Siesta Scripture Memory Team 2013 Instructions!

Hey Siestas!  We’re two weeks out from our big launch and, based on the number of people who got Siesta spirals -not to mention those grabbing their own – we should have one titanic team!  May God get much glory! (If you’re interested in a spiral and have yet to purchase one, click here for the details.) Numbers are nothing if they don’t translate into fruit displayed in our lives but if we truly decide to live out the words that are going to live in us, remarkable things are in store for the Kingdom of Christ among us.

Here is everything you  need to know about how to participate in the 2013 Siesta Scripture Memory Team!

First, a few things up front since many people joining us have no previous interaction here:

*For you new comers, “Siesta” is just an endearment for “Sister.” There’s no club to join and no person you need to become. If you’ve trusted Jesus as your personal Savior, you’re a sister in Christ. If you don’t know Him, we’d love for you to stick around and get to know us and see if anything around here draws you. Everyone is welcome. Here’s a bit of our back-story on the weird name: When we first began the blog, it never occurred to any of us how much we’d come to love each other. As the community grew closer and closer and the participants more and more familiar with one another, one of you asked what name we should call each another. I tried to say, “I’ll tell you what we are: We’re sistahs!” but spell-check switched it to “siestas.” It stuck and that’s been us ever since. We even liked the thought that its actual meaning is to take a nap. We’ll know we’ve been a place of divine intervention if we’re a respite from the female competition and clatter out there. Only Jesus can give us that kind of relief in this exhausting culture.

*We call this a Scripture memory “team” because that’s exactly what we are. We’re a really long line of women standing shoulder to shoulder with our swords drawn. (For you newcomers, Ephesians 6 calls the Word of God the “Sword of the Spirit.”) And we don’t draw our swords to wound people, to convict our family members (God’s job) or to cut off the ears of our hearers. We draw our swords to fight the good fight of faith. While I was saw stacks and stacks of Siesta Scripture Memory Spirals being stuffed into envelopes for shipping, it hit me with fresh impact. What if thousands of women really did memorize 24 Scriptures in 2013?? What are the implications of that? What kind of repercussions might that have in our personal lives and our homes? That’s worth getting riled up over. SO, you bet this is a team. Don’t be too cool for it. Remember, God’s Spirit is a fire. If we’re too cool, we can’t help but quench it. If cheesy works around here, we’re not ashamed. Just throw in a can of jalapenos and grab a tortilla chip.

*Very often you will see me refer to SSMT. Just so nobody’s confused from the start, that is an abbreviation for “Siesta Scripture Memory Team.” If you’re not participating in SSMT, please know that we don’t limit the entire blog to our Scripture memory participants. It has a big presence on here because it’s twice a month but we still do lots of other things. Please don’t feel left out or forgotten.

OK, NOW FOR THE INSTRUCTIONS. You can cut and paste these somewhere if necessary. Here’s how it will go:

1. On the 1st and 15th of every month of 2013, you will find a post by 8:00 in the morning where I will ask for your memory verse and give you mine. This will begin New Year’s Day 2013. You are committing to 24 Scriptures in 12 months. In previous years, I’ve found this to be a very doable pace. If you do much more, you’ll tend to fall behind and not retain. If you do much less, the impact is negligible. You really can do this. So many of you will surprise yourselves with what you’re capable of doing in the power of the Spirit. Yes, it takes work but it’s tremendously fulfilling and the results are nearly immeasurable. Look at it this way: you’re going to be meditating on something: unforgiveness, toxic memories, misery, lust, greed, dissatisfaction, jealousy, competition. Choose Scripture! Christ Himself said as a man thinks, so is he. He also said His words are spirit and life. This is work worth doing, Sweet Thing. Never – NOT ONCE – have I ever known anyone to get to the end of a Scripture memory commitment and say that it didn’t make any real difference. Not a single time.

2.You are to enter the verse you’ve chosen to memorize for that two-week period within twenty-four hours of the post going up. I’ve been asked many times if it’s okay if you’re late supplying your verse and, yes, of course it is, but try to avoid doing it often. The people who make it to the very end of the year are overwhelmingly those who stay up with it month to month. Please know up front that one of the important parts of this process is the exercise of self discipline. This culture is mass producing wimpy narcissists. Year-long commitments like these that require punctuality and focused energy push back on that degenerating trend. All that to say, please don’t drop out if you get behind. I just want you to know that this will be much more successful if you treat it as a real, live commitment you are willing to work hard to keep.

3. When you clock in with your verse those two times a month, keep your comments limited to your name, city, verse and translation. Long comments on SSMT days are no-no’s. It won’t take you long to figure out why we maintain that rule. Wait till you see the powerful sight of hundreds if not thousands of verses flowing down the comment stream. It is a gorgeous sight. When you’re having a bad day, all you have to do is scroll down a few hundred of your sisters’ Scripture selections and I promise you, you’ll get a word. It’s a very powerful thing. Here is a sample comment:

Beth from Houston, Texas: “But the Lord is faithful. He will establish you and guard you against the evil one.” 2 Thessalonians 3:3 ESV

Always add your translation because so many of your sisters will want to know where you found the wording for your entry. One of the great impacts of this process is how much we reap from each other’s selections. Often you’ll see a sister say, “I’m doing the one so-and-so did last time!” (Yes, you can make a comment that brief. Those can be fun. Occasionally you’ll even see someone write, “For the sake of my marriage, I’ve chosen to memorize…” That’s okay, too, but try to keep it very succinct.)

4. THIS ONE IS KEY! As often as possible, choose a verse that means something to you in your present season or circumstance. This is the reason why we don’t all memorize the same Scripture. We’re not all going through the same things. The more you let God lead you to verses that direct you or edify your soul in your present circumstances, the more He will renew your mind toward your challenges. This is a huge part of 2 Corinthians 10:3-5 where we’re told to demolish strongholds and take our thoughts captive to Christ. If you don’t have a verse on your mind or you’re drawing a blank when the 1st or 15th rolls around, you are welcome to share mine. I will always include it in the post. You might also look at a few of the comments and see if one of theirs resonates with you. I say this next part with a grin: try to refrain from memorizing Scriptures that you think your spouse or your children need to learn. Memorize what you need to learn. That means do your best to avoid jotting your verse on a stick note and planting it on your bathroom mirror where your man can see it and repent of his sins. He probably won’t because he’s got your game. I bet you can guess how I know that.

5. I strongly recommend that you stick with only one verse to memorize each time. (This is just a recommendation and not a rule. You’re free to do whatever works for you.) Keep it simple and meaningful. (If I were addressing you live, I’d have you repeat that sentence back to me so just go ahead and say it out loud in order to nail it down. That sentence could be your best friend through this process.) If you do too many verses or get too complicated, you will soon be overwhelmed and want to drop out. Better to do 24 simpler verses over a 12 month period of time than a chapter over the first month then quit. We want this to be a discipline we practice for the rest of our lives. Think marathon. Not sprint.

6. Either shortly before or after making your entry each 1st and 15th in the blog comment, write the verse by hand in your own spiral. (Again, that’s a recommendation and not a rule. I’ve discovered that there’s something about writing it with your own hand and picturing it later in your own handwriting that helps it sink into your memory bank. I’m not entirely sure why.) Take that spiral with you everywhere you go. Read it and read it and read it and read it. Do mental gymnastics with it. Flip that baby over and over. Many women have told me along the way that they’re not good at memorization and I truly understand that. I also beg to offer two responses: First, that may change. Give the Holy Spirit a chance to do something brand new with you. Second, even if you don’t get your verses down word for word, you are still meditating on them as you read and reread them. You still, thereby, accomplish one of the most important goals: captivating the mind to Christ. You just can’t lose on this one. Either way, it has a powerful effect.

OK, I think that’s enough to get us prepared for January 1st. Now, let me tell you well in advance how to qualify for our Siesta Scripture Memory Team Celebration on January 17-18, 2014 which is the biggest blast ever. I’m telling you about it now so that you can have it for a little extra incentive. Our main incentive is the will and good pleasure of God, of course, but He Himself authored great celebrations in His Name so feel free to be excited at the thought. Also, I want you to have plenty of time to start saving your money for your transportation and hotel. We do not charge for the event. Your entrance fee is your well-used spiral. By the way, we hope to have Travis back again to lead us in worship and Amanda, Melissa, my whole LPM staff and volunteer team will be there  to serve you.  Here’s how you qualify throughout the year:

*Clock in by first name and city at least 21 out of 24 times. (But please make your goal 24 out of 24!) Let me reiterate that you can be late with your entry on a 1st or 15th of any month but, by the end of the year, there has to be a record in the comment sections of you signing in at least 21 out of 24 times on a SSMT post. Make sense? Please give us 24 hours to post your comment before you assume it got lost. We still moderate all comments and the amount we get on SSMT days necessitates a slower pace. Thank you for your cooperation!

*Bring your spiral to the celebration. Again, that’s your ticket in.

*Be prepared to say any 12 of your 24 memory verses to another Siesta (of your choice) during the designated time at the celebration. (We get in pairs.) Some of you will be tempted to let this be a deal breaker but don’t back out! Siestas are really sweet and patient with each other and we are notorious for giving each other hints. We can even act out charades if necessary. If you’re one of those who genuinely struggles with memorization, just tell your memory buddy up front and she’ll give you all the grace you need.  Tell her the gist of the verse as accurately as you possibly can. She’ll be able to tell that you are well acquainted with it and that the goal was accomplished even if you can’t say the verse word-for-word.

*Register for the event when the time comes. (December 1, 2013)

Whew! Have I exhausted you?? I’ve worn myself to a pulp. Sorry this is so wordy! We just want to answer as many of your questions up front as possible.

I want to tell you something before I sign off. I may sound like a broken record but you have to let me say it again as we embark on this wild journey together. You have impacted my walk with Christ. This community has given me encouragement when I was nearly down for the count. I am more disciplined because you are here. You make a difference in my life. You make me think, and laugh, and study. You offer me company when I am lonely. You stir me up to love and good works. You are used of God in my life to make this hard world a better place.

That’s what Siestaville is for. Women walking alongside women on our way Home, stirring up excitement toward that great day. SSMT is just one way we do that. AND IT’S A WHOPPER. Let’s do it, Sisters, starting this coming January 1st! I’ll talk to you again about other things before then but I don’t want the New Year to take you by surprise.

Your blog mama loves you.


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  1. 151
    elaine says:

    can’t wait to challenge myself once again this year. but as a single mom on a tight budget… i’m making up my own little system without ordering the spiral… i hope that’s ok…..

  2. 152
    Joni says:

    Got my spiral! Cannot wait to get started! Love and appreciate you, Beth, and the LPM staff! I’ve been a follower of your blog since 2007. So grateful for this blog ministry. 🙂

  3. 153
    Robyn says:

    How thrilled and encouraged I was to see that golden padded envelope on my kitchen island last week. I can truly say I was tickled pink! I could hardly contain myself from ripping it open, but I didn’t. Ever so carefully I peeled it slowly open ( not knowing what to expect – a newbie I am ) and was pleasantly surprised to find pretty little spiral bound notecards. Pretty silly, but it brought tears to my eyes…ahh praise His Name…for the privilege He has given us to study His word for His glory. Humbled to be chosen…

  4. 154
    Wilma in WV says:

    I lead a small group Bible study and am planning on doing this with my group. There are 5 of us – we call ourselves “Fearless” – HA! Only because the first study we did was Max Lucado’s book by that name. I bought us all 3X5 card spirals for Christmas. (Sorry I couldn’t get them from you – it is a $ thing; I am on disability…) I plan on the verses going along with the study that we are doing at that time – currently, “The Power of a Praying Woman”. I am thinking about suggesting this for our Ladies Fellowship group of about 30 women. At any rate, I can’t wait to get started!!

  5. 155
    Beckie Potterfield says:

    I am like everyone else – just excited to get started doing this again with a big ‘ole group of God’s women. We’ve got our little group in place right here in SC. We’ll be logging into the blog on the 1st and the 15th and we will be sharing within our small group by email the verses we are memorizing.

    Merry Christmas to you all.

  6. 156
    Janae says:

    So excited to embark on this journey for the 3rd time. Pulled out my past 2 spirals and was amazed at how I could remember the season of life they represented by the scriptures written. Hoping to make it to TX in 2014 to celebrate with many Siestas.

  7. 157
    Kathy Acton says:

    I am so excited about what God is going to do in my heart and life through His Word this year!! Thank you Beth and Living Proof Team!!
    Kathy, Birmingham

    • 157.1
      SherryLPM says:

      Well, Kathy! I am so happy to see your sweet face on here! I pray that He does more than you can even imagine this year!

  8. 158
    Debbie says:

    Well, you KNOW I’m ready to get on this!!!! The bald Siesta is getting ready too. Who knows, maybe her younger sister will feel the call to join in — wouldn’t that be fun!!!

    Bless you, Beth for your service to Him in this. May it bring you great joy. And I am praying for the whole SSMT that God would do absolutely amazing things here as we seek to make His word our delight and live it in the everydayness of life!

  9. 159
    Karen says:

    I missed out last year. I’m excited to participate!

  10. 160
    Annette says:

    Annette in Fort Worth is ready at the starting gate, ready to begin memorizing Scripture.

    Merry Christmas to all the team @ LPM

  11. 161
    Kim says:

    Is it too late to get a spiral? If so, I’ll get one. I’m excited to try this. I need it!

  12. 162
    Nancy says:

    MY spiral came yesterday! I like that there are scripture references on the front-maybe if I am in a pinch I will use one of those this year. 🙂

  13. 163
    Ashley says:

    This will be my first time doing this or anything like this. I am very excited to do this and know that I will be learning lot about myself.

  14. 164
    Kim says:

    Nevermind – I found the link to order. Thanks!

  15. 165
    Shawna says:

    So excited! This was such a life changer for me in 2011. I am so grateful.

    Merry Christmas – Shawna, Boise, Idaho

  16. 166
    Joani says:

    So excited!

  17. 167
    Tracie says:

    This year will be my year!! Last year I began and let “life” crowd me out. This year my commitment is to see it through, regardless of circumstance! Bless you all!

  18. 168
    Jessica Albers says:

    Eek!! So excited to get back in it with my Siestas!!

  19. 169
    Alicia says:

    I can’t wait for this! It’s my first year doing SSMT and I’m pumped! A gal from my work may join me as well 🙂

    One question – how long do the spirals take to ship? I ordered mine the day it was posted by Beth (last week, maybe?) and it hasn’t arrived yet. No big deal, just wanted to know if it was lost in the mail 🙂

    • 169.1
      Lindsee says:

      Alicia, you should get it any day now! We’ve been hearing from ladies who’ve been receiving theirs, so let us know if you don’t get it ASAP.

  20. 170
    Eva says:

    I am ready to go! I am excited what this is going to do for me! I am a mother of 2 daughters and 5 grandchildren and I have a hunger to know the Word more than ever in these last days and want to be able to imput it to them!!

  21. 171

    Thank you so much for doing this!!!! I’m totally stealing this idea though, I just started writing an article for our local paper and i’m going to encourage them to join us through my blog!!! How phenomenal is our God!?! I am so looking forward to this!

  22. 172
    Barbara says:

    I’m ready to have an exciting and blessing filled year with Siesta Scripture 2013!

    “My prayer is that this will touch many hearts, and God’s word will take root in each of us…as the seed will be shared through families across the world.” In Christ Name, Amen!

    “Merry Christmas Everyone & God Bless”

  23. 173
    Kimmygirl says:

    I’m so excited to participate for the first time this year! I ordered 2 spirals, one for me and one for a dear friend who is relocating to the Dallas area, and we’ll keep close through the Word. No better way!

  24. 174
    Diane Archibald says:

    Good Morning, Beth! This is the first time I’ll be participating in the SALT. I received my very cute spiral and am ready for this exciting journey. Thank you, Beth, for … everything!

  25. 175
    kathleen says:

    is there any scholarship for this special spiral I took a hit with Hurriocane Sandy among other losses ( job ) due to the huirricane & was wondering if there is an extra special spiral for little ol’ me???

  26. 176
    Laura says:

    I am new this year to the SSMT and can’t wait to get started!!!

  27. 177
    Bridget says:

    Very excited to get started – praying I will not drop out this time.

    Thank you, Beth and your team for the challenge and encouragement.

    Merry Christmas!

  28. 178
    Claire Knubley says:

    This will be my first year participating, and I can’t wait to get started!

  29. 179
    Rhonda Green says:

    Hi Beth and Staff,
    I was so excited last week to receive my Spirals (I ordered 4 for me and my sisters (the KY Siestas) and 3 extra to give away.
    Yesterday I received another order of 7 spirals. Here is what I am planning to do …. I have printed off the “instruction” blog and am planning to give these extra’s to some friends of mine who have done your studies but have not participated in the scripture memory before. I decided to print the blog because I think this is the first step – understanding the whole picture. Very excited. Please Pray with me about who should get these extra’s. I now have 10!! If I need to pay for them let me know. You can email me or respond to this comment. Have a Merry Christmas. Rhonda

  30. 180
    Missy S says:

    So excited for SSMT 2013!

  31. 181
    Dana says:

    Ladies, I just have to share this…in my quiet time right now I am studying our very own Siesta Mama’s Bible Study on “Beloved Disciple” – John. I am the one you may recall who asked for prayers so I can do this Siesta Memory Team for the whole year…well, I ordered the spiral and it was sitting right in front of my Bible as I studied this morning. I have been writing verse addresses down in the front cover of the book that I feel God is telling me to. Then, on Page 117 of the book this is what I read…”John 14:26 tells us that the Holy Spirit is the Blessed Reminder. Have you ever noticed that we have a sharp memory about destructive things but a far duller one about instructive things? We need more of the Holy Spirit!…He is your key to memorizing Scripture or retaining biblical truth.”

    That is not a coincidence…that is the power of Holy Spirit and I just had to share it with my siestas and our siesta mama!

    We can do this thing! Ask the Holy Spirit to help…I know I am.

    Love you all,


  32. 182
    Patsi says:

    Can’t wait to get started!! Expecting good things from this exercise.

  33. 183
    Sue Johnson says:

    I’m so excited to participate and work at memorizing God’s precious word.
    I’ve invited my girlfriends as well.

  34. 184
    Tessa says:

    Absolutely the best thing I have planned for the new year!!! This is my first time to join the Siestas with Scripture excited!!BTW, I found the most perfect pen…poised and ready!


  35. 185
    April Lopez says:

    We just received our spirals yesterday and are anxiously awaiting to start. My 7 year old granddaughter, Emmilianna will be joining me this year 🙂

    Merry Christmas to all of you at LPM.

  36. 186
    Jennifer W says:

    I have always struggled with the discipline of scripture memorization, so I’m going to jump in and try this. I can’t wait. I even invited my friends to join me. Do I need to sign up somewhere or just get on here January 1? And where is the celebration going to be January 2014? I plan to be there!

  37. 187
    Patti cocchi says:

    Okay, I can’t wait to start….I seem to love assignments…going to buy my
    book today….Are we all excited sisters…?

  38. 188
    Marilyn Wirsz says:

    I’m so excited to begin this program! Memorization has never been easy for me so this will be a good discipline.

  39. 189
    Sharon Allen says:

    All I can say is, that I am excited about doing this for the first time and the anticipation of watching God at work during this coming year is beyond me! Thank you :))

  40. 190
    Suey Caldwell says:

    Bethy, so thankful for this post.
    i needed that scripture today. since im feeling low.
    Congrats much on Praying God’s Word milestone.

    love SueyC

  41. 191
    April Nicole says:

    I am excited too. This will be my third attempt to make it through. I’ve come really close a few times and have more gusto than ever to make it through this year! thanks for doing this – it is a true encouragement and helpful reminder to keep after it! I know it is a worthy investment of my time :O)

  42. 192
    Christine says:

    Any thoughts of making an app? I’m not sure I’d always remember to bring along a spiral – but I always have my phone! :-)I’ll likely just use a notes or journal app this time, but I bet you’d do well with a specific Siesta app in the future. (And using my phone I can more easily work on verses while on a run – how’s that for working on spiritual and physical health at the same time? At least that’s the plan – wish me luck!)

    Thanks for the motivation to do this – looking forward to it!

    • 192.1
      Lindsee says:

      Hey Christine! We are working on one and will let you know when it is available.

    • 192.2
      Jennifer says:

      Christine – I found an app that I LOVED when I did this in 2011 – it’s called Remember Me – it was free when I had an android phone… when I switched to an iPhone I mourned the loss of the app – but then they made one for the iPhone! It costs about $3 but for me was worth it!! I like that that it has flashcards, remembers which ones you got right and wrong, has puzzles, etc to help you get started with a verse, and you can type them online and sync it with the phone..
      Bless you!
      Jennifer from Delaware

  43. 193
    Emily McAnear says:

    I’m in I’m in I’m in!! 🙂

  44. 194
    Lori says:

    This will be my second time and I can hardly wait. Last time I let my own fear of saying the memory verses to a Siesta be the deal breaker that kept me home. Not this time. I am going to start saving up so I can go to the celebration.

  45. 195
    Ronnie says:

    I am looking forward to this challenge with with a dear friend!

  46. 196
    Kimberly says:

    I am so excited about doing this!! This is my first time and I cannot wait to see what God is going to do in my life as a result of memorizing His word. I’m one of those that has a hard time memorizing, but I am going to give it all I have and I know He’s gonna bless me and all of you in big ways because of it!!!

  47. 197
    Cheryl says:

    I need some self-discipline, and I certainly need all the Scripture I can hold! Looking forward to doing this.

  48. 198
    Jodi says:

    Thought of Beth and her love of words when I received this poem – assume it has gone viral – can SO HEAR Mama Beth say the last line….

    Begin forwarded

    In response to the tragedy, a sweet and moving way to remember the little ones so quickly and cruelly taken.

    Twas’ 11 days before Christmas, around 9:38,
    when 20 beautiful children stormed through heaven’s gate.
    Their smiles were contagious, their laughter filled the air.
    They could hardly believe all the beauty they saw there.
    They were filled with such joy, they didn’t know what to say.
    They remembered nothing of what had happened earlier that day.
    “Where are we?” asked a little girl, as quiet as a mouse.
    “This is heaven.” declared a small boy. “We’re spending Christmas at God’s house.”
    When what to their wondering eyes did appear,
    but Jesus, their Savior, the children gathered near.
    He looked at them and smiled, and they smiled just the same.
    Then He opened His arms and He called them by name.
    And in that moment was joy, that only heaven can bring,
    those children all flew into the arms of their King.
    And as they lingered in the warmth of His embrace,
    one small girl turned and looked at Jesus’ face.
    And as if He could read all the questions she had,
    He gently whispered to her, “I’ll take care of mom and dad.”
    Then He looked down on earth, the world far below.
    He saw all of the hurt, the sorrow, and woe.
    Then He closed His eyes and He outstretched His hand,
    “Let My power and presence re-enter this land!”
    “May this country be delivered from the hands of fools”
    “I’m taking back my nation. I’m taking back my schools!”
    Then He and the children stood up without a sound.
    “Come now my children, let me show you around.”
    Excitement filled the space, some skipped and some ran.
    All displaying enthusiasm that only a small child can.
    And I heard Him proclaim as He walked out of sight,
    “in the midst of this darkness, I AM STILL THE LIGHT.”

  49. 199
    lynda rickey says:

    Dear Beth, I’m absolutely so excited to start scripture memory for 2013. I never stopped from 2011 because it was so REVOLUTIONARY in my spiritual life. Thank you, thank you, thank you for letting the Lord use you in this way and making it fun, too. I love you Siesta Mama. Lynda

  50. 200
    Valerie Robertson says:

    One of the highlights of my year was being in Houston with all you siestas, and of course, Siesta Mama. I met some awesome ladies there and am doing Bible study with them now. (We are all from Greenville but didn’t know each other until we met in Houston 🙂 can’t wait to get started and see everyone in 2014. And the biggest benefit – hiding 24 more verses in my heart!

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