Siesta Scripture Memory Team 2013 Instructions!

Hey Siestas!  We’re two weeks out from our big launch and, based on the number of people who got Siesta spirals -not to mention those grabbing their own – we should have one titanic team!  May God get much glory! (If you’re interested in a spiral and have yet to purchase one, click here for the details.) Numbers are nothing if they don’t translate into fruit displayed in our lives but if we truly decide to live out the words that are going to live in us, remarkable things are in store for the Kingdom of Christ among us.

Here is everything you  need to know about how to participate in the 2013 Siesta Scripture Memory Team!

First, a few things up front since many people joining us have no previous interaction here:

*For you new comers, “Siesta” is just an endearment for “Sister.” There’s no club to join and no person you need to become. If you’ve trusted Jesus as your personal Savior, you’re a sister in Christ. If you don’t know Him, we’d love for you to stick around and get to know us and see if anything around here draws you. Everyone is welcome. Here’s a bit of our back-story on the weird name: When we first began the blog, it never occurred to any of us how much we’d come to love each other. As the community grew closer and closer and the participants more and more familiar with one another, one of you asked what name we should call each another. I tried to say, “I’ll tell you what we are: We’re sistahs!” but spell-check switched it to “siestas.” It stuck and that’s been us ever since. We even liked the thought that its actual meaning is to take a nap. We’ll know we’ve been a place of divine intervention if we’re a respite from the female competition and clatter out there. Only Jesus can give us that kind of relief in this exhausting culture.

*We call this a Scripture memory “team” because that’s exactly what we are. We’re a really long line of women standing shoulder to shoulder with our swords drawn. (For you newcomers, Ephesians 6 calls the Word of God the “Sword of the Spirit.”) And we don’t draw our swords to wound people, to convict our family members (God’s job) or to cut off the ears of our hearers. We draw our swords to fight the good fight of faith. While I was saw stacks and stacks of Siesta Scripture Memory Spirals being stuffed into envelopes for shipping, it hit me with fresh impact. What if thousands of women really did memorize 24 Scriptures in 2013?? What are the implications of that? What kind of repercussions might that have in our personal lives and our homes? That’s worth getting riled up over. SO, you bet this is a team. Don’t be too cool for it. Remember, God’s Spirit is a fire. If we’re too cool, we can’t help but quench it. If cheesy works around here, we’re not ashamed. Just throw in a can of jalapenos and grab a tortilla chip.

*Very often you will see me refer to SSMT. Just so nobody’s confused from the start, that is an abbreviation for “Siesta Scripture Memory Team.” If you’re not participating in SSMT, please know that we don’t limit the entire blog to our Scripture memory participants. It has a big presence on here because it’s twice a month but we still do lots of other things. Please don’t feel left out or forgotten.

OK, NOW FOR THE INSTRUCTIONS. You can cut and paste these somewhere if necessary. Here’s how it will go:

1. On the 1st and 15th of every month of 2013, you will find a post by 8:00 in the morning where I will ask for your memory verse and give you mine. This will begin New Year’s Day 2013. You are committing to 24 Scriptures in 12 months. In previous years, I’ve found this to be a very doable pace. If you do much more, you’ll tend to fall behind and not retain. If you do much less, the impact is negligible. You really can do this. So many of you will surprise yourselves with what you’re capable of doing in the power of the Spirit. Yes, it takes work but it’s tremendously fulfilling and the results are nearly immeasurable. Look at it this way: you’re going to be meditating on something: unforgiveness, toxic memories, misery, lust, greed, dissatisfaction, jealousy, competition. Choose Scripture! Christ Himself said as a man thinks, so is he. He also said His words are spirit and life. This is work worth doing, Sweet Thing. Never – NOT ONCE – have I ever known anyone to get to the end of a Scripture memory commitment and say that it didn’t make any real difference. Not a single time.

2.You are to enter the verse you’ve chosen to memorize for that two-week period within twenty-four hours of the post going up. I’ve been asked many times if it’s okay if you’re late supplying your verse and, yes, of course it is, but try to avoid doing it often. The people who make it to the very end of the year are overwhelmingly those who stay up with it month to month. Please know up front that one of the important parts of this process is the exercise of self discipline. This culture is mass producing wimpy narcissists. Year-long commitments like these that require punctuality and focused energy push back on that degenerating trend. All that to say, please don’t drop out if you get behind. I just want you to know that this will be much more successful if you treat it as a real, live commitment you are willing to work hard to keep.

3. When you clock in with your verse those two times a month, keep your comments limited to your name, city, verse and translation. Long comments on SSMT days are no-no’s. It won’t take you long to figure out why we maintain that rule. Wait till you see the powerful sight of hundreds if not thousands of verses flowing down the comment stream. It is a gorgeous sight. When you’re having a bad day, all you have to do is scroll down a few hundred of your sisters’ Scripture selections and I promise you, you’ll get a word. It’s a very powerful thing. Here is a sample comment:

Beth from Houston, Texas: “But the Lord is faithful. He will establish you and guard you against the evil one.” 2 Thessalonians 3:3 ESV

Always add your translation because so many of your sisters will want to know where you found the wording for your entry. One of the great impacts of this process is how much we reap from each other’s selections. Often you’ll see a sister say, “I’m doing the one so-and-so did last time!” (Yes, you can make a comment that brief. Those can be fun. Occasionally you’ll even see someone write, “For the sake of my marriage, I’ve chosen to memorize…” That’s okay, too, but try to keep it very succinct.)

4. THIS ONE IS KEY! As often as possible, choose a verse that means something to you in your present season or circumstance. This is the reason why we don’t all memorize the same Scripture. We’re not all going through the same things. The more you let God lead you to verses that direct you or edify your soul in your present circumstances, the more He will renew your mind toward your challenges. This is a huge part of 2 Corinthians 10:3-5 where we’re told to demolish strongholds and take our thoughts captive to Christ. If you don’t have a verse on your mind or you’re drawing a blank when the 1st or 15th rolls around, you are welcome to share mine. I will always include it in the post. You might also look at a few of the comments and see if one of theirs resonates with you. I say this next part with a grin: try to refrain from memorizing Scriptures that you think your spouse or your children need to learn. Memorize what you need to learn. That means do your best to avoid jotting your verse on a stick note and planting it on your bathroom mirror where your man can see it and repent of his sins. He probably won’t because he’s got your game. I bet you can guess how I know that.

5. I strongly recommend that you stick with only one verse to memorize each time. (This is just a recommendation and not a rule. You’re free to do whatever works for you.) Keep it simple and meaningful. (If I were addressing you live, I’d have you repeat that sentence back to me so just go ahead and say it out loud in order to nail it down. That sentence could be your best friend through this process.) If you do too many verses or get too complicated, you will soon be overwhelmed and want to drop out. Better to do 24 simpler verses over a 12 month period of time than a chapter over the first month then quit. We want this to be a discipline we practice for the rest of our lives. Think marathon. Not sprint.

6. Either shortly before or after making your entry each 1st and 15th in the blog comment, write the verse by hand in your own spiral. (Again, that’s a recommendation and not a rule. I’ve discovered that there’s something about writing it with your own hand and picturing it later in your own handwriting that helps it sink into your memory bank. I’m not entirely sure why.) Take that spiral with you everywhere you go. Read it and read it and read it and read it. Do mental gymnastics with it. Flip that baby over and over. Many women have told me along the way that they’re not good at memorization and I truly understand that. I also beg to offer two responses: First, that may change. Give the Holy Spirit a chance to do something brand new with you. Second, even if you don’t get your verses down word for word, you are still meditating on them as you read and reread them. You still, thereby, accomplish one of the most important goals: captivating the mind to Christ. You just can’t lose on this one. Either way, it has a powerful effect.

OK, I think that’s enough to get us prepared for January 1st. Now, let me tell you well in advance how to qualify for our Siesta Scripture Memory Team Celebration on January 17-18, 2014 which is the biggest blast ever. I’m telling you about it now so that you can have it for a little extra incentive. Our main incentive is the will and good pleasure of God, of course, but He Himself authored great celebrations in His Name so feel free to be excited at the thought. Also, I want you to have plenty of time to start saving your money for your transportation and hotel. We do not charge for the event. Your entrance fee is your well-used spiral. By the way, we hope to have Travis back again to lead us in worship and Amanda, Melissa, my whole LPM staff and volunteer team will be there  to serve you.  Here’s how you qualify throughout the year:

*Clock in by first name and city at least 21 out of 24 times. (But please make your goal 24 out of 24!) Let me reiterate that you can be late with your entry on a 1st or 15th of any month but, by the end of the year, there has to be a record in the comment sections of you signing in at least 21 out of 24 times on a SSMT post. Make sense? Please give us 24 hours to post your comment before you assume it got lost. We still moderate all comments and the amount we get on SSMT days necessitates a slower pace. Thank you for your cooperation!

*Bring your spiral to the celebration. Again, that’s your ticket in.

*Be prepared to say any 12 of your 24 memory verses to another Siesta (of your choice) during the designated time at the celebration. (We get in pairs.) Some of you will be tempted to let this be a deal breaker but don’t back out! Siestas are really sweet and patient with each other and we are notorious for giving each other hints. We can even act out charades if necessary. If you’re one of those who genuinely struggles with memorization, just tell your memory buddy up front and she’ll give you all the grace you need.  Tell her the gist of the verse as accurately as you possibly can. She’ll be able to tell that you are well acquainted with it and that the goal was accomplished even if you can’t say the verse word-for-word.

*Register for the event when the time comes. (December 1, 2013)

Whew! Have I exhausted you?? I’ve worn myself to a pulp. Sorry this is so wordy! We just want to answer as many of your questions up front as possible.

I want to tell you something before I sign off. I may sound like a broken record but you have to let me say it again as we embark on this wild journey together. You have impacted my walk with Christ. This community has given me encouragement when I was nearly down for the count. I am more disciplined because you are here. You make a difference in my life. You make me think, and laugh, and study. You offer me company when I am lonely. You stir me up to love and good works. You are used of God in my life to make this hard world a better place.

That’s what Siestaville is for. Women walking alongside women on our way Home, stirring up excitement toward that great day. SSMT is just one way we do that. AND IT’S A WHOPPER. Let’s do it, Sisters, starting this coming January 1st! I’ll talk to you again about other things before then but I don’t want the New Year to take you by surprise.

Your blog mama loves you.


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  1. 301

    I am so excited to do this again. I did it in 2011 and went to the celebration in Jan 2012. It changed my life. God bless all of you and be empowered to remember. Love, Melissa

  2. 302
    Stephanie says:

    I was challenged to do this by a friend…I am anxious but ready and willing! I need the LORD to do some amazing, very “GOD” things in my life this year…so to work on memorizing His word and being both purposeful and mindful while focusing on HIS words makes sense…I’m in! Thanks so much!


  3. 303
    Chyrll says:

    So excited for 2013’s SSMT, but getting a bit nervous…my spiral has not arrived yet!

  4. 304
    Brandy says:

    I am so excited to get started, only a few more days before our first post!!

  5. 305
    Mary Rue says:

    My step-daughter gave me the journal for Christmas and I’m so excited to be participating in the “Siesta-hood”!! I need this in my life right now!

  6. 306
    Fareen Doss says:

    My best friend and I took a day to make our own spirals! We’re so excited for a team to do this with. We had started doing this on our own but it’s always funner with more sisters! God bless all of you on this journey!

  7. 307
    Denise :) says:

    I’m really excited … I watched this from the sidelines several times now and 2013 is the year I commit and participate! I just ordered my spiral, too–yay! Do y’all pick all of your Scriptures up front, or choose them as the 1st and 15th roll around? Or a combination of both, maybe? And…is it sometimes two verses … say if it’s a natural progression or continuation of a thought or sentence? Or does it really matter…it’s just totally up to me?! LOL!! 🙂

  8. 308
    Alison says:

    I’m so excited to do this again! Several ladies from my church will be joining me and it would be fantastic if you could re-post the tutorial you did on memorization in 2009. It doesn’t appear it’s available in the archives. I know they (and others) would be blessed and encouraged to watch it. So excited to see how God is going to work in 2013!

  9. 309
    Kristin P says:

    I am so excited for this to get started. A lady from my moms group(a group of women from the same church) introduced this to our group and a lot of us are planning on doing it together. Thank you!

  10. 310
    Wendy says:

    Count me in. What a great way to start a new year!

  11. 311
    Karen Sanders says:

    This is my first time participating. 5 dear Christian friends(Girlfriends Forever) are sharing this experience together in honor of the 6th friend(Terri)who was also a part of our group & passed away Dec.16th unexpectedly. Joanne was inspired by the Holy Spirit to invite the rest of us to do this together. A healthy was to mourn, honor Terri’s incredible life for Christ, and most of all Bring God Honor & Glory as we bear fruit in His name. Siesta is also a reminder that we never know when God will call us ‘home’. We want to make a difference while we are here

  12. 312
    Lori says:

    Looking forward to a mind full of the Word in 2013, I am a worship pastor at my church & will be doing this with my best friend who is also the counseling pastor. I know God will use this to help us minister to his people with hearts ablaze for Him & His Word!

  13. 313
    Donna says:

    Looking forward to the 2013 scripture memory journey!

  14. 314
    Dea says:

    Can’t wait til January first! Ready to be spiraling with the SIESTAS!

  15. 315
    Trina says:

    I’m ready for this. Does anyone know how I can get blog updates to pop up on my iphone? Would be such great encouragement! Lori? You see me?? 🙂

  16. 316
    Kristy says:

    I would like to participate.

  17. 317
    Katie Davila says:

    I am excited about starting this challenge!

  18. 318
    Catherine P. says:

    I’m in – very excited to participate for the first time!

  19. 319
    Sandy says:

    Okay – I’m fixing to jump in! Praise God for what He’s going to accomplish in us this year!

  20. 320
    robyn says:

    Count me in. I would

  21. 321
    Amanda says:

    Oh, I am hoping I can stick with this! I need it! Looking forward to the challenge! Can’t wait!

  22. 322
    Wendy says:

    Looking forward to this challenge.

  23. 323
    Heidi says:

    This is AWESOME! So excited to be a part of it from Canada! 🙂

  24. 324
    Cathy Hogan says:

    I would like to do this challenge!! Do I just post to this blog based on receiving a daily digest?

  25. 325
    Wanda D says:

    Memorization is not my strength for a couple of reasons but I so want to commit to learning His word and keeping it close in my heart, soul and mind. “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

  26. 326
    Erin says:

    A little nervous, but ready for the challenge.

  27. 327
    Amber says:

    very excited to get started! Just found out about the siesta sisters, and I think its a wonderful idea! I know God will bless us!

  28. 328
    Kelly Fisher says:

    I will be doing this for the first time – along with some of my co-workers! Looking forward to it!

  29. 329
    Cathy G. says:

    Does anyone know if there will be an app to accompany this year??

  30. 330
    Cindy says:

    A friend at church shared this, going to commit this is an area I need to grow in.

  31. 331
    Lisa says:

    I’m looking forward to giving this a go!

  32. 332
    Angela says:

    Looking forward to the challenge and blessing this will be for 2013!!

  33. 333
    Marva says:

    Was asked (“begged”) by a friend of many years to join her in this. Thanks Cara — we can do this!

  34. 334
    Sherry Trawucj says:

    Looking forward to the 2013 scripture memory journey! Going through this Journey with a friend so we can hold each other accountable.

  35. 335
    Sue A. says:

    Can’t wait. This is my first time and I am excited!

  36. 336
    Donna says:

    I would love to participate in the memory verse challenge. Glad someone posted it on facebook!

  37. 337
    Lisa Brouwer says:

    I am ALL-IN! I’ve received 10 spirals and will be sharing them with my leadership team as we prepare the way for Beth coming to Sioux Falls, SD in August! Woot! Woot!

  38. 338
    Amber Hinson says:

    I’m in! 🙂

  39. 339
    Sheryl says:

    I ordered 5 spirals and then had to order 5 more. So excited! Also, we are going to do this with our children’s ministry. They will have one verse a month to learn. And those that learn 10 out of 12 will get to come to an invitation only party in January 2014! I can’t wait to see what God is going to do in these young lives and the lives of the ladies who will be part of the SSMT 2013!!!!

  40. 340
    Sarah Farish says:

    I am so excited to begin! I found an awesome journal to record in today:)

  41. 341
    Sarah W. says:

    This will be my first time doing this! I am VERY excited! But I still have questions! How do I post on the blog? And is it ok if I just use one of my own spirals or am I required to have that specific one? Thank a bunch!

  42. 342
    DeeDee says:

    This will be my first time to join the SMT. I’m looking forward to it.

  43. 343
    Hannah M. says:

    I’m in too! Ready to be challenged and encouraged by you ladies!!

  44. 344
    Heather Fleming says:

    I am very excited that I ran across this! My sister and I live 10,000 miles away and have decided to memorize scripture together in 2013. We were planning on starting this week and know this will be a huge help to both of us since we live so far away from one another. Since I only have about a half an hour left of 2012 I would like to say Happy New Year to everyone!

  45. 345
    denise says:

    so looking forward to joining this scripture memory journey 🙂 xoxo

  46. 346
    Liezil Vogel says:

    Yay! So excited that we’re doing this again!

  47. 347
    Angi Jones says:

    I’m so ready to see what God is going to do in my life in 1213. Glad y’all are coming along with me.

  48. 348
    Dean Jones says:

    I am in!! Looking forward to growing in the Word.

  49. 349
    Karen says:

    Immersed in God’s Word is the place to be in 2013!!!

  50. 350
    Reeder says:

    I’ve done the verse spiral before, but this year I am committed to memorizing the scriptures. MEMORIZING!

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