps my mind on the coloring instead of the show I am watching. I also have a blog that I am doing for another online study. It has been fun to do this. It gets my creative juices going.

  3. 103
    Laura says:

    I have weird sleep cycles. I sleep only a few hours at a time so because of that have very vivid dreams. I had a dream once where I was on the Tonight Show talking with Johnny Carson (showing my age!) about my weird dreams.
    And am an inappropriate laugher also.

  4. 104
    Flynn says:

    I too am a list freak, glad to hear I am not alone!

    I love when the house is empty, no one home, just me for a few hours.

    I love the sun, don’t think I could ever live in a rainy state, love to be outside.

    I am a gifte, love making things special and people feel special!!

  5. 105
    Kathleen says:

    Though I’ve never taken a ballet class and I’m fif(cough)years old; when I’m home alone I pirouette around the house.

  6. 106
    Cassia says:

    I am an inappropriate laugher, too!! The more solemn the occasion, the more I struggle to keep it together. Of course, if it’s really solemn, I can play it off as crying. I am also a list maker but confess I am prone to writing down things I’ve already DONE during the day along with my to-do’s. And I’ve been known to cross off my “done” items immediately after writing them–it makes me feel better to see them crossed off. weird. Thanks, Lindsee. Your list made me smile:)

    • 106.1
      Trinna says:

      I do that with lists too! I write down things I’ve done just so I can cross it off. Really helps me feel productive! 🙂

      • Cassia Glass says:

        I used to feel weirder about the whole writing down and crossing off things I’d already done but it made me smile so much to be able to prove to myself I wasn’t lazy/unproductive etc, especially when kids were very young and needy, that I have come to embrace it LOL! Glad I’m not the only one!!

    • 106.2
      Ganise says:

      I hear you! I sometimes laugh out loud at weird things / weird timings too. Well make that alot of times. 😉

  7. 107
    Kay says:

    I cannot write with a blue ink pen. Or on a yellow pad. I’m not sure why, but I just can’t do it. Must have a black pen on white paper.

    Ah, Firenze! It was my favorite city in Italy, too. I dream of living there.

  8. 108
    Jane says:

    I love lists, too, and get a great feeling marking through the things I have done. So much so that if I do something that was NOT on my original list, I will add it, just so I can mark through it 🙂 Tell me that is not an OCD/power thang???

    • 108.1
      Lisa, Flowery Branch, GA says:

      Oh My!!! I could have written this comment!!

    • 108.2
      Linda in Chester, VA says:

      That’s me, too! Just today at the grocery store, I added three things to my list AFTER they were in the cart, just so I could cross them off and give myself credit for remembering I needed them.

    • 108.3
      Punky Tolson says:

      Ditto that. Perhaps there’s a 12-step program for list-making gals like us. I also have an addiction to lined sticky-notes on which I make my lists. Then I stick list upon list. Should have bought stock in 3M.

  9. 109
    Becky says:

    I get hiccups every time I eat bread or eggs. Every time.

    And I might love hot sauce more than any other food or food related item on this planet.

    (And I often wish my fingernails were as strong and tough as my toenails…well, unless their strength and durability are the result of a fungus. That would be….awkward.)

  10. 110
    Melody says:

    Lindsee, that was hilarious!!!! I’m with you on 2 and 4. 2 things nobody on here know about me: I barrlrace, I’m in training to be a personal trainer.

  11. 111
    Nancy D says:

    One of my first jobs out of college was as a flight attendant. One flight I kept telling the girl working with me how much the guy in the 4th row looked like Warren Beatty. Just couldn’t get over the strong resemblance. After landing and wishing everyone a nice day as they deplaned, a boarding agent came running out and on to the plane to ask if I got to talk to Warren Beatty. Huh? It never, ever, occurred to me that it actually WAS Warren Beatty. Oh, and he was with Geraldo Rivera, who I didn’t recognize in person either. So, if you see me on the street and I don’t recognize you, don’t feel bad. I might know you, but have no idea it’s you. I’m awful that way.

  12. 112
    Lauren says:

    I LOVE the idea for scripture memory… because I use my phone so much. Thank you!

  13. 113
    Brenda Bowman says:

    For my 5th birthday I was on the Houston children’s show, Kitterick, and when she interviewed me about what I wanted to be when I grew up I said, “a ballerina, a nurse, and a mother!” to which she responded, “well you certainly have your work cut out for you.” Excepting a few ballet lessons, I have not accomplished any of these, but praise God for giving me just the perfect life for me to bring Him glory. 🙂

  14. 114
    Jane says:

    I love to fish. I cry when watching a movie even if I have seen it 10 times before. I live alone and feel sad about that.

    • 114.1
      Lindsee says:

      Jane, I am so sorry you feel sad about that. Praying for you right now. But I get it, it’s hard to be alone a lot. Have you considered getting a few roommates? My roommates bring my life to my world.

    • 114.2
      Punky Tolson says:

      Dear Jane,

      I so hear your heart. I lived alone for a very long time. I had seasons when I had roommates, but even then I felt alone. It got to the point that I hated coming home and would stay out with friends or family until I was so tired that all I could do was go home and straight to bed. The Holy Spirit moved me to start praying about my loneliness. I asked the Lord to give me a joy in being in my home alone. My answer was Him. I prayed to fall in love with Him. And it was during that season of being alone that I fell most deeply in love with Jesus. I would plan “date nights” with Him, occasionally even spending entire weekends alone with Him- playing music, cooking, gardening, reading, cleaning. I developed a true and rich relationship with Jesus that remains today. Now that I am married, I take advantage of times when my husband is away by planning date nights & weekends with the Lord. I am praying for you, sweet sister, that your love for the Lord grows so big that you forget all about being alone.

      • Lisa from Philadelphia says:


        I was about to respond to Jane’s post. I can identify. Then I scrolled down and read your post as a reply to her post. Wow. I so need to hear that right now. I have had my share of roommates (almost 25 years of them), and was so glad to have my own apartment 14 years ago for the first time. I am a never-married 50-year old woman and I have had times lately of extreme loneliness, especially being unemployed. I’m with myself alot! I have a part-time business/ministry, but for the most part, I am by myself. I was just talking to the Lord about this particular season of life and that He must have a reason for this. God just gave me my answer in your post. Thank you! What a wonderful gift from God to be able to cultivate and grow an intimate relationship with Him, regardless of what the future holds. It’s our special time together. I could write more, but I won’t!Thank you again, Punky. And Jane, I hope you find encouragement amongst these sisters.

    • 114.3
      Ganise says:

      Gracious words from the fellow Siestas for you, dear Jane. You are dearly loved! By God and by Siestasville.

      ((()))- Hugs.

  15. 115
    Mariposa says:

    My bible study group is putting our scriptures as wallpaper too!! I really want to start a blog and write a book.

  16. 116
    Kari Flom says:

    I’m a Registered Dietitian who normally eats quite healthy foods but I have a deep affection for oreos, any type of batter (cake, brownie, cookie dough) and diet coke.

  17. 117
    KMSmom86 says:

    This is fun! Some things you don’t know about me are:

    My parents were 41 and 43 when I was born, and I’m the oldest! My sister is 2 years younger than I am.

    I never moved to a different house or town until I went to college.

    I am a Colorado native, but have lived in New Mexico for 32 years. Wow, I am OLD!!!!

    My husband has been with Jesus for over a year now. The kids and I miss him sooo much. We are truly blessed by our family and friends – they have painted the outside of our home, helped with household projects, and given money for unexpected expenses. Most of all, they have loved us and prayed for us! Rich would be amazed and very thankful.


    • 117.1
      Lindsee says:

      I’m so thankful you have friends and family that have surrounded you and loved you. That’s what the body of Christ is for! We all need friends like that. Praying you feel extra delighted in today, Sister. You are very loved.

    • 117.2
      Ganise says:

      So very sorry for your loss. Praying for you and yours to feel God’s arms around you.



  18. 118
    Mary Lou Menning says:

    1. I am the oldest of 12 children, 8 boys and 4 girls. My youngest brother is 18 years younger than me.
    2. My love affair with tea and all things related to tea is genetic – my dad’s ancestors were from England.
    3. I am absolutely CRAZY about Children’s Literature – the good stuff.
    4. I would love to write children’s lit, have my daughter illustrate it and win the Caldecott Medal.
    5. I would love to own a tea room called The Tea Cozy.
    6. I met my husband over the phone. He fell in love with me before he even saw my picture. When he did see my picture, he said, “So, that’s what my wife looks like.”
    7. I have been pregnant seven times – 5 girls and two babies in heaven.
    8. I homeschool my girls, all five, and plan on continuing through high school. My youngest will graduate when I turn 60.
    9. I have played the piano for 40 years.
    10. My gift and passion in Children’s Ministry.

    • 118.1
      Punky Tolson says:

      Mary Lou, I bet you are absolutely awesome in Children’s Ministry and I have no doubt that all the kids love you! What a high calling it is to pour into the lives of those little ones. Good for you, sister! xo – P

  19. 119
    flip flops says:

    Love this post…..ok when I cannot fall asleep I rub my feet together also. Thought I was the only one to do that. And thanks for the memory verse tip, I may just do that.

  20. 120
    Kim Brown says:

    Who am I? A middle aged woman who has been through the worst of times in life. I have written a book to tell how God’s ever present love was the only thing that did not go away when I needed it most.It comes out in spring of 2013. It was acceptance of me,that made me the person people will no longer run from. He respected me. He had salvation and healing of my life for me.I cant wait for people to see how God can change a person. I am the woman who is well dressed, educated, and charmingly fun to be with. I ate from fruitstand trash cans, as a child. I slept in chairs, and was rejected even by the poor people. But now I am a lady of a much higher life style. You never know who you set by at church do you?

  21. 121
    Marsha R. says:

    Some things about me that you probably don’t know (and I haven’t thought of in awhile:
    ~My Mom and Grandma spoke French in front of the kids and I can now speak more Chinese and Spanish than I do French.
    ~I grew up in a Cajun home with great cooks, but when I got married I couldn’t cook anything unless it had directions on the box….that has now changed and I’ve even cooked professionally in the past.

  22. 122
    Gina says:

    I baby-sat Beth’s two amazing daughters in Victoria when Melissa was still in a baby carrier.

  23. 123
    Daisy Roe says:

    2 Corinthians 7:10
    Godly sorrow brings repentance that leads to salvation and leaves no regret but worldly sorrow brings death.

  24. 124
    Anonymous says:

    Yes to the rubbing feet together thing! What’s up with that?

    Sometimes when driving home from dropping my kids at school (barefooted), I tuck my left foot up under my right on the accelerator. Dangerous? Don’t know. Weird? Definitely!

    Love the new photo of Mama Beth, but I feel like she’s looking at me in a “Bless Your Heart” kind of way that says, “I can’t believe you just said that!”. She would be so right… 🙂

  25. 125
    Vickie Heerema says:

    I love to sing along to commercials and t.v. show theme songs….the louder the better.

  26. 126
    Warm In Alaska says:

    Lindsee! What a fun post! Things you don’t know about me — hmmm… two things:
    1) I’m not the biggest fan of domestic activities (ie. the laundry – which seems never ending around here; though I remind myself when all the birds have flown the coop I might miss washing their favorite jeans five times a week) – but I do dearly love to cook – esp to try new recipes; hence, I may be the biggest fan ever.

    2) When I was growing in Anchorage I was always holding VBS in my bedroom. I corralled my two best friends into helping me teach – and we assumed anyone younger than us on the block needed to attend VBS. I spend hours (as an 8 and 9 year old) writing the “curriculum” – mostly sentences with pictures to better teach the word of the Lord to the younger crowd. When our siblings grew tired of listening to us preach the gospel, there were always plenty of dogs and stuffed animals to sit and learn the Word. I assure you, there have never been more evangelized canines then what lived on Kinnikinnick Street in the 1970’s ~

    Happy Valentine’s Day, all

  27. 127
    Sandra says:

    I love…love…love to sing!!! Problem is…I can’t carry a tune in a bucket! But I don’t let that stop me. My kids may wish I’d shut-up every now and then but I was married for twenty-one years to someone very controlling and I couldn’t express myself much without condemnation. Since my divorce three years ago…I sing all the time. Music fills my days, my home, my car and hopefully…my children’s hearts. I pray my example allows them to express their praise and worship to our Father in Heaven through song. P.S. Sometimes I hear them singing along and I’m quite sure it’s working. 😉

    • 127.1
      CandiMcD says:

      Sing away Sandra and I say that with the ‘authority’ of being a band director and singer! Our Father loves our Praise…even if it is just a ‘Joyful Noise’. HUGS!

  28. 128
    Michele says:

    p.s. – Like the new picture of Beth in the sidebar.

  29. 129
    Sister Lynn says:

    Hmmm… lets see something about me you don’t know.

    I am the youngest of 5 siblings. I am a first generation American. Both my parents were born and raised in India!

  30. 130
    Linda in Chester, VA says:

    Lindsee,I love #10! I too am a foot-rubber. I thought I was alone it that, so it’s so good to know that there’s at least one more cricket wanna-be. Actually, there are probably enough of us out there to start a society or something! Your openness brought so many smiles!

  31. 131
    Punky Tolson says:

    Lindsee!! Darling, long-legged sister! We share the same inseam, fondness for lists, propensity for inappropriate laughter (funerals… I won’t go into the details), and fear of sports that require running with a ball.

    People ask me 4 questions all the time:

    1) How tall are you?
    That would be 5’11”

    2) I bet you played basketball in the WBL, didn’t you?
    That would be, n-o. In fact the word “athlete” is not a word anyone has ever used to describe me. My maiden name was “Leonard” and I can still hear my PE coach yelling, “Run, Leonard, RUUUNNNN!!” Wasn’t happening.

    3) Did you model?
    Only for a minute. And that was a minute too long.

    4) Is Punky your real name?
    Yes- It’s on my checking account. My parents, friends & family really call me Punky. My sweet Daddy gave me that name, exactly as it’s spelled, just as soon as they brought me home from the hospital. My given name is Karen; a perfectly lovely name that is only used by doctors and law enforcement officers when addressing me.

    As for a few other things…

    I felt the call of God on my life at a LPL event at First Baptist in Orlando, FL in 2000!! Beth asked for anyone who felt God was calling them to vocational ministry to come forward so she could pray over them. I did not even understand what vocational ministry was, BUT I felt something physically pull me forward, and the next thing I knew I was on my knees… on my face, fully surrendering to God, saying, “For all that You have done for me, I will go anywhere and do anything you ask!” I’ve never had an encounter with the Holy Spirit that was that powerful and profound. 4 months later I met the man I would marry, a pastor and ministry leader named John Tolson.

    I didn’t marry until I was 43. (My first and only)
    I married John, a widower who had 2 grown children and 1 granddaughter. I laugh when I think how God was truly saving His best for me when all the while I thought He’d forgotten me. I got 3 titles- wife, mother & grandmother, in one ceremony. 11 1/2 years later and we have an amazing life together in vocational ministry, and 3 beautiful grandgirls!! God is good… and funny like that!

    I quit my job in PR/Marketing at age 29 to pursue a career as an actor. Which I did- working in film, TV and on stage for 10 years. My history is currently in rerun.

    Although I have never given birth to a child, I have been blessed to raise up some spiritual young’uns… beautiful spiritual daughters that I couldn’t love more if I’d birthed them myself! God is good… and sweet like that!

    I fell in love with Colorado in the summertime and have had a decade-long affair with those beautiful mountains and Aspen trees that I can’t shake. I love me some wide open spaces. Oh, the greatness of God in the Rockies! He is good… and awesome like that!!

    I love all things pumpkin.

    I make coffee in a Chemex coffee pot- a glass, hourglass shaped carafe, paper filter goes on top and you pour boiling water over the grounds. It’s a longer process but soooo worth the wait. Best coffee ever!

    I make a fresh green veggie drink most every morning. If my house was burning down I’d grab my favorite pictures and my Vita-Mix blender and get out.

    I used to have a head of hair that people would give their right arm for. Then 3 1/2 years ago I had chemo to treat breast cancer and my hair, now baby fine and thin, has yet to completely fill in. When I wake up in the morning I look exactly like Kramer from Seinfeld (no kidding). Despite that, and the scars from a double-mastectomny, my husband still tells me that I am the most beautiful woman ever. And I believe him! God is good… and so loving like that.

    The Lord has called me to minster to women- teaching, speaking and writing, and nothing could have surprised me or thrilled me more that to be able to serve Him this way. But if He pulled the plug on all of that tomorrow, I’d still get up, race downstairs in the wee hours of the morning, just to spend time with Him.

    I throw a blanket in the dryer every morning to get it warmed up for my QT with Jesus!

    I am absolutely passionate about “Spiritual Fertility”- raising up disciples who are ‘reproducers”, who will make disciples, who will make disciples… It’s the heart of the ministry I serve in with my husband, John and we love helping people get after it!

    That’s that for that! Thank you, Lindsee! It’s so fun getting to know one another this way!!

    xo – P

    • 131.1
      PunkyTolson says:

      OOOPS! I just realized I was only suppose to give you ONE thing!!!!!

    • 131.2
      CandiMcD says:


      I married late in life too. 36 – first time for me. My husband promptly provided me with 4 children and 5 grandchildren. I often tell people I got an ‘instant family, just add husband.’ It is truly God’s provision since we found out I CAN’t have children!

      • Punky Tolson says:

        Oh, Candi, that makes me smile! What a GIFT God gave you!!! We share something special in the way the Lord saw fit to give each of us the “family” He planned… in His own, awesome way. Don’t underestimate the power of a praying “step” mom and grandmom! Keep loving those kids to Jesus and in raise up some spiritual babies of your own, too! Thank you for sharing that with me. Much love to you this Valentine’s Day!! xoxo – P

    • 131.3
      Warm In Alaska says:

      You’re fun! Thanks for the newsy post! I’m glad you didn’t stop at one thing – and I’ve never heard of that coffee maker; but being something of a coffee connoisseur (in my own imagination – grin) I will have to check out Chemex. Sounds interesting…

    • 131.4
      Michelle Bahret says:

      Dear Punky,

      I loved reading your list. I relate to so many of them…I’d love it if there was a way to email you.


  32. 132
    Lindsay says:

    Lindsee, the more I know about you the more I love you! We are alike in a lot of the ways you listed, for instance, being tall but never playing sports.

    I love sleeping in the sunshine. Throughout the year, depending on where the sun falls in through the windows, I’ll lay anywhere in the house, including the middle of the floor, and sleep with the sun streaming on my face while my 2 year-old son takes his nap in his crib.

  33. 133
    Bev says:

    I’m going to be a Nanna for the first time in March. Even though I feel too young to be one I wouldn’t give it up for all the money in the world. I have shown her ultrasound picture that is on my phone to perfect strangers.

    I love to drum and that is my worship to Jesus. My family prefers that I do this when I have an empty house.

    I ride my own motorcycle

    I love you guys @ LPM. I follow you on this blog and on twitter and feel like we could sit down and have a girl friend talk and never miss a beat.

    Lindsee you crack me up and I love reading your blogs and tweets.

    I consider this community my family and often wished I lived in Texas 1. because I hate cold weather and 2. because I would fit right in at BCF.

  34. 134
    Debbie Scherrer says:

    I love to walk the beach and collect….and while I have a lot of sea glass, I’ve never found one piece of the stuff! All I have was given to me by a handfull of folks who know I love anything from the sea.

  35. 135
    Susan says:

    Oh, Lindsee #2 is really good. I can actually see you doing this. It made me laugh. Keep blessing us. You are so fun! I am a substitute teacher and I have been looking for a full-time job for five years. No doors have opened. I am praying for God to open and close doors for me. I would appreciate your prayers.

  36. 136
    CandiMcD says:

    Don’t judge me…:) BUT, I love the smell of my little dogs feet. They smell like fritos. (I only know this because I woke up one morning with them shoved against my nose.)

    I love this! 🙂

    • 136.1
      Pat says:

      I love water. All kinds of water. Oceans, lakes, streams, ponds, rivers, puddles. And, my favorite place to do my Scripture memorization is in the pool, swimming laps. Soaking in the pool water, while my mind soaks in Scripture. God is so good! 🙂

  37. 137

    When I was in elementary school, I saw my great grandmother choke and I quit eating for almost a year and a half. I was diagnosed with OCD (phagophobia-fear of swallowing food). I still always need a drink of water when I eat!!!

  38. 138
    Nancy Cherota Sonnier says:

    Isaiah 40:31
    They that wait upon the Lord will renew their strength, they will mount up with wings
    as Eagles. They shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint.

    How hard it is sometimes to ‘wait’. When my need is NOW.
    Trust in his timing is a basic lesson for every believer.

  39. 139
    Lisa from Philadelphia says:

    Lindsee, I’m a #5 as well. Both sides of my head never match due to the curly/wavy texture, which means my hair never cooperates with me unless I’m at the hair salon. For my “one thing”, I celebrated my 50th birthday last summer with an early morning hot air balloon ride. I have wanted to do this for years and decided to bring in 50 with a bang. It was wonderful! I can’t wait to do it again. And, did I mention, I’m afraid of heights?!! Also,no matter what season it is, I have to have a blanket covering me on the sofa. It could be 150 degrees, and I am covered up!

  40. 140
    Keneta says:

    I get so very excited over Ash Wednesday and Lent, more excited even than Christmas! From Ash Wednesday until Easter the Lord and I are getting to know each other even better and working on “issues” I need working on; I’m focusing on what He went through and what He did for me and why He did it. My favorite song: “King of Glory” by Third Day. So about my precious Jesus!! I do love Him!!!

  41. 141
    Cyndy says:

    I am a cricket, too. Every night I have to rub my feet on my husband’s legs and then when he falls asleep I rub my own feet together until I fall asleep.

  42. 142
    Jill says:

    I have to really hold myself back from crazy dancing to the music in stores. I start softly singing then I just feel like dancing . I wish it were socially acceptable to start dancing in the grocery store .

  43. 143
    Laura Deibel says:

    Post-It notes make my eye twitch and so do the big ol’ paper clips.

    I can only eat M&Ms sorted by color, then by odd and even quantities. Odd first…because I only like even numbers!

    LOL!! I have some serious issues:-D

  44. 144
    tiffany says:

    I laughed out loud at the inappropriate laugher, as I too am blessed with such affliction. I also laughed at the feet rub while I was rubbing my feet together and reading the list. Love it!

  45. 145
    Rachel says:

    I’m allergic to Red Bell peppers, not green,orange, or yellow… Just red.
    Since birth I rub the top of my ear with my ring finger when I am sleepy- it’s very awkward looking and my family will catch me doing it and say “looks like someone’s sleepy!” Which just sounds embarrassing as I’m well into my 30’s now lol.

  46. 146
    Lynn says:

    Sometimes I turn to my favorite childhood books for comfort. “Little Women” is my most favorite. I love revisting the March family.

  47. 147
    Kelelene Robison says:

    Psalm 61:8 Then I will sing praises to your name forever as I fulfill my vows each day. Life Application Study Bible.

  48. 148
    stacy mathew says:

    Stacy Carmel, IN “If we confess our sins he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness. I John 1:9 ESV

  49. 149
    katiegfromtennessee says:

    I’m thinking…one thing ya’ll probably don’t know about me is that I love trying new foods I’ve never tried before, especially healthy foods that I think I will like. It’s like a fun challenge for me to find healthier foods that are better for my body, but actually tasty too. Like, when I found an organic chocolate syrup with no preservatives or chemicals I can’t pronounce, or dried fruit that is unsulphured. That is success and triumph to me:) Love the challenge:)

  50. 150
    Marilyn Yarbrough says:

    I read road signs when traveling out loud. That drives my family crazy I am working on reading them silently but afraid they may miss something. Thanks for the Blog. Be blessed

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