Things You May Not Know About Me

I don’t know about you, but I’m a list maker. A lot of days I miss actually putting pen to paper and writing out a list, but with technology these days, that just isn’t necessary. With that said, it will come as no shock to you that the “Notes” app on my iPhone might be my favorite app ever. The lists are endless. And they’re not going anywhere.

Sometimes when I’m at a loss for what to write, a list helps me organize my thoughts, so today I’m bringing you a list. Because yes, today I’m at a loss for what to write.

A list of what, you might be wondering? A list of things you may not know about me. If I knew how long the list was going to be, I’d tell you, but alas, this is all off the top of my head, so by the end of this post, we’ll both know how long the list is. I don’t know whether to apologize or say you’re welcome, but humor me today, will you? I’m laughing. I really do love y’all so much.

1. I have not gone to bed once without washing my face since about the 6th grade. Should I also mention that my morning routine is the exact same every morning? This may or may not label me OCD. And I admit, I have a few OCD tendencies. But don’t we all?

2. I am an inappropriate laugher. It’s very unfortunate. For instance, a couple years ago at our Christmas Eve service, my pastor had us place all of our lit candles into a sandbox. You know where this is going, the sandbox caught fire. I could hardly pull myself together. And there are plenty more where that came from!

3. Contrary to popular belief because of my tall stature, I didn’t play one sport growing up. However, I was asked by both the basketball coach and volleyball coach every year in high school to join the team. I graciously declined. I had more fear of the ball than I cared to admit. Also, I’m just physically challenged.

4. You know how folks like to say they’re having a good hair day vs. a bad hair day? Well, I like to say I’m having a good eyelash day vs. a bad eyelash day. Because of my naturally long eyelashes (I’m not complaining), they have a mind of their own. Some days they are one with the mascara, other days we battle clumpiness.

5. My hair is naturally wavy/curly.

6. I have a 36 inch inseam for my pants. Yes, I am all legs.

7. I was the first of my family born in Texas to a California dad, and a Colorado mom. 
I am so proud. Yes, you could say I love Texas.

8. My claim to fame was singing at the Super Bowl with Josh Groban along with some other alumni from Houston Children’s Chorus when it was in Houston, back in 2004. We sang the ever so popular, “You Raise Me Up.” One of my very favorite memories by far. And indeed, a huge privilege.

9. Although I don’t travel near enough, I do love to travel. Italy is one of my favorite places I’ve visited. I’d love to go back! I think Florence was my favorite.

10. To put myself to sleep, or when I am really tired, I rub my feet together unintentionally. 
I remind myself of a cricket.

11. Colorado is one of my favorite places to be. (Because of the people and the gorgeous scenery!)

12. I majored in Early Childhood Education when I was in college and graduated a certified teacher in the state of Texas. However, I haven’t taught school a day in my life, unless you label student teaching as such.

13. I was the kid that grew up in church, but didn’t make my faith my own until my Senior year of high school. Praise God for His faithfulness and graciousness towards us.

14. I’m not a collector of many items, but I’ve collected and own a ridiculous amount of scarves. I’m not sure if I should be proud or embarrassed since I live in one of the hottest cities in America.

15. My favorite food? Well, it’s a toss up between Mexican and Chinese. Leaning more towards the Mexican. I’m very hungry right now.

16. This is a new fact, but to help me memorize my scriptures, I’ve been putting my scripture as my wallpaper on my phone home screen. Just an idea for any of you visual learners as well! (See visual below. Grin.)

Your turn! What’s one thing we may not know about you? See, these things are fun. Everyday we get to learn more and more about each other. I love it.


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  1. 1
    Bekah says:

    I hate gum. I hate the smell of it, the look of it and the sight of it. One time a friend came over with her kids and I made popcorn for all of us. Her daughter put her gum on the side of my bowl while she ate and when they left, I threw the bowl away because it grossed me out so much. (Why am I admitting this in print??)

  2. 2
    Kendra says:

    I still use paper an pen to write down my lists 😉 (and I have a mini-calendar/planner in my purse!).

    I am not on Facebook.

    Once upon a time I was obsessed with University of Arizona basketball. Now, I’ve lived overseas so long I’m not sure I could tell you the names of more than 2 or 3 players.

    In high school my choir sang in Carnegie Hall and appeared live on the Today Show (we saw Katie without her make-up at 5am!). Lest you be deceived, this doesn’t mean I’m a talented singer, just blessed to have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

    I only wash my hair every 4 or 5 days (TMI??) 😉

    I love italian food. I cannot get enough of the stuff and sadly, we just moved to a new city in the Middle East where I fear they’ve not heard of such!

    Thanks Lindsay for such a fun post 🙂

  3. 3
    vanessa says:

    I love all sports and played basketball in middle school and high school.

  4. 4
    Tammy says:

    I love tea even if it is very hot outside. I have to start my day and end with it and I have a collection of teacups and teapots. Tea delights me and I can strike up any conversation over it. I also have to write in purple. I am obsessed with it..and it has to be a certain kind of about having OCD

    love this post very fun

    • 4.1
      Vickie Heerema says:

      Yes! tea and purple….what more do you need for a perfect day, except maybe one of those pretty little tea bag holders!

  5. 5

    I’m double-jointed in my fingers, and when I was a kid, I used it as my trick when I went trick or treating 🙂

  6. 6
    Meagan says:

    Hooray for lists!
    I also have the same routine I like to follow every morning, and a 36 inch inseam. Why is it that when you’re tall people assume you must play basketball? I cannot catch anything to save my life 🙂
    Something you may not know about me is that I’m working on learn Hebrew. I’m loving it, but it’s definitely a challenge!

    • 6.1
      Michele says:

      Learning Hebrew? That is fantastic!! I would like to do that someday. Good for you

    • 6.2
      Emma says:

      Meagan, I SO know what you mean! I’m 6 feet tall and “Did you play basketball?” is almost ALWAYS the first question someone asks when they meet me and when I say “no” they ask if I played volleyball. When I say no to that, they always get this befuddled look and ask if I played any sport at all. I then have to inform them that I was in choir/musicals and they say “Oh. Well that’s nice” with a look on their face like I must have been crazy. Oh stereotypes…

  7. 7
    Jennifer says:

    Lindsee that Luke 1:45 verse on your wallpaper (clever idea BTW) is my FAVORITE verse of all time – it has a “she” in it AND an exclamation point! I really don’t know why it isn’t the theme of every Women’s event, since it talks about how blessed we are when we believe God’s promises! Thanks for giving “my” verse some publicity! 🙂

    I too love lists but haven’t settled on an iPhone app so I make ’em in Excel or just on paper.. and I get excited and stay up late to organize my spice rack – still looking for the perfect solution and labels… yes, strange I know! 🙂

  8. 8
    Elizabeth says:

    Something you don’t know about me: My husband and I love each other fiercely, but aren’t the least bit romantic on Valentine’s Day. Our very first February 14th together I bought him a fire extinguisher.

    Tomorrow I am planning on going to zumba while he dines and wrestles with our sons, just like any other Thursday. I prefer flowers for no reason and he beams brighter at random words of encouragment.

  9. 9
    Kaitlyn says:

    When I am really overwhelmed by God, even in serious moments I am completely taken over by laughter. I seriously cannot stop myself. Sometimes it’s in worship, sometimes during a sermon or prayer. People never know how to take it but I know God has hard wired me to enjoy His presence and I love it!

  10. 10
    Sarah Elizabeth says:

    I really feel like myself when I am:
    a) reading a really good book
    b) painting a watercolor
    c) crafting
    d) running
    e) laughing at a lame joke

  11. 11
    Jennifer says:

    I too am a certified teacher who has not taught a day in my life (after student teaching). I did stay in education, just do the office side of it.

    And that is a great idea with the memory verse to put it on your phone. So doing that right now!

  12. 12
    Megan M. says:

    🙂 I love this!!! Lindsee, I related to your #3 and #12. I have a Fall birthday, and thus was forced to start school later, and was always tall for my age. I went to ONE volleyball practice in middle school and ONE basketball practice, I think in middle school as well…I hated them both. I preferred the arts & music. And #12—I graduated from college with a degree in Social Science, yet continued teaching piano lessons and now work for my father, in the FINANCE industry! God sure has a sense of humor…! 🙂

  13. 13
    Christy says:

    Even though I have a successful 20 year career… I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up! If I could pick from the things that intrigue me most it would:

    1. Work for a 3rd world christian children’s program or orphanage.
    2. archeologist
    3. graphic designer
    4. art restoration specialist
    5. interior designer of children’s rooms and nurseries
    6. professional volunteer (I made that up)

  14. 14
    fuzzytop says:

    How fun!!!! Here’s a few things people may not know about me:

    In 2005 I moved from AZ, where I had lived for >30 years to TN. I love living here in the South.

    I love the smell of lavender. I have bottles of various lavender lotions stashed all over the house, in my desk at work, and in the car.

    My cat Sarah sleeps on my back at night. At first it drove mw crazy, but now I find it comforting.

    Love and hugs,

    P.S. Lindsee – I have way too many scarves as well! I have one that my mom gave me for Christmas, which she says she bought because it looked adorable on the mannequin, but I have no idea how to tie it. It is a long scarf with two shorter panels of a different fabrix sewn onto opposite sides at either end. If you laid it out, it would look kind of like the letter “z”, if that makes any sense. So I’m hoping you or someone in Siestaville can help me out with this!

  15. 15
    Michele says:

    My hair is longer now than it has ever been.

    My favorite tv show is Person of Interest. Also- while I resisted at first, I am now addicted to Downton Abbey. 😉

    • 15.1
      Sandy Bowers says:

      Yay Michele!!! I love Downton Abbey. DON’T miss this Sunday, the season finale! (I’ve seen it…..and you can’t miss it.) TeeHee.

  16. 16
    Sarah Marion says:

    I still make paper lists and love Post-It notes!

  17. 17
    Sheridan says:

    Love the phone wallpaper idea! Afraid my 11 yr old daughter might get hurt though if I remove her self portrait.

    I do the feet thing too, my husband calls me grasshopper. List maker as well, I can not go to the grocery store with out one, period.

  18. 18
    Elizabeth Baehr says:

    I do soooooo love your blog. You make me smile almost everyday. Priceless. Thanks.

  19. 19
    Lisa says:

    Oh my goodness, you just might be my secret baby sister (well no, not really, but you understand what I’m trying to say). I gave in to one of those basketball coaches in junior high and “went out” for the team. First day I amazed myself with what I could do physically, but the 2nd day the real, non-athletic me showed up. I actually witnessed the coach shaking her head in disbelief and she later informed me I didn’t need to come back, ha!

    Your tall, long-legged, long-eyelashed, physically awkward, inappropriate-laughing, wavy-haired, ocd-tendencied, mexican-food-loving big sis (in Christ) 🙂

  20. 20
    Shaci says:

    Things you may not know about me?

    1) I have 9 brothers and 3 sisters… (adopted, step, and half. No full)

    2) I hate to be alone! (I stepped WAY out of my comfort zone to go to passion! And what a blessing that was!)

    3) I had to go to high school an extra year from various (horrible) reasons.

    4) I am the only person in my family who is a believer!

    5) I am horrible at singing but love to sing! Love music!

    6) I love to do hair and fashion-y stuff!!!

    7) I have several best friends!

    8) my love langauge is Physical touch, but yet my family hates to be touched!

    9) I love photography!

    10) I come from an alcoholic/drug addicted background, however I have never touched drugs in my life and not into alcohol!

    (: there’s my 10! (That was hard!)

  21. 21
    patty swinford says:

    Most people do not know that I love big band music from the 60s. Frank Sinarta makes my knees buckle. However, being a product of the rock and roll 70s, this is not something I share with just everyone. ; )

  22. 22
    Amy says:

    I too love lists, however, I like writing them out with pen and paper. I get so caught up in my list that if I make a slight mistake I throw it away and start on a new piece of paper! Even my lists have to be perfect.

  23. 23
    Heather Jackson says:


    Oh! This is fun! I needed this today!

    Okay, here’s mine: I have an unhealthy addiction to Sweet Tarts, Sprees and Nerds Candy!

    Thanks for making me giggle on a yucky, rainy day here in East TN!


  24. 24
    Shannon B. says:

    I don’t have a “life verse” as in different seasons different verses speak louder than others. BUT… the verse you highlighted on your screen shot is the one I USE most often. In pretty much any situation it is my kick-start button. I repeat it to myself, then ask myself, what am I BELIEVING in God for regarding this? What PROMISE is mine to claim? Do I really believe that I am a blessed, chosen beloved of God’s? Such a great pause and reflect Scripture.

    Something people don’t know about me? I am a secret introvert living the life of an extrovert, I have a bucket list that is about 100 items long that I haven’t shared with anyone, and I could eat okra and honey three or four times a week, easy. It’s my favorite comfort food (along with chicken fried steak and mashed taters! ;). That’s three. Sorry!

  25. 25
    Tara G. says:

    I’ll hit 40 this summer and I’ve never had any color on my hair.

  26. 26
    Luann says:

    greetings fellow list maker;

    #2. ditto in regards to my husbend. he runs into something and says “ow” and immediately i’m laughing. laughing and apologizing for the laughing. i don’t know why that triggers it.

    #4. totally understand the eyelash thing. T O T A L L Y. (it’s also measure in time. a good eyelash day takes seconds compared to attempting to fix the rouge days)

    #10. dude. DITTO!

    #11. come visit!

    #16. i don’t have that kind of phone yet wonder if i could do something like that as well…

    my random: i have a desert tortoise named applesauce. named her when i was 5ish. it was either that or butterscotch pudding, or Aunt Sandy. My 3 favorites at the time. She is still alive today AND answers to her name!

  27. 27
    amybhill says:

    here’s something you don’t know: i’m pregnant! i just announced it to my friends so i figured i may as well announce it to my siestas too 🙂 i’m due 8/29/13!!! and i love the wallpaper on your phone idea! thanks 🙂 !

  28. 28

    1) do not have a computer at home
    2) I am an evidence technician at our county’s Sheriff’s
    3) still use an old flip phone

  29. 29
    Karen says:

    I am deathly afraid of the dark. Even at 53 years of age I still believe that if my feet touch the floor in the dark, a boogey man under the bed will get them.

    I don’t like 2 story homes. When I was 5 years old I was trapped by a house fire.

    I can never remember my anniversary. My husband can’t either, but since I never remember it, I can’t get mad at him. I also detest hallmark contrived holidays such as sweetest day, valentines day, etc. In the same vein, I don’t like last minute grocery store flowers, chocolates, or cards (cards are a waste of money). I prefer time spent together with my hubbie or family or doing something special.

    I love dolls. And, I mean I LOVE dolls…always…since girlhood. I don’t have a lot–four or five–but I always check out the dolls in the stores or online. A shame I have two boys and no girls. I also make doll clothes and have made good money selling them online. I would also like to try my hand at making my own doll.

    I can’t whistle. I wish I could and I’ve tried many times. My mom and grandfather could imitate birds with their beautiful whistling. All I can hope to do is spit. Try teaching a dog to “come” to a weak spit-whistle.

    When I was growing up, my legs would pain me at night and the only way I could sleep was to “rock” my bed by moving my legs. My husband works third shift and I have found myself going back to that old habit. A rocking bed keeps the boogey man away is what I hear.

  30. 30
    Kristin A. says:

    A list for you:
    *had no idea you, Lindsay, were so tall
    *ditto the whole face washing thing and some nights seriously CANNOT wait to wash my face
    *think Lindsay (and any else who is doing this) the smartest ever for doing a screenshot of a memory verse. Just did one for my next James verse.
    *you might not know (and most people don’t unless I tell or show them) that myself, my son, and one of my sisters are all amputees due to a genetic bone disorder.
    *agree that lists ate totally fun
    *have a great day, siestas!

  31. 31
    Jana says:

    I love hearing from other women who have 36″ inseams. Where do you all buy your pants? (I’m only half joking!). In college I was in our chorale and we toured Europe doe 5 weeks. Very much a turning point in my life! I can’t say if I had a favorite country because I loved the all for different reasons. We did sing in the Czech Republic right after the Eastern block countries opened their borders. We sang in a Catholic Church and many of our songs were for the mass. The church was full and overflowing out into the streets. People were openly weeping as we sang. Later we found out that it was the first time many of the were able to worship freely in public. Afterwords, many people came up to us and kissed our cheeks thanking us. It’s been over 20 years and I still get tears in my eyes remembering that moment.

  32. 32
    Cheri Rolando says:

    I was a flag twirler in high school. We once performed at a MN Vikings game during half time. It was THE ONLY time in 3 years of performing routines at pep fests football and basketball games that I ever dropped my flag!

  33. 33
    Laura says:

    Lindsee, this is a great idea for a post! I have always loved to make lists, but now it is a way of life. A head injury in Iraq left me with short term memory difficulties. If I don’t write down things I hear, they will be forgotten, so it’s great that I like to write. (But this struggle comes in handy when someone says something I don’t want to hear–I just don’t write it down!) 😀

    I, too, am long-legged and hardly ever could find jeans long enough growing up (needless to say I got made fun of for wearing “high waters” a lot). But my friends nowadays are so glad I am taller than them, cuz I can reach needed items on their top cupboard shelves without a stool!

    Something about me: It may sound strange, but I love to open my bible at random and then scan for a verse that seems to stand out to me at that moment. Then I scroll through my phone contact list until a name jumps out at me and send them the verse. I have been amazed by the number of times the person responds with how grateful they are because they needed to hear that message on that day! God is great!!

  34. 34
    Bekah says:

    Lindsee…I’m not OCD, I’m CDO. The letters need to be in alphabetical order. Oh, and I also have a 36″ inseam. Can I get a raise and praise for long legs?!?

  35. 35
    Amy says:

    I have to have lip gloss or chapstick on at all times. I just don’t feel comfortable without it. Even if I am in my sweats and no make-up, I HAVE to have it!!! One time a lady from my church stopped by unexpectedly – she was in great distress, and I had to stop her mid-story to apply my lip gloss so that I could concentrate properly and help her. Thanks for a fun post, Lindsee!

  36. 36
    Annie says:

    Well, one thing you don’t know is ME. I hope it is OK to just pop in here and introduce myself.

    Have just come across here from Liz Curtis bible study blog, where some one was asking about your memory verses etc. I think I might have found Liz Curtis through Marilyn’s As Good a Day as Any, or Ann Voskamp’s blogs.

    I love that there are groups of women encouraging each other in their christian lives, on the internet as well as in every day life!

    I am Australian, live in the sub tropics, spent quite some time visiting my daughter in NYC when they lived there for almost a decade. Loved it there, was very privileged to have had that opportunity! Not a place that I would ordinarily have chosen to visit, but discovered once again that very ordinary people, as well as lovely Christians live in exotic sounding places as well as other places!!

    Trying to get motivated to sell my big falling down house so I can go live closer to the grandchildren and maybe help out with some child minding.

    Need to start some bible study, memorizing bible verses!!
    One strange fact about me is that I am a little slow at the technology that exists today and have only just upgraded to a smart phone, and have not downloaded any apps yet. My siblings and children would think me very slow indeed!

    Great to meet you all, I hope I will have time to visit often. Thanks for all your time invested in your blog. I am not sure how to join in on the memory verse page back on Jan 1st.

    • 36.1
      Sandy Bowers says:

      Welcome to Siestaville Annie! I hope you will join us regularly. It’s an awesome place to visit for encouragement, a spiritual uplifting, or just to get a laugh. Best of luck with the house-selling. Hugs!

  37. 37
    Cindy Cannon says:

    I grew up on the farm, and loved the life on farm. My parents taught me how to work hard! I am so blessed!

  38. 38
    Emma says:


    This list made me so happy! I love all the quirky little things about people! One of mine is that I still LOVE Hanson and it is pretty close to the top of my bucket list to see them in concert! I can’t believe I just put that out there for the world to see forever…

    Also, I know that other people say this all the time but I have to chime in too! I really think that if we lived in the same place, we’d be friends! And I also have a 36 inch inseam. (I’m 6 feet tall… ugh…)

    Thanks so much for sharing such a fun post!

  39. 39
    Michelle Baylerian says:

    I have been exercising for the past 27 years & LOVE it!!
    I hated high school because I didn’t fit in, only went to 10 year reunion, will never go again.
    I love cut out cookies
    I’m RN but only practiced hospital nursing for 13 months cuz I didn’t like it, so I switched to the Insurance industry!!
    My favorite store is TJ Maxx:)

  40. 40
    lynda rickey says:

    Too fun, girl! I have a hopeless crush on any intelligent gray/white haired man I see (just think Anderson Cooper, Dr. Drew Pinski, my dentist, 2 of my doctors, and the list goes on …).

  41. 41
    Kathy says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE your #16 about putting your memory verse on your cell phone. I will borrow that idea if you don’t mind! God bless you!

  42. 42
    Candy says:

    Hi fellow list maker….let me tell you what happened!! Like you, my notes app is my favorite 🙂 and this past weekend ALL.MY.NOTES.DISAPPEARED. The stress of it all!! I have searched the cloud and every other thing I could think of but they are no where to be found.
    I must begin again 🙁

  43. 43
    Linda Francis says:

    The email never shows the name of the writer of this blog. I would like to see that at the top, please.

  44. 44
    Marisa says:

    Oh my gosh reading your post I had to laugh! About half of what you typed I agree with completely 🙂 #1 would never think of going to sleep before washing my face #4 I thought I was the only one! #5 Some days I love it some days I can’t stand it #9 Oh how I love to visit that place #11 I loved living there and can’t wait to move back. #13 Had to do it in my own time #14 Love scarves so much I learned how to knit and sew so I could make my own #15 My favorite…yum! #16 My verses are on my phone screen too…It has helped a lot in memorizing looking at it several times a day…Loved your list!
    One of my own: Running and reading are some of my favorite things to do so recently I started running while listening to books on tape 🙂
    Blessings to you!

  45. 45
    Laura Jernigan says:

    Mrs. Beth,
    I am afraid of kites and those really long stringed balloons at car dealerships!! I shudder to think of actually having to hold either of their strings!!

    Also, after meeting certain people at Passion, my husband and I made up stories about our encounters. For instance, I rode next to Charlie Hall on a van back to the Ritz. Therefore, my story was about how I’ve now been on a roadtrip w/ Charlie! So when I met you and considering your love for hair, my story for you was that you curled my hair that day….I have naturally curly hair…just thought of give you a chuckle!
    Love you and I’m so enjoying leading and studying James right now!

  46. 46
    Nicole says:

    Talk about OCD…or is that CDO so they are in ABC order??!! :)… I make lists all the time, and if I do something not on my list, I add it to my list so I can check it off. I know, that’s terrible…but, that’s me. ha.

  47. 47
    Emily says:

    First, I love it when people call me Emme, but if they spell it “Emmy” I get angry. I’m not an award for best actor 🙂
    I love penguins, or more like obsessed. I have a rather large collection. Even got to watch a penguin paint a painting for me by having his feet dipped in paint.
    Purple is my favorite color.
    I hate going out without nail polish. I feel naked, but I’ve never had them done professionally. Just my thing.
    I sing first soprano.
    And I’m fluent in Pig Latin 🙂

  48. 48
    Brittany Kay says:

    We have a lot more in common than I would have thought. I, too, LOVE Florence! It’s one of the most exciting cities I have ever experienced! My friend and I ate gelato before every meal. So good! Also, I own an embarrassingly large number of scarves for living in Gainesville, FL. They aren’t even tucked into the back of my closet; just proudly hanging on hooks on the wall over my shoes. And…I’m a teacher, but it is not at all what I set out to do. It’s just something the Lord has brought me to, and I like it. I would like to teach in a setting outside of the public school though. My undergrad degree focused on working with non-profits. We’ll see what the future holds…

  49. 49
    kerry says:

    I prefer riding a long-eared, soft-steppin mule
    when moving cows all day long in the beautiful Big Horn Mtns. of northern Wyoming

  50. 50
    Dana Nance says:

    I,too,suffer from episodes of inappropriate laughter…and I don’t laugh quietly. Just yesterday while volunteering I got tickled at another volunteer, who was struggling to move cases of canned vegetables on a dolly with two flats. I don’t know why it tickled me so to watch that stout man wrestle with that dolly but it did…making me laugh again just thinking about it!

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